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Just You & Me Is All I Need

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“James can I see you in my office please.” Rogers voice rang out just loud enough for Bucky to hear in his smaller office next door.

The blonde is leaning against the door frame to his own office when Bucky gets closer he tries very, very hard not to stare at his pecs….how the shirt is stretching over them so perfectly. When his eyes lift to his bosses face, the smirk there is very telling. The glint in his eyes is all for Bucky before he clears his throat and pushes away from the doorway, “Right, time for your evaluation James.”

Bucky follows behind sighing deeply, once he closes the office door and locks it behind him and his boss makes sure the blinds are closed, Steve turns back to him that smirk back on his face as he eases himself down into his office chair, the leather creaking under his weight before he slowly pats his thighs like it’s the most normal thing in the world.

Bucky shoves his hands in the back pockets of his form fitting slacks, his blue sweater sleeves already rolled up past his elbows as he makes his way over to stand in front of Steve, the blonde spreads his legs for moment so Bucky can stand inbetween them and lean down for a kiss, a first for the day.

“I missed you this morning daddy.” He whispers after breaking away from those lips he loves so much.

Steve smiles against his lips before kissing him again, “Missed you too baby, had to come in early.”

“Hmmmm well i’m here now.”

“Yes and I want you over my lap baby.” Steve kisses him again though like he can’t help himself.

Bucky finally leans back enough that Steve closes his legs once again, eyebrow raised, “Well?”

Bucky tries not to pout as he settles himself over Steve’s lap, enjoying the feel of his thick thighs under him, his cock more then ready to have something to happen by this point. Once he feels Steve’s hand on his lower back rubbing gently, he lets his body relax.

“Good boy.”

The brunette has to bite his bottom lip as those words wash him over him, “Hands behind your back baby.”

Once Bucky gets them behind him, Steve pins them to his lower back with only one hand, his other hand petting over his clothed ass before landing the first swat. Over the clothing it isn’t as intense, but Bucky still feels it right off the bat, hissing softly even as he moans not a second later.

“The things I wanna do to this ass I swear baby boy….once I get you home...i’m going to do so many unspeakable things to you.” Steve promises, voice low and just for him.

Bucky whimpers as the spanking really starts and he remembers half way through he never even asked why he was being spanked, but….sometimes they just loved to do it because and it seemed this was one of those times.

By the end of it, Steve’s given him 20 swats and Bucky is so hard he’s dying to cum so bad, “Daddy I need it.”

Oh but Steve knows by now, they’ve been doing this nearly a year now, his daddy knows what he needs, it just depends on if he’s going to get it right now or later. “Hmmmm I don’t know, baby boy sent me a form today with so many typos...I don’t think you deserve to cum right now.”

Bucky whines low in his throat, “But daddy…”

“Don’t sass me baby.” Steve’s voice growls low and firm, but it just spurs Bucky on even more, he loves that voice.

In the end Steve makes him get up and just pats him on the butt, “Back to work with you.”

Bucky glares at him before leaving the office and making his way back to his own…’s gonna be a long last hour of work.


By the time it’s time to clock out and be done for the day, his hard on is gone and the rest of his work day has drained him. He doesn’t look forward to any more punishment and feels like being denied his orgasm was a tad harsh in the face of a few typos.

Whatever, he shuts down his computer and turns the lights off in his office, glancing to Steve’s it doesn’t look like he’s leaving anytime soon by the lights still on in there and Bucky just frowns more…..he’s always working late lately and he frankly misses his boyfriend, he doesn’t know how to bring it up though….the last thing he wants to be is some kind of burden, adding to his stress.

With a sigh he starts for the elevators, rides the thing down and starts for home, walking will do him some good and he ignores his phone for now to lost in his head to hearing it ringing. Once he gets home, the place already feels less like home without Steve here, overcome with a sudden case of feeling alone and lonely he decides just to head to bed early, no point in staying up late when Steve stays at work now until nearly 3am most nights.


The bed dips down and Bucky being the light sleeper he is stirs right away, he feels arms snake around and pull him close and Bucky settles his head on Steve’s chest, breathing in his freshly showered body, “Hi daddy.” He mumbles out around a yawn.

“Hi baby.” Steve’s lips press to the top of his head and Bucky sighs contently now that Steve is home.

“I haven’t been a very good daddy lately have I baby?” Steve whispers, his hands trailing lightly over Bucky’s bareback.

The brunette swallows, but finds it hard to answer honestly, “Well….” He trails off sighing before trying again, “ miss you...alot, but you’re working and I know work is important to you, I would never want to get in the way of that or anything, I’m glad to get the time I do.”

The words only seem to upset Steve more, “Oh baby that’s….you matter so much more than work, i’m sorry I haven’t been putting you first.”

“It’s ok…” Steve cuts him off though, “It’s not ok, I love you and miss you like crazy when you’re not around, my hours suck right now, but it’s almost over, this deal is almost over and once it is….maybe I can step back and actually let my people run things like I hired them too...I do way more than I need too, Sam yells at me all the time over it.”

Bucky takes in his words for a few minutes before leaning up so he can look down at Steve, resting his arms on his big beefy chest, his hands play with the light chest hairs there as he takes in Steve’s face in the moonlight, he finally just settles on, “I love you too...and...I do really miss you daddy.”

