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No one was in the other side of the door, of their 'safe zone'. They were greeted by the red sky, and a barren landscape fulfilled with dust particles, making their eyes ache and let some tears out.

But the survivors adapted, deciding to not give up to the adversity of the destroyed world. Maybe it was a true hell, especially when the acid rain fell over their heads for the first (and only) time. That they were together, protecting each other of the danger, was what mattered in the end.



Syo was the one leading the way now, a pair of primitive scissors in each hand. A medical mask was over her mouth, her body relaxed as her steps were light and almost inaudible. Even if the posture made her back ache, her walk needed to be like this; predators and despair-filled people were everywhere, and one could jump to attack in any second.


"Why are we still travelling?", Yasuhiro asked out of sudden, startling the rest of the group. "I mean, we still have some food, you know. The hotel of the other day was really nice, and it even had some water!"


"The water was green, and we don't have matches to boil it", Byakuya replied, supporting himself in Aoi's shoulder.

His leg got injured when a house's roof collapsed, days ago, and now he was limping. Maybe the clairvoyant knew something about medicine, but he wasn't an expert with that; Byakuya could never heal if he didn't get proper care.

Finding a new 'safe zone' was their new goal. But every place had downsides, plus the buildings slowly deteriorated with the acid of the rain. They could end up dying without finding a home. In the outside, with a desired freedom that they ended up regretting. Even Makoto admitted that, if he knew how the world was, he would've sacrificed to make sure the group was safe.


"Look, the clouds are darker!", Aoi exclaimed, worry tinted in her voice. Syo grabbed her Prince, carrying him between her arms, and the survivors started to run.

To the North, where the edifices became bigger and some still stand. The ex-heiress saved her scissors in Byakuya's pockets, thing that he didn't mind, as the wind started to gain strength, warning them of the acid that was going to fall.


"I see a gas station over there", Kyoko said, panting, with Aoi dragging her and Makoto by their hands.


"Then we'll go there, lavender!", the brunette agreed, voice muffled by the mask and her own tongue.

Kirigiri pointed to the right; and between the rubble and dust barrier, a big, faded sign was in the ground, covering a broken door. Syo kicked it, unblocking the entrance easily, and everyone entered without losing any second.

The sky darkened, with the scent of pure citric and water dominating the air. Nature was gentle, sending signs of rain instead of throwing all of it at once, as if it wanted to protect them. Syo let her Prince behind the counter, making sure to not make him feel any pain and saving her weapons in his pockets, and proceeded to block the entrance with the rest of the group. Working in silence, they handed rubble and broken furniture to each other, quickly organizing a thick layer of junk as 'barrier'. Makoto smiled, letting his body fall in the floor, tiredness consuming him.


"How much do you think we'll have to wait?", Syo asked, resting in the counter that was facing Byakuya. The blonde untied her medical mask, braiding her hair afterwards.


"Some hours, maybe. It's hard to tell without windows", he replied, a soft sigh accompanying his words.

The group soon sat around the two, preparing the meal and boiling bottled water in a metal bowl (this time, they found matches). The scent wasn't pleasing; weird cat meat and unknown bird eggs didn't got along, but that's a luxury compared to eating earth. Syo got up, grabbed her ration and Byakuya's, and sat with him again. The blonde frowned, crossing his arms.


"You can't be picky, Kuyakuya. We can't get much else", the ex-heiress protested, putting the plate in his hands. "Eggs aren't enough!"

Byakuya just stared at her, his eyes revealing his discontent. He was too persistent sometimes, even if that could get him dead.


"I'm going to feed you myself if you don't eat anything", Syo warned, holding a small piece of meat between her fingers. She got closer to him, showing her long tongue to intimidate him a bit(he was just annoyed by that, not scared, but she liked doing so anyways).

He grabbed the food that the girl had in her hand, staring at it for some seconds before slowly eating it. As his face showed disgust, growing even more disgusted with every piece eaten, the blocked door was shaken, with someone trying to enter from the other side. His girlfriend took the scissors from his pockets, standing in front of it in a strange crouch.


"Who's there?!", she questioned, with Aoi taking a place at her side to fight with the intruder.


"Koichi Kizakura, of the Future Foundation's third division", the stranger answered with a calm tone, and the rest of the group seemed to recognize that name. Syo couldn't.


"And what's that? Who are you?", the brunette interrogated again. She felt a hand in her arm, finding Aoi trying to calm her.


"He's the recruiter of the school!", she exclaimed with a grin, expressing some of her lost happiness again. "We can let him in."

Syo looked at her Prince for a second, noticing a small nod, and sighed. Placing her weapons in the counter, she helped the swimmer in the task of destroying the junk barrier they created not too long ago. Blonde hair and relaxed blue eyes welcomed them and, as the cloud of dust reached her nose, Syo thought that she was seeing an older version of her partner.

Before she could interrogate the strange man, she sneezed, and lost consciousness in an instant.


Touko inhaled deeply, opening her eyes out of sudden. She was back; how many days had Syo stayed in control? She remembered that they got out of the school, finding a house in which Byakuya got injured, and nothing else.


"I was searching for you. Since you escaped from the school, the whole Future Foundation had orders of finding all of you", Kizakura explained, a relaxed smile in his face. "We're recruiting survivors of the Tragedy. Most of Kibougamine's students and staff are there... at least the ones that survived."

The ex-heiress examined the man, trying to remember where she had met him. But her mind was still filled with dense fog, and she was a little lost in there.


"We want to restore the world, that's our objective. Would you help with that?", the man asked, looking at the group with curiosity in his eyes.


"Count me in!", Yasuhiro quickly agreed, being followed by the rest.

Touko didn't really knew what she was going to get herself into, but she wasn't going to stay alone in the outside world. Seeing everyone's complete trust in the blonde, she thought it wasn't going to be that bad. Except that, well, just Kirigiri and Makoto ended in the same division, she couldn't see Byakuya in the whole day, and she had the task of discovering how the heck control Syo to 'prevent more killings'. At least the whole squad™ was assigned rooms that were close to each other and, when they weren't too tired, could play Mono-cards together in the night. It was nice, in that part. Even if she had to suffer countless experiments to switch with her alter, it was better than suffering under acid rain.

So; they finally found their 'safe zone', and they weren't going to leave anytime soon.