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On this endless night, even the moon is drunk

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The stench of blood suffocates Seokjin.


He doesn’t know how long he’s been staring at the mess on his tattoo shop floor. He doesn’t know if he can move at all. Seokjin’s thoughts run rampant as he tries to think of the next thing that he should do- anything , he begs himself, anything better than just standing there.


The automatic alarm of his wall clock snaps Seokjin out of the statue-like posture he’s been holding for the past ten minutes. He looks sideways to the full length mirror he has in his shop and inspects himself. Illuminated by the natural burgundy lighting the shop, Seokjin can see the splatters of blood all over his white shirt. As he looks further down, he sees that his lower body takes the brunt of the mess- the blood soaking up the lower half part of his jeans.  Lastly, he looks at his own face- the speckles of blood the only thing that’s giving his face color right now.


Seokjin shakes his head and makes himself move towards the bathroom. He stumbles upon the sink in his rush while opening the door and he finally sees himself in decent lighting.


Here in the space where Seokjin can lean further to check himself in the mirror, he can see the dried blood crusting on his face, his hollow, sunken eyes highlighting the lack of rest he’s been having and his lips chapped from biting the skin off of it.


He was a mess.


He brings his hands in front of him to see the blood that’s drying on the skin and how badly he’s shaking. Seokjin immediately turns on the faucet to wash it off. He puts his still shaking hands under the water and rubs it together in an effort to rinse it off.


After a few of unsuccessfully washing the blood off of him, his breathing quickens. He sobs as he scrubs his hands faster.


It's not coming off.


The bathroom starts to flood as Seokjin keeps the water running to scrub off the remaining evidence of blood in his hands. Little by little it’s coming off, Seokjin notes but he notices that even the bathroom’s floor stained with brown residue of blood. He shakes his his head and convinces himself to deal with it later, focusing on the matter of hand. Seokjin scrubs his hands faster.


With only the trace of brown stains on his hands, Seokjin backs away until his back touches a wall. He looks up again to see the deranged version of himself with unkempt hair, bloodshot eyes and splats of blood all over his shirt. He takes a deep breath as he closes his eyes


I can do this. He thinks as he slows his breathing down.


What's the first step into getting away with murder? Clean up the evidence.


Seokjin takes another deep breath and opens his eyes. He looks at himself again and this time, the fear and unshed tears were now replaced with determination. Seokjin feels himself come back to his senses as the hears sounds of the water still running gets louder and and goes to turn off the faucet.


Seokjin moves almost like a robot after that- performing one task after another. He washes his face and dries it with a clean tower. He fixes his hair to make it seem like he was off to work, and changes his clothes he fished out from his emergency closet.


Seokjin stands straight in front of the mirror and checks for any imperfections that may relate him to the crime scene just fifteen meters away from him.


There’s none.


Good as new , he thinks to himself as he turns from side to side. He takes a deep breath and tries to relax for a bit


Deafening silence can be heard to an unsuspecting bystander but if one listens hard enough, they can hear the drops of blood still dripping from the still man that is still seated on his chair.


Seokjin’s hand shakes as he reaches out for the doorknob. After a few seconds, he finally opens it, only to be hit by the overwhelming metallic smell of blood and the visual of a man seated on  a chair limbs all spread out, blood pooled over the floor underneath him and whose lifeless eyes are looking up to the ceiling.


He walks towards him and puts his right palm over the man’s eyes to close it. He leans in closer to whisper right at his ear, "You fucking deserved it, you piece of shit." Seokjin hisses.


After a moment of collecting himself, Seokjin goes to the supply closet to get rags and a container that holds the peroxide solution.




Jesus Christ, that man was heavy. Seokjin thinks as he leans over his closed trunk on both hands. He sees the condensation of the cold winter night of Seoul with every breath he takes. Seokjin looks around for any bystander. He wouldn’t have to worry about any surveillance since his shop was placed in a blind spot where no camera could capture it clearly.


Seokjin shakes off the dust on his hands before walking up to his shop to lock it. Seokjin shivers and wraps his coat tighter around himself as he walks along the deserted street. He could only hear his footsteps and the brisk wind of the early morning.


Just as he was finishing up, Seokjin hears a police car with its siren on passing along the crossing near him. He quickly double checks his locks before briskly walking to his car. He gets in on the driver’s side and starts up the engine. Seokjin taps his foot impatiently as his car revs up seemingly slower than usual- he just wants to get out of range of the police doing their standard rounds along the city.


Seokjin immediately pulls out of the curb as soon as he can and tries to drive normally until he was at least a mile away from his street. He sighs in relief as he turns on a corner where he can spot the highway only a few meters away. He cherishes the seemingly unnerving peace that the dark highway gives him. Seokjin settles as he drives through a smooth road with its trees caving in the farther he gets- as if it’s protecting him.


After a few minutes of just driving along an endless highway, Seokjin decides to turn on his radio to further calm his nerves. He lets the crooning voice of the singer wash over him as he ignores the dead body on his trunk- and it works... mostly, until he had to slam on his breaks to avoid hitting the limping man trying to cross the highway.


“Fucking shit!” Seokjin exclaims.


I just want to hide a dead body peacefully, is that too much to ask for? Seokjin doesn't want another death on his hands, thank you very much.


He punches the steering wheel in frustration and leans his head on it to catch his breath and gather his bearings. Seokjin takes a deep breath as he leans back on his seat and sees the man still standing there and covering his eyes to cover the harsh lights his headlights were emitting. Seokjin his opens his car door to check on the guy.


Enraged at the almost heart attack the stranger gave him, he stomps as he approaches him. "Fucking hell! This is a fucking highway you-" Seokjin immediately halts his stride as he got a complete look on the stranger.




"Yeah sorry, man, just out of it" The man rubs his neck before looking at Seokjin from under his lashes. The man was covered in splats of dried blood and terribly beaten up from what Seokjin could see- from the purple bruise on his cheek, the busted bottom lip and the bruised knuckles. Even with the state the guy was in, Seokjin couldn’t help but notice that the guy was gorgeous, his lithe form seemingly fitting his high cheekbones and sharp jawline.


The guy must have noticed Seokjin’s prolonged silence and looks up from inspecting his knuckles. His lips curl up into a smirk as they make eye contact. Seokjin looks away and clears his throat.


“Help me up?” Seokjin looks back at the stranger who still has a smirk on his face and is holding his hand out for Seokjin to take. He feels his face heat up as he takes it and pulls up the man to a standing position- that turned out to be too close .


Seokjin’s breath hitches as he comes face to face with the man, who seemed much more beautiful up close. Their faces were mere inches apart but none of them made a move to pull away. Seokjin gulps as he sees the guy’s eye drop down to his lips and up again. “Hey, gorgeous.”


Seokjin doesn’t know how long they were all up in each other’s spaces but he can’t look away either. The stranger leans in-


“I have a first aid kit in my car!” Seokjin says hastily. The guy looks stunned but composes himself quickly, his smirk morphing into a smile. He steps back and makes a gesture for Seokjin to go first.


“Lead the way then.” Seokjin manages a polite smile before making his way to his car.




Seokjin learns that the guy’s name was Hoseok and… that’s about it.


“Trust me, sweetheart, it’s better if you know less about me.” Hoseok says as Seokjin wraps a bandage around his bruised knuckles.


you and me both, buddy.


Seokjin straightens his posture and checks Hoseok’s other bruises. There were too many- there was the cut lip, his cheeks the color of an angry purple, the scratches on his arms and- Seokjin furrows his brows at the sight of Hoseok’s head he scrambles to bring himself into a kneeling position to see it clearer and goes wide-eyed on the sight.


Seokjin hovers a hand over the blood matted clump of hairs on Hoseok’s head. "We need to get you to a hospi-"


"No!" Hoseok interrupts him and grabs his wrist.


Seokjin sighs and arranges himself to sit properly. "Why?"


Hoseok hesitates. He looks between the road and Seokjin before answering "Because..."


Seokjin rolls his eyes when Hoseok trails off. "Oh yeah, great answer." He snorts. He chances a look at the digital clock. The numbers 4:36 blinks at him.


Shit, I doesn't have time for this I needs to get rid of the body before sunrise.


Seokjin lets out a frustrated breath before starting his car. "Okay I don't fucking care what you did but I need to get something done soon so that means getting rid of you so just please, let me get you to a hospital so that this can be over and done with-"


Hoseok wraps his hand around Seokjin's wrist that's holding the gears and looks at him, his expression shaken. "Just-” Hoseok takes a deep breath to compose himself. “-take me with you, they can't know where I am.”


Seokjin is driving slowly by now and is alternating between looking at the road and focusing on Hoseok's face which is suddenly close to his.


He slams on the breaks and finally looks at Hoseok in the eye, the other man’s expression pleading. "Please... I'll do anything."


Hoseok releases the hand on his wrist to caress his arms sensually. Seokjin lets his eyes flutter shut as he suddenly feels soft lips against his throat, pressing featherlike kisses while a hand makes its way to his thigh. He bites his lower lip as Hoseok massages his thighs while going higher. Seokjin whines as the lips disappear from his throat.


"Come on,” Hoseok whispers. “I'll make it worth your time.” Seokjin shivers as Hoseok grazes his teeth on his earlobe.


The hand on his thigh moves towards his crotch and Seokjin snaps his eyes open. "I have a dead body in the trunk."


What a mood killer, holy fuck.


Hoseok stops for a moment. Seokjin pries an eye open to see him smirking. Hoseok presses a light kiss underneath Seokjin's right ear before sitting back properly on his seat.


Hoseok shrugs. "Well then, let's take the trash away." Seokjin looks at him unbelievably. Hoseok raises an eyebrow.


"Better stomp on that pedal before the sun rises then, handsome, we don’t have much time." Seokjin huffs out a laugh before following his order.




The road seems endless, the only thing that assures Seokjin that he isn’t driving around in circles the the changing colors of the skies reflecting the cliffs overhead.


