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In the Eye of the Beholder

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It was stormy outside, I could hear the wind howling, rattling the stained-glass windows. Inside, however, was another story. The library was quiet, flickering light and warmth from the stone fireplace filled the room with the comforts I had become to think of as home. In front of me was a pile of books, a decanter of water and a plate of grapes and cheese (my favorite study time snacks). Magister Alma was talking about the dangers of blood magic, she explained that in some cases, as a last resort it can be used but only by those who are very experienced. My attention was pulled away when my patron’s son walked into the library, his royal blue robe sat snuggly on his muscular frame. It was designed to tease, leaving one arm open to the viewer. The gold of his bangles shown against his olive skin. My eyes moved slowly up his body, I could feel the heat starting low in my belly and rising slowly with my gaze. The gold in his dark green eyes held the firelight; I was entranced by the flickering for a moment before a deep chuckle escaped his lips, pulling my attention back and making me jump in my seat. “Lady Trevelyan, are you okay?” Magister Alma asked, completely unaware of the source of my distraction.

“yes ma’am” I replied sheepishly, “I apologize,” turning my gaze to the book in front of me, feeling thankful for my Antivan skin tone being dark enough to hide the blush in the libraries dim light.

“If I may interject, Ma’am,” his deep voice surprised me, “perhaps I can borrow the Lady for a lesson of a more… hands-on variety? I swear I will only take her from you for a short time,” his voice ended in a husky tone. His playful gaze met mine for an instant before I tuned to my instructor for permission. “Yes, Master Pavus,” she said with a nod. He scoffed at the title, “please, Master Pavus is my father, just call me Dorian.”

Extending his hand to mine, “My Lady?”

As if it was a question… I’d go anywhere with this man. I have been studying under the patronage of Magister Halward Pavus and the tutor Magister Alma since I came into my powers, nearly 6 years ago, at the age on 11. My parents did not want me to be taken by the Circle, so they appealed to my father’s family, within the Imperium. Master Pavus could not deny the lineage of my family, both my parents bloodlines have strong magical ties. In fact, a branch of our family in Kirkwall, the Amell’s, were almost decimated by the number of mages born and taken away to the Circle. In addition, house Trevelyan and house Pavus are distant relatives, so he was glad to oblige.

Master Pavus has two children, Dorian is the eldest and meant to inherit his father’s place on the Magisterium once he comes of age and finishes his training, and Eliza, who is 4 years younger. Eliza and I are the same age and thus have been raised together, learning to control and grow our ability to call on the forces (fire and ice). However, Dorian has always been just old enough to seem out of reach and his responsibility to take over their father’s seat, often takes him away from the Qarinus estate. Nonetheless, when he is home, he enjoys taking me away from the mundane lessons Magister Alma insists upon.

Taking his hand, I can’t hide the smile from spreading across my face. “learn something,” Eliza calls out as we leave the library. Looking back at her, she shakes her head with a knowing grin.

“It’s been awhile, My Lady, seems you have blossomed since I’ve been away,” he says.

“Well, you have been away a year next week, Dorian,” I reply. “Ah, counting the days are you my dear?” he says as he nudges my side with his hip. Feeling the blush creep up my neck I look to the floor.

“Come now,” he says, lifting my chin with his knuckle, “I am rather dashing, so I can’t blame you.” His eyes were full of laughter when I meet them. “I am well aware of your finer qualities,” I replied allowing my eyes to fill with the heat coursing through me. His gaze changed growing darker and the moment stretches longer than what would be considered appropriate. “Master Pavus, are you speechless….?” I question, still holding his gaze.

He clears his throat, as if to speak but instead crashes his lips to mine. The kiss is hungry, his tongue sliding against me, asking for entrance. As I open for him, he lifts my hips and I wrap my legs around his waist pulling us closer. He takes a few steps and before I know it, I feel the cold marble of the wall against my back. He takes my wrists in one strong hand and holds them above me. With a moan, I break the kiss to breathe and he starts moving his skilled lips across my jaw, down my neck, ending along my collarbone. “Dorian,” his name escapes my mouth just above a whisper, as I arch my hips against his hardness. He responds with a guttural growl and claims my lips once more, hungrier than the last time. He moves his hand from my hip inward, resting it against my core, another moan escapes as he pulls away from my lips. With a dark chuckle, “you are happy to see me,” he says sliding his fingers against my clit through my moist smalls. All I can manage is a whimper, my mind foggy with desire.

“Look at me Arya,” he demands, and I oblige. His eyes are filled with need and his face is flush, “Don’t close your eyes, I want to see how much you want me.” With that he releases my hands, allowing me to grasp his shoulders for leverage. Pulling my smalls aside he slides his fingers slowly inside me, titling them forward and finding that bundle of nerves, he caresses me slowly at first, then fast and faster, “fuck Dorian,” I say. He smirks, “I assure you, this is nothing compared to fucking me.”

“oh yeah? Prove it,” I retort but he muffles the last part as he pulls my bottom lip between his teeth. His thumb moved over my clit and he starts moving it in circles. I feel the pressure start to build and break away from his lips to meet his gaze one again. “Cum for me Arya,” “Do it right now.” As if my body understands his demand my cunt convulses around his fingers and I scream my release into the stillness of the hall. Bringing his fingers to his lips he sucks my wetness off them and smiles, “you taste delectable, my lady.” He slowly rests my feet back onto the ground and steady’s me with the weight of his body. Putting his fingers under my chin and raising my eyes to his he whispers, “we need to stop there for now, Amatus. We’d be a powerful match, you and I, but now is not the time.” Giving me a chaste kiss, he says, “how about a sparring lesson, Lady Trevelyan?”

“Last one to the field has to re-stuff the dummies afterwards,” I say taking off towards the training field. “Don’t say something you’ll regret,” he retorts and disappears from my side into a fade step. “Not fair Dorian,” I scream, his chuckle floats on the air, everywhere but nowhere at the same time.