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diet mountain dew

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“welcome to macleod’s demons.” the man purred. he was shorter than castiel, as well as older. probably late twenties. he had a cigarette between his lips, which stayed in a smirk. he cocked an eyebrow and shoved it towards castiel, who shook his head.

“those are awful for you-” he began, but realized.

this was a strip club. a male strip club filled with booze and drugs and nicotine. if it wasn’t for the smell of perfume constantly being sprayed, the entire club would smell like sweat and unprotected sex. no one cared what was bad for them.

“thanks,” he finished. the man exhaled a puff and nodded towards the bar. “that’s the bar,” he nodded towards the stage, where half naked boys stood. “and that’s the demons. name’s crowley, i run the joint. ask for me if you need anything, blue eyes. looks like you need it.” he hit castiel’s shoulder as he walked away, leaving castiel alone in a fairly crowded place.

he gulped.

what was he doing here?

he should be studying in his room, not in a strip club for homos. his parents didn’t spend all of that money on his med school for him to waste it on being a faggot.

“hey, cutie,” he jumped when a hand wrapped around his waist. the boy pulled away quickly and looked up and him, eyes wide. castiel stared back, eyes just as wide.

“you okay?”

“uh, yeah, yeah, just…”

“you need a drink?” he smiled. castiel nodded. with a friendly face talking to him, he finally felt relieved. his lungs were contracting less and his hands became less sweaty.

“let’s get you one then.” his canines shined through his smile. he was cute, not castiel’s type, but cute. he had dark hair and brown eyes with pale skin. tight red shorts hugged his ass and demon horns were adorned on the top of his hair.

“what’s your name?” he asked castiel once they were seated at the bar. he didn’t have to scream; the club wasn’t loud on this side.

“cas,” he answered. a drink was slid in front of him- plain whiskey. he swallowed and looked up at him. “what’s yours?”

“damien,” he smiled, sipping his drink through a straw. castiel smiled. his manners told him to shake his hand and tell him it was nice to meet him, but this was a strip club. were manners applicable here?

“so, cas. this your first time here?” damien asked. castiel nodded while his cheeks reddened. was it that obvious. damien chuckled. “thought so. you looked so scared- standing all alone with those big eyes.” castiel laughed with him.

“how’d you hear about us?”

“you sure crowley would want you socializing, damien?” the bartender growled. castiel’s smile dropped as he looked at her. she was glaring at damien, who had a straight face.

“not everyone can grind on a stranger, meg.”

“you don’t work at a speed dating service; you work at a strib club. act like it before i get your ass in trouble.” they stared at each other across the bar, eyes on fire. castiel gulped anxiously.

“fine. bye, cas.” he stood up and brushed his hand against his thigh. “find me on the dance floor when you’re done if you want.” he winked and walked away, swinging his hips. castiel sighed and turned his head towards the bartender, who was busy with other customers already. the fear that had been in his belly before damien had settled there again. his body was hot all over, and the whiskey wasn’t helping.

he saw more boys in damien's outfit walking around serving drinks and dancing on stage and grinding on men sitting on couches. disgust and arousal filled him, which fueled his recklessness. he took a lined up glass and downed it, then the one he had already been drinking. he stood up and walked towards the dance floor, heart pumping and blood flowing. he had already built up his confidence to come to a gay strip club alone, so what was the point of even coming if he was just going to sit at the bar all night?

“and here’s… asrael!” an announcer said over the speaker. the colored lights began to flicker as the stage lights darkened. people in the crowd clapped as a boy strutted out to the pole. he began to dance as castiel sat down off to the right. he gulped.

asrael had light hazel eyes and shaved blonde hair. he was wearing the demon outfit and holding a pitchfork. castiel held his breath as the man started to dance around the pole, sliding down it and biting his lip. he felt arousal in between his legs. he squeezed his thighs together as the dancer stepped off the stage. he held the pitchfork horizontally between two hands; he marched to the beat of the music, smiling deviously at different customers. castiel rubbed his palms on his jeans.

he was already hard.

the club was hot- maybe he shouldn’t have worn a windbreaker on top of his white crew neck.

he ran a hand through his hair and sighed heavily. asrael was grinding on a man on the other side of the stage. he watched with interest. he wanted someone to come over to him like that, to dance on his
lap and kiss his neck. he wanted to grab their hair and their waist.

god, he was so hard. he felt precum in his briefs.

