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Code Pink

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Police sirens blared up and down the city street. A blur of green chased a group of dark-clad figures into a nearby alleyway, the thugs running for their lives from the Hero on the scene of the bank robbery.

“Halt! Stop right there!” Deku called out to the thugs, green lightning swirling around his body as he pumped more of his quirk into his legs. However, one of the robbers deployed some type of smokescreen--either a quirk or a smoke bomb--obscuring Deku’s vision. A Detroit Smash blew away the smoke, but by the time the alley was clear, the thugs had gotten a fair distance away. “Fuck,” he muttered under his breath, increasing One for All to 15% to leap up to the top of one of the buildings lining the alley. Hopefully by taking to the roofs he could narrow in on where the robbers were heading, rather than trying to chase them through the maze-like alleys in this part of Tokyo.

Let them think they’d gotten away, and Deku could take out the whole group at their hideout.

“Where the fuck did you go, Deku?” his partner, Ground Zero, growled through the comm in Deku’s ear. “I got stuck back at the bank. Did you get the fuckers?”

“Not yet; pursuing them to the hideout. I’ll send you the coordinates.”

“Oi, don’t go off on your own, shitty nerd!” Deku pressed the button on his comm, the line going dead--he couldn’t focus with his partner screaming in his ear. He leapt from one roof to the next, keeping an eye on the figures in black as they darted from alley to alley.

Across town, at nearly the exact same moment, another robbery was in progress. The nearest heroes to the scene were Chargebolt and his partner Mindjack, on patrol in the area around a local arts festival.

The alert ping went off on their cell phones, giving them the location of the crime. “That’s not far from here! Come on, Mindjack!” Chargebolt called out, darting off toward the alert coordinates.

“Hey, hey, we’re still on patrol--” Mindjack sighed and shook his head, taking off after his partner. Damn him and his unstoppable energy levels. “I’m not cut out for this…”

Chargebolt ran up to the bank in time to see the robbers fleeing, bags of cash in hand and trailing loose bills behind them almost cartoonishly. “Stop right there!” Chargebolt called out, bringing his launcher up and aiming his electric discs at the three thugs.

“Not this time, Hero!” One of the robbers threw a handful of pellets on the ground, creating a thick, dark smokescreen. Chargebolt dove into the blackness, covering his face with one gloved hand, but by the time he made it out of the smoke the thugs were just turning the corner into a nearby alley.

He chased them down, but he couldn’t seem to catch up entirely--they were always just turning a corner ahead of him. However, after nearly twenty minutes of running, he turned one last corner--only to be met with an empty alley.

Chargebolt nearly jumped out of his skin when a green figure dropped down from the roof of a building right in front of him. With a yelp of surprise, he brought his launcher back up; but he lowered it with a sigh of relief when he realized he was facing another hero. “Chargebolt! What are you doing here?” Deku hissed at him, pulling his face mask down to hang around his neck.

“I was chasing some thugs,” Chargebolt wheezed--his extended chase was finally catching up to him as he nearly doubled over, struggling to catch his breath.

Deku sighed and pulled out a canteen of water from one of the utility pouches around his waist. “Here. Catch your breath and let’s talk. I was chasing some thugs too, and they led me here. There’s a basement door over there--it must be entrance to their hideout.”

“Did your thugs rob a bank too?” Chargebolt asked, taking the offered canteen. At Deku’s answering nod, Chargebolt sighed heavily. He tipped his head back and drained the canteen in one go. “Thanks. What part of town did you come from?”

“Hosu ward. You?" Deku asked.

"Kamino. Damn, they hit up two completely different parts of the city at the same moment.”

“They probably did it in the hopes that one haul out of two would be better than none at all. Wasn’t there a festival going on in Kamino today too?”

“Yeah. Mindjack and I were--oh shit!” Chargebolt looked around, but his partner was nowhere to be seen. “I must have run off without him again and got too far ahead. Let me send him our coordinates.”

“Good idea.” Deku pulled his phone out at the same time Chargebolt did, both men sending their partners their current location. “Ground Zero was working on cleanup while I chased the suspects.”

“I honestly have no idea what Mindjack’s doing, but hopefully he gets here quick.”

“I don’t think we need to wait on them--there are two of us, and clearly these guys aren’t up for fighting if all they could do was put down a smokescreen and run away.”

Chargebolt grinned at Deku. “Same M.O. as the group I was chasing. I think we can handle these guys.”

“Agreed.” Deku put out his fist, and Chargebolt bumped it eagerly. The two heroes then crouched down into a defensive stance as they approached the basement door that both sets of thugs had used to exit the alleyway.

