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LBC - One shots and musings

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The persistent buzzing of his phone roused Tin from his sleep, looking at the time on the too bright pone showed it was 3am. Seeing that Can had called four times Tin let out an annoyed huff before hitting call back. After two rings a voice that Tin didn't recognize answered "you must be the boyfriend"


"Who the fuck are you? Where is Can?" Tin's demanding tone rang out in the dark room as he climbed out of bed and changed into some street clothes.


"Your little boyfriend Can is fine" Tin rolled his eyes, Can hadn't been his for months now. Not since he had let Tul get into his head and got him questioning everything until he pushed Can away destroying their three years together.


"If he is fine why is he calling me?" Tin’s heart ached as the words left his mouth.


The voice on the other end was almost drowned out as loud crying could be heard in the back ground "I think maybe you should come get him"


Tin was already in his car heading out of the garage "share his location and I'll be there soon"



Forty-five minutes later Tin was walking into the club that was meant to be where Can was. Looking for the familiar stock of hair and build Tin found him in a back corner in the arms of some guy that Tin had never seen before. Storming over the guy caught a glimpse of Tin and the anger radiating off him just before he was on top of them. He pulled his hands away from Can who lifted his head from the guy’s chest. "You said you wouldn't let go" Can voice sounded worn, broken and a little slurred.


Tin grabbed Can's arm pulling him to his feet and into his own arms "his phone?" Tin held out his hand waiting for the guy to hand it over.


Can looked up at the person who had manhandled him to find the reason he had gone out drinking holding him close and looking ready to kill the guy he had been with. The scent of Tin's shampoo wafted over Can as he melted into the familiar embrace. Pushing himself closer he felt the way Tin's arm tighten around him as they headed for the exit and the cool night air.


Pulling in a few deep breaths of the refreshing air Can pulled away from Tin, hating the feeling of losing that touch again but hating himself more for missing it already "what are you doing here Tin?"


"I came to get you" Tin's brow farrowed as he took in Can's appearance, he seemed worn out and like he had lost weight.


"Dose your fiancé know you came to get your ex at what two AM?" Can spat with all the anger he could muster fueled by the idea that Tin’s arms, the ones that had just held him so close now belonged to another.


Tin took a step back in shock, Can hadn't been like that since they first met and he wasn't keen to experience that right hook again "it's four AM and what fiancé?" Tin's confusion was evident on his face.


"The one you are all set to marry and have your happy fucking life" Can yelled shoving his unlock phone into Tin's hand open to a gossip column article that featured a picture of Tin and some socialite standing together at some charity event, a giant rock of an engagement ring on her finger as they smiled at the camera.


"This article is bullshit, she is engaged to a business associate" Tin stepped up to Can who’s anger seemed to be fading "you're the only person I would ever consider marrying and I royally fucked that up so you will never see a truthful article about me being engaged"


Can couldn't believe what he had just heard he had been caught dumbfounded so when Tin grabbed his arm to pull him along Can went willingly as his mind tried to process Tin's words. As Tin opened the passenger door for him Can had trouble concentrating on the blurring Tin "do you still want to marry me?"


"Now is probably not the best time for this, you're drunk and I doubt you will remember anything in the morning" Tin sighed trying to get Can into the car but in his state Can wasn't willing to take that as an answer.


Planting his feet Can wouldn't allow Tin to push him into the car "that's not an answer Tin Medthanan, DO YOU WANT TO MARRY ME?" Can yelled his question into Tin's face making the few people around look at them.


"YES!" Tin yelled back his own anger mounding as his frustration skyrocketed and was totally quelled when Can's lips pressed to his. Can's warm, familiar, comforting lips that Tin had missed the moment Can had walked away. They were the last thing Tin thought of when he went to bed and the first thing when he woke up but that had been because that is what Can had done to him, kissed him goodnight and kissed him awake. Tin melted against Can as his body wound around the slightly smaller man, pulling away Tin let his lips ghost over Can's "I still love you"


"Then why did you push me away?" Can cried pushing out of Tin's hold "why did you let me leave" rubbing the tears from his own eyes Can's voice became small "why didn't you come for me? I’ve been waiting for you" Can pulled in a deep breath as the tears stopped and the anger he held took over.


