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Character x Reader Stories

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You don't know why you're here. Perhaps it's because the carnival always reminded you of him. His golden eyes peering down at you as you nibbled on your blue cotton candy. His effervescent grin when he teased you about your fear of heights. His red hair brightening from the flashing lights. However, the positive memories didn't last long.

You remember walking around the carnival, wondering where he was at. You lost him after you got off the carousel. You asked around and luckily an old lady saw him walk by the Ferris Wheel. You followed the old lady's instructions and you briefly saw his red hair.

"Wait, Hisoka!" You shouted, but a bunch of teenagers pushed you out of the way and you lost track of him. It was getting dark and the lights of the carnival were getting brighter. You walked around the carnival for the millionth time before peering into a dark corner hidden by the many carnival game stands. There, you saw him.

He was pressed into some girl you didn't recognize. She was moaning his name and grabbing his hair. He was biting into her neck and thrusting into her. Shocked, you dropped everything in your hands, including your favorite flavor of cotton candy. The cotton candy that he bought for you. The sound alerted the two lovers and they both turned to you.

"Who's this bitch?" She asked, very annoyed by your presence. He was about to speak, but you beat him to it.

"No one important, apparently." You sniveled and ran away from the darkness. You wiped away your tears as you exited the carnival and walked back home. How could he? He said he loved you. He kissed you on the carousel and said that he would always be by your side. Now, you know that was just a lie. He never cared for you. You were just his play thing. 

The carnival has since closed, rust building on the machines. Maybe you'd like to see him again. One part of you wants to punch him. Another part wants to hold him once more. Forgive him. No. You'll never forgive him for the pain he's caused. 

You sighed as you sat down on one of the seats connected to the carousel. You always liked this seat. The back of the seat once painted with fluffy white and pink unicorns has peeled and the ugly, original brown color shows from underneath. The bright blue seats are now ripped with the stuffing revealed. 

Suddenly, you heard a squeaking sound. Is someone else getting on the carousel? You tried to hide in the big seat, but it was useless. They already saw you.

"I already saw you, my little gumdrop♥" His words were sweet like honey but pierced you like needles. You sighed and got up from the chair.

"Fine. You saw me. Can you please leave now?" You grumbled and emphasized your anger by crossing your arms. That just made his grin larger.

"Aww. Are you mad at me still?" He faked a pout. You were about to leave, but he grabbed your arm.

"Let me go, Hisoka! Yes, I'm still super pissed at you. I....I loved you and you betrayed me." You said and yanked your arm away. His grin lowered.

"It was just some stupid girl♠." Hisoka told you and shrugged. You clenched your fists.

"Looks like I was the stupid one for ever falling in love with you." You trembled as a single tear fell from your eye.

A part of you wants him to drop dead yet another part wants to love him, being pulled into this indefinite loop. Round and round like a horse on a carousel

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You knew that there was something off about him. Deep down in your stubborn mind, there was something off that you could not quite place. He was gorgeous, especially with his green headband wrapped tightly against his pale forehead. He would constantly praise you and treat you like royalty, his grey eyes gleaming with love. You felt safe and secure under his watch.

He said that his job revolved around finding rare treasures and selling them for higher prices on the market. You did not question him. Why? Because you loved him. You loved everything about this man, from his slight smirk at something cute you said to the many gifts he sent to you, even though you told him that you had more than enough. He did leave for a couple of months, which was very odd to you. However, you brushed it off as something he had to do for his job. Still, the lingering thought bothered you for many months.

- - -

You loved taking pictures of derelict buildings. It kept your mind away from the disasters happening currently in the world. When you walked into a particularly tall building, you did not expect a group of people circling a man. A man who happened to look just like your boyfriend except with his hair more slicked back. Before you could say anything, you felt a blade pressed up against your throat. You tried to struggle, but the person behind you sliced the blade across your skin, a line of blood forming.

"Feitan, let them go." You heard your boyfriend say as the person behind you sighed and reluctantly put away their weapon. You were so scared and confused, but you needed to know the truth.

"Chrollo, what the hell is going on? Who are these people?! Why haven't you called me in 12 goddamn days?" You raised your voice as you spoke to him. As you inched closer, you saw that he had a dark purple jacket with white fuzz decorating the edges. His pale muscles were revealed and if you weren't so mad at him, you would have found it really hot.

"Can we take this discussion somewhere else?" He asked and got up from his seat. The others continued to stare at you as if you didn't belong there. To be honest, you really didn't. You scoffed loudly.

"NO. I want to talk about this here! You haven't answered any of my damn questions." You stubbornly told him. He sighed and told you everything. He told you about the Phantom Troupe and their escapades. How they murdered a clan for their eyeballs. How they murder anyone in general if they get in the Phantom Troupe's way. You listened in shock as he told you all of this. You needed to leave now. You've heard enough.

"You're...a monster." You stammered. Chrollo stared at you with a blank expression. God, you wish that he could just show a shred of emotion during this. Finally, he spoke up.

"And you aren't?" He asked. You were getting sick of his little mind games real quick. Yes, you used to be in a dark place long ago when you drugged people and took their money. However, you saw the error of your ways, picked yourself up, and made a career out of selling your paintings. This was different.

"I'm not perfect, but I never fucking killed anyone, Chrollo!" You yelled and wiped away some falling tears. You struggled to breathe and then raised your voice again, "We're through. Don't ever talk to me again, you twisted fuck." You proceeded to turn around and walk away. Behind you, you heard a loud sigh.

"I was hoping that it wasn't going to come to this. Please forgive me." He said. You were confused by his words, until you felt a blow to the back of your head and blacked out.

- - -

When you woke up, you were in a dark and empty room. You noticed that candlelight barely lit all four corners of the room. It didn't do much, but it revealed the chains connected to the wall. Your eyes trailed from the chains to where it connected to the collar around your neck. You were like a goddamn dog, chained and waiting for its master. Suddenly, the metal door creaked open and you jolted up. The devil himself walked in and towered over you. You tried to grab his coat, but he took a step out of your reach.

"It looks like someone is a little lively this morning." He smirked and pulled something out of his jacket. A needle. You hated needles.

"If you think you're going to inject me with whatever drug you have, you're a dumbass." You spat out. Then, for the first time, he laughed. It wasn't a full laugh, but it was loud enough to be audible. It shocked you so much that you backed away from him immediately, although you still raised your fists, ready to fight.

"This isn't any worse than what you did to those people you stole from long ago." He reminded you. You shook your head and kept your fists raised. When he walked towards you, you attempted to punch his face. However, you knew you missed once you felt the stinging sensation of a needle in your arm. You tried to thrash around, but something was holding you down. He injected the drug into your arm and caressed your face.

"Don't ever try to leave me again." He whispered as he quickly kissed your forehead and walked away. You tried to chase after him, but you felt dizzy and weak. You fell over and slowly closed your eyes as the door closed with a thunk, leaving you in the darkness you'd later call home.

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You've only been working at Gar's Bodega for about a week. The only reason you got this job was because Rad thought it'd be good for you. Even though you were reluctant at first, you decided to take the job. He's your boyfriend after all and is only wanting the best for you.

Your job mostly consisted of sweeping the floors and stocking the shelves due to your shy nature. Luckily, Rad, Enid, and K.O. understood and even tried helping you with overcoming your shy behavior. This particular day wasn't any different.

Unfortunately, everyone took a break and you were left running the register. They said that they would only be gone for a few minutes, but it's been almost 15 minutes since they left. You anxiously watched a customer as they picked up a red cape with a skull on it. He placed his red paws on the top of the cape and swung it around, giving out a hearty laugh.

Please pick up something else and take more time, you thought and resisted the urge to scratch your arm. He walked over to the swords and picked up the largest one, observing its shine. However, he put it back and proceeded to approach the cash register. Oh god Oh god OH GOD.

“Hello! I would like this purrfect cape! I think it’s pawsitively mewpendous, dontcha think?” He said enthusiastically as his green feline eyes shined in the sunlight pouring in from the windows. You nodded and smiled nervously as you attempted to figure out the cash register. What the heck were these buttons?! Could they make things any more confusing? You looked back up at the customer and saw his emerald eyes still looking directly at you, ears twitching with impatience.

“I...uh….I’m going to be completely honest...I…” You started to say but heard the door open. Rad, Enid, and K.O. entered the store smiling and eating ice cream. Rad saw you trembling and immediately jumped over the counter. He pressed a couple of buttons on the register and handed the cape back to the customer as well as his change. The customer looked at both of you in confusion before walking to the exit of the store.

“Have a great day, dude!” Rad said with his usual goofy grin. He looked over at you and saw that you were still trembling. He placed an arm around you and gently kissed your forehead. You blushed and buried yourself into his chest.

“Hey hey babe….I’m here now. Rad’s gonna protect you from the big bad customers.” He reassured you. If it was someone else, this could come off as condescending. However, you know Rad and how he shows his love in different ways. You held him tighter and felt your heartbeat slow down. Hugging him always calmed you down. You let go of him and smiled. You heard a sigh to your right and saw Enid impatiently tapping her foot.