Steve looks kind of sad at the words, but pulls Bucky down for a kiss anyway, kissing the sadness away with every swipe of the tongue against his own, “How can daddy make it up to you baby?”

“I just want to cum daddy with you touching me...I just want you.” Bucky begs softly against his lips.

“Yeah baby, daddy can do that, come here.”

Steve manhandles him onto his back and proceeds to lick into his mouth demanding entry, taking Bucky’s mouth with his own, he reaches down and starts to teasing his nipples first before sliding his hand down Bucky’s stomach and then finally wrapping his big palm around Bucky’s now aching cock.

He moans deeply into the kiss as Steve gives him the relieve he needs. His moans start to turn into whines that get longer and longer as Steve takes him apart with his touches alone. Steve latches onto his neck like he’s a snack and starts kissing and biting, sucking on the skin as his hand speeds up on his cock.

Bucky throws his head back, eyes shut tight, hands fisted in Steve’s hair, “Daddy...oh daddy...fuck...yes daddy.” His voice getting high pitched as he borders that edge, his balls tighten up….he’s so fucking close.

“That’s it baby, cum for daddy, show me...make a mess all over yourself….daddy wants to see it baby.”

Bucky’s hands tighten in Steve’s hair who moans from the action as Bucky cums rather strongly, riding out the wave until he’s left panting and clinging to Steve like a cuddly teddy bear now.

The blonde laughs softly and cleans him up by licking all the cum off of Bucky’s stomach before kissing him once more, Bucky sighs into the kiss clinging to him now, “Stay daddy.”

“I’m not going anywhere baby.” Steve promises as he snuggles his boy close.

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“Hmmmm I was thinking baby, now that, that deal went through, I promised you I would take a step back, give more time to you, to us….what would you like to do today?” Steve whispers into the back of Bucky’s neck sleepily, spooned up behind him in bed, morning light finally coming into the bedroom windows. 

Bucky yawns before snuggling back more into Steve, “Hmmmm I wanna go out today, don’t care where, just wanna go out with you, it’s been so long.” He whispers back honestly still half asleep, it was barely 7am in the morning.

Steve frowns feeling guilt creep up on him again hearing those last words of the sentence and vows, ‘never again.’ he let work start to get in the way of his personal life and that….well he won’t let that happen again, Bucky means more to him then anything else in the world, even his own company, he tightens his arms around his baby and drifts back off to sleep hearing Bucky snore softly.

One of Steve’s favorite things, is warm mornings in bed, both of their bodies extra warm from being under the blankets all night, his baby tucked up next to him cuddling close, snoring softly. It’s one of Steve’s favorite things in the whole world, holding his sweetheart close, breathing him in, the smell of his own shampoo in Bucky’s soft brunette hair. The feel of his smooth arms and legs tangled with his own hairy ones.

One of Steve’s second favorite things is…..tracing patterns down his sweethearts stomach with his mouth before taking Bucky’s waiting cock in his mouth and waking his baby up with a blow job. Steve finds he loves when Bucky starts waking up more, his hands finally snaking down into Steve’s longer hair and gripping tightly.

The feel of Bucky’s cum shooting down his throat in a lazy and pleased orgasm is maybe his third favorite thing. Pleasing his baby is....everything to him.

“It’s been so long since I've been to the boardwalk.” Bucky says, filled with joy as he kisses Steve breathless.

The blonde smiles into the kiss, “Me too baby.”

The weather is on the tail end of summer, so hardly anyone is around and it feels like they have the place to themselves, which is just fine by them, no lines for the rides or when they get lunch. When Steve suggest they take their lunch down to the shore, Bucky agrees happily, holding his stuffed cap bear Steve won him.

Bucky was always teasing him on how he kind of looked like captain america from the comics, but Steve didn’t see it, but he knew Bucky had a secret love for cap bears, so he just had to win him one and he did in the end.

Now they sit close together eating fried fair food watching the sun slowly set over the ocean and….it’s perfect Steve thinks. He side eyes his sweetheart and not for the first time feels like the luckiest guy in the world. To have this young man want him of all people, his heart feels like it’s bursting sometimes just thinking of Bucky and his love for him.

He swallows thickly suddenly getting nervous, but Steve Rogers is not known for backing down from something that scares him so….he finishes his food before setting the carton it came in down on the sand, he lets Bucky finish his food before pulling him wordlessly into his lap.

Bucky smiles at him like he’s the only thing that he wants and it’s….such a heady feeling for Steve he can’t help but frame the brunette’s face in his hands and slowly kiss those kissable lips, shiny with lip gloss, his mouth tasting like sweet and sour chicken and funnel cake.

Soon enough his hands roam down and cup Bucky’s ass in both his hands, his fingers digging in tightly, the brunette moans into the kiss and starts rocking his hips in Steve’s lap, making the blonde growl feeling Bucky’s hard cock in his pants rub up against Steve’s in his pants….fuck he wants him so much.

“Let’s go home baby, I wanna see your body all laid out for me.” Steve breaths against Bucky’s neck, sucking marks into his neck and collar bone.