Hoseok has been mostly quiet, humming songs under his breath and looking at the trees passing by.


"So why'd you do it?"


"Hmmm?" Seokjin turns his head slightly in Hoseok's direction.


Hoseok rolls his eyes. "The murder, babe, how did you end up with a dead body inside your trunk?"


Seokjin turns back his eyes on the road and sighs. "You have to be level 5 in my friendship scale before you'd get the answer to that question" Seokjin internally cringes at his comeback.


Hoseok snorts. "Think I could level up faster?"


Seokjin could see Hoseok smirking from the corner of his eye. He raises his eyebrow and plays along. "And how exactly would you do that?"


“Maybe a blowjob?"


Seokjin slightly swerves as he chokes on his own spit. He hears Hoseok giggle beside him.


Seokjin recovers and sees the edge of the cliff a few meters away. He sighs in relief and steps on the pedal to accelerate his speed.


He parks his car along the side of the road and looks at Hoseok. “Stay here for a while, I’ll check the area.” He says to Hoseok before opening the door.


Cool wind blasts at him as he steps out.


“I’ve always loved a man in command.”


Seokjin looks back at Hoseok’s who’s smirking at him. He rolls his eyes at the other man as he closes the door.


Seokjin wraps an arm around himself as he scans the area. The highway is barren from any car passing by, the cliff overhead not bearing any signs of life. He walks on further to look out for possible witnesses and finds none. He returns back to his car.


"I think we're clear, come on." Seokjin opens the car door and hears Hoseok's faint "Yessir." as he closes it again.


With Hoseok's help, Seokjin manages to drag out the sleeping bag that carries the dead man. For a while, all they could hear was the whistle of the cold air whizzing past them and the soft grunts they make as they struggle to drag the black trash bag.


“You know,” Hoseok pants. “I would’ve appreciated these kind of noises from you in any other kind of situation.”


Seokjin rolls his eyes at Hoseok who still manages to have a charming smile on despite looking red in the face with exertion and panting like he just ran a mile.


The air becomes colder as they near the edge of the cliff and by the time they're there, Seokjin's teeth are chattering and Hoseok wasn't doing any better.


"You're keeping me warm after this, okay,” Hoseok manages to say in between the chatter that his teeth are making. “Jesus, it's cold." Hoseok is full on shivering and Seokjin huffs at the sight, amused.


With a sudden burst of confidence, Seokjin replies back. "Help me then- fill up the bag with rocks so it stays underground,” He smirks. “Then I'll think about warming you up."


Hoseok raises an eyebrow at him as he walks over to pick up a sizeable rock for Seokjin. "Huh, seems like you do know how to flirt." He retorts as he places the rock near Seokjin’s feet.


They continue to fill the bag with rocks in silence, with Seokjin trying his best not to look at the corpse while Hoseok remains unbothered.


Once they fill the bag to the brim, the two work on tightening the knots to secure it.


Seokjin gestures for Hoseok to go to the opposite end of the bag. "Let's throw it on three, okay?" Hoseok nods and tightens his grip on it. They swing it two times before letting it drop onto the ocean.


The two catch their breath for a while before-


"Was that two bodies in there? Seemed pretty heavy."


Hoseok and Seokjin whip their heads only to find a blond guy with bloodshot eyes dangling his feet over the edge of the cliff. The man wiggles his fingers as an introduction.


Seokjin widens his eyes in panic and the guy must have noticed because he waves a hand in assurance.

"Oh, no.” The man chuckles, in an almost self-deprecating way, Seokjin notices. “Don't worry, I won't be a witness." Then the man suddenly stands up and makes a step over the edge.


Seokjin has never moved so fast in his life and the next thing he knows, he's on top of the stranger, their faces mere inches away from each other.


"Hey there, gorgeous." The guy smirks.


Oh great, there's two of them. Someone save Seokjin's poor, gay heart.




They make a funny trio, Seokjin thinks.


A murderer, a runaway robber and a suicidal man. Having said that, it makes their whole ensemble a living joke - punchline nowhere in sight.


Seokjin taps his fingers against his steering wheel mindlessly, trying his hardest to ignore the stifling tension in the car. Hoseok has transferred himself to the backseat, hissing every now and then as he pokes his bandaged wounds. Yoongi, the latest addition to their little group, was just staring out the windows, laughing to himself every now and then.


This is so weird , and that’s coming from someone who just recently - and hopefully, covered up a murder.


“Where we going, sweetheart?” Seokjin jumps at Hoseok’s voice.  Yoongi chuckles as he sees Seokjin’s obvious distress.


Seokjin exhales slowly. “Breakfast.”


“Oh yeah, I’m starving!” Seokjin flinches again when Hoseok’s voice doubles in volume. “Thanks, hyungie!” Hoseok continues and kisses Seokjin’s cheek before leaning back again on the backseat. Seokjin feels his cheeks warm at the contact and clears his throat before focusing on driving again.


Quiet settles among the three again until Yoongi speaks up, for the first time since he greeted Seokjin on the cliff. “So what, you two are together?”


“Absolutely. Without a doubt in my mind.” Hoseok says at the exact same time Seokjin splutters. “Wha- no!”


Seokjin sees Yoongi looking back and forth between the two of them- Seokjin trying his best to focus solely on the road and Hoseok wearing what seems to be a shit-eating grin.


Yoongi grounds him with a deadpan look. Seokjin looks back at him with an incredulous look. “What? Hoseok and I met literally just a few hours ago!”


“Hyung,” Seokjin raises an eyebrow at Hoseok through the rearview mirror. “That breaks my heart.”


Seokjin huffs out a laugh. “Yeah, maybe we’ll get more acquainted if you actually told me more about yourself.” Hoseok smirks knowingly and backs down. “Touche, hyung, Touche.”


Seokjin looks over to Yoongi, who still has a disinterested expression on. “Yeah, if you two are going to continue whatever the fuck is going on between you guys, then you should’ve let me jump off earlier.”


Seokjin tsks at him and Hoseok leans up in yoongi’s space, much as he did with Seokjin. “Don’t worry, Yoongi-ssi,” Yoongi turns his head in his direction, effectively putting their faces dangerously close to each other. “You could join.”


Yoongi raises an eyebrow at Hoseok who has a small smirk on his face. Seokjin wants to look away but he can’t. He takes in Yoongi slightly wetting his lips when Hoseok eyes drops to it, Hoseok’s smirk as he gets even more closer to Yoongi and the underlying current of electricity between them.


He has to look away.


But he doesn’t want to.


So he settles for the only thing he could do.


“I’m still here, you know?” Seokjin says, albeit a little bit high pitched. Hoseok turns to look at him, his smirk getting more pronounced. “Oh we’re aware, sweetheart.” Then leans back to his seat, as if nothing happened.


Seokjin casts a questioning look at Yoongi who just shrugs and turns away from him with a small smile on his face.




The three end up having breakfast in a diner just a mile away from Seokjin’s hometown. He figures they could probably spend the night at his old house there since his parents were gone for the time being- not that Seokjin was ever made aware of their whereabouts or when they’re coming home. Seems like Seokjin’s resentment for his absent parents will actually work in his favor- he could take the time to actually plan what the fuck he was going to do the anxiety of being outside and exposed.


“Hey,” Yoongi, who was sitting next to Seokjin, bumped his knuckles onto his.


“Huh?” Seokjin notices that the two were almost finished with their food while his plate was still almost untouched. “Oh- yeah, sorry.” Seokjin smiles apologetically at the two and takes his first bite.


“So, where are we going, hyung?” Hoseok smiles brightly from across him.  Seokjin couldn’t help but smile back even just a little bit. Hoseok’s energy was contagious, even with the mysterious past he radiates.


“My parent’s house.”


Yoongi suddenly pushes his chair back and stands up. “Yeah- no. Not gonna happen.” Seokjin grabs a hold of his wrist “Which-” He puts pressure on Yoongi’s wrist to look at him. “-is currently unoccupied.” Yoongi searches Seokjin’s expression, seemingly looking for any hints of lies coming from him.


Yoongi huffs and sits back down.


“Anyway, as i was saying,” Seokjin straightens his posture and uses a finger to fix the hair that’s gone out of place. “We can stay there until we find out wherever the fuck we’re-”


The shrill volume of the morning news’ opening music cuts Seokjin’s train of thought and makes him draw his the attention to the tv by the counter.


“Business mogul Shin Dong Hyuk has been officially declared missing this morning after not coming home last night to his family. Investigations are still ongoing but it seems like the last place he went to was a tattoo shop along Gangnam. The said shop is found to be closed still at this hour and the owner is nowhere to be fou-”


Seokjin feels everything go mute. He can’t hear anything, he can’t see anything, he can’t feel anything.


He doesn’t know how long he’s been blacked out until someone forcefully shoves him. He sees Hoseok holding onto his wrist with a concerned look and Yoongi keeping a right grip on his shoulders with the most emotion he’s shown ever since they found him. Seokjin finds himself slightly gasping for breath. He looks at the two frantically who have their eyes glued to the television too.


“We have to go.” Seokjin throws a couple of bills on the table as he stood up and makes his way for the door, not bothering to look back if the two were following him.




Seokjin’s hand shakes as he tries to slot the car keys into its rightful place. He tries again for the third time but a hand on his wrist stops him, it was Hoseok, who was looking at him with concern.


“I’ll drive, hyung.” Seokjin tries to protest but Yoongi interrupts him. “Let him, Seokjin-ssi. You’re in no condition to drive.”


Seokjin looks between the two of them before his resolve crumbles and he lays his head softly on the steering wheel. Someone pats him on the back.


“Get in the back, hyung-” Ah so it was Hoseok. “So you could stretch your legs for a bit and maybe try to rest?”


Seokjin lifts his head up to smile gratefully at Hoseok. Kind Hoseok with a bright smile and a peculiar past. It would be dumb for Seokjin to trust him with the wheel, he could drive Seokjin back to Seoul and throw him to the cops or just kidnap him- maybe Yoongi was even in on the plan.