“Alright, lovebirds. Cuddle time is over. We have a ton of stuff to do today and I really don’t want Mr. G yelling at us.” Enid said and started walking towards the back of the store. Suddenly, the alarms went off and you jumped for a second. K.O., Rad and Enid sprinted towards the front of the store. You attempted to go with them, but Rad pushed you back.

“Don’t worry, babe! Rad’s got this one. Stay here.” He told you and rushed outside. You stayed inside and watched as the shutter activated and blocked all the windows. Hmmph. You definitely could be of help. Yeah, your fire blasts and lightning bolts could use a bit of work, but you’ve been practicing! Rad’s told you of the Boxmore robots and from the stories, they don’t seem too difficult. You heard a loud explosion and decided to go against Rad’s wishes by exiting the bodega. You’ll deal with Rad’s complaints later.

Once you exited the bodega, you saw Rad lying on the ground. His face was bruised pretty badly and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. You rushed over to him and tried to see if he had any more injuries on his body. You heard another explosion and saw Enid hurtling towards another store in the Lakewood Plaza.

“Not so fast, Raymond!” You heard K.O. say. You turned around and saw him attempting to fight a green robot with a dark pompadour. You couldn’t let K.O. get hurt, too. He’s too small and this robot seems pretty dangerous. You powered up your fire blast and attempted to shoot it at him. The green robot saw your attack and gracefully dodged it.

“Well well well. Looks like there’s a beautiful rose among these Lakewood losers.” He said and chuckled. You blushed and hid your face away from the strange robot. Wait, now wasn’t the time to be shy. Now was the time to fight for your friends!

“My friends aren’t losers. You are!” You shouted and quickly used your lightning bolt move. Honestly, you thought he would dodge it given how quick he was at dodging your other attack. However, he instead got zapped and fell to the ground with a crash. K.O. rushed to you and jumped around excitedly.

“Wow! That was so amazing! How did you do that?!” K.O. yelled. You laughed and rustled his hair.

“I’m a witch, K.O. I can do lots of spells.” You explained. Suddenly, you realized that Rad was still injured. Shit. You ran over to Rad, but he was already getting up. He brushed off his clothes and looked directly at you. You teared up and ran towards him with open arms. He made a pssh sound and picked you up in his arms.

“I’m so glad you’re okay.” You said as tears rolled down your eyes. You wrapped your arms around his large body and he kissed your head.

“I thought I told you to stay inside.” He muttered. You pouted and pushed yourself away from him.

“Yeah, but you guys needed help!” You told him. He shook his head and grimaced.

“I totally could have done this without you! What if you got hurt?!” He shouted, which made you scoff. How dare he?!

“YOU could have finished this? YOU were on the ground hurt! Stop being a stubborn ass and accept that you needed my help!” You shouted back at him. His grimace didn’t go away and you sighed heavily. You started walking away from the bodega until someone tugged on the bottom of your shirt.

“Wait! Where are ya going?” K.O. asked. You pulled away from him and continued walking away.

“I just need some time to think.” You told him.

- - -

Raymond watched as you stormed away from the Lakewood Plaza. He thought you were so cute when you were mad. However, it seemed like you were in a relationship with that blue abomination. Trash. A precious rose like yourself shouldn’t date a Lakewood loser. You should date someone perfect like himself.

He waited until Enid, Rad, and K.O. walked back into the bodega and pushed himself up. Father will be pretty mad that he lost once again to those losers. However, none of that mattered, because he has found a new obsession.

- - -

You sighed and turned the knob on the door to your house. It opened with a creak and you stepped inside. It seems like Mom isn’t home once again. Probably at a hero meeting like she usually is.

You closed the door and sauntered towards the fridge. You opened it and was disappointed with the contents. You forgot that Mom’s been busy with work and hasn’t had the time to buy groceries. Honestly, you probably should have gotten them yourself, but this is only your first week of work and you haven’t received your paycheck yet. You walked over to your phone, but it was covered by another hand.

“What?!” You screamed and pulled your hand away. You charged up your fire blast and prepared to attack the intruder. He laughed and turned on the light.

“What a warm welcome~” Raymond snickered and walked towards you. You still kept your fist raised and backed away from him.

“Why are you here? Also, how the heck do you know my address?!” You asked nervously. He smiled and brushed his pompadour back.

“I saw you enter your house and decided to greet you. Welcome home, honey~” He said with a flirtatious tone. Your whole face turned red and you became flustered. You tried to hide your face, but Raymond backed you into the kitchen counter and pushed your hands off of your face.

“Don’t ever hide your gorgeous face from me~” He purred and pressed his face into yours. You tried to push him off, but it was fruitless. You remembered Rad yelling at you. Telling you that you should have stayed in the bodega. Making you feel weak. You’re not weak. You kissed Raymond back with more passion and he chuckled.

“Looks like my precious rose is enjoying this~” He said sweetly and turned you around. You were confused and before you could process what was happening, rope was tied tightly around your torso.

“W-what’s....” You tried to say, but Raymond pressed one of his fingers against your lips. His cold robotic fingers made your body tremble.

“Ssssh. You’re coming with me.” He whispered as you tried to struggle against the rope. Suddenly, you felt a blow to the back of your head and blacked out. Raymond picked up your unconscious body and brushed the hair out of your face.

“I won’t let you be tainted by trash any longer, my sweet.” He said as he walked through your door and to your new home, Boxmore.

- - -

You awoke to the sound of a TV as you rubbed your eyes in confusion. Where were you? You remember going home and...Raymond. You looked around the room. Sports banners decorated the walls and containers placed to the side were filled with sports equipment. This was his room. You tried to get up, but your legs felt numb. Did he drug you? You went to sit down and as you sat down, the TV showed a news report. It was about a disappearance and when it showed the face of the girl in question, you gasped. It was your face.

You heard humming and you scrambled to get into bed. You hid yourself under the covers, hearing the dreaded humming get closer and closer.

- - -

Raymond walked in holding treats he thought you’d like. He stalked your Instagram and saw you eating these gummy candies, so he figured that he’d steal some for you. He saw that you were still asleep and smiled. He gracefully walked over to you and set the gummy candies on the side table. He turned around to see that they were still showing that news report about your disappearance. It then showed Rad bawling his eyes out and asking for your return. He grimaced and immediately grabbed the remote to turn off the TV. They weren’t going to take you away from him. You are his precious rose.

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“She did WHAT?!” Overhaul growled as he slammed his fists on the table in front of him. He was brimming with anger. You disobeyed his orders once again by going outside of the base. Usually, Kurono escorted you if you ever needed to go out. Somehow, you tricked Kurono into fetching you something to drink before your trip. When he returned, you had vanished.

Overhaul pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation. Why are all of his underlings so incompetent? He looked up at Kurono and waved his hand to dismiss him.

“Find and bring her to me.” Overhaul ordered. His piercing golden eyes continued to watch Kurono as the man in the white coat opened the door.

“Yes, Capo.” Kurono replied.
- - -
You were so goddamn happy. You bought three t-shirts and two shorts for a very low price. Then, you stopped by a fast food restaurant and ordered two burgers with a large order of fries and a large Coke. You did this all without Kurono being by your side for once. You needed some space anyway and Overhaul wouldn’t let you go without bringing his right-hand man. When the time came for you to go out, you asked Kurono for a glass of water. You didn’t really expect it to work, but he left the room. You hurriedly snuck around the base, surprised that you saw no one. You expected someone to stop you, since you were the Capo’s girl. However, the halls were empty and reeked of disinfectant. You finally found the exit and breathed a sigh of relief as you walked into the outside world. Maybe your boyfriend’s underlings shouldn’t be so stupid.

You walked into the base with a bag over your shoulder humming a happy tune. Your boyfriend was going to be so mad with you, but it didn’t matter. You could fix it with some shower sex or something.

As you turned a corner, you felt someone grab the front of your shirt. Shit. It was Kurono. You couldn’t see his facial expression with his mask covering his face, but you sensed his anger.

“Do you really think that you’d get away with this?” He growled and when you didn’t answer, he tightened his grasp on your shirt. This was starting to get a bit uncomfortable for you.

“I am soooo sorry, Kurono. I decided I wasn’t that thirsty and I thought you’d meet me outside!” You explained to him and looked at him with your puppy-dog eyes. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and Kurono roughly slammed you against the wall. You cried in pain as you tried to wriggle out of his grasp.

“You actually think that your little charade will work on me? You stupid brat.” He snarled. Kurono wasn’t usually this rough with you, and to be honest, it was starting to turn you on. When you didn’t answer, he sighed loudly and yanked you off the wall. He started dragging you down the hallway and towards HIS room. You protested, but Kurono ignored you. Finally, you reached his room and Kurono opened the door.

“Here she is, Capo.” Kurono said and forcefully pushed you into the room. You attempted to leave, but Overhaul’s voice stopped you.

“Do you think that your actions today are without consequences?” Overhaul asked calmly. This didn’t feel right to you.

“Please just get your punishment over with already. I’m too tired for your games.” You bluntly told him. That didn’t seem to be the right answer, because he clenched his fists and glared at you. You huffed and tried to leave, but he grabbed your arm and pulled you further into the room.

“Oh no. You’re not getting your usual punishment. Today will be special.” He said as he pulled your pants and underwear down to your ankles.

