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Kit Kats

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It had started around Halloween. Katsuki still didn’t know exactly where all the candy that had filled the dorm nearly a week in advance of the sugar filled holiday had come from, but one day he came back from his morning run to find half the kitchen taken over by it. Personally, Katsuki had never been one for sugar. He was strict in his eating habits, and candy was too sweet for him. Still, he’d indulged in a few pieces of some super sour American candy just to stare down his classmates with a dead expression on his face as he did so.


It had tasted like hell, but he hadn’t flinched and left his classmates staring at him with fear in their eyes so it had been worth it. Less worth it after both of his boyfriends refused to kiss him for the next hour or so until he’d given up and choked down some sweet garbage to get the flavor out of his mouth.


None of that was what haunted him that evening though. No, what would stick with him from that night was far more horrific than a bad taste or withheld kisses. It occurred later in the evening, after half the class had gone out somewhere. Shouto had been on the couch, Izuku napping in his lap, while Katsuki was making a proper dinner for the three of them. The entire evening Shouto had only indulged in candy when it was offered directly to him. Katsuki had just assumed that his boyfriend shared his distaste of sugar. Yet now that the common room was mostly empty, Shouto’s mood shifted slightly. He glanced around, seeming almost guilty, like he was preparing some grand heist. Katsuki didn’t want to make his boyfriend feel caught, so he kept his gaze down and just watched out of the edge of his vision.


With slow, shy, movements, Shouto reached out to one of the many candy bowls in front of him and began to rummage through it. After a moment or two, he pulled back, a Kit Kat just barely visible between his fingers. As if he were hiding it. Huh. Katsuki kept pretending like he couldn’t see anything, even if he was probably going to need to have a talk with Shouto about this later regardless. Fucking Endeavor and making Shouto feel guilty for enjoying literally any part of his fucking life.


Shouto unwrapped the candy quickly, and Katsuki had been about to look away for real when it happened. Instead of breaking the candy bar apart like a normal human being, or even biting into all four pieces like Eijioru did, Shouto breathed on it. Or more accurately, breathed fire onto it. The flame was small, but it melted the chocolate all the same, running down the wafer into Shouto’s mouth. He licked his fingers clean. The now bare wafer crackers were cupped his hands, and then, like a scene out of a horror movie, he turned them sideways and began to nibble his way through.


It was the only time in his life where Katsuki seriously thought one of his boyfriends might be a villain.


Because what the fuck .


Who the fuck would ever think of doing that to a Kit Kat? Why?


Katsuki had openly stared in shock, before catching himself as one of his pots started to boil and managing to turn away as Shouto finished up the candy. He didn’t see Shouto eat any more candy that night, but the image stuck with him.


Maybe it was a bit of an overreaction to his boyfriend having a weird way to enjoy food, but even after the initial horror, something about it still stuck with Katsuki. Maybe because Shouto hated using his fire. He would rarely use it when it was required in combat, but he’d used it like it was second nature for something as silly as eating a candy bar wrong.


There was just something about it, something about how easily Shouto had done it, and how secretive he’d been that set off alarm bells in Katsuki’s head.  


He didn’t have much time to think about it. Halloween happened, classes started picking up, he got kidnapped again, Aizawa's birthday was coming up and he was supposed to plan dinner for that. Oh, did he mention he got kidnapped again? Because yeah that was a fucking thing and a half.


Worse, it’d been horribly public and he hadn’t even gotten to kick ass during it. Somehow, the League had managed to take an entire building hostage. Five hundred people or so, all trapped towards the top floor with several of those fuckers ready to kill at the drop of a hat. Most of it was sheer dumb luck that they’d gotten the drop on Best Jeanest and Gang Orca who had been the assigned patrol for the area.


Of course it’d been the building that Auntie Inko was working in. Not that the villains knew that, or that it changed much. It just felt like an extra slap in the face from life.


Their demands had been simple, Katsuki was coming with them unless he wanted 500 people dead. Class A-1 had been brought in as possible back up as the pros had been trying to work out a plan with the stand-off. The moment his name had been mentioned Aizawa had whipped around to restrain Katsuki and stop him from doing anything stupid.


Unfortunately, Katsuki was both incredibly smart and very dumb. He’d figured out that they wanted him in the first minute or two of their arrival. Shigaraki’s eyes on him gave it away. Not to mention that the villains had waited until their class had showed up to start in on their demands. It’d taken him half a heartbeat to consider his options. The League was down All for One which meant they couldn’t take his quirk, and they didn’t have any brainwashers. That meant they either thought that they could convince him to join them or this was a revenge thing. Either way it was one life versus 500, and the answer was too easy for him.