“damas, come on out!” the announcer said. castiel shifted his eyes to the stage immediately. oh fuck.

this boy had beautiful features. he had angelic beauty, but a demonic aura. red lights shined off his tan skin and his tight shorts. he had gelled honey blonde hair and bright green eyes. full lips and a breathtaking smile. castiel could barely breathe.

“he’s not taken for the night, boys… any bids?”

“50 dollars!”


“90!” prices were greatly increasing in less than 10 seconds. castiel’s head was spinning. damas spun around the pole, spreading his legs towards the crowd. he smiled, dragging his teeth against his bottom lip. he had a beautiful body- small waist and a build torso. castiel’s dick was getting even harder. his heart was pounding against his ribs and his stomach was twisted up.

the bids kept going up and up. castiel didn’t know what it was at, but he knew he had to have him. he had to have his full lips and tan skin and wet tongue.

“300!” he yelled. men looked at him, eyes surprised and angry. castiel cleared his throat and swallowed- it was so dry, so tight. “300 dollars.” he sat up in his chair. damas was looking at him, eyelids lowered seductively.

“going once… going twice… sold for 300 to the very excited boy!” the announcer chuckled. damas stepped off the stage slowly, smiling at castiel. he couldn’t breathe.
this was happening. first time he goes to a gay strip club and he spends $300 on one of the men. the most beautiful man he had ever seen.

“hey, angel,” damas said. his voice was smooth as honey. he set his hands on his shoulders and straddled his open lap. castiel panted, staring at damas’ chest. he wanted to touch it, to kiss it.

“eyes up here.” damas told him. he touched his chin and brought his head up. castiel swallowed, looking in his eyes.

“wanna go in our private room?” he asked. castiel kept staring at his lips. the way they moved, how they looked. he wanted them on his body. damas’ hand roamed down his chest. “angel,” he chuckled.

“don’t wanna waste $300, do you?”

“not wasting if i already got you with it.” castiel mumbled. damas’ lips parted in surprise. castiel could tell he was caught off guard.

“um, i- let’s go to the room, yeah?” he smiled distractedly. castiel nodded while damas stood up. the announcer was back to introducing new boys as damas led him to the back. he followed blindly, head dizzy and palms sweaty.

he was doing it.

he was going to makeout with a boy- a sexy boy. he was going to touch him, and he was going to get touched.

sure, he spent $300, but it was worth it. this boy in front of him with his small waist and swinging hips was worth it.

damas opened a door to a corridor. in there, it was dark with red lights. it was quiet, only muffled music from the outside. castiel swallowed as damas led him to the second room on the left. his heart was beating faster.

he walked in and heard the door close behind him. he gulped and sat on the bed at the back of the room. damas turned to him, smiling. he brought the lights up so it was still dark, but not too dark.

“so what’s your name?” he asked. he straddled his lap with his hands on his shoulders. castiel bit his lip as he sat on his crotch.

“c- castiel. cas.”

“hm, castiel? you really are an angel, huh?” damas purred. he moved his hands up to his hair and began to pull. castiel groaned and set his hands on his waist, then pulled them away. he wasn’t sure if he could- if it was alright.

“castiel, you can touch me.” damas whispered. castiel nodded and grabbed his waist. he gripped him hard, pushing him down. damas moaned and leaned into his neck. castiel felt his lips against his neck, dragging up his skin.

he felt hot from his toes to his head. he shoved off his windbreaker and hugged him closer to his body. he heard damas laugh against his ear.

“eager, cas?” he pecked under his ear and pulled away. he looked at him, eyes dazed. “you’re so hard.” he told him. castiel moaned under his breath, moving his hand from his waist to his ass. damas laughed and grabbed them before they could reach it.