“Yes daddy yes….want you.” Bucky gets out on a low whine as Steve keeps sucking and biting over his neck, hands kneading his ass cheeks through his jeans.

“That’s a good boy.” Steve mumbles, licking over his boys skin.

Once Steve has him in his bed once more, he starts peeling off Bucky’s clothes only to find….well when his fingers skim over something lacy under Bucky’s clothes and the brunette looks at him with teasing and coy eyes, Steve swallows thickly as he gets his shirt off and finds a beautiful powder pink corset on his beautiful boy.

His eyes sweep over the lace on the sides of it, at the buckles wrapping around it, the lovely chains running along with the buckles...his breathing picks up just seeing it on Bucky...his sweetheart...his love looks stunning and it can’t be helped when he tackles his boy back onto the bed and kisses him deeply, tongue sweeping into Bucky’s mouth.

“Daddy wait….there’s more.” Bucky says breathlessly after Steve finally breaks the kiss to get some air.

The blondes eyes widen and suddenly he’s sitting up enough to start getting his boys jeans off and Bucky laughs softly seeing Steve’s excitement and doesn’t stop him as he finally gets his jeans, socks and shoes off. Steve’s soft gasp makes Bucky preen on the bed, stretching out so Steve can really get an eye full.

Bucky has on matching stockings, panties and a garter belt all in that soft pink color and Steve thinks he could die happy if this was the last thing he ever saw. Bucky’s cock is barely contained in the panties and the poor thing is already leaking.

Steve licks his lips not sure where to even start.

“Daddy I want you.” Is all Bucky has to say in that tone of voice and suddenly, Steve knows just what to do.


After Steve gets the black leather collar with rose diamonds around Bucky’s neck they had bought him earlier in the day, he proceeds to sit against the headboard and pulls his boy in his lap, “Ride me baby, daddy wants to see you fuck yourself on my cock.”

Bucky groans at his words and nods wordlessly as he reaches around and pulls out his princess plug and tosses it on the bed to use later, he doesn’t even have to slick up Steve’s cock, his ass is very ready to take the blondes cock after having the plug in all day.

When he lines himself up and the panties are pushed aside and starts taking Steve deeper and deeper, his head tips back he whines at the feeling of being so full, once he bottoms out, he’s panting softly as Steve’s hands dig more into his hips, “Please move baby….daddy needs it.”

Tipping his head back down so he can keep eye contact with Steve, he settles his hands on his now bare chest and starts to ride him slowly, never breaking eye contact, the blondes eyes bore into his own as he watches his boy ride him so damn good, the heat of him….the feeling of him all around his cock….is heaven.

“That’s it baby….that’s it...ride me….such a good boy for me.”

Bucky whines speeding up, the words lighting up his brain in pleasure, “Daddy….”

“That’s right baby boy...god your beautiful.”

Bucky’s fingers dig into Steve’s chest making the blonde gasp, “My beautiful baby boy fucks me so good for daddy.”

Bucky cries out, the words feeling as good as the big cock in his ass, hitting his prostate so well, “Daddy feels big.” He starts babbling.

Steve laughs darkly and starts thrusting up when Bucky thrust down making him cry out louder, “That’s right honey, daddy’s big cock takes such good care of you doesn’t it?”

“Yes daddy….fuck.”

“My baby has the best little ass, always takes me so fucking good.”

Bucky’s eyes start tearing up, the pleasure getting overwhelming how he loves.

“Oh daddy…”

“Yes baby, anything for you.”

Steve starts really fucking up into him and now Bucky just hangs on as Steve fucks him like a freight train, his little whines and moans feeding Steve’s lust and love and he just…..gets lost in his boy, leaning forward he sucks on the brunette’s neck hard, making Bucky scream.

“My baby is mine...all mine.” Steve growls sucking another mark onto the other side of his neck.

“Yes...yours daddy...all yours.” Bucky just holds Steve to him the best he can as he feels his orgasm getting closer and closer.

“God baby...the things I want….fuck.” Steve breaths into his shoulder, his voice so deep, so good and sexy, Bucky just wants more of it.

“What do ya want daddy?” Bucky grips handfuls of Steve’s hair as the blonde moves to Bucky’s nipples to suck on.

“I want……..oh baby….I wanna marry ya...make you mine forever.” He mumbles into his skin, lost to the pleasure.

Any other normal person this would have stopped everything to be talked about maybe more seriously, but….they never did anything by the rules so….why start now. Bucky knew in his heart this man was it for him.

“Yes daddy…..Steve yes please yes.” The tears leaking from his eyes are for joy as well and Steve STILL doesn’t falter in his thrusting up into Bucky’s body.

The blonde growls like some kind of animal at those words and flips them around, Bucky finds himself on his back and being fucked in a frenzy, Steve’s eyes hold so much love and care, there blown wide and so very wanting, Bucky pulls him down by the hair and kisses him savagely. 

Many hours and rounds of sex later, they are worn out and sated, snuggled under the blankets once more Steve finally ask him more seriously and Bucky….still gives the same answer.

“Yes Steve i’ll marry you, I love you daddy.”

Steve can’t help but surge forward to kiss the daylights out of him yet again feeling so happy and light in this moment.

