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“What the actual shit, Bella?”


Sometimes he wondered if Bella had lost her goddamn mind.


Actually, no, he was sure she had.


“Vampires? Really?”


Bella just looked down. She kept wringing her hands and fidgeting from her place on her bed, clearly uncomfortable with the topic. When Bella had brought Jamie up to her room to tell him what was going on, he honestly thought she was just having some relationship trouble, not… whatever this was.


Jamie sighed and took a deep breath. He did ask what was wrong. And Bella wasn’t one to blow things wildly out of proportion.




“Are you sure, Bells? Like, one hundred percent positive? This isn’t like the time you thought our swim instructor was a swamp monster?”


The glare Bella shot at Jamison was absolute filth.


“I was six , Jamison! C’mon!”


Jamie held up his hands, “Sorry, sorry! Just checking!”


He cleared his throat.


“Okay, well, sure. Vampires. Why not?”




Jamison “Jamie” Swan had known from a young age that he was going to have to carefully watch over Bella. From the moment Renée handed him the small bundle that was Bella, he knew that he would do just about anything for her. She was so small! And so delicate! She looked like a little doll (and was occasionally treated like one, even with his parents telling him that she wasn’t a toy). Despite being only two years older, he tried his best to help his parents with her care. Especially once they separated when Bella was only three months old.


He didn’t mind watching over Bella, in fact he was quite happy to do so. He loved his little sister, and wanted her to do whatever she enjoyed. If that meant he had to join her after school activities so that she wasn’t too scared to go? Well, sure. Why not. It’s not like Jamie minded.


From ballet lessons to piano practice, Jamie had dutifully joined Bella so that she didn’t feel alone or scared. He actually ended up liking these activities more than Bella, and kept them up even when she quit.


This proved to be a bit of a logistical issues when summer came around. Jamie, committed to his summer piano recitals and ballet performances, couldn’t visit his father up in Forks, Washington with Bella. This meant Bella visited her father without Jamie, something neither of them were especially fond of, but accepted. The upside to this was that Bella actually made friends that weren't Jamie’s friends first, and Jamie didn’t have to constantly look after Bella.


Bella, after a few years of visiting her father without Jamie, nervously asked Charlie to visit them instead. Jamie had confessed that he did miss seeing his Dad when Bella had idly asked how he felt about not seeing their Dad during the summer one day. Bella, always looking to help Jamie out wherever she could, immediately decided that things could not continue as they were. And so the next time she visited her father, Bella told him what Jamie had said, and asked if he would visit them instead. He agreed, and thus ended Bella’s yearly visit to Forks.


Jamie was just excited to bring his dad to his performances.


Things carried on like that for years.


Jamie continued to improve in both piano and ballet (and later joined wrestling team in high school), while Bella focused on schoolwork and grades. Both cooked and cleaned (their mother was… not the best at this), and just generally took care of household issues.


They were each other’s best friends and confidants. With Jamie around, Bella never felt completely out of sync with others. She still had trouble making friends, but that didn’t seem to matter with Jamie always making time for her, and willing to listen when things were rough. Jamie, on the other hand, liked listening to Bella’s stories and mishaps. She always managed to make the most boring task interesting (usually by being almost ridiculously clumsy), and always was amazed at the ridiculous situations she got herself into. 


Both encouraged their mother to get back into the dating world, and were pleasantly surprised with their mother’s success with Phil (Bella and Jamie both cried at the wedding, despite how much Bella later denied it).


Jamie eventually graduated from high school and decided to take a gap year to focus exclusively on ballet (much to his piano teacher’s dismay). With Jamie out of the house, and Renée failing to hide her unhappiness at having to stay home with Bella while her new husband traveled, Bella decided that she was going to move to Forks so that her mother could travel with Phil, lack of sun be damned. It was less than two years until college. Bella could handle it.


Jamie was excited to hear Bella so fired up about something, and fully supported his little sister’s plans. After all, the one thing Jamie wanted was for Bella to be happy and confident. And if Bella wanted to live with their Dad? He would support her all the way.


So Bella moved to Forks, Washington.


And Jamie didn’t.


Bella’s phone rang. Glancing up from her schoolwork, she frowned and picked it up. Once she saw the caller ID, she winced and debated answering, before finally just accepting the call.


“Hey, Belladonna! How’s my most dearest sister doing? It’s almost like you’ve been avoiding me?”


Bella had, indeed, been avoiding Jamie.


“Oh, hi Jamie. Sorry, I’ve been okay. Just busy with school,” She said, glancing down at her homework. Technically, she wasn’t lying.


“Too busy for your favorite sibling?”


Bella, despite herself, grinned. “You’re my only sibling,”


“Exactly. Anyways, just wanted to make sure you’re doing okay. You’ve been there, what? Two months?”


Bella cringed. Had it only been two months? It felt like two years since all this had happened.


“Y-Yeah. Almost two months now,” Bella said, cursing her initial stutter.


Jamie was quiet.


Well, shit , Bella thought.


“Bells? Are you doing okay?” Jamie asked, voice soft.


Bella wanted to say she hated how transparent she was to him, but honestly couldn’t manage it. Jamie had always known when she was upset, no matter how hard she tried to hide it. He’d been like that since they were children.


Bella sighed, “No, Jamie, I’m really not.”


And that was that.


One week later, Jamison “Jamie” Swan strolled into in Forks, Washington.