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“Hyung, h-hyung--”


Jungkook was so pretty like this, chest pressed flush to the cold marble of their kitchen counter, dark jeans bunched around his ankles, his favourite black faded hoodie pushed up to his shoulder blades. Yoongi dug his fingers into the soft flesh of Jungkook’s hips, and rocked into him again, again.


Muscle shifted beneath Yoongi’s palms as Jungkook met his thrusts, a low giggle falling from unseen, yet perfect pink lips, and Yoongi felt a growl rumble and catch behind clenched teeth, trying to punish the younger, all while knowing this is exactly how Jungkook loved it, needed it.


“You slut,” Yoongi hissed, watching Jungkook’s ass jiggle when he met it with his pelvis, firm yet bouncy, the skin unblemished and creamy, set off by his long tanned legs. “You’re supposed to be in class, aren’t you?”


Another giggle.




Yoongi sighed, trying to feign annoyance, an impossible mission as he watched with satisfaction as Jungkook’s wet hole clenched around his cock. It gleamed with lube in the early morning light, dribbling down shaking, sun kissed thighs. Yoongi wanted to cum all over them, make the pretty boy wetter, make him dirty.


“Then why am I fucking you over the kitchen counter, huh?”


A roll of hips paired with strong hands pulling into black hair had Jungkook moaning without shame, arching his back, eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings, and Yoongi wanted to ruin him more, wanted to cum, wanted to make Jungkook cum. He felt his dick throb at the imagery, Jungkook late, bursting into the lecture with tear-streaked cheeks and cum-streaked thighs, and couldn’t hold in his gasp as Jungkook arched more, on his tip toes, still giggling.


“Because h-hyung is-- ahh-- too e-easy--”


Yoongi slapped his ass, harder than Jungkook could have anticipated, and he wailed, the weak sound echoing around their tiny kitchen as Yoongi continued to slide into the younger man relentlessly.


“You’re the easy one,” Yoongi heard himself growl. “I didn’t even have to stretch you,”


“Didn’t wanna wait,” Jungkook panted. “Needed it n-now--”


“Fuck,” and the neediness in Jungkook’s voice, the hint of teasing, the hint of a whine, had Yoongi pulling back to watch as he dirtied Jungkook with his cum, shooting it across his cute puffy hole, across the imprint of Yoongi’s hand where he’d smacked him. He watched in awe as Jungkook trembled, wetness rolling down his shaking thighs, and then Jungkook was pouting, wide eyes glittering, turning to face his boyfriend with false disappointment.


“Wow hyung… that was really fast,”


“You’re a fucking brat,” Yoongi snarled, and then he was pulling an orgasm from Jungkook, the cold tiles digging into his knees as he mouthed at Jungkook’s cock, sucking hard, tonguing at his balls, fingers shoved unceremoniously inside Jungkook’s ass. Yoongi loved how Jungkook sank his fingers into the elder’s dyed locks, grasping at the purple, yanking as his orgasm shuddered through him. He loved the way Jungkook cried and jerked and muttered Yoongi’s name like it was a sacred prayer. There wasn’t a thing about Jungkook he didn’t love, even when the younger teased him, riled him up, made him bend to Jungkook’s every whim, no matter how big or small or filthy.


“How late are you gonna be?” Yoongi asked, wiping his mouth, tasting salt and skin and saliva, and Jungkook was struggling to catch his breath, pulling his sweatpants back up to his hips, unfazed by Yoongi’s orgasm painted over his backside. It made Yoongi’s chest ache, made his soft cock start to fill up with tired interest.


“If I run-- I can make it on time,”


“Want hyung to drive you in?”


“Nah,” Jungkook was grinning, his black hair fluffed from sex, his honeyed cheeks glowing. “Wouldn’t wanna keep you from your day,”


“It’s a bit late for that I’d say,”


But then Jungkook was gone, rushing out the front door with a “bye hyung!”, leaving Yoongi with the memories of cute bunny smiles and curly fucked-out hair. One glance at the wall clock had Yoongi racing to the bathroom, late for work for the fourth time this month, and he cursed under his breath as he washed away the lube that had clumped and dried within his pubic hair.


Fucking Jeon Jungkook.


They met when Jungkook was eighteen, and Yoongi had been smitten instantly.


Jungkook was a dangerous combination of firm muscle bulging through a strained white tee, and a soft sweet face, all blushed and shy and perfect. Jungkook had glittering eyes that crinkled when he smiled, a big slopey nose that paired well with his large front teeth, and the most luscious lips Yoongi had ever had the pleasure to stare at, all pink and bitten and topped off with a gorgeous Cupid’s Bow.


The party was held at Jimin’s place, his parents out of town, and even though Yoongi had only met Jimin twice, an invite was extended, and Yoongi thought it couldn’t hurt to go, even though he hated parties. Partly because watching Namjoon and his long-time boyfriend Seokjin try and suck each others faces off was probably worse than dying, but also because he liked his early nights and his hangover-free mornings.


Yet he went anyways, and glimpsed Jungkook within minutes of stepping through the door into heavy bass-boosted pop songs and hazy, alcohol scented air. They’d shared glances as the night trickled by, Jimin having abandoned Jungkook to talk to his other guests, Yoongi staring from where he leaned against the far wall, sipping some strong black liquid from his stupid red cup, debating whether or not to say hello.


No one approached Yoongi, but everyone seemed to want to talk to Jungkook.


Yoongi watched in awe as Jungkook rebuffed attempt after attempt from sexy girls in scary heels, perfectly polite and disgustingly cute in his rejections, and Yoongi wanted him so badly, but Jungkook was shy and pretty and quiet.


There was not a chance in hell Yoongi could even fathom approaching the other side of the room to talk to him.


Then he’d felt the sudden warmth at his side, having zoned out to the music, having let his thoughts drift to dangerous places, and Jungkook was there, standing taller by an inch or so, cheeks red and bunny teeth pretty atop his lower lip as he smiled.




“Hi,” Yoongi managed to choke back, suddenly self conscious, his tongue heavy in his mouth. “You’re… umm, a friend of Jimin’s?”


“Yeah,” and Jungkook’s smile was blinding, making Yoongi’s heart stutter inside his pounding chest. “We went to school together,”




“You know Jimin?”


Yoongi could feel Jungkook eyeing him up and down, and it made his skin feel too tight, all hot and pinching and he didn’t know what it meant, what to do, so he just tried his best to remain calm. It was a mission, as wide sparkly eyes trailed over his ripped jeans and up his plaid shirt, which was sticking to his sweaty chest from beneath his leather jacket.


Yoongi felt himself get hard beneath his worn jeans. He prayed Jungkook wouldn’t notice.


“Y-yeah,’ he had managed to stutter out. “He’s friends with Namjoon, my housemate--”


“Oh!” Jungkook exclaimed excitedly. “That’s cool!”




The silence was painful, and Yoongi wasn’t sure if the tension was sexual or just awkward, but now that Jungkook was beside him, smelling like clean linen and sweet floral body spray, he was at loss for words, for thoughts. Jungkook solved that problem soon enough.


“Wanna go upstairs?”


Yoongi choked on his inhale.




Jungkook was so pink, all embarrassed, but he didn’t back down.


“You-- you’ve umm… been s-staring at me for a while and… you’re hard?”


“Oh,” Yoongi swallowed loudly. “Yeah, umm… I’m… sorry about that,”


“No!” and Jungkook was unfair, scratching nervously at his black hair, bicep bulging, biting on his lower lip. “Its okay, I umm… like it and I think you’re hot and I thought maybe we could-- d-do stuff, if you wanna?”


“Oh… yeah, I wanna,” Yoongi felt his breath leave him, felt his dick twitch in his tight pants. “Umm, yeah, I wanna, please,”


Yoongi assumed it would be a glorious one night stand, with Jungkook letting Yoongi manhandle him against the door inside Jimin’s bedroom, kissing at those pretty pink lips, licking inside his mouth as Jungkook whined and whined and whined. He came down Jungkook’s throat when the younger got on his knees and asked for it quietly, staring up from beneath thick dark lashes, and Yoongi thought this was it-- the best thing that would ever happen to him in his uneventful life.


But Jungkook had asked Yoongi for his number and his name afterwards, wiping cum from the corners of his mouth, and Yoongi had kissed him again and tasted himself, Jungkook rutting against Yoongi’s thigh until he came in his jeans with a shudder.


Yoongi never wanted to let him go, and vowed not to, if he had any say in the matter.


Their first date was sweet-- a burger dinner followed up by a night at the cinema, to watch some horror movie Jungkook seemed very keen on. It was so hard to pay attention to the screen though, when Jungkook watched Yoongi out of the corners of his wide eyes, all sweet and perfect and he was smiling with those pretty, pretty lips-- it took Yoongi by surprise when Jungkook’s hand found it’s way beneath his pants, and Yoongi had to bite back low moans as he came all over Jungkook’s warm, eager fingers, working magic from under a the half empty popcorn container.


“Please come home with me,” Jungkook begged in a whisper, eyes shining with happiness, with dark lust, illuminated by the cinema screen. “Please,”


“Okay,” Yoongi had breathed back, watching Jungkook lick his lips. “Wanna go now?”


“Yeah, let’s get the fuck outta here,”


That night, Yoongi had learnt two very important things about Jeon Jungkook;


Jungkook rode dick like it was his day-job; his thighs were impossible and unfaltering as he bounced above Yoongi, small whimpers and pleased huffs leaving his parted mouth, and Yoongi had never seen a hotter sight in his entire goddamn life.


Also, Jungkook was insatiable, in almost every sense of the word.


There was no such thing as too much kissing, even when Jungkook was too fucked out to kiss back properly, all drool and tiny sounds as Yoongi licked into his mouth.


There was no such thing as too much touching, Jungkook asking politely for more, touch me more hyung, even when his nipples were puffy and sore, even when his body was arching away from Yoongi’s fingertips, overwhelmed with over-stimulation.


Jungkook begged for more and more and more until sleep somehow came for them, and Yoongi had woken up with his fingers still buried in Jungkook’s ass, the younger asleep against his chest. Yoongi stroked at his soft black hair, had kissed his forehead, and when Jungkook’s long lashes fluttered open, he smiled sleepily.


“Hyung, you’re… still inside me,”


“I know,”


Jungkook was grinning.


“I wanna do more,”


“Aren’t you tired?” Yoongi questioned, slightly scared, mostly awed.


Jungkook’s gaze was laced with mischief.




Four years later, and the pretty boy still never got tired, no matter how often they fucked, much to Yoongi’s amazement and enjoyment. Yoongi remembered times before Jungkook where he’d just jerk off in the shower and feel content, but now he was conditioned by the younger boy and his insatiable need for cock, and a single day without one of them coming was like the end of the world.


Yoongi was at least twenty minutes late now, pulling on his sturdy black shoes, racing out the door, car keys in hand. The familiar buzz of his phone receiving a message from his back pocket had him stilling behind the steering wheel, and he sighed, not wanting to fish it out.


It was definitely going to be from Jungkook.


And it was definitely going to give him a boner.




When he slipped his phone from his pocket, sure enough, Jungkook’s name was on the screen, along with a hidden text, begging to be opened. Yoongi inhaled, and slid a finger across the LED surface with bated breath.


It was a photo, and Yoongi felt a growl slip up his throat and catch behind his teeth, where drool was starting to pool rapidly. It was a selca, like photos from Jungkook usually were, but this was more sultry than usual, with Jungkook pouting on purpose, his large eyes heavily lidded, face tilted upwards. The text accompanying the picture made Yoongi’s dick jerk violently inside his work slacks.

Jungkookie <3 8:17am

hyung, your cum is still all over my thighs… im real messy


Yoongi texted back with one hand, the other pressing against his clothed cock, trying to will his hard-on away. Thirty minutes late now for sure.


Yoongi hyung 8:18am

don’t be slutty, im already late enough as it is


The reply was instantaneous, stalling Yoongi as he attempted to start the car.


Jungkookie <3 8:18am

i wish it was in my mouth, i want to taste hyung so badly


“Fuck,” and Yoongi had pulled his cock out, jerking himself off as his keys dangled from the ignition port, throwing his head back against the chair in irritation. Fucking… fucking Jeon Jungkook…


Another text buzzed through.


Jungkookie <3 8:21am

did u cum? lmao


Just knowing Jungkook knew his effect, knew exactly what he had driven Yoongi to do, had Yoongi coming with a groan, hot streaks of semen spurting in between his fingers, gasping as he tried to prevent it from ruining his uniform. He reached for the tissues stashed away beside the seat, hastily cleaned himself up, and pretended not to see the stain on his work slacks. Yoongi decided not to even validate Jungkook with a text until his lunch break, tucking his phone away, still panting heavily, and then he was flooring it, racing against the clock (and traffic), to make it to work as fast as he could.


Namjoon wouldn’t kill him for being late-- but he would know why, and it always made Yoongi’s stomach churn with shame, and weirdly enough, slight tinges of arousal, that he never, ever let his thoughts dwell on. Sure enough, dashing through the door flushed with sweat and guilt, Namjoon tsked from behind the counter, and glimpsed at the fancy watch strapped to his wrist.


“Forty minutes, I think that’s a new record,”


“Please shut up,” Yoongi rasped, voice all breathy. He could fuck for hours, but for some reason, a small jog from the car to Namjoon’s cafe made him feel like he was on the verge of passing out. It was hard to ignore Namjoon’s chuckles as he slipped past the tiny swing door to meet his friend behind the counter, still wiping away the sweat that leaked from beneath his damp fringe.


“Purple hair, that’s new,”


“Mm,” Yoongi swallowed, mouth dry, making him swig from a nearby water bottle labelled “Joonie,”. Namjoon cringed. “Jungkook picked the colour. Said it would look good,”


“It does,” Namjoon replied, yanking his bottle from Yoongi’s hands. “You know you’ve got cum all over your pants right?”




“I should fire you for being so gross. I hope you didn’t backwash into my drink bottle,”


Yoongi remembered how greedily he’d swallowed down Jungkook’s cum with a violent shudder, jerked the bottle from Namjoon’s hands, and ditched it in the nearby bin. Namjoon gasped.


“Hey! That was a gift from Jinnie!”


Working for Namjoon was both a blessing and a curse. They were best friends, had lived together before deciding to move out to be with their boyfriends, and while Yoongi sometimes missed Namjoon’s presence in the house, he was able to make up for it by working in Namjoon’s cafe.


But the cursed part came in when the customers started to dwindle, and Yoongi was left behind the coffee machine to Namjoon’s mercy, as his younger friend chatted about Seokjin incessantly. Yoongi loved Namjoon, and in turn, liked Seokjin, liked how happy they made each other, but-- having to hear about Seokjin day in and day out was more tiring than the time Yoongi fingered Jungkook for almost an hour straight.


Yoongi didn’t know fingers could get strained, so he learned something new that day, and decided to never repeat it, no matter how sweetly Jungkook begged.


“--and so I said, ‘Ah, Jinnie, you’re so silly, the butter doesn’t live on the bottom shelf, it goes on the top shelf!’ He was laughing so hard hyung, it was really adorable, you should have seen his face... He’s so cute,”


“I bet,” Yoongi muttered back, flushing the grind from one of the coffee heads, watching the grit fall with the hot water, the steam billowing up to brush past his face. It was nice and warm, and usually calmed him, but Namjoon’s obsession with Seokjin was something Yoongi could never really fathom-- they’d been dating for basically forever, and Namjoon still waxed poetry about the older man like they’d just met the day before.


It was probably romantic and sweet and everything… but Yoongi could only take so much. Fortunately for him, he knew the perfect topic to shut Namjoon up.


“So did you guys fuck after he put the butter back on the top shelf, or?”


“Yoongi!” Namjoon was suddenly scarlet, choking on his water from the now clean bottle he’d rescued from the bin. Yoongi grinned, watching as Namjoon stumbled to find words, to pull his jaw back up from the floor. Namjoon was so so shy when it came to sex, and Yoongi tried to exploit that at any given opportunity.


“What? I was just asking… Kinda felt like that’s where your story was heading, so--,”


“Couldn’t you have used a different word?” Namjoon was hiding his face behind his hands. Yoongi wanted to pinch his cheeks.


“Sorry, sorry,” he grinned, catching Namjoon peeking out from behind his fingers. “Did you guys bang after he put the butter back on the top shelf? Better?”


“Ugh,” Namjoon was so red, Yoongi thought he might spontaneously combust into flames. “Not all of us are sex freaks like you and Jungkook. Seokjin and I make love, we don’t-- do those other words,”


“Well that’s a lie if I ever heard one,” Yoongi laughed, tamping coffee grind back into the handle to flavour the machine, catching the falling shots in an espresso glass. “I’ll never forget walking in on you two fucking over our kitchen table Joon. Our SHARED kitchen table. That’s were we eat, you animal,”


“Oh my god, please shut your mouth,”


“Jin was saying some weird shit too, he seemed pretty out of it. You must have some amazing dick game Namjoon, Seokjin’s a lucky guy,”


“I will fire you Yoongi, I swear to god,”


Yoongi examined the coffee shot in the glass, holding up to the light. It was perfect, the crème clean and fresh, and then he sipped and swallowed, letting the bitter liquid run down his throat. Namjoon looked ready to sink into the ground and vanish forever.


“You can’t, I can draw cats in the foam. You know all the customers love that shit,”


Namjoon sighed, blush starting to subside.


“That’s true,”


“Also,” Yoongi continued, talking another sip of the espresso, unfazed by the bitterness. “You didn’t deny being a good lay. That’s very un-Joonie of you,”


The blush raced back, but Namjoon didn’t shy away this time, to Yoongi’s surprise.


“I’m not a liar, so I’d say it’s very Joon-Joonie of me,”


Somehow Namjoon managed to smirk a little, despite the fire burning beneath his rosy cheeks. Yoongi was grinning so wide it hurt his face. He felt almost proud.


“Oh, do tell me more, I’m begging you,”


“No way,” Namjoon was turning away now, busying his hands with the saucers and teacups kept beneath the counter, picking them up and putting them back without reason. “You’ll steal my techniques. Can’t have that,”


“And why not?”


Namjoon’s next words had Yoongi’s breath hitching in his throat.


“Because Jungkook will leave you, and come to me instead,”


Yoongi could have laughed it off, could have rolled his eyes. He could have even told Namjoon not to be gross, not to joke about something so serious.


But instead, he thought about Jungkook’s pretty face, scrunched in ecstasy, as Namjoon fucked him into the soft mattress of their bed. He could picture it so clearly, the way Jungkook would whimper, would call for Namjoon in that airy voice he used when it got too much, got too good.


Yoongi shuddered as red hot arousal filled the inside of his tummy, leaked down, and started to fill up his cock beneath his coffee-stained apron.


What the fuck.


“I’m just kidding!” Namjoon was flailing his hands nervously, looking worried. “I don’t want Jungkook, it was just a joke!”


“It’s okay,” Yoongi forced the words out. It wasn’t okay. What he felt at the idea of his best friend fucking his boyfriend was not okay. “I know, it’s okay,”


“You look angry,”


“I’m not!” Yoongi made sure to keep himself flush to the counter, so Namjoon couldn’t see the way his erection was most likely tenting his uniform. “Just… weird to think about is all,”


“Scared I could actually do it?” Namjoon questioned, eyes gleaming with something that was halfway innocent, halfway cocky. Yoongi forced a roll of his eyes.


“Never, you wouldn’t be able to handle Jungkook. He would destroy you,”


“Why do I feel like you’re telling me the truth?”


Yoongi could only laugh.


The day raced by, Yoongi finding time to text Jungkook on his fifteen minute lunch break, using one hand to type while the other stuffed a cheese bagel into his mouth.


Yoongi Hyung 1:25pm

i got cum all over my pants because of u


Jungkook always replied so fast.


Jungkookie <3 1:27pm

guess we match then lmao




Right before his shift ended, as Yoongi and Namjoon began closing up shop, Namjoon started to move a little slower, clearing his throat a little too often. Yoongi was suspicious immediately.




Namjoon stilled from where he was wiping down the tables, like a deer caught in headlights. He cleared his throat again, and Yoongi tossed a wet cloth at him.