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“What do you mean you’re not coming ma?”

“Your father and I made it very clear we did not approve of your life choices and sense you refuse to end this….sin that you’re living in, I see no point in coming to your wedding, no son of ours lives this kind of life….and with...that kind of man, he doesn’t go to church, he’s much to old for you, he’s only after one thing….why…..why couldn’t you find a nice girl…”

Bucky stops listening after that, his vision blurry from the tears as he just….disconnects the call and drops his phone on the bathroom floor before joining it on the floor...sitting there knees drawn up to his chest and cries.

He had hoped, really hoped they would come around when they saw how happy he was, when they saw that it was serious and he was getting married, seems nothing has changed at all for them and Bucky feels…..crushed...he shouldn’t be surprised really, but he just….wanted them to love him for who he is so badly. He feels like such a fool.

He loses track of time sitting there, his crying turning to ugly sobs of pain.

Steve’s worried when he steps off the elevator to his penthouse and looks around. Bucky wasn’t answering his phone and the longer it went on, the more Steve’s worry grew. It doesn’t take his ears long to pick up sound coming from the bathroom upstairs, so he follows it until he can hear it’s sobbing and then….he runs the rest of the way down the hall and into the big bathroom.

Bucky’s sitting on the marble flooring in only his workout shorts and sobbing his eyes out with his knees drawn up to his chest and his face hidden in his folded arms on his knees….he makes for a very sad picture to see and Steve rushes to him, kneeling down next to him, concern growing by the minute.

“Baby?” He whispers gently, he’s never heard Bucky like this and it scares him.

The brunette startles at Steve’s voice, his face a mess of tears, cheeks red, eyes red and leaking tears nonstop, it’s enough for Steve to gently reach out and cup his face in both hands, “Baby what’s wrong? What happened?” 

Bucky’s face just crumbles at his words and Steve on instinct, pulls him into his arms as he sits on the floor with him, holding him close like the treasure he is, “Shhh it’s ok sweetheart, you don’t have to tell me right now, I got you, shhhh.”

Bucky clings to him like a vice and sobs and Steve is left not knowing what to do or how to fix this, but he doesn’t let go of his baby and he keeps offering soft, sweet words by his ear.                            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It takes some time for Bucky to calm down, well enough to speak anyway and once he does he just…..blurts out everything his mom said to him before ending it with, “Why don’t they love me?” His voice impossibly small.

And Steve clenches his jaw in anger over Bucky’s asshole parents treating him this way, but he keeps his hold on his boy gentle, soothing, “I’m so sorry honey, i’m sure they do love you just…..they don’t understand, i’m sorry baby, you deserve all the love in the world, you’re such a wonderful person and if they can’t see that then….it’s their loss right?”

Bucky sniffles and offers a nod before burying his face back in Steve’s neck, “Aww honey it’ll get better, give it time, one day they will see you for who you are and until then, you got your sisters and your friends and me.”

“I know.” Bucky whispers against his skin.

Steve decides then and there to show Bucky he is always loved, to say it everyday and show it to him everyday, his baby deserves.....everything.


The week may not have started the best for Bucky, but by the end of it, he was feeling good again, it had been a good week of finalizing the food that would be at the wedding and the music, now all they had to do was show up the day of….which was just in a few short weeks. 



“Daddy...feels so good.” Bucky whimpers into his neck as Steve slowly fucks into him as he sits in the blondes lap, encircled by his legs around him, Bucky was at Steve’s mercy like this, held in his lap by big strong arms and powerful legs, his daddy’s cock buried deep inside him.

Bucky’s fingernails dig into the blondes shoulder blades harder as Steve puts more force behind his thrust, “Such a good boy for me, such a beautiful, sweet boy.” Steve praises as he latches his lips over his boys neck to start marking him up.

Bucky gives out a higher pitched moan when Steve bites down on the spot behind his ear, earning a groan from Steve, “That’s it baby boy be loud for me, daddy wants to hear you make all those sweet noises.”

“Yes daddy...oh daddy.”

Steve growls holding his treasured love to him tighter and starts fucking up into him even harder.


“That’s it baby, scream for me, scream for daddy.” Steve growls into his ear, breath hot and panting, Bucky sobs in pleasure as Steve’s cock starts hitting his prostate perfectly.

“Beautiful sweetheart, just beautiful.” Steve seals his mouth over Bucky’s and eats up his cries of pleasure. 



Bucky snuffles in his not sleep, but not fully awake state, face pressed into Steve’s naked stomach, his tummy made the best pillow as the blonde uses his laptop to try and find them the best honeymoon spot, Steve’s free hand absentmindedly playing with Bucky’s hair.

“Hmmm how about Hawaii baby?”

“Sounds good.” Bucky mumbles, tightening his arms around Steve.

“You said that about the last two places baby.”

“They all sound good daddy, I'm not picky as long as i’m with you.”

Steve leans down the best he can in his position and kisses Bucky’s head, “Sweet boy.”

Bucky smiles from his spot, “Sweet daddy.”


Bucky laughs softly as Steve keeps looking for places.


“Are you nervous?”

“Nope.” Bucky says calmly.

