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Parents like to know each other

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“Miss Midoriya wants to meet you.”

Shouta looked down at his phone to make sure the connection was good before bringing it back up and asking, “Who?”

Hitoshi sighed on the other end of the connection, “Izuku’s mom. She wants to meet my...father.”

Shouta felt like a shock had gone up his spine. It wasn't the first time he had been called that. It’s basically the truth. But Hitoshi himself doesn't say it all that often. And when he does it’s exclusively because other people are around. Shouta pushed those thoughts away and cleared his throat, “Why?”

“I guess parents like to know each other.” Hitoshi says in that tone that says it’s something he never considered, “I can tell her no if you want.” he sounds almost disappointed

Shouta grits his teeth, resigning himself to his situation, and says, “I’ll be over in an hour.”

“Really!?” Hitoshi sounds so surprised Shouta thinks he should be offended

“Yes really.” Shouta looks over to where Hizashi has started paying attention at the mention of his Boss going out, “I’ll see you soon.” he hangs up

“Who was that?” Hizashi puts his washcloth down and steps away from the dish sink

“It was Hitoshi. His little friend’s mother wants to meet me.” Aizawa looks down at his dirty shirt, “I suppose I should shower.”

“Hell yeah you should Boss.” Hizashi is coming closer with a weird twinkle in his eyes, “This is an important meeting after all. You have to look your best.”

“It is? I do?” Hizashi is steering him quickly in the direction of the bathroom

“Yup. This is Toshi-chan’s first friend. If this kid’s mom doesn't like you it’s possible she won’t let Toshi-chan go over anymore.” Hizashi says seriously despite still having that unnerving smile on his face, “You go ahead and shower. I’ll pick out a good outfit.”

“What’s wrong with what I normally wear?” Shouta prefers his baggy clothing all in black. It’s comforting. But he does own other things. Mostly for the sake of work instead of comfort.

“Responsible parents don’t wear sweat pants Boss.” Hizashi gives one final push that has Shouta stumbling into the bathroom, “Now shower.” the door shuts loudly

“Who exactly is in charge around here?” Shouta mutters to himself as he starts to remove the dirty shirt


Shouta tugs at the stiff collar around his neck. Despite a lack of tie the shirt still feels too tight around his throat. At least the soft blue color is acceptable. Knowing Hizashi’s tastes he’s lucky he didn't end up with orange. The khaki pants seem a bit much though. And the lack of maneuverability they offer makes Shouta mildly nervous. So did the fact his hair was pulled away from his face. Hizashi had said he would look more respectable with his hair up.

With one last deep breath Shouta reached forward and knocked. After a few moments the wood moved aside to show a small woman with green hair. She offered him a wide smile and said happily, “You must be Aizawa-san. Please, come in.” she steps aside and motions for him to enter without hesitation.

Shouta nods and walks inside. As he removes his shoes he remembers his manner, “Thank you for having me Midoriya-san. And thank you for always looking after Hitoshi.”

“It’s really no trouble.” the woman says with a slight blush. She leads him down the hallway. They pause at a shut door with an All Might name placard on it. A knock is all the warning the woman gives before opening it, “Toshi, your father is here.”

Hitoshi is indeed inside. So is the infamous Izuku. The kid is as adorable as his mother. While Hitoshi just waves from his place sitting at a desk Izuku jumps off the bed and bowed deeply, “Welcome to our home!”

“Uh...thanks kid. You can relax.”

“Yes, sorry.” Izuku blushed just like his mother too

“Stop apologizing.” Hitoshi commented with a frown, “I told you only to do that when you actually do something wrong.”

“Right, sor...I’ll work on it.” Izuku offered Hitoshi a shaky smile that was returned

Shouta raised an eyebrow but said nothing as Miss Midoriya said, “We’ll leave you boys to it than. I’ll call you for dinner.” the door was shut and they finished walking down the short hallways and into the main living area. They paused next to the couch and she spun to address Shouta, “You can either take a seat or help me prepare dinner. We’re having Katsudon, I hope that’s alright.”

“That’s fine. And I can help if you really need me. I’m not good for much more than cutting vegetables though.” Shouta admitted as he started to roll up his sleeves to the elbow

“I suppose Mrs. Aizawa does most of the cooking than.” Midoriya joked as she started to pull things out

“I’m not married.” Shouta says without thinking

“Oh.” Midoriya looks a bit surprised, “Hitoshi never mentioned it. I suppose I just assumed you were. Do you mind if I asked what happened to the mother?”

