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Consequences - And so it Begins...

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"So, what do you want me to do?" Cody asked. Lindsay and Michael had called him on Tuesday, asking for a meeting. The undercover agent had to keep his smile in check to make sure Justin's husband won't ever have to deal with those two idiots. Cody and Brian had never met but he knew that the brunette made his cousin happy and for Cody, that's all that matters. He would do anything to help and support his blonde cousin.

"We want you to hurt someone. Badly." Lindsay told him.

"You have to kill someone for us." Michael said at the same time.

Cody groaned inwardly. Those two idiots really were stupid. They couldn't even wrap their heads about what they actually wanted. "What is it?" He asked, his tone deadly serious with a strong hint of annoyance. "Hurt or kill? Make up your mind, I have better things to do."

Lindsay looked at Michael and sighed. "How much would we need to pay for you to kill the intruder we need to get rid off?"

"Easy. Hurting someone is $10,000. You want me to kill that person? It's $50,000." Cody told them, acting all bored.

"THAT MUCH?" Michael shrieked.

"What do you think? I have to kill a person. That means I have to observe said person, make sure there won't be any witnesses, he has to be dead and I need to get away right after. So payment is upfront. No contact after the job is done. And once I have the payment there won't be any contact either." Cody explained the rules to the idiot named Michael.

"Okay. Lindsay and I will have the money by Friday. We'll meet at 5pm here again with the money and infos about your target." Michael said, got up and walked out of the small café, leaving Lindsay to pay their bill.


"But daddy, I want to stay here with you and papa. Jenny should stay, too. It's better than with the moms. Momma is great but mommy isn't. She will talk badly about papa and I don't want to hear it." Gus said defiantly.

Brian shook his head in desperation. He hated to let Gus go back home but they had to act like nothing was different. Mel took the week off to make sure Lindsay doesn't do anything do hurt either of the children. "Gus, momma will be with you and Jenny all the time. If you don't go home your mommy will raise all kinds of hell and we don't want that. It's only for a couple of days, a week or two. Not longer. Then you and Jenny will be staying with us forever. Justin told Mel to move in so you and Jenny could be together and your momma agreed. It's all going to be okay, sonny boy. I promise." The brunette told his son gently.

"Okay, but only because I know you never break your promises." The young boy finally agreed, albeit reluctantly.

The boy might be young but he knew something was up. He loved his home with Jenny and Mel but he had a much bigger room at Britin and a huge garden including a pool and their own playground. He figured that the mansion his fathers shared was a child's dream. Very much paradise-like and he wanted to live there all the time. With his momma Mel and his sister Jenny.


"I know this isn't what you are used to, Hank but it's all I can really afford at the moment." David explained. His son was so traumatised by the recent events in his life and he hated not being able to buy the food he always had and liked.

"I know, dad. I'm not mad. It's just, I… I really don't like Pepsi and the other sort of cola. Coca Cola tastes better than the others. Would it be okay if I take just two bottles and stick to juice then? Please?" Hank asked, rather begged. Although it was true, he was used to the finer things in life, he didn't really care much for the famous and expensive brands. Except when it comes to Coca Cola. He hoped that 2 bottles instead of 6 or more would be okay for his dad. He was relieved to see his dad nod in agreement with a small smile.

"David, how are you? What a surprise to see you here." Ben greeted the doctor with a smile.

"Ben!" David exclaimed surprised. "What a coincidence. Hank, this is Ben Bruckner. Ben, this is my son Hank." The doctor introduced the two.

"Nice to meet you, Sir." Hank greeted politely.

"Likewise, Hank. I actually just met your dad recently. He mentioned you're just a little younger than my son, Hunter." Ben said but was interrupted by Hank.

"Hunter? What a cool name. I bet he loves it." Hank smiled. Ben noticed how relaxed and happy David reacted. The professor could only imagine how much Hank's excited chatter meant to the doctor.

"He does. Are you having plans tonight?" Ben asked, after a thought came to his mind.

"No plans. We're still trying to decorate our little apartment." David answered.

"Well, then I insist to have the two of you coming over for dinner with me and Hunter tonight. I tend to cook healthy food but if that isn't to your taste I could prepare something else." Ben suggested.

"Oh wow. Yes. Can we come a bit earlier so we can cook together?" Hank begged excitedly. "I love to cook. Well, I just started helping my mom with the cooking but it's fun and I like it."

"I'd love that." Ben smiled. "Hunter won't be there to help since he's spending most of the afternoons with Jenny now so Mel can work and won't have to worry about her so much."

"Thank you, Ben. Why don't we buy what we need now?" David replied. Ben was a great guy and he couldn't understand how Michael had let the professor go so easily.

"Yes! Let's do that." Hank said and dragged the two men to the different sections in the store.