Seokjin shouldn’t trust him but he’s always been a fool though. With one look Hoseok’s soft features and bright smile, Seokjin lets him.


“I’ll just take Yoongi’s seat, I need to give you directions eventually.”


“Right. Come on.”


“So, I don’t get any say in the seating situation?” Yoongi deadpans when he situates in the backseat as Seokjin gets on the passenger side.


Hoseok rolls his eyes and ignores him as he starts the car.


“Just go straight until you see the road separate from the main one.” Seokjin says as Hoseok pulls out of the parking lot.




Seokjin wouldn’t say his family his rich, they were comfortable, sure, but not rich rich. Which is why he’s surprised that Hoseok gapes at the two storey house they pulled up to, even Yoongi’s got the slightest hint of awe on his normally blank features.


“Wow, hyung, you’re loaded!” Hoseok’s smile widens as he takes in the the front yard leading to the house.


“Eh- it’s not mu-”


“Yeah no- let me stop you right there.” Yoongi interrupts him. “Getting a house fairly close to Seoul is a privilege but getting a front yard? That’s luxury.” He says.


Seokjin doesn’t know what to say to that. Maybe it’s the gritty side of Yoongi, leading one to believe that he hasn’t lived the nicest of lives or the plain glee on Hoseok’s face as if he’s never seen a well constructed house before. So he just walks up to the front door, pushing a pot with his foot to find the spare key his father always likes to hide, in hopes that Seokjin will visit- which he doesn’t.


The telltale click of the door unlocking echoes throughout the empty home as Seokjin opens it. Nothing seems to be out of place, the plastics thrown over some furniture indicate that his parents were going to be out for a long time, the paintings have some new additions to them, a fine layer of dust have gathered upon some appliances. It’s perfect.


“Well, here we are.” Seokjin gestures the two to come inside.


Yoongi pushes past through Hoseok who was still taking it all in and collapses on the couch by the living room.


“Yah! At least take the plastic off.” Seokjin says at Yoongi who just rolls his eyes at him but stands up to take it off nonetheless. Seokjin collapses beside Yoongi who might be falling asleep at this point, judging by the deep, even breaths coming from him. Hoseok is still wandering around the house, the little noises he makes the only telltale that there’s another person in this house with them.


Seokjin takes this time to really think about what he’s going to do. Seokjin lays out the facts: He has murdered a person, he seems to be the prime suspect, he took in a a stranger who looks like sunshine personified but looks like he also holds the world’s largest secrets and a suicidal man went along for the ride.


He is truly fucked.


Seokjin groans and puts his head in his hands.


“At least be quiet when you’re having a crisis, Seokjin-ssi.” Seokjin jolts as he hears Yoongi’s deep voice suddenly.


“You’re not the one who’s a prime suspect of a murder you did, Yoongi-ssi.” Seokjin manages an eyeroll but immediately went back to rubbing his temples in frustration.


Seokjin flinches as a cold hand suddenly wraps around his wrist gently. He turns to look at Yoongi who has an unreadable expression on his face.


Then -  Yoongi’s leaning into Seokjin’s space until their lips are just a few centimeters apart. Yoongi cups Seokjin’s cheek with a gentleness he wouldn’t expect from him and Seokjin finds himself leaning into his touch. He closes his eyes to immerse himself in the feeling of someone’s touch. Yoongi caresses his cheek before he uses his thumb to trace the outline of Seokjin’s lips, the younger man’s eyes turning dark as Seokjin’s tongue peek out by instinct.


His breath quickens as Yoongi pulls up his eyes to look at him. He maintains eye contact as Yoongi pushes in his thumb inside Seokjin’s waiting mouth, his eyes rolling back as he lavs Yoongi’s thumb immediately.


“Shit, babe.” Yoongi whispers breathlessly as Seokjin sucks enthusiastically. “I wish you can see how pretty you look.” Seokjin moans at the praise and grazes his teeth but Yoongi pulls out his thumb almost too quickly. He whines at the loss of contact but opens his eyes to see Yoongi’s hooded ones.


He doesn’t know who moves first. Maybe it was Seokjin who has gone for too long without any sexual encounter or maybe it was Yoongi who initiated in the first place but none of it matters to Seokjin who moans into Yoongi’s mouth as the younger man manhandles him to sit on his lap.


Seokjin tilts his head to make the kiss go deeper, to get closer, impossibly closer to Yoongi. Yoongi’s tongue swipes at his lip as permission and Seokjin happily gives it, his hips grinding onto the man under him as Yoongi nips at his lip. Yoongi pulls away to leave a trail of kisses down Seokjin’s throat who presses himself down onto Yoongi’s groin, his groan vibrating onto Seokjin’s skin.


Seokjin lets out small hitches of breath as Yoongi sucks a particularly hard bruise onto Seokjin’s neck. Seokjin wants more, he needs more so he pulls Yoongi by the hair to crash their lips one more time. Yoongi’s hands have found their way under his shirt and is now rubbing his sides. The sensation of his large, now-warm hands skimming higher but not high enough gets Seokjin impatient and he pulls away to take his shirt off and toss it away.


Seokjin leans in for a kiss but-


“Nuh-uh, let me see you first, baby.” Yoongi says as he traces his fingers on Seokjin’s exposed skin, leaving goosebumps wherever he touches. Yoongi stays true to his word, he just takes in Seokjin with awe, the most expression he’s seen on him. It makes Seokjin’s ego boost a little. Yoongi traces a finger on his collarbones, trailing onto his breastbone and down to his stomach, purposefully avoiding his nipple.


Yoongi raises an eyebrow when Seokjin whines at him. “Is there something you want, baby?” He smirks.


“Touch me.” Seokjin pleads.


Yoongi huffs out a laugh. “But I am, sweetheart.” He says as he rubs Seokjin’s sides, his fingers spanning so wide, he could probably make his thumbs touch by how small Seokjin’s waist is.


Seokjin whimpers and grinds against Yoongi’s lap which gets a small groan from him. “Mor-”


“Aww, you guys started without me?” Seokjin jumps, preparing to cover up but Yoongi keeps him grounded on his lap.


Hoseok has a dark look in his eyes as he leans against the wall, taking in Seokjin’s shirtless form and his position on Yoongi’s lap.


Yoongi snorts. “Well, who spent the first twenty minutes taking an unauthorized tour of his house?” He nods over to Seokjin who’s still doing his best to cover up and avoiding Hoseok’s eyes.


“You-” Seokjin squints his eyes at Yoongi. “You guys planned this?”


“Huh-” Yoongi shakes his head. “No, sweetheart. You seem to be enjoying it, though.”


“I- what?” Seokjin splutters, trying to deny but failing miserably.


Hoseok chuckles as he walks towards them until he’s behind Seokjin. He goes down on his knees and kisses the back of Seokjin’s neck. “Go on.” He whispers against his skin.


Yoongi doesn’t waste any time before he pulls Seokjin by the neck to capture his lips in a searing kiss, this one a bit slower, Yoongi seemingly savoring the taste of Seokjin. Seokjin moans as Yoongi sucks on his tongue as he rubs a thumb against one of his nipples.


Please.. ” Seokjin whimpers as he pulls away from Yoongi’s mouth.


It’s Hoseok who answers from behind him. “Please what, Darling?” Seokjin can feel his smirk on his skin.


“Touch me.” Unlike Yoongi, Hoseok follows immediately, twisting his nipples as he sucks a bruise on his neck. “Oh god-” Seokjin moans unabashedly as Yoongi sucks his earlobe.


It should probably be too much but it’s not . The wandering hands on his bare skin, the fingers on his nipples, the lips trailing kisses all over his back, the teeth grazing on his earlobe. Seokjin’s overwhelmed but in a good way, in the best way.


It’s so good that he forgot about his cock straining against the fabric of his jeans. He grinds against Yoongi’s lap and releases a high pitched whine at the friction he gets from Yoongi’s hard length, noticeable against his track pants.


“Yoon- ah” Seokjin bites his lip as a hand- he doesn’t know who’s touching him anymore, cups around his length and squeezes. “Don’t worry, baby, we got you.” Yoongi whispers against his ear and presses a kiss there before pulling away.


“Lie down for us, babe.” Yoongi orders Seokjin who just goes pliantly. He leans his head against the armrest of the couch. He expects Yoongi to lay his weight on him but he doesn’t, instead he pulls Hoseok into a deep kiss. It was amazing watching them together, Yoongi’s long fingers tangling itself onto Hoseok’s hair as Hoseok’s plush lips sucks on Yoongi’s.


Without him even noticing it, Seokjin hand moves to unzip his pants gets his cock out of its restraints. He squeezes it to hold off the orgasm at bay as he watches Hoseok crowd up onto Yoongi’s space by planting his hands on the older man’s thighs, making him lean against the couch.


Seokjin swipes his thumb over his cockhead to spread the precome and tugs at his length. Seokjin bites his lips to keep his noises down but to no avail. Hoseok pulls away to look at him.


“Look at you, darling.” Hoseok coos as he comes closer to Seokjin. He couldn’t stop bringing his fist up and down his cock as Hoseok caresses Seokjin’s cheeks. “Can’t believe I didn’t get a kiss from you, still.”


Seokjin uses his free hand to pull Hoseok by the head and crash their lips together. If Yoongi was unexpected gentleness in his kisses, Hoseok was fiery passion. Hoseok’s bites at his lip almost immediately, licking at it to sooth the pain before pushing in his tongue into Seokjin’s mouth.


Hoseok moans against his mouth as Seokjin tightens his grip on his hair. Seokjin’s hand on his cock is slowly being pulled away as he gets lost in Hoseok. Hoseok licks at the roof of his mouth and sucks on his tongue as he lays a hand against Seokjin’s throat, testing him. Seokjin whimpers in response and he feels Hoseok’s smirk.