“Getting to the point, I see.” You muttered as he brought you to the couch. Then, he pushed you down onto the couch with your ass hanging in the air. You bit your lip and smiled.

“You’ve pissed me off for the last time.” He growled as he took off his white gloves. You were confused until he slapped your ass and it was too late. Your body blew up and you now cease to exist.

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It was starting to get a little dark as you returned to the Phantom Troupe’s lair. You had just gotten back from stealing some stupid pot that Chrollo wanted for some reason. Maybe it held some value that you couldn’t see at the moment. Or maybe your leader is just a weird guy. He’s always interested in the most bizarre things and it always baffles you. The way he moves it around in his hands, like a child discovering something new about the world, made him look...kinda cute. You scoffed and shook your head at the idea. He was your boss and you were just an underling. There wasn’t anything between you two. As a matter of fact, he barely acknowledged your presence besides occasionally asking you to fetch him another item.

As you walked into the hideout, you saw that everyone was already here. Wow I’m super slow, you thought and let out a sigh as you walked towards them. Hisoka smirked at you as you approached Chrollo and placed the dull-looking pot in front of him.

“Here you go, boss.” You said and looked up at him with a smile. His grey eyes continued to watch you as you walked away and stood by Shizuku, waiting for a response of some kind.

“Great job, everyone.” Chrollo said as Shalnark brought over a box of something. You leaned over and saw that it was a box of beer. Looks like there was going to be a celebration of some sort. You didn’t even like beer anyway, so you probably weren’t going to drink.

“Oh yeah, Y/N!” Shalnark yelled and disturbed you from your train of thought. “You said you didn’t like beer, so I also stole some fruity junk for you!” You tilted your head as he happily brought over a box. You looked at the label and it appeared to be some weird blue raspberry flavored vodka. Time to get crunky funky, you thought.

“Are you sure you can drink all of that?” Hisoka asked, smirk still plastered on his face. You frowned and grabbed a flask of the vodka.

“Is that a challenge, clown man?” You responded as you opened the cap and downed the flask. You quivered and gagged a little due to the poor quality of the vodka. Hisoka snickered at the sight of you coughing and sticking your tongue out in disgust. Tonight was going to be something, all right.

- - -
You don’t even remember how much you drank. Was it 2 or 3 flasks? Who knows? All you know is that now you’re super drunk and groping Shalnark’s muscles.

“Shal, your muscles are soooo big~” You purred and ran your finger along his bicep. He laughed uncomfortably and tried to take a flask from your hand. Unfortunately, you were being stubborn and holding onto the flask tightly.

“Uhh I think you’ve had way too much to drink.” He told you and attempted once again to take the flask away but with no luck.

“Thanks sooooo much for getting me this by the way. You’re soooo nice.” You said and wrapped your arms around his torso. You could see a faint flush on his cheeks. Before you could say anything else, you saw Hisoka walking up to you with that same dumbass grin. You let go of Shalnark and he walked quickly to join Feitan and Shizuku.

“It looks like you’ve lost our little game♣” He hummed and put his muscular arm around your shoulders. “So what’s my prize?” Damn it. You forgot all about that stupid challenge you created when you were sober. You wished you could have finished all of these flasks, but what the hell were you thinking? There were 12 flasks in that box alone and you were such a lightweight.

“Uhhh…I could treat ya to dinner?” You asked, waiting for his response. Hisoka shook his head, moving his hands from your shoulders to your hips. You shivered at the sudden movement and tried to leave, but his hands gripped your hips harder.

“What if I want more♥” He responded and before you could protest, he started kissing your neck. You let out a moan and he chuckled, lightly tracing circles around your hips.

“Hisoka, s-stop!” You tried to tell him sternly, but it came out as a giggle. You tried to look around for someone to help pry him off of your body. However, no one appeared to be in the base anymore. What the hell? They were here just a second ago. Even the boss appears to have gone somewhere else. This was a problem.

“Why should I? You taste so delicious~” He purred and bit down on your sensitive neck, drawing out another moan from your mouth. You had to admit that his mouth felt really good, but you shouldn’t be doing this right now. Another part of you wants him to continue and see where this goes. Was that you or the alcohol talking, though?

Your phone vibrating jolted you out of your thoughts. You looked at the caller ID and saw that it was an unknown number. You didn’t know whether to answer it or not, because it could be a scammer or someone important. You decided the latter and pushed Hisoka away.

“Someone’s callin’. Could ya wait outside?” You asked him and gave a little wink. He got the hint and walked outside of the base. Perfect. You opened your phone and pressed it up to your face.

“Hel-?” Before you could finish speaking, the caller interrupted you.

“Y/N, it’s imperative that you come to Hotel Beitacle immediately.” Chrollo started to say and then continued to explain, “There happened to be a hidden auction I didn’t know about until Shalnark mentioned it to me tonight. Everyone’s already here except for you.” You took a deep breath and rubbed the bridge of your nose. You haven’t sobered up at all and you’re too drunk to walk all the way to the goddamn hotel. However, you didn’t want to go against the boss’s wishes, so you sucked it up.

“Right away, boss!” You practically shouted into the phone. Whoopsies. You rubbed the back of your head and asked if he needed Hisoka to come along with you.

“Don’t bother.” He told you and hung up the phone. You sighed and walked around the base, until you found your “secret exit” you usually use to avoid people. Then, you slid through the opening and ran towards where the hotel was located.

Wait. He didn’t even tell you what room they were staying at! You looked at your phone and saw an unread message. You clicked on it and it read “506”. You turned off your phone and laughed. He must be some kind of mind reader.

- - -
Luckily, the walk to the hotel was uneventful besides you stumbling around and accidentally bumping into people. You yelled your apologies to the people walking past and in return, they called you a ‘dumbass’. Why are people so rude at this time of night?

You drunkenly walked into the hotel’s lobby and bumped into the counter. You apologized to it and looked at the man staring at you. He had a confused look on his face, probably because you just apologized to an inanimate object. You smiled and walked into the elevator, pressing 6 and 4 before pressing the correct number, “5”.

You finally got off on the fifth floor and stumbled towards the room where the others were staying. You wondered what treasures they were going to be stealing this time. What tricks they had up their sleeves. If the boss was going to be wearing his hair down. You gulped. He looked so attractive with his hair down and his big grey eyes glistening in the light.

You reached room 506 and knocked on the door. You waited for a little bit, but no one opened the door. You knocked once more, but there still wasn’t a response. You started to get impatient and pounded on the door. Someone from one of the other rooms poked their head out of the doorway and asked you to be quiet. You just decided to jiggle the knob and noticed that the door was unlocked. You pushed open the door and saw that there wasn’t anyone in the main room. However, you heard the shower running in the background. Were you even in the right room? You swore you entered the room the boss sent to you by text.

You decided that you probably had the wrong room and turned to walk out. However, as you took one step, you heard the shower turn off and the mystery person most likely stepping out of the shower. Shit. You tried to maneuver your way to the door, but the mystery person already opened the bathroom door.

“I am soooo sooo sorry. I didn’t mean to-I was-I entered the wrong room!” You tried to explain to the mystery person. They stepped out into the main room and you almost dropped your jaw.

“Perfect timing.” They responded.

Chapter Text

You were fixing up a little snack for your boyfriend, Shalnark. He was so passionate about his job and sometimes forgot to eat. What did he like again? Oh yeah. Those little beef jerky sticks that you occasionally bought at the market. Protein was always a good choice. Hmm...little crackers worked well with meat sticks. A bottle of water is probably good as well, since he gets dehydrated while working. You topped that off with an apple, because fruit’s always good for a snack. You packed all of the food into the moderately sized picnic basket and swung it around your shoulder. Before you left, you needed to confirm his location. You opened your phone and clicked on a tracker app you installed to pinpoint Shalnark’s movements. You knew it was terrible of you to track him without his knowledge, but you were always so worried about him. What if something terrible happened to him? You shuddered at the thought and looked at the dot on the phone screen. He was at a park of some sort? What was he doing there?

You calmly walked out of your small apartment and locked the door. You double-checked the picnic basket and made sure that everything was in there. You always seemed to forget something, but fortunately you remembered everything this time. You started walking towards the park Shalnark was at and thought of the other times you brought him food. At first, he was really confused as to how you found out his location. Once you brought him snacks more often, he asked questions less often. Did he think that it was an ability of yours or something? Or did he possibly know you had a tracker on his phone? You think he’d confront you about the tracker if that was the case. You didn’t think that too many people would be fond of their significant other constantly keeping watch of their movements. The cawing of crows nearby distracted you from your current thoughts.

Those are some loud birds, you thought as you checked your phone once more. His dot was really close, so he has to be around here. You walked around for a bit and noticed some rusty slides. You checked your phone again. His dot was a bit closer. A playground? Really, Shal? You swore that he could be the most childish person you knew. You walked past the slides and looked over at the swings. From behind, you saw your boyfriend sitting on the middle swing. His arms were positioned weirdly, but you still felt like nothing was terribly off.

“Hey, babe.” You said happily as you wrapped your arms around Shalnark’s upper body, “I brought you some snacks. I know you said you didn’t want me interrupting your missions, but I was worried about you.” He didn’t respond and you sighed loudly, expressing your annoyance. Why was he so pissy with you?