And he isn’t, he thought he would be once the day was upon them, but all he felt was a happy contentedness. Him and Steve parted ways two days ago so they wouldn’t see each other the day before the wedding. Steve was nothing if not a romantic at heart and wanted to keep up the old tradition, Bucky didn’t mind in the slightest. He was missing him though and couldn’t wait to see him, he was already outside with everyone here.

A few friends and family, nothing to big for either of them. Bucky had finally settled on a soft pink suit with white accents, not a common color, but one once he saw it he just knew it was the one for him. He hadn’t let Steve see it of course, and he couldn’t wait for him to.

Nat had wanted to add a braid to his hair, once they had tried it out, it just didn’t fit with his suit, then they tried a nice bun on top, something with a touch more class then what he normally wore, but again it just… wasn’t right.

In the end Bucky went downtown cut a few inches off his hair to take it from shoulder length to ear length and left it down for today, a small ponytail in the back to keep his long bangs from getting in his face for the day, he wanted to see Steve with nothing getting in the way.

“You sure don’t sound nervous.” Beca continues.

He turns slightly to look at her where she stands just behind him and to the left, followed by Natasha, Clint, and Peter. His family, his friends who mean the most to him, “I’m really not, just happy.”

“I can tell.” Beca replies, smiling happily at him, he can already see the tears in her eyes and the wedding hasn’t even started yet.

“Aww sis.” He pulls a tissue from his own collection in his pants pocket and hands it to her, he watches he dab her eyes.

“I’m so happy for you big brother, don’t mind me.” She says still sounding like she’s gonna start crying again.

He hugs her to him so grateful at least his sisters came to his wedding today, “Thank you.” He whispers saying more with those two words then anything else he could say right now, if he doesn’t watch it he’s gonna cry too.

When they part the music is starting and suddenly Bucky is filled with slight nerves, he really doesn’t want to mess up his vows and so very thankful him and Steve had agreed to go with simple ones, he doesn’t think he could handle anything to long, he would start crying and mess it all up otherwise.

They had also rather last minute decided not to have anyone walk him or Steve down, just have one of them wait with the priest, while the other came down alone with the music. 

When ‘Time after time’ really starts going, Bucky stands up straighter and just takes in Steve as he rounds one of the cherry blossom trees and finally comes into view and he’s….a walking dream.

The soft blue suit with white accents is….stunning, as is Steve with his blonde and silver hair slicked back and his beard trimmed to perfection. Bucky can’t believe this is who he gets to spend the rest of his life with….it’s like a dream and as he gets closer and closer he can see the blondes eyes are teary and he knows they match his own.

He’s sure his smile is as blinding as Steve’s as the blonde finally gets to him and takes his hands in his own, Bucky’s glad it isn’t only his hands trembling slightly. Steve does take one of his hands and touches his hair only to pull his hand away and have a few cherry blossoms in his fingers.

It’s been a tad breezy and some must've fallen from the trees and into his hair while he waited for Steve. The blonde just pockets them and retakes his hand again and then it’s happening, the priest is speaking and Bucky barely hears any of it, he only has eyes for Steve and Steve looks to be feeling the same, looking at him how he is.


When Steve see’s him….his breath catches in his throat. His beautiful boy….all decked out in the softest pink suit, holding a few lilacs in his hands waiting for him, when Bucky see’s him though….Steve will never forget this moment for the rest of his life.

The way Bucky’s eyes take him in and light up, even as his eyes fill with tears the closer and closer he gets. Steve watches a few cherry blossoms float in the breeze before landing in Bucky’s hair and Steve thinks….beautiful.


Bucky just manages to get through his vows and honestly it’s a tie on who is crying more, him, Steve or there wedding parties. Steve had Peggy, Sam, Thor, and Maria and Bucky had Natasha, Clint, Peter, and Beca and both parties kept sniffling behind them on each side.

It doesn’t really matter, in the end once Steve finishes his vows, his voice is so wrecked Bucky wants to kiss him already, so when Bucky is told to repeat those words he wants to hear so much and says them back to Steve, “I do.”

And Steve says it a minute later, “I do.”

Bucky barely hears the priest say they can kiss before Steve is framing his face and finally kissing him as his husband, both of them smiling so much they can barely even kiss, but Bucky has never been this happy and by the looks of it, Steve feels the same.


The reception was actually in the same area because it was just to beautiful to have it anywhere else. While the wedding had been going on, the reception tent had been set up and now looking at it, Bucky can’t believe how magical it looks. 

There are string lights everywhere in the trees, the tent, everywhere Bucky looks, it’s lovely and perfect, and before he can say anything Steve is of course there behind him wrapping his arms around him from behind and kissing behind his ear.

“Do you like it husband?”

Bucky bites his bottom lip liking that new name so fucking much, “I do husband, very much….thank you daddy.” He says softly just for them to hear and Steve hugs him tighter.

First order of business is the photos of course and Bucky just knew Steve would hire only the best for this, but still, he’s blown away by the pictures, when he gets a few previews, these are going to be the best dam wedding photos and Bucky can’t wait to see them all.