Deku went first, testing the door--when he found it was locked, he reared back and delivered a Carolina Smash at 20%, knocking the steel-fortified door right off its hinges. Chargebolt followed up with two shots from his launcher, the electric discs sizzling and crackling as they flew through the air and into the darkened room. They hit the floor, sending a shockwave around the vicinity.

But nothing happened. No one seemed to be home. “The actual hideout must be deeper inside,” Deku whispered.

Chargebolt nodded in agreement. Keeping his launcher arm up, he crept inside behind Deku’s bulkier form, keeping an eye on the shadowy corners of the room. The only source of light was the open doorway and a faint, flickering bulb at the far end of a hallway in front of them. “See anything?” he whispered to the taller hero in front of him.

“Nothing yet. Just a hallway and another door.”

“‘Kay.” The whole place was eerily quiet--there was no indication that the villains had even entered, other than Deku seeing them going through the door.

A sudden thump from door at the far end of the hallway made Chargebolt swivel to face it, stopping in his tracks as Deku shifted his weight to prepare for a kick. After a long, tense moment, the door slowly creaked open a few inches.

Both men were prepared for an ambush of some sort, anticipating a sudden attack with weaponry or Quirks. Neither of them knew what to make of the small, silver cylinder that rolled into the room, landing just a couple of feet from them.

“What the…” Deku’s brows pinched together as he observed the container. It didn’t look like any sort of grenade or other incendiary device he’d ever seen. “You ever seen anything like that before?”

“No… it kinda looks like a spray paint can, don’t you think?” Chargebolt mused aloud, approaching the container and nudging it a bit with his foot.

Suddenly, with a sharp hiss, thick pink smoke started to spew from the cylinder. It filled the room in record time; Deku brought his face mask up, but he couldn’t get it sealed in place before he caught a breath of the pink smoke.

Chargebolt, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky--having been directly in the line of fire, he started to cough heavily as the thick smoke filled his lungs. He stumbled away, but the mist was everywhere, hanging low to the ground so they couldn’t drop to the floor to avoid it.

Deku caught Chargebolt around the waist as he choked and heaved, carrying him bodily out of the open doorway and back into the alley. Once they were in fresh air, Deku set Chargebolt on his feet and pulled the canteen out again, cursing as he remembered it was empty. “We gotta get out of here…” He was feeling so hot suddenly, sweat dripping down his back under his jumpsuit. “Come on, Chargebolt…”

The smaller hero groaned, leaning into Deku heavily as he panted for breath. His face was flushed red, eyes hazy. “Deku… fuck…” Deku yanked his face mask down and tugged one of his gloves off with his teeth to press the back of his hand against Chargebolt’s face. The blond almost mewled as he leaned into the touch. “F-feels good… m-more…”

“More?” Deku asked, looking down at Chargebolt with confusion clear on his face. What was going on? Why were they both so hot all of a sudden? That couldn’t have been some airborne virus…

The realization hit him like a truck--he remembered Aizawa-sensei mentioning something about illegal bio-weapons being distributed on the underground black market. Some of them were nerve gases, designed to incapacitate heroes to give villains time to escape...

Including some that caused uncontrollable heat and arousal in the unfortunate victims. The only way to get rid of it was to ride it out (literally, in some cases) and keep the body from overheating.

“Shit,” he muttered in English. Hopefully the fact that he’d been exposed less would mean his symptoms were less intense than Chargebolt’s, who was right on top of the smoke bomb.

Speaking of Chargebolt, the electric hero was already flushed all the way down to the collar of his undershirt, which was nearly transparent with sweat. He pressed up against Deku with a soft whimper, grinding his stiff cock through his pants against Deku’s thigh. “Please, please,” he whined, mouth falling open as he gasped for air. “S-so hot… please…”

Deku glanced about the alley, trying to figure out the best route of escape, but the heat was starting to build in his own body as well. He couldn’t think straight, his own cock straining against the front of his jumpsuit at the feeling of Chargebolt’s slow grinding.

“K-Kaminari,” Deku choked, forgoing the hero name as he dragged his former classmate deeper into the alley. There was no way they could risk trying to go out onto the main street in this state. “Come on--”

At the simple phrase, Kaminari let out a wail, his hips stuttering in their grind. Kaminari buried his face into Deku’s shoulder as he came, a warm wetness seeping out to moisten Deku’s green suit. “Oh god…” The sound, sight, and feeling of Kaminari coming untouched made Deku groan louder. “A-alright, let’s go…”

Deku practically had to carry Kaminari at this point--there was no way the blond’s legs could support his own weight. But even with One for All, Deku’s arms were shaking by the time he got them to a mostly private area, with no windows or street visibility. He practically collapsed to the ground, Denki on top of him as he sprawled out on the grimy pavement. Within moments the smaller male was grinding down on top of him, the squish of his come-soaked pants audible even over his heavy breathing.

