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was it a mistake, are you an angel

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Jungkook woke up to his head killing him.


It was throbbing, to be more accurate. A dull ache that snaked down his spine and curled around his intestines. He just felt gross .


It took a minute for his eyes to focus after he peeled them open. The first thing they landed on was the ceiling, before six familiar faces popped into view.


“Guys, give him some space.”


“Back up!”


“Let him breathe, jeez.”


His members moved back, and he suddenly realized that he was laying down on the ground for some reason. Slowly, he sat up, being careful not to move too much.


“Jungkook, are you okay?” Seokjin was the first to speak. His oldest hyung’s expression was clouded with concern, eyes bright with worry.


“Yeah, kid. That was some fall.” Yoongi’s eyebrows pinched together as he looked at him. “Does your head hurt?”


He lifted a hand, gingerly touching the back of his skull. “Yeah, it does. I...fell?”


Jimin moved closer then, closing the few feet of distance they’d all given him.


“You don’t remember?”


Jungkook felt like the world was moving in slow motion as the smaller man knelt down beside him and lifted a hand to caress at his cheek. Jimin’s thumb brushed his lower lip, and warmth blossomed in his chest.


He felt his cheeks flame. “I—no, I don’t. W-why are you touching me like that, hyung?”


Jimin’s eyebrows furrowed, confusion parting his pretty lips. “Huh?”


Behind him, Taehyung’s eyes had widened. “Oh my god, he has amnesia .”


“He does not have amnesia,” Namjoon sighed. “Don’t be ridiculous. Do you know what the odds of that are?”


Jungkook wasn’t really listening to them. Jimin was still kneeling beside him, and it was hard to focus with him so close. He was so close that Jungkook could count the freckles on his nose, the ones that were usually hidden by makeup. It made his heart pick up speed in what was definitely a worrying way.


As the others bickered behind them, Jimin was starting to look more concerned, biting his lip. “Kookie, what do you remember?”


Jungkook blinked. “Um. Falling, I guess? We were practicing, and I turned too fast on the choreo. I think my leg just gave out from under me.”


“Good.” Jimin looked relieved, a small smile quirking his lips. “That’s good, that’s what happened. Why were you freaked out about me touching you, then? You scared me, you big dummy.”


He punctuated the statement with a light slap to Jungkook’s chest. There was no denying the teasing lilt behind the words, the way he didn’t move his hand off Jungkook’s chest afterwards, lingering there instead.


Jungkook was so confused.


“Is—are we—what?” He shook his head, staring at Jimin. “What’s going on?”


Jimin looked just as confused, pretty features twisted with frustration. “What do you mean what’s going on? You just said you remember. You fell, baby.”


His heart crashed to stop in his chest.




Silence descended onto the room.


It was interrupted by Hoseok, who let out a long whistle. “Oh, shit.”


Meanwhile, Jimin’s face had fallen. He sat back, hands falling away from Jungkook, and he couldn’t explain why the simple action made his gut twist horribly.


“Jungkook, do you not…” Jimin looked like he was trying to gather the strength to say the next few words, and he took a deep breath. “What do you remember about me?”


Jungkook hesitated. “I...I mean, what do you mean?”


Jimin looked crushed. “I mean, what are we? What do you think we are?”


He was only growing more confused. “Um...we’re band mates? And you’re my hyung. I-I don’t understand the question.”


Seokjin coughed uncomfortably. “Jungkook, you don’t remember...asking him out? Confessing to Jimin?”


Jungkook gaped. “I did what ?”


“Two years ago,” Namjoon supplied helpfully.


“We’ve been dating for two years?” He looked at Jimin this time, and the older man looked like he was on the verge of tears.


“You really don’t remember?” he whispered.


“No,” Jungkook said, and his stomach felt so strange and warm at the news.


They’d been dating for two years. Him and Jimin. Jimin was dating him .


“Wait, I confessed?” he asked. “What’d you say?”


Jimin gave him a small smile. “Well, I thought you were joking at first. But then you sat down on my bed and you looked really serious, and I realized you meant it.” He bit his lip, looking unsure as to whether or not he wanted to admit the rest of the story. “ held my hands and we talked for a really long time. We had our first date the next morning.”


“That’s crazy,” Jungkook whispered. Jimin, he was dating Jimin .


“We should call a doctor,” Yoongi said in a low voice. Hoseok replied quietly back, but Jungkook was focused on the person in front of him.


“Wow,” he continued, voice full of awe. “We’re dating. Wow.”


Jimin looked unsure, still biting his lip. “Does that upset you?”