"Because I am an insecure asshole who let Tul get into my head and even though I didn't believe him his words were like poison. They seeped into my subconscious and turned everything sour, I became suspicious of every action and every word and before I realized what had happened we were broken and you were gone and I didn't know what to do" Can looked up into Tin's face as tears started to flow out. "Nothing is right anymore, nothing tastes right anymore and nothing sounds right anymore. I haven't stepped foot into our room since the day you left Can. Gods the first time my own body has felt right since that day was when you held onto me in that club, if I could make it all up to you I would. There is nothing more I want in this world then to have you back at my side" Tin lent on the side of his car his body sagging defeated and tired.


Can could feel the sadness and regret wafting off Tin as his wiped his tears on the back of his hand "take me home Tin" Can placed his hands on Tin's cheeks lifting Tin's head so he could look into his eyes "our home" Can lent forward lightly pressing his lips to Tin's. Feeling his heart jump into his throat Tin lightly wrapped his arms around Can letting him direct the tentative kiss. When Can pulled back he offered Tin a soft smile "will you take me home?"


"Yes" Tin's voice had been as soft as Can's smile.



Walking into the dark house Can looked around to find that nothing had changed, even the pillow and blanket he used in the armchair were still right where he had left them. Walking up to their closed bedroom door Can saw then Tin stopped, hesitant to open the door "what's wrong?"


"What if this is a dream, I don't want to open it to find that you are gone again. I don't know if I can live through that" seeing the genuine worry on Tin's face Can grabbed his hand to make sure he knew he was real.


"I‘m right here Tin" Can opened the door and pulled Tin into the room is one swift movement, Tin hadn't lied. The room had obviously been left untouched, in the artificial light of the lamps and overhead light Can could see the room was exactly the same as the day he left. A thin layer of four months’ worth of dust proved that the door hadn't even been opened, the maid forbidden to even step foot in. Walking Tin over to the bed Can pulled back the covers and pulled Tin into the bed with him, cuddling up together Can brushed his hands through Tin's soft hair until he felt the deep even breaths letting him know that the taller boy had fallen asleep. Pressing a kiss to the top of his head Can pressed a little closer and at the tightening of Tin's grip on him Can let sleep take him.




The next time Can opened his eyes it was to the sound of a gasp and a broom handle hitting the hardwood floor in the room, looking over Can pressed his finger to his lip to indicate to the maid she should be quiet as Tin pressed into Can's warmth. Can stayed awake after that, his mind kept replaying the events from the night before. He hadn't been nearly as drunk as Tin seemed to think he was, he had just had enough to numb his embarrassment and let him express his devastation over the news of Tin's engagement. The relief he had felt when Tin had told him it wasn't true almost made Can collapse, the only question now was if they could work through it all, to be stronger than the problems that had ripped them apart. Looking at his phone Can realized he would need to wake Tin so that he could go to work and in a reflex as simple as breath Can pushed Tin back so that he could lean down and kiss the sleepy boy awake.


Tin's whole body seemed to respond to the action letting out a tension Can hadn't even realized Tin had been holding. Tin's eyes snapped open grabbing a hold of Can's wrist Tin rolled on top of Can and pinned him to the bed "you're here" the relief in Tin's voice had been a slight shock to Can "you're really here, I can touch you" a slow smile pushed onto Tin's face as he ran his hands up Can's arms and up to caress Can's face.


"Yes I am really here" Can huffed out a laugh as he put his hands on to Tin's to still them "you have to get ready for work"


"No" Tin looked down at Can as the smile dropped from his face "I'm not going anywhere now that I have to back"


Three days they had held up in their house, Tin had even refused to let anyone come in to clean the place not wanting to have anyone disturb his time with Can. Falling back into easy habits Can found that they were back to how it was before Tin had changed, before Tul's evilness had seeped into the cracks and destroyed their world. Can smiled as he plated up the food he had made of them with Tin cuddled up behind him, his chin on Can's shoulder as Can tried to move about "you know you are making this very difficult"


“It doesn’t feel difficult to me” Tin said pressing himself almost impossibly close to Can.


“Baby please let me do this so we can eat” Can said with a coy smile as he pressed his ass back into Tin who growled while grinding forward.


"Fine" Tin pouted taking a step back and letting Can finish up before he dived in grabbing the plates to take them to the table.