“K-Kaminari, slow down…” Midoriya pushed himself up into a seated position, practically shoving Kaminari away until he was perched on the taller male’s thighs. “Come on, we gotta think this through…”

“Can’t think,” Kaminari groaned, leaning forward and tugging at Midoriya’s zipper. “Too hot…”

“Wh-whoa, whoa,” Izuku’s fingers were shaking as he reached up to grab Kaminari’s wrists and pull his hands away. “We can’t do this, it’s not--we need to calm down.”

With a surprising show of strength, Kaminari wrenched his hands away, settling himself on top of Midoriya’s groin once more to bring their clothed cocks together. He grabbed fistfuls of green jumpsuit as he rutted against Deku, his head fallen back to expose the long, flushed column of his neck.

Every breath out of Izuku’s mouth sounded almost like a whimper, small broken sounds as the heat built in his gut. His mouth was dry and his eyes trained on the succulent-looking skin in front of him, the thin white shirt plastered to Denki’s skin and revealing his perky nipples. Almost without realizing it, Midoriya’s hands slid up along Kaminari’s sides, reaching under his black jacket and working it down off his arms.

With a low moan, Kaminari let go of Deku’s jumpsuit long enough to let him work the jacket off completely. Once the jacket was gone, it was laughably easy for Deku to rip the tee shirt apart, exposing Denki’s pale, toned body to full view. Kaminari was downright tiny in comparison to Deku’s massive build, his body toned and tight but slim and lithe. Deku’s un-gloved hand danced along Kaminari’s skin as the blond ground down harder against his groin. “G-gonna come again… feels…”

“Yeah… c-close…” Midoriya grabbed Kaminari’s hips, starting to rut up into him in return. With every upward thrust, he yanked Denki down against him, their erections grinding together through the layers of fabric between. The heat that had already overwhelmed Kaminari’s body was reaching a fever pitch in Midoriya’s. He was so close--just a bit more--

“K-Ka-- shit!” With one more hard thrust, Deku’s orgasm crested over him, deep shudders wracking his body as he spilled into his briefs. A broken, keening wail escaped Kaminari’s mouth as he came for the second time, slumping forward against Izuku’s body while he panted harshly. Izuku leaned his head back against the wall behind him, matching Kaminari breath for breath as they both recovered from the intense orgasms.

“There you two fuckers are! God damn it, don’t leave the area after you send out coordinates, you dipshits!” Midoriya cracked one eye open--he didn’t realize he’d closed them--to see Ground Zero and Mindjack both running down the alley toward them.

“We saw the broken door around the corner--I’m assuming that’s your doing,” Shinsou said.

Deku nodded in confirmation. “The group I was chasing and… and the group Chargebolt was going after both converged here. It must have been a trap--w-we went in and got dosed with some sort of… I think it was an aphrodisiac.” The heat had receded some, but it hadn’t disappeared entirely. Deku figured that one orgasm wasn’t going to be enough to burn it out of his system. “I only got a little,” he added, gesturing to his face mask, “but Ch-Chargebolt was right on top of it.”

Shinsou clicked his tongue, reaching out to gently extricate Kaminari from Deku’s lap. “Yeah, I’ve heard that’s been going around on the black market recently. It was pretty popular about ten years ago; Aizawa’s called it Dust before, but after All Might brought the public’s attention to it, it had all but disappeared. This must be some new formulation they’re trying to use.”

“Oh, I’ve read about Dust before. It’s nasty… the side-effects are awful and long-lasting.” Izuku looked up at Kaminari, who seemed to have passed out completely. “I don’t think this is the exact same thing, though--I don’t feel a particular pull to Chargebolt, just… heat.”

“That’s good. I’m gonna take him to get checked out just in case. You should do the same.”

“Right…” Deku slowly pushed himself to wobbly feet, biting his lip at the feeling of the wetness in his underwear. Bakugou stepped between him and Shinsou, facing the purple-haired hero. “Thanks for coming, guys. I don’t know what we would’ve done if you hadn’t shown up when you did…”

“Fucking--don’t go in without your partner next time, shitty nerd.” Even facing away, Izuku could clearly picture the look on Bakugou's face--he was probably furious, his red eyes fiery and mouth twisted in a snarl. He leaned forward and rested his head on his partner's shoulder, a shudder coursing through his body. "Get the fuck off me, damn idiot! I can't carry your huge ass, so you'd better not pass out!"

"I'll try not to… I'm sorry, Kacchan," Izuku whispered. Shinsou smiled at the other two heroes, inclining his head briefly as a good-bye before he walked off with Kaminari in his arms.

Once Shinsou was gone, Katsuki turned to face Midoriya properly, looking up at him. "Yeah, well." He reached up and scratched at the back of his his head. "Just don't fucking do it again, or you'll make us lose our number one hero team spot."