“Stop making that gross sound and just say what you wanna say, oh my god,”


Namjoon smiled sheepishly.


“So uhh… I was wondering, do you still have that spare room you guys were thinking about renting out?”


Oh. The Spare Room.


Yoongi and Jungkook had talked about it from day one; we have a spare room, so why not rent it out for cash? The company and extra money wouldn’t hurt, despite being well off enough to pay for everything with a spending surplus left over, and they’d even gone as far as furnishing the room with a bed, a chest of drawers, and a pink laundry basket.


And then they fucked on the bed. Sigh.


But they soon realised that the extra person in the house would force them minimise their bedroom activities in rooms that weren’t their bedroom, and while they never spoke about it out loud, it seemed like something neither wanted to go without. Jungkook loved being bent over the kitchen counter, and Yoongi loved being sucked off in the hallway, and it seemed decided between them that the freedom for that was more important than some extra bucks.


“Yes?” Yoongi asked cautiously. “Why? You gonna dump Jin and move back in with me? Miss me that much?”


Namjoon looked horrified.


“No, you asshole! I’m asking for Seokjin’s cousin!”


Yoongi tilted his head.




Seokjin’s cousin?


“Yeah,” Namjoon continued, pulling up the wooden chairs to place on the table surface. “He’s moving into town soon, I think for a university scholarship or something? But it doesn’t cover rent at the campus, and he can’t stay with us, we only have the one room… maybe he could rent with you guys?”


Yoongi frowned slightly.


“Have I met him before?”


“Don’t think so,” Namjoon replied. “He’s not in town often, and when he is, it’s only to see Seokjin for like a day. But he’s a nice guy, a bit on the shy side. He likes artsy shit too, and video games, so I think he’d get on well with Jungkook,”


Yoongi pondered.


The money would be nice.


And if the guy is shy, that means he’s probably not annoying...


But… hallway blowjobs…


“What’s his name?”


“Kim Taehyung. You don’t have to give me an answer now, but he’s gotta make the move soon, so lemme know if you’re up for it? You know the Kim’s are loaded, he’ll never leave you hanging for rent,”


“I know the Kim’s are loaded,” Yoongi grinned. “I see that fucking Rolex. Sugar Baby,”


Namjoon only blushed and shuddered, never denying, and Yoongi cleaned the coffee machine with a smirk, Namjoon avoiding his gaze. By the time the cafe was sparkling, the sun was starting to go down, and they locked up, making the way to the nearby car park together, still tied into their aprons.


“Just give me a call or text or whatever if you and Jungkook talk it over and make a decision,” Namjoon smiled, tossing his satchel into the front seat of his car. “No pressure, I’m sure he’ll make it work if you guys don’t wanna, but Seokjin’s pretty protective of him, and… I trust you enough to know you and Jungkook would take care of him,”


“Aww,” Yoongi joked, trying to cover up how Namjoon’s sweet words actually did touch his heart. “I’ll let you know Joon, I’ll talk with Kook tonight and send you a message okay? Drive safely,”


“You too,” Namjoon smiled. “See you next week!”


The drive home was fast, and by the time Yoongi was coming through the front door, Jungkook was splayed out on the couch, television on, smiling lazily. He was freshly showered, black hair still damp, and he’d stolen Yoongi’s favourite shirt to lounge in, paired with tight, bright red briefs. Yoongi swallowed.


“How was work?”


“Fine,” Yoongi hung his jacket up by the door, pulling the apron from his waist. Jungkook’s eyes dipped down, crotch level, and he smirked.


“Oh, you really did get cum on your pants. That’s gross,”


“Good thing I have a sexy little laundry fairy who does all my washing hm? Lucky me,”


Jungkook giggled, sitting from where he lay, letting his head drop back against the couch, legs spreading wide. Yoongi couldn’t help but get hard at the sight, despite his body aching from work, despite having come twice today already.


“No,” he said, even though he knew Jungkook could see where his dick was tenting his pants. “No, Jungkook, hyung is sleepy,”


Jungkook pouted, cute pink lower lip jutting out, and Yoongi wanted to give him the world.


“Please,” and Jungkook begging made Yoongi’s dick harder, his resolve weaker. “Please, you don’t even have to do anything, you can just sit there. Please hyung-- I wanted it all day,”


Yoongi answered with a growl, stalking across the soft carpet of their lounge room, forcing Jungkook further into the plush couch as their desperate mouths clashed. Jungkook was grinning and gasping, parting his pretty lips for Yoongi to bite at them, to suck the lower back between his teeth, holding it firm as Jungkook’s hands came to pull his belt from the loops in his work trousers.


He groaned when Jungkook’s tongue chased his, wet and hot, strong hands slipping beneath his waist band, and then he was manhandled to the couch, suddenly reminded of how strong his boyfriend was. Those long, toned legs straddled Yoongi’s waist in a heartbeat, narrow hips rolling teasingly to grind their aching dicks together, and it kinda hurt, sore from this morning, but fuck, the way Jungkook looked above him, panting and rose-blushed-- Yoongi would let him ride his dick until it fell off, if that’s what the younger wished.


Yoongi was cursing when Jungkook pulled aside his red briefs and sank down on him, pre-lubed, pre-stretched, and it never failed to drive Yoongi insane, just how fucking cock-hungry Jungkook was, how well he prepared, so he could take Yoongi whenever he pleased.


“Oh--” Jungkook’s sturdy thighs were trembling with the effort to control his bouncing, rocking up so slowly, dropping back down hard. “H-hyung, yes, ‘s good--”


Yoongi could only reply with a rasped moan, his hands gripping at Jungkook’s tiny waist, squeezing so his finger tips touched. His body felt like jelly, wanting to buck up into Jungkook’s hole, too tired to actually do it, but Jungkook was true to his word and rode him perfectly, as promised.


“I’m gonna-- c-cook you dinner once you cum in me,” Jungkook panted, his pupils swollen with lust as he met Yoongi’s gaze, all black and shiny, like a starless sky. “And-- I’ll w-wash your clothes too--”


“What a good boy you are,” Yoongi felt breathless, felt so close. “You’re so perfect,”


“Hah,” Jungkook laughed, but his cheeks flushed darker, and he nuzzled gently into Yoongi’s neck, suddenly shy. “Shut up--”


“So perfect,” Yoongi pulled him back to kiss at his red, wet mouth. “My perfect, pretty, laundry fairy--”


Jungkook stilled his hips, settling himself firm in Yoongi’s lap, a familiar smirk gracing those spit-slicked lips. Yoongi wanted to groan in frustration, groan in arousal, but Jungkook’s words punched the air from his lungs so fast he could only gasp.


“Yours, am I?”


Yoongi’s cock twitched, enveloped by tight, burning heat, and he swallowed a deep whine building at the back of his throat.


“Does hyung not like sharing?”


The whine slipped. Yoongi thought of earlier, at the cafe, the image of Namjoon fucking Jungkook in their bed flashing violently back into his memories. He was about to come, oh god, he was gonna come--


“I was stared at today,” Jungkook whispered, letting his hot tongue brush against the silver gleaming in Yoongi’s lobes. “When I ran late for class hyung… like they knew why, like they knew what you did to me--”


Yoongi’s fingers sank into firm tanned flesh, his body jolting frantically as he came, burying his face into Jungkook’s neck as he squirmed, feeling so used, so hot and sore and yet arousal still fucking burned inside his guts. He watched Jungkook’s lidded eyes flood with satisfaction, with glee, jerking himself off all over Yoongi’s shirt with a breathy giggle, and Yoongi couldn’t help but wonder if he would giggle like that with someone else, if his hole was stuffed with another man’s cock--




“Hyung, yes,” Jungkook panted, not making a move to get up, only wriggling himself down further as Yoongi shivered from the sensitivity. “Wanna keep it in--”


“Get off,” Yoongi half laughed, half sighed. “I’m not hard anymore, and you promised me food,”


“But feels so nice being full,”


“But,” Yoongi pulled Jungkook away as the younger whined in protest, trying not to wince as his soft dick slipped from Jungkook, making more of a mess against his work uniform. “Imagine being filled with something else, hmm? Pasta? Pizza? Hmm?”


“Oohh, I want pizza,” Jungkook’s eyes lit up, all sparkly and wide. “I’ll order in? Can we get garlic bread too? I want chicken bites,”


“Get whatever you want, throw it on hyung’s card,”


“Ahh, I love you,” Jungkook grinned. He pressed a wet kiss to Yoongi’s sweat matted hair, and then peeled himself away, all dishevelled and beautiful and Yoongi sighed. “I’ll put washing on too, so go shower,”


When Yoongi was finally clean, towel wrapped tight around his purple hair, dressed in fleecy pajamas, pizza was waiting on the coffee table, and Jungkook had even fetched the soft blanket for them to snuggle beneath while they ate and watched the tv. Yoongi warmed at the sight.


“Hey,” Yoongi started, chewing on the last of the garlic bread, the crusty ends that Jungkook wouldn’t touch. “Do you ever think about renting out the spare room?”


“Uhh,” Jungkook had traces of BBQ sauce left behind in the corners of his lips, blinking cutely, eyes illuminated by the television. “Not really, why?”


“Joon asked me if maybe we’d wanna rent it out to Seokjin’s cousin,” Yoongi continued, wiping at Jungkook’s face with a clean napkin while Jungkook nuzzled closer, smelling like pepperoni and cola. “I said I’d run it by you, see what you think,”


“Money would be nice,” Jungkook looked serious suddenly, as if pondering all the possibilities. “We could save it up and travel somewhere cool. Or buy a Nintendo Switch,”


“I thought you had a Switch?”


“No,” Jungkook rolled his eyes. “That’s an Xbox, it’s different,”




“I think it would be okay,” Jungkook continued. “Is the guy chill?”


“Joon said he was. He’s going to uni for art? And likes video games too? I can’t really remember,”


Jungkook shrugged, and curled closer to Yoongi, his fingers skimming dangerously down Yoongi’s pizza bloated tummy. Yoongi shivered.


“Sure, why not then? Money is good, and it is furnished for someone to live in. Plus, Namjoon-hyung wouldn’t send someone weird to us, right?”


Yoongi jolted as Jungkook gently squeezed his dick beneath the blanket.


“Y-yeah,” Yoongi gasped. “He wouldn’t,”


Jungkook was smiling.


“We can’t do this on the couch anymore, with a housemate around,”


“Probably for the best,” Yoongi pried Jungkook’s hand from his crotch as the younger pouted. “Any more of your bullshit and I think my dick will start chaffing,”


“Better call Namjoon then,” Jungkook murmured, looking only slightly dejected. Yoongi kissed his slopey freckled nose twice.


“Yeah, I’ll do it now,”


Namjoon was ecstatic on the phone, and Yoongi could even hear Seokjin in the background, cheering with relief. Many thank you’s were thrown Yoongi’s way, and Namjoon ended the call not long after, with a “I’ll pass your number onto Taehyung, and you guys can work it all out from there,”


“No problem, have a nice night Namjoon,”


Yoongi could picture Namjoon’s smile so perfectly, deep dimples and all.


“You too hyung, see you at work next week!”


Kim Taehyung texted shortly after, a long message with an introduction and way too many emojis.


Kim Taehyung was twenty-three. He was going to be studying photography, and he liked painting in his spare time. Kim Taehyung played video games when he was bored, liked to eat out and liked to order in, and wanted to know if the internet was good enough to face-time his dog Yeontan once a week on a Saturday night.


In short, Yoongi thought Kim Taehyung was a dork already.


They agreed on a time for Taehyung to swing by and check the place out, the Monday afternoon after Yoongi’s shift, and Yoongi informed Jungkook, who was curled up in their bed, duvet pulled up beneath his chin, all sweet and bleary eyed.


“Ahh, I won’t be home, I’ve got plans with Jimin in the afternoon, is that okay?” Jungkook murmured, words slurred with exhaustion.


“Yeah, I can show him around, don’t worry,” Yoongi crawled in beside him, kissing the back of his neck sleepily. “Can’t have you missing out on your date with Jimin,”


“He’s obsessing over some new dancer teacher,” Jungkook said through a yawn. “It’s all he talks about… kinda annoying,”


“He’ll get over it soon,’ Yoongi yawned in reply. “You know he will,”


“Mm,” was all Jungkook replied before they drifted off to sleep, hand in hand, snoring softly into each other beneath thick, cotton duvets. Yoongi usually slept peacefully, never waking at random hours, never dreaming, but when he jolted awake, 3:15am glaring on the alarm clock, the inside of his pajama pants were soaked, and he recalled his dream with unease.


He couldn’t move, in his dream. He was sitting and he couldn’t move, and Jungkook was there, was right there before him, smiling and panting and naked, with a soft blush racing down his chest.


“Hyung, look--,” Jungkook had moaned, and Jungkook’s arms were pulled behind his back by some stranger, some man with no recognisable features, and Yoongi couldn’t help but look like Jungkook asked, look at how well his boyfriend took this strangers cock so eagerly.


Yoongi could hear the squelching of lube and flesh meeting, could hear the tiny sounds Jungkook didn’t even attempt to hold back, tiny whimpers, tiny whines, and his gaze kept flickering back and forth between Jungkook’s parted lips and where his hole greedily swallowed down a cock that wasn’t Yoongi’s.


“Hyung, p-please look,” Jungkook cried, arching from how his arms were angled backwards, dark nipples hard, chest heaving. “Look, he’s inside me, I feel so full-- h-hyung, can you see?”


“Yeah,” he had breathed back in his dream. “I can see… does it feel good, Jungkook?” and Yoongi didn’t know why these words were falling from his mouth, didn’t know why he was grinning, but Jungkook was writhing and trying to fuck back against the stranger, pretty mouth wet and parted.


“Yes,” Jungkook looked so perfect. “Feels-- f-feels so good--”


Yoongi had jolted awake to a wet mess in his pants, and a shame that burned red, red hot inside his guts. Jungkook was snoring softly beside him, his black hair all messed from the pillow, small lips parted as he breathed, and Yoongi wondered so hard-- why do I keep thinking about… those thoughts?


Do I really want to see Jungkook being fucked by another man?


Am I… into that?


Would he be into that?


Oh my god, why am I thinking this?


Sleep didn’t come for Yoongi after that, as he pondered where that stupid fucking dream came from, as he reflected on the day, of imaging Jungkook and Namjoon together. Every time he shifted beneath the covers, felt like he was coming close to an answer, it slipped away and left him feeling shameful.


Do I not love Jungkook, is that what this means?


No, I do, I love him so much…


Yoongi shivered at the sudden realisation.


I just want to watch him get fucked by someone that’s not me.




Is that bad?


Yoongi thought about it until Jungkook was roused from his sleep by the sunlight streaking through the window, thought about it while he showered and Jungkook washed him down with a soapy sponge, and thought about it while he watched Jungkook play some shooting game on his not Nintendo Switch while making over-dramatic gestures every time the screen went black. It was on his mind as he washed the dirty dishes in the sink, while he fried chicken on the stove to match the leftover fried rice in the fridge, and it was on his mind when Jungkook pinned him to the door leading into the bathroom.


“Where are you going?” Jungkook asked, eyebrows furrowed, gaze sharp.


“To brush my teeth,”


The younger sighed.


“Yoongi, are you angry with me?”


Jungkook’s words had Yoongi frowning now, confused.


“Of course not, why would you ask that?”


There was sadness beneath the stars in Jungkook’s eyes.


“You barely spoke to me today,” came the whispered reply. “You’ve been so quiet, and you didn’t even cheer when I got that team kill. And you always cheer hyung,”


Yoongi felt horrible suddenly.


“I’m so sorry,” he muttered, taking Jungkook’s face between his hands, kissing that pretty sloped nose. “I’m sorry, I just… I really struggled to sleep last night… I had a-- I had a really bizarre dream,”


“Do you want to talk about it?”


Yoongi didn’t know.


Didn’t know how Jungkook would react.


“You might laugh,” was all he could say. Jungkook looked nonplussed.


“I won’t, I promise,”


Yoongi couldn’t help but bite at his lip as nerves shuddered through him.


“I… I had a wet dream,”


Jungkook snorted, and Yoongi glared, feeling himself blush furiously.


“You said you wouldn’t laugh!”


“I’m sorry,” Jungkook was trying to keep from grinning, but bunny teeth were visible, his eyes sparkling with glee. “It’s not funny, I’m sorry, keep going,”


“I don’t wanna now,”


“No, hyung!” Jungkook pouted, genuinely upset, hands now coming to hold Yoongi’s face in an attempt to comfort his blushing boyfriend. “Please, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh, I was just surprised, please tell me, I just want to help,”


There was no saying no to a pouty Jungkook.


“It was about you,” Yoongi continued, and Jungkook looked like he had some smart-ass remark, but he held it inside, only blinking curiously. “It was about you and… uhh… n-not me,”


“What do you mean?”


Yoongi kinda wanted to die and sink into the floor, but all he could do was cover his face with his hands.


“I dreamed you were being fucked by someone else,”


“Oh,” Jungkook swallowed, eyes wide. “Uhh… and… that made you cum?”


Yoongi grimaced.




“Hey, it’s okay,” Jungkook cooed, stroking Yoongi’s purple hair, stroking his pink cheeks. “Hyung, don’t be embarrassed, it’s okay. You can’t help what you dream about,”


“It’s weird though,” Yoongi mumbled, muffled by his hands. “I shouldn’t want that, I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t want to see that. I don’t know why I’ve been thinking about it,”


“You’ve been thinking about it?” the look of curious shock on Jungkook’s face had Yoongi’s heart lurching. “When?”




“What did you think about, hyung?”


Yoongi knew he was trembling slightly.


“I was stirring up Namjoon, he uhh-- he made a comment about showing you a better time than I could… and I got hard, I don’t k-know why, thinking about you with him--”


“You want Namjoon to fuck me?” and Jungkook’s direct question, bold yet laced with a soft shyness had Yoongi’s knees buckling, sliding down the door enough for Jungkook to have to hold him up. Yoongi’s mouth was so dry, so fucking dry--


“No,” He rasped. “I don’t know, not Namjoon, I don’t know what-- I don’t--”


“Oh good,” Jungkook grinned. “Namjoon’s kinda taken, don’t think Jin would want me stealing his man away,”


Yoongi groaned, the thought of Jungkook seducing Namjoon, taking him away from Seokjin, knowing he was alluring enough to do so, had him grabbing onto Jungkook for support as his legs almost gave way against the wooden door.


“Fuck,” Yoongi couldn’t meet Jungkook’s eyes. “Fuck, I’m sorry, this is so fucking weird--”


“Hyung,” Jungkook kissed him softly, lips barely touching, speaking against his mouth. “It’s okay, it’s not weird, we all like what we like. You don’t… you have no reason to feel ashamed, you know that right?”


“I shouldn’t want to watch you with someone else,”


“But you do, and it’s okay,”


“But I… I don’t even know where this came from, and like… it’s not like I wanna join-- i-in the fantasies t-that is--”


Jungkook forced eye contact, unblinking, so serious, so un-Jungkook.


“What do you want in your fantasies then?”


Might as well tell him.


Yoongi sighed.


“I just want to watch,” and he couldn’t glance away from the sparkle in Jungkook’s gaze. “I just want to watch while you… t-tell me how it feels...”


“How it feels?”


Yoongi couldn’t help but flinch as Jungkook grabbed his dick, suddenly realising how hard he’d become, just from talking, from seeing the hunger in Jungkook’s eyes as he’d voiced these new, scary desires. He gasped, and Jungkook grinned, squeezing tighter.


“How it feels to be fucked by another man’s cock?” Jungkook teased. Yoongi groaned. “What if I tell you it feels good? What happens next?”


Yoongi let his thoughts drift, let them get dirty, since Jungkook was being so encouraging, was letting Yoongi air out his guilty laundry so easily.


“I want--” and Yoongi was struggling to find the words, to get them out, as Jungkook pumped at his length, the soft fabric of his sleep pants making it feel better, feel strange. “I want to tell him how to fuck you better,”


“Oh, oh, fuck--” and Jungkook was pulling down their trousers frantically, panting, taking them both between his pre-cum slicked hand to jerk them off together. “Yoongi-- H-hyung--”


“Is this--” Yoongi breathed. “Is-- do you like this too?”


