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Whipped for All Your Sides and Quirks

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For the seven long years he’s been dating Jimin, Jeongguk has long since stopped questioning the weird but adorable quirks Jimin owns. Like, Jeongguk still remembers the time when they first starting living together and how Jimin had a horde of pillows he used to block them in on the bed, just a ring of pillows he managed to keep on the perimeter because it made him feel ‘closed in’ and ‘safe’. As if he didn’t reside in Jeongguk’s arms every night but okay, who was Jeongguk to judge. Then there was the time Jeongguk found their cabinet of cups rearranged by their size from the lower shelf to the top. Oh, and can’t forget the time he came home from work to find their living room transformed into a fortress of sheets, all of their sheets to be exact which were hung from moved furniture. But did they have dinner underneath the table with the high roof being the faded navy blue sheets Jeongguk received as a housewarming gift?


Yes. Yes, they did.


So it shouldn’t be a shock or anything to Jeongguk who’s returned to their bedroom from the kitchen, bag of chips in one hand and can of soda in the other, just to find Jimin not on the bed where he’d just left him but instead on the floor in what appeared to be the child’s pose position. Except, Jimin’s arms were limp at his sides and his ass was perked in the air, proud and round. He didn’t move his head when Jeongguk casually walked further in the room nor did he react when Jeongguk sat on the edge of their unmade bed and dropped his small pile of loot down on the sheets. He wiggled and squirmed, cherub face scrunched up so cutely in concentration that Jeongguk didn’t want to dare break anyway.


Jeongguk opened his bag of chips.


Jimin wiggled again and further expanded the delicate arch his body was bowed in.


Jeongguk tossed a few chips into his mouth.


“Babe, look!” Jimin chirped.


Jeongguk raised a brow and scanned his eyes thoroughly across the stretched beauty in front of him. He grunted in response.


Jimin took that as an answer anyhow and finally looked over at his boyfriend. Offering his ethereal star gazing crescent eyed smile, he giggled out while extended his slender arms above him, “I’m a caterpillar!


Jeongguk’s heart thrummed in his chest at the pretty sight his boyfriend displayed. Fuck, he was in love. Jimin was too busy smiling with his eyes shut that he didn’t see Jeongguk until he felt the other drop down on the floor with him and locked him up into his arms. Jimin squeaked when he was rolled over and attacked with a flurry of kisses. Giggles erupted into Jeongguk’s mouth transferred over by Jimin who enthusiastically laced his own arms around his boyfriend’s neck and hugged him closer.