"Got it… can you take me home now, Kacchan?"

"Yeah, yeah. You don't want to go to the doctor first?" Izuku shook his head no, his curls brushing against the side of Bakugou's neck as he returned to his previous position.

"Just tired an' hot… I can take care of this at home."

"If you insist, shitty Deku."

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Shinsou held Kaminari close, cradling him with his capture weapon as he traversed rooftops and alleys to stay out of sight. Despite agreeing to be Kaminari’s hero partner on occasion, Shinsou preferred to stay underground, where he and his Quirk would be most effective. He knew this city like the back of his hand, and right now he had a single-minded focus: get help.

But not just any help. He knew he’d told Midoriya to go to the hospital or to see a doctor, but there was only one person Shinsou could think of that would be best suited to help Kaminari out. He pulled out his phone and hit the button to pull up his recent contacts.

“Aizawa,” came the familiar voice in his ear, the tiny Bluetooth headset connecting to his phone.

“It’s Hitoshi. I’m with Kaminari right now, he’s been hit with some kind of bio-weapon. Based on the information I was able to gather, it looks like a new type of Dust.”

The other end of the line was quiet for a long moment before another voice joined the call. “Young Shinsou, tell us everything you know.”

Hitoshi glanced down at Denki, whose face was growing progressively more red, brow furrowing in discomfort despite still being unconscious. He reached up and tenderly brushed a hand against his hot skin, hoping to soothe him with his touch. “Kaminari and Midoriya were both hit, but Midoriya was able to get his mask on to minimize his exposure. He said Kaminari was dead center when the Dust was deployed and that he got heavily exposed. Bakugou and I saw the room was covered in a heavy, low-lying pink mist.”

“Sounds about right. What are their symptoms?” Aizawa asked.

“Other than the obvious, you mean?”

“Right. I know you’ve heard us talk about Dust before.”

“Yeah. Midoriya said he didn’t feel any sort of pull to Kaminari, so I don’t think that part’s an issue, but I guess we’ll have to judge that at a later time. Right now Kaminari is unconscious, but his fever is spiking and he seems like he’s in pain.”

“All right. The biggest thing right now is burning that shit out of his system, but keeping him cool enough to avoid any lasting damage from the fever. The first should help with the second, if this shit’s anything like what we used to deal with.”

“All right. Anything in particular I need to do?”

“Not necessarily. He’ll probably be very amenable to just about anything, though, so you’ll have to use your best judgement for what you think he can take without hurting himself. If you don’t feel comfortable with doing anything with him in this state, get him to a hospital ASAP.”

“Well, considering we’re living together and we’re on each other’s Lust Quirk Emergency Contact forms, I think we’re good.”

“I’m just forewarning you. He’s going to be… desperate. He’ll agree to anything and everything if he thinks it will help him get off.”

“Got it.” Shinsou’s face was almost as red as Kaminari’s from the frank conversation he was having with his father figure, but he knew all this information was important.

“Send us the coordinates of where the exposure occurred,” Yagi added. “I’ll call Tsukauchi and see if we can’t get a Hazmat team down there to take samples.”

“As soon as I have a hand free I’ll do that. We’ll also need to see about tracking down the bank robbers that Kaminari and Midoriya were chasing when they got into this mess.”

“We’ll get started on that, too, young Shinsou, don’t worry.”

“Thanks. I appreciate it.”

“Just get that boy home and keep him from burning out whatever brain cells he has left,” Aizawa grumbled. Shinsou couldn’t help a small chuckle at that.

“Will do. Thanks again. Bye.” Hanging up the phone, Shinsou dropped down in the alley beside their apartment complex, taking the side entrance to get into the building. He would have normally used the fire escape, but with Kaminari in his arms, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to get both himself and the blond in through the window.

He took the stairs rather than the elevator, not wanting to draw any more attention to themselves than was absolutely necessary. Thankfully, their apartment was close to the side staircase. Shifting Kaminari’s weight from one arm to the other, he pulled his apartment key out of his pocket, unlocking the deadbolt and twisting the knob.

A soft moan drew his attention as he stepped into the apartment, and he looked down to see hazy golden orbs looking up at him in confusion. “‘Toshi? Wha... “ Denki mumbled, groaning softly as he pressed his burning face against Shinsou’s jaw. He nosed at his partner’s neck, trying to get to bare skin through the layers of his capture weapon and the mouthpiece hanging around his neck.

“It’s okay Denki, don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.” He started to press soft, gentle kisses to every inch of Denki’s face he could reach as he carried the blond into their bedroom. He carefully laid his lover on the bed, freeing him from his capture weapon before shooting the coordinates off to Aizawa and Yagi.

“Mm… hot…” As soon as he was free of the bindings, Denki shrugged off his jacket, which Shinsou had wrapped around his shoulders to help protect his modesty. “Why’m I so hot…?”

