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The Misadventures of Super-Max

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It wasn’t that she found Mr Jefferson’s lecture boring, it’s just she was so tired from all the stress of the upcoming competition that she could barely stay focused.
The tall dark handsome teacher paced the classroom with purposeful strides, his voice and posture emitting so much confidence it demanded the students attention, drawing them in like a moth to a flame. Almost all of them. Max Caulfield was so spaced out all she saw was his mouth moving without any sound, like someone had pressed mute on the world. Her blue eyes scanned the room to look at the others, seeing the same old bullshit once again. Stella was across the room vigorously scribbling in her notepad, glued to whatever Mr Jefferson was saying. Alyssa was also focused, but not as enthusiastic. Taylor was covertly texting on her phone, but she always got busted sooner or later. Victoria was being Victoria, kissing ass and mentally trashing everyone else like a pro. Most of the others were either trying to pay attention or pretending to like she was. Off to her right Katie appeared distracted, so she made a mental note to check on her after class.
Otherwise, just a regular boring day in the life of Max Caulfield. Nothing to see here except a nervous wreck. She glanced down at her entry for the Everyday Heroes contest, the one she’d taken over a week ago but hadn’t had the guts to submit. It was trash, and she knew everyone would think the same once they saw it. Bad enough it was shot on an old Polaroid camera she had for years. The last thing she wanted today was to be thrown into the spotlight.
“What about you Max?”
Her eyes shot up at the sound of her name, going pale as she saw the class turn towards her as Mr Jefferson addressed her, standing in front of her desk. “Wha…what?” She replied, her idle brain trying to catch up to her.
“I’m sorry if I was putting you to sleep Max” Mr Jefferson said calmly as he leant against the desk behind him, crossing his arms while looking at her through those thick rimmed glasses he wore. “I know the last thing you’d want to be doing right now is sitting here listening to some old man lecture you on the principles of composition and lighting techniques. So what would you rather be doing?”
“Um..” Max stuttered, trying to formulate a response. Any response. “I don’t understand…”
“It’s perfectly simple, Miss Caulfield” he snapped, stepping forward to lean over her desk, his palms planting either side as his dark eyes stared into Max’s. The young woman was captivated by his gaze, swallowing hard as she looked up at him. “What is it you really want to do, right now, at this moment in time?”
The two of them stayed there frozen, a single moment in time, waiting for an answer. The older man was calm, controlled, patient. Max was overwhelmed, her leg twitching nervously, her gaze wavering. Then suddenly, before she could stop herself, overcome by sheer peer pressure as the class waited in hushed silence, Max Caulfield said out loud in a shaky voice “I want to have sex with you.”
The silence was pierced by the sound of gasps and as the whole class burst into laughter, Victoria in particular chortling as Max flushed red from embarrassment. Why did I say that? Now everyone is laughing at me. God, Mr Jefferson must think I’m a freak!
The man himself didn’t say anything as he continued to stare at her, which just made her even more uncomfortable. She couldn’t imagine what he might be thinking, while she slowly sank deeper into her seat waiting to die of humiliation. But Mr Jefferson was unnervingly calm as he straightened up from her desk, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “Ok” he said quietly, earning another wave of silence as the class turned back to him. “Stand up Max” he commanded, crossing his arms as he waited.
Max stared sheepishly up at him where she saw the serious gaze returned to her. She reluctantly obeyed, rising to her feet and nervously walking around her desk to stand before him. He was so much taller she felt so small next to him.
He waited patiently for a minute as the room fell to a hushed silence. “You sure this is what you want to be doing?” He asked her, rainsing an eyebrow? “You’d rather have sex with me instead of listening to this lecture?”
Max struggled to meet his gaze, her face burning up with shame. Why did I say that?
He didn’t miss a beat, suddenly catching everyone off guard when he said “I have a counter offer. You can either sit back down and pay attention as I finish my lecture…or you can come over here and kiss me, where I can fuck you right here in this classroom.”
Max’s eyes went wide as she looked up to face her teacher. She thought she’d misheard him. But she saw the startled reactions from the rest of her classmates, the shock and awe, and she realized she wasn’t mistaken. And his gaze told her how serious he was. Sit down and learn, or get fucked by your handsome teacher in front of everyone.
The suggestion was outrageous, even mortifying. She couldn’t just have sex with her teacher while everyone was watching. She’d be the talk of the school, and not in a good way. I should just sit down and quietly die of embarrassment in peace.
Yet that’s not what her body decided to do, as Max Caulfield took two steps forward and before she could stop herself, her lips were upon his. She’d never thought what it would be like to kiss her teacher, but the moment she committed to it she realized she’d wanted to do this from the moment she joined his class. Her stomach fluttered as his arms encircled her waist, pulling her in deeper, her heart skipping several beats.
Oh my god. This is actually happening.