“Hitoshi is adopted. I don’t know much about his birth Mother other than that she wasn't kind to him.” Midoriya’s face fell slightly, “He’s grown a lot since I first met him. I’m very proud.”

“You should be.” she says seriously, “He’s turned into a kind boy. It’s hard raising a child on your own. I know that myself. Izuku’s father left us when we found out our son was Quirkless. The only thing you can hope is that you did enough with what you had.” she looks like she might cry. But after a few blinks she is smiling again, “Anyway, let’s get started on dinner.”

The next few minutes pass in silence. Shouta finally comes up with something to say as he finishes his cutting, “I take it your son likes Heroes.”

“Oh, yes.” Midoriya beams over her shoulder, “He’s been watching and learning about them since he was old enough to speak. Sometimes I’m amazed at the things he notices.” her smile wilts, “I just wish he still didn't want to be one.”

Shouta is surprised, “Didn't you say he was Qurikless.” Midoriya nods and for the first time she actually looks sad, “Well, I think that should be interesting.” her eyes widen and the unsaid questions about his words shine in her eyes. He shared his logic with her, “A Quirkless Hero would certainly gain a lot of attention. There might be some resistance at first. Those with flashy Quirks will probably feel threatened. But as long as he keeps moving forward I’m sure he can figure something out. You said he’s smart right?” there are tears in Midoriya’s eyes and Shouta feels like he may have said something wrong, “I’m sorry if I’ve said something wrong.”

“No.” she whispers, “You didn't. I’ve just never heard anyone say that before.” she swallowed dryly, “Not even me.” her hands come up to her chest and fist together. The tears manage not to fall, “I think I’ve just realized something very important. Thank you Aizawa-san.”

“Shouta.” Shouta finds himself saying before he can stop himself, “You can call me Shouta. And please don’t thank me for anything. It’s me who should be thanking you. Hitoshi needs a friend like Izuku. Someone to support him in his dreams of being a Hero.” Shouta looks at the ground, “I must admit I’m not too fond of Heroes myself. But Hitoshi is determined to become one. I can’t really talk about certain things with him. It’s nice to know someone can be there for this.”

“Inko.” she says as she sniffs and wipes away her unshed tears, “You can call me Inko. Perhaps our boys are supporting each other in ways we can’t. I must say it makes me sad. But I guess I can also be happy that they found each other.” her eyes become determined as she matches his gaze, “Let us both do our best to support their decisions from now on.”

Shouta nods because he feels very awkward right now. The amount of serious intent coming from this woman is absurd. He recalls a term he heard growing up. Inko Midoriya was a full fledged Mama Bear, “Of course.” Shouta motions to the stovetop, “Shall we continue. The boys will be hungry by now.”


Later that night Shouta lays in bed. His thoughts are flying through his head. Inko had said many interesting thing. If he was more of a people person Shouta is sure he would have related a little more. As it was he already found her interesting. And it never hurt to have extra people in Hitoshi’s corner. From Inko’s stories Midoriya would be a valuable asset for Hitoshi. The ability to analyze Quirks like that was rare and treasured. However, should the boy become the first Quirkless Hero, that sort of power could be considered a threat. If that threat got too close to Void Shouta would have to react accordingly. What would that do to Hitoshi?

“I can hear you thinking.” Hizashi’s breath puffs over Shouta’s ear

“Hitoshi will be a Hero one day.” Shouta says surely, “And we’ll still be Villains. He’ll make friends with other Heroes. Heroes we’ll probably have to fight, possibly kill. He may grow to hate us one day.” Shouta feels a tightness growing in his chest, “I don’t know if I could handle that. Why does it bother me so much Hizashi?”

Warm arms circle his waist and chest. Hizashi’s soft voice grounds him, “Shouta, it bothers you because you love Hitoshi. Like a father loves a son. I do too. We’ve raised him for over a year. It’s only natural to get attached.” the arms tighten, “Just look how we turned out.”

Shouta ignores the heat in his cheeks as he touches the hand on his chest, “I see. So I’m trapped once again.” he hears Hizashi snorts and lets himself grin just slightly, “I suppose I can live with that.”

“You have no choice.” Hizashi pauses and says a bit more seriously, “I’m never going to leave you Shouta. So if one day Hitoshi does turn away from us for good I’ll still be here. And we’ll deal with it together just like everything else. Now go to sleep.”

“Don’t give me orders.” Shouta says even as he closes his eyes and finally starts to relax