“You got hit with something bad, kitten,” Shinsou explained, using the simplest terms he could think of. “We’ve got to get it out of your system.”


“I'm going to help you work it out. It’ll make you feel better, I promise.”

Denki nodded wordlessly, squirming a bit on the bed, his erection stretching his pants painfully tight in the crotch. He pawed at the front, but his fingers were too clumsy to do much; Hitoshi gently eased the button open and lowered the zipper, eliciting a sigh of relief from the blond. He tugged the pants down and off of Denki’s legs, revealing the cum-soaked underwear that molded to his cock like a second skin.

No matter how many times Shinsou stripped Kaminari, every time it made his heart skip a beat; breath deepening in anticipation, as if he was opening the very best present he’d ever received. Which, in a way, he was.

He didn’t think it was too much of an exaggeration to say Kaminari Denki had saved him from darkness.

A high, keening noise brought Shinsou out of his musings. He leaned down and pressed his lips to Kaminari’s, feeling the faint tingle of barely restrained electricity coursing under Denki’s skin. He worked his shirt and pants off as they kissed, Denki’s hands reaching up to cord through his violet locks and occasionally tug on them when their bodies rubbed together in just the right way.

When they were both stripped completely bare, Hitoshi settled himself between Denki’s legs, but the blond had other ideas. He reached up and shoved at Shinsou’s shoulder hard, rolling both of them over until he was straddling Shinsou’s waist. “Need you inside me,” Kaminari gasped, head lolling back as clever fingers started to pluck at his nipples. “A-aahn, please, ‘Toshi, need…”

“I know, kitten,” Hitoshi murmured, contorting himself a bit to reach over and pull the lube out of the bedside drawer without disrupting Denki’s position on his lap. “Let me watch you fuck yourself open for me.”

Denki nodded eagerly, making grabby hands at the bottle of lube until Shinsou handed it over. He poured maybe a bit too much on his fingers in his haste, but the excess was quickly forgotten as he adjusted his positioning--with Shinsou’s help--to give his lover a clear view of his hole eagerly taking two fingers right off the bat.

“You look so good for me, kitten, opening up so easily for your fingers. Your hole is so empty, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes--” Denki’s response ended with a choked sound as Hitoshi activated his quirk temporarily. His body fell still until Shinsou spoke again.

“Continue moving your fingers, just like earlier. Hit your prostate a few times.”

Kaminari squealed as his fingers moved to obey, a gout of sticky precome sliding out of the tip of his erection from the direct stimulation on his prostate. Shinsou reached out and started to jack Kaminari off, another low moan escaping the blond’s lips

“Tell me how you feel.”

Haaah--I’m so hot… horny, want you so bad…”

“Good kitten. Come for me.”

Denki’s back arched in a perfect curve as his asshole clenched around his fingers, come spewing almost fountain-like from his dick. He came harder and longer than Hitoshi had ever seen--and even after his climax ended nearly half a minute later, his cock was still hard under the effects of the drug still coursing through his system.

Unable to wait any longer, Hitoshi dropped his mind control and reached up to pull Denki’s fingers from his hole. A moment later, he was working his dick into the velvet heat of the blond’s throbbing ass from behind. He stifled his groan in one hand, the other reaching around to jack Denki’s cock. With a cry, he came a fourth time, just seconds after his previous mind-controlled orgasm.

“Kitten, you’re doing so well,” Shinsou murmured into Denki’s ear before delivering a playful bite to his pierced earlobe, making him cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. “You’re so tight around me, love it so much…"

“L-love… s-s’good…” Kaminari’s words were barely more than slurred moans by that point. Sparks coursed over his skin, making Shinsou’s body tingle everywhere they touched.

“Are you going to short circuit, Denki?” Hitoshi asked, a growl to his voice. “Gonna go all dumb and pliant on me, let me do whatever I want to you?”

Yesssss…” Denki whimpered with every thrust as his lover scooped him up, holding his legs wide apart. His head lolled back against Hitoshi’s shoulder, eyes heavy-lidded and vacant as his hands reached up to grab at Shinsou’s hair. “Please, ‘Tosh… fuck… harder…”

With a groan, Shinsou pressed Kaminari down into the mattress once more, face and chest shoved into the blankets while he jerked the blond’s hips up high. He started pounding as hard as he could, practically yanking his lover’s body into each harsh thrust. “Close, Denki, gonna fill you up…”

“Yesh!! Pleashe, T-Toshiiiii, pleeeashe… C-coming!!” Kaminari’s mouth fell open, eyes crossed as he came yet again. His whole body thrummed with electricity, the stimulation making Shinsou’s body tense as he spilled inside Denki’s clenching hole.

