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Utter Perfection

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Lusamine sat alone in her large office head in her arms as the women sobbed to herself at her pristine white desk.
Her beast...her beautiful beast was gone, dead!
Dead at the hands of the employees who failed to train her beast to behave properly.
She had already been angered and frustrated enough when her new beast refused to follow even the simplest of commands and even attempted to attack her on more than one occasion, but now that the creature was dead she was both soulful and enraged.
She had to get herself a new beast as fast as possible! She just had to!
Even if it meant becoming poisoned a second time by them.
Whatever it took, no matter the cost or possible repercussions she would claim another beast for her own and this time she would make sure to give it all the love it needed and make sure it was trained properly to follow her every command. A soft series of recognizable knocks then echoed through the office causing her to snap out of her grief.
She lifted her head from the puddle of tears she had made, sniffling pathetically.
“Whoever you happen to be please do go away! Can’t you see I'm still grieving over my poor beast?!”
“But, Madam President you’ve been in there for days! And I really need to discuss the recent incidents with you!”
Lusamine sighed and reluctantly shifted herself upright, dabbing at the corners of her watering eyes with a tissue and disposing of it.
“Oh very well Branch Chief Faba, you may enter.”
She called out softly, the annoyance clear in her tone.
With the creek of the double doors, Faba strode inside the room looking a tad less tidy than usual, the man had obviously been doing most of Lusamine's work while the woman locked herself away in her office to wallow.
“What is so important that you must disrupt my grief Branch Chief?”
She demanded, motioning with her head for the man to take the seat in front of her.
“As I said Madam President there are important things I need to discuss with you such as the accident with your ultra beast, your recent poisoning recovery of it and..”
The man paused as he sat down, fingers digging into the armrest, an angry look crossing his face as he began to grind his teeth.
“Why you fired Assistant Branch Chief Wicke and replaced her with that bubbling dolt Malachite!?”
Lusamine’s eyes began to noticeably water at the mere mention of the creature.
“My beast, tell me Branch Chief Faba, it didn’t suffer, did it?”
Something dark flashed in Faba’s eyes.
“Of course it suffered!” he snapped at an intensity that surprised her as even if her Branch Chief was usually snippy with most the employees never used such a tone with her as she was his superior and Faba always obeyed his superiors.
“You of all people have to know that! I told you myself that all those mind altering experiments were severely hurting it and that we should stop before we kill it!”
Lusamine frowned, he had never taken this tone with her before and she really didn’t appreciate it, he was lower than her after all.
“Mr. Faba-” She started with narrowed eyes, “I would appreciate it if you didn’t pin this tragedy on me. It is clear that you and your employees are the sole ones to blame for this horrible, horrible accident”
“Madam President! With all due respect, you are the one who wanted us to conduct those experiments, to begin with! Usually, I would agree with such a thing to get information off of it, but we already have it all! What we were doing was just causing it needless pain! I'm not working under you to give you everything you want and kill a creature that didn’t know what the hell was going on most the time! I'm not working under you to kill things Madam President!”
The blond women stared blankly at him as Faba raised his head in a gesture of defiance, his blue eyes meeting her green.
“Branch Chief Faba I will not be spoken to in such a tone, I am your superior and you will do whatever I tell you to do” She started coldly, slowly rising from her chair and over to Faba who shrank in his own seat with every step she took the confident gleam in his eyes turning into fear.
“Including working to get me a new beast... I know you can do it with that brilliant mind of yours... It’s the only thing I have left of him that's not tainted.”
With every word she spoke the closer she got to the increasingly uneasy Faba, eyes now wide as the women's hands now gripped his own, pinning them to the armrest, faces so close now that their noses were nearly touching.
“Madam President-” Faba began, pushing his back as far as it would go into the chair.
“We’re not just going to risk an employees life for another one of those things, and anyhow even if we did manage to obtain another one it will never do what you tell it to! What any of us tell it to do! Those things are uncontrollable!”
The man shook his head, “And what on earth do you mean the only thing you have left of him?! Do you mean Mohn!? Because if you do a lot more-”
“Silence” Lusamine hissed, standing up straight, so she could properly look down on Faba with a pair of cold angry eyes.
Faba bite his lip and looked away, his thin shoulders tensing up.
He looked like there were still quite a few things he wished to say to her, but remained quiet just as she told him to be.
Frustration prickled at the corners of her mind, why on earth couldn’t her wonderful beast behave in such an obedient manner?
Why wouldn’t it do anything for her without hesitation like him?
Stand by her side no matter what... like him?
A sudden smile appeared on the tall woman's face, a brilliant idea suddenly presenting itself in her head, a strange look that could only be described as a deep need flashing in her eyes that Faba most definitely didn’t like at all.
“Tell me Branch Chief Faba..” Lusamine started, lifting up his chin with a hand and being to gently stroke his hair with the other.
“You are loyal to me and me alone are you not?”
Faba looked panicked as he nodded frantically, “Yes! Yes! Of course!” he exclaimed, his entire form going rigged against her hands.
“I… When I said all that I didn’t mean for you to think I would betray you in any way! No, no! I am loyal to you Madam President, I am! I was just... Carelessly running my mouth I apologize, I-”
“Silence” Lusamine said, watching in delight as despite the quiet volume of her word as her Branch Chiefs mouth instantly snapped shut, a few beads of sweat dripping down his forehead.
“And.. you would do anything for me if I ordered it?”
“Of course I would Madam President!” Faba quickly replied, not fully processing what the women was saying, too terrified at the thought of his boss demoting or even firing him as result of his words.
“Good,” She told him with a smile petting his head for a few more seconds before finally stopping and walking back over to her desk.
“You may leave now Branch Chief and oh.. Don’t you worry about getting me another beast, I think I’ll have Malachite and the others take care of that for now and don’t you stress Mr. Faba! It’s not going to involve one of those pesky ultra wormholes! I think I’ve just found an alternative way on how to make myself a new beast... You don’t even have to worry about training it! This new beast will be loyal to me, I guarantee it”
“Y-Yes Madam President!” Faba answered standing up from his chair and fleeing the room with a messy bow, too on edge and frankly creeped out to question why he was being removed from The Ultra Beast Project or even wonder what she meant by all that, wisely deciding he had pushed his luck more than enough today.

Lusamine watched him leave without a word, her smile only growling as she thought into more depth about her idea.
The beasts, Faba was right about one thing at least, even with the nonstop training, mind experiments and hypnosis would never be obedient to her as they were quite literally aliens that had never had any interactions with humans before, but if she took something that was already loyal to her.
Something that was already perfectly trained and warped it into a new beast, a small airy sigh left her lips.
It would be perfect, so wonderfully beautifully perfect!
He had his disgusting flaws, just like the disobedient beasts, but Lusamine was sure combining the two would cancel out those flaws and give her the beast she had always wanted.
She shivered, already becoming excited at the thought.
Picking up the phone on her desk with trembling hands she punched in the correct number and brought the phone to her ear.
“Madam President?”
“Malachite, I have a job for you.”