“not there, angel.”


“sorry, love. orders.” he smiled apologetically. castiel sighed and held his hips. “can i kiss you?” he shook his head, still touching his chest. castiel huffed, but didn’t complain. he was painfully hard and painfully horny, but he was here, with a sexy dancer on his lap.

“you’ve never been here, right?” he asked. castiel nodded while he rubbed his ass against him. he smiled. “i’d remember a face like yours.” castiel snorted. damas cocked his head, still grinding on him.

“what, cas? don’t believe me?”

“you’re just… so cheesy. is that orders too?” damas rolled his eyes and brushed through his hair.

“you’re not like the other men that come in here.” damas told him. castiel lifted his eyebrows.

“‘cause i’m not an old married man?”

damas laughed. he moved castiel’s hair away from his eyes. “that… and the fact that you aren’t trying to make me suck you off.”

“they do that?” castiel asked softly. damas shrugged. it was obvious he was telling the truth- the awful truth.

“do you really work like th-”

“don’t get all sentimental with me, cas. i’m just a dancer.”

“you’re a person.” castiel told him. sure, it was a little awkward to be talking like this to a stripper he just met, but a pretty boy like this being abused in his line of work? his boner could wait.

“cas, please. it’s all i can do. it’s nice most of the time- they take care of me. can i please take care of you now?”

“you have to be able to do more than this.”

“of course i can. it just pays a lot less.” damas swallowed and brushed castiel’s hair behind his hair. he looked over at him and smiled softly.

“i know this hasn’t been worth $300, but-”

“i already told you. having you for a night is worth it.”

“and you said i’m cheesy?” damas laughed. castiel rolled his eyes. he tapped his waist. he sighed as damas sat up, then rolled on the bed. guilt filled his stomach.

yeah, he wasn’t like the other guys, but deep down they were all the same. they all wanted to use a human being for their own pleasure.

“i’m sorry, castiel. i can do s-”

“no. i don’t wanna use you like that.” he looked down at him. he was so beautiful laying down. his body under the dimmed lights, his freckled cheeks, his bright eyes. castiel didn’t want him like that, he wanted him comfortable when he didn’t think of him as a job.

shit, was he falling for a stripper?

“it’s my job, cas.”

“i don’t care. it’s a job that risks your health and makes you feel like shit. you don’t deserve it.” he looked at damas, eyes apologetic and caring. damas looked back with unreadable eyes. he looked sad, but thankful. another expression was on his face.

he sat up and put his hands on his shoulder. castiel sighed. “no, damas, yo-”

“dean.” he breathed out. castiel swallowed.

“my name. it’s dean.” damas- well, dean, straddled his lap. castiel’s stomach flipped.

he wasn’t familiar with strippers, but he was sure that telling a customer their real name was a big deal.

“dean, you don’t have t-”

“i want to.” dean told him. he looked at him, eyes wide and serious. he pulled himself up and pushed him down. he grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off.

“dean, real-”

“shut up. i really want to. do you?” he asked softly. he was feeling castiel’s chest, squeezing his skin. castiel bit his lip. of course he wanted to, but his morals were in the way.

“this isn’t a job to me anymore, castiel.” dean told him seriously. he moved his fingertips down to his stomach, where the strap of his jeans were. he looked up at him.

“i want you. i’m not damas working for a job right now, i’m dean wanting to have sex with you.” castiel swallowed.

how could he say no to a beautiful man like dean? his wanting eyes and begging lips. his warm hands and soft skin.

“dean,” he sighed out. dean bit his lip and tugged on his jeans. “please, cas. i want you. i’ve wanted you since i saw you- i just had to know you weren’t a douchebag.” castiel laughed. he sat up and held dean’s face in his palms. he rubbed his cheeks with this thumbs.

“what about your rules?” dean grimaced and shook his head. “those are damas’. not mine. i can do whatever i want.” he leaned forward and kissed him. castiel held his jaw as his stomach twisted and his heart pounded.

he had came to a strip club expecting a lap dance, but here he was with the most beautiful boy he had ever seen telling him that he wanted him.