It had been a painful process to get back to this happiness with the first two days they were hold up filled with them sitting a respectable distance apart as they talked through all the issues they had had during their three years together. Threw the tears and anger there had been times where either one wasn't sure they were going to get through but their desire to be with the other had held them firm and they had worked it out. By the end of the third day with them sitting down to the dinner Can had cook Tin couldn't help the smile that engulfed his face; they were back together and stronger then before with no possible way for Tul to mess with them. "Can the other night when I picked you up from the club, do you remember what happened?"


Can didn't want to lie to Tin, not after the last three days of raw emotions "I remember everything from that night, why?" Can was a little guarded not really sure he wanted to tell Tin about how he had behaved before he had turned up.


"So you remember asking me if I still wanted to marry you?" Can had been about to bury his head in his hands when he saw the blush on Tin's cheeks.


Standing up Can walked around to Tin's side of the table "did you want to get married Tin?" Can grabbed Tin's cheek turning him to face him. Tin pivoted completely in his chair opened his legs and pulled Can to him so that he could press his face into Can's stomach while Can stood above him rubbing his hand's through his hair and along his shoulders.


"I was planning on proposing" Tin said to Can's stomach "that had been around the time Tul started messing me up, he had me convinced that no matter what I did you wouldn't what to get married. That dating a guy was one thing but marring him was another"


"Tin" Can's voice had been so soft and Tin didn't know what to expect as Can crouched down in between his legs "I didn't tell anyone we broke up" Tin locked eyes with Can confused as to how they got here "for the last four months I have been lying to everyone in my life because I didn't want to admit that we were over. My point is that I would marry you today if I could"


Pushing his chair back Tin ran for his office and after a bit of swearing and a few loud bags he came running back out with a smile on his face and a box in his hand as he almost knocked Can over who was standing in the hall wondering what the hell was going on. Stopping just short of knocking into Can Tin dropped to one knee opening the box in his hand to reveal matching plain gold rings with a single diamond set into the band "Cantaloupe Kirakorn will you marry me"


Can's eyes shifted between the rings and Tin who by the ticking second was losing his smile. Can reached a trembling hand into the box and pulled a ring out "Tin Medthanan do you still want to marry me" Can said repeating his words that had drawn them back onto this path.


Tin just nodded still on bent knee waiting for Can's answer “will you please put me out of my misery and answer the question” he snipped when Can had remained silent for longer then he could stand.


“I have already put the ring on” Can said holding up his hand to show the beautiful ring on Can’s beautiful hand marking him as his "yes Tin, hell yes I will marry you"




The smiling fiancés had spent the past hour looking at wedding bands when Tin's phone rang pulling them out of their bubble. Looking at the caller ID Tin rolled his eyes as Can started dragging him out of the store and towards a cafe to get food. "Hello mother, what could I have possibly done to earn the honor of your call"


"A little birdie told me that you are looking at weddings rings" her voice was overly sweet and laced with hostility.


"Just a passing glance, I had a sudden curiosity" Tin bullshitted as he let Can push him into a chair.


"You go missing for three days Tin and when you do resurface you are seen looking at weeding rings. It's not out of curiosity. Now tell me what is going on"


Tin pointed at the item he wanted from their menu as he listened to his mother's shrill voice "when there is something I want to tell you I will be sure to let you know mother. Now if you will excuse me I have to make up for lost time" before she could utter another word Tin had hung up the phone and given all his attention back to his beautiful fiancé.

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Pond knew he shouldn’t, there were some lines that you just didn’t cross and this was defiantly one of them. They had been friends for years but despite that fact he had caught himself on more than one occasion thinking about it. About how soft those lips would be on his, how they would feel pushing back against his as they gave just as much as they took; he knew he shouldn’t.


He had already told ChaAim that he was working of courting her, so then why did he find himself leaning in eyes locked on that mouth. The inviting lips that had cursed him just as much as they had smiled at him, he could be quick and no one else would ever have to know that it happened. The idea would finally be gone from his thoughts and they could continue being friends.


Pond reached forward index finger lightly pressing the infuriating bottom lip, the one he could easily imagine himself sucking on, the one he wanted to see tremble with pleasure as their bodies rocked together. Pond pulled his hand back like it had been burned by that eye opening new though. His fantasies had never gone that far, slightly panicked Pond started packing up his things. He needed to get out of here, need to put some distance between them and that thought.


