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Student Munchies

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“Let’s have a nice long chat.”

Those words continued to bounce around endlessly in Ms. Oshie Teruyo. The homeroom teacher of Class 1-1 found herself in a tight spot. Having come off from receiving her credentials as a teacher, Oshie was convinced that she could take on any problem that was tossed her way. But then she met her Achilles’ heel. That stumbling block was named Nako Sunao. From the moment that she laid her eyes on her, she was terrified of her. It could’ve been for a variety of reasons. It could be that she had her hair dyed blonde. That contrast with her national Japanese heritage was greatly unsettling. It could’ve been that look of constant irritation that was her default expression. Or it possibly was her ruff tone of voice. Whatever it was, Oshie found herself becoming more fearful of her student each passing day. She knew that her math teacher was going to be out that day, so she was tasked with handing out the results of their previous math tests. Oshie was not looking forward to it. When she glanced at Sunao’s paper, she froze up. She just knew that there was going to be a great reckoning. Sunao’s sinister way of proposing that they talked about the subject after school only confirmed her suspicions.

“I’m definitely dead,” whined Oshie. She paced back and forth in the teacher’s lounge. Occasionally , her eyes glanced at the clock , her eyes following the hands as they slowly shifted towards the next hour. In her hand, she had her resignation letters. The idea of leaving the school abruptly like this never crossed her until she met her . She vowed that she would treat each of her students equally, but she always froze up when it came to her . Tears started to softly roll down her cheeks.

“I can’t take this anymore.”

While pondering what she could do, she started to contemplate her options. She could possibly slip away with no one noticing. She pondered that for a few minutes but ultimately opted to reject that notion. It would be too easy, and it otherwise would be a temporary solution. She could probably have another teacher do the honors of delivering the math tests to the students. Oshie frowned at this option. She did not want any teacher to suffer the consequences for her cowardice. With the sea of different plots becoming more heavier, Oshie looked back at the clock and saw that time was no longer in her favor. She had been contemplating the pros and cons of various plans for hours and she was to meet with Nako in a few minutes.

“No, no, no, this isn’t good.”

She desperately scrambled to prepare for the inevitable meeting. She panicked still unsure of what course of action she would take. With her fate being sealed, Oshie inhaled deeply and she then forced the air out in a toot. As she anticipated her inevitable meeting with her student, she decided to way her options one final time, and her mind stuck onto something.

“It just might be crazy enough to work.”

Shortly after parting ways with her friends, Nako made the trek towards Ms. Oshie’s room. The students had left the building at that point, and the halls were noticeably barren. Not even the room in which the supplementary tests was open. It was literally just Nako. While she was slightly intimidated by this, Nako shrugged it off and she made her way down the hall towards her homeroom teacher’s room. She stopped momentarily and saw that it was dark. She scratched her head.

“Sensei said to meet her here. So why is the room dark?”

Absentmindedly, Nako placed her hand on the doorknob and gently opened it. She walked into the room, aimlessly looking for the light switch.


Nako walked further into the room still trying to feel around for a light switch. She couldn’t shake the passing suspicion that she was being watched somehow, but because she was in a situation where she couldn’t rely on her eyesight, Nako was a sitting duck. Without warning, something in the dark pounced on Nako and tossed her to the ground.


That was at most the only thing that Nako could say in a situation like that. She felt something moist around her feet and a slurping sound echoed in her ears. She was being pulled forward by some enigmatic figure. Whatever had her held a tight grip on her. Nako tried to pull herself forward to no avail. The slurping became louder and more audible. Nako found herself up to her chest by the creature. She used her free arms to punch around her surroundings, but whatever had her pinned them down and they disappeared. She could feel her arms become slimy from some unfamiliar substance. Nako screamed for help but her pleads fell on deaf ears. Her screaming became drowned out and a final slurp rang in her ears.


Nako found herself being caressed by what she could imagine to be slimy walls of some sort. Before she could consider more of what she had to work with, she felt herself being lifted and there was a clicking sound indicating that the room’s light switch had just been turned on.

“This was easier than I thought it would be.”

Nako was alerted to that voice. It was of Ms. Oshie. After initially thinking that she was the only one in the classroom, she was somewhat delighted to realize that wasn’t the case.

“Sensei? Where am I?”

Oshie walked towards her desk and sat down. She giggled at Nako’s cluelessness.

“You’re in my belly, silly.”

She laid her large belly on her desk, and watched it wobble around with its heavy meal.

“You’re kidding me, Sensei” Nako laughed but more irritated “seriously, tell me where I am.”

Oshie smacked her belly, causing her captive to feel the blunt of it. She started to panic and squirm around in her belly to escape. But there were no openings to be found anywhere. Another burp erupted from Oshie, and she covered her mouth with a handkerchief.

“Please don’t squirm around too much, you’ll give me indigestion.”

Nako was horrified. What started out as just her discussing her math test results with her teacher ended up with her becoming her meal. Worse, she could already feel the stomach acid rubbing against her skin, the longer she sat still, it became more invasive and discomforting.

“But, sensei, why did you do this?”

“Because you were scaring me too much, and I couldn’t work properly as a teacher.”

That absurd response revived Nako’s urge to survive and she kicked and punched against her teacher’s stomach walls, but it only made her belch harder. Oshie grabbed onto her belly and felt Nako struggle underneath her fingertips. Was this what it felt to conquer her fears? If that was the case, she would’ve done this months ago she thought. Her belly rumbled and shifted repeatedly the further that Nako tried to fight the clock of her impending slow death. For a girl that was attributed to not liking to move around much, Nako was practically running a marathon from Oshie’s stomach. However, this surge of strength shortly subsided, and Nako quieted down. She was exhausted. The digestive acid was already underway with dissolving her clothes, and her skin was slowly melting. Nako breathed heavily one last time and succumbed to her fate.

Oshie laid back in her chair, stretching. She was afraid that too much movement from her meal would’ve caused indigestion, but she was relatively pleased that Nako had given up and that digestion was going smoothly. She laid her feet on the table underneath her engorged belly and yawned.

“Tomorrow’s going to be even better.”