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Star-Crossed Lovers

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The world was dark, and eerily quiet. Deep within the subconscious, there seemed to be a faint wail. Voices pleading to be saved, begging for M E R C Y. Then angry shouts; demanding vengeance, wanting to correct the wrong done to them. They were powerful, unpleasant, unnerving. So much so; you had no other choice...but to...

Wake up!

With a start, you quickly sat up, panting softly. You felt your wings twitch, the bones being stiff. What had happened? Why couldn't you remember? A sharp pain suddenly surfaced in your left wing, making you yelp. A large wound was present near the top of the base, the surrounding feathers singed. Ah, you now remembered being struck by lightening, hiding in a cave, then falling down a hole.

You swore you saw a small bone poking from your injury. A soft grunt tore your gaze from your useless wing, eyes landing on a black heap. Your heart froze at the dark aura protruding from the mass. Black wings with a span longer than yours, sharp talons attached to inhumanly pale hands, a purple contract symbol on the back of the left hand, short black hair, pale face, a black tight-fitting long-sleeved turtleneck, black pants. And those signature black leather stiletto boots all high-standing or powerful Demons had, no matter their age.

Knowing you were in the same environment as a powerful being most likely stronger than you set you on edge. Slowly, you staggered to your feet, being careful not to jostle the hurt wing. You quietly approached, a cautious hand set on your sword just in case. As soon as you even got near him, fuchsia eyes snapped open, glaring intensely up at you. You jumped back, bouncing your wounded wing. You bit back a cry, not wanting to show weakness around this creature, which fed off pain and suffering.

The Demon pushed himself up, not wasting any time in getting onto his feet. "What are you looking at, Angel?", the deep, gravelly voice of the beast growled. "Nothing much.", you decided to bite back, meeting his harsh stare with one of your own glares. The creature took that as it was intended; an insult. He snarled, his feathers puffing up a little. His eyes fixated on your injured wing, tensing as a shiver passed through him, most likely imagining if something like that happened to his wings. From what you could see, they were just fine.

"What happened? Run into a tree, fool?"

Your guard increased. "I was struck by lightening, you dolt.", you huffed in defense. He rolled his eyes, walking towards you. Your hand flew to the handle of your sword. He stopped. "Stay back, impure beast!", you hissed. He tensed, as if he had been called 'impure' before. He most likely had. "I'm just trying to look at it.", he snorted, before continuing to approach. You tightened your grip on the handle, getting ready to slash him if needed.

True to his word, which was shocking for a Demon, he inspected your wing. He grabbed the arch with surprising gentleness, pulling to its full length. The action made you both shiver and whimper. You shivered because your wings were an erogenous spot and whimpered because of the pain. Now that he was closer, you saw just how much bigger he was than you. Around seven feet, while you were closer to a human woman's average height.

Suddenly, without warning, he ripped a long piece of your skirt off, revealing one of your legs. You yelped in surprise, blushing madly. It may have not been the Victorian Era anymore, but it was still scandalous in Heaven. "W-What do you think you're doing, Demon?!", you shouted out of embarrassment and rage. He was silent, wrapping the cloth firmly around your wound. "Corvus.", he said suddenly. "What?!", you snapped. "My name is Corvus, not Demon. I highly doubt your name's Angel, so I should know your real name, as we're stuck together.", he replied nonchalantly, stepping back a bit.

You glared, but sighed and gave in. "(Y/N).", you told him. Seemingly pleased with your response, he nodded, before grabbing your wrist and dragging you with him. "H-Hey!", you exclaimed, trying to pull away. A deep growl stopped you from resisting. "We're going to find a way out, so be silent.", he ordered, looking over his shoulder to glare at you. As soon as he turned back around you gave a death stare to his back.

Damn Demon.