Pond stilled when he looked at his sleeping friend, he couldn’t just leave them here in the library to wake up alone. But if he woke them there was no way he was going to get away without it looking suspicious. Agonizing over it Pond chose to go back to staring, resting his arms on the table top; chin resting on his over laid hands as he took in their features. The light colour of their hair, their soft round cheeks and the mole under their eye that begged to be kissed softly.


‘Shit I’m in love with my buddy’ was the last thought Pond had as they begun to rouse from their sleep.


“Ai Pond, how long was I asleep for?”


“Not long” Pond tried to keep his voice even but he couldn’t help the panic that was bubbling up inside him.


“Are you okay?”


“Yeah why wouldn’t I be?”


“You’re being weird! Oh Ae’s here. Hey Ai Ae”


Ae waved as he walked over to their table followed closely by Pete “Hey Ai Pond, Ai Ping have you just finished studying?”

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Like many times in his life Tin's unhappiness was caused by his family and this time was no exception. Sitting in a private tea room beside his mother waiting to meet his marriage partner Tin couldn't help but lament the archaic practice that was agreeing to marry off your child. And to someone solely because they had the fortune of being in the right place at the right time to save his fathers life. Apparently when Tin was in his mothers womb a stranger had risked his own neck to pull his father out of a burning vehicle, it turned out that the strangers wife had been pregnant at the time and the bargain had been struck. Tin had on more then one occasion wished that the stranger had just let fate take his father. So even though Tin had finally found someone he loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with he was tied to this agreement his family had made on his behalf before he had even drawn his first breath.

Pulling out his phone Tin looked at pictures of himself happy and next to the one person I'm the world who had his heart. His best friend and the only person who didn't seem to know how he felt, but how could he tell him when he knew it couldn't go anywhere. He had know about this agreement since he was a kid and despite his best efforts he never found a way out of it. Looking at the other boy's smiling face the pain of a knife twisting in his heart filled his chest.

Tin had had been told a month before that the date had been set for the meeting and about a week before the impending meeting all of Tin dreams came true and we're dashed in the same moment. Can had come to him all smiles and hope I'm his eyes and told Tin he loved him. Tin wanted to throw up every time he thought about his response "I can't feel the same way about you" it had broken his heart to say and his soul died when he saw the deviation on his beloved's face.

A tear broke free rolling down his cheek as the door to the private room opened and in stepped his future bride.


"Tin I want to introduce you to my boyfriend" looking up from his laptop Tin found a bouncing Pete who had the happiest smile Tin had ever seen on his face. The confusing part was that just behind him stood two guys in matching football practice kits.

"Boyfriend or boy space friends?" Tin asked with a small smirk as he took in the two figures. The shorter one of the two had a angry looking face and surprisingly dark skin while the other was only a little taller with fair skin and typical Chinese features.

"Boyfriend" Pete confirmed before to Tin's surprise turning to the shorter one "Ae meet Tin, he has been my best friend since we were kids"

Ae stepped forward as Tin got to his feet both extending a hand in greeting. When Ae had taken Tin's it was with a firmer grip them necessary "and this would be?" Tin asked as he pulled his hand out of Ae's grip to gesture to the other guy.

"This is Can, he and Ae are on the football team together" Can offered Tin a massive smile "he wanted to meet you as well"

Taken aback Tin looked at Can with a mix of confusion and curiosity "why?"

"Pete is always talking about you so I wanted to meet the guy that I heard so much about and you know in case Ae killed you I could help him hide the body"

Tin looked between the three guys not sure if it had been a joke or he should worry about his safety "well I don't even know where to begin on questioning that statement"

"Over dinner" Pete offered as Ae slipped and arm around his waist.


After that night they had all meshed fairly well, Ae and Tin were still a bit rocky but as long as they weren't alone together for too long they got along fine. Tin had started accompanying Pete to watch the other two play and more often than not Ae would come of the field high on a win and would whisk Pete away to celebrate. Leaving Tin and Can to their own devices. Can being the bottomless pit of a stomach that he was Tin had taken to feeding him whenever they met, this had opened Tin's eyes to a whole different world of foods and culture within his own backyard as well as giving him plenty of time alone with Can. For Tin that had meant getting to know the wonderfully honest, steadfastly loyal and strangely charming guy, getting to know him and falling in love with him. Tin spent a year pining for and slowly wooing Can, he had never made it obvious but he was always doing small things for Can. Like driving him places, buying him food, he had even looked after him when he got sick and if he was thanked with a kiss on the cheek or hug than Tin would just have to accept it (with a smile and as something to hold in his heart).