By some divine grace that’s probably looking over Seokjin’s,  Yoongi’s hand around his cock and Hoseok’s hand around his throat managed to squeeze at the same time and that’s all it takes for Seokjin to reach his climax.


Seokjin only realizes what happened after he’s calm down and Hoseok was peppering soft kisses against his throat while Yoongi was rubbing his hand up and down his thigh. He throws an arm on his eyes in embarrassment and groans.


He hears Hoseok chuckle. “Nothing to be embarrassed about, darling.” But Seokjin stubbornly stays silent.


“Hey- hey.” It was Yoongi’s soft voice and comforting pats on his thigh that makes him look at them. “It’s really alright.”


“But you guys didn’t finish.”


“Eh,” Hoseok waves his hand. “Blue balls can be tolerated.” He stands up and makes his way to the kitchen. “I am starving, though.”


Seokjin looks at Yoongi who just shrugs and leans back against the couch and closes his eyes, all the while still patting his clothed thigh.


Seokjin is tucking himself back in as Hoseok comes back. “Good news, your fridge is fully stocked!”


Seokjin positively brightens at that and makes a move to stand up. “Nuh-uh.” Hoseok pushes him back down on the couch. “Let’s get some rest first, you haven’t slept a wink, right?”


“I-” Seokjin starts but a yawn interrupts him.


“See?” Hoseok gives him a knowing smile and pats his cheek gently. “Take one out of Yoongi-hyung’s books and get some shut eye for now.”


Seokjin’s eyes were already fluttering shut but he still manages to request one more thing. “Can we at least move to a bed?”


And that’s how Seokjin ends up in between two hot guys cuddling up to him in this king sized bed. Seokjin should be more worried than calm right now but he can’t help but burrow himself further in the mess of limbs he’s entangled in. Hoseok has his legs wrapped around his hips and his arms cradling Seokjin’s head as Yoongi has an arm splayed on his chest as he noses his hair. Seokjin feels himself fall asleep to the sounds of Hoseok’s deep breathing and Yoongi’s heartbeat.



Hoseok’s not asleep anymore but he isn’t fully awake either. The remnants of his dreamless sleep still on his mind but so is the pair of feet continuously back and forth in the room.


Hoseok feels like he knows who’s worrying the bedroom floor. He opens his eyes blearily to see a tall man walking back and forth in front of him.


“Hyung, I can hear you thinking from here.” Hoseok says, his voice gravelly from sleep.


Seokjin jolts and stops to look at Hoseok apologetically. “Sorry, Hoseok.”


Hoseok shrugs and gets himself up into a sitting position, jostling the still sleeping Yoongi. He sees Seokjin take a deep breath and sits down onto a nearby chair to rub his temples. Poor guy , Hoseok thinks, he just wanted to get away with murder and ended up taking in two strangers with him.


“Hyung,” Seokjin looks up to him with a questioning look. “Why did you do it?” Hoseok asks his question again from earlier. He sees Seokjin hesitate, the taller man’s eyes trying to avoid his own. Hoseok crawls over to the edge of the bed to lay a hand on Seokjin’s trembling knee. The shaking stops and Seokjin looks at him in the eye. Hoseok throws him what he hopes to be an encouraging smile.


“He-” Seokjin exhales loudly before continuing. “He was a frequent client of mine and was always leaving grand tips when he gets a piece done-” Seokjin starts shaking his knee by reflex again. “-and I guess that left him with the conclusion that I owe him something.” Hoseok’s jaw locks in rage, knowing what was about to come next.


“He started with small stuff that I can ignore, you know. Light touches on my arm, friendly pats on my knee as I’m working, nothing more than that. Seokjin shrugs and and puts his hands on his knees, covering Hoseok’s own.


“Then he came in yesterday, slightly drunk. Started rambling on about the big piece he’s been meaning to get on his arm and demanding that I make it for him that instance and I-” Seokjin shrugs and looks down. “I can’t do that. I can’t work on a piece if my client is under the influence.”


Hoseok just hums in agreement.


“So I refused. Then his demeanor just changed completely . He was so enraged, he started throwing stuff around and I tried to escape but he caught before I could even leave the room.” Hoseok puts his hand up so that he could hold Seokjin’s. “Then he started talking shit about how I owe him and how he’s raised my business up and then he just said that if I can’t do my services for him, I should only be good for only one thing now.”

Seokjin takes a shuddering breath and Hoseok rubs his thumb on Seokjin’s trembling hands. “It’s alright, hyung, you don’t have to continue.”


Seokjin looks up to smile at him and shakes his head. “It’s alright, Hoseokie.” Seokjin continues. “He had a bit of muscle on him, you know, so he just throws me around like a ragdoll until I was under him on the floor of my shop. Luckily, I got ahold of one of my sharp equipment and I just-” Seokjin makes a clicking sound to insinuate what he did.


Hoseok opens his mouth to let Seokjin know that he did the right thing but a voice from behind him, beats him to it. “The motherfucker deserved it, in my opinion.”


Seokjin looks behind Hoseok to throw Yoongi a small smile. “Thanks, Yoongi.” Yoongi just grunts in response. Hoseok feels the bed shift as Yoongi moves to sit beside him.


“I’m just wondering why you didn’t just report it to the police,” Yoongi says. “The murder could be filed as a self defense.” Hoseok raises his eyebrows- Yoongi was right though, and turns a questioning look to Seokjin who just shrugs. “He’s pretty high up in the economic food chain- figured that I’d still be arrested even if I had proof that he harassed me inside of my shop- or worse.”


“Ah.” is the only thing Yoongi says and Hoseok understands. If Seokjin really had evidence that could destroy one of the city’s most respected COO, chances are he would be the one in danger.


“So what do we do?” Yoongi asks the question that’s probably been the root of all of Seokjin’s stress right now.


Seokjin groans. “I don’t know, honestly.”


Seokjin looks at the two of them. “You should probably go.” Hoseok furrows his eyebrows in confusion. “Hyung-”


“It’s better for you guys to not be involved in this. You can still get away from this.” Seokjin explains, letting go of Hoseok’s hands.


Yoongi scoffs. “Hyung, with how my life is going, this is the most fun i’ve had in years so yeah, I’m not leaving.”


Hoseok nods along. “Yeah, I’ve been involved in way more shady shit longer than you two combined maybe. So yeah, chances of me being alive are higher when I’m with you two.” Hoseok says and it’s true. He’s been on the streets even before he was a teenager, getting himself in trouble at least once a week for minimal stuff like stealing but when he involved himself with the gangs in Seoul- needless to say, this is the safest he’s been.


Seokjin looks at both of them with uncertainty before his shoulder sags down in defeat. “Okay.”


Hoseok speaks up after a few moments. “Do you have a plan, hyung?”


Seokjin sighs. “Yeah but it- it’s gonna be tough, I think.” Hoseok leans forward to intertwine his hands with Seokjin’s again. “Well, lay it on us.” he says.


Seokjin bites his lip and looks at them under his eyelashes. “I wanna go out of the country.” Hoseok raises his eyebrow, it’s not a bad plan. Seokjin continues “But with me being a suspect, it’s impossible and I wouldn’t know where to go anyway.”


There are a lot of variables to be considered for this plan but Hoseok thinks it might work. “What about money, hyung?”




“The money for you to buy tickets and such.” Hoseok continues.


“Oh, my parents are loaded. I could probably ransack at least a couple of thousand wons in this house alone and I could empty out my own account.”


Hoseok smiles brightly at him. Perfect.


“Don’t worry, hyung. I know a guy.”




Yoongi’s never been a man who lets plans run his life but this has got to be by far, the most impulsive thing he’s done.


A past of him wishes he didn’t let Seokjin’s handsome face coerce him into not attempting to jump for a second time but another part of him is thankful, it’s the most emotions he has felt in the past couple of years.


Still, leaving Seoul forever with two guys he barely knows but had kind of a threesome with sounds outrageous even by his standards but he’s excited- well, he’s bored now, listening to Hoseok talk to the guy he mentioned on his phone, his usually calm voice now sickly sweet. Yoongi thinks that Hoseok may be close with this guy.


“-missed your dick the most.” Hoseok trails off.


More than close apparently. Yoongi thinks as he shares a look with Seokjin who’s probably thinking the same thing.


“Yeah, yeah. I’ll come over later. Give me a an hour to drive down there. Do you need anything?”


Hoseok snorts and rolls his eyes playfully when the person responded. “Yeah whatever, I’ll pick some up in a drugstore on the way, you horndog”


“Yup, see you soon. Bye.” Hoseok disconnects his call before turning to Seokjin and Yoongi.


Hoseok puffs out his chest in a proud manner. “Well, problem solved!” He says with a large smile on his face.


“I’m gonna pick up my guy from his place and take him here so he can work on our fake passports and such.” Hoseok explains as he approaches Seokjin. “So, can I borrow your keys, hyung?” Hoseok throws a charming smile at Seokjin who rolls his eyes and fishes the car keys out of his pocket.


Seokjin hands it to Hoseok who puts the keys in his pocket.


“Just drive safel- mmf!” Hoseok interrupts Seokjin with a kiss. Hoseok pulls away after a second with a “Thanks, hyung!”, leaving Seokjin red as a beet.




“That kid’s completely infatuated by you.” Yoongi says as the door closes behind Hoseok. Seokjin looks at him and waves his hands in denial. “Probably just horny.”


Yoongi snorts. “Well there’s that too.”


“Listen, Yoongi.” Yoongi turns his head to look at Seokjin chewing on his bottom lip, which shouldn’t be as sexy as it looks.


“What is it, hyung?” Yoongi asks.


“You can still get out of this, you know.”


Yoongi sighs. “I already told you, hyung. There’s nothing for me out there. If I were to get out of this,” He chuckles and shakes his head. “I would just look for another cliff t-” A hand covering his suddenly interrupts him.


