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Some of my prompts that I won’t get to writing

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Idea 1: Western Age


Backstory/Reason: My first ever bmc fanfic idea was that they all lived in the western era. I loved that idea and I even started a series, but I got bored and forgot about it.

I put characters to roles and everything, so like if you wanna use them in the same position go for it lol.

Michael- Cowboy

Jeremy- Classic Western Lady except a male

Jake- Sheriff

Rich- Robber

Jenna- Reporter

Chloe- Prostitute

Brooke- Bartender

Mr.Reyes- Mayor

Mr.Heere- Tobacco Farmer

Squip- Mafia leader

Christine- Deputy


-And again, this isn’t me telling you what character should be whichever role


~                                            ~


Next idea: Schizophrenia


Backstory: I had this idea come to me whilst listening to Voices In My Head and it’s that Jeremy Heere has schizophrenia and imagined this whole universe and he’s actually in a psychiatric hospital.


Reason: I didn't know how to execute this idea so I then gave up, but if you feel inspired go ahead and run with it.


~                                            ~


Next idea: Groundhog Day


Backstory: I was playing a game of Would You Rather and got asked the question, “Would you rather skip through a whole year or relive the same day for 365 days?” I then got a story idea.

Prompt: Rich goes through a Groundhog Day-type-situation and just makes crazy decisions. He ends up losing track of what day he’s on and makes a permanent decision and has to live with it now.

Reason: I never ended up looking at it again after writing the idea down

~                                            ~

Next idea: Hot and Dangerous/Murderous

Backstory: I was playing bitlife and murdered a bunch of people and was also a detective then I was like, “That’ll make a suspenseful story.”

Idea: (I never put characters to the idea) C/N (character name) works as a detective and also murders a /bunch/ of people. They’re a serial killer and really good at what they do, hence why they’ve never been caught... until c/n gets put on their own murder case...


Reason: I didn’t look at the idea again after writing it down


~                                            ~


Well that’s all the ideas from me, hope someone finds this helpful!