Within the next few seconds it felt like a switch had been flicked between the pair of them, all preconceptions about them being teacher and student vanishing in a blink of an eye. Their bodies pressed together as their kiss grew into something more powerful, a hunger for more overtaking their minds. “Holy shit, this is awesome” one of the boys said as the class watched intently, a mix of disgust and awe filling the room. Max’s eyes briefly opened to scan the faces of her classmates, her cheeks flushing red when she saw them staring. A few took out their phones and started recording her, making her blush harder. She saw Katie turn away, avoiding her gaze determined not to witness what was going to happen. Max remembered how comprehensive her family was, how her faith influenced her life. This would not be appropriate in her eyes. On any other day that thought would’ve convinced Max to stop, but the look on Victoria’s face made her stomach flutter. Anything that makes that stuck up bitch scowl must be a good thing.
Mr Jefferson didn’t pay any of his students any heed, didn’t even acknowledge them as he pulled Max along with him until he was sitting on the desk behind him. With Max trapped in his embrace she had to awkwardly straddle the man just to keep herself upright and continue their passionate kiss. He grabbed her waist and hoisted her up until she was comfortably on the desk, her arms looping around his neck as her tongue explored his mouth. His beard tickled her skin as they ground deeper unto one another, his hands roaming her clothed body, stroking her legs and hips, pressing against her petite boobs through her t-shirt. Her nipples became hard under his touch, her breath turning to gasps between kisses.
“Much better than a lecture, right Max?” He growled quietly, finally letting her mouth free to breathe so he could dive into her neck. She gasped for air as his mouth found her soft flesh, biting her bottom lip to suppress a moan when she felt his teeth graze her throat. His hands massages her chest for a few moments before gently pushing her back slightly, giving them room to look into each other’s eyes, lustful gazes igniting between them. “Is this what you wanted?”
“Yes” she sighed, her fingers clenching around his collar trying to pull him back to her. He held her at by, his gaze sternly warning her to be patient as his hands dropped to her waist. Without a word, he took control of her body, unzipping her tight jeans and hooking his fingers into the back pockets to pull them down over her smooth young backside. She lifted her hips to let him yank them down her thighs, getting stuck halfway due to her still on his lap. He didn’t care, doing the same to her panties leaving her exposed for all the class to see. “Fuck me” she moaned, her voice timid and quiet, like a whisper just for him.
He smiled, squeezing her bottom with his rough hands. “Not yet” he said calmly. “First we need to warm you up.” He let go of her bum with one hand and took her own in his, bring it up to their faces. He gently kissed the back of her hand before pulling her fingers up and into his mouth, his gaze never leaving hers. She bit her lip again, swallowing the moan creeping up her throat from watching him suck on her fingers one by one, swirling his tongue around them until they were slick with his saliva. “I know what you like to do when you see me Max” he said slowly, leaning closer til she felt his warm breath tickle her face with each word. “What you do every night in bed when you think about me. I know Max, because they all do it. None of you can help it.” He took her moist hand and carefully guided it lower until it fell between her legs, pressing her fingers against her sensitive clit. She inhaled sharply when she made contact, releasing a shaky laugh as he confidently ordered her “show me Max. Show me what you do when you think about me.”
Like a good little girl she obeyed as she started rubbing herself, her hand slick and wet as she effortlessly played with herself. He was right, she knew exactly what to do because she had done it so many times with this exact image in her mind. How many times have I fantasied about this? How many times did I sneak a quick one in during his class? Oh wow, it feels so much hotter with him in person. As she rubbed harder, she risked a glance at the intrepid audience around her, seeing almost all of them transfixed as her fingers adjusted from rubbing her clit to plunging into her wet entrance. Suddenly she wasn’t so shy about being so public, the captivated onlookers making her more horny and confident.
Mr Jefferson took it as a good sign too, licking his lips as he watched her masturbate on his lap, her leaking juices dripping over his trousers. “Good girl” he praised her, giving her a quick affectionate kiss before adding “don’t stop until I tell you too. Or if you cum, whichever comes first.” She nodded as his hands returned to her arse, molding them roughly before giving them a quick smack that made her yelp. “Such a lovely ass you have, my dear” he growled as his fingers spread her cheeks slowly, revealing her tight young puckered hole. Her breath caught in her throat when she felt a nail drag over the small opening, subconsciously adding another finger into her vagina in anticipation for what he might do next. “All the better to fuck you with” he smiled as he positioned his middle finger at her back door, slowly pushing it into her tight ring.
Max Caulfield clamped a hand over her mouth before the scream could erupt. Nobody, not even her, had ever dared go near her back entrance, meaning she was unprepared for the forceful intrusion into her virgin hole. Mr Jefferson took this into account as he slowly dug his way deeper, his finger burrowing slowly as he fingered her but-hole in tandem with her fingering her pussy. The double penetration nearly made Max cum prematurely, her cries muffled in her palm as she fell against his chest. He cooed softly in her ear as he worked her, whispering encouragement as his finger pushed further, now halfway up to the Knuckle. She let her hand fall away when she was sure she would scream, breathing rapidly through her nose as she pumped faster into her pussy. The sooner I cum, the sooner he’ll stop, she thought. It wasn’t painful, it felt like her arse was on fire with each passing moment he forced himself deeper. “Please” she whimpered in her ear, desperately pinching her clit as he pushed harder, tears forming in her eyes.