“I think so,” and Yoongi didn’t dare glance down, only wanting to see Jungkook’s pretty face all screwed up in pleasure, even as Jungkook’s hand picked up the pace, even as Jungkook’s hips were bucking against him. “I like… the idea of you w-watching me--”




Yoongi shuddered through his orgasm, body jerking itself into Jungkook’s tight hand, against his pretty cock, gasping and trying to catch his breath as cum dirtied Jungkook, dirtied his pajamas, dripped and dripped and dirtied the floor, and then Jungkook was coming too, making a mess of Yoongi’s oversized shirt, adding to the clear puddle on the floorboards.


Yoongi knocked his head back against the door, trying to catch his breath.




Jungkook leaned in to kiss him, wet hand still holding their dicks gently.


“Don’t get weird,” Jungkook said softly. “It’s just fantasy, it’s okay,”


“I feel weird,”


“No one is judging you,” Jungkook kissed him again.


“I’m a freak,”


“You’re not,”


Yoongi sighed.


“You’re so perfect,”


Jungkook smiled.


“I know hyung,”




Monday came fast and went fast, Yoongi’s shift at the cafe passing in the blink of an eye despite how fucking slow the flow of customers had been, and Namjoon had smiled at him all day, wide and huge and dimple-y.


“Stop that,” Yoongi said, for the billionth time that day. “Stop fucking smiling at me like that,”


“But I’m so happy,”


“You said that already,”


Namjoon was basically prancing around behind the counter, cleaning the coffee grind and bread crumbs away with a little dance, awkward yet endearing, and Yoongi forgot what it was like, to see Namjoon this overjoyed. It kinda made him feel a little homesick.


Seokjin visited for Namjoon’s lunch break, bringing with him a tupperware container crammed with homemade pastries, and a very fancy box tied with very fancy ribbon. Sometimes Seokjin liked to do this; it was a demonstration of love, and Yoongi used to fucking hate it, thinking Seokjin would bring in food and gifts and shower Namjoon with kisses because he was showing off, wanted the world to see how perfect their lives were.


But Yoongi understood now that Seokjin was just a bit dumb, didn’t understand how it came across to those who didn’t have limitless wealth, didn’t understand that it made him look like a rich twat.


Yoongi understood now that this was just Seokjin, and this was how Seokjin loved Namjoon, and even though people stared and talked and Namjoon blushed in slight embarrassment, it never phased Seokjin in the slightest. Yoongi went from dislike to love very fast with Seokjin, when he finally realised that no one could ever love Namjoon more, could give Namjoon all the things he wanted and deserved.


That didn’t stop Yoongi from bullying them both when he could though.


“What did Sugar Daddy bring you today Joon?” he called from behind the counter, watching Namjoon’s face grow scarlet as he glanced around nervously, sighing in relief at the lack of customers.


Seokjin laughed, gesturing at the pretty box with the pretty ribbon, lips pulled back in a grin as Namjoon sank further into his chair.


“Go on Joonie, open it, I picked it out especially for you,”


“You didn’t have to do that,” Namjoon looked ready to die, and Yoongi was trying so hard not to crack up.


“I know baby, but I couldn’t pass it up! Open it, open it!”


It was a sparkling silver chain, glittering even in the shitty cafe lights, and Namjoon gasped, eyes wide. Seokjin was smirking, pleased with himself.


“Jinnie, no, this is--”


“Shhh, let hyung put it on for you,”


Namjoon did as he was told, holding his wrist out for Seokjin to clip the chain around, and it was so thin and shiny and pretty, and Yoongi felt a little bit jealous, a little bit guilty. When he saw how happy these gifts made both Seokjin and Namjoon, he wondered if he should save up and get pretty things for Jungkook.


I’ll ask him about it later…


“Oh Yoongi,” Seokjin said, leaning on the counter after stuffing them all full of delicious apricot tarts, ready to head back home. “Thanks again for helping out with Taehyung, you’ve really saved him a lot of stress,”


“It’s no problem,” Yoongi smiled, shrugging. “About time we rented that room out anyways,”


“Promise you’ll take care of him,” and Seokjin looked so serious suddenly, making a shiver race down Yoongi’s spine. “He’s really nervous, and he’s very shy-- I just want him to be happy,”


“Jungkook and I will do everything we can to make this comfortable for him,” Yoongi replied, swallowing, nervous all of a sudden. “He’s coming over this afternoon to check everything out, so it’s all gonna be okay. Jungkook is shy too, I’m sure they’ll get along really well,”


“I feel at ease,” Seokjin sighed loudly, dramatic as usual, and Yoongi couldn’t stop his eyes from rolling. “Let me know how you go with Taehyung,”


“Will do,”


Yoongi watched Namjoon and Seokjin attempt to say goodbye, going from small pecks on the lips to Seokjin almost humping Namjoon’s thigh, and Yoongi had to clear his throat about five times before they broke their hungry kiss, saliva strung between them.


“Bye Joonie,” Seokjin grinned, licking away the taste of Namjoon with a coy gaze. “See you at home,”


“Y-yeah, see you soon,”


“You guys are fucking disgusting,”


Namjoon hid his face in his hands, and Yoongi laughed.


The drive home had Yoongi lost in thought, glancing at his phone nervously. Had he given Taehyung the right address? Would Taehyung even want to live with them after giving their house a once over? What would Taehyung be like?


Seokjin’s fretting had Yoongi picturing Taehyung as a child for some reason, small and chubby maybe, from all the pastries Seokjin no doubt forced on him every visit. He wondered if Taehyung was going to be as traditional as Seokjin, shoes off at the front door, never letting bleach touch his sleek black hair, only drinking green tea and preparing proper Korean food every day.


That wouldn’t be so bad.


Taehyung said he liked artsy shit and video games too, so maybe he was a loser? Maybe Taehyung was an acne-ridden hermit who never showered and jerked off to anime girls with balloon tits and squeaky fake voices. Maybe he drew anime girls with balloon tits. And jerked off to them.


Yoongi sighed, pulling into the driveway.


God, please don’t be a fucking loser, Kim Taehyung.


There was enough time to shower and do a once over of the house, throwing Jungkook’s dirty clothes in the laundry basket, spraying some air freshener in each room. By the time the entire place smelled like spring cotton or whatever the fuck the stupid scent was called, the door bell was ringing, and Yoongi’s heartbeat was in his throat.




Yoongi opened the door.




Kim Taehyung was definitely a Kim, that was for sure.


Tall, striking, and intimidatingly beautiful, in every sense of the word; from the shock of blue hair, to the floral blouse, round spectacles and long baggy pants-- Kim Taehyung was nothing short of ethereal, and Yoongi felt entirely lost for words.


This was not what he expected at all.


Kim Taehyung smiled, huge and boxy, ducking his head with a shy bow, and Yoongi could only stare back in surprised awe.


“Umm, hello, I’m Taehyung. You must be Min Yoongi?”


Yoongi nodded slowly, clearing his throat.


“Y-yeah, that’s me, come in, uhh, I’ll show you around,”


Taehyung stepped through the door with a nod, and Yoongi took the chance to properly examine Kim Taehyung, as the younger slipped his Gucci slides off by the shoe rack.


Kim Taehyung was so fucking beautiful, it almost hurt to look at him.


Every feature on his face was unique but perfect, a slender nose, full, down turned lips, asymmetrical eyes that were heavily lashed, and each of these features were dotted with a beauty mark. Tip of the nose, beneath his right eye, right on his full, dark lower lip. Yoongi wondered if he was staring too much.


Then Taehyung stood at full height, and Yoongi swallowed loudly.


Fuck, he was huge.


It felt as if Taehyung was towering him when Yoongi glanced up, eyes travelling over glimpses of exposed collarbones, skin caramelised by the sun peeking out from beneath his gaudy floral blouse. There was a silver chain hanging from around his thick neck, a shiny belt pulled tight around his sturdy waist, and a thin pair of spectacles sat high on his nose, Yoongi having to tilt his head to take them in.


Yoongi swallowed again, and stepped aside, to let this hot stranger into his house. Taehyung was grinning, his cheeks a little ruddy, bowing again enough for Yoongi to feel the urge to bow back, and then he was leading Taehyung around the house, introducing each room as he scratched at his hair nervously.


Taehyung seemed impressed, awed even, eyes growing wide, a rectangle of a smile pulling at his face to make his cheeks bunch up and become squishy, and when Yoongi finally bought Taehyung to the Spare Room, the younger man seemed to love it.


“Oh, this is great!” Taehyung was exclaiming. “I’ll have to bring in a desk, but I really love it!”


Taehyung turned to Yoongi with blinking eyes, all tall and cute and vibrant.


“Is… is it really okay for me to come and rent here? It would be so handy, but I… I know Jin hyung probably asked you and he can be really… stubborn, so please don’t feel bad if it’s not actually what you want--”


“It’s what we want,” Yoongi replied quickly. “Jungkook and I-- it’s what we want, so uhh, if you want the room, and are happy to live with us, it’s yours,”


“Really?” Taehyung looked ready to either burst into tears, or hug Yoongi, neither of which he knew he would survive.




Taehyung was grinning and it was so fucking cute, Yoongi felt at loss for words.


And then the front door opened, and Jungkook’s voice bellowed down the halls.




“Spare room, Kook,”


There was the sound of footsteps, and Taehyung tensed nervously at Yoongi’s side.


“Jimin left early, I think that hot dance teacher must have texted or something because he took off fast as fuck--”


When Jungkook rounded the corner, it was obvious he hadn’t expected Taehyung to still be there. Jungkook’s eyes went round, shiny and blinking, pretty mouth dropping open. Yoongi wanted to laugh.


“Oh, uhh, h-hello,” Jungkook spoke shyly, shoving his hands into the front of his hoodie, hunching his shoulders slightly. “I uhh… I didn’t think you’d be here yet, s-sorry for... umm… being so loud--”


“I-It’s okay,” Taehyung was glancing away, face bright red, playing nervously with the rings on his fingers. “I rocked up kinda early, I’m T-Taehyung,”




Yoongi glanced between them, confused at first-- and then all too aware.




Jungkook thinks Taehyung is hot.


And Taehyung thinks Jungkook is hot.




“Taehyung said he’s gonna take the room,” Yoongi spoke up, mainly to break the silence, a little because he wanted to see how flustered Jungkook would get. He wasn’t disappointed, Jungkook’s face burning red, lips parted in a gasp.


“Oh, that’s great!” Jungkook smiled, the shy sort of smile that Yoongi rarely saw anymore, and he could feel Taehyung melting beside him, could almost taste the weird tension in the room.


This was like then, Yoongi thought. At the party, all those years back.


When I first met Jungkook, and he sucked me off in Jimin’s bedroom.


Yoongi physically jerked, picturing Jungkook on his knees for Taehyung.




Fucking don’t.


Taehyung stopped the bad thoughts though, luckily, his deep voice soft inside the now cramped room.


“Yeah, t-thank you for l-letting me come by to check it out first, I should probably head to Jin and Namjoon’s now, but I’ll… text you about m-moving in soon?”


“Of course,” Yoongi nodded, watching Jungkook step aside from the door frame hastily, letting Taehyung pass by. He noted the fleeting eye contact between them, and felt something weird burn inside his stomach, something familiar.


The same feeling he’d felt when he thought about Namjoon fucking Jungkook.


Oh no, this is bad.


Is it bad?


Taehyung departed with a shy wave, a big smile, and bright red cheeks, and when the door closed behind him, Jungkook could only stare at Yoongi, something akin to shock written across his face.


“He… seems nice,” Jungkook finally found his words, and Yoongi wanted to snort. Jungkook was usually pretty open about pointing out attractive men when they were out, Yoongi not really the envious type, always playing along, and he knew Jungkook found Taehyung attractive, he fucking saw it with his own eyes.


But Jungkook wasn’t addressing it, and Yoongi wouldn’t push. Maybe Jungkook felt uncomfortable to mention it, with Taehyung being their new soon-to-be housemate. Maybe Jungkook didn’t want to bring it up after last night, when he’d jerked them off while talking about Yoongi’s fantasies of other men. There were a lot of maybe’s buzzing through Yoongi’s head, and he wasn’t going to touch them, not until Jungkook did first.


“Yeah,” Yoongi managed to reply, reaching out to his boyfriend, pulling him in for a hug. He always loved holding Jungkook like this, feeling the younger tuck his chin over Yoongi’s shoulder, wrapping strong arms around him, squeezing hard. “He… he’s definitely a Kim,”




Jungkook pulled away, eyes averted, pink tinging his cheeks. Yoongi pretended not to notice that Jungkook was covering his groin suspiciously, even though the thought that Jungkook was growing hard because of another man had his own skin burning with shame, with the desire to tear Jungkook’s clothing from him and fuck him up against the front door.


Like usual, Jungkook acted first.


But… god, it was different.


“Can… c-can we, umm--?”


Oh fuck.


Yoongi wanted to cry.


Jungkook is… embarrassed? Shy? Oh fuck.


It nearly blacked him out, by how fast Yoongi’s blood raced downwards, plumping him up beneath dark denim jeans.


“Bedroom,” Yoongi felt his voice rumble up his throat, low, commanding, and Jungkook took his hand, and pulled him eagerly down the hallway, head still ducked bashfully.


He could barely hold in his confused gasp, as Jungkook bypassed their bedroom, the younger tugging Yoongi into the Spare Room instead, and Yoongi refused to think on the implications of that right now, absolutely fucking refused.


This… this isn’t Taehyung’s room yet.


It’s the last chance to fuck in this room, that’s the reason-- that’s the reason we’re in this room.


Not because of Kim Taehyung.






Jungkook’s hands were already palming Yoongi through his jeans, long, tanned fingers tracing at the outline of his hard cock, and Yoongi leaned in to kiss, to taste, Jungkook mewling as their lips met. Jungkook tasted like hot chocolate and pink marshmallows and drool, his tongue feeling like velvet inside Yoongi’s mouth, slick and smooth and frantic.


Yoongi kinda wanted to mention Taehyung.


Baby, are we in here, because Taehyung was hot?


Did you think of last night, when you saw him?


Do you think he would fuck you good?


“Fuck,” Yoongi couldn’t help but mutter, overcome with his thoughts, ignoring the shame, focusing only on Jungkook’s touch. He was being freed from the denim confines of his jeans, the soft heat of Jungkook’s palm wrapping around his cock, stroking slowly, fingertips dipping down to tease at his balls, and Yoongi rutted into Jungkook’s hand with a growl.


He wanted to bring it up again.


Jungkook being fucked by another man.


But he couldn’t, couldn’t do it.


Jungkook sank to his knees, kissed at the precum beading at the slit of Yoongi’s cock, and stared up at Yoongi beneath long, black lashes. Yoongi groaned.




It was wet inside Jungkook’s mouth, and burning hot, the younger taking him to the base in one greedy swallow, and Yoongi was gripping into black hair, wanting to pull Jungkook away, wanting to pull him closer, too stunned to do either. He could feel the slight scrape of teeth as Jungkook’s tongue lapped away at the underside of his cock, could feel the way Jungkook’s hands grabbed the back of his thighs, forcing him deeper into the younger man’s throat.


Jungkook stayed like that for what felt like forever, breathing harshly through his nose into Yoongi’s pubic hair, drool dripping down his chin, racing down his throat, and every swallow at his cock had Yoongi trying not to rock his hips into his boyfriend’s face, trying not to make him gag.


But Jungkook was pulling back, sucking hard, and then Yoongi was coming with a loud groan, right across the bridge of Jungkook’s nose, his swollen used lips, his fluttering black lashes, and Jungkook was smiling, bright and pretty, dewy skin and cum gleaming in the faint light.


“You’re… you’re so pretty,” Yoongi huffed, trying to catch his breath. He unlaced his fingers from silky dark hair, and Jungkook nuzzled at his softening cock, sucking at the wet sensitive tip as Yoongi shivered.


“Am I?” Jungkook murmured, eyelids falling heavy, tongue darting out to lick at his lips, to lick at Yoongi’s cock once more.


“So, so pretty,”


So pretty around my cock, Jungkook.


You’d be so pretty around Taehyung’s too.


Fuck, no.






God, that’s hot, so fucking hot--


“What are you thinking about?”


Yoongi was hard again, and Jungkook was smiling, like he already knew.


Can’t say it.




Yoongi swallowed loudly.




Jungkook arched a brow, stroking Yoongi’s dick lazily.


“Oh? What are you in the mood for then?”




Your ass.


Your ass around Taehyung’s dick while you cry.


Stop, stop.




Jungkook looked pensive for a moment, eyes wide, shiny, before tiny words spilled past his lips.


“Are you sure that’s what you want, hyung?”


Jungkook wasn’t going to bring it up.


So neither was Yoongi.


“Get on the bed,”


Jungkook did as he was told, laying back, watching Yoongi with curiosity, before his jeans were shrugged off, thighs were being pressed to his chest, whining as Yoongi knelt before him.




Yoongi dived in without hesitation, licking at Jungkook’s asshole almost violently, slurping and sucking and holding the pretty boy still as he tried to writhe, trapped beneath Yoongi’s palms, folded almost in half as Yoongi ate him out like he was starved.


“Oh, shit, h-hyung--!”


Two firm strokes at Jungkook’s pretty dick had him wailing, falling apart by the seams, and then he was coming, wet and hot inside Yoongi’s hand. He stroked Jungkook through his orgasm, past it, until Jungkook’s thighs were shaking and his whines had turned into pathetic whimpers, hole clenching around Yoongi’s unfaltering tongue.


“M-more, more--” the younger was breathless, now totally pliant beneath Yoongi’s hands, muscles lax but twitching. “Yoongi, m-more... make me full--”


There was usually more finesse to their fucking, usually more prepping, more kissing, but Yoongi clambered over Jungkook and sank himself into the tight heat of his ass as fast as possible, stretched from his tongue, stretched from yesterday still, and Jungkook moaned, loud and broken, weak hands coming to wrap around Yoongi’s neck as he panted.


Usually they talked more too, Yoongi whispering filth into Jungkook’s ear, Jungkook returning it with teasing smiles and words of his own, but the only sounds filling Taehyung’s soon-to-be room was the slide of Yoongi inside Jungkook and their messy breathes littered with pleasured gasps. Yoongi nuzzled into Jungkook’s cheek, the skin slick with sweat, kissing at his parted mouth softly, and Jungkook’s nails dragged across his clothed shoulder blades, catching the bone there almost painfully.


It’s not usually like this, Yoongi thought, letting Jungkook’s tongue taste his own, their kisses growing fiercer, more demanding.


It’s not usually like this.


Why is this different?


Is it… because of Taehyung?


The bed creaked as Yoongi rocked his hips, reminding him that this was Taehyung’s bed now, that they were fucking on Taehyung’s bed. It made him feel weird, but powerful, and he thrust harder, harder, making Jungkook’s lashes flutter, making tears well and leak down from blinking eyes. Jungkook was pulling him closer, trying to force him deeper, and the bed creaked again, again, again.


I wanna watch, Yoongi remembered saying to Jungkook last night, as his hips started to buck erratically, his orgasm approaching fast.


I want to watch someone fuck you.


I want to tell them how to fuck you good.


I want it so badly.




Yoongi hissed as he came, pressing himself so flush to Jungkook that the younger was pinned into the mattress, unable to shift an inch, only able to sigh and mewl and tremble. He let Jungkook’s legs fall from his chest, spread wide and pretty, the skin flushed pink, and he watched with a groan as he slipped from Jungkook’s used hole, ruining Taehyung’s bed sheets with their mess.


When they shifted apart, caught their breaths, they met eyes and stared at one another, panting but silent.


He knows, Yoongi thought, unblinking.


There was something new behind the stars that glittered there. Something that wanted.


He knows I was thinking about Taehyung.


Because he was thinking about Taehyung too.


A chill ran down Yoongi’s spine, hot and cold and scary and delicious.


Jungkook wants it too. He wants it.




The doubt was dizzying, sobering, and Yoongi jerked away from Jungkook, off the bed, pulling his jeans up hastily, heart racing inside his aching chest.


He didn’t say anything, he didn’t say he wanted it.