Yoongi looks at Seokjin’s eyes, holding too much empathy for him. “Then forget what I said.” Seokjin’s lips turn up into a small smile. “Stay.” and for some reason, Yoongi wants to. Not because he’s got no other place to go but because he genuinely wants to stay with Seokjin.


“Been my plan all along.” Yoongi returns the smile and he sees Seokjin’s shoulders slightly sag in relief.


Seokjin brings his other hand to Yoongi’s cheek and leans close to him. Seokjin searches Yoongi’s eyes for any hesitance, which Yoongi thinks he’ll be unsuccessful with. “Is this okay?” Yoongi nods and Seokjin closes the distance between them.


His own hands find its way to Seokjin’s waist, gathering up the his shirt by its hem. Seokjin moans in his mouth as he slides his hand under to splay his hands on his skin.


“Come here, baby.” Yoongi whispers into his mouth as he pulls Seokjin who goes willingly. Seokjin slides himself onto Yoongi’s lap and snakes his hand up into Yoongi’s hair while the other rubs at his chest. Yoongi breaks the kiss and finds purchase on Seokjin’s neck who moans and presses himself closer to Yoongi.


“Yoongi- ah ” Seokjin whines as Yoongi sucks another bruise by his throat and kisses the spot to soothe the sting after. He keeps on leaving a trail of wet kisses down his throat to his chest as Seokjin grinds slowly on his lap. “Pleas- shit, Yoongi .” Seokjin moans as Yoongi pulls their groins flush against each other and grinds up to meet Seokjin’s ministrations.


Seokjin throws his head back as Yoongi tightens his hands on his hips, his pants sounding like music to Yoongi’s ears. “Ah- hah, Yoongi, stop.” Yoongi immediately halts, alarmed.


Seokjin looks down, looking like an angel, his lips bitten raw, his blush running all the way to his chest and his pupils dilated. Seokjin shakes his head at him. “Let me make it up to you.”


“For what?” Yoongi tilts his head in confusion but Seokjin’s already climbing out of his lap and settling himself between Yoongi’s legs on the hardwood floor.


“Hyung, you don’t have to-”


Seokjin winks at him. “I know.”


Yoongi slumps against the sofa and watches Seokjin pop open the button of his pants and pull down his zipper. He hisses as Seokjin cups him through his boxers. “Hyung-”


“Sshhh, I know, baby.” Seokjin shushes him.


Yoongi lets his head fall back in relief as Seokjin pulls his cock out of its restraints. Seokjin wraps his hand around his length and thumbs his slit, causing Yoongi’s eyes to roll back into his head.


Without warning, his length is suddenly engulfed in a tight, wet heat. “ Fucking shit- ” Yoongi’s hand finds its way into Seokjin’s hair as he bobs his head up and down his length. Yoongi can do nothing but just take it and look at his cock disappearing back into Seokjin’s mouth.


“S- slow down, baby.” Yoongi manages to say. Seokjin pulls away with a pop and tilts his head. Yoongi shakes his head reassuringly. “Nothing, just wanna see you and savor it.”


Seokjin raises an eyebrow and smirks. “Who knew you’d be such a romantic?”


Yoongi scoffs. “Barely.”


Seokjin shakes his head and wraps his head around Yoongi’s cock head, lapping at the slit. “Shit- yeah, baby.” Yoongi moans as Seokjin suckles on the head and tugging on his length with his free hand, all the while looking up at Yoongi.


Yoongi huffs out a small laugh. “A show off, aren’t you.” Seokjin only answers by taking in Yoongi’s whole length until he feels his cock hit the back of Seokjin’s throat. “fuck, that’s it.” Yoongi says as he meets Seokjin’s mouth with shallow thrusts of his own.


Yoongi notices that Seokjin suddenly goes pliant against his thrusts and he stops. Seokjin glares as best as he could and Yoongi chuckles. “Want me to fuck your mouth, baby?” Seokjin just closes his eyes in response.


“Wouldn’t say no to that.” Yoongi says and tightens his hold on Seokjin’s hair. “You ready, baby?” Yoongi asks and Seokjin answers with moan.


He starts with shallow thrusts like he did before until Seokjin pinches his thigh. Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Demanding brat.” Then he starts fucking Seokjin’s mouth in earnest savoring the tight wet heat of his mouth and the moans vibrating onto his own cock.


Yoongi feels the warm coil in his belly as Seokjin’s hollows his mouth with every thrust he pushes on. “I’m- ah, close, baby.” Seokjin only pushes forward and lets Yoongi’s cock hit his throat. Yoongi could only hear his own choked off moans and the slick sounds of his cock being sucked reverberating around the quiet house before he reaches his climax.


Yoongi collapses back onto the couch as Seokjin swallows it all down. Seokjin pulls away and wipes his mouth on his sleeve.


“Got a mouth on you, sweetheart.” Yoongi manages to rasp out as he catches his breath.


“Come here, your turn.” Yoongi gestures for Seokjin to come up again.


Seokjin straddles his lap and Yoongi pulls him in for a kiss. He swipes his tongue of Seokjin’s lips and he opens up. Yoongi moans as he taste himself on Seokjin’s tongue when he sucks on it. Yoongi works on popping open the button of Seokjin’s pants as he nips on his lower lip.


Yoongi pulls Seokjin’s cock out and breaks their kiss to lick his hand before wrapping it around his length. Yoongi connects their lips again as he tugs on Seokjin’s cock, twisting his hand on the upstroke. “Yoongi-yah.” Seokjin pulls away and whines.


Seokjin puts his forehead against Yoongi’s and huffs against lips. “I’m close.”


Yoongi nods and puts his other hand inside Seokjin’s shirt to rub his nipple. Seokjin throws his head back and thrusts unto Yoongi’s hands. “Ah- Yoongi .” Yoongi can see Seokjin’s thrusts becoming sloppy and his breathing becoming more irregular. “You close, babe?”


Seokjin bites his lip and nods. Yoongi tugs faster and Seokjin moans loudly as he comes.


Yoongi might have said he wasn’t a romantic but he can appreciate beauty when its seen- especially when it’s Seokjin in his post orgasm haze-  a slight sheen of sweet on his face, his cheeks flushed and his eyes hooded.


“You good?” Yoongi asks.


Seokjin chuckles. “More than.” He pats Yoongi on the shoulder and gives him a peck on the lips. “Come on, I’m starving. I’ll make us something to eat.”


Seokjin tucks himself back in and climbs off of Yoongi’s lap to make his way to the kitchen. Yoongi does the same before following.




Hoseok could turn around right now if he’s being honest. He has a car in his disposal, he still has some money left in his bank account and he would be free of any connections with a murder... but he doesn’t.


Maybe it’s his inability to stay in one place for too long or his instincts that, to be honest, never really got him far or maybe it was just Seokjin.


Sweet, too good for his own Seokjin.


Hoseok was never really meant to settle down, not really. Ever since he was placed into one orphanage after the other and then gang after gang when he was a teenager, he never really fit into one mold.


Living your life on the streets causes you to meet some of the most interesting people, in Hoseok’s opinion- and the most useful ones at that, which is why Hoseok  immediately knows where to run to when Seokjin laid out his plan.


Hoseok looks for a decent spot before parking Seokjin’s car by the curb. He takes one last look at himself at the window before making his way to the entrance.


He spots him almost immediately, his platinum blonde hair sticking out in the sea the dull brown interior of the shop.


Hoseok puts on a flirtatious smile on his face as he approaches.


“Hey, gorgeous.” Namjoon jolts and bumps his hand on his tea cup in surprise and looks up at Hoseok. “This seat taken?” Hoseok continues. Namjoon chuckles and shakes his head before gesturing to the seat across him. “Only for you.”


Hoseok takes a seat and rolls his eyes at Namjoon. “Bet you say that to all your business partners.”


“Only the pretty ones.” Namjoon winks and Hoseok adjusts his sitting position to hide his blush. For all the clumsiness and shyness that Namjoon exudes, he sure is a hell of a flirt to Hoseok.


Hoseok settles into a cross legged position and clears his throat. “So, about those documents.”


“I’m doing great, thanks for asking.”  Hoseok looks up to see Namjoon staring at him innocently, without a hint of talking about their documents anytime soon.


Hoseok gives Namjoon a deadpan look and sighs. “How have you been, Namjoon?”


Namjoon smiles at him triumphantly. “Been getting weekly jobs, you know. Seems like I’ll be in this shit for a long time.”

“Joon-ah, remember what I told you, okay? Be safe on the streets. It might seem fun at first but it can be a pain in the ass.” Hoseok reminds Namjoon because he saw the same excited glint look in a kid he’s trained before who ended up missing in action, nowhere to be found. He doesn’t want Namjoon to suffer the same fate.


“Yeah, yeah. I know. I’ll be careful.” Namjoon throws him a dimpled smile that eases Hoseok the slightest bit.


“What about you, what did you get up to that led you to here?” Namjoon asks.


Hoseok shrugs nonchalantly. “Met some guys. Got tangled up in shit that you wouldn’t even imagine.” Hoseok looks away to stare at the passing people by the window. “But to be honest, it’s like I don’t want to leave them instead of can’t.” He looks back at Namjoon who has an unreadable expression on his face.




“What do you mean ‘hmmm’?”


Namjoon shrugs. “I’ve never seen you this eager to leave.” Namjoon paused for a second and avoids Hoseok’s eyes. “Not even when I asked you to run away with me.”


Then everything goes quiet between them.


Hoseok bites his lip. “Joon-ah,” Hoseok calls to try to get Namjoon’s attention. “We were high when you proposed that.” Hoseok sees Namjoon’s jaw lock. “Doesn’t make it any less genuine.”


Hoseok never prided himself in thinking his thoughts through and through. Which was why he was never more than a messenger in gangs, never really rose in ranks but Hoseok thinks this one takes the cake.

“Come with us.”


Namjoon looks up at him in disbelief and slight hope. “H-huh?”


“You heard me, come with us.”