He didn’t relent until she’d successfully climaxed, her mouth flying open in a silent scream only to be muffled when she bit into his shoulder, her hips jerking forward to collapse against his tenting crotch, soaking through the fabric onto his erection. Her body shook against him as she came, slumping into his arms when it was finally over. He scowled in disappointment as he careful dislodged his finger, patting her on the head comfortingly. After a few moments she was able to look up at him, her face smudged with tears. He gave a reassuring smile, bringing up her soaking hand and presenting it to her so she could lick it clean. She dutifully complied, sucking all of her juices off before being caught in another kiss so her teacher could tasted her on her tongue. “You really are my best student” he confirmed.
Max blushed nervously from the compliment, glad he appreciated her talent, if that’s what it was.
Then his eyes darkened once more. “Stand up Max” he said slowly. She cautiously obeyed, removing herself from his lap to stand in front of him. Around her her classmates watched in silence, still either recording or taking picture with their phones. She went to pull her jeans and panties back up until Mr Jefferson told her “leave them. Turn around and lean over your desk please.”
“Yes mr Jefferson” she responded meekly, turning around and placing her hands on the desk, bending over slightly to present herself to him. She stood there nervously watching the back wall, waiting for what was coming next. She felt a chill run down her spine when she heard the sound of a zipper behind her, digging her fingernails into the wooden surface as she braved herself. Oh my god, it’s finally going to happen.
His hands found her backside where they began to knead them roughly, his powerful gaze boring into the back of her head. She resisted the impulse to look behind her and beg, even when he gave her soft cheeks a hard smack. She cried out in shock, her arse stinging from the blow while he followed up with another on the opposite cheek. She bit her bottom lip hard, drawing blood as she held back the scream. Turned out being spanked was quite painful coming from her teacher. Fortunately for her he grew bored of toying with her ass as she felt something proding at her nether regions. It was big and thick and Max could only assume it was Mr Jefferson’s cock. She could her the sound of Victoria breathing slowly, sneaking a peek out the corner of her eye to see her mouth agape practically panting.
Oh my god. He must be pretty big to her Victoria so hot and bothered. He’s about to fuck me with his big juicy cock. Would he even fit inside me? I’ve never really…
All cohesive thought went out the window when Mr Jefferson penetrated Max’s vagina, replaced with unbridled escasty released with a very loud scream. A scream which was swiftly cut off by the mans large hand clamping over her jaw. “Shh!” He hissed in her ear, easing himself deep into her core until her was nearly balls deep. I guess I was more ready than I thought, Max’s inner voice told her, marveling at how easily his cock slid into her wet entrance. “We don’t want the principle coming in and interrupting us, do we?” He said insistently. Max tried to shake her head, but his hand held her still as he began pulling his hips back ready to begin thrusting into her.
He wasn’t gentle, he pummeled her pussy with his thick dick, his hips moving quick and fast in ever harder motions. Max was pinned to the desk beneath the merciless man, the table creaking loudly from the combined weight, rocking back and forth as she was pushed against it. She clawed at the edges for better grip, trying to push against him for further pleasure, all the while screaming into her palm. She had never been fucked like this in her life. It was amazing and hot and embarrassing, sensing the eyes of all her classmates on her, imagining their phones out recording it all ready to post online the moment they got back to their dorms. What would her parents think? Would she get expelled? She didn’t care. She was being fucked by Mr Frickin Jefferson, the hottest teacher in school. She take any consequence if it meant she told do this all over again.
She orgasmed loudly, her moans muffled as her body trembled, her cum drenching her lovers trousers. He ignored it as he kept pounding her, fucking her through the climax as her walls tightened around him. He was grunting hard, his fingers tightening around her jaw and shoulder, increasing the force of his thrusts until she thought she’d be slammed through the table. With a suddenly bellow he came inside her, his red hot cum painting her insides white. Being filled up felt so good it made Max orgasm once again, collapsing against the desk from exhaustion.
Mr Jefferson released her body with a long sigh, pulling out of her pussy leaving her slumped over her desk. The class peered closer to watch his seamen leak out of her core and pool onto the floor. Max didn’t care about being watched anymore, too tired to care about anything. She struggled to keep her eyes open as her vision blurred, her cheek pressed against the table as she looked up at the figure of Mr Jefferson standing over her.
“Max?” He heard her say, his voice sounding miles away. “Earth to Max! Can you hear me?”
She woke up to the sound of a loud clap, springing up in her seat with a start. What? What just happened?
“Welcome back to the real world Max Caulfield” Mr Jefferson said, walking around his desk to pace the classroom, adjusting his glasses as he gave her a bemused smile. “I trust you didn’t stray too far when you dosed off? Hopefully you’re nice and refreshed to pay attention to my next lecture.”
Max’s cheeks flushed red when the class chuckled, her blue eyes scanning the room quickly taking everything in. Damnit, I was dreaming. None of it really happened.
She looked around the room to see everything back to normal, including Victoria giving her that smug evil eye before turning her nose up at her. She slumped down in her seat, the memory of her wet dream bringing a fresh filter of color to her cheeks. Probably for the best, she told herself, figuring this day couldn’t get any worse.

Ten minutes later she had the vision of a lighthouse…