I’m forcing my desires on him, right?




“Hyung, you okay?”






Jungkook was frowning, and there was semen drying on his stomach, his black hoodie.


“You don’t look okay,”


“We need to wash these sheets,” Yoongi felt exasperated, could hear it in his voice. “And we-- we need to order some food, and you should shower--”




Yoongi felt tears burn on his waterlines. Jungkook sounded so… frustrated.


“It’s okay,”


“Is it?” Yoongi uttered back, pressing his clean palm to his eyes, trying to stop the impending tears. It didn’t work.


“Yes,” Jungkook was tugging his pants back up, stepping into Yoongi’s space, holding him gently. “It’s okay, it’s really okay. I know-- I know, and it’s really, really okay,”


Jungkook knows.


Jungkook said it’s okay.


Jungkook wants it too.


Yoongi held in a sob.


“Let’s order food,” Jungkook whispered, stroking his warm hands down Yoongi’s shuddering back. “Let’s get some food and watch something stupid and then sleep, okay?”




Jungkook ordered this time, picking out Yoongi’s favourites from their regular Chinese takeaway joint while the elder showered, washing at his purple hair, washing his stomach and his face and his dick, sad and soft between his legs.


No matter how much soap he used, he still felt messy. Felt like a mess.


I should be jealous that Jungkook found Taehyung hot enough to get fucked on his bed.


I should be fucking jealous.


But it made me hard.


Why am I not fucking jealous?


Those thoughts were easily forgotten in the presence of mildly good Chinese food and old re-runs of some drama show Jungkook insisted on watching, which turned out to be a good choice because when Yoongi’s phone buzzed on the coffee table, he’d forgotten all the stresses of the day. He’d forgotten about Taehyung-- forgotten the things he wanted to watch Taehyung do to Jungkook.


But Taehyung’s name was on his screen, accompanied with a text, and Yoongi read it without hesitation.


Kim Taehyung (Seokjin’s Cousin) 9:45pm

Hey Yoongi, it’s Kim Taehyung. Thank you for showing me around the house today, I am very excited to move in! This might seem early, but does the day after tomorrow work for you guys? Let me know! Kind regards, Taehyung.


“What is it?” Jungkook glanced up from where he lay on Yoongi’s lap, all tired with the fuzzy blanket draped over him.


“Taehyung wants to move in the day after tomorrow,”


Jungkook’s lips parted slightly, the hint of a tongue darting out to wet them.


“Oh, that’s… pretty soon,”


“Yeah… you okay with that?”


“Yup, I’m chill with whatever,”


Jungkook looked back at the television, faked a yawn, and Yoongi didn’t fail to notice the way his cheeks had darkened, pink in the low lights. Like a school kid with a crush. Yoongi couldn’t help but grin, stroking black hair back from Jungkook’s sleepy eyes.


“Let’s go to bed, bun,”


“Yeah,” Jungkook yawned for real. “Let’s go to bed,”


The next day passed in a blur of coffee, customers and cleaning, Yoongi coming home to a very eager Jungkook who gave him a very enthusiastic handjob, before they took up their sponges and spray bottles to clean every inch of every room. The sheets had been changed on Taehyung’s bed, every speck of dust had been wiped from every surface, and by the time they were done, it was black outside the house smelled like lavender and fabric softener, to Jungkook’s approval.


Sleep came, and then it was D-Day. Taehyung showed up with Seokjin at 9am sharp, somehow more handsome than Yoongi had remembered, and Yoongi kinda wanted to laugh at Jungkook, who had taken to hiding behind his boyfriend, just slightly, just enough.


“Morning, morning!” Seokjin was hollering, shoving a box full of what Yoongi assumed were more pastries into his hands. “Hyung has bought breakfast!”


“You’re going to make me fat,” Yoongi retorted, rolling his eyes even though he could smell the icing sugar on whatever was inside the box, his mouth starting to water. Then he nodded at Taehyung, who was also hiding behind his cousin, nervous but smiling, pretty blue hair peeking out from beneath a stylish beret.


“Aww, look, the babies are shy,” Seokjin giggled, mischief sparkling through squished eyes. “I think they should go and unpack the car while the hyung’s sort out these cakes, what do you think Yoongi?”


Jungkook tensed behind him, and Taehyung was staring at his garish sandals.




“Sounds like the best plan I’ve ever heard,”


Taehyung and Jungkook hauled in box after box, silent at first, but then they started to chat, quietly and with unmet gazes, and Seokjin couldn’t stop grinning, fat lips coated in icing sugar pulling into a wide smile.


“Not to be weird or anything,” the elder finally spoke up, after the boys were out of ear, out of sight yet again, having helped themselves to some pastries moments before. “But I think Taehyung’s checking out your man. Shall I take him back? He can sleep on my couch or something,”


Yoongi tried not to choke on the flakes of puff pastry.




Seokjin scoffed.


“Yoongi, you have eyes right? They’re blushing and tip-toeing around each other like a pair of dipshit teenagers,”


He could feel his cheeks burning.


“Y-yeah... It was like that the other day when they met too,”


Yoongi didn’t understand how his voice sounded so calm, while his heart thrummed beneath his shirt. It was a strange mix of nerves and excitement, making his hair stand on end, making his skin tingle.


If Seokjin could see their attraction, it meant it was real. It was fucking real.


“You’re not fussed?” Seokjin peered over his tea cup, brows quirked. Yoongi started to sweat.


Oh god, is he gonna know? Is he gonna know I’ve thought about them together? Is he gonna know what a freak I am?


“I-- I’m not fussed,” Yoongi managed to reply. “I mean… Jungkook’s hot, Taehyung’s attractive… kinda impossible to not feel flustered around attractive people, right?”


Seokjin looked surprised.


“Wow Yoongi, I like that! Your lack of envy is refreshing,”


Yoongi felt the muscles in his leg twitch.


“Why would I be envious? People stare at Jungkook all the time, but he’s still… he’s still with me... And… even if he stares back… he’s still mine, still my boyfriend--”


The epiphany hit like a brick to the head.


No matter what Jungkook does, no matter who he looks at, even if he lets me watch him fuck someone else…


I’m the one he falls asleep with at night.


I’m the one he wants to be with.


I’m the one he loves.


Seokjin was nodding as Yoongi drifted out of his realisation and back into the reality of sitting at his dining table, dusted pastry in hand.


“You’re totally right! I mean, we’re all human, we all look sometimes! Not me though, I only have eyes for my Joonie,”


“Uh huh,”


“And Joonie only has eyes for me,”




“What were we talking about again?”


“Can’t remember,”


Seokjin left once Jungkook and Taehyung had hauled in the last of Taehyung’s belongings from the massive car, both sweat flushed and slightly out of breath. Taehyung groaned when Seokjin pulled him into for a hug, showering his face with kisses, trying to avert his eyes as Jungkook tried to not to giggle.


“Be good TaeTae, and don’t cause issues for Yoongi, because I’ll drag you back to Auntie’s myself if I have to,”


“Yes, hyung,”


“And make sure to eat lots,”


“Yes, hyung,”


“And don’t--”


“Hyung, please,”


Seokjin left, and Taehyung remained, bright red and awkward in his strange clothes and cute beret. Yoongi passed out water bottles to the tired boys, and then they parted ways; Taehyung to unpack, Jungkook taking up residence on the couch to watch his afternoon cartoons, and Yoongi sat at the table, writing out both his and Jungkook’s weekly schedules to pin on the fridge for Taehyung. Taehyung appreciated it, writing up his own, adding it to the fridge via a cute heart magnet.


Taehyung also shouted dinner, pizza from a place Yoongi and Jungkook always skimmed over due to the price, but Taehyung had insisted, waving his hands around, pulling out his card to type the details into his phone.


“No, no, it’s really okay!” Taehyung’s hair was all floppy and cute after his shower, decked out in pajamas and a giant worn hoodie, bare feet planted on the couch. Yoongi didn’t understand how Taehyung somehow looked years younger like this, cute and grinning, typing into his phone with long pretty fingers. “I want to treat you guys for letting me move in and stuff-- that was really, really generous of you,”


“It’s really fine,” Yoongi replied. “Really. Plus, makes me kinda feel at ease, knowing someone will be home with Jungkook when I’m working. Your schedules line up pretty well,”


“I’ll teach you to play Overwatch,” Jungkook said quietly, eyes sparkling. Taehyung flushed pink.


“Y-yeah, sounds good,”


The pizza arrived fast, and just the smell alone had Yoongi salivating, knowing already that this would be the best fucking pizza of his life. He fetched plates and glasses for cola while Taehyung set the food up in the living room, and when he returned, Taehyung was awkwardly handing Jungkook a small tub of icecream, smiling wide.


“I ordered this for you as a t-thanks for helping me move all my stuff inside. I really appreciate it,”


Jungkook accepted it with wide eyes.


“Ahh, it was r-really no problem! You.. didn’t have to get me this, I like, work out, s-so… it wasn’t hard or anything--”


“I wish I had enough will power to work out,” Taehyung added, Yoongi noticing their new housemate trying not to drag his gaze down Jungkook’s body.


“Maybe Jungkook can teach you that too,” Yoongi heard his voice before realising he was speaking, wondering where that idea came from, trying not to picture it. Jungkook in the gym was basically softcore porn, skin wet and glistening, hair matted to his forehead, groaning like he was getting the suck of his life when he lifted those barbells. Adding Taehyung to that vision was not a good idea.


“I’m keen,”


Taehyung’s voice was deep, eyes dark, almost primal. Yoongi could see Jungkook shiver.


“Kay,” was all the younger boy managed to squeak. “S-sounds fun!”


Taehyung left for bed after pizza, obviously exhausted, and Jungkook helped Yoongi clear away the mess in the living room, carrying the greasy pizza boxes outside to the bins. When the room was tidy and the dishes were stacked away in the sink, Jungkook was holding Yoongi’s hand, pouting softly.


Pouty and clingy.




Jungkook wanted sex.


“You ready for bed?” Yoongi murmured, gripping Jungkook’s hand a little tighter. Jungkook pouted harder.


“I guess,”


“We can’t fuck in the kitchen anymore, so don’t sulk,”




Jungkook pressed Yoongi to the counter’s edge, slipping his large thigh between the elders legs, all cheeky smiles and teasing wiggles of his slim hips. Yoongi held his waist on instinct.


“Bun, no-- Taehyung might walk out--”


Yoongi couldn’t decide if he was imagining it or not, but it seemed as if the mention of Taehyung’s name had Jungkook rutting into him harder, more desperately.


“We can be fast and quiet?”


Yoongi snorted.


“Sorry to disappoint, but you getting dicked down and the word ‘quiet’ do not go hand-in-hand,”


Dark lashes fluttered, and Jungkook bit his lower lip purposefully.


“Gag me then,”


Fingers were being hooked through Yoongi’s belt loops, tugging them closer, hard against one another.


“Don’t tease,” Yoongi warned, dropping his voice low. Jungkook only giggled.


“But you’re so hot when you’re angry,”


“You’re being slutty, Jungkook,”


Yoongi couldn’t hold back the jolt, the gasp, when Jungkook’s hand cupped his erection, fingertips pressing into denim against his clothed ballsac.


“Do something about it then,”


Despite his words, despite his warnings, Yoongi didn’t want Jungkook to stop, when the younger sank to his knees, pulled out his aching dick, and started to suck him off greedily. He felt his gaze dart from Jungkook’s soft hair and pretty eyes to the doorway, praying Taehyung wouldn’t walk in, praying he would.


He wanted to see that darkness in Taehyung’s eyes again, see his pupils swell and his teeth bare at the sight.


He wanted to see Taehyung take Jungkook, and fuck him so hard, so fucking hard--


“Shit, I’m c-coming--” Yoongi barely had time to warn Jungkook, filling his small mouth with his load, Jungkook’s squeaking in surprise, throat bobbing to swallow it all. He tried not to be loud, hand coming to cover his mouth as his orgasm pulsed through him violently, hips bucking into Jungkook’s face, and Jungkook was eyeing him dangerously, like he knew.


Jungkook licked his lips, wet and swollen, cleaning away every stray drop.


“Take me to bed hyung,”


Jungkook was grinning.


He fucking knew.


Oh god, he fucking knew.


He took Jungkook to bed, mouthed at his cock until he came, and wondered if Taehyung could hear them through the walls.


He fell asleep to those thoughts, and wondered about Jungkook.


Wondered if Jungkook thought the same things.


Wondered if Jungkook wanted it too.


Yoongi sighed sleepily.


We can talk about it later.














Jungkook watched with annoyance as Jimin grinned at his phone, typing away fast, small nails clacking against the LED screen.


No doubt hitting up that hot dance teacher again, he thought with a sip at his milkshake. Damn slut, begs for me to come and hang out, and then spends all our time together sexting some dude. Ugh.


The cafe was quiet like it usually was on Monday afternoons, and it had always been ‘their place’, ever since meeting back in high school. It’s where they came to work on the group project that had them meet for the first time, both baby faced, small and shy. That changed when puberty hit though, and together, they embraced a world of boys, parties and sex.


While Jungkook didn’t fuck around as much as Jimin had, or did, they were still fond times of personal discovery, and had bonded them deeply, to the point where a week without seeing one another was impossible.


Jungkook slurped through his straw loudly, and glared at his gorgeous best friend.


“Calm down attention whore, I’m nearly done,” Jimin laughed, still tapping away at his message, bring his hand to run back through his overgrown blonde hair. “I’m pretty sure I’m on the verge of getting some dick pics, so drink your milkshake and be patient,”


“You still haven’t seen his dick?” Jungkook was genuinely surprised. Jimin was usually faster than this.


“He’s playing hard to get,” was all Jimin replied, hand through his hair again, cocking his head at his screen. “I’ll see it soon enough,”


“You’re a creep Park Jimin,”


“Shut up and drink your milkshake, baby,”


Jungkook sucked the remains of the shake up with a roll of his eyes, and checked his phone.


One message from Yoongi, asking what he wanted for dinner, and one from Kim Taehyung, asking if he could help himself to the apple juice in the fridge.


Jungkook texted them back.


Yoongi Hyung 2:36pm

i want takeout


Kim Taehyung :O 2:37pm

Please feel free!


He felt his face burn a little, thinking about their housemate.


It had been over a month of cohabitation with Kim Taehyung, and even now, Jungkook still felt hot around him. No matter how much he looked at the older boy, in his fancy clothes, in his pajamas, in his dorky sweats, Taehyung was captivating, and Jungkook wasn’t sure how to feel. He’d always been open with his sexuality, had always been open to his wants and desires, despite being shy, and Kim Taehyung was the first person in the world to make him feel unsure.


But then again, it wasn’t just Taehyung’s fault.


Yoongi was to blame too.


Jungkook felt a little irritated, a little lost.


Yoongi had a wet dream about him, about Jungkook being fucked by someone else, and Jungkook hadn’t known what to think about that, didn’t know whether to laugh or to dismiss it, due to Yoongi’s obvious shame and embarrassment.


But Yoongi had gotten hard talking about it, and Jungkook had seen the way his legs had trembled, how he’d been unable to stand, holding onto Jungkook for support as those desires were voiced, were bought into the real world.


Yoongi was the rock in Jungkook’s life; reliable, sturdy, clever and practical, and seeing him slide down their bathroom door, overcome with this fantasy of simply watching as Jungkook took another man’s cock had Jungkook harder than he’d ever been in his life.


Yoongi had been so flustered, so desperate, so on the edge of creaming his fucking jeans, and Jungkook wanted to see more, wanted to tease him more, bring it up again and again and again, just to see all that black lust in Yoongi’s sleepy eyes.


But Yoongi had cried, after they fucked in Taehyung’s room, and Jungkook had worried. He hadn’t meant to cause that, by dragging the elder into that room, the Spare Room, the place that was no longer theirs. He’d done it because he could see the way Yoongi was glancing, eyes flashing sharp between Jungkook and Taehyung, like he wanted what that fateful dream had teased him with. So Jungkook wanted to give it to him, just a little, and it had been so different.


Yoongi fucked him so hard, in Taehyung’s bed, so deliciously hard.


And then Yoongi cried.


Remembering that night, Jungkook recalled telling him that it was okay, everything was alright, it was fine, that he knew and understood.


But it was never bought up again, not properly.


Yoongi always said “What if Taehyung walks in?” and Jungkook always wanted it more, wanted to see that look in Yoongi’s eyes again, so urgent and hot, so wanting.


And maybe Jungkook was pondering on it a little more than he thought he would too.


Being fucked by someone else, that is.


M-maybe Taehyung.




“Are you fucking done yet?” Jungkook broke himself from his thoughts, feeling sweaty behind his knees, just a little hot around his collar. “I’m not gonna come out anymore if our dates are gonna consist of you texting some random dude whose photo you won’t even show me,”


“You’d try and steal him from me if I showed you,” Jimin gasped, finally looking up from his phone. There was a cute photo of him and Jungkook in the clear case, and glitter was gleaming from inside it, shaken from Jimin’s gesturing. “You’d ditch Yoongi hyung in a heartbeat,”


“You’ve seen Yoongi hyung right? He’s hot as fuck,”


“Yeah, but Jung Hoseok can dance. Do you know how good dancers are in bed?”


“Can you please just hurry up and get photos of his dick or whatever, I wanna ask you a personal question,”


Jimin’s brows flew up beneath his fringe, plump lips parted in surprise. The expression on his face was genuine worry, and he clacked at the screen faster, with a sure babe, give me a second and I promise you’ll have my full attention.


“Okay,” Jimin locked his phone, and put it on the table face down. “Go for it,”




Jungkook didn’t actually know what to say, now faced with Jimin and his undivided attention, eyes unblinking, staring right through him. He came to Jimin with everything, every detail in his life, from his happiness to his struggles, to in-depth recollections of Yoongi fucking the daylights out of him. Jimin was the one person he trusted as much as Yoongi, but this-- this issue wasn’t Jungkook’s alone. Would Yoongi be upset that he’d sought advice?




Jimin looked so worried that it made Jungkook’s chest hurt.


“So like,” Jungkook swallowed, mouth suddenly very dry. “Uhh…”


“Spit it out or I’m gonna faint,” Jimin begged, grabbing Jungkook’s hands. “Please, you’re actually scaring the shit outta me,”


“So umm, Yoongi hyung like… I dunno he like… umm…”


Jimin gripped him hard, and Jungkook winced as his knuckles cracked.


“Yoongi hyung had a wet dream about me having sex with someone else and I can’t stop thinking about our new housemate!”


Jimin’s jaw dropped.


“Oh holy shit, wait,” Jungkook pulled his hands back from Jimin’s to hide his burning face. Jimin was still staring, blinking rapidly. “Wait--”


“Yoongi wants a threesome?” Jimin’s voice was loud, too loud, and Jungkook hissed at him.


“No!” Jungkook covered his ears, hands enveloped by his giant hoodie, nervous suddenly. “No, oh my god, wait, I need to find the right words--”


“Also, I need to see a photo of your housemate, like, immediately. For science,”




Jungkook made a pathetic noise, and put his head on the tabletop, Jimin deciding to rake his small fingers through freshly washed black locks.


“Baby, it’s okay, you can talk to me. I won’t interrupt anymore,”


“You just interrupted twice!”


“I got excited,” Jimin was grinning sheepishly. “Come on, tell hyung what Yoongi said, hey?”


Jungkook inhaled, exhaled, and then inhaled again.


“Yoongi hyung said he… said he had a dream about me with someone else. I kinda laughed at first, but we started to talk about it, and he got so hard-- he couldn’t even stand up straight, and he was so embarrassed. I talked him through it, and I thought it was chill but--”


Jungkook swallowed.


“We haven’t really talked about it since, and I know it’s upsetting him, and like, the more I think about it, the more I’m okay with it? Like, I want him to be happy, I don’t want him to feel ashamed of what he wants and-- well… now I k-kinda want it too?”


“Wait,” Jimin looked confused. “Are you saying Yoongi gets off on the idea of you being fucked by someone else? But… not as a threesome?”


“Yeah, he uhh-- j-just wants to watch. S-said he wants to watch and umm… tell them how to fuck me the w-way I like it,”


“Jesus,” Jimin ran his hand through his hair for the umpteenth time. “That’s like, super fucking hot. Kinda wanna date Yoongi hyung now,”


Jungkook growled.


