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Avengers x Reader

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Autumn 2013 morning, You were in bed, scrolling on your ipad, you sighs as another article pops up on your suggestion list, another of the Avenger cast, you opens it, and your heart breaks. Another news about Chris was up again, they seen him going out with someone during the after party for the premier of his new movie. You look to your side, Chris was sleeping soundly next to you, you could feel your tears threatening to fall. He had a hard night, you didn't want to ruin his morning. You got out of bed, and heads to the kitchen, maybe this could wait, you needed coffee instead.

You walks over to the kitchen, you prepare the coffee machine, you sighs as you lean against the counter, you scroll through your phone, there were text from Scarlett, Tom Holland, Robert, even Jeremy too, asking if you were okay, that they heard the news, you just reply a simple, i'm okay, i'm fine. But you're still hurting, as your coffee is ready, you pours a cup of it, and walks to the living room, just then your apartment door opens, Sebastian walks in, holding some flowers and a box of donuts. He walks over to you, putting everything on the table, and pulling you into a hug. As you feel his strong arms around your shoulders and your lower back, he pulls you closer, placing your head on his chest, he rubs your back, as you starts to cry. You sobs in his warm embrace.

“ Cry as much as you want hunny, let it out alright” Sebastian reassures you, rubbing your back. It has been an exhausting week for you, with the whole scandals with Chris, with work, with everything. And thank god for Sebastian, he has been your best friend, ever since you and Chris had started going out 2 years back, he was always there for you, through every ups and downs.

As you pulls away and looks at Sebastian, he smiles at you, reassuring you, he pulls you down on the couch, pulling your legs up, to rest on his lap. He grabs the mug of coffee on the table, and hands it to you, you said your thanks, as you scoot closer to him, laying on his chest, his hands were still on your lower back. He rubs your back, while his other hands rest on your thighs.

Just then Chris got out from your bedroom, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he walks over to you, and kisses the back of your head, he then went off to the kitchen to grab hiw own cup of coffee. Sebastian sighs as he looks at you then at Chris.

“ How long more are you going to suffer babe? Isn't it enough?” Sebastian asked, as he rubs your knees.

“ No Sebby, everything is okay for us, i'm fine. I really am. I just had a bad week.” You replies, as you took a sip of your coffee. You watched from your seat, as Chris was walking around in the kitchen, scrolling through his phone, sipping his coffee, was everything okay for you?

“ What if i let this go Sebby? Am i willing to lose everything? Chris means the world to me.” You said as you leans on his shoulder.

“ Hey look, you and Evans has been together for 2 years, and if you don't feel happy in this relationship, you should just let go. There's no use holding on to someone who doesn't know how to cherish you, well it's fucked up how he's hiding you from the media and stuff.” Sebastian sighs, as he held your hands in his. “ You deserves to be happy, babe.”

You got up from your seat, and walks to the kitchen, you sighs as you look at Chris, you look over your shoulder, Sebastian giving you a reassuring smile. You took a deep breath, and stood in front of Chris, who was on the phone with someone else.

“ Babe, we have to talk.” You said, he holds up a finger to you, asking you to wait.

“ Chris, we have to talk.” You said againm clearly frustrated. He looks at you, annoyed that you disturb his conversation .

“ Hold up, I got to go.” Chris said on his phone, then he hangs up. He looks at you, frustrated, “ So what do you want?”

“ So tell me, who is this that you brought home after the premier?” You asked as you shove your phone into his hands.

“ Come babe, she's just a friend. And we just hanged out during the after party.” Chris explains, as he places his hands around your shoulders, as you shrugs it away.

“ A friend? I'm not dumb Christopher Robert Evans! How old do you think i am? 5!” You raised your voice, as you pulls away from him.

“ Come on, i'm Chris Evans, i'm supposed to interact with others, for publicity. I love you babe.” He sighs, as he took a step closer to you.

You puts a hand up, resting against his chest, that very chest you love to lay on, you tried not to look weak infront of him, you held on to your tears. You could hear Sebastian getting up from his seat, approaching the both of you.

“ I had enough Chris, please.” You begged him, as you look to the ground, not wanting to look into his beautiful eyes.

“ Babe, don't. Please. I'm sorry, we could work things out, please.” Chris said, as he pushes your arm away, he cups your face, and looks into your teary eyes. You just shook your head, pulling his hands away.

“ Please hunny, no. I love you.” Chris said as he leans down and kisses your lips, wiping your tears that had escaped.

“Look into my eyes, and tell me honestly, you want this to end.” He begs, cupping your face again.

“ I want to end this, Christopher Robert Evans. I had enough. I'm done.” You said, as you took a deep breath, you look deep into his eyes. You could see his heart was breaking, but he broke yours first. You pushes his hands away, and walks back to your room, Sebastian grabs your arm, stopping you, he looks at you, clearly worried, you smile at him.

“ Help him pack his things, and leave the key on the table.” You said to Sebastian, before you went to your work room. You closed the door, and blast the music in that room, you sat in the middle of the room, pulling your legs closer to your body, hugging it tight and crying.

It's 2019, you were at the premier of Avengers: Endgame. You were in the car, nervous really, it has been awhile since you were in the spotlight , with your best friend, your partner in crime, your fiance. You looks down at your hands, touching the ring Sebastian had given you the week before. The car door opens, Sebastian held his hands out to help you out. You smiles at him and held his hand, you got out of the car, and the camera flashes starts hitting you, Sebastian intertwine your fingers, smiling by your side. As you both walked and Sebastian answered questions aimed at the both of you, you bumps into Jeremy Renner, who smiles at you.

“ Congrats Squirt! Also Sebs! If ever screw this up, i'm going all hawkeye on you!” Jeremy greets the both of you, pulling you into a hug and kisses your cheeks, you smiles at him.

“ Welcome to the married team,guys! Hurt our baby, and i'm going all black widow on you Stan” Natasha said, as she hugs both of you. Sebastian just chuckles and hugs the both of them.

“ Hey Sexy Seabass! Congrats my brother!” Anthony Mackie greets the both of you, as he slaps Sebastian's back. Anthony pulls you into a hug and kisses your cheeks.

“ When will the wedding be?” Anthony asked you, as you both pulls away.

“ On his birthday, because it's our fourth year anniversary.” You grins to Anthony.

“ Cool! I'll be there alright. See you both inside.” Anthony said as he waved both of you goodbye, you turn around and waved back, only to see Chris Evans standing there, looking at you, smiling softly. You smiles at him and waved him over.

“ Heard about the engagement, congrats guys.” Steve greets the both of you, he hugs Sebastian, then hugs you, where he lingers a little longer.

“ Thank you, hope you could be at the wedding bro.” Sebastian said, as he smiles at you.

“ Sure thing, i'll catch up with you guys later on. See you.” Chris said, as he waved both of you goodbye.

It hurts to watch him leave but hunny you have someone who loves you and cherish you now. He might have broke your heart in thousand of pieces, but you now have someone who builds you up and proud of you. You have your happy ending now