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Petition to replace Mineta with Shinsou- (signed by Kaminari Denki)

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Shinsou will be joining the hero course as of his second year on U.A.”

Those words made Kaminari’s already lovestruck heart soar. He turns towards Shinsou, pats his broad back and congratulates him in earnest, smile wider than usual. Shinsou doesn’t really respond, but Kaminari cannot judge him for it, he can tell he is in shock. His expression is not as stone faced as usual, eyebrows wrinkling his forehead and mouth slack instead of firmly shut with determination. Shinsou fought tooth and nail to earn his place as a hero. Hell, even making a very good opponent against Midoriya even after that quirk fiasco, or whatever you could call such a phenomenon. A whistle leaves his lips just thinking about being in a situation like that. It is very hard to not be pumped for Shinsou for even surviving something so messy.

The fact he was thirsting hard did not help either. And yes, Kaminari notes to himself, he knows how sad that sounds. This might maybe have been his third time meeting the guy, and they have only had like two conversations together… But Kaminari have already thrown away his weak heterosexuality for the purple haired hunk.

He hears another blonde monologue loudly on the other side of Shinsou. A person whom might have never had a heterosexual label to begin with.

How is Kaminari going to compete with that.

Monoma is once again trying to coax Shinsou into joining the “dark side”, as most of UA students put it. Shinsou only raises an eyebrow at his attempt and Kaminari gives his usual comment about the guy’s deteriorating sanity. Jirou beside him snorts, but it is that sort of snorting that signals that she is agreeing instead of mocking him. Kaminari decides to not worry about the fact he could tell that short noise apart. Monoma goes off another tangent that makes some students from the other class apologize for him.

“Just you wait, spoiled 1-A brats; class 1-B already showed our capability, and Shinsou will only strengthen us once we join arms.”

He continues to talk and talk, until Kendou punches him out cold. Even Shinsou, the source of his monologue, is ignoring him, obviously not interested in that sort of propaganda. But his petty words makes Kaminari think.

What if Shinsou actually is put in class B, where Monoma can hit on him whenever he wants to? Kaminari pales at the mere thought of such a situation.

“What class will he be in? 1-A or 1-B?” Tsuyu croaks, probably grown fond of him too since they were all teamed together. The blonde turns his head so fast his neck cracks a little. Shinsou actually mutters a “jesus christ” at him. Yet he waits for the answer like a vulture waiting for an animal to drop dead. He knows it does not make sense for that decision to be made already, but he cannot stop that childish hope.

“That will be decided when the time comes.”


“Those cryptic replies never stop, huh,” Kirishima comments from somewhere.

“The surprises keep coming, and they don’t stop coming.” Sero sings underneath his breath. Count Kaminari to hear any meme in his vicinity. Kaminari wants to sing along or to even make a cool sounding reply, yet his brain fails to cooperate, too busy farting out useless and thoughts to roam his empty skull. Like for example Ah shit, so it is possible for Shinsou to start in B. Well, Kaminari cannot have any of that. No way crazy Monoma will get the chance to woo Shinsou. Kaminari will have to use his big brain, wherever it has been hiding these past years.

“Hey Aizawa, throw out Mineta! We don’t want’im!”

Everything goes still in Kaminari’s little brain. As if the whole world stopped. Mina. He looks over at Mina, face in a pout after telling her revolutionary opinion. He looks towards the other girls. Jirou nods along, Momo is not smiling anymore, expression more grim and serious. Kirishima shoots up, shouting a loud “YEAH!” that sounds funny in Kaminari’s slow motion brain.

Wow, Kaminari knew he was thick in the head already. Not realizing that the answer was right in front of him is a whole other level of stupid.

As a final evaluation to an already finished plan he takes a look at the two purple students. Kaminari looks at Mineta first; looking offended and shrieking about saving Mina during the challenge, snot running down his face like usual. A shiver runs up Kaminari's spine. He then looks toward Shinsou beside him, shivering for a completely different reason. Unlike Mineta, Kaminari could stare forever at Shinsou. Shinsou with his wide open, pretty lavender eyes, hands pawing at the scarf surrounding his strong shoulders in a very cute way.

Yes, Kaminari nods for himself, a love struck sigh leaving him. No doubt about it.

He will absolutely remove Mineta for this dream guy.

“Oh, that expression does not look good.” Jirou whispers towards him after stabbing Mineta through his ball hair things, sending him bawling and far away from Mina.

Ah, Jirou, always the one to call him and everyone else out on that familiar stench of bullshit. But Kaminari knows that this time she will be a good ally to his bullshit. Jirou has always been one of the students to physically handle Mineta, alongside Sero and Kirishima. He simply smirks towards the shorter girl, nodding sagely towards her remark. He sure did have a bad plan. They hold eye contact until Jirou sighs, “Come to my room after school, we’ll talk about whatever's in your head then.”

Kaminari grins like a child.