The first time he had gotten a real kiss from Can had been a surprise, it was the grand final and their team had just won the match when Can came screaming of the field adrenaline pumping and covered in sweat and jumped into Tin's arm. Looking down on the guy who was now supporting all his weight Can give him a smile before leaning down and kissing him on the lips. It was in that moment that Tin knew he never want to kiss any other pair of lips ever again, it was also that moment that Tin knew he wouldn't be able to make that kind of promise. That hadn't stopped Tin from accepting more from Can when it came his way, he also couldn't stop himself when the situation arose for him to make a move. He had been thankful for his parents need to have the best of everything when they installed a personal theater system in their home, he had lost count of the times he and Can had found themselves starting a movie but not getting to see the end of it in favour of making out and rubbing against each other. Tin had also lost count of the amount of times had had to stop himself from confessing to Can.

The morning of the marriage meeting Tin had gone to see Pete who instantly saw the hurt and pain coursing through him. Tin refused to say much he had just asked that Pete give Can a letter the next time he saw him. When Tin had left looking like the world was dragging him down Pete took one look at the think envelope in his hand and headed straight to Can's house. When he had arrived it was to absolute chaos, Can had locked himself on the balcony off his bedroom and was refusing to go back inside from what Pete could tell. "Hey Can, is everything alright?" Pete called up from the front yard.

"Pete?" Can called turning around "good timing buddy, I need you to get me out of here" Pete started to panic as Can climbed over the railing of the balcony but breathed a sigh of relief when Can dropped to the ground uninjured. Climbing into the car Pete could hear the yelling and screaming of two women as they rushed out into the yard "we need to get moving" Can's own panic started to come through.

They didn't breath easy until Can was sure they weren't followed, giving his mirrors one last check Pete looked at Can "what was that all about" Pete asked as he pulled off the road and parked the car.

"Some stupid promise my parents made before I was born. It's not important, what were you doing at my house anyway?" Can looked around Pete's car, it wasn't very often he saw Pete without Ae.

Opening up the glove box Pete fished out the letter Tin had given him "I was asked to give you this"

Can looked at the letter in Pete's hand with suspicion "what is it?"

"Why is he in love with you" Pete mumbled under his breath "it's a letter" he told Can as he dropped it into his lap.

"I know its a letter, what does it say?" Can asked as he picked it up and turned it over to find it was still sealed.

"I don't know, I don't read other people's mail" Pete said turning the car back on and pulling back onto the street.

Can was silent as he read through the nearly three pages of Tin's letter to him, letting out a frustrated yell Can pulled his phone from his pocket not surprised to see the ten missed calls from his mum, seven from Lemon but the message from Tin had been a surprise. Opening it a tear finally broke free and rolled down his cheek as the photo of Tin, Can and Gucci all clumped together sleeping in the afternoon sun. Hitting the call back button Can's hands trembled along with his voice when his mum answered "where is this place?" after a short pause Pete heard Can's trembled replay "I'll be there as soon as I can"

Can had asked Pete to drop him off on the other side of town and seeing the way the boys body shook as he struggled to keep it together Pete wasn't willing to press his luck to find out what was going on.

A tear broke free rolling down his cheek as the door to the private room opened and in stepped his future bride. Tin took a steadying breath as he took one last look at the photo he had just sent Can before looking up. The woman who walked in looked friendly enough if not a bit concerned and Tin could understand why, the Medthanan's had a reputation of being scrupulous when it came to business deals and this was no different then a merger to them. Looking over the girl who seemed scared to look him in the eye Tin found something familiar about her but couldn't quite place it. The pale skin, shoulder length black hair and glasses were common enough that Tin dismissed the feeling altogether, he could admit their was a kind of sweetness to her features but she was nothing compared to his Can.

"Well since we are all here how about I order the tea" Tin's mother had said, he could hear the false sweetness in it.

"Yes about that, my eldest is running a little late, there was a bit of situation with a friend this morning but they are on their way" the woman sounded a little panicked and Tin would bet that his mother's stare wasn't helping.

"So this isn't your eldest" Mrs Medthanan asked pointing at the quiet girl who looked like she was now trying to disappear in on herself.

"No Lemon is my youngest, Cantaloupe should be here shortly" something in Tin was pulling at him, he was almost to scared to hope as he caught the scared girl's eyes.