Namjoon has been silent for a while that Hoseok backtracks. “Unless you don’t want to! I understand if you’re on a different mindset now and-” Namjoon cuts him off by taking both of his hands in his. “Hey, calm down. I was only thinking of what your friends will think.”


Hoseok waves it off. “They’ll be cool with it.” Probably , Hoseok adds.


Hoseok wasn’t really sure about how Seokjin and Yoongi will react but Namjoon doesn’t need to know that right now.


“And besides-” Hoseok intertwines their fingers together , a move that makes Namjoon’s cheeks flush, which is a lovely look on him. “-if they’re not cool with it, we can leave. Just you and me.”


Namjoon brightens at that, his smile widening and Hoseok thinks he’s never seen someone more beautiful.




“Mm-hmm.” Hoseok nods, a smile creeping onto his face.


Namjoon lets go of his hands to cup his face as he captures his lips. Hoseok lays a hand on Namjoon’s own as he tilts to give him more access. Hoseok swipes Namjoon’s bottom lip with his tongue and Namjoon sighs into him.


A throat clears from afar separates them.


Hoseok and Namjoon sit back down with large smiles on their faces. “Sorry!” Hoseok raises his voice a bit but to be honest, he’s really not.


“So, I’ve got my equipment right here.” Namjoon nods at his bag, albeit giddily. Hoseok smiles to himself upon the knowledge that he made Namjoon feel that way. “To be honest, all I need are their and your identification photos.”


Hoseok hums. “I think we need go to them first though.”




Hoseok smiles at him. “Let’s go.”




“Nice ride.” Namjoon comments as soon as he gets on the passenger side.


Seokjin’s car was decent enough, Hoseok reckons, not the high end of sort but it’s obviously bought by someone who earns seven digits a month. “Yeah, the guy i’m with has money.” Hoseok says.


“Good thing to have if you’re leaving the country to start over.”


“Yeah.” Hoseok starts the car and pulls out the curb.




People often mistake Namjoon and Hoseok’s first meeting to be from heist or gang related events but they couldn’t be more wrong. It was far from that.


“Fuck- Joonie …” Hoseok whimpers from under Namjoon who was currently latched onto his nipple, alternating from sucking and biting, while attending to the other nipple with his fingers.


The close quarters of the backseat really did nothing to make the situation a bit more comfortable but Hoseok wasn’t complaining anything other than the uncomfortable restriction from his pants.


Hoseok tugs Namjoon’s hair as he transfers his attention to the other nipple, lapping at it before sucking. Hoseok sighs Namjoon’s name again and pulls him closer by the waist, trying to get as much of his tanned skin on him as much as possible.


Hoseok lets out a tiny screech as Namjoon suddenly bites his nipple. “Ah- yes right there .” Namjoon gives it one last lick before pushing himself up to capture Hoseok’s lips. Hoseok wraps an arm around Namjoon to press their skins together. The warm feeling spurring Hoseok to get closer to feel more.


“More, Joon-ah, please.” Hoseok says against his lips.


“Yeah, baby. I got you.” Namjoon bites his lip one last time before working on popping open his own pants. Hoseok goes to do the same, sighing in relief as he pulls his cock out of his shorts.


Hoseok takes in Namjoon in all of his tan glory, his defined stomach glistening slightly in sweat and his muscles moving underneath his biceps as he works on his pants. Hoseok bites his lip as he strokes his length slowly as he rakes his eyes over him.


Namjoon notices this and smirks at him. “Enjoying the show, baby?”


“Mayb- oh.” Hoseok’s answer is cut off by his own moan as his hand is joined by Namjoon’s, the younger man taking over and slowly tugging at his length, making it spurt more precum.


Namjoon is jerking him in a painstakingly slow pace that Hoseok has to fuck up into his hand to chase more pleasure. Namjoon stops his hand and tsks at him.


“If this was any other situation, I’d be mad-” Hoseok bites his lip at the threat. “-but I’ll save it for later.” Namjoon finishes and leans in close to give Hoseok a peck on the lips before hiking his legs higher, their cocks lined up with each other.


“Yesss” Hoseok hisses at the contact and Namjoon grinds into him, as if he’s fucking up into Hoseok.


Hoseok pants as as their cocks slide together, the slightly dry feeling spurring him. “Unh- more.” Hoseok pleads Namjoon who looks divine , his hair curling up from the sweat and his pupils dilated so wide that his eyes are almost black as he looks at Hoseok.


“So demanding today huh, baby?” Namjoon teases but takes both of their lengths in his hand nevertheless.


fuck yeah.. ” Hoseok pants as Namjoon wastes no time in tugging at a fast pace, jolting Hoseok. “Oh my god- oh”


Hoseok’s eyes roll back into his head as Namjoon latches onto his nipple again as he strokes the two of them faster, the wet slide of the of the cocks leaving Hoseok’s speech into a garbled mess of uh’s and fuck’s .


He sees the windows fog up as their breaths and the warm temperature of the car mingle together. Hoseok feels the sweat clinging to him like second skin as Namjoon’s rhythm gets more irregular.


“I’m close- shit.”


“Come for me, babe.” Hoseok pants as he thumbs Namjoon’s nipple and tugs him down to suck a bruise into his neck. Hoseok thrusts into Namjoon’s hand faster as he chases his own orgasm, the heat in his lower belly getting more prominent.


“fuck, fuckfuckfuck- oh ” Hoseok manages to hold off before Namjoon groans into his neck as he splatters all over Hoseok’s stomach.


They don’t speak for a while, until the mess in between them becomes uncomfortable. Only then does Hoseok realize.


“Oh shit , Seokjin-hyung’s gonna kill me.”




Hoseok shrinks at Seokjin’s glare.


“Explain that to me again.”


“But I already did” Hoseok tries to laugh to lighten the mood.


Of course it doesn’t work.


Again. ” Seokjin says from where’s he’s standing stiffly across Hoseok and Namjoon.


“Not gonna lie, hyung, anger looks hot on you.” A voice says from behind them.


“Shut up, Yoongi.”


Yoongi just shrugs and heads for the kitchen, leaving Hoseok alone with Seokjin glaring at him and Namjoon fiddling with his fingers beside him.


Seokjin looks between the two of them for a minute Hoseok avoids his eyes for the most of it.


Fine. ” Seokjin huffs finally and Hoseok lets out a deep breathe he didn’t know he was holding in. “We have to dispose of that car anyway.”


“We aired it out, I pro-”


“Just-” Seokjin holds his hand up and huffs in annoyance. “-don’t.” Then he proceeds to leave the room. Leaving Hoseok alone with Namjoon.


“Well,” Hoseok looks at Namjoon who was looking at him with uncertainty. “-considering our situation, that went well.”


Namjoon just rolls his eyes and stands up, a smile threatening to appear on his lips.


“Whatever, Hobi. Just help me get started.”




It was a simple enough plan, just get through security and board the plane like any normal person would do.


“Keep your head low, blend in and get to your terminal as fast as possible.” Hoseok reminds the three of them before getting out of the house.


The three of them nod before making their way out, splitting into two groups: Namjoon and Seokjin walking to the main road to hail a cab while Hoseok and Yoongi take Seokjin’s car and dispose of it before heading to the airport.


Seokjin nods minutely as his car passes by them with a honk. He stares at his car until it is no more than a dot in the horizon.


“You ready, hyung?” Namjoon asks him.


“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Seokjin shrugs and hails the oncoming cab.


Turns out they didn’t think through the arrest warrant that’s practically hanging over Seokjin’s head.


Seokjin freezes as he sees the policemen over by the entrance.


“Hyung? A little help here?” Seokjin hears Namjoon but he can’t bring himself to move. Namjoon is suddenly in front of him with a worried look in his eyes. “Hyung, relax. It’s cautionary procedure to have policemen on public properties, right?”


Seokjin lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding in. “Right, sorry.” He shakes his head and bends down to grab the bag that Namjoon put down in front of him.


Seokjin is anxious all the way through the airport security, the check in and even in the terminal they’re sitting in- that Namjoon has to constantly rub his shoulder or his arm to calm him down.


His legs shake again a few seconds after Namjoon has laid a comforting hand on it before it slipped of as he was falling asleep. He sees Hoseok and Yoongi at the far end of the terminal, looking bored and not as if they were in on a plan to help a criminal board a plane overseas to avoid arrest.


His leg shaking must have been that bad to wake up Namjoon in his sleep. “Christ, hyung.”


“Sorry!” Seokjin says sheepishly.


Namjoon’s annoyed expression relaxes and he turns to face Seokjin completely.


“Relax, Jin hyung, I promise that we won’t let anything bad happen to you.”


Seokjin sees the sincerity in Namjoon’s eyes, eyes that are far too trusting for someone who just got roped into this plan. For some reason Seokjin is comforted by the action which is dumb because he’s depending his safety on a forger they just met, a guy who has a too bright of a smile for a mafia messenger and a quiet apathetic man they rescued from a cliff. Yet, Seokjin feels so alive and at his best in his 28 years of existence.


“Okay.” Seokjin lets a small smile appear on his lips to appease Namjoon and prepares to stand up.


“I’m just going to the bathroom, alright?”


“Alright. Don’t take too long though, I think we’ll be boarding in a few minutes.”


Seokjin nods at Namjoon before turning on his heel and making his way to the bathroom, raising his eyebrows in acknowledgement as he passes by Hoseok who was flicking through a magazine and Yoongi who could be sleeping for all he knows.


He splashes cold water on his face as soon as he gets to the sink and forces himself to take a few deep breaths. Just a little bit more, Seokjin, then you’ll be free and alright , he thinks to himself. He waits for a few seconds until his heartbeat has slowed down.


Seokjin was just reaching for the doorknob when he hears the announcement for their boarding bolms through the speakers. Here we go .


As soon as he closes the door behind him though, he’s suddenly pushed against the wall and unfamiliar lips latch on to his. Seokjin furrows his brows and tries to get away.