“Hands off slut, stick to your dance teacher,”


“I’m kidding, fucking hell,” Jimin giggled, patting Jungkook’s head from where it lay on the table. There was a silence, not awkward, but it had Jungkook’s hair on end, awaiting the question he knew he’d have to explain soon enough.


Then it came.


“So, whats the thing about the housemate then? Is he the one you’re gonna fuck for Yoongi?”


“I’m not gonna fuck anyone for Yoongi, I would do it for both of us!”


He knew his face was bright red, and he could feel it flooding to his ears, down his chest. Jimin was smirking, arms folded over his fluffy jumper.


“Okay so, what’s stopping you guys then?”


Jungkook cringed.


“We… we haven’t talked about it, really. I know he wants to talk, a-and I want to but… we both chicken out, and end up fucking instead...”


“Ahh,” Jimin nodded. “I have a solution,”




Jimin grinned, toothy and perfect, and Jungkook feared for his life.


“Talk about it while fucking. Two birds, one stone. He’ll love it, you’ll love it, and you’ll have the balls to talk about it because you’ve always been super confident with a dick buried in your ass,”


“Jimin, shut up, oh my god,”


There was logic there though, Jungkook realised quickly. Jimin was vulgar but was telling the truth.


Jungkook was shy, stuttered sometimes when speaking to new people, and always tried to avoid eye contact with strangers when he could, despite knowing he was attractive, knowing he was strong enough to fight anyone who wanted to risk it. Talking in class was tough, meeting new people was hard, and it had always been like that, never seemed like it was going to change anytime soon.


But, a switch flipped inside him when he was getting fucked within an inch of his life, and the most wild shit would come spilling out of his mouth. It alarmed his previous sexual partners to Jungkook’s horror, but Yoongi seemed to love it, and eventually Jungkook was able to dirty talk with ease to his beloved hyung, with or without a dick in his ass.


“I’m right though, I can almost hear your brain figuring it out,”


He was right. Jungkook huffed in annoyance.


“M-maybe I’ll give it a try,”


“Do it,” Jimin grinned, ignoring his phone as it vibrated against the table. “Yoongi wouldn’t tell you what gets him off if he didn’t wanna act on it. And since you’re into it, you guys might as well just make it happen,”


“You think? Isn’t it… weird?”


Jimin shrugged.


“Sex is sex. If Yoongi wants to watch you get fucked by some dude, and you want to get fucked by some dude while Yoongi watches, then why not? Have fun, thot it up, get that dick, et cetera,”


“I feel like it’s not that simple,”


“It’s as simple as you want it to be,” Jimin’s fingers were twitching, his phone still going off. “If you want it to be easy though, one of you is gonna have to be blunt about it,”


Jungkook pouted.


“It should be Yoongi hyung, it was his fantasy first! Why is he leaving it up to me?”


“Because he’s probably scared, Jungkook,”


Yoongi cried that night.


He’d been so ashamed.


So worried about what Jungkook would think.


Jungkook felt like he might cry at the table.


“Y-yeah,” he tried to hold in a sniffle. “I d-don’t want him to feel scared… I want him to be happy,”


“You can’t do this to make him happy,” Jimin reached out, holding his hand once again, eyes full of sympathy. “You should only do this for fun, because you both want it. You know he’s already so happy to have you and be with you. He loves you, and you love him,”


“I’ll cry, don’t be nice,”


Jimin giggled, and finally reached for his phone.


“Not everything has to be so deep, is all I’m saying. If you wanna embrace your wild kinks with an emotionally-unattached third party person, as a FUN thing to do, then I think you should. We all know Yoongi’s not the jealous type, so as long as you don’t fall for the lucky guy that gets to pipe you, it’s all swell,”


“How are you so sweet and gross all at once?”


“It’s a gift,” Jimin grinned. “Do you feel better?”


“Yeah, I actually do,”


“Oh perfect, because I just got dick pics, and holy shit, this guy has a nice dick,”


“… I need another milkshake,”


They didn’t stay too much longer after that, Jungkook sleepy and filled with banana shake, Jimin’s phone going wild inside his jacket pocket. Seemed like the hot dancer teacher didn’t feel like playing hard to get anymore, and Jimin couldn’t be looking more pleased.


“I better get home and clean my ass out, I think this might be the night,”




“Get home safe babe, I’ll text you later with the details, or like, a video or something,”


“I’d really prefer if you didn’t,”


It was starting to get dark when Jungkook finally got home, calling out into the house loudly to check for life.


He could hear a shower going, could see Yoongi’s work shoes on the shoe rack, Taehyung’s Gucci slides absent.


Oh perfect.


Jungkook grinned.


Loud shower sex sounded amazing right now.


Or even shower hand jobs, Jungkook wasn’t fussed.


Just something, something where he could hear Yoongi’s desperate breaths, could see the lust in those dark, sleepy eyes. It drove him wild, the look on Yoongi’s face, when his hyung unravelled him into a panting wet mess, and he’d never been more addicted to anything in his entire life. When he thought about Yoongi watching, just watching him with those eyes as someone else fucked him senseless, it sent a hot lick of pleasure down his spine, made him want to crumble and break and fall to his knees.


Fuck, I need Yoongi.


There was steam slipping from beneath the bathroom door, the hissing of the water coming from behind it, and Jungkook wanted to feel it on his skin, feel it take away the days aches, feel Yoongi’s mouth on him, against him, sucking hard at his throat. His cock was stirring beneath his sweat pants, and he pulled the door open with a tiny whine, so eager for his hyung, so eager to be touched.


But Yoongi wasn’t behind the door, wasn’t in the shower.


Gucci slides were on the floor beside a pile of patterned clothing, bunched up against the wall beneath the towel rack, and Taehyung was there, right fucking there, in the fucking shower, wet and naked and--


A whimper got caught in Jungkook’s throat, pushed back down as drool flooded his tongue.


Taehyung was jerking off.


His eyes were closed, blue hair matted to his forehead, arching off the tiled wall as he groaned, low and deep and fucking delicious, completely oblivious to Jungkook’s intrusion. A toothbrush was hanging from his barely parted lips, the foam from the paste dribbling down his chin, down his tanned chest, mixing with soap bubbles on his stomach, and his hands were moving, covered in suds, working his cock at a leisurely pace.


His cock.


Jungkook couldn’t help but stare.


It was covered in shiny bubbles, Taehyung’s pretty ringed hand wrapped tight around it, and despite all that, despite being hidden by so many things, Jungkook could tell that Taehyung’s dick was fucking huge.


Jungkook wondered if he’d be able to fit it in his mouth, in his throat.


Wondered if he’d be able to fit it in his ass.


Wondered if he’d cry, if Yoongi would smile and laugh at him as he tried to take it all.


A burst of precum leaked from his dick, trapped inside his sweats, and he gasped, loud enough for Taehyung’s eyes to flash open, toothbrush falling from his wide mouth. Jungkook watched Taehyung squeeze his cock hard, the bubbles squelching beneath his fingers.


They stared in silence for what felt like years, before Jungkook covered his eyes with shaking hands, managed to squeak out an apology, and then legged it from the bathroom like he was being chased by a maniac with an axe, almost slipping as he closed the door, sprinting to the bedroom. When he burst in, bright red and trembling, Yoongi was there, lazing on the bed with his laptop, headphones on, pulling them around his neck when he noticed the younger.


“Hey, how’d you go with Jimi--”


Jungkook was trying to stop his heart from racing, pressing his hands to his chest, trying not to whimper as his dick ached beneath his clothing. Yoongi was off the bed in moments, headphones tossed aside, taking Jungkook’s face in hand, worry creasing at his brow.


“Bun, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”


A hiss left his lips when Yoongi got to close, his body teasing lightly across Jungkook’s cock, making him shiver and buck, and Yoongi frowned, confused, before glancing down and realising.


“Oh-- what’s gotten you all worked up?”


Jimin’s words flashed into his mind.


Someone’s gotta speak up first.


And Yoongi is scared.


Someone’s gotta go first--


“I-- I s-saw Taehyung in t-the shower-- thought it was you, but it… it w-wasn’t--”


Yoongi tensed, eyes becoming wide.


They both swallowed loudly, neither blinking. Yoongi finally spoke.


“What-- what did you see?”


Jungkook felt like he was the one about to sink down a door this time, legs shaking, the inside of his briefs starting to get stickier.


Yoongi’s pupils were swollen so wide, brimming with dark lust and something else, something that had Jungkook’s hips jerking, had his skin burning beneath the fabrics.


“I-- I saw his cock, h-hyung,”


Yoongi let out a strangled noise. Jungkook whined.


“T-tell hyung,” and Yoongi was hard, pressing into his thigh, and suddenly it was like that weird wall that was keeping them from talking about that had shattered, leaving them exposed to one another entirely. Yoongi looked almost crazed, pressing his cock against Jungkook, rolling his hips just enough. “Tell hyung what you saw,”


Jungkook was gripping Yoongi now, hands on his shoulders, holding so tightly like he was scared he might fall.


“Umm, he was… hyung, h-he was touching h-himself--”



Yoongi was breathing hard, chest heaving beneath his black tee. Jungkook could tell he wanted more, wanted to hear it all.


He flushed with embarrassment.


“His cock was so big, hyung,”


He wet his lips at the memory of it, how thick it looked in Taehyung’s huge hand, how long it was, veined and dark, the head shiny with bubbles and precum.


“I—I wanted--”


“What,” Yoongi was licking his lips now too, absentmindedly, blinking rapidly. “What did you want?”


The wall was gone, Jungkook reminded himself.


This was happening.


“I wanted it inside me,”


A growl rumbled up Yoongi’s throat, and Jungkook was forced hard against the door, squeaking as a thigh slipped between his own, the pressure against his dick almost too much, too good. Yoongi looked hungry, eyes blazing, small teeth grit together as if trying to hold back.


Yoongi wanted to hear more.


Jungkook wanted to give him more.


“Want it in my ass,” Jungkook murmured shyly, tilting his head, baring his neck to the elder. “W-want it so d-deep--”


“Want what, Jungkook?”


Yoongi pressed forward harder, Jungkook letting out a startled gasp.


“H-his cock!”


“Who’s cock? Tell hyung who’s cock you want,”


Jungkook didn’t understand how Yoongi sounded so calm, so cool, didn’t understand why he wasn’t bright red and flustered, like all those barely hinted at times before. This was real now, the words were being said, and they were rutting into each other like horny teenagers, desperate to get off as if it was no longer the scary thing it had once been. It sent a pleasant chill down Jungkook’s spine when he said the name.


“Taehyung. Taehyung’s cock,”




Yoongi kissed him, tongue first, then lips and teeth, biting at Jungkook’s mouth like a rabid animal, and Jungkook melted into his arms, legs wobbling, Yoongi’s thigh pressing against his swollen cock. They swallowed down each others frantic gasps, Jungkook suddenly feeling too good, overwhelmed, sniffling as tears started to gather and spill from his waterlines. Yoongi faltered slightly, worried, but Jungkook was shaking his head, whines spilling from his bitten lips.


“Wan’ it,” he knew he sounded dumb right now, the way he sounded when he was totally fucked out, but Yoongi liked him like this, those sleepy eyes twinkling with glee, seeing how fast Jungkook was falling apart. “Want Tae’s cock s-so badly, want it to ruin me, want you to w-watch--”


“Jesus Christ, you slut,” but affection dripped from Yoongi’s words, muttered with awe, hand coming to pull Jungkook’s sweats down, fabric pulled taut beneath his balls, beneath the swell of his ass cheeks. “You want it?”


“Yeah,” Jungkook curled his fingers through Yoongi’s mussed purple hair, feeling precum leak down his dick, warm as it trailed his length. “I want it, want it, w-wan’ it--”


“Bet he’d stretch you so wide, huh? Stuff you full with his big dick, hey bun?”


Jungkook’s cock twitched between shaking thighs, and he was so fucking close, just from Yoongi’s words, so close to dirtying them both without even a touch. The low mewl that forced it’s way up his throat was tell-tale, and Yoongi was grinning, pink gums showing, eyes sharp and focused.


“Shit, are you gonna cum Jungkook? Just from thinking about his cock?”


Tears fell, from humiliation, from desperation, and Jungkook was nodding, a shy wet sob slipping into the space between them.


“Y-yes, g-gonna--”


“Say his name,” Yoongi whispered, so quietly against the shell of his ear, teeth nipping at the silver ring that dangled there. “Say his name when you cum,”


Oh god.


Jungkook writhed as his orgasm shuddered through him, untouched and violent, setting every single nerve in his entire body alight, and Yoongi pinned him to the door, keeping him upright as he cried. Each hot spurt had Jungkook’s eyes rolling to the back of his skull, hands gripping Yoongi hard enough to leave crescent moon imprints, and before it was over, before it ended, Jungkook did as he was told.


“T-Taehyung--” he whimpered, utterly fucked out, voice barely a rasp


“Good boy,” Yoongi was gasping, kissing Jungkook’s soft messed hair, kissing at his wet cheeks. “Fuck, Jungkook, you’re so good, so good for hyung--”


Yoongi let Jungkook drop to his knees, mouth open, tongue lolling out, glistening with drool. There was no hesitation as the elder pulled his wet cock out, to slide down into Jungkook’s throat, and Jungkook took it happily, sucking hard despite being exhausted.


“Greedy,” Yoongi cooed, running his hands through Jungkook’s sweaty hair, pushing it from his forehead to glimpse those strong brows he loved so much. “You’re always so fucking greedy,”


A single harsh suck at the head of Yoongi’s cock had the elder groaning, close to his orgasm now, Jungkook could tell. He let his fingers trail up denim to wrap around Yoongi’s hot base, stroking in time with his mouth, digging his tongue into the slit where precum gathered rapidly. Yoongi came hard, entire body seizing and shuddering, large hands holding Jungkook’s face as the younger swallowed and swallowed and swallowed.


Yoongi was looking down at him with reverence, and Jungkook smiled, lips wet and shiny, eyes drooping sleepily.


“See?” he murmured, nuzzling into Yoongi’s hand. “See, Yoongi? It’s all okay,”


“Yeah,” Yoongi crouched to kiss him, soft across his nose, his slicked lips, his fluttering eyelids. “I see bun, I see. Are you… are you okay?”


“Better than okay,” Jungkook’s giggle was quiet, airy. “I feel awesome,”


Yoongi kissed him again.


“You’re not feeling pressured?”


“Hyuuung, what did I just say?”


“Had to check,” Yoongi whispered. “I never want you to do anything that you don’t want,”


“I want it,” Jungkook replied, so quietly. “God, hyung, I r-really, really want it,”


Yoongi’s eyes darkened once more.


“Want what?” he demanded playfully.


Jungkook licked his lips.


“I want Taehyung,”



I want Taehyung so badly.












Yoongi could tell things were awkward between Jungkook and Taehyung, after the bathroom incident.


Not bad awkward, or uncomfortable awkward-- just awkward awkward. Fleeting glances at each other that never met, shuffling around each other quietly when they shared the same space, and it worried Yoongi to the point of having to pull Jungkook aside, and ask if he was truly, truly alright.


“I’m fine,” Jungkook rolled his eyes, setting down his gaming controller. “Just… it’s kinda weird, y’know?”


“I don’t know,” Yoongi retorted, frowning. “That’s why I’m asking. You gotta be open with me, otherwise I’m gonna freak out,”


This had Jungkook biting his lip nervously, eyes darting back and forth. He sighed shakily.


“I can’t stop… staring at him. I feel creepy,”


“He stares at you too, if that makes you feel any better,”


“I know, but...” Jungkook’s fingers jumped up to fiddle with his earrings. “I don’t think he’s like, trying to find the outline of my dick through my fucking sweats or anything like that,”


“Is that what you do when you stare at him?”


Jungkook flushed bright red, ducking his head shyly.


Yoongi found it insanely endearing, that Jungkook was so desperate to glimpse Taehyung’s cock again, that he wasn’t denying it despite his embarrassment. They’d really, really progressed.


“He stares though,” Yoongi continued, not wanting Jungkook to stew in his shame, wanting to keep the ball rolling. “He stares at your ass. Like, a lot,”


“Oh?” Jungkook perked up. “Really?”




“Like… stares how?”


Praise slut.


“Like he’s hungry, Jungkook,”


Jungkook hummed and turned back to his game, suddenly deep in thought.


It was only Taehyung’s arrival home that had Jungkook moving, getting up to shower before anyone else could beat him to the bathroom, and Yoongi made room on the couch for him, Taehyung sitting with a sigh. Maybe Yoongi dropped his eyes to Taehyung’s crotch, just for a moment, just to see if he could see. Maybe.


“Rough day?”


“Ahh, kinda,” Taehyung was fluffing his hair, trying to force it flat from where his hat had held it down. He was decked out in a huge red jacket, sports pants and a baggy shirt, previously paired with a backwards cap, and Yoongi didn’t understand how Taehyung could swap between fraternity fuck boy, to a trendy hot grandpa, back to couch potato baby in just a few simple garments.


“Course work?”


“Yeah, it’s boring, not as hands on as I thought it would be,”


“Ahh, that’s annoying,” Yoongi tried to sympathise, despite barely remembering what Taehyung even studied. “Maybe it’ll get better in the second semester?”


“Fingers crossed,” Taehyung sighed, dropping his head back on the couch with a loud sigh. They sat in silence while the television filled the back ground, both relaxing, sinking into the couch lazily, and Yoongi watched the screen, blinking as some commercial for fast foods played, not even registering Jungkook enter the room, planting himself stomach down into the bean bag on the floor.


Until a weird noise came from Taehyung, like a cross between a whine and a yelp, and Yoongi glanced him, taking in Taehyung’s wide eyes, his bobbing throat, staring down at Jungkook.


Yoongi glanced at Jungkook, and inhaled sharply.




Tight red fucking booty shorts, sinking into the swell of his ass, fabric pulled tight up his crack, showing off absolutely everything, and Yoongi’s lips were twitching with a grin, wanting to laugh, wanting to fucking laugh.


Jungkook shifted in the bean bag, wriggling his hips, trying to get comfortable, and Yoongi pretended not to notice Taehyung hauling a decorative pillow into his lap, still swallowing, unabashed as he stared hungrily. Yoongi felt invisible in the best way, watching the scene unfolding before him, Taehyung eyes flickering from the screen back to Jungkook’s ass, back and forth, back and forth, lips parting and closing. Jungkook writhed more, making small sounds of feigned annoyance, rolling his hips back.


Even in the low lights from the television, Yoongi could see the beginnings of Jungkook’s cock, balls cupped tight by red fabric, every curve of his body absolutely on show, and Taehyung was suffering with the view, white knuckling that poor couch cushion like he was trying to punish it.


“Jungkook,” Yoongi needed to push this a bit more, wanted to see them flustered, see them fluster each other. “You didn’t even say hello to Taehyung. That’s very rude,”


The younger boy rolled in the bean bag, showcasing his tiny waist barely hidden beneath his white tee, eyes wide and glittering, cheeks pink. When Jungkook locked eyes with Taehyung, the room seemed to still, and Jungkook’s thighs clenched ever so slightly.


He could see that hunger, and Yoongi watched Jungkook’s pupils dilate with it, with the unspoken praise Taehyung was showering upon him.


“I’m sorry,” Jungkook’s voice was so tiny. “H-hi, Taehyung,”


“Hey,” Taehyung’s voice deeper than usual, and he wasn’t subtle in the slightest, stripping Jungkook with his gaze. “Don’t worry about it. Did you have a nice day?”


“Yeah,” Jungkook’s breath was a little punched out, airy and thin. “Did you?”


Taehyung looked like he was trying to restrain the urge to bite his lip.


“Mm, could have been better,”


“Just skip class,” Jungkook smiled, coy and teasing, tilting his chin. “That’s what I do when it sucks,”


“Skipping class is bad,” Taehyung replied, cocking a brow.


“Yeah, well, whatever,” Jungkook shrugged. “I guess that makes me a bad boy,”


Yoongi’s breath caught in his throat, and he heard Taehyung’s do the same. He expected Taehyung to shy away, to laugh nervously, to do anything to derail Jungkook’s obvious flirting.