“So you aren’t going to talk to me now? Real mature, Shal.” You grumbled and let go of his body. That’s when you noticed it. Your arms were now covered in some kind of red substance. Blood. You walked to the side of the swing and saw the source of the caws. The crows had gathered around someone’s head and were eating at the contents. You dropped the basket you were holding and covered your mouth. Then, you turned around and you tried to resist the urge to vomit.

There was your boyfriend. Your handsome prince. The love of your life. Blood dripped from his mouth onto his lavender shirt. Some crows flew from the head of the unknown person to pick at your boyfriend’s innards. His bright emerald eyes were replaced by dull, lifeless ones. Oh Shal. Who did this to you? You asked yourself as tears streamed down your face.

You finally couldn’t hold it back and vomited into the grass nearby. You tried to walk away from the horrific scene, but you had do something. You had to tell someone. The police? They probably wouldn’t give a crap. Your boyfriend’s boss? It was worth a shot. You walked over to your boyfriend’s corpse and attempted to shoo away the crows. Before you got a chance to grab the phone from his pocket, you felt a blow to the back of your head and your vision blackened.

- - -
Two bodies hung alongside each other, both bloodied and surrounded by crows. Their hands were connected by some sticky substance to give the appearance of holding hands. Their dull eyes looked at the ground where another person’s head rested, still being eaten by a small portion of the crows. The picnic basket’s contents had spilled onto the ground. Most of it was food, but between the apple and bottled water was a picture. A picture of the two lovers at an amusement park. Alive and well

Chapter Text

You woke up in a field of flowers surrounded by thick forest. You swore that you were in Raymond’s room just a second ago. You shuddered when you remembered how you got in that situation. He broke into your house and knocked you out. He then brought you to the hellhole known as Boxmore.

You lifted yourself off the ground and looked around the empty field. Aside from the roses slightly swaying from the breeze, nothing else besides you was here. It was peaceful, but you felt like something would jump out at you any second. Suddenly, you heard a noise and charged up your lightning attack, prepared to attack the intruder. The intruder stepped out of the dark forest and you froze.

“Rad!” You ran towards him and pressed your head into his chest. You expected to hear his dumb, goofy laugh followed by a pretentious remark. However, you heard nothing but your own breathing. You looked up and saw that there was no light in his eyes. You stepped away from him and saw huge hole in his body. His organs were spilling out with a large amount of blood covering them. You screamed and tears started flowing down your cheeks. What happened to him?

Rad’s body suddenly fell over and you saw him. You started to run, but he already grabbed your arm. He pulled you into him and brushed the hair out of your face. You tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but it was useless. He could probably break your arm if he wanted to.

“Don’t fight me, dear.” Raymond purred as he slipped his metallic tongue into your mouth. It was different, but the cold feeling turned you on. You felt disgusted with yourself. This monster had just killed your boyfriend and here you were making out with him. He reached under your shirt and teasingly twirled your nipple in between his fingers. You let out a breathy moan and Raymond chuckled.

“Your moans are like music to my ears.” He said and pressed himself up against you. You felt his erection against your body. Wait, can robots even get erections? Before you could contemplate more on robot anatomy, your vision started to get a little blurry. What was even happening anymore?

Your vision faded further until you opened your eyes. It was just a dream. Everything was a dream, right? Raymond didn’t really kidnap you. You weren’t missing and Rad wasn’t begging for your return. You’ll just go back to Gar’s Bodega and apologize to him for causing a fuss over nothing.

You looked at the blankets covering your head and frowned. These weren’t your lavender blankets you had back at home. The blankets currently shielding you from the rest of the room were dark green. His color.

You pushed the blankets out of the way and looked around the room. Raymond didn’t appear to be there. You needed to get out of here. You didn’t belong here in this weird robot factory. You belong to Gar’s Bodega where you met your friends Enid and K.O. Where your boyfriend got you a job and tried to help you overcome your shyness. Yes, you had a fight with him but deep down in your heart you still loved him.

You frantically jumped off the bed and jiggled the doorknob. To your surprise, the door swung open. He didn’t lock it? You had a really bad feeling, but maybe he just forgot. You ran through the door and saw that one of the doors was open. You looked at the sign on the door and saw that one word was written on it: Shannon. Oh no. You can’t bump into her. You turned around and tried to go in the opposite direction, but you bumped into someone. You fell and when you glanced up, you saw Shannon’s ruby eyes glaring down at you.

“Watch it, loser!” Shannon yelled at you. You scooched your body away from her and gulped loudly. This could end badly.

“Sorry.” You muttered and tried to walk past her, but she grabbed your arm tightly. Did she recognize you or something?

“Wait! You’re Raymond’s new play thing, right?” She took a step back and examined you. Then, she rolled her eyes and laughed. “I don’t really see why he’s so attracted to a Lakewood Loser, but whatever.” You expected her to let go of your arm, but she never did. Instead, she got out a pink cell phone covered with a rhinestone casing and called someone. No. She’s not calling HIM, is she?

“Raymond, your stupid girlfriend tried to escape!” She yelled into the phone and gave you an annoyed look. Without thinking, you used your lightning attack and stunned Shannon. Her grip on your arm weakened and you ran through the halls once more. You stumbled across a walkway that appeared to be unstable, but you walked across it anyway. You needed to get away from him.

The flashing lights on the distant machines distracted you for a second, but now wasn’t the time to become mesmerized by the different colors. You were about halfway across the walkway before you saw something zoom quickly past your line of vision. You couldn’t tell what exactly it was, but the color stood out. Green. HIS color. You backed up, but you could already feel his cold, metallic body behind you. He placed his hand on your shoulder and firmly grasped it.

“Looks like my dearest needs to be taught a lesson.” He growled in your ear. Before you could attack him, he hit the back of your head just like he did when he invaded your house. You couldn’t help but hang limply in his robotic arms.

- - -

When you regained consciousness, you noticed that you were back in his room. You groaned and tried to move your arms, but they wouldn’t budge. What the heck? You glanced over your shoulder and realized that both of your hands were handcuffed to the headboard somehow. No matter how much you tried to shake yourself free, the handcuffs remained in tact. You even tried to use your powers, but it was kind of hard to angle the attack at the handcuffs or the headboard. Plus, your energy felt depleted and you didn’t know whether this was due to him knocking you out earlier or you dashing through the walkways.

You heard the door open and you tried to look at anything but him. That’s when you noticed your attire, a weird, puffy pink dress that gave you the appearance of a princess. You thought of him undressing you to put on the outfit and you blushed. He noticed this and smiled widely.

“You look sooo adorable in that outfit, my love. I’m so glad I have you all to myself.” He groaned and closed the door. You saw that he had on black dress pants and a simple white dress shirt. He almost never has on human clothes, so why now? You gasped as he stepped toward the bed and attempted to spread your legs apart. Oh no. He wasn’t thinking about doing that, was he?! Do robots even have sexual urges? You pushed those lingering questions out of your mind and kicked him in the face.

“Don’t even bother.” You smirked. “I’m not attracted to pieces of junk.” You thought you were pretty confident in your response, but your confidence faded when you saw his face. His ruby eyes glared at you and he angrily pulled out two more handcuffs from his desk drawer.

“My dear, I am offended that you would call me such a thing.” He grabbed your ankles forcefully and handcuffed them to the bedposts. “Looks like you’re more disobedient than I thought.” He murmured and crawled between your legs. You shuddered as he inched closer and closer until his entire body was pressed against yours.

“Shall we get started?” He asked. Before you could answer, he pressed his face into yours. You tried to bite his lip and yelped in pain. Right. He’s a robot, hence the robotic lips. You were such an idiot. He chuckled and nibbled on your lip, causing you to let out a sigh. He stopped nibbling on your lip and proceeded to stick his metal tongue into your mouth. You would try to fight it off, but you were screwed. All of your limbs are tied to some part of the bed. You aren’t able to use your powers. All you can hope is that he’ll get tired of you and let you go soon.

As he explored your mouth with his tongue, you felt something press against the lower half of your body. You thought you were imagining things until he rubbed it against you once more. You moaned involuntarily and he smiled, those damn red eyes gleaming down at you.

“You’re moaning already and we haven’t even gotten to the finale~” You felt his erection twitch against his tight, black pants. God, it felt so big. You felt so guilty thinking about your captor’s cock while your boyfriend was still out there waiting for your return. You saw Raymond pull down the dark colored pants, revealing his dick straining against black boxer shorts. You had to stop this.

“Raymond, please.” You pleaded and he stopped what he was doing for a second. “Please don’t do this. I’m already with Rad and I just want…” You paused once you saw that Raymond was seething with anger. You trembled with fear and tried not to look at his face. He saw this and grabbed your face forcefully to look at his eyes.

“Are you still thinking about that scum?!” He yelled and you cringed at his words. Rad was not scum. Even if Rad wasn’t a perfect boyfriend, he didn’t keep you against your will in some factory.

“He’s not…” You started to say, but he slapped something onto your mouth. You tried to remove it, but it was fruitless. Wait, was it that stupid super sticky tape that you could buy (or steal) from the bodega? Ugh, it would take forever to get that stuff off.