“Mmfff-” Seokjin muffles as he punches the man’s chest. He pulls away. “It’s me, hyung.” Namjoon whispers against his lips.




“There are cops roaming and we just have to stay occupied until the last call for boarding which is in a minute.” Namjoon says in a low voice, his breath tickling Seokjin’s chin.


“And you’re kissing me, because?”


“Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable.”


Seokjin searches Namjoon’s eyes and shrugs, leaning in to capture his lips again.


It feels… nice.


The last call for boarding is heard through the speakers and Seokjin pulls away. “Guess I have an idea as to why Hoseok is so smitten with you.” Namjoon huffs out a laugh and takes Seokjin’s hand in his.


“Pull up your hoodie, hyung, and try not to look conspicuous.” Namjoon pulls them towards their bags.


“But I’m hurrying for my flight?” Seokjin says as he does exactly what Namjoon said, pulling up his jacket’s zipper too.


“Doesn’t matter, there’s still a line. Look.” Namjoon nods at the terminal gate.


He’s right, There’s still a few people going on board, there’s not reason for them to hurry up, with them being situated near the gate.


“All security personnel, please direct your attention to a man named Kim Seokjin, five foot ten in height, brown eyes, light brown hair and slim build. I repeat-”


Seokjin’s heart races and he sees the cluster of security guards and policemen scatter around their terminal and the next. He barely feels it when someone pulls his hand, he’s surprised he still can walk.


“-no time for this, come on!” Seokjin registers Namjoon’s voice as their feet carry them to the gate.


Seokjin is moving mechanically but his mind is so loud, along with his insides twisting and turning, his veins seemingly turning into ice and beads of sweat continuing to trickle down his body.


“Snap out of it, hyung, we’re almost there.” Namjoon whispers as he holds his hand tightly.


Seokjin nods but he sees a two guards approach them from his peripheral vision. He feels his own heart  about to beat out of his own chest as Namjoon gets his passport back from the attendant and crosses the threshold.


Seokjin feels the wind pass through his back as the two guards pass by him. He gulps and hands over his ticket and passport to the attendant.


Seokjin tries a small smile at the man, seemingly taking too long in checking his passport. He looks over to Namjoon who has his brows furrowed and his hand tightly holding onto his bag.


The attendant squints his eye at Seokjin accusingly.



Seokjin feels the hot air seep into his skin as he lays back down on the uncomfortable bed he has made of himself.


“Hyung, you’ll get a sunburn if you don’t move anytime soon.”


Seokjin pries one eye open to see Yoongi standing over him, still clad in all black despite the hot summer heat that the Philippines offers.


“Ugh.” Seokjin groans but stands up nonetheless. “Where are Hoseok and Namjoon?”


Yoongi shrugs. “Maybe fucking around or literally fucking.”


Seokjin looks away shyly, hoping the sun covers the fact that he’s blushing.


It was a nice visual, Hoseok and Namjoon together, it always has been ever since Hoseok told him what they did in his car. Probably the main reason why Seokjin let it go so easily but no one needed to know that.


“We could barge into them, you know-” Seokjin whips his head to look at Yoongi who’s smirking at him. He pulls Seokjin by the waist. “Maybe even join, I don’t know.”


“I- what? That’s ridiculous!” Seokjin splutters but he doesn’t make a move to get out of Yoongi’s embrace.


Yoongi scoffs. “And your blush could be seen all the way from Korea.”


“Aish- whatever.”


Yoongi chuckles. “Come on.” He takes his hand away from Seokjin’s waist to intertwine their fingers. Yoongi pulls them towards their cottage where he hears soft sighs emitting from it.


The sounds of slurping joins can also be heard as Yoongi opens the door revealing Hoseok on the couch with his legs spread out and Namjoon kneeling in front of him.


“Took you- ah” Seokjin could see Namjoon hollow his cheeks from where he’s standing. “long enough, hyung.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes and Seokjin backtracks. “Wait, you planned this?”


“No shit.” Yoongi deadpans as he approaches the two on the couch.


“C’mon, hyung. We deserve this.” Hoseok smiles at him while petting Namjoon’s head. “Don’t you want to join?”


“I-” Seokjin hesitates.


Yoongi approaches him again. He wraps his arms around his shoulders and pulls their faces close. “We’ll take good care of you, baby. I promise.” Yoongi whispers against his lips before leaning in and nipping at Seokjin’s bottom lip.


Seokjin growls and and cups Yoongi’s cheeks to fully kiss him. Yoongi whines and grapples at his shirt.


“Hey, no fair.” Seokjin pulls away to see Hoseok pouting at him from the couch with Namjoon nowhere to be found. Seokjin’s eyebrows furrow at that.


“Oh he just grabbed lube.” Hoseok stands, his hard cock bouncing as he leaps on the bed. He pats it. “Come on… bed.”


Seokjin bites his lips and follows pulling Yoongi with him. He crawls on the bed but is unsure where to go.


“Go on, you lay right here, hyung.” Hoseok shuffles to make the middle space of the bed available. Seokjin crawls over to the space beside Hoseok and lays down on his back.


Hoseok leans in. “Missed you, hyung.” He whispers before closing the space between them. Hoseok still kisses as sweet as before- Seokjin realizes he’s missed it. He snakes a hand up to Hoseok’s nape to pull him closer.


Seokjin feels Hoseok’s tongue swipe at his lips before nipping at at it. Seokjin sighs as he relaxes  onto the bed more. “That’s it, babe, just relax.” Hoseok pulls away and whispers against his lips.


Seokjin whines and chases Hoseok’s lips. He feels Hoseok chuckles before giving him a peck on the lips. “Be patient, hyungie. Some are getting jealous.”


Seokjin opens his eyes to see Yoongi visibly pouting at the corner of the bed and Namjoon latching onto Hoseok’s neck.


Hoseok leans back against Namjoon as the taller man snakes his hand inside his shirt and toys with his nipples. “Yeah, joonie.” Hoseok sighs as his head falls back against Namjoon’s shoulder. Seokjin feels himself harden at the sight as Hoseok completely relaxes onto Namjoon and lets pretty little sighs come out of his lips. He moves his hand to cup himself through his shorts and bites his lip at the contact.


Namjoon does the same with Hoseok, slipping a hand to wrap a hand around him. Hoseok hisses and tugs at Namjoon’s hair to pull him into a kiss.


Seokjin’s eyes roll back into his head as he tugs on his cock faster, letting out short gasps. He feels the bed move from under him and he opens his eyes to see Yoongi looking at him with a dark expression. “Yoongi-” Seokjin sighs.


“I’m right here.” Yoongi whispers before leaning in to capture Seokjin’s lips. Yoongi immediately slips his tongue between his lips and Seokjin moans into his mouth. He pulls Yoongi to sit on top of him, the weight of him giving Seokjin comfort.


Yoongi pulls away from him to leave a trail of kisses from his jaw down to his neck. Seokjin hisses as Yoongi bites down and sucks a bruise on his neck as a pair of hands work on his pants.


Seokjin grasps at Yoongi’s waist as he lifts his hips for the person, probably Hoseok, to pull his pants off completely. He runs his fingers through Yoongi’s blond hair as the younger man moves on to graze his teeth against Seokjin’s earlobe, causing a shiver to run through his body.


Seokjin’s eyes snap open as someone mouths at his cock through his boxer shorts. “Fuck-” Seokjin tries to get a look at who it is without jostling Yoongi who was still attached to his neck, just nipping and leaving little bruises for him to admire later.


“It’s just Namjoon, baby.” Hoseok says from where he’s sitting but he’s not looking at Seokjin, he’s looking at Namjoon with a fond look in his eyes as he pats his head.


Seokjin whines as Yoongi gets off from him. Yoongi huffs out a laugh at Seokjin’s impatience before pulling off his own shirt. Seokjin looks down to see Namjoon kissing along the band of his shorts. “ Namjoon- ” Seokjin pleads as he joins his hand with Hoseok’s.  


Namjoon smirks before pulling down his shorts and immediately putting his mouth on Seokjin. “Oh fuck- babe.”


“He’s good isn’t he.” Hoseok whispers, still looking over Namjoon fondly. Seokjin just answers with the short hitches of breath he manages as Namjoon tongues at the slit.


Yoongi lays his hand on Seokjin’s covered waist and rubs. “I’ll take this off, okay?” Seokjin manages a nod before Yoongi rucks up his shirt over his head, Seokjin barely helping him because of Namjoon’s ministrations.


Yoongi plants a kiss along his breastbone and another before latching on to one of his nipples. Seokjin moans loudly at the overstimulation. He doesn’t know where to put his hands or how he should act, all he knows is the overwhelming feeling of pleasure coursing through him.


Yoongi continue to lap at his nipple while tweaking the other when Namjoon pulls away from his length with a pop. Seokjin opens his eyes to see Hoseok pulling him closer to capture his lips and whisper something into him. Namjoon just nods before both of them lean down and lick a stripe up from the base of his cock to the tip.


“Ah- oh .” Seokjin moans as the two repeat it again but when they reach the tip, they lap at it. Their hands wrapping around the base and tugging as they suckle at his tip, sometimes letting their tongues meet.


It’s a miracle that Seokjin hasn’t come yet by the sheer amount of stimulation he’s getting from all of them. The mere vision of Namjoon and Hoseok making out while somehow still having his dick in their mouth and Yoongi’s flush as he works on kissing and nipping at Seokjin’s body is too much. He speaks too soon because he feels the familiar warmth spread through his lower stomach.


“I- I’m close-” The sight of the three of them immediately pulling away would be funny if Seokjin wasn’t chasing his orgasm. He whines at the immediate loss of contact.


“Don’t worry, hyungie, we got you.” Yoongi says as he cups his cheeks tenderly before leaning in to give him a soft kiss. Seokjin sighs in his mouth as he feels fingers run through his thigh.


He slightly jumps at the contact of a wet finger by his inner thigh. “Sorry, hyung.” He hears Hoseok’s smile through his voice.