When the sparks faded, Shinsou fell forward, feeling boneless and weak from the intensity of his orgasm and the sudden shock. He narrowly avoided landing right on top of his lover, instead twisting to the side to land next to the blond. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the blissed-out grin on Denki’s face--he hadn’t seen that expression in years. “Wheeeeeey…

Shinsou leaned forward and pressed an indulgent kiss to Denki’s lips. He was still warm, but not nearly as bad as before. Most likely he’d need another round of orgasms like that…

Thankfully, Shinsou was well-prepared to give him all the pleasure he needed.

Chapter Text

When Izuku stumbled for the fifth time on the way to his apartment, Katsuki growled under his breath. “Damn Deku, I thought you said you could walk! What the fuck’s going on?”

“‘M sorry, Kacchan… it’s hard to walk right now ‘cause my dick is so hard…” Izuku wasn’t going crazy humping anything, the way Chargebolt had, but he seemed to have completely lost his verbal filter.

“Oi, nerd, keep it down! You wanna tell the whole damn world you’re horny?” Bakugou hissed. “How’s that gonna look for an up and coming pro hero, haaah?”

“S-sorry… You’re really hot when you yell like that, you know?”

Bakugou’s face flushed scarlet, small explosions popping in one hand as he punched Midoriya hard in the shoulder. “ You wanna die, shitty Deku?”

“Nnno?” Izuku looked down at Katsuki in confusion.

“Then shut your fucking mouth and just walk! We’re almost to your apartment anyway.”

“Oh, right!” Katsuki was about to yell at him again, but Izuku’s mouth snapped shut after that and he remained blessedly quiet the rest of the way back to his apartment. He fumbled with his keys a couple of times, but got the door open soon enough. “Thanks, Kacchan!”

“You’re fucking welcome. Goodbye.” Katsuki turned on his heel to leave, but Izuku’s hand grabbed him by the shoulder before he could get more than two steps away. “What do you want, damn Deku?!”

“Stay with me?” Izuku asked, his eyes surprisingly clear and earnest despite the lingering effects of the drug in his system. “I… I don’t think it’s safe for me to be alone right now…”

Katsuki growled under his breath and rolled his eyes, but nodded reluctantly all the same. “Fucking fine. But as soon as your fever breaks, I’m gone.”

“That's fine. Thank you.”

The two pro heroes made their way into Midoriya's apartment. "Never in my life have I been more relieved to have my own place," Izuku mumbled under his breath as he toed off his shoes. "I can't even imagine what it would be like if I still lived with my mom."

"If you lived with Auntie or had a roommate, I would've fucking taken you to the hospital," Bakugou replied.

"Really? Then I'm super glad I live alone! I'd much rather deal with this on my own than have to be at the hospital again."

"What, you finally develop an aversion to hospitals stronger than your shitty martyr complex?"

"Mean, Kacchan!" Izuku whined, sticking his lower lip out in a ridiculously overblown pout. "If you're just going to make fun of me, I'd rather you put your mouth to better use."

Cheeks flushing bright red, Katsuki sputtered in shock at the bold statement. “What the fuck—why are you—” He couldn’t even string together a coherent sentence.

Only belatedly realizing what he’d just said, Izuku’s cheeks grew even redder, if it was possible with the chemical still affecting his body. “Shit—that was—I mean—”

Shower ,” Katsuki growled, reaching out to shove Izuku toward his bathroom. “Fucking make it a cold one, too, damn Deku.”

“Right!” Izuku allowed his partner to push him down the hall, stripping off his gloves as they went. He made his way into the bathroom, calling out over his shoulder lightly, “You sure you don’t want to join me, Kacchan? I’d be happy to have you~”

“Shove it up your ass, shitty nerd!”

“Oh, would you? Please?”

Katsuki couldn't help rolling his eyes. “Just fucking get in the shower already! You reek of sweat.”

Izuku giggled as he wiggled out of his costume in full view of the open bathroom door, the sound breathy and flirty. “Kacchan,” he whined, “I can’t handle it anymore… I’m so hot…”

“That’s why you take a cold fucking shower, you dipshit! Do I have to do everything around here?”

“It would be easier if you came in here with me… You can help me wash my back…” Katsuki growled under his breath, hands clenched into fists at the thought of a naked, soapy Deku under him. Absently, he flicked his tongue out to wet his lips, the movement catching Izuku’s gaze as he finished stripping. He whimpered in response, breathing growing more and more shallow. “K-Kacchan… please…” He didn’t want to beg, honestly he didn’t, but he was progressively feeling worse the longer he went without getting some kind of relief.

“All right, fine, fucking nerd,” Katsuki grumbled. “Give me the damn soap.”