“There. Now my naughty princess can’t talk back to me.” He smirked and reached for the zipper on your dress. Then, he proceeded to remove all of the handcuffs on your limbs. Before you could get up, he grabbed your arm and brought you over to a computer monitor. Raymond clicked on an application that brought up Rad’s badly bruised body on screen. He appeared to be somewhere in the factory due to the familiar machines blinking in the background.

“There’s your pathetic boyfriend~.” He giggled and you struggled against his grasp. “Struggle one more time and I’ll remove one of his fingers” You gulped and got back onto the bed. You didn’t know whether or not that was an empty threat and you didn’t really want to find out.

“That’s a good girl.” He purred and removed the rest of your dress, leaving you in a lacy cream-colored bra and panties. You looked away from him as he ogled your body, humming in approval. He reached behind you once more to unhook your bra, leaving your breasts exposed. Your face turned red and you lifted your arms up to your breasts to try and cover them. The furthest you’ve gotten with Rad was making out in the backroom of Gar’s Bodega. He’s grabbed your boob before, but it was clothed! Now, some stupid robot was checking out your half naked body.

“Remove your arms, sweetheart~” He said sweetly, but you shook your head. His smile turned into a frown and he pulled out a remote with a big, red button on it. You weren’t experienced with remotes, but you knew from cartoons that red buttons were not a good sign. You tried to say something, but the tape muffled your words. He pressed the button and you watched as a laser appeared on the computer screen. Rad screamed as the laser was aimed at his middle finger and the laser cut into his blue skin. His blood squirted everywhere and the laser retreated into the darkness.

Tears started to form in your eyes and you looked up at Raymond. He grinned widely at what he’d just seen and glanced down at you with blood red eyes. He was insane.

“Your disobedience needed to be punished.” He told you and pushed you on your back. Without warning, he took your left nipple and swirled his robotic tongue around it. You couldn’t help but let out a muffled moan. He did the same thing to your right nipple and reached into your panties. You felt a buzzing sensation on your clit and your eyelashes fluttered. You wondered why Boxmore didn’t sell these kinds of products. If Boxman had focused less time trying to destroy the plaza and rather spent it on producing this, he’d probably be rich.

“Mrrrrh” You moaned and rolled your eyes back, mouth still covered by the strong duct tape. Raymond smirked and pressed a bit harder on your clit, eliciting louder muffled moans.

“I wonder” Raymond said as he pulled off your panties with his other hand and gazed into your eyes “How would your pathetic boyfriend feel if he knew I was the one pleasuring you?” As he spoke, he plunged one of his fingers into you and turned on the vibrating function. With the vibration on your clit and inside you, you were on the verge of cumming.

Raymond seemed to know that you were about to cum, because he took out another remote with a medium-sized black button and pressed it. It seemed to have a small microphone attached to it. Suddenly, Raymond laughed loudly into the microphone and the vibrations from his fingers stopped completely. You let out a groan, but Raymond ignored it.

“Greetings, Lakewood Loser! Guess who I have in my possession?” He asked and forcefully pulled on the tape covering your mouth until it slowly peeled off. You screamed in pain from the stinging sensation surrounding your lips. It wasn’t supposed to come off that easily. You looked at Raymond for comfort, but he all he provided was a chuckle in reaction to your discomfort. What a dick.

You saw Rad’s eyes widen when he heard your scream and heard his lips move, but there was no sound. He tried to wriggle out of the restraints, but they were on too tight and made of metal.

“Oh dear....” Raymond pouted. “It appears that I turned the volume off for the computer speakers.” That pout suddenly turned into a malicious grin and he turned to face you once again. He slowly tugged off his black boxers and revealed a dark green colored cock. If you weren’t currently being held against your will and was single, you’d be more than happy to jump on his dick. However, you still wanted to escape this mess without getting fucked by a psychopathic robot. You also didn’t want Rad to have any more fingers amputated, or worse, Raymond goes down to wherever he is and ends his life.

“Dearest?” He asked and you pushed away the lingering thoughts. You had to do something or you were going to lose your virginity to this robot who has an unhealthy fixation on you rather than the man you love. Raymond pushed himself against you and placed the remote right on the nightstand.

“R-raymond, please.” He paused his movements and stared into your eyes. “I only want to do this with the one I love.” You explained and he pressed a finger to your lips while using his other hand to spread your legs.

“Darling, I am the one you love.” Before you could argue, he pressed a finger into you and turned on the vibrations once more. You moaned and blushed with embarrassment, grabbing onto the sheets underneath you. “Why else would you be so wet for me?” Raymond suddenly removed his finger and pressed the head of his cock against your clit. You tried to back away, but Raymond pulled out the remote with the red button and stroked it with his green finger.

“Remember what happens when you disobey me, my precious rose.” He whispered and chills ran down your spine. You laid back down on the bed in defeat and he caressed your face before planting a quick kiss on your forehead.

“My, my. What an obedient girl!” He praised and quickly pushed himself into you, causing you to yelp in pain. You haven’t done this before and the sudden intrusion hurt like hell! Raymond sensed your pain and pressed his lips against yours. He started to thrust in and out of you and the feelings of pain subsided.

“You’re so tight mmph!” He growled and pressed into a certain spot that made you moan more loudly than usual. “I wonder if that trash ever touches you or makes you moan like I do.” You felt vibrations in your lower region and bit your lip. He also had a vibrating dick? What didn’t he have?!

“R-ray” You tried to say his full name between moans, but the pleasure was too much. He still enjoyed it anyway, because he thrust into you even harder.

“Say my name again.” He groaned and when you wouldn’t, he pressed one of his fingers against your clit. The vibrations started up again and your moans became more high-pitched.

“R-r-raymond” You moaned and grasped the bedsheets tighter. He knew what was going to happen from your squeals of pleasure, so he rubbed his finger faster.

“Come for me, my love.” Raymond purred and suddenly, you felt a rush of pleasure overcome your whole body. You tightened around his dick and after a few seconds of pumping into you, he grunted and sticky fluid flooded into you. Wait, how do robots have semen? Do you even want to know?

He slowly pulled out of you and flopped onto the space beside your spread out body. You wanted to move, but you were too tired. He laughed and pushed a stray piece of hair out of your face.

“Already exhausted? I’ll let you rest for a moment, but we aren’t finished.”

Chapter Text

You were drunk, but you felt a shred of embarrassment in this particular situation. You pressed a hand to your flushed face and looked away from the person. Hopefully, they’ll turn around and walk right back into the bathroom. You looked back at them and realized that they weren’t going to move any time soon.

Here was your leader in just a bath towel with his hair slicked back. Here you were ogling his pale muscles like a horny bitch.

“Boss! I am soo fucking sorry for waltzin’ in here” You stammered as your eyes trailed back to the water droplets traveling down his body. Even when he just got out of the shower, he was still handsome as hell.

“It’s alright. Remember that I was the one who called you here.” Chrollo replied with a flat expression. You honestly never knew what the hell he was thinking. Come to think of it, where the heck were the others?

“Didn’t ya say that there was an auction happenin’?” You asked and he nodded. You were such an idiot. You probably took too long and they left without you. Did the boss stay behind to scold you or worse, kick you out of the group? No, you didn’t want that at all. These people were the only family you had. No matter what, you had to stay with them.

“God, I am such a moron.” You slapped your forehead and pouted. “I am really, really sorry, Boss. I probably fucked up your plans completely and…” You continued, but Chrollo raised one of his pale hands.

“The others have already left.” He stated and before you could speak again, he continued, “I think that we need to have a talk.” Oh no. He was really going to kick you out. Your eyes watered up and you clenched your fist.

“Puh-please don’t do this, Chrollo.” You whimpered, wiping stray tears from your eyes. Chrollo remained silent while you sniveled like a child. “I realize that I’m not the most useful, but I can do better! Please let me prove myself!” His big, grey eyes stared into yours and he smiled.

“Why are you so tense? Relax and have a seat.” He said and gestured towards the open seat positioned near the open window. You sighed and reluctantly walked to the wooden chair, glancing over at the two glasses filled with red wine sitting on the dresser. Why was that out? You shrugged and plopped down on the chair, waiting for your boss to join you. He grabbed the two glasses and handed one over to you.

“I r-really shouldn’t” You laughed and tried to push it away. He didn’t move his hand away and you grabbed the glass out of his hand. Eh, you’re not that drunk. You could stand a glass or two of wine. You pressed the glass up to your lips and took a sip. Chrollo leaned against the table and looked down at you, occasionally drinking from his glass. You gazed at the towel and he finally spoke up.

“I saw you brazenly flirting with Hisoka. I also noticed that you were touching Shalnark’s muscles quite a lot.” He frowned and stared out the window. You looked down in shame and your lips trembled. This is why the others left without you. Your professionalism was in question with good reason and most likely, this was the last straw for the boss.

“I’m so sorry, Chrollo. Please don’t kick me out of the group!” You pleaded and his frown disappeared. “I got a lil’ drunk and I still kinda am, but I shouldn’t have done that. It was super bad of me and I accept any punishment.” When you didn’t get an immediate response, your eyes watered once more and you stood up to leave. You were just about to put your wine glass down on the table, but Chrollo placed his hand on top of yours.