“and i really wanna do you, cas.” dean mumbled against his lips. castiel groaned as he felt his boner start to grow. he opened his mouth against his and slid his tongue in. dean whined, placing his hands in his hair.

“take off your pants.” he mumbled. castiel nodded and pulled away. he tugged them off and went back to kissing him. his hands roamed over dean’s body, then reached his hips. he grabbed his ass through his uniform and groaned in his mouth.

“take them off, cas, please.” dean breathed out. his voice was high and whiny and desperate and castiel was loving it. he pulled of his shorts, but felt no underwear. he pulled away and sighed.

“boxers don’t come with the outfit,” dean told him, no embarrassment in his voice. castiel looked away from his boner and moaned under his breath. dean chuckled and held his face. “like what you see?”

“fuck, dean, come here.”

“what? wanna suck me off?”

“dean,” castiel breathed out. he felt dean’s hip bones shift under his skin. his head was spinning with arousal; he could barely handle it. he felt like he could bust if dean said one more word.

“cas, pl-” he moaned when castiel dragged him by his waist. he pushed him down, then leaned down and kissed him. he tugged off his briefs and kicked them away, then straddled dean. he kept kissing him.

“condom?” dean asked. castiel pulled away and looked at him. “unless you don’t want to.” he had his eyes wide in- insecurity? castiel bit his lip and ran his palm down his cheek.

“you clean?” he asked softly. dean nodded. castiel smiled and moved down on the bed. he bit his lip when he was at eye level with dean’s boner. it was about 7 inches and 2 inches thick. he was leaking at the tip.

he licked from the bottom of the shaft to the top. he felt dean’s thighs clench under his hands. he chuckled and cupped his tongue around him and lowered onto him. dean groaned and set his hands in his hair, tugging locks.

“fuck, cas, you’re- you’re so good.” castiel smiled and held his breath; his nose was touching dean’s stomach. his eyes watered and he felt his gag reflex move, but he held it. he gripped dean’s thighs.

“god, i’m- i’m gonna cum.” dean whined out. castiel pulled away immediately, making him groan and shift under him. he smirked and moved closer to him so their dicks were next to each other. he spit on his hand and wet his dick, then grabbed dean’s in the same hand he was holding his. dean writhed against the bed, whimpering.

“feel good?”

“ye- yes, cas, holy shit.” castiel chuckled and bucked his hips faster. he loved having dean under him, his legs spread and dick hard for him. his face was beautiful right now- sweaty and blissful and absolutely sinful.

he moved his thumb over their slits, which made dean cry out. he bucked his own hips and stuttered out, “i- i’m gonna cum, fuck, gonna cum, cas, oh my god!” castiel kept milking them until he felt his climax come as well. he shot cum over dean’s chest, panting with his head tilted back.

he pulled away and dropped their dicks from his hand. he sighed as he looked at dean. he was twitching every few seconds, eyes closed and knuckles white from gripping the sheet. he smirked- he made him cum that good.

he stood up and slid on his boxers. he grabbed his shirt and grimaced. he would have to clean dean up with it- he could wear his windbreaker with nothing underneath. he pressed his shirt against dean’s chest. dean moved and whimpered.

“what?” he asked and opened his eyes. castiel smiled. “cleaning you up.” dean sighed as he wiped his body clean. he looked so beautiful laying there with red lights shining on his sweaty skin; castiel could fuck him for real.

he pulled up his jeans and zipped up his jacket, then walked to the door. dean was still laying on the bed, chest rising and falling.

“dean.” he said. dean raised up, eyelids lowered. he sighed and stood up, then walked over to him. “you leaving?” he asked. castiel nodded and placed his hands around his naked waist. he looked up at him and smiled apologetically. “sorry, babe.”

“it’s okay. you pay up front, love.” he leaned down and kissed his cheek. “okay. glad damas went away.” he joked. dean laughed and walked back to the bed. he dressed himself again.

“bye, angel.” dean said as the door opened. castiel snorted and stepped out of the room. “bye, demon.”