Second order of business is dinner, Bucky mouth waters just looking at his dish when they finally start serving dinner for everyone.  He hadn’t known which one to go with so of course he picked both, spicy lemon chicken and then the butter roasted halibut with asparagus and olives.

Frankly once it’s time for their cake, a dark chocolate with strawberry frosting thing that’s so pretty Bucky hates to even eat it, but well….Steve breaks that by sweetly taking a piece of cake and gently shoving it in his face laughing.

Bucky is so stunned all he can do is grab some cake and do it right back to him, getting chocolate all in his beard and laughing along with him.


Later still when ‘fly me to the moon’  comes over the loudspeaker as their dj, peter parker starts some of their favorite songs, Steve grabs his hand and leads him to the dance floor, surprising Bucky because well….Steve wasn’t the best dancer, but he’s once again stunned when Steve holds him close and dances perfectly.

“Since when can you dance?” The brunette has to ask.

“Since I took lessons, wanted to dance with my husband.” Steve says softly, holding him close like the treasure he is.

If Bucky wasn’t head over heels in love with him already, he would be now. He leans up and in, kissing Steve’s soft lips, holding him right back.

“What have you got on under there baby?” Steve whispers sometime later as they continue to dance slowly now to ‘So this is love.’

Bucky of course knows what he’s talking about, “A surprise for later daddy.” He whispers back as Steve keeps running his hand over Bucky’s back feeling the lingerie underneath his clothes. 

“Mmmm my baby boy spoils me.” He finally whispers back, his voice starting to sound hungry and neither of them can wait until later. 


The night ends with them both a bit tipsy and happy and ready to head to the hotel before they leave for their honeymoon tomorrow. Steve still hasn’t told him where they are going and he’s excited to find out.

Steve is on him the moment they get to the hotel and in their frankly huge ass room for the night, all their things in their suitcases already there waiting for them. Even while starting to undress each other, Steve still somehow finds a way to get music to start playing to help set the mood and of course it’s ‘Unchained melody.’

Steve is SUCH a sap.


Steve can’t undress his boy fast enough, soon enough though he’s got him down to what he had on under his clothes and holy fuck his brain stops working for a moment, he’s sure of it. The most beautiful lingerie he has ever seen is hugging his baby’s body.

Everything is in shades of pink because of course it is, the stockings are a darker shade while the garter belt and corset is a lighter shade that actually gives him a more hourglass shape and again Steve isn’t sure he’s even blinking.

“You’re a vision.” He breaths out finally. 

Bucky blushes, but pulls him closer by his tie before Steve also loses all his clothes bit by bit, until Steve’s naked and he has his boy beneath him in bed. 

Bucky’s panties are backless of course, which means by the time Steve has kissed every each of his boys skin and slowly opened him up for his cock before he’s sliding into him as his husband for the first time, Bucky is...a mess, a sweet lovely mess and Steve can’t stop kissing him. 

Taking his mouth with his own, sweeping his tongue in his mouth, the blonde eats up all the moans and whimpers as Bucky’s nails dig into his back, when Bucky scratches his nails down his back Steve can’t help but groan deeply and thrust in deeper and harder.

His boys sounds start to turn wanton and unabashed just how Steve loves it best, he cages Bucky in, forearms on either side of his head as his hips keep up a steady and deep rhythm, fucking into his love with deep moans and groans of his own.

Bucky’s legs at some point wrap around his hips, making Steve’s cock go deeper and both of them nearly see stars, the blonde latches onto Bucky’s neck and starts sucking deep marks into his skin that will mark him up for days to come.

The brunette cries out, digging his nails into the skin of Steve’s back harder and that just makes Steve keep at it as his hips start going faster, trying to hold off his orgasm as long as he can, which is starting to get harder and harder.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah….daddy….daddy….so good….i’m close.” 

“ Me too too so good for me...always so good….so beautiful and perfect.”

Bucky sobs in pleasure and from the praise as he tips his head back and really starts losing himself to Steve and his cock hitting his prostate every time the blonde thrust into him.

“That’s it baby, feel it, feel everything i’m giving to you...I love you so much.” Steve is about to lose it, he just can’t hold on much longer, his boy feels much to good, all his sounds...he just can’t hold on anymore...he’s so close.

“Daddy….love you much…” Bucky clings to him and kisses him and that’s it….they go over the edge together, clinging to each other as they ride out one of their best orgasm’s to date.




Bucky's suit but with white not black.


Steve's suit, but with white.



Kind of what Bucky was wearing at the end, but more corsety.

Chapter Text

“You’re crazy.” Bucky says out around a laugh stepping through the door to the private jet taking them to Paris, though Bucky doesn’t know that yet.

It’s only once Steve has shuffled him to the back of the plane to their private bedroom that he replies as his arms wind around him from behind, “Crazy about you.”

Bucky leans back into his strong body even as he laughs again softly, “Sap, always a sap.”

“Hmmm.” Steve noses behind his ear and suddenly Bucky wants more, “Only for you baby.”


It doesn’t take them long to join the mile high club after that, the way Steve’s railing into Bucky, his face buried in the mattress, ass up, Steve’s huge hands on his small waist, the drag of his huge cock sliding in and out of his used hole so deep and so slowly, he doesn’t know whether to demand he go faster or beg for more of the same.