“Although your behavior tonight was rather indecent, I won’t force you to leave the group.” You sighed at his words and he continued to explain, “Your abilities are too important to us.” You blushed and gulped down the rest of the wine in your glass. You reached for the bottle of wine, but Chrollo grabbed it and poured more wine for you.

“Thanks, boss.” You smiled and sat back in your chair. Chrollo stared at you and smirked, downing a glass of wine before pouring another glass for himself. His pale skin glistened in the moonlight and you bit your lip. God, he was so perfect.

Although there isn’t much alcohol volume in wine, you got to the point where you were barely able to stand up and you had less of a filter now.

“So why books? Are you some kinda nerd?” You giggled. He wasn’t nearly as drunk as you, but the alcohol loosened him up a little.

“I just really like reading. Is there a problem with that?” He asked defensively. You felt a twinge of guilt for possibly offending him and got up from your chair.

“Actually, I think it’s really hot.” You muttered and immediately placed your hands over your mouth. What the hell were you thinking?! Even though he didn’t kick you out of the Phantom Troupe, he most likely would after that stupid comment! He chuckled and brushed his fingers through his hair, making his hair more messy.

“That’s meaningless coming from a whore.” He spat out, shocking you. You thought it must be from the alcohol, but his words still stung. You did flirt with Hisoka and Shalnark, but it was harmless. It wasn’t like you slept with them!

“Are you still hung up on that stupid ass flirting?! I was drunk, okay? It wasn’t like I gave them a god damn blowjob!” You ranted. Chrollo clearly wasn’t amused, because he frowned and crossed his arms, similar to what a toddler would do when they couldn’t get a particular toy at a store.

“You might as well have given the way you gazed at their muscles!” He raised his voice and pushed you against the wall. “Maybe I wanted a little attention for once.” You tried to push him off, but he wouldn’t budge.

“Chrollo, you’re bein’ such an ass right now. Let me go.” You warned, but he still trapped you with his arms. Instead of letting you go, he forcefully grabbed your face and pressed his lips against your neck. You moaned and pressed your entire body against his.

Suddenly, he picked you up and threw you onto the giant bed covered with blue-striped blankets. He rustled his hair more until his hair partially covered the purple cross on his forehead. You tilted your head in confusion and your eyes trailed down his body to the erection covered by the towel.

“I’m the one with the authority to give orders, not you.” He said bluntly. His hands traveled down the curves of your body until he pinched your ass, making you gasp. “First order of business, you’re going to get down on your knees and suck me off.”

Chapter Text

You honestly didn’t know how to feel about this whole situation. On one hand, you’re completely drunk and willing to give your boss a blowjob. He’s very attractive to you and him being half naked with a towel wrapped around his lower half doesn’t help his situation very much. On the other hand, he is still your boss and you both could regret this in the morning. Maybe he’d even fire you for going along with this while he was drunk.

You decided not to listen to your thoughts and instead listened to your boss, tugging down the towel that covered his erection. You looked up at him with your doe eyes, but he pressed the head of his cock against your wet lips. Finally, you allowed him to slide past your lips and into your mouth, eliciting a rather loud moan from him. Usually, your boss was a very quiet man, but this was different. He was inebriated and didn’t have a filter, moaning every time he pressed further into your mouth and down your throat.

When he pressed further down your throat, you moaned loudly and the vibration made him groan louder. He fucked your mouth faster and felt his thick cock invade your throat. You heard his moans increase in volume and thought he was going to finish in your mouth. However, just before he was about to come, he pulled himself out of you.

“I saw the way you looked at Hisoka and Shalnark.” he muttered and rubbed his cock with one of his hands while the other pinched one of your nipples under your shirt. You bit your lip and looked into those grey eyes that you loved so much, “How do you think that makes me feel?”

“I-I” You stuttered. He pressed himself against you and roughly tugged your black pants down your legs. All that stood in the way between your pussy and his cock was your dark grey boy shorts. “Chrollo, you don’t really wanna do this right now, do you?”

He let out a soft chuckle and pressed his dick against your clit harshly, making you gasp loudly. You bit your lip in embarrassment and glanced up at your boss, who had on the cockiest smile imaginable. He thought he was such hot shit. You rolled your eyes and before you could say something snarky, he pressed his lips against your neck and bit hard. You yelped and tried to pry him off of you, but he wouldn’t budge. Then, he sucked on the same spot and you sighed blissfully.

“You roll your eyes like you’re not enjoying this.” He growled in your ear and reached into your boyshorts to stroke the wetness between your legs. He looked directly into your eyes and smirked once again, pressing one of his fingers into you. He then started to pick up the pace and added another finger into your pussy. Although you were panting like a bitch in heat, you just wanted his cock inside of you. No more playing this stupid game of “Do you want to fuck your Boss or not?”. You clearly wanted him. It was evident when he rubbed his thumb against your clit and you responded by pulling him into a deep kiss. You rustled his hair with your fingers and he abandoned the kiss to roll his tongue around one of your nipples.

You were such an idiot. You were always dreaming about this moment and when it started, you acted like you never wished for this to happen. Such a liar. You just hoped that he wouldn’t regret it when he sobered up. As you thought about it longer, he was probably acting like this because of the liquor. Once he’s sober, he’ll just leave you and act like nothing ever happened. After all, you were just an underling.

You were so lost in your thoughts that you were shocked when Chrollo pushed himself into you. You wrapped your arms around him and closed your eyes. At least you could enjoy this moment that probably won’t ever happen again. Chrollo’s pace became rougher and he hit that one spot in you that made you scream with delight.

“Chrollo…” you moaned and moved your hands from his back to brush his hair from his forehead. You opened your eyes and saw those beautiful eyes staring back at you. His pale skin was looking a bit flushed and he was letting out groans every time he thrust into you.

“Say my name again.” He ordered and you obliged, calling out his name again. As a reward, he reached down and rubbed your clit while he continued to thrust against that one spot. Oh god, if he kept hitting that spot, you were surely going to come for your boss.

“Chrollo…..gunna...cum” You let out between breaths, which made him laugh.

“I’m fucking you so hard that you can’t even form a complete sentence.” He pressed a loving kiss to your forehead and you thought he was going to slow down. However, he suddenly sped up at an almost demonic pace that had you digging your nails into his back. “Come for your boss.”

With just a few more thrusts, you moaned his name once more and came, your pussy tightening around his cock. He groaned in response and kept up his crazy pace.

“Neither Hisoka nor Shal would’ve made you come the way I just did. You’re mine and mine only.” He murmured and you pressed your lips to his to silence his moans. His moans got louder and louder until he grunted and came inside of you.

Afterwards, he collapsed next to you on the soft hotel bed and closed his eyes. You hummed and buried your face into his chest. He sighed and put his arms around you, brushing strands of hair out of your face.

“Chrollo, can I ask you a question?” You looked over and he didn’t respond. He wasn’t already asleep, was he? You sighed and closed your eyes, thinking that this was a huge mistake after all.

Chapter Text

It turns out that you weren’t as sneaky as you thought. While you were drunk and pushing through people to get to your destination, someone was following you. They followed you through the main area of Hotel Beitacle and saw which floor you got off due to the number being displayed right above the main elevators. They then quickly took another elevator and pressed the button to the 5th floor. Once at the 5th floor, they exited the elevator and saw that you were still drunkenly stumbling to a hotel room. They waited until you knocked on the door and pushed it open, not closing it entirely behind you. They walked towards the room and took a peek through the crack of the door. It would have been okay if they just saw you drunkenly ramble to your boss about stupid topics. However, they saw everything, including you giving your boss a blowjob and letting him fuck your brains out.

They smiled and walked away from the room, pulling out a random card from their shirt. Five of clubs. This should be very interesting, they thought as they walked into the elevator.

You woke up and rubbed the gunk out of the corners of your eyes. Were you in a hotel room? You didn’t remember much from last night, but you felt the soreness of your whole body as you sat up. You looked down and saw that you were only in your boyshorts, your black pants bunched up at the end of the bed. What the hell happened?! You jumped up and grabbed your phone, preparing to call the troupe. However, you pressed the message button and froze.

Your boss called you to a hotel for the purpose of stealing treasures. Right! Your memory became a little blurry after opening the hotel door. You stood up and got dressed immediately, searching for anything that might help jog your memory. You peered over at the nightstand beside the bed and written on a post-it was a note. You quickly grabbed the paper and read the scribbles.


We were successful with the heist last night and managed to grab everything I wanted from the auction. Come to the hideout immediately.


You sighed and stuffed the post-it note into your pocket. It looks like nothing really happened, did it? You probably said something super stupid to him, tugged your pants off and passed out on the bed. You were pretty drunk, so it was possible for you to make that many mistakes all in one night. Welp, at least you had some fun while it lasted.

As you walked into the hideout, you noticed that all eyes were on you. Feitan glared at you when you walked past him and muttered something to himself. Who pissed in his cheerios? You felt your head throb from a current hangover and you walked towards your boss until you were right in front of him.

“Now that everyone’s here, I want to talk about our next course of action.” He said and looked straight at you. It looked like he was about to say something else, but someone else interrupted him.