What he didn’t expect was the smooth words that slipped through Taehyung’s pink, bitten lips.


“And here I was, thinking you were a good boy,”


Jungkook’s body jerked, his cute ass jiggling from beneath that bright fabric, a small whimper dying in the back of his throat, and Taehyung was fucking smirking, arms folded over his wide chest.


“I--” Jungkook looked totally lost, folding in on himself slightly. “I-- I c-can be both--”


“I’m sure,” Taehyung laughed, low and dark, like a rumble of thunder. “You seem capable of being many things, Jungkookie,”


When they came to bed, Yoongi couldn’t hold back from grabbing Jungkook’s shorts, hiking them further up between his ass cheeks, slapping hard at the exposed skin as they kissed, messing up the bed sheets in their desperation to touch one an another.


“These--” Yoongi gasped, fingers curled into red fabric forcefully, Jungkook whining beside him. “God, your ass in these fucking shorts--”


“I know,” Jungkook giggled. “I could, ahh-- feel you guys staring--”


“He was hard,” Yoongi groaned, pulling Jungkook entirely flush to him, large hands kneading the hot flesh of his ass, his thighs, wanting to touch it all. “You made Taehyung hard, bun, do you feel proud of yourself?”


“Yeah,” Jungkook’s lips were wet against his own, sucking at Yoongi’s softly as he mewled. “I’m p-proud--”


“Do you still want him?”


“Uh huh--”


Yoongi slid his hand beneath the tight shorts, pondering, lowering his voice slightly.


“Do you… d-do you want me to ask him?”


Jungkook stilled at the hesitation in Yoongi’s voice, but his face told all. Hunger, desperation, desire and need were dashed through all his pretty features, and Yoongi groaned again, teasing his fingertips past Jungkook’s hole, feeling it clench beneath his touch.


“Y-yeah, hyung--” Jungkook was rutting against him hard, his cock leaving a wet spot through the red material, trapped tight inside the shorts. “Ask him, I-I’m ready, I want it--”


“You sure?”


Jungkook whined in response, and Yoongi growled, pressing against his rim with enough pressure to have Jungkook trembling in his arms.


“Use your words properly, otherwise I won’t ask,”


“I want you to ask him,” Jungkook sobbed, his cock leaking through, onto Yoongi’s pajama slacks. “I want you to ask Taehyung to fuck me--”


“See, wasn’t so hard, huh?”




They played until Jungkook came with a soft strained murmur of “Taehyungie--”, Yoongi fucking Jungkook’s mouth until it was his turn, and after changing their clothes, brushing their teeth, and kissing each other goodnight, Yoongi tried to formulate a plan.


Taehyung definitely wanted to fuck Jungkook, that much was obvious. But wanting and doing were two entirely separate things, and even though Taehyung had brief moments of unwavering calmness, he was ultimately still shy. Asking him something so brazen might traumatise him, might make him feel the need to move out, and even the thought of Taehyung saying no, being disgusted, had Yoongi’s stomach churning.


He thought about inviting Taehyung to drink with him, get them nice and loose and alcohol-lubed for a conversation about it, but people say things in drunk states they might not mean, so that was out of the question. Maybe knocking on Taehyung’s door on a Jungkook-free afternoon and asking for a chat would be the way to go?


Turns out the way it happened was unplanned and completely spontaneous, and had Yoongi just as red as Taehyung, both frozen in their tracks.


“What… what did you just say?” Taehyung asked quietly, all wide eyed and fucking gorgeous.


Yoongi had his spoon in his hand, sitting at the dining table, as Taehyung poured milk into his own cereal bowl across from him, both still until Taehyung’s cereal started to overflow. They shouted, reaching for napkins to clean the mess, and then then tension was back, vibrating through the air like lighting was about to strike.


“Uhh--” Yoongi wanted to die. Had he really just blurted it out because Taehyung was sat across from him, moments after Jungkook left for class?


Yes, yes he had.


Yoongi swallowed nervously, and tried again.


“I… I asked if you wanted to fuck Jungkook,”


Taehyung’s eyes were so wide, Yoongi wondered if it hurt.






Taehyung kinda looked like he wanted to flee.


“I… I--”


Yoongi suddenly felt powerful, in the face of Taehyung’s uncertainty.


“Please, tell me and be honest,” Yoongi tried to sound gentle, but he knew is tone was harsh from the way Taehyung winced. “I see how you look at him, so I just want to know, from your own mouth, with your own words,”


Yoongi didn’t expect Taehyung to tear up, didn’t expect to see his pretty features begin to wobble with sorrow.


“I-I’m sorry, I’m s-sorry--” Taehyung hands were shaking, putting his spoon down against the table.




“I k-know I stare at him, I t-try not to, i-its not like-- I don’t have f-feelings, I just--”


Yoongi reached out, taking Taehyung’s hands, and Taehyung sobbed.


“He’s s-so pretty,” Taehyung continued, eyes brimming with gleaming tears. “He’s so f-fucking pretty, and h-he--”


“He’s a tease, right?”


Taehyung shuddered, choosing not to say a word.


“He is,” Yoongi continued, still holding Taehyung’s hand, still holding eye contact. “Coming out in those shorts last night, just to see if you’d react,”




“Yep,” Yoongi knew he had Taehyung’s full attention now, Taehyung seeming to sense this wasn’t going to be a scolding anymore. “Wanna hear a secret?”


“Yes,” Taehyung’s voice was laced with urgency. “Yes, tell me, p-please,”


“He came in those shorts last night, after I took him to bed, after I played with him. Wanna know what he said, when he came?”


Yoongi dropped his voice so Taehyung had to hold his heavy breaths to hear.


“He said your name, Taehyung,”


Taehyung jerked in his seat, letting a weak groan roll up his throat, breath coming out in harsh puffs.


“It’s really cute,” Yoongi felt heat lick between his thighs, recalling last night fondly, how sweet Jungkook looked, begging Yoongi to ask Taehyung to fuck him. “How badly he wants you,”


Taehyung was like a deer caught in headlights, so bewildered, confused, body heaving as adrenaline raced through him.


“Are you uncomfortable?”


“No,” Taehyung rasped, eyes unblinking, pupils black and shiny and swollen. “I’m h-hard, hyung,”


“If I asked you to, would you fuck Jungkook?”




Yoongi felt his heart skip a beat, felt every nerve in his body burn with excitement.


“Would you let me watch?”


“God, yes, yes hyung, a-anything--”


“What if I wanted to tell you what to do? Would you do that for us, Taehyung?”


Taehyung whined, long and low, body jerking from where he sat. Yoongi felt powerful.


Reducing Taehyung, gorgeous, tall, ethereal Kim Taehyung to a writhing mess at his own dining table had Yoongi feeling things he’d never experienced, and he fucking loved it, loved seeing what his words could do.


“You can touch yourself, if you need to,” Yoongi put this new found confidence down to seeing Taehyung so desperate, and on his command, Taehyung was ripping his hands from Yoongi’s, shoving them down his pajamas, gasping and groaning as he jerked himself of hurriedly beneath the table.


“Slow down,”


And Taehyung did.


“I want to see you,”


Taehyung stood shakily, huge dick in hand, stroking so slowly, slicking it up with so much precum, Yoongi wondered if he hadn’t already cum by accident.


“Wow,” Yoongi couldn’t help but stare wide-eyed. “Fuck, Jungkook was right,”


This made Taehyung whimper, gripping the base of his cock, hips twitching.


“Should have heard him,” Yoongi continued, letting his power over Taehyung give him more confidence, going as far as to smirk, tilting his head as he watched. “After he walked in on you in the bathroom,”


Another pathetic whine. Yoongi was loving this, dick swelling beneath his pants.


“’Oh hyung, Taehyung’s dick was so big, want it in me, wanna be stuffed full hyung’,”


Taehyung’s hand had stopped entirely, wrapped tight around his length, the head flushed, dark and swollen with the need to cum. Yoongi could see the way the thick veins beneath the smooth skin there pulsed, could spot some pretty freckles on the side. His dark pubic hair was clumped with precum and sweat, and even with his pajamas around his ankles, he still looked fucking otherworldly.


“God, Taehyung,” Yoongi felt a breathless laugh leave him, so fucking turned on. “You’re so pretty too, just like Jungkook. I want to see you ruin him,”


“I--” Taehyung’s caramel skin was flushed with shades of pink, cheeks down to his hard cock, everything shivering violently. “I n-need--”


Yoongi felt so goddamn fucking powerful.


“Ask me for it,”


There was no hesitation.


“C-can I cum? P-please, Yoongi hyung, p-please, p-please, please--”


Yoongi smiled.


“Go for it,”


A single stroke was all it took for Taehyung to spill mess into his hands, trying to cup it all, to stop it from falling to the ground, but he failed and whined as it spattered to the floorboards loudly, cheeks bright red, huge cock growing soft in his wet hands. Even in a state of being semi-flaccid, it was still thick and long, enough so that even Yoongi wondered if Jungkook could take it.


He had to remind himself that Jungkook was the most determined person on earth, and would never allow himself to lose to a cock, of all things.


“You okay?” Yoongi finally asked, when the aftershocks of Taehyung’s orgasm finally passed, the younger boy dropping back into his chair, panting and exhausted.


“Yeah,” Taehyung managed to force out between his hurried breaths. “I’m okay… please don’t tell Jin hyung...”


Yoongi laughed.


“It’s just between us, don’t worry. Me, you and Jungkook, if you still want,”


“Yeah,” Taehyung swallowed excitedly, eyes dark, tired but eager. “I want,”


Yoongi smiled.


“I’d better warn him then,”


The text was sent, Jungkook was warned and informed, and by the time Yoongi said his farewells to a blushed, yet glowing Taehyung, his phone was going ballistic inside his trouser pocket.


Jungkookie <3 9:23am

hyung, tell me what happened what did he say omg


Yoongi texted back quickly, grinning as he sat behind the steering wheel, decked out in a fresh uniform that smelled of fabric softener.


Yoongi Hyung 9:24am

He’s keen. Very keen. And you were right. Huge dick. No wonder you were so desperate.


Jungkook’s reply was faster than lightning.


Jungkookie <3 9:24am

fuck, hyung, did you see it???? is he gonna fuck me???


Yoongi replied, feeling smug, feeling good.


Yoongi Hyung 9:26am

Yeah, he’s gonna fuck you. We can all talk about it tonight, when we are all home, okay?


The anticipation made the day drag by painfully, every coffee made for every customer like the worst form of torture when all Yoongi could think about was getting home with the possibility of Taehyung and Jungkook doing something.


Not fucking, not yet.


But something.


Yoongi pondered on it on his lunch break, pondered on it when Seokjin stopped by with pastries and gifts, more sparkling chains and pretty trinkets for his beloved Namjoon, and pondered on it during the nerve wracking drive home. Every red light made his hands clench, sweaty around the steering wheel, and every street closer to home had his heart swooping, hot and cold flushes taking turns as they shuddered through his body.


By the time he was through the front door, slipping out of his shiny black shoes, unwrapping the coffee stained apron from his waist, the plan was solid in his mind, and he was scared, but certain it would be the right approach. Wouldn’t be too fast, wouldn’t be too little, would be enough to test the waters and see how everyone felt.


Taehyung and Jungkook were in the living room, television on, both silent as Spongebob played on the screen. They snapped their heads around in unison as Yoongi joined them, and Yoongi revelled in the fact that his mere presence had them both beet red and waiting. Waiting for what, he didn’t know, but matching anticipation was slashed through their eyes, bright and wide and patient.


Yoongi smiled.


“Hey guys, have a good day?”


Yoongi didn’t understand how it was possible for the boys before him to blush brighter, but they did, proving that Yoongi wasn’t the only one who had that on his mind all day. It seemed like a good opportunity to push things along, seeing how willing Jungkook and Taehyung seemed to be. Briefly, he wondered if they’d talked between themselves before he’d arrived home.


He could picture it vividly, Jungkook and Taehyung discussing this morning, how Taehyung had pulled his cock out at the dining table and jerked off as Yoongi watched. He could picture them getting closer on the couch as they talked, small touches, small sounds, before they got bolder, more excited, hands starting to grab and pull at flesh and clothing, lips finally meeting.


Yoongi could almost hear their mingled gasps, the slick sounds of tongue against tongue as the poor boys were finally able to give into their obvious attraction. He didn’t feel as nervous anymore.


“Hyung,” Jungkook almost whispered, looking so shy with his huge glittering eyes, peeking out from over a fluffy couch cushion. “Are… are we gonna talk today?”


Taehyung was stiff as a board, unblinking as his gaze was trained on Yoongi, not daring to glance at Jungkook.


“Yeah,” and Yoongi’s answer had them visibly relaxing, sinking back into the comfort of the couch. “We’re all gonna talk today. But first, we are all going to eat, chat, and get to know each other a little better, does that sound good?”


Jungkook and Taehyung nodded. Yoongi crossed his arms.


“I need to hear it with words, please,”


“Yes hyung,” they said in unison, ducking their heads in embarrassment to Yoongi’s enjoyment. Three showers, an order of expensive pizza (Yoongi’s treat this time), and a shared tub of mango sorbet later, the three had taken up the entire couch and bean bag, relaxed and comfortable in their lounging clothes. Yoongi had been waiting for every shred of tension to dissipate, before bringing up his plan.


“Are we ready?” He asked, turning down the volume on the television, his heart thrumming inside his rib cage as all eyes landed on him. Jungkook was on the bean bag once more, not clad in slutty shorts this time, but in fluffy pink pants, paired with its counterpart sweater. Taehyung was also soft tonight, blue hair fluffed, swallowed up by a giant patterned cardigan.


He got his yes’s, and went to lay out his plan carefully, trying to prevent his voice from wavering. This was his fantasy after all, he was the one who had to take the reigns, had to keep out any traces of uncertainty or fear. If he wasn’t able to be confident, how could he expect Jungkook and Taehyung to feel safe?


“This is… something new, for Jungkook and I,” Yoongi started, giving Jungkook a soft smile, carrying it to Taehyung who was swallowing like something was trapped in his throat. “We’ve discussed it briefly, this particular fantasy, and honestly, I thought it would remain a fantasy forever but, Jungkook is obviously very attracted to you, Taehyung. And you’re attracted to him too, right?”


“Uhm, y-yes,” Taehyung stammered, hands clenched in his lap, avoiding Jungkook’s gaze. “Very m-much so,”


“And you still want to fuck him?”


Jungkook made a small noise, and Taehyung pulled his hands to his face trying to cover the blush that stained his tanned cheeks.




“Tell him, Taehyung. Jungkook should hear it properly,”


Jungkook was alert, sitting in the bean bag, doe eyes sparkling, pink lips parted and wet from where he’d licked them. Taehyung was shivering.


“I-- I want to fuck you,”


Jungkook was trembling now too, faced with the intensity of Taehyung’s gaze, with his bold words, uttered in that deep timbre. Jungkook looked at loss for words.


“Jungkook,” Yoongi cooed, watching with interest. “Do you want Taehyung to fuck you?”


“Uh huh,” his breath raced out, chest heaving, pretty eyes were dark with lust. “I want it, hyung,”


Yoongi felt his cock stir, felt like the air was punched out of him.


“You can always change your minds,” he managed to breath. “If… if you get uncomfortable--”


“Hyung,” Jungkook’s pretty lips tilted into a smirk, teasing, naughty, everything Yoongi needed to see right now, to put him back at ease. “Just... Just w-watch, okay? Relax and watch,”


Yoongi’s plans were thrown out the window as Jungkook stood to straddle a surprised yet very eager Kim Taehyung, thighs parted on either side of Taehyung’s, sinking into their housemate’s lap with a low gasp.


Yoongi was just going to have them hold hands for tonight, to have them get used to touching one another, for Jungkook to know what it felt like to touch a man that wasn’t Yoongi, for Taehyung to get used to Jungkook’s need for affection, for skin-on-skin contact.


He hadn’t expected to see Taehyung’s pretty hands, adorned with slim metal rings, to grip Jungkook’s tiny waist the way he was, harsh and demanding, sinking into fluffy pink fleece.


He hadn’t expected to see Jungkook whine from it, long lashes fluttering, lips parted as pretty noises spilled out, shifting his hips enough to grind himself against Taehyung’s crotch.


And he certainly had not fucking expected to see Jungkook lean in and kiss Taehyung, not like that, filthy from the moment their lips touched. Taehyung’s hands had crept beneath Jungkook’s pretty shirt, finger tips pressing into the rare soft parts of flesh that sat atop lean muscle, and the older boy was groaning into their kiss, deep and loud, hissing as Jungkook sucked his tongue, bit at his dark lower lip.


Yoongi could only watch on in awe, palm pressed to the aching bulge beneath his sweats as Jungkook’s hands tangled into blue hair, as he pressed himself closer, begged Taehyung to grip him harder with his tiny, pathetic whimpers. It was surreal to see Jungkook like this, from a distance instead of up close, seeing the way his body moved, fluid and strong as he rolled his hips against Taehyung.


He felt invisible, once again, and fuck, it made his cock impossibly harder.


“Is Taehyungie a good kisser?” Yoongi felt his voice rumble up his throat, and Jungkook giggled, pulling back from Taehyung’s drool slicked lips, eyelids heavy with lust.


“Yeah,” he breathed, and Taehyung’s hands gripped harder, leaving red marks to Jungkook’s soft skin. “Hyung, ‘s good, tastes like sorbet--”


Taehyung was tugging Jungkook’s waist urgently, his hips jerking from the couch with need, but Jungkook was ever the tease, only wriggling enough in Taehyung’s lap to force a growl out of the older man.


“Is this okay?” Jungkook asked Yoongi, tilting his head. “Do you like it, Yoongi hyung?”


“I love it,” Yoongi couldn’t stop the words from spilling forth. “Fuck, I love it, it’s so hot--”


“Taehyungie’s h-hard,” Jungkook whined. Yoongi felt his cock leak at the words, too distracted by their mouths meeting to remember that Jungkook was rutting against Taehyung’s dick. A single glance proved Jungkook’s words true, fabric pulled tight from where they met, rubbing together with every roll of hips.


“I think Taehyung should touch you some more, bun, what do you think?”


Jungkook was so bold, hoisting his shirt up to his underarms, chest flushed pink, cute nipples perky. He glanced away shyly though, his words so small as he asked.


“Hyung, w-want Tae to touch m-my chest--”


Taehyung’s hands were twitching. He wanted.


“Okay,” was all Yoongi could murmur, too overwhelmed with the visuals, heat licking up and down his spine. “Yeah, okay,”


Jungkook yelped as Taehyung surprised him with a harsh suck to his right nipple, taking it between his lips without warning, and Yoongi groaned, precum staining his slacks, seeping right through so he could feel it wet against the inside of his hand. Jungkook was gasping, hands shaking from where they held his shirt high, and Taehyung was greedy and unfaltering, mouthing at Jungkook’s chest with a hunger Yoongi had never seen before.


“Oh, Tae--” Jungkook’s head dropped back, silky hair catching the glow from the muted television, his thighs and hips quivering and jerking with each loud suck, Taehyung pulling back on the abused nub before diving in again, wet tongue flicking out to tease. A high pitched squeal filled the room as Taehyung thumbed at the other nipple, neglected, and Yoongi could see Jungkook was going to cum soon. It was written through his trembling body, and Yoongi wanted to see it so badly, so fucking badly.


“Taehyung, keep going,” he encouraged, feeling breathless. “He’s gonna cum, don’t stop--”


Taehyung groaned, didn’t relent, and when his hand trailed from Jungkook’s cute nipple down the softness of his bunched tummy, threatening to climb beneath the elastic waistband of those fluffy pink pants, Jungkook gasped and gasped and gasped.


His entire body heaved with his orgasm, shuddering in Taehyung’s lap, shirt dropping, hands pulling hard into Taehyung’s ocean hair.


“Taehyung, Taehyungie--” Jungkook was whimpering, tears falling, gleaming like starlight in the dim LED’s. “Tae--”


“Fuck,” Taehyung uttered into Jungkook’s chest, drool strung between the swollen nipple and his lips, eyes wide with awe. “Fuck, Jungkook--”


Jungkook was staring at Yoongi.