“Thank you Kacchan!” Izuku finished stripping out of his dirty uniform, putting it in the clothes bin before taking a seat in front of the shower head. Katsuki stood behind him, also stripped down to his boxers, taking the shower and getting his hair and back wet. The cold water made him wince when it hit his heated skin, but he leaned back into Katsuki’s surprisingly gentle touches.

“Shampoo.” Izuku leaned forward to grab the bottle, passing it behind him so that Katsuki could take it. The blond squeezed a good amount into one hand after giving the shower head back to Izuku. He started to work it into the curls in front of him, using both hands to massage his scalp. Hearing Izuku suck in a quick breath at his touch, Katsuki chewed on his lower lip as he slowly moved his hands down to work his fingers into the back of his partner’s neck. The throaty moan his touch elicited made his own breath catch in response.

“Kacchannnn~” Izuku’s voice was soft and breathless as he tilted his head back, emerald eyes meeting a darkened ruby gaze. A moment later, Izuku spun around to face Katsuki, taking the shower head in one hand and rinsing his own hair while the other reached for the waistband of Katsuki’s boxers. The blond impulsively reached over to turn the water off, freeing Izuku’s other hand to worm its way underneath the fabric and take Katsuki’s cock in a firm grip. Once the boxers were down on the floor, Katsuki stepped out of them, kicking them aside before he moved closer to Izuku until he was standing directly between spread knees. “Can I please?”

“Can you what?” Katsuki asked, his own voice sounding about as wrecked as Izuku’s. He knew exactly what Izuku wanted—god, he wanted it too, so badly—but he didn’t… he couldn’t say anything, not with his partner in this state.

Izuku was too important to him.

But Katsuki could never say “no” to those big, soulful, green eyes. Not for long.

Izuku whined softly, licking his lips as he stared at the burgeoning erection in front of him. “Can I suck it, please, Kacchan?” Before the blond could even respond, Izuku’s tongue slid out of his mouth once more, flicking across the firm head to taste his residual sweat. “Oh god… so good…”

“Shit—fucking nerd,” Katsuki buried both hands in Izuku’s wet locks, pulling his head closer. Izuku let him, working inch after inch of his erection down a welcoming throat. “So tight… fuck, you’re gonna gag on it if you’re not careful!”

“Mmm!!” Izuku’s eyes had practically rolled into the back of his head, his mouth open wide to welcome Katsuki’s cock inside. He bobbed his head, swirling his tongue around the shaft, stretching his throat out until he could feel his nose brushing against the wiry hairs at the base of Katsuki’s dick. The blond held his head in place, not letting him pull back for nearly thirty full seconds, Izuku rapidly swallowing around Katsuki’s length in an attempt to pull an orgasm out of him.

“Wh-whoa, whoa, calm down, damn Deku…” He yanked Izuku away, looking down into glassy, teary green eyes as Izuku gasped for breath. “God… are you really sure you want this?”

“More than anything! Please, Kacchan!”

“Then… Come on. I’ll… I’ll take care of you properly. I promise. “ Katsuki huffed out a breath, tugging Izuku to his feet and supporting him as they left the bathroom to head toward the bedroom. Izuku leaned against him heavily, nuzzling into his neck and shoulder, nearly toppling him over between their slick bodies and Izuku’s surprisingly dense body.

Once they finally made it into the bedroom, Katsuki practically dropped Izuku onto the bed. “Get yourself situated,” he muttered, looking through the bedside table for condoms and lube. He found the latter, but the former was distressingly absent. “Where the fuck do you keep your condoms?” he asked.

“I… I don’t have any,” Izuku mumbled under his breath, writhing a bit on the bed, his hand sliding down to grasp at his erection and stroke it purposefully.

“Don’t have condoms? What the fuck do you do when someone comes—”

“No one,” the man on the bed croaked, his voice rough. “No one but you… Please, Kacchan, I need it. I’m so hot…”

Katsuki gulped heavily, his eyes trailing from the tears dripping out of Izuku’s emerald eyes down to the erection he was practically abusing and the asshole that a dry finger was attempting to enter. “Damn it, Deku, stop, just stop, before you fucking hurt yourself.”

“Kacchan, I need it! Please! Please fuck me, I need you.” Izuku leaned up and pressed his lips to Katsuki’s in a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss. “Want you... Have for so long…” he mumbled as he pulled away from the kiss, the redness in his face extending down to his collarbone.

Katsuki’s own cheeks were probably the same shade of red, especially after that kiss. “Shit… Deku, you fucking nerd… “ Bringing their mouths together once more, Katsuki fumbled to slick up his fingers, bringing one up to swirl around his partner’s entrance before wiggling in to the first knuckle. Izuku keened into the kiss at the feeling, his body somehow instinctually relaxing as if it was aware it was finally going to get some relief.