“Upset me?” Jungkook stared at him like he was crazy. Did he not realize how beautiful he was? It was like looking into the face of an angel. “Hyung, I’ve liked you since we were trainees. This is so cool.”


Jimin’s entire face flushed pink.


Behind them, Taehyung laughed loudly. “Oh, boy.”


“I can’t believe I actually confessed,” Jungkook continued, feeling excitement grow inside of him like a blooming flower. “No, I can’t believe you said yes . I can’t believe we’ve been dating for two years. That’s crazy. Hyung, that’s so crazy.”


Jimin looked like he was struggling not to let a smile split his face. “It’s not that crazy.”


“No, it is .”


Jimin laughed, lifting a hand to cover his face as he did so. It was the action that made Jungkook’s eyes suddenly widen with realization, hit with the fact that if they really were dating, there were certain things he could do now.


“Can I hold your hand?”


Jimin blinked, startled. “What?”


“Your hand.” Jungkook pointed to it, still not completely sure he believed the things he was being told. “We can hold hands now, right? I love your hands, hyung. They’re so pretty and cute. They’re just like you.”


“Oh, jeez,” Yoongi muttered. “It’s like when they first got together all over again.”


Jimin’s cheeks flamed. “Jungkook—”


“Please?” He scooted forward, gently tugging the elder’s hands off his lap and into his own. “Is this okay?”


Jimin squeezed his hands gently and gave him a small smile. His fingers were soft, just like Jungkook had always imagined, and they fit so perfectly into Jungkook’s.


“We need to get you to a doctor,” he said quietly, gaze warm with concern. “You know that, right?”


“Yeah, yeah, of course,” Jungkook mumbled, half-distracted. “Wow. So we must hold hands, like, a lot then?”


Jimin giggled. “Yes, we do.”


“Wow,” Jungkook muttered. “This is crazy.”


“I hate to break this up,” Seokjin sighed. “But I think the rest of are should go call the managers and let them know what’s up. And a doctor, too. Jimin, you’ll stay with him?”


“Of course.” Jimin looked unsure, however. “But, um, is that okay? I mean, I’m the only one he doesn’t remember—”


“I remember you,” Jungkook interjected, frowning. He tightened his hands almost instinctively around the other’s. “I just didn’t know we were dating. Which, I just wanna add, is the best news I’ve ever gotten. Like, ever.”


Jimin flushed. “That’s sweet, Kookie, but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable—”


“You don’t make me uncomfortable,” Jungkook argued. “Seriously. This is so cool, hyung.”


Taehyung snickered. “I think you’re making him uncomfortable, Kook.”


Jimin made a face at his friend for the remark, but Jungkook realized with a start that he probably was fawning a little too much.


Could you blame him, though? He was dating Jimin . Park Jimin. Stars for eyes, laughed with his entire body, heart the size of the world Jimin .


He winced, however, not wanting the other to feel uncomfortable in any way, and pulled his hands out of Jimin’s rather reluctantly.


“Sorry,” he said, frowning slightly. “I didn’t mean to freak out. It’s just so cool that we’re dating. That I’m dating you .”


Jimin’s expression softened. He reached over to grab his hands again, squeezing them gently. “You don’t have to apologize. It’s not your fault, baby. None of this is.”


Jungkook’s stomach flip flopped. “I’m never gonna get used to you calling me that. Do we have other pet names?”


Taehyung groaned.


Jimin let out a small laugh, cheeks pink and eyes sparkling. “We do. I don’t think Tae wants to listen to me to list them, though.”


Jungkook frowned, glancing up at their friend. “Hyung, can you cover your ears?”


Taehyung glared at him. “I don’t like Amnesia Jungkook. He’s a meanie.”


He walked over towards the water cooler, however, giving them their privacy. Jungkook was grateful for it, and he took the chance to scoot even closer towards Jimin. Their knees were knocking together at this point, and he was sure Jimin found it amusing how he kept trying to squirm closer—but he just couldn’t help it.


“So,” he said, trying hard to control how hard his heart was beating at the proximity. “Can I hear those pet names?”


Jimin pressed his lips together, looking like he was struggling not to smile. “Well, you’re way cheesier than I am. I just go with the basics. Baby and sweetheart, mostly. Kookie, sometimes. Jungkookie.”


Jungkook nodded, listening to every word closely. “Okay. Cute. My heart is doing jumping jacks right now, but this is cool.”


Stop !” Jimin laughed. “You’re so annoying.”


Jungkook grinned. “So what do I call you?”


The elder’s cheeks flamed at the question. “Uh. Well, most of them are inside jokes, actually.”


Taehyung wolf-whistled from across the room, and Jimin whipped his head around to stick his tongue out at him.