Yoongi could see it there, the need for more.


Insatiable as always.


“What do you want?” Yoongi asked.


“In--” Jungkook could barely string together his words. “In my mouth, wan’ it--”


“Want what in your mouth?”


“Taehyung’s cock,” Jungkook was so confident, all fucked out. “Can I? Hyung?”




This was… not how Yoongi had expected the night to go.




Taehyung’s thighs parted wide when Jungkook slid down to the carpet, between his knees with pink cheeks and shiny eyes. There was no hesitation, no foreplay now, as Jungkook yanked Taehyung’s trousers to his ankles and took the swollen cock between bitten wet lips without a second thought.


But Jungkook was too eager, choking as he tried to swallow it deep, pulling back with a ragged gasp. Taehyung looked like he didn’t know what to do with his hands, clenching and releasing his fists, and Jungkook was whining, annoyed, not wanting to be beaten.


“Slowly,” Yoongi encouraged, hand gripped firm around his own clothed cock, feeling it pulse with each heartbeat. “Taehyung is big, so you need to go slowly,”


Taehyung’s dick jumped in Jungkook’s grip, being talked about as if he wasn’t there, and Jungkook was nodding, teary eyed but determined, sinking his mouth back down again.


The sounds were almost too much, wet and slick and paired with Jungkook’s weak mewls, followed by loud gulps as he tried to swallow down more and more. Taehyung’s hands finally came to settle in Jungkook’s hair, lightly, not wanting to force him, knuckles white as he moaned and panted desperately.


“He’s good, right?” Yoongi asked, and Taehyung’s honeyed thighs were quivering as Jungkook sucked, worked the length he couldn’t fit in his mouth with his hand instead, stroking hard and slow.


“Y-yeah,” Taehyung sounded close now, the same way he had this morning, jerking his cock off for Yoongi at the dining table. “So good, f-feels so good--”


Another inch and Taehyung was whining loudly, back arching from the couch, Jungkook giggling happily with his mouth stuffed full. Like it was a game, like he was winning, being able to ease further and further, pulling back his hand as his lips met where it gripped.


It awed Yoongi and Taehyung both when Jungkook reached the base, his pretty sloped nose buried deep into dark hair, throat bobbing to accommodate the length in his throat. Taehyung was borderline crying, harsh sobs spilling from behind pearly teeth, tongue gleaming with drool as he struggled to catch his breath.


“Slut,” Yoongi uttered, more in awe than degradation, pride searing beneath his skin. “Greedy fucking slut,”


Jungkook hummed and Taehyung came with a shudder, moaning with that pretty, deep voice, holding Jungkook’s black hair between clammy fingers. Yoongi watched as Jungkook gulped hungrily, trying to swallow it all, but there was too much, too fucking much of it, and seeing another mans cum leak down Jungkook’s pretty lips was more than he could take anymore.


Yoongi pulled himself free from his trousers, needing to cum, to jerk himself to completion at the image of Taehyung pliant and fucked out, head lolled back on the couch, to the image of Jungkook between his knees, mouth and face wet with saliva and semen. But Jungkook was approaching, wet lips curling with mirth and he wanted to kiss the younger, wanted it so bad, but Jungkook took his cock, squeezed, and smiled prettily.


“Your turn, hyung,”


There was no chance of lasting long, Jungkook taking him to the base in a practised motion, tongue lapping at his balls, the head of his cock pressed into the heat of Jungkook’s tight throat. Yoongi couldn’t even move as he watched, seeing Taehyung’s mess still there, still sticky in Jungkook’s sweet Cupid’s Bow, sticky on his flushed skin.


Jungkook’s hair was messed and knotty from Taehyung, Yoongi’s knuckles getting tangled as Jungkook worked his length with messy slurps, pulling up, sliding back, drool leaking down his chin, down his stuffed throat.


Taehyung was watching too, intently but sleepily, down turned lips parted as he absorbed the sight of Jungkook doing what he did best, and Yoongi met his eyes, Taehyung blinking.


“Hyung?” Taehyung asked quietly, Yoongi’s stomach tensing as heat pooled there. “Was… was I g-good?”


Yoongi couldn’t hold in his whine, Taehyung so cute, asking for reassurance while Jungkook sucked him off.


“Y-yeah,” and Taehyung smiled, something dark shining in his pretty eyes. “Such a good boy, Taehyung--”


Yoongi came with a stuttered gasp, legs shaking, tummy quivering as surge after surge of sharp pleasure rocked through him, cursing as all eyes fell on him. Jungkook gulped down everything, tongue digging into his slit as if searching for more, rough against the sensitive tip, and Yoongi had to yank him back gently, throwing his head back against the couch.


“Holy shit,” he managed to gasp, trying to suck in air, body still thrumming with pleasure as his heart pounded violently beneath his sweaty shirt. “Fuck, fuck--”


“Am I a good boy too?” Jungkook was on his knees, wet stain on the front of his pants, looking euphoric, looking sated. “Hyung, am I?”


Yoongi couldn’t even bring himself to speak, feeling like a pile of jelly, boneless and shaking as they watched him struggle to catch his breath. Jungkook was smiling, wiping at his wet lips with fluffy sweater paws, and Taehyung was almost curled into Yoongi’s side, staring up with wide, dark eyes.


“Was this okay?” Taehyung whispered, like he was worried.


“Was it like what you wanted, hyung?” Jungkook whispered too.


Yoongi somehow managed a nod, head lolled on his shoulders, dick starting to get cold.


“Yeah,” he replied, reaching out to them both, one hand through dark hair, one hand through blue. “It was… so much fucking better than I thought it would be,”


“Lets do it again soon then,” Jungkook was so pretty, flushed and smiling.


Yeah, Yoongi thought, lips twitching.


Yeah, let’s do it again soon.


Yoongi had it all planned out, once again, figuring one night a week would be the right amount to sate everyone’s needs, to give them time to ease into the eventual reality of Taehyung fucking Jungkook, but, once again, it seemed things were out of Yoongi’s hands.


And he fucking loved it.


It was fun watching as the younger boys tiptoed around each other in Yoongi’s presence, wanting to touch but unsure if they were allowed, sharing heated looks through fluttering lashes, glancing back and forth between Yoongi and each other, and just that was enough to set heat blazing in Yoongi’s stomach, to see how long they could last without asking.


Yoongi didn’t admit it out loud, but apart from how hard it got him seeing Jungkook and Taehyung flirt and touch and kiss, the other great thing about this arrangement was the break it gave him from Jungkook’s insane insatiability. Not that he was left alone entirely, with Jungkook and Taehyung having exchanged nothing more than wanting looks, but he wasn’t getting his dick sucked dry three times a day now, which was actually kinda refreshing.


He felt more energetic, hadn’t run late for work in days, and when Jungkook did get him off in the evenings, it felt like goddamn fucking heaven, like rainbows were bursting out of his pores.


But he could tell Taehyung and Jungkook were getting desperate, wondering when then the day would come when Yoongi would watch as they touched, and soon Jungkook snapped, turning to glare at Yoongi, irritation dark through pretty doe eyes.




Jungkook was by the sink, washing his breakfast dishes, hair fluffed from sleep, pajamas creased. He looked sweet and angry, and Yoongi could only smile, gummy with mockery.




Jungkook blinked, huffed, and threw his head back on his shoulders.


“Why are you torturing me? You said we could soon, and it’s been ages,”


Yoongi spooned cereal hoops into his mouth, chewed slowly as Jungkook glowered, and then shrugged casually.


“You can do what you want bun, I’m not stopping you,”


Jungkook froze, hands still deep in sudsy sink water.




“Sure,” Yoongi continued, stuffing more cereal into his starving mouth, chewing loudly. “I just wanted to see how long it took for you to get desperate enough to ask,”


“I’m not desperate!” Jungkook pouted, brows furrowing beneath soft hair, scrubbing hard at a dirty plate. “I was just-- I w-was just checking that you still w-wanted--”


“Wanted to see you stuffed with Taehyung’s cock?”


Jungkook shivered, dropping the plate back into the water, pink flooding his puffed cheeks, turning his nose up in annoyance like the brat he was. Yoongi felt a surge of dominance take hold suddenly, breakfast forgotten as he pushed away from his chair, stalking across the kitchen to crowd Jungkook up by the counter. The younger was breathless in an instant, a small whine like music to Yoongi’s ears as he arched, perfect ass flush to Yoongi’s front.


“I’m being patient,” Yoongi whispered, hands coming to grip the sharp points of Jungkook’s hips, his dick swelling beneath his trousers, rutting once, twice up the crease of Jungkook’s ass. “Can you be patient, bun?”


“No,” Jungkook was honest with his words and his body, grinding back against Yoongi, thighs starting to shake. “I want it n-now,”


“Hmm, I think I changed my mind. You’ll have to keep waiting,”


Jungkook whined.




“Because it’s fun to see you this eager,”


“You’re a dick, Yoongi hyung,”


“Don’t be fucking rude,”


A tug to Jungkook’s hair had the pretty boy pliant and gasping, hips rolling back, dick tenting his pants, and Yoongi laughed into his ear, letting his teeth sink into the soft lobes, just enough.


“I never thought you’d like it this much,” Yoongi murmured, tongue flicking out to catch the silver stapled through Jungkook’s ear. “I thought I was going to suffer this fantasy alone for the rest of my life,”


“You like it more than I do,” Jungkook huffed, still annoyed, yet letting Yoongi pull him more, to expose the smooth column of his throat. “You’re a p-pervert, hyung,”


“And you’re a slutty brat, sulking because I said no to letting Taehyung fuck you,”


Jungkook was gone, pupils blown wide, red lips parted.


“Just w-wanna be full, please--”


“There we go,” Yoongi cooed, stroking Jungkook’s hair off his face gently. “There’s my honest boy. It’s not pretty when you sulk, bun,”


“S-sorry,” Jungkook mumbled, tears swelling on his water line, glittering in the morning light. “Hyung, I need--”


“I know,” Yoongi kissed his hair. “I know. So, let’s lay down some rules, hey?”


The hand in Jungkook’s hair trailed down to pinch a hard nipple, Jungkook squeaking in shock.


“Rule one. You’re allowed to kiss Taehyung when I’m present, whenever you like, however you like, but only in my line of sight. Understand?”


“Uh huh--”


“Use your words,”


“I understand,” he mewled, Yoongi pinching again, knowing the texture of the cotton caught on Jungkook’s chest would soon drive the younger wild.


“Rule two,” Yoongi continued, rocking against Jungkook’s ass slower but with more power, Jungkook trapped against the counters edge. “If I am not home, and you decide to tempt Taehyung, you will send evidence to me so I know what you’re doing. Understand?”


“Y-yeah, u-understand--”


“Last rule bun,” and Jungkook was shivering, Yoongi’s hand travelling downwards, slipping beneath the waistband to thumb at the wet head of Jungkook’s cock.


Jungkook sobbed.


“You are not allowed to let Taehyung fuck you, under any circumstance--”


Yoongi gripped at his boyfriends cock, squeezing as he rocked his hand down the length, and tears spilled down Jungkook’s cheeks, so pretty, so hot.


“-- your hole belongs to me, and I’ll share it with Taehyung when I choose. Understand?”


Jungkook came fast and messy, obviously pent up, if the volume of semen soaking Yoongi’s fingers and Jungkook’s pajamas was anything to go by. Small ‘ah ah ah’s,” left Jungkook’s dry lips, and Yoongi pulled out of the wet fabric with a sweet smile, another kiss to Jungkook’s hair, and a teasing slap on his perky ass.


“Behave while I’m at work,” Yoongi warned falsely, knowing he’d basically given Jungkook permission to run havoc on Taehyung’s restraint. “Remember my rules. Understand?”


Jungkook was a messy of sweaty hair and pruned hands, from sitting in the sink water far too long.


“Yeah,” Jungkook’s breath was heavy with exhaustion, but his eyes told all. “I understand, hyung,”


At first it was just photos; one to start with, the day after the sink incident, a simple cute selca of Jungkook and Taehyung on the couch, smiling, tv in the background.


Jungkookie <3 1:37pm

don’t we look cute hyung?

>imaged attached


Yes, Yoongi had texted back. Very cute. Wish I was there.


A selca followed the next day too, and the next and the next, sweet domestic shots snapped by Jungkook of the boys brushing their teeth, eating their food, doing the chores.


Then, it happened.


The cafe was quiet, Namjoon was swapping out yesterdays cookie’s for today’s muffins. His phone had vibrated in his back pocket innocuously and Yoongi had retrieved it. He saw the notification on the screen and smiled, expecting another cute photo, maybe more sleepy selcas to bless his average day. But no.


Jungkookie <3 11:17am

taehyungie is really good at photography, right hyung?

> image attached


Yoongi opened it without a thought, smile turning to shock, unable to suppress a whimper as his blood turned hot with arousal.


He locked his phone quickly, embarrassed, meeting Namjoon’s worried gaze.


“You alright?”


“Yeah,” Yoongi’s voice was as strained as his trousers, painfully so. “Just uhh, gotta-- bathroom--”


“Eww,’ Namjoon knew, Yoongi could tell from his face that he knew. “Get out of my cafe,”


Safe from Namjoon’s judgement in the men’s bathroom stall, Yoongi unlocked his phone again with clammy fingertips, and cursed rapidly under his short hurried breath. Maybe he’d been mistaken, maybe his mind had conjured images of what he was hoping to see. Maybe it really was just a cute innocent selca, nothing more than that.


But unlocking his phone to the photo once more had his knees buckling, having to sit down on the closed toilet lid to catch his breath as heat punched through his body.


Jungkook’s eyes were glittery and large, staring up at the camera held above him, Taehyung’s thick cock resting over the left half of his face. There was a glimpse of tiny pink tongue peeking out behind pretty bunny teeth, lips parted beneath the huge dick, like he was in awe, in heaven.


Yoongi was awed too, seeing Taehyung’s cock like this, almost forgetting how fucking huge it was, briefly wondering how the fuck Jungkook managed to fit the whole thing down his throat. It was thick all over, thick at the base, thick and dark at the head, veins sneaking it’s length beneath smooth tanned skin and cute freckles. Taehyung wasn’t even fully hard and he still covered most of Jungkook’s face. Yoongi groaned loudly.


He couldn’t stop staring, eyes flickering from where the tip of Taehyung’s dick spilled precum above Jungkook’s eyebrow, to the drool glistening inside Jungkook’s mouth through opened lips, back up to the raw hunger dashed through pretty black eyes. Another text popped through loudly, startling Yoongi from his daze.


Jungkookie <3 11:27am

i wish hyung was home, i want you to see me swallow it all


God, I want to see, Yoongi texted back with shaking fingertips, feeling sweat gather and spill beneath his hairline. Wanna see your ass take it all.


Jungkookie <3 11:28am

my ass? are you finally ready to share my hole, huh???


Yeah, the reply was lightning quick. I’m ready to share, so pick a day, bun. Any day, I’ll call in sick, I don’t fucking care, just wanna see you take it.


Jungkookie <3 11:30am

weekend. lets do it on the weekend


Okay, Yoongi wanted to touch himself, but he was already taking far too long in the bathroom, and it was never wise to leave Namjoon alone for too long.


Yoongi Hyung 11:31am

Yeah, okay, lets do it on the weekend.






The house felt empty when Yoongi got home, the lounge room silent, no television on, the kitchen unused and clean. Jungkook wasn’t in the bedroom either, and when Yoongi came to Taehyung’s room, knocking quietly, the door opened to wide eyes and blue hair, peeking through the crack.


“Tae, did Jungkook go out?”


Taehyung shook his hair opened the door, and pointed at his bed. There Jungkook was, sleeping soundly, hands bunched beneath the pillow, decked out in fleecy clothes beneath the soft cotton bedding. He was snoring softly, fluffy black hair spilling across Taehyung’s pillow, and Yoongi couldn’t help but coo. Jungkook was so perfect.


“He was helping me look over my photos for one of my projects,” Taehyung whispered, looking a bit sheepish. “I was gonna wake him but he looked too peaceful,”


“Yeah, he’s cute when he’s sleepy,” Yoongi smiled. “Wanna come have something to drink with me?”


The answer was a grin, boxy and wide and squishy, and Yoongi melted slightly.


Taehyung sipped from a mug of blackcurrant tea while Yoongi all but drained his dark coffee, sharing the dining table in comfortable silence.


“So,” Yoongi sipped quietly at the remnants in his cup, meeting Taehyung’s gaze. “Did Jungkook suck you off today?”


Taehyung choked on his tea loudly.




“Oh? Your photography was misleading then?”


Taehyung fidgeted, shy and blushing.


“H-he wanted to wait for you… for the weekend--”


“Ahh,” Yoongi raised a brow. “Isn’t that frustrating for you?”


Taehyung shrugged, averting his eyes.


“I… also wanted to w-wait for you...”


This surprised Yoongi.


“I like doing things with Jungkook,” Taehyung continued, trying hard to keep his voice steady. “But… I like it best when y-you’re watching us,”


“You do?”


“Yeah,” Taehyung’s eyes creased with a smile, cute and puffed, like crescent moons. “I feel good when I c-can make you happy. I feel good when Jungkook’s feeling good t-too but--”


Taehyung shrugged again.


“When you p-praise me, it feels the best. I like that the best,”


Two praise sluts, just for him.


Yoongi bit at the inside of his cheek to ground himself, dirty thoughts trying to tempt him elsewhere.


“You’re such a good boy, Taehyungie,”


Taehyung shivered and Yoongi licked at his lips.


“And you’re gonna fuck Jungkook so well, aren’t you?”


“Yeah,” Taehyung was already short of breath, huffing as his pretty fingers clenched around his teacup. “I’m g-gonna-- for you, hyung--”


Yoongi hummed in content.


He couldn’t wait for the weekend.


For days, it seemed like everyone was holding their breath. The house was packed full of weird tingly tension, strung through the hallways like cobwebs, sticky and invisible and unable to escape from, and Yoongi liked the way the younger boys flinched in his presence, so on edge.


Jungkook hadn’t touched Yoongi’s cock since the photo, hadn’t touched Taehyung’s, hadn’t touched his own, and Yoongi was proud of the self restraint the younger was showing, especially after asking why.


“Wanna be sensitive for it,” Jungkook whispered, the night before, yawning in Yoongi’s arms. “Wanna-- wanna feel it all so much,”


“Your gonna cum as soon as he touches you,” Yoongi whispered back. “Bun, you’re gonna fall apart,”


Jungkook huffed a sleepy laugh.


“That’s the point, hyung,”


Then, it was the day.


The day of Yoongi’s wet dreams, of his wildest fantasies, and he woke up trembling with nerves, trembling with excitement. But when he got out of bed, morning light pouring through the curtains to stain the room with yellow, Jungkook was no where to be found.


Neither was Taehyung, when he called out, checking his room, the bathroom, circling the house worriedly. Their shoes were missing by the front door, jackets gone from the hooks, and when Yoongi made it back to the kitchen, feeling panic start to take hold, he saw the note on the fridge.


Be back soon, gotta get some last things sorted for the day! You’ll be surprised hyung, I can’t wait to see your face >:)


There was some relief, but not enough to have his heart settle, even as he glued himself to the couch and tried to unwind with bland television programs. He scrolled his phone, had a nap, scrolled some more, and somehow evening had happened, the sky through the windows tinting fast with purples and blacks.


Jungkook and Taehyung burst through the door excitedly, giggling, smiles plastered over pretty faces, and Yoongi couldn’t find it in himself to be annoyed at having to stew in tension alone all day. Jungkook was swallowed up by his giant yellow sweater, Taehyung contrasting in shades of blues and greens, making his hair appear brighter, looking sweet in his thick rimmed glasses.


“Hyung, sorry we were out so late!” Jungkook smiled sheepishly, holding something behind his back. “We… had to get some things sorted for… y’know,”


Yoongi felt a little bit gross, being the only one in pajamas. He made the decision to get changed for that, wanting to look as good as the boys before him.


“It’s okay, I nearly missed the note on the fridge and had a heart attack though. A text might be better next time, hey?”