As soon as Toga had started babbling, making a scene before she got to announcing their demands, Katsuki had made his choice. Shouto and Izuku had each been given a quick kiss to the cheek before he’d told them he needed a bit of air. They bought it, because both of them were wonderful and understanding. To his credit, Katsuki had walked away from the building.


Into another nearby building.


One that just so happened to have a sky bridge connecting it to the building where the hostages were currently kept.


Fuckers weren’t even watching it.


Katsuki seriously considered a surprise attack, the weakness was just enough of an oversight that there was a decent chance of victory if he fell back and let a few of the pros know. But as he quickly discovered, Dabi was with the hostages. It’d only take a second for this to go terribly wrong. He couldn’t risk it.


So, instead he waited patiently in the shadows of the doorway for Toga to finish announcing the League’s demands for “that cute explosive blond” and for Shigaraki to cut her off and clarify “Katsuki Bakugou”. From his vantage point, he watched Aizawa whip around to find him gone, and his classmates start to panic.


Katsuki waited until the villains noticed the confusion and panic, just enough to throw them off. And make his entrance extra badass.


What? If this was how he was going to die, he wanted to make it fucking count.


“You know, I’ve got a fucking cell phone. And a damn email address. Hell, mail me an actual fucking letter if you’re that bad at technology. No need to make a goddamn scene and waste everyone’s time on this shit.”


Watching all of them startle as he stepped out into the room was incredibly satisfying. He didn’t have his hero costume on, hadn’t had time to get changed. It wasn’t like it was going to help him here. Keeping his head held high, his hands stuffed casually into his pockets and his shoulders level, he strode out into the center of the room. The hostages were all packed into one corner to his left, Dabi standing by them with a flickering flame in his hand. Toga and Shigaraki were over by open balcony in front of him. Kurogiri was towards the far end of the room on his right. As far as Katsuki could tell that was the entire party today.


It was clear that none of them had expected him to come willingly, let alone this quickly. They were caught off guard now. Excellent, he could use that. He couldn’t fight with this many people here, so the more uneasy they were the more control he had.


A moment passed as the group recollected themselves. Clearly this had not been a part of their plan, and all eyes drifted to Shigaraki. Katsuki just cocked an eyebrow at the creepy fucker in front of him. Expectant. As if somehow, this had been Katsuki's plan all along.


Shigaraki’s hand drifted up to scratch lightly at his neck. Good, the fucker was uncomfortable with being out of control. Still, Katsuki waited for him to speak. The longer he dragged this out the better. Who knows, maybe one of the pros would be able to use this distraction to their advantage.


“My apologizes… we hadn’t expected you to be.... so cooperative.”


He was suspicious. Fair enough. Katsuki watched out of the corner of his eye as Dabi slowly drifted closer to Toga. Clearly expecting him to try something. Well, whatever got him to move away from the hostages was fine in Katsuki’s books. Time to put on a good show. Exaggerating his motions, he rolled his eyes and swung his arms up behind his head, taking note at how all of them flinched when he did.


“Yeah well I’ve got a fucking essay due Monday, so I’d like to get this shit over with as quickly as possible. I’m not pulling another all-nighter because you assholes don’t have anything better to do beyond bothering me.”


It took willpower, but he kept his posture lose and his tone uncaring. Like they were fucking groupies or some shit. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Kurogiri tense. Since none of them spoke up right away, he decide to press his luck a bit as he left his gaze slide away from the villains to glance out the window instead.


“Seriously, this crap is starting to get boring. Don’t y’all have like, hobbies? Goals? Other things going on in your life? Because I’ve got shit to do and I really don’t have the time to keep wasting on this.”


Shigaraki seemed agitated and Katsuki decided to press a little further, swinging his arms down to his sides and bouncing up onto his heel. As he did so, he took a casual glance around the room. Quickly noting that aside from Gang Orca and Best Jeanist, there were no injuries among the hostages. The two pro-heros were still out cold, but he saw a twitch from Best Jeanist’s finger that let him know he might have help if he kept them talking long enough. At the very least, his former mentor knew his fighting style well enough that if Katsuki needed to go for a sudden offensive, he could shield the hostages from it. He didn’t dare let himself look for green hair in the crowd.


He could feel her eyes on him anyways. Begging him not to be there. Thank god she was smart enough not to say anything.