"Lay?" Tin asked softly but obviously questioningly remembering the photo Can had shown him of his family as he told him all about them.

Looking at Tin is surprise she finally found her voice "yeah?"

"So Can is short for Cantaloupe?" Tin asked visibly brightening as a smile started to build on his face "where is he?" he asked reaching across the table to grab Lemon's trembling hand.

"With his friend Pete, they should be here soon" Lemon said as her nerves finally begun to calm.

Pulling out his phone Tin tried to call Can with out an answer he called Pete, after a couple of rings Pete picked up "you two are the luckiest disasters to walk this earth"

Ignoring Pete's comment as he got to his feet Tin begun to pace the length of the room "is he there? Is he with you?"

"I am, we should be there is about five minutes" Can yelled into the speaker in Pete's car as excitement coursed through him.

"I lied to you, I do feel the same" Tin said continuing to pace the room not caring that the three woman were listening into his conversation.

"I know I read your letter" Can said turning a little red as he clutched it to his chest.

"Every time we kissed it felt like my heart was healed and broken all in the same moment and since the very first time you kissed me I never wanted to kiss anyone else ever again" Tin said needing to get it off his chest now that he could, now that he was free to tell Can how he truly felt.

"Tin! I'm not the only one who can hear you" Can said feeling embarrassed for Tin.

"I don't care Cantaloupe, I love you and I don't care who knows" Tin sounded ridiculously happy as his nerves made him pace faster.

"What room are you in" Pete asked as Can buried his face in his hands.

"Are you here? I'll be out in a second" Tin took off before any of the woman in the room could stop him but all of them got up to follow curious about the turn of events.


Bursting out into the midday sun Tin collided with a force the wrapped himself around Tin pressing so solidly to him that Tin was sure he would have a Can shaped bruise on his chest "I love you Tin" Can said leaning through the space claiming Tin's lips with his own as Tin's hands came up to cradle his face.

"To think I was going to ask if we could call the whole thing off" Mrs Kirakorn said to Mrs Medthanan as they watched their sons holding each other close.

"Well I could do with a cup of tea" Pete said as he sidled up next to the three women who all glared at him.

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Ae let himself into Pete's apartment armed with a bowl of hot rice congee, medicine and a sports drink. When he reached the lounge room he found Pete sitting on the couch wrapped in a think blanket his laptop balanced precariously on his blanket clad lap as his hands poked out of an opening in the blanket as he furiously typed away.

"What are you doing?" at the sound of Ae's voice Pete snapped his laptop shut.

"Nothing just making sure I don't fall behind on my school work" Pete got out before he fell into a coughing fit.

"Pete you need rest, your school work can wait" Ae said handing Pete a glass of water and the congee, he didn't miss the way that Pete flinched towards the laptop as he took it away. Curious but not wanting to upset his boyfriend least of all when he is sick Ae made a mental note to check it out later.

Later turned out only to be about half an hour, after Pete had eaten and taken his medicine Ae helped him change in to fresh pajamas (which was a test to Ae's heart and other parts) and into bed. When he was sure Pete was asleep he quietly walked back out to the lounge room and dropped onto the couch. Feeling tired Ae had settled in to watch some TV when his eyes caught on Pete's laptop with it's ridiculous large pink heart sticker that Pond had stuck to the lid with 'AE' written in permanent marker in the center. Smiling Ae ran his fingers across it when he remembered that Pete had been hiding something, getting the lid half open Ae paused thinking 'what if Pete was trying to do something nice for me and I ruined it? Then again what if that idiot Pond has talked him into something silly again'. Shaking the thought from his head Ae pushed the lid up and waited for the screen to light up.

Of all the things Ae would have expected to see this was not it, he honestly would have been less surprised if it was porn. But there on the screen was Tin and Can kissing, there was a tone of photos, videos, links to written works and even fan art. Ae was floored he couldn't understand why Pete would have a Facebook page dedicated to this when a private message popped up in the corner of the screen 'President, I heard you have a cold. I hope you feel better soon *fighting*'

Ae looked between the page and the private message when someone shared a new photo of Tin and Can holding hands as they left the Sports Science canteen. Shutting the laptop and placing it back on the coffee table Ae stared at the blank TV screen as his mind struggled to process that Pete, his loving caring and devoted boyfriend Pete. Is President of the TinCan Fan Club.