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Boss the Master

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You: "Fuck this place. Fuck this island. And fuck this rock."

You kicked a rock in the sand, but it ended up going almost nowhere. This is kind of how you felt at the moment; stuck in sand, but continuously kicked around by assholes. You looked down at your Poochyena that was now growling at the rock for no apparent reason. You crouched down to pet the wannabe intimidating pokemon.

Poochyena was your only pokemon left after the incident with Team Aqua. You were only a mere 16 when you joined their team of sketchery. You honestly had no fucking idea what you were getting yourself into, but the outfits were cute and so was the leader. You would've done anything he said, but the crush on the leader was an innocent one. He was much older, and way too absorbed in the goals he had set for the team to mess around with kids. What were those goals again? Oh yeah, he wanted to basically flood the entire fucking world. What a naive, young fool you were to follow such madness. When things had really hit the fan, you took off towards the next cruise out of the region. Unfortunately, by the grace of Giratina, no ships were able to leave during Kyogre's storm. Along with that, you were intersected with Archie and your former team as they stole a submarine.

***Flashback Begin***

Archie: "Y/N? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be back at base taking care of that nuisance."
Y: "I-I"m sorry, leader. I just can't do this anymore...I'm afraid of our goals to expand the oceans. All the land pokemon might die!"
A: "Well...we certainly can't have that now can we?" he said in a malicious tone.
Y: "Wh-what? Have what?"
A: "Take her pokemon." he demanded to the grunts by his side as he began turning towards the submarine. "Only honorable followers can have the pokemon I have so graciously gifted."
Y: "NO! Please! They're all I have! Please-NO!"

***Flashback End***

Although, Carvahna and Wailmer were gifted by Archie, you still had a close bond with your team of pokemon. You convinced the grunts/former friends of Team Aqua to let you keep Poochyena. He was the first pokemon you had befriended and caught by yourself. Now, Poochyena remains by your side as you travel the islands of this unknown region. You arrived by stowing away on the first cargo ship out of the Hoenn region only to land on a relatively small island. This island was full of tourist that would spend their hours sitting out with their tits out on the beaches all day. You had spent the past week eating tourist leftovers and searching personal belongings on the beach for spare change.

Currently, you're walking down an empty beach just wasting time as the sun completely descends. Poochyena alternates from staring forward, looking up at you, and looking out into the ocean. You begin to wonder if Poochyena misses life as a Team Aqua grunt. You stop to sit in the cool sand, facing the ocean.

Y: "I'm pretty pathetic right now aren't I, Poochy?"
Poochyena looks up at you questionably.
Y: "I mean, what the fuck am I going to do here? It's just my luck to land in a region where rent is absolutely impossible, available work is nonexistent, and hotels are constantly full of tourists. Ha, really pathetic."

You threw a nearby rock into the calm ocean waters.

???: "Yo, nice throw."

You stood up immediately and turned to face your intruder; intruder of the personal pity party you were having. Meanwhile, Poochyena is also on guard and ready to attack.

Y: "Who's there??? Show yourself, coward!"
???: "Coward? Sheesh, yo, ain't nobody tryin' to fight ya right now."
Y: "Show yourself."

The figure steps out of the darkness and under a nearby street lamp. The figure is a male that seems to be a couple years younger than you; maybe around 17-19 years. He has blue hair from the looks of it and he seems to be wearing a black and white outfit. Half of his face is covered with a bandana mask.

???: "There. Showed myself, dawg."
Y: "What are you doing here? It's late."
"Could ask ya the same question, yo."
"I, uh, overheard ya talkin' about how fucked this island is. I have ta' say, I definitely agree with ya on that. This place fuckin' suuuuucks."

You eased up a little and Poochyena did the same, mimicking your body language. The stranger took this as a sign that it was ok to join you on the beach. They began walking down the steps towards the beach.

Y: "Ha, yeah. I'm not from around here."
???: "Aw shit, really? Where ya from?"

You didn't really want to tell him. You weren't entirely sure what the status back in Hoenn was, but you're still on land, which is a good sign. More importantly, you didn't want anyone to figure out that you were once apart of Team Aqua. The blue-haired teen picked up on your sudden signs of discomfort and changed the subject.

???: "Ya don't have ta' tell me, yo. Just makin' casual talk."
Y: "..."
"Anyways, to answer ya question as to why I'm outchea: I was actually lookin' for some new recruits for the boss."
"Yeah, like, ok, we have this team that is fuckin' sick, and we like to save helpless souls like you and shit. We took over this whole town and made it all for our gang. It's like some real shit, yo."

You weren't really following what this guy was saying, but your soul could definitely use some saving right about now. You thought about the scenario in your mind while the teen continued pitching the team.

???: "We can give ya fresh-ass uniforms like how ya see here," he gestured down his body to highlight his outfit. "And we always keep our pantry fuckin' STACKED, son. Best part is that it's all hella free. Ya just gotta follow the rules and listen to the higher-ups. Nothin' big."

You contemplated more about this sudden, random proposal. You swore to yourself and Poochyena that you wouldn't get mixed up in any teams or gangs ever again. Sure, last time you joined a team you nearly drowned the whole world, but you and Poochyena were starving and bored out of your minds. Not all teams and gangs could be the same right?

Y: "Uh, ok. I'll-I'll do it I guess."
???: "SWEET! Sick! Yeah, that's fuckin' awesome," He jumped up and gave you an aggressive high-five. "The name's Grunt."
"Wait really?"
"Yuuuup. So, let's head on out to our town. It ain't too far up this way. Follow me, yo."

The grunt started to swagger off up the beach stairs and onto the main roads. You looked down at Poochyena, shrugged, and proceeded to follow the grunt.

Most of the journey was spent listening to the grunt blabber on about random anime shows that he's into. He accidentally named a few hentai shows in the process, but you pretended not to notice. When you got the chance, you decided to ask some questions about what you were getting yourself into.

Y: "Hey, uh, Grunt?"
Grunt: "Sup?"
"What's the name of this team anyways?"
"Ah, yeah, forgot ya not from here. We Team Skull, the most famous gang of savages to roam the Alola region."

Alola region? Team Skull? These were helpful names to know you thought.

Y: "And what will I have to do for the team exactly?"
Grunt: "Well, I uh, sorta forgot to mention that you have to be accepted into the gang by boss man first." He awkwardly began scratching behind the bandana.
"...What do you mean?"
"It's fine, yo. Boss man told me to go out and find new recruits, and that's what I did. He's gonna accept ya, dawg. No worries. Ya fit his description perfectly."
"What description is that?"
"Like, I dunno. You are young, cute, clearly homeless, and gotta strong lil' partner there. What kinda pokemon is that anyways?"

You eased up some while informing the grunt all about Poochyenas. Apparently there were no Poochyenas in this new region. You got so wrapped up into talking about your precious sidekick that you were delayed in realizing that you were now standing in front of a large metal wall that enclosed what you assumed to be the town/secret base of Team Skull. What lies inside? What will the boss think of you? What the fuck is going on actually?