“Is that course of action involving getting into another woman’s pants?” Hisoka asked and pressed one of his cards to his lips. God, you hated that grin plastered on his face, but you couldn’t ignore his words. Did Chrollo actually sleep with someone? You frowned and avoided eye contact with your boss, trying to hide your jealousy.

Your boss didn’t say anything and kept his gaze at the ground below him. The others proceeded to glare at Hisoka even though your boss wasn’t denying the allegation. On one hand, you wanted the clown man to shut the hell up. Why was it his business to know who Chrollo slept with? On the other hand, you wanted to know who this skank was, so you could confront her face to face. Who the hell does she think she is sleeping with YOUR man? Well, technically he isn’t your man, but does that really matter?

“Why does that matter?” Shalnark finally spoke up and kept his gaze on Hisoka. “We’re thieves. We should be focused more on our next target rather than our boss’s sex life.” The others agreed with Shalnark’s words while Chrollo remained silent. Hisoka kept his stupid grin and played with a deck of cards, peering over at you.

“It usually wouldn’t matter to me, but it was someone from our group ♥” He stopped shuffling his cards and continued to stare at you. To be honest, you were starting to get creeped out a bit. “That sounds a bit unprofessional, hmm?”

Someone from your group that’s also a woman? That leaves you, Pakunoda, Machi, and Shizuku. Pakunoda and Machi are usually around Chrollo a lot, so that’s possible. However, Shizuku could be Chrollo’s type. You thought about yesterday and tried to shake it out of your mind. It isn’t possible that you slept with the boss. He would never sleep with someone like you.

“The best part? I know who it is ♥” Hisoka snickered and wouldn’t stop glancing at you. You had a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach that wouldn’t subside. Some of the members of the Phantom Troupe had gotten sick of listening to Hisoka, so they left to either guard the outside of the hideout or who knows what. The only ones remaining were you, Chrollo, Hisoka, Shalnark, Pakunoda, Shizuku, and Feitan. “From what I saw, she had plenty of fun. Isn’t that right, Y/N?” You froze when you heard your name.

Chrollo briefly looked up to meet your gaze and your face immediately turned red. The others just stared at you in disbelief as you buried your face in your hands. This can’t be happening. If this continued, you were going to die of embarrassment.

“You fuck boss? That strange. You not boss’s type. ” Feitan murmured and snickered to himself. Honestly, he was right. You weren’t the boss’s type at all. He probably preferred a more quiet and obedient girl. You remembered that both you and Chrollo drank some of that wine. The alcohol affected both of you and impaired your judgment. Without the alcohol, none of this would have happened. You were nothing more than a boss and his underling.

“Y/N, is that true?” Shalnark asked. You tried to speak, but nothing would come out of your mouth. You felt tears streaming down your face and you began to snivel like a baby.

“I...I...Excuse me for a sec.” You whimpered and shoved past the others to enter a room filled with books. This was probably where Chrollo spent some of his time and that made you cry more. Why were you so stupid? You were so busy bawling that you didn’t hear someone enter the room. It wasn’t until they placed their arms around your waist that you jumped and tried to wriggle out of their grasp. When they felt your resistance, they pressed a card against your neck.

“Dammit, Hisoka. What the hell do you want?” You whined and heard him chuckle from behind you. Did he like it when you were helpless or something? “Let me go! Phantom Troupe members aren’t supposed to fight, remember?”

“I don’t follow those rules. Besides, you look so appetizing right now ♥” He whispered and his breath made you shiver. “I saw the way Chrollo touched you.”

“Okay? And?” You pouted. He pressed his lips against your neck and you made a slight gasp.

“I can make you feel more pleasure ♥” He proceeded to suck on your neck, eliciting a moan from your mouth. You can’t believe that you’re moaning for this goddamn clown.

You heard a noise behind you and managed to tilt your head just right to see Chrollo staring at both of you. Hisoka dropped the card that was pressed against your neck but didn’t stop sucking on your neck.

“Hisoka, could you leave Y/N and I alone for a moment?” He asked and began to organize some of his books that were stacked in a corner. Hisoka didn’t budge and you were wondering how this was all going to play out.

“And what if I don’t?” Hisoka questioned while he harshly bit down on your neck. You let out a yelp but purred when he began to suck on it again.

“Hisoka, don’t make me ask you again.” Chrollo said sternly. You thought it was going to end in a feud between the two men. However, Hisoka reluctantly let go of you and walked towards the entrance of the room.

“We’ll continue this later, my dear ♥” He blew a kiss in your direction and finally left the room.

Before you could get any words out, you felt Chrollo’s arms wrap around your torso from behind. You blushed and tried to turn around to face him, but his arms pressed tighter around your body.

“Uh, boss?” You asked, waiting for a reply. Instead, he glanced at your neck and frowned. There were probably dark marks on one side of your neck.

“It looks like you haven’t learned your lesson.” He muttered and stuck his hand into your shirt, twisting one of your nipples. This, in turn, caused you to screech in pain. "You know I don't like it when Hisoka touches you."

Chrollo is jealous? You scoffed and this made Chrollo slap your ass in response, making you shriek. Suddenly, he pulled your black pants and boyshorts down in one swift motion and before you could protest, he pressed a finger into you. Honestly, would you even protest anymore given how good he makes you feel?

“Chrollo” you bit your lip as he slid two fingers into you and began pumping slowly. He was clearly teasing you and you huffed in response, causing him to smirk.

“You’re so wet right now. Is it for me or because of what Hisoka did earlier?” He asked and instead of waiting for a response, he thrust his fingers harder into your warmth. You bit your lip even harder and tasted blood on your tongue.

“You” You sighed. Apparently, it wasn’t enough, because his fingers slowed to an agonizingly slow pace once again. God, you hated how much this man teased you.

“I don’t believe you.” He growled and pressed his erection against your ass. “You did end up letting him suck on your neck like some cheap whore after all.” He yanked his fingers out and you groaned, but then he pushed roughly into you, causing you to shudder.

“C-Chrollo!” You moaned and attempted to reach down and touch your clit. However, Chrollo saw this and slapped your hand away, grabbing your ass and fucking you harder in response.

“Naughty girls don’t get pleasure.” He tsked and slapped your ass again before burying his cock further into your pussy. Everytime you felt close to coming, he would slow his pace and watch you squirm under his grasp. What an asshole.

“P-please, boss!” You pleaded with him. He ignored your pleas and fucked you harder against the walls. Judging by his more frantic thrusts, he was closer to coming.

“Chrollo, I’m sorry!” You cried and felt him not slowing down, so you continued, “I acted like a slut and I shouldn’t have. I’m only yours!” You thought he would consider your words and maybe reward you, but instead he pressed deeper into you until he came, letting out a groan.

After waiting a few seconds, he took himself out of you and tucked himself back into his pants. You waited for him to pleasure you but he never did. You pouted and he turned your body around to meet his dark grey eyes.

“You really thought I was going to give in and pleasure you because of an apology?” He laughed and when you didn’t response, he shook his head. “I wasn’t joking when I said that naughty girls don’t get rewards.”

Chapter Text

Raymond brushed the hair out of your face while he watched you sleep. You were so cute. Yes, he had fucked you several times before letting you pass out from exhaustion, but he needed to prove his love to you. You were his, not that stupid alien's.

You stirred in your sleep and mumbled something to yourself. He thought he heard his name and tilted his head closer to your mouth. Please say my name, he thought as he waited for you to speak again.

“Rad, stop it!” You laughed and covered your face. His smile turned into a grimace quickly. You were STILL thinking about that disgusting creature?! He fiddled with his fingers before grinning widely. He didn’t think that the fun part would come so soon, but fate had other plans. No one would ever take you from him.

- - - - -
You were surprised to wake up in a cold, plastic chair instead of the warm bed you were slowly becoming accustomed to. You were still sore from the “love-making”, but something else was causing you discomfort. One of the reasons was that the room you were currently in did not have light. The other reason became apparent when you attempted to move your arms, which were restrained by very tight straps.

Suddenly, the lights were turned on and you came face to face with your boyfriend. Rad was in a similar situation as yours minus one of his fingers being cut off. You looked at his severed finger and cringed.

“Rad…” You sobbed. God damn these restraints. You wanted to wrap your arms around his muscular body once more. He turned his head as much as he could to avoid your gaze.

“Rad, please talk to me.” When he didn’t talk, you continued, “He kidnapped me and has been forcing me to do so many things! I feel so numb...I miss your touch.” You heard him scoff and sighed. He wasn’t going to listen to you.

“I missed you, babe, until I heard you moaning for Raymond!” He raised his voice, causing you to shiver. He was about to say something else, but the sound of the door opening behind you made the both of you jump. Then, all of the lights came on at once and hurt your eyes. When you opened them, Raymond was standing right in front of you, smiling like a creep.

“Hello, darling.” He greeted and straddled you. As he brushed the hair out of your face, he kissed your lips passionately and then exchanged glances with Rad. Rad glared back at Raymond, which made him respond with a chuckle.

“I’m not your ‘darling’” You spat out and turned your head away from him. You just wanted to go back to Gar’s Bodega with K.O. and Enid. With Rad. You were tired of Raymond’s crazy antics and his stupid sports-themed bedroom. Everything about Raymond was making you sick at this point.