Jungkook frowned. “What? Are they dirty or something?”


“No! No,” Jimin said quickly. “They just—” He paused, taking a breath. “So, you joke about...marrying me. Um, a lot. So they’re sort of...heavy pet names.”


The sentence stopped there, and Jungkook stared at him expectantly, waiting for him to go on.


“Okay,” he finally said, eyebrows furrowing. “So?”


Jimin bit his lips, eyes searching his. “That doesn’t freak you out or anything?”


“Are you kidding?” He shook his head. “Hyung, I’ve known what flowers I wanted for our wedding for like, years . I think I picked them out before we debuted.”


Jimin’s lips parted. “Oh. That’s—” He laughed. “You’re so ridiculous. Oh my god.”


Jungkook grinned. “So? The pet names?”


Jimin’s eyes sparkled, but his smile was soft. “Darling. Honey. Lovemuffin. I’m telling you, you’re a cheeseball.”


He didn’t say it, but he was extremely pleased to hear it. Jimin deserved to have someone tell him he was their world every single day. The fact that he got to be that person?


Well, that was just the cherry on top.


“Hate to break up this lovefest,” Taehyung called out. “But the managers are here. Kook, we’re gonna drive you to the hospital.”


Jimin made as if to stand up, and Jungkook panicked a little. He grabbed his hands tighter, making a sound of protest.


Jimin frowned. “Kookie, we have to go. They need to give you a check up, so we can find out what’s wrong.”


“You’re coming, right?” he asked, biting his lip. “I’m—I’m scared, hyung.”


Jimin tugged him gently to his feet, their hands still laced together. “Of course. You don’t have anything to be scared of. I’m gonna be right here the whole time.”


Jungkook nodded, sparks shooting up his fingertips where their hands joined.


The drive to the hospital was long. Jimin stayed pressed against his side, and it was an unfamiliar—but definitely welcome—feeling.


He stared at Jimin the whole time. The elder male had his head tilted against the car window, eyes closed as the scenery blurred by behind him.


Jungkook memorized the slope of his nose, the way his lips pursed ever so slightly in his sleep. He counted his freckles and let out a soft sigh at the sight of his lashes, long and pretty, fanned out over a set of adorable cheeks.


He still didn’t quite believe this was his boyfriend of two years. This ? An angel ? A real life fairy with stardust in his eyes?


This had to be a prank.


They arrived at the hospital far too quickly. He’d just been staring at the strands of hair that curled over Jimin’s forehead when he stirred awake, eyes fluttering open.


“Hm?” He glanced at the window. “Oh. We’re here.”


Jungkook smiled sheepishly when he looked at him, not wanting to admit he’d been watching him sleep.


“Yeah, let’s go.”


They pulled up their masks and were led into a private waiting room. It took a few minutes before they were called out, and one of the managers went in with Jimin and Jungkook.


Jungkook never let go of Jimin’s hand, even when he climbed onto the bed the nurse led him to. Jimin blushed the whole time, but he never protested.


The doctor was polite and thorough. He asked questions quickly but in a way that didn’t make Jungkook as anxious as he’d expected to be, and the appointment was over far quicker than either of them had expected.


“It seems like temporary selective memory loss to me,” he concluded, looming at the manager. “He should be all back to normal in a few days’ time at most. If not, he can come back for another checkup.”


Jimin didn’t seem satisfied. “Isn’t it weird that he only seems to not remember our relationship?” he asked, frowning. “Everything else from the past few years is there.”


“It happens,” the doctor explained gently. “Often times it’s those who are our most loved ones we tend to forget. It can be frustrating for both parties, but not to worry. I have full confidence he’ll be fine very soon.”


Jungkook swallowed, mouth suddenly dry. So Jimin was his most loved one, huh?


Made sense.


Another short conversation and a car ride later, they were back in the dorms. Everyone was relieved to hear he was okay and they had a quick dinner before heading to bed.


Jungkook was very pleased to find out he dormed with Jimin.


“When did we start rooming together?” he asked, slipping his T-shirt off for a clean one.


Jimin had his back turned, and he let out a hum at the question. “Maybe...three months into dating? It was after we had—I-I mean. Um. Never mind.”


As he turned back around, face bright red, Jungkook was hit with a groundbreaking realization.


“Holy shit. Holy shit . We’ve had sex?”


Jimin moaned, covering his face with his hands. “ Stop . This is so embarrassing, oh my god.”


“Why is it embarrassing?” Jungkook was euphoric. He didn’t know if the grin would ever leave his face. “This is fucking amazing . Is it good? How often do have it? Who tops? Do—”


“Jungkook, please.”