Once the single finger was gliding in and out easily enough, Katsuki added a second finger, starting to work more on stretching Izuku open to take him inside. “G-go faster,” Deku grunted, planting his feet on the mattress in an effort to get leverage to rock into the movement of Katsuki’s fingers. “I can take it.”

“I know you can,” Katsuki replied, slowing his movements intentionally, “but I want to do this properly.”

“No! I need it! Fuck me, please, need you inside me!”

“Not yet! I can’t....” From his place hovering over Izuku’s body, Katsuki’s head slumped forward, landing with a thunk on the other man’s shoulder. “I can’t fucking hurt you... not again,” he mumbled into Izuku’s neck.

“You waiting is hurting me, Kacchan… I’m burning up inside…”

“This is all that shitty chemical talking. I’ll take care of you, but don’t… don’t pretend like you…”

A hand suddenly clenched around Katsuki’s spikes, yanking his head up and initiating another deep, soul-shaking kiss. When they broke for air, Izuku muttered, “Don’t you dare put words in my mouth, Katsuki.” The tears were streaming down the sides of his face, but his expression was firm. "We will talk about this later, but I can barely think straight—I need you inside me right now !"

Katsuki nodded shakily. Sliding a third finger inside Izuku's hot hole, he worked quickly to stretch him as best he could. "'S gonna hurt," he mumbled, pulling his fingers away before he drizzled more lube on his erection.

"Don't care, just fuck me please Kacchan!" Izuku’s voice was rough, his fingers curling around Katsuki’s shoulders; Izuku’s nails dug into his skin as he shuddered against the heat building up inside him.

Taking a deep breath through his nose, Katsuki positioned himself at Izuku’s loosened entrance. “Breathe out,” he murmured, waiting for Izuku to let out a shaky sigh before he started to push in. It was slow going at first, the hot, tight tunnel resistant to the intrusion, but the utter relief on Izuku’s face made Katsuki continue rather than stopping to check on the man below him. Once he bottomed out, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to Izuku’s forehead. “You alright, Deku?”

Yesssss …” Izuku’s eyes were glassy and unseeing as he stared up at the ceiling, “S-so big…”

A small scoff escaped Katsuki’s lips at the praise. “You sure it’s not just that you’re a tightass?” Izuku chuckled in response, the action helping him to relax a bit. Katsuki could practically feel him loosen in the moment, so he took the opportunity to give a few small, experimental thrusts. Izuku yelped at the sudden movement, but his tongue lolled out of his mouth and his eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head, so presumably he was feeling good. “How you feeling?” Katsuki asked to confirm.

“Hnnnnngh… g-good… haaaahhhnn …” Izuku could barely speak coherently from the overwhelming sensations. It was like the aphrodisiac, whatever it was, had turned his sensitivity up to eleven. His erection bobbed and jerked with every thrust, practically dripping with precome while a thin trail of drool escaped Izuku’s mouth.

Katsuki built up speed gradually as Izuku’s hole loosened, rocking his hips faster and harder until every thrust had his balls slapping against Deku’s ass with a wet-sounding smack . “Gonna come, Deku?” he growled.

“Yes, p-pleash, K-Kacchhhhan,” Izuku slurred. He slowly regained focus on Katsuki above him, pulling the blond into another deep, soul-sucking kiss. As their tongues battled for dominance, Katsuki brought one hand down to stroke Izuku’s cock. He thumbed at the slit between strokes, the glide smoothed by the copious amounts of precome leaking out. “Sh-shit, gonna come, pleeeeaash, c-coming!!”

“Come on, Deku, come for me,” Katsuki growled, leaning down and sucking a mark into his collarbone.

“K-Kaccha- aaaaaah !!” Izuku cried out as the heat and pressure finally came to a head, come splattering across Katsuki’s hand and his own chest from his orgasm. The blond stroked him through it, thrusting deep inside and staying put as his hand squeezed and tugged every last drop of fluid from Izuku’s cock. The tightness around Katsuki’s dick was enough to send him over the edge as well, spilling his own load inside Deku’s ass.

When he was completely spent, Izuku collapsed back onto the bed bonelessly, Katsuki following him a moment later. “God… you all right, Deku?”

“I… y-yeah… I think so,” Izuku mumbled. “The heat feels like it’s gone at least.”

“Good.” Pressing a sloppy kiss to Izuku’s temple, Katsuki wrapped his arms around the smaller man’s waist. “Sleep now. Clean up later.”

“Mhm… ‘kay.” Izuku snuggled deeper into Katsuki’s embrace, lazily pressing kisses to his shoulder. He mumbled something mostly incoherent against the blond’s skin.

“The fuck was that?”

“Mm… Love you, Kacchan…”

Katsuki’s cheeks bloomed a bright red despite his cooling body. “L-Love… you too, shitty nerd.”