“You are whether you like it or not.” He growled and got off of you. What was he planning? He walked over to a table with another remote on it. Unlike the remote with the large, red button on it, this one had two medium-sized buttons: a red and green one. You remembered what happened last time Raymond pressed a button and you tried to wiggle free of your restraints. It was fruitless, though. You were strapped to the chair pretty tight. He snatched up the remote and looked at Rad with anger in his eyes. “Now, DARLING, I want to speak to you about a snag in our relationship.”

You scoffed in disbelief, which caused Raymond to frown and walk closer to you. This asshole really thinks that you’re in a relationship with him after he kidnapped and raped you? What a joke. Rad wasn’t even reacting anymore and tried to avoid eye contact with you as much as possible. You whimpered and tears started streaming down your face. Was your relationship with Rad able to be saved at this point?

“Take this seriously, please, or I’ll make the decision myself.” Raymond rolled his eyes and handed you a remote. “I’ve noticed you still have feelings for that disgusting Lakewood loser still, so I’ve thought of something. On this remote, you have two buttons: the red and the green one. If you choose green, it means that you’ll love me and stay by my side forever. In return, I’ll release your precious ‘boyfriend’.” You felt like you were going to throw up. Rad glanced at you for one second and shut his eyes. You wished you knew what he was thinking or how he was feeling right now.

“And if I choose red?” You asked with reluctance. Raymond’s grin became even wider at your question.

“Good question, sweetheart!” He praised. “Red means that you don’t love me. If you choose this, I’ll let you go.” You felt joy seep into your body and honestly wanted to jump for joy right at this very second. However, Raymond saw your gleeful expression and chuckled, which soured your mood. There had to be a catch.

“But...your boyfriend will be eliminated by my hands.” He laughed and clasped his hands together. Both of these options were garbage. It was either stay with the crazy robot and Rad lives or dump the crazy robot and Rad dies! You shuddered at the thought of either happening, but you had to make a choice. You wished that Raymond had given you more time to think about this.

“And if I don’t choose anything?” You asked him. Raymond walked to a screen and pressed a small button on the side, which caused it to display a countdown clock.

“You have exactly one minute to make a decision.” He stated and turned to smirk at Rad, “If you don’t make a decision in that time frame, I’ll select the green button by default.” Raymond walked over to you and loosened your restraints. Before you grabbed the remote, he wrapped a cold, robotic hand around your arm and gave you a haunting glare.

“Don’t even think about trying to be heroic. I won’t hesitate to crush that piece of trash into blue paste.” He snarled and immediately smiled, brushing a hand across your cheek. Talk about a change of mood. You tilted your head up at the large screen and suddenly, the timer started. Are you really starting this already? You looked at Rad who still had his eyes closed. You’ll save him no matter what.

“So what will it be, my love? Red or green?”

Chapter Text

Honestly, you really hated school. Chemistry wasn’t your thing, because you kept mixing the wrong chemicals together and everyone had to be evacuated from the premises. Math? Pssh. You despised every equation you had to memorize for exams. P.E.? You sucked at every sport you tried and people bullied you for it. Art? You couldn’t even draw a straight line, honey. You even hated English, because most of the books you had to read were so boring. That was until your first day of school for the year.

You attended the same damn classes and as usual, they were the same. Then, you attended English and sat down in one of the back corner seats. You were a bit confused when instead of the grumpy Dr. Fischman, a young man with a weird, purple cross-shaped tattoo entered the room. His disheveled hair fell around his pale face as he quickly walked to the front desk.

“Yo. Where’s Dr. Fischman?” One of the students asked and you couldn’t honestly blame them for their curiosity. Dr. Fischman was getting pretty old. Did he finally kick the bucket?

“I’m his replacement.” When his explanation still caused confusion, he continued, “Unfortunately, Dr. Fischman got into an accident yesterday morning and is in critical condition. As of right now, I’m your English professor.” He wrote his name on the chalkboard and you squinted your eyes to get a better view.

Chrollo Lucilfer. What a weird name, especially for a professor. You had to admit that something about him was charming, though. Maybe you would like English class after all.

- - -

It has been about a month since starting English class with Professor Lucilfer. You thought you would enjoy it, since you had such a charming professor. Ha! He kept assigning your class tons of papers about stupid ass books. None of the books were even interesting in the slightest, resulting in your grade dropping.

“Come see me after class” The post-it note on your paper said. You sighed and stuffed it into your pocket, staring out of a window for the rest of the class period. You knew how these “meetings” went and you just wanted to get it over with. ‘Your grade is dropping. You need to do better’ Like no shit. You state the obvious problem but don’t even provide a solution.

Once he dismissed the class, you gathered your belongings and reluctantly walked to the front of the room. Like you expected, he was waiting with a smile plastered on his face.

“Professor, you uh wanted to see me?” You asked and pushed a piece of hair out of your face. For some reason, you couldn’t bring yourself to meet his gaze.

“Ah...yes. I’ve noticed that your grades haven’t been the best.” He started erasing some of the words written on the board and glanced at you again, “Care to tell me what’s wrong?” Wait, he actually cares? Mr. Fischman would just fail you without a second glance. If you ever visited him during his office hours, he’d blame you for your bad grades and tell you that you were the worst student he’s ever had! Yet here was this new professor ready to listen to your problems.

“I just don’t really like the books you’ve assigned.” You said and he frowned a little. Shit, did you say something wrong? “I-I mean, no offense.” At least you tried to soften the blow. He chuckled and finished erasing the remainder of the words from the board.

“I figured that was the issue.” He walked over to his desk and opened a drawer. He pulled out a notebook and grabbed a pen that was previously lying beside the computer. Then, he plopped down in his chair, patting the seat next to him. “Take a seat and we can talk about what you don’t like.” You guessed that it was better than Mr. Fischman’s reaction, but you had other things to do that didn’t include rambling about stupid themes in stupid books. However, you didn’t want to reject his offer and disappoint him. Your hesitation caused him to blankly stare at you until you finally sat down.

It wasn’t as bad as you made it out to be. You argued your points and in response, he would make counterpoints. You would go back and forth until you strengthened your arguments for your papers. You were thankful that he put the time and energy into helping you. As you left the room, you had a smile on your face. You couldn’t wait for English class.

- - -
You kept meeting him after class and even during office hours to work on your papers. You don’t know exactly when, but you eventually developed a crush on him. You would doodle little hearts into your notebook whenever you took notes. When he asked for a volunteer, you would quickly raise your hand and hope that he called on you. If he did, you would proudly walk up to the front of the class and show off to him. If he didn’t, you would pout like a child and glare daggers at the person he chose.

It transformed from a tiny crush to a full-blown obsession pretty fast. On the back of your notebook cover, you’d write your first name and his last name together. Y/N Lucilfer. The idea made you shudder with delight. You thought about him fucking you and having children together. You even made a Sims 4 save file where you forced the poor guy into a room and impregnated yourself with his seed using a mod. It wasn’t enough. You needed to have the real thing.

- - -
“Chrollo~sensei!” You called out to him and he waved back with a smile. God, his smiles were going to be the death of you. “What time are we meeting today?” His eyes lit up and he walked towards you.

“Right. I forgot to mention that I’m cancelling the meeting for today.” Your heartwarming smile turned into a frown. Did he have plans? “I also might have to shorten the amount of meetings we have.” Was he mad at you? Did you do something wrong? You have to fix this!

“B-but Chrollo~sensei! How am I going to improve my grade?” You frantically asked. He just smirked and patted you on the back.

“Your grades on your papers have improved greatly. I have a feeling that you don’t need my suggestions anymore.” He told you. That should have been reassuring, but it felt like a stab to your chest. He was dumping you like trash. He tried to leave, but you tugged on his sleeve like a love-sick puppy.

“But…” You stammered, but you were interrupted by another woman’s voice. She waved over to Chrollo and wrapped her arms around him. God, please just be a childhood friend. She planted a kiss on his lips and looked over at you. Your lips quivered and you let go of his shirt sleeve. That was his…

“Hi, baby! Ready for our date?” She pushed her hand through his hair and rustled it. You feigned happiness but deep inside you were furious. Who the hell is this bitch?

“Sure, dear.” He answered and turned to leave. You couldn’t let her leave with him. You reached for his arm, but your hand was swatted away by his “girlfriend” and you two exchanged glares.

“Listen, sweetheart. He’s busy right now.” She growled at you. You couldn’t believe this and tried to open your mouth, but no words could come out. “Can’t you bug him some other time?” You looked at Chrollo and he just stood there with a flat expression on his face. Finally, a tear fell down your face and you ran down the hallways. You heard Chrollo call your name, but you were too upset to go back.

You walked back to your dorm room and opened the scrapbook that contained endless photos of Chrollo. You couldn’t just let him go. You loved him too much and you knew deep down that he loved you, too. That whore just took him away from you. Did she really even love him as much as you loved him? You scoffed at the idea and flipped a page. There was the love of your life looking out the window, the light brightening his grey eyes.

You slammed the book shut and grabbed the keys off of your dresser. There wasn’t any time to be a huge crybaby. This slut was trying to take your man and you had to do something about that.