Every now and then, Steve will grab handfuls of his braided hair and just tug and Bucky always moans so sweetly from it, and each time his braid gets more and more messed up, he knows Steve does it on purpose, he’s ok with it.

When Steve pushes his hips flat down onto the bed and keeps up the slow and deep fucking, Bucky whines high in his throat at the new angle, his lower half is pinned down, the strength in Steve when he uses it has always turn Bucky on, likes feeling small, has only ever liked it when it’s coming from Steve.

Still his sounds are getting muffled and Steve finally takes the pillow from under his face, “There you are honey, why you hiding your sounds from me? Daddy wants to hear you.”

Bucky whines and finally the sound isn’t muffled and Steve groans, “That’s it baby, purr for me like a good kitten.”

“Fuck…..” Bucky moans out, mouthing at the bed sheets below him, eyes closed, hands fisted in the sheets next to his head, “Fuck….” He cries out again feeling Steve speed up.

“Yeah that’s it….daddy wants to hear you baby, wants to see your pretty face when you come.”

Bucky whines turning his face so Steve can see the side of his face, he keeps his eyes closed though, to lost in the wonderful sensations.

When Steve suddenly snaps his hips forward in a brutal pace, Bucky does scream, back arching up as his head is thrown back, hands fisting the sheets so hard they nearly tear, “Fuck sweetheart that’s it.” Steve growls.

It doesn’t take long after that for them to find release and once they’ve caught their breath, it’s time for a good long nap.


“Holy shit.” Bucky can’t believe his eyes.

Steve hadn’t let him know where they were going and he hadn’t let him see once they had landed, putting a blindfold over his eyes and leading him to the waiting car for them, now though, now Steve has just taken off the blindfold and the brunette is looking at….the Eiffel tower.

If he cries so be it, Bucky never thought he would get to see all this and he’s feeling so many things right now, what he does know though, is that he has to kiss Steve right this second and he does, taking his husbands face in his hands he gets up on his tip toes and kisses the daylights out of him.

Bucky doesn’t care that he keeps crying, he’s fucking happy, happier then he’s ever been and this wonderful man, his husband...his daddy was the cause of it and he wants to show him how much he loves him for this.

He breaks the kiss panting and drops to his knees gracefully and undoes Steve’s belt buckle and gets his pants down in record time, looking up at Steve who just looks down at him in wonder and love, with hungry lion eyes.

No one should be able to see them up this high, but they are outside on the balcony, Steve doesn’t seem to care though, he just watches Bucky and licks his lips, “Gonna love on me baby?”

“Yes daddy.” Bucky goes for the extra effect like always and looks up at him through his eye lashes and Steve just groans and fist some of the brunette’s braided hair, “Then get to it sweetheart, don’t keep daddy waiting.”


Being in Paris is everything Bucky hoped it would be, with the added bonus of plenty of sex….so much sex. For someone Steve’s age, he sure didn’t seem slowed down ever and always had his hands on him somewhere, not that Bucky was complaining, he couldn’t keep his hands off his husband either.

When you have a man who looks like Steve, it’s impossible to keep your hands to yourself.


“No way!” Bucky is once again shocked when Steve the next day takes him to Disneyland Paris.

“Damit, i’m gonna spend half the trip crying.” He mumbles with a smile on his face, a few tears rolling down his cheeks as Steve lifts him up and kisses him lovingly.


If Bucky thought Paris was the honeymoon, he is wildly wrong when the plane he thinks is finally taking them home, instead takes them to the next part of the honeymoon….the Bahamas.

Bucky just looks open mouthed at the little hut they’ll be staying in for 2 freaking weeks, Steve had of course blind folded him once Bucky would have been able to guess by looking out of the planes windows. The brunette hadn’t understood at the time, but well, Steve had been very good at distracting him, by giving him the BJ of a lifetime.

Now though it’s…..fuck is he even breathing right now? Their little hut is by a dock that is long, so dam long, rows and rows of little huts, but of course they have the one and only one that is the furthest away and compared to the others the biggest one too.

Rushing into the hut shows him what he was hoping for...the floors are glass and under the glass is the ocean and millions of beautiful colorful fish. That actually earns a gasp from him that’s outside of the bedroom, it’s so unreal. All of it, outside the hut beyond the balcony is their own little dock area and then just the ocean as far as the eye could see.

“Holy fuck, can I just live here?” He says mostly to himself.

Warm arms wrap around him from behind, Steve’s lips dusting a small trail of kisses over the back of his neck, “That can be arranged baby.”

“Hmmmm knowing you, I know it can.” Bucky says in a daze.

“Mmmmm help me break in the bed?” Steve whispers by his ear.

Bucky laughs suddenly, once again just over come with so much happiness, “Fuck yes daddy.”


The next few days are filled with plenty of sex and plenty of swimming too, one of the days, they swim to the little micro island not to far off. It’s more a huge bed of white sand then anything else, but there’s enough room to throw down some towels and make out on them under the shade of two palm trees.

Steve groans as his hands cup Bucky’s ass in his tiny swim shorts, that hide nothing and show off everything, “God this ass.”