Jimin’s voice was soft as he pleaded, lowering his hands the tiniest bit to reveal his eyes. They were gentle, begging the conversation to come to an end.


“Oh.” His shoulders sagged. “Fuck, hyung, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”


“It’s not uncomfortable,” Jimin sighed. He bit his lips as his hands fell away and moved instead to tug anxiously at the hem of his shirt. “I doesn’t feel right talking to you about it when you don’t remember. I feel like I’m telling someone else all our secrets, as dumb as it sounds.”


“It doesn’t sound dumb,” Jungkook said softly. “It’s totally reasonable. I’m sorry.”


“It’s okay, you dummy.” Jimin gave him a small smile. “Come on. Let’s go to bed.”


They slept in separate beds. Jungkook could tell Jimin wasn’t used to it, because apparently they slept together every night. But he suggested it and Jungkook didn’t want him to be any more uncomfortable with the situation than he already was.


When the light was turned off and they were encased in darkness, he took the risk of whispering into the silence.




There was a pause.




Jungkook swallowed, staring up at the glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling. “I still can’t believe we’re dating.”


Jimin let out a soft laugh. “Go to bed, Jungkookie.”


He paused, thoughtful.


“Hyung, when I confessed, did I tell you how amazing you are?”


The sound of blankets shifting. “You may have mentioned it a few times.”


“Good.” Jungkook paused again. “Did I tell you when you laugh and you do that thing where you like, fall over onto whoever’s next to you, my heart grows like six times its size?”


There was a small stretch of silence. When Jimin spoke, his voice was soft. Completely and thoroughly enamoured. “No. No, you didn’t.”


“Well, it does.”


A small laugh. “Okay. Thank you for telling me. But we really do need to—”


“Wait, wait. Did I mention your smile makes me wanna die? Like, when your eyes crinkle up and disappear and your cheeks puff up? Did I say that part?”


Jimin was quiet.


“And your voice is so sweet. It’s like honey. It’s better than honey, it’s like—like my mom is singing to me. I want to cry when you sing, hyung. But in the best way. Did I tell you that, too? When I confessed?”


“...No.” Jimin was whispering. “I don’t think you did.”


“Wow.” Jungkook made a face in the darkness, throughout displeased. “Jungkook from two years ago did not know what he was doing.”


The laugh Jimin let out this time was different. The sound was thicker, more choked up.


Jungkook’s eyebrows furrowed. “Hyung, are you crying?”


“No, no. Go to bed, Kookie.”


“...Are you sure?”


There was a pause. A sniffle. “I’m sure, baby.”


Jungkook’s heart clenched.


“Okay, hyung,” he whispered. “Love you.”


Jimin let out a soft sigh, the sound content. “Love you.”


Silently, Jungkook mouthed “ oh my god he loves me, ” at the ceiling.


He had a hard time falling asleep past the sound of his thumping heart.




He woke up to Jimin hovering over him, large eyes blinking expectantly.


Jungkook blinked back, making a face as a yawn split his jaw. “What are you doing?”


Jimin bit his lip. “How are you feeling?”


“Feeling?” Jungkook looked at him, eyebrows furrowed. “What do you mean?”


His boyfriend’s pretty lips parted, and he blinked slowly. “Are you remember me?”


Jungkook blinked. “Um. I would hope I remember my boyfriend of two years. Hyung, are you feeling okay?”


Jimin’s face lit up. Without warning, Jungkook found himself smothered as the smaller man leapt onto him.


“Jungkookie,” he practically sang. “Oh my god, you remember . I was so scared you wouldn’t. Oh, god.”


He peppered kisses all over Jungkook’s face alongside the small rant, and despite his confusion, Jungkook didn’t say anything. He laughed a little when Jimin kissed his lips hard before moving to his forehead, then back down to his lips.


“What are you doing?” he finally asked, laughing.


Jimin sniffed. Jungkook realized with a start that his eyes were damp, and the smile fell off his face immediately.  


“Hey.” His eyebrows furrowed, hands coming up to cup his cheeks. “What is it? Why are you crying?”


“Nothing.” Jimin laughed. “It’s nothing. I, I’m just happy to see you.”


Jungkook smiled bemusedly. “You see me everyday, baby.”


His boyfriend sniffed. “ Baby .”


Jungkook felt his eyebrows lift, bemused. “Are you sure you’re feeling okay?”


With a sigh, Jimin draped himself across his chest. His cheek was pressed to Jungkook’s shoulder, and he let out a soft sigh as Jungkook wrapped his arms around him.


“I’m perfect,” he said softly. “Absolutely perfect.”