“You were so sleepy though, I didn’t want to wake you,”


Yoongi couldn’t argue with Jungkook’s pout.


“So, what’s in the bag?” Yoongi eyed it, Taehyung flushing red at Jungkook’s side.


“Taehyung and I went shopping for a surprise,”


A surprise. Yoongi swallowed loudly.


“You… you were out all day shopping?”


Jungkook bit his lip.


“We… we went to a clinic too. G-got some tests done,”




“Yeah,” Jungkook was beet red and avoiding Yoongi’s gaze. “To check so… s-so Taehyung can cum inside m-me--”




Oh, holy fuck, oh.


Yoongi felt winded, inhaling sharply.


Picturing Jungkook, wet and leaking with Taehyung’s cum had him hard as rock in his fucking pajamas, and he was so goddamn ready.


“I can’t believe this is happening,” he uttered, blinking, shaking his head. “Shit, it’s actually happening,”


“Do you still want it?” Jungkook asked, quietly, Taehyung swallowing nervously. “You… you c-can change your mind as well, if you--”


“I want it so badly,” Yoongi couldn’t keep the whine from his tone. “I need it,”


“Let’s get ready then,” was all Jungkook replied, shy and sweet and perfect.


Taehyung showered first and then took Yoongi down the hall, to the Spare Room, a chair already set up beside the bed for Yoongi to watch from. Taehyung tidied while they waited for Jungkook, and Yoongi took the time to admire what Taehyung had done to the room.


A bookcase brimming with fantasy novels and art books sat on the far wall, shelves littered with figurines and frames filled with family photos and pictures of Yeontan, Taehyung’s cute Pomeranian with some very serious eyebrows. There was a soft lamp on Taehyung desk, filling the small room with soft romantic light, joined by delicate fairy lights strung across the walls, polaroid photos pegged to the wires.


“These are really pretty,” Yoongi said, pointing at the square photos strung from the walls. “I’ve always liked polaroids,”


“Here,” Taehyung gasped, rummaging through a draw in his desk, pulling forth a cute pastel camera, handing it to a surprised Yoongi. “This is my old one. You should take it and make some nice memories yourself. I’ve got endless film, so, don’t hold back,”


Yoongi hummed, held the camera up, and snapped a shot of Taehyung, who instinctively posed for the lens. The film filtered out of the camera slowly with a whirring sound, pitch black, and Taehyung smiled, taking the camera from Yoongi’s hands.


“Don’t shake the film,” He warned with laughter in his voice. “Everyone does it, but you don’t really need to. Here, I’ll take one of you,”


The flash was blinding but fast, and Yoongi blinked rapidly, watching as camera produced another black square into Taehyung’s long fingers. His photo of the pretty boy had already developed in his lap, and Taehyung looked perfect-- eyes focused, hair bright, face stoic and handsome. Yoongi laughed.


“You look like a model,”


Taehyung blushed.


“Ahh, I’ve had practice in front of cameras. I kinda know what to do. You look cute in yours too, hyung,”


“I should take some of Jungkook,” Yoongi smiled fondly, thinking about how cutely Jungkook would pose for them. Then, an idea appeared.


“I should… take some of Jungkook tonight,” he continued, watching as Taehyung caught on, eyes wide beneath his spectacles, sucking his lower lip in to bite at. “Of you and Jungkook. For memories,”


“I--” Taehyung swallowed, throat bobbing. “--yeah, I’d l-like that,”


There was a timid knock at the door, and both Yoongi and Taehyung froze.


“Can… can I come in?”


“Yeah,” Yoongi felt almost faint from how fast his heart was pounding. “Come in, bun,”


Jungkook stepped through and it felt like time had slowed, like the world had stopped spinning, and Yoongi was breathless taking in his boyfriend, eyes raking down his perfect body.


Fluffy socks climbed his ankles, tiny, tiny shorts dug harsh into his solid golden thighs, and he was draped in a flimsy pink sweater, hanging down past his clenched fists, stopping short just above his navel. There were traces of gloss on his pouted lips, a shimmer of something dark and sultry on his eyelids, and if Yoongi didn’t know any better, there was a smudge of black liner beneath long lashes, making Jungkook look sweet and impossibly pretty.


Yoongi groaned in unison with Taehyung, and Jungkook tilted his head bashfully, silky hair falling across his forehead.


“Is… this okay?”


“You look incredible,” Taehyung stole the worlds from Yoongi, moving on his own as Yoongi watched, letting his pretty ringed fingers come to touch the exposed flesh of Jungkook’s tummy. Jungkook shivered, gasping, shiny lips falling open.


“Hyung?” Jungkook had to check, had to make sure everything was okay, that this was perfect for Yoongi, what Yoongi wanted. “D-do you like it?”


“Yes,” Yoongi clenched around the camera, scared of breaking it, feeling heat pool between his legs. Taehyung was so tall, so broad and fucking handsome in his glasses and his loose shirt, Jungkook looking so soft, looking so dainty beside him. “So perfect bun, so pretty--”


Jungkook keened at the praise, gasping more as Taehyung’s fingers touched, coming to grip his narrow waist.


“What… what should we do for you?” Jungkook asked quietly, waiting for Yoongi’s answer. Taehyung was almost vibrating with need, quivering beneath his clothing.


Yoongi wanted to be invisible.


“Just…” He was almost lost for words. “Get on the bed and… p-pretend I’m not here,”


“I thought you were going to tell Tae how to fuck me?” Jungkook was playing coy, a slyness in his smile that had Yoongi’s stomach swooping, had the urge to dominate start to rise in flushes of heat.


“I’ll tell him what to do when I’m ready,”


The younger men shivered, and Yoongi watched on silently.


He really, truly felt like a ghost as he stared from his chair with the camera in hand, as Taehyung leaned into the headboard of his bed, Jungkook straddling him slowly. It was sweet, gentle, soft, and Yoongi was swelling fast beneath his nice trousers, unable to draw his eyes away.


Jungkook nuzzled his nose to Taehyung’s, like shy teenagers figuring out how to kiss for the very first time, pink sweater paws coming to wrap around Taehyung’s neck, and then their lips were meeting fast, glimpses of tongue visible as they kissed at each other hungrily. Jungkook was already whining, there were already tears sparking on his lower lashes from his desperation, from having restrained so long for this moment, and Taehyung was huffing as they pulled from one another, short of breath, saliva strung between their swollen lips.




Tae replied with another greedy kiss, squeezing Jungkook’s waist enough to force out a mewl, hands travelling to grip at his ass. Taehyung’s rings were gleaming in the fairy lights, every vein on his hand shadowed and strong, and like this he looked so domineering, so massive, pulling Jungkook apart little by little. Yoongi couldn’t wait to see what would happen when Jungkook took his cock, couldn’t wait--


“In--” Jungkook was whimpering, eyes sparking from the hints of makeup, and Taehyung suddenly turned his gaze to Yoongi, eyes wide, glancing from Yoongi to the camera. Yoongi understood. He raised it and snapped the shot, the whirring of the film making Jungkook whine in Taehyung arms. Taehyung was waiting for an answer, for a sign, so obedient. Truly a good boy.


“Finger him open,” Yoongi tugged the film from the camera, Taehyung swallowing loudly. “Give him what he needs,”


Taehyung pulled open the drawer beside his bed, hand fumbling nervously, pulling out a bottle of fresh lube. The way he tore the plastic wrap off with sharp teeth and wild eyes had Jungkook gasping, so eager, hips jerking against his will and Yoongi would have laughed if it wasn’t so fucking hot-- Jungkook already on the cusp of his orgasm, just from a little bit of touching, a little bit of kissing. It would have worried him if he didn’t already know how much Jungkook loved being used post orgasm, over and over and over.


Taehyung was about to learn Jungkook’s true nature, and it had Yoongi sweating behind his knees.


Jungkook was yanking down his cute shorts, struggling with the angle, struggling with the older man beneath him, remedied fast by Taehyung leaning him back into the covers, sliding them off himself. Jungkook panted like an animal in heat, head tilted back, throat exposed, naked thighs parting wide enough for Taehyung to slip through them, letting out small words laced with begging, tiny words of “please” and “need it” and “give me”.


His toned stomach was heaving, tense and pretty as it caught the light, every perfect curve shadowed, every soft patch of skin bright, and his cock was stiff and leaking rapidly, cum pooling in his cute hair, sticking it together at the base of his erection. Taehyung’s glasses had slipped to the tip of his nose, long lashes fluttering in awe as he took in the sight laid out before him, leaning to suck the precum beading at the head, Jungkook letting out a shrill moan.


“F-fuck--!” Jungkook sobbed, and he really was crying now, so overwhelmed, so fucking sensitive. “Tae, p-please--!”


“Shh,” Taehyung tried to soothe him, pulling the lube bottle from the tangle of duvets, his free hand stroking down Jungkook’s trembling thigh. “Don’t cry, it’s okay--”


“Need it, need it, n-need it--!”


Yoongi snapped another photo, film whirring.


Needy, needy cry baby.


Jungkook came with a stuttered whimper, Taehyung gasping in surprise, having only slipped a single lubed finger into Jungkook’s ass, and Yoongi watched as cum splattered against Jungkook’s tummy, ruined his pretty sweater, dirtied poor Taehyung’s bed sheets. Taehyung was frozen in shock, blinking with his mouth wide, unsure of what to do.


“Keep going,” Yoongi murmured, Taehyung’s head snapping to glance him, Jungkook whining.


“A-are… are you sure?” Taehyung’s voice was so small as he whispered.


“I like it, p-please,” Jungkook mewled, having caught his breath enough to speak. “Don’t s-stop--”


Taehyung obeyed, slipping his finger back inside, Jungkook gasping and arching up from the rumpled sheets.


“Yes,” the pretty boy hissed, a single tear rolling down his dewy skin. “Yes, m-more, more--”


Taehyung cursed, eyes dark with lust, crouched over Jungkook like a wild animal while his cock tented his loose slacks. Yoongi snapped another photo. Whirr.


“So desperate,” Yoongi murmured, pulling the film free, setting it down in his lap, avoiding where his own cock bulged the fabric. “Taehyung, see how desperate he is?”


“Yeah,” Taehyung breathed, eyes locked on Jungkook’s face, taking in every change of expression as he worked at his hole, fingers squelching as they rocked inside him slowly. He slipped in another, three fingers now, and Jungkook sobbed happily. “He… r-really likes it, hyung,”


“That’s because he’s a slut,” Yoongi felt his lips pull back into a grin, Jungkook shivering at the degrading pet name, Taehyung starting to fuck his fingers faster. “Isn’t he, Taehyungie?”


“Slut,” Taehyung hissed. God, it sounded so fucking good in his low voice, rough with lust, dark with desire.


“That’s right,” Yoongi couldn’t help but palm himself now, watching as Jungkook flushed with humiliation. “Greedy, slutty Jungkookie,”


“F-fill me,” Jungkook wasn’t defending himself, spreading his legs more, reaching for Taehyung with his shaking hands, trying to pull him closer. “Want it, w-wan’ it, please--”


Taehyung whined.


Yoongi smiled.


“Fuck him,” and Yoongi’s command had the boys gasping, Taehyung’s head falling as he reached to untie his trousers, hands shaking. “Give the needy slut what he wants,”


Yoongi had to hold in his own whimper when Taehyung freed his dick, hanging heavy between his thighs, Jungkook staring at it with his pretty lips parted.


“God,” Jungkook writhed, arching his ass off the mattress, trying to wriggle closer. “Yes, y-yes, please Taehyungie--”


“Fuck,” Yoongi felt laughter in his throat. “Jungkook, you’re so shameless,”


“Please,” Jungkook was sobbing. “H-hyung, please--”


“Turn him over,” Yoongi asked, needing to capture the moment Taehyung sank into him, capture it on film forever. “I want to see his face,”


Jungkook squeaked as Taehyung man-handled him around, tanned hands grabbing at his waist, forcing him into the soft covers, and Jungkook was writhing, ass trembling, fingers poking out of his fleecy sweater to grip the mattress edge for dear life. His pretty lashes were clumped with tears, tip of his slopey nose flushed with pink, lips swollen and wet and bitten and Taehyung was slicking himself up hastily, groaning. Yoongi raised the camera, waiting.


The expression change was instantaneous, and Yoongi snapped, blinking with awe, Jungkook’s sobs filling the room. Whirr.


Jungkook couldn’t even get words out, eyelids fluttering, glitter from his makeup twinkling in the lights, knuckles white and his entire body vibrating as his ass swallowed up Taehyung’s huge cock. It was the prettiest fucking sight of Yoongi’s life, and he could only watch on in sheer amazement as Jungkook finally sobbed, wet and whining, drool bubbling out from perfect lips.


Taehyung was still sliding in, still filling him up, sweat running down his caramel skin, glasses dangerously close to falling from his perfect nose, and Yoongi watched Taehyung pull at Jungkook’s ass cheek, to watch as he was swallowed to the base.


“Fuck,” Taehyung growled, gritting his teeth, lifting the hem of his shirt for a better view. “Fuck, ‘s tight--”


“Hyuuung--” Jungkook’s voice was so small, soft and close to shattering. “Y-y-yes--”


“Is it big?” Yoongi couldn’t control his tone, couldn’t hide the curiosity. “Are you nice and full?”


“Mmf--” Jungkook was cut short as Taehyung rocked forward, just slightly, just enough.


“You look full,”


Jungkook sobbed.


“You look so pretty, Jungkookie,”


“Hyung,” Taehyung was gasping, unbuttoning his shirt hurriedly, tearing it away from his body, glasses joining the clothing on the floor. “C-can I--”


“Yeah,” Yoongi nodded, heart thrumming. “Yeah,”


The sounds that left Jungkook’s mouth were messy and loud, pitch diving and jumping with each wet thrust, Taehyung gripping at his small hips, pulling him back on his cock hard. Yoongi could see Jungkook’s toes curling from behind Taehyung, cute socks wrinkled, clenching and releasing. Drool was shiny all over Jungkook’s chin, his cheeks, dropping his face into a wet patch of sheets as he whined and whined and whined, and Yoongi was done waiting now, couldn’t stand it any longer.


Cock in hand, he watched and stroked himself to Jungkook’s weak mewls, to the slick sounds of Taehyung fucking into his hole, flesh slapping and squelching, Taehyung’s stuttering out deep groans as his orgasm approached.


“Hyung--” Jungkook was slurring his words, looking at Yoongi with stars in his eyes. “D’you l-like i-it--?”


“Not as much as you d-do,” Yoongi teased, also close, hand all slicked up with precum. “You look so pretty on Taehyungie’s cock--”


“Hngh--” Jungkook was utterly fucked out now, so far gone, Taehyung unrelenting in his punishing thrusts. There was so much power behind those long legs, Taehyung’s thighs tensed behind honeyed skin, and Jungkook was drooling fucking everywhere, eyed rolled to the back of his skull.


“So good,” Taehyung gasped, fingertips digging deep into the soft of Jungkook’s hips. “Hyung--”


“You can cum,” Yoongi gave permission, knowing that’s what Taehyung was waiting for, was what Taehyung needed, and Taehyung huffed, pace picking up, Jungkook seizing beneath him. Jungkook’s orgasm pushed Taehyung over the edge, his hips stuttering, pressing himself flush to the soft flesh of Jungkook’s used ass, twitching and jerking as he came.


Yoongi followed quickly too, the visuals too much, the sounds more than he could take, his fantasy fulfilled and so much more perfect than he could have ever fucking imagined. He gasped as his load dirtied his hand, his clothes, dripping onto the stack of lewd polaroids that had built up on his lap, and when he finally gained his breath back, finally felt the shocks of his orgasm pass, Taehyung was slipping out of Jungkook, kissing at the pliant boy sweetly.


It warmed Yoongi’s heart, seeing Jungkook taken care of so tenderly, seeing Jungkook glowing with happiness, still struggling to catch his breath, still shaking in the bed sheets. Then Taehyung was looking at him, wide eyes glittering, ocean hair messy and damp, lips slick from Jungkook’s kisses.


“Hyung… was-- w-was it g-good?”


Taehyung actually looked ready to burst into tears, and Yoongi couldn’t help himself, standing up, cum stained photos falling to the carpet in his haste to reach the boys.


“It was so good Taehyungie,” Yoongi didn’t feel weird at all, leaning to kiss Taehyung’s forehead, a pleased purr rumbling up Taehyung’s throat. “Such a good boy, you did so good for us,”


“Kiss,” Jungkook whined, eyes sleepy, wiping away his drool with his sweater sleeve. “Hyung, kiss him,”


Taehyung’s kisses were different from Jungkook’s, not as demanding, not as heated, but he was soft, warm and tasted like sex, and Yoongi kissed him until they were breathless and smiling.


They helped Jungkook to the bathroom, stripped him down, ran a hot tub of water and strawberry bubbles, Taehyung pulling Jungkook to his chest as they relaxed. Yoongi smiled as Jungkook dozed off against Taehyung, watching the older boy stroke black hair from his sleepy eyes.


“Was it weird?” Yoongi asked, perched on the closed toilet lid, hands previously scrubbed clean in the sink. “Fucking him in front of me?”


“Nah,” Taehyung was smiling, perfect and boxy, eyes heavy with exhaustion. “I like you guys, so… wasn’t weird. I liked it too much, I think,”


“Oh yeah?” Yoongi raised a brow.


“Yeah,” Taehyung blushed slightly. “I… I never thought I’d get off on being watched, but, here we are,”


“If it makes you feel any better,” Yoongi laughed with a shrug. “I never thought I’d get off on watching my boyfriend of four years get dicked down by another man. But here we are,”


Taehyung sighed.


“Kinks are weird,”


“Fun though,” Yoongi added. “More fun than my brain wanted me to believe,”


“Bet you were wrestling that one for a while, huh?”


Yoongi grinned, wide and gummy.


“You have no fucking clue,”






“Oh my god, tell me it’s not true,” Namjoon said as Yoongi stepped into the cafe, not even tied into his apron yet.


“What the fuck are you talking about?” Yoongi immediately knew exactly what he was talking about. He started to sweat.


“Jin said that Jimin texted him that Jungkook texted him that you guys… did it with Taehyung,”


Yoongi shuffled uncomfortably.




“Gross, hyung!” Namjoon scrunched his nose. “No, please, I can’t believe you fucked Seokjin’s cousin!”


“Did you just swear?”


“Shut up Min Yoongi, oh my god, you’re so gross--”


Yoongi flushed red.


“Also I didn’t fuck Taehyung! And if Jin knows and it’s such a big deal, why isn’t he here to reprimand me, huh?”


Namjoon was blinking with wide eyes.


“Wait, who fucked Taehyung then?”


“Taehyung fucked Jungkook,” Yoongi corrected him.


“And what were you doing while that happened?” Namjoon regretted those words as soon as they spilled out, hands clasping over his mouth.


“Took photos of them,” Yoongi grinned. “Wanna see?”


“No, gross. What is going on, I’m so confused right now,”


Yoongi finally strapped himself into his apron and joined Namjoon behind the counter.


“Since when did you get so nosy about my sex life anyways?”


Namjoon was suddenly serious, running a hand through his styled hair with a soft frown.


“Taehyung is family, he’s important to us, I don’t want to see him hurt when--”


Yoongi understood.


“Taehyung is very precious to us too,” Yoongi reassured, patting Namjoon on the back. “And we’re never going to toss him to the side,”


Namjoon looked sated, but worried.


“Seokjin will kill you if you hurt him,”


Yoongi smiled.


“I am aware,”


The day was busy with coffee and customers, Namjoon serving with his handsome dimpled smile, Yoongi drawing cats into latte foam. He could feel his phone buzzing in his pocket, could feel his heart warm and beat beneath his crisp shirt, and when he finally found a moment to check the text, he was grinning.


Jungkookie <3 11:56am

we miss you hyung!!! come home soon! we love you!!

> image attached


Jungkook and Taehyung were snuggled on the couch, Jungkook pulling faces, Taehyung kissing into black hair, and Yoongi felt overwhelmed for a second, at how generous life was, how fucking blessed he was with his two pretty boys.


Setting it as his new lock screen, he tucked his phone away, frothed milk for the new orders, and smiled.




He couldn’t wait to get home.