“Is this okay?” Yoongi pulls away to ask. Seokjin puts their head together and smiles. “More than.”


Hoseok seems to hear it because he pushes in a finger slowly, causing Seokjin to close his eyes and sigh into Yoongi.


He expects Yoongi to kiss him again but he doesn’t so he opens his eyes to see him looking with a soft expression on his own. Seokjin gets embarrassed at the tender look he’s giving, which is funny because he’s in the middle of a foursome.


Seokjin chokes on a giggle as Hoseok pushes another finger in. “w- what is it?”


Yoongi shakes his head minutely cracking a small smile. “Nothing, you just look beautiful.”


“Aigoo Yoongi yah- ” Seokjin’s cut off by his own moan as Hoseok rubs against a particular spot in him. “You’re getting soft on me.” He continues.


Yoongi snorts. “Barely.”


Hoseok pushes a third finger in and Seokjin can’t help but push down on his fingers while moaning. “ Gimme -” Seokjin says in between pants.


“You sure?”




Yoongi gets down to pull down his pants and boxer shorts and immediately gets on the bed with his cock bouncing between his legs.


Seokjin chuckles. “Eager?”


“I’ve been hard since I saw you with Hoseok so-”


Seokjin rolls his eyes and turns his head to get his mouth on Yoongi. “Shit, babe.” Yoongi says from above him.


Seokjin bobs his head a few times, only getting so far from his vantage point. Hoseok rams his fingers into him which spurs Seokjin to moan against Yoongi’s cock. He pulls away, unable to focus on anything else but the three fingers thrusting into him. Seokjin can’t manage anything else but make garbled noises and getting lost in the feeling of fingers fucking him, the cock laying on his cheek and his own moans sounding off the walls of their room.


“God- you’re such a sight to see, baby.” He barely hears Yoongi whisper from above him as he feeds him the tip of his cock. Seokjin’s lips last onto him, hollowing his cheeks out as Hoseok slows down.


Seokjin lets Yoongi’s cock fall out of his lips as he whines when Hoseok completely pulls his fingers out.


“I’m doing all the work here and yet Yoongi-hyung is getting all the attention.” Seokjin looks down to see Hoseok pouting by the edge of the bed.


Yoongi scoffs. “Don’t act like you weren’t getting your ass eaten by Namjoon while you were doing it.”


Namjoon, who was kneeling by the bed, sticks his head out from behind Hoseok. Seokjin chuckles at that.


“Come here, Hoseokie.”


Hoseok gives Namjoon a lengthy kiss before crawling to him, replacing Yoongi’s former spot. He kisses Seokjin’s cheek and leans in close to him.


“You okay with Yoongi hyung fucking you while I fuck your mouth?”


God, I think I’m in heaven right now .


Seokjin bites his lip and nods.


“Turn around for me then, hyung.” Yoongi says from his place between Seokjin’s legs all the while rolling a condom on himself.


Hoseok situates himself in Seokjin’s former place as he gets into all fours. Seokjin’s mouth almost waters at the sight of Hoseok all laid out for him. He leans down to lick a stripe from the base of Hoseok’s length down to his tip before wrapping his lips around it.


He moans against Hoseok as he feels Yoongi laps at his rim. He feels a hand snake into his hair and tug on it as he takes in more and more of Hoseok’s length. “E-easy, darling.” Hoseok says.


The bed moves from under him as someone takes the space beside Hoseok. Seokjin suddenly remembers Namjoon and pulls out with a pop.


“Joonie.” Namjoon looks startled as Seokjin calls out to him. “Hyung?”


“Come here, let hyung make you feel good.”


Namjoon shakes his head but Hoseok beats him to it. “Go on, Joonie.”


Seokjin lets out a whimper as Yoongi slips in a tongue inside of him.


“Yoongi yah-” Yoongi pulls away and Seokjin turns his head. “-if you’re not gonna hurry up I’m gonna do it myself and sit on any available dick right now.”


Yoongi chuckles from behind him and Seokjin feels the bed groan as the younger man adjusts himself to place himself by Seokjin’s hole. Seokjin moans in satisfaction as he lowers his head to lap at the tip of Namjoon’s cock and as he feels Yoongi slowly pushing onto him.


Seokjin grabs the base of Namjoon’s cock and slowly jerks him off, hearing him moan into Hoseok’s mouth as they kiss deeply.


He wraps his only available hand around Hoseok and tugs him in sync with Namjoon.


After what feels like such a long time, Yoongi bottoms out. Seokjin sighs at the feeling of being full, the stretch of Yoongi’s cock in him, the tip of Namjoon’s cock hitting the back of his throat and Hoseok’s length in his hand.


“Move, Yoongi.” Seokjin says as he pulls away from Namjoon, replacing his lips with his hand as he moves to get Hoseok in his mouth.


Yoongi starts with shallow thrusts, allowing Seokjin to get the adjusted. “So tight, baby.” Yoongi gasps from behind him as he continues pushing into Seokjin. He mimics this movements he as he bobs his head, slowly taking more of Hoseok into his mouth. He feels Hoseok’s hand join his as he jerks Namjoon off.


Seokjin grazes the slightest hint of teeth as he pulls up from Hoseok’s cock, resulting for him to groan into Namjoon as he tugs at his length.


He lets out a loud moan as he feels Yoongi deliver a hard thrust after pulling away completely. “Shit Yoongi- again.”


He feels Yoongi’s hands grab a hold of his waist before pulling out and thrusting into him with so much force that the bed shakes with every thrust. Seokjin gets lost in it, he probably looks like a mess- his hair is sticking it his forehead, he’s practically drooling on Hoseok’s cock and his face is blissed out in pleasure.


“Shit, hyung- you look so good.” Seokjin opens his eyes to see Hoseok’s labored breaths as he tugs on his own cock while looking at Seokjin.


uh uh- oh shit” Seokjin manages little sounds in between thrusts as Yoongi rams into him without any inhibition. “God, baby-” Yoongi whines from behind him.


“Yoongi- oh fuck!” Seokjin feels his pleasure double over as Yoongi hits a particular angle with his thrust. “You. feel. so. good. hyung.” Yoongi says as he thrusts with each word. He feels the familiar coil of warmth fire up in his belly as Yoongi continues to thrust into him to hit that particular spot.


“I- fuck” Seokjin can’t speak clearly in between gasps. “You close, hyung?” Hoseok asks, his own voice wavering as his rhythm on his own hand becomes irregular.


Seokjin nods.


“Come for us, hyung.” Hoseok says as he swipes his thumb across Seokjin’s lips. Seokjin closes his eyes as he chases his own orgasm by meeting Yoongi’s thrusts and tugging on his own cock.


“uh. uh. uh.” Seokjin feels himself drooling as Yoongi continues fucking into him. “c-close, babe.” Seokjin whispers before he moans loudly as he comes all over the bedsheet under him.


Seokjin catches his breath before looking up to Hoseok. “Fuck me-” he says in between labored breaths.


“You sure?”




Seokjin moans as he gets his mouth on Hoseok, Yoongi’s thrusts getting more messy and out of rhythm as his orgasm comes closer.


Seokjin closes his eyes in pleasure as he feels two cocks thrusting in and out of him. He lets his hand, which has fallen to Namjoon’s thigh, around around Namjoon’s cock again, and tugs as fast as he can.


“Fuck- Seokjin.” He doesn’t know who says it but Seokjin moans nonetheless, content with letting them use him to chase their own orgasm.


Yoongi finishes first his chest colliding with Seokjin’s back. He kisses the back of Seokjin’s neck before pulling out and probably throwing the condom to a nearby trash can.


Hoseok and Namjoon immediately follow after. Hoseok spilling himself in Seokjin’s throat who milks him through it and Namjoon coming all over Seokjin’s hand and his own stomach.


Seokjin pulls away and lays his head on Hoseok’s thigh as he catches his breath. Yoongi emerges from the bathroom and bends down to Seokjin’s eye level.


“You good, hyung?” Yoongi asks with a small smile on his face.


“Absolutely perfect.” Seokjin sighs out . He closes his eyes as Yoongi leans in to give him a tender kiss. Yoongi pulls away with a fond look in his eyes. Seokjin’s eyes crinkle as he smiles back. “Thank you, Yoongi.”


Seokjin pushes himself up and sees Hoseok and Namjoon sharing sweet kisses with each other.


He crawls over to them and cups both of their cheeks. They pull away to look at him.


“Thank you.” is the only thing that Seokjin says before giving them a peck on the mouth each.


Hoseok gives him a heart-shaped smile and Namjoon gives him a dimpled one as he pulls away.


“As much as I’d love to stay in this love fest, I want to shower.” Hoseok breaks the moment as he throws his leg over the edge to stand up. “Does anyone else wanna come with?” Namjoon stand up as well.


Seokjin shakes his head. “Nah, I think my ass and throat are too sore to do anything else.”


Yoongi chuckles and Hoseok rolls his eyes. “Come on then, Joonie.” He takes Namjoon’s hand before going inside the bathroom.


Seokjin winces as he lays down on the bed. “You told me you were good.” Yoongi says, slightly concerned.


“I am, don’t worry.” Seokjin pouts at Yoongi. “Just cuddle with me.”


Yoongi cracks a small smile and crawls over to him. He wraps an arm around Seokjin who throws his leg over his. Seokjin sighs into Yoongi’s touch and relaxes into his arms, content on being here, detached from the world outside.


The events for the past two days have been hectic and more than Seokjin has bargained for in his life but here, in the arms of a man he’s grown an affection for with the sounding giggles from the two men just a door away from them, Seokjin thinks it was all worth it.


He’ll eventually have to get out of this bubble that they made, a paradise that consists of nothing but tall rocks, boats and the endless stretch of the sea beyond them but right now, for the first time in his life, he’s excited of what will happen next.


He presses even more closer to Yoongi as he closes his eyes.


Yeah, Seokjin can’t wait to start over.