But seriously, if Izuku got to pull this shit, he did too. That was his justification anyways as he let his gaze swing back upwards towards the posse in front of him. This next part was probably gonna get him killed, but damn if it wouldn’t be worth it. He let his face twist into a grimace.


“This isn’t like, a crush thing, right? Because if so, one, I’m pretty sure I’m too young for you, and two, I’m outta your league.”


Katsuki felt a sense of pride knowing that his last words were going to be a pun. It’d piss off his mother which was always in a win in his books. Or at least, would’ve been his last words if Dabi hadn’t broken down cackling, redirecting Shigaraki’s attention. Before Shigaraki could start in on either of them, Kurogiri appeared to have decided that it was his turn to speak. Shit, he was closer then Katsuki remembered him being. It was only through sheer force of will that Katsuki kept himself from startling.


“I can assure you that nobody here has intentions towards you of that nature. We are villains, but none of us would stoop that low. No this is more of a matter of… unfinished business. I think it would best be discussed elsewhere, since we don’t want any bystanders getting involved.” As the mistfucker finished, he conjured a warp gate midway between himself, Katsuki, and the other three members of the party.


The casual threat didn’t go unnoticed, but Katsuki decided to ignore it. He wasn’t dumb enough to just go along with what they wanted. Not without reassurance that the hostages would be alright. He let the silence hang for a moment as his eyes swept the room. Best Jeanist was starting to rouse. He’d be up and able to fight in a minute or so, but it was too risky in such close quarters. Sizing them up and feeling somewhat in control of the situation, he closed his eyes and shook his head, arms swinging back up again to rest behind it. Again, posture almost languid.


“While I don’t mind moving the party elsewhere, I’m also not fucking dumb. You want me to come with you? The Scarecrow’s Uglier Cousin and Ms. Crazy Eyes can go first.” It was calculated. Shigaraki and Kurogiri could, together, probably take him down in close quarters but if they tried anything after he was already through, then Best Jeanist would have a fair shot against them. Dabi was their best counter to his threads, and without him it’d be a hell of a lot harder for them to kill hostages quickly.


Shigaraki spoke this time, his tone agitated and his eyes dangerously thin. His hand was digging into his neck now.


“I’m not sure you’re in any positions to be making demands. Or do you not realize how quick your death could be here little hero?”


That got a snort from Katsuki, again surprising his audience. He let his eyes blink slowly, staring directly into Shigaraki’s, even through the creepy hand on plastered on the asshole's face. A smile spread out over his face, and he let himself draw the moment out, let the villains become uncomfortable because fucking ha, they could know how that felt for a change. Then his eyes narrowed ever so slightly as he spoke, making damn sure that the cameras were picking up every bit of this. If he was dying today he was going to leave a fucking impression.


“Bitch, do I look like the kind of coward that dies?”


It left the entire room stunned, because not even fucking Warpy knew what to say to that. Shigaraki was so taken aback by the sheer confidence in his delivery that his hand had frozen mid-scratch as he tried to process the implications. Again, Katsuki was pretty sure that those would’ve been his last words if Dabi hadn’t been the first to react.


“Man, I knew I liked you before kid, but damn! See you in a few I guess.” Dabi was doing everything in his power to hold back from laughing. It wasn’t every day some kid called Shigaraki a bitch, and honestly, Dabi was willing to help the kid for the expression on his boss’s face alone. Not to mention he had to admire how well the kid was holding himself together despite how bad of a situation this was. So, without waiting for instruction from the other two villains in the room, Dabi snagged Toga’s wrist. Two steps and the both of them were stepping through the warp-gate in the center of the room, smoke billowing behind them.


Kurogiri seemed to recover after that, taking a step towards Katsuki and raising his hand to gesture to the portal.


“I believe your terms have been fulfilled. Now if you wouldn’t mind?”


For a moment, Katsuki considered fighting. But there were still hostages in the room. Even though he could hear Best Jeanist starting to mumble as he woke up, Katsuki wasn’t willing to risk a fight.


Besides, he was a man of his word. No villains were going to make a liar out of Katsuki Bakugou.


So, ignoring the shouts from the hostages behind him he shoved his hands back in his pockets, and with his head held high confidently strode through the portal. He didn’t need to look back to know Shigaraki and Kurogiri were following closely behind him, or to hear the familiar sound of thread being launched a moment too late. One strand just barely brushed his wrist, and then the inky blackness engulfed him and the cut string fell limply to the ground. Some childish part of Katsuki wanted to try and grab it. He kept walking forward instead.