Bucky laughs softly, going for the spot below Steve’s ear and nibbles on the spot earning a moan from the blonde, “You love my ass.”

“Fuck, I do baby, worlds best ass.”

Bucky really laughs at that one, “Your ridiculous.”

“Mmmmmm ridiculously in love with you.” Steve responds just how Bucky knew he would and just sucks a hickey into his neck for it, grinding his hips down into Steve’s, both their cocks hard and ready for more.

By the time Bucky’s on top of him, taking his cock like a champ, the sun is close to setting, but not yet, Steve watches him with wide eyes, biting his bottom lip and just taking in everything that is his Bucky, his husband, his beautiful boy. Watching him ride his cock, god it drives him mad just how stunning he is, how sweet he is, the sounds he makes.

Steve gets lost in his eyes with Bucky riding him fast and deep, their eyes never leaving the others, “I love you so much sweetheart.” Steve pants out.

Bucky smiles his loving smile that makes Steve melt every time, “I love you too husband.”

Steve gasp at that and comes, groaning deep in his chest, fingernails digging into Bucky’s hips tighter as Bucky joins him, moaning his name on a loop before leaning deep and giving him a lazy kiss as the sun starts to set.

Chapter Text

Steve had planned on waiting until they got back home to start looking for it. They had talked many, many times about getting one, but looking online never really yielded anything that caught their eye.

Bucky was really picky on the kind he wanted, but Steve liked to think he knew his husband ‘that word still makes him wanna hug his boy close and never let go’ pretty dam well by now, so he knows what catches Bucky’s eye and what doesn’t.

And the collar he is looking at right now in this little out of the way spot on the island is….frankly...perfect.


Steve is nervous...and by the time he gets back to the hut, Bucky is still sleeping but Steve has a little black box with him and he’s dying to show his boy what he got him….hopefully he loves it. Steve decides to be sneaky about it….he’s nervous but so sure his love will love the day collar he got him, he slips it around his neck while he sleeps.


Steve  slowly undresses watching his boy sleep in nothing at all, the sheets just barely hiding his dick and everything below. He always looked so soft like this, not a care in the world, face lax in sleep, now with the pretty day collar around his neck he looks extra soft if that was possible. 

His body was already covered in love bites and scratches, hickies galore everywhere, Steve’s eyes flick over the wedding band on his ring finger and he bites his bottom lip, the site of it on him….he has to swallow the lump in his throat as he finally gets naked again himself and crawls back into bed with his baby.


Bucky wakes slowly, the heat pressed against his back is almost too much, but he welcomes it all the same. The warm arms around his bare belly keep him in place against the warmth of Steve’s chest. A small smile graces his lips, even with him half asleep.

The ocean breeze is blowing into the hut, and with Steve at his back, he blinks his eyes open slowly before taking in the ocean that sits just outside their room, no window needed, it’s just wide open to the outside.

Bucky content in this moment, he doesn’t wanna break it. He enjoys the sound of Steve’s soft snores into the back of his neck, the rise and fall of his chest against his back. The way the older mans hairy legs are intertwined with his own. 

Bucky sighs contently and goes back to sleep.



Bucky doesn’t know how long he sleeps, but in the end, it’s Steve’s lips pressing kisses all over his face that wakes him up and makes him giggle as the blonde hugs him close and keeps doing it. It takes him awhile to notice there is a weight around his neck and his fingers curiously finger it as Steve finally pulls back enough to look at him.

“Is this?” The brunette ask, throat suddenly feeling all kinds of choked up.

His husband with his little tufts of white hair by his ears and temples nods biting his bottom lip, “I found the perfect one baby.”

Bucky swallows thickly and fingers the collar….feeling it’s clearly a day collar, it’s more a choker or maybe like a necklace, but the intent behind it...what it really is, has his eyes looking up into Steve’s ocean blue eyes, sparkling with warmth and love, a touch of hunger.

“I love it.” He whispers.

Steve claims his lips before he can say anything more.



The brunette loses count how many times Steve has taken him, how many times he has screamed ‘daddy’ while getting pounded into the mattress, the clear floor, the deck, the shower, the fucking closet. Bucky is so fucked out, he needs another nap before dinner and Steve joins him.


Dinner it turns out, is Steve cooking for him and then feeding him as he sits in his lap. Bucky makes sure to swirl his tongue around his fingers and every time he does, Steve’s eyes go darker and darker. 

By the end of the meal, Steve’s balls deep in his ass yet again and he’s screaming ‘harder daddy’ for all to hear.


The night before the honeymoon is over, Steve takes his hand, pulling him over to the clear floor with the fish under it, and proceeds to slow dance with him, the music from his phone something old and jazzy.

“Anyone ever tell you, you have an old soul.” Bucky whispers against his chest where his head rest, voice slightly teasing.

“Hmmm my mother always said that too.” Steve replies softly into his hair.

“Hmmm, you’re a sap too.” Bucky sighs softly, letting Steve lead them around in slow circles.

“But i’m your sap baby boy.” Steve hands settle more firmly around him, pulling him closer.

“Hmmm got that right daddy.” Bucky kisses his chest, feeling the heart beating underneath, "I love you." He whispers after a moment.

The arms around him tighten, "I love you too sweetheart."