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I do (not) want to be a king

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Once upon a time in a distant kingdom called England. In a castle with the name Hatten Hall lived the reigning royal couple, which was greatly appreciated by their people. King William Scott Holmes was a very wise man in battle and hunting, but he would usually rush if there was not a patient woman at his side.

The queen, who was named Violett, was younger than the ruler, but she make it all even with her wisdom and beauty. Even back then, when the king was still a prince he wanted to make this woman absolutely his. Although his father was against it in the beginning, later Violett could convince herself with her skills.

She herself consented only to marriage if her voice was heard in government affairs. For the old king, that was a blow that his only son said yes to such a request. After all, his family was known for always keeping their word.

Prince William, on the other hand, did not mind that much. The man would have agreed with everything the woman had whispered to him because he was blinded by her beauty. But some time after the wedding and the coronation the old king had to admit that the choice of his offspring was not so bad. Violett also found her new role as queen very acceptable. Not only because her husband was very forgiving and loving with her, that her heart began to feel for him as well. But also because she was able to do something for the first time to make it easier for the people in this country. For many things, she was ridiculed by the royals, but she knew that as long as she had William by her side, she could impose some ideas.

For example, it took only half a year of regency until no one in the nation had to go to the bed hungry. Even money worries quickly disappeared as Violett revealed the so-called friends enriched themselves at the treasury.

But these things had been going on for years. To-day King William was anything but calm and composed. Impatiently he paced up and down in the royal hall. He worried about his wife. For he had not heard from her for hours. Maybe they should both have listened to the doctors. They told that a second child could severely affect the queen's health. But Violett was stubborn on the subject and she was so happy when she found out she was pregnant again.

Her firstborn son was named Mycroft. He was named after an ancestor of his mother. Now the queen got her second child after she had to stay in bed for weeks on this pregnancy. At dawn, the first contractions began. Of course, William wanted to stay with his wife, but midwives and doctors thought it was not good for the woman's condition. He was about to replace everyone. After all, he was also present at Mycroft's birth. At the time he had been told that he had to wait outside, but when did he allow himself to be dictated. William was king and his word was the law in this kingdom.

This time, however, it was not just the doctors who wanted to banish him from the room. His wife had asked him in an unusually weak voice himself. So he agreed and ran holes in his room in the floor.

"I'm sure it will all be a good father." Mycroft wanted to encourage him with a servant and a dining car behind him entered the hall. The firstborn was already quite mature and educated for his six years. The ruler stopped for a moment and looked at him.

"Mother must have known that it happened today. Because she told me yesterday that I should take care of your well-being. Please eat something. Mother would not like it if you had to be hungry all the time." Then he told the servant to put everything on the table. The king blinked once before ruffling his son's hair. He was right. His last meal was last night before he went to his wife to talk to her until she fell asleep. She said his voice would calm the baby.

"That your mother even thinks of me when she should only have herself and the child in her mind." Smiling, he shook his head and sat down in his chair at the table.

"Come and sit with me my son. Talking to men certainly distracts me from my worries." Mycroft's eyes sparkled as he was called a man. Of course he knew that his father was not really serious. Nevertheless, it made him a little proud and so he sat down at the long table. The servant also opened the door for the younger one.

"Now tell Mycroft, how were your first riding lessons?" This question disturbed the boy then he was not really liking it and he hung his head. But his shoulders were still taut. He didn't want to lose his position in front of his great role model. The king knew of course because the riding instructor had already told him about the missteps.

"Mycroft not everything works out at the first time." But that did not seem to get the boy right.

"Duke Lestrade's son was almost perfect yesterday afternoon and it was also his first lesson."

"Shall I tell you something?" William leaned toward his son. Then he looked briefly to the left and right as if he wanted that no one noticed.

"I mastered riding really well at the age of ten. Before that, I also fell off my horse all the time." His son then looked wide-eyed.

"What? You?" He could not quite believe that it was true.

"Yes it is really true. First, I got my father's horse for half a year." William further explained the story.

"But then he had to leave with his knights for a long journey. So I got my own mount. Although it was of a good breed and had a very nice reddish color but the horse was so stubborn that I did not even come to sit with him on the first riding lesson. It took years until I understood the animal. Because my father was of the opinion that I had to get the horse under control. After all, as a king, he could not always choose everything." The little boy had not touched his food eagerly but listened attentively.

"Was King Albertus Holmes a very strict father?" William thought for a moment before answering this question to his son.

Yes, the old king was very harsh in education and he never wanted to get used to new things. He put a lot of value on old ways and customs. There had been so many punches in his childhood that he eventually stopped counting. His old man meant that he was too often in the books or in the clouds for a boy. Fighting, hunting and other things a young man should learn did not interest him earlier. Even though he mastered it well at the moment. He also paid little attention to women in his early years. They were all just bound by the same topics. Jewelry, clothes and their appearance. Just like his four sisters. Few shared his passion for lyrical texts, foreign languages or historical backgrounds. Some of them have never had a book in their hands, let alone read it. His relationship has always been difficult to his father. Never was the man really happy with him. So it came that this ordered women from all countries to arrange an engagement for him. But he skillfully rejected them all. After all, he did not want to have a lady by his side who said amen and yes to everything.

It took him almost ten years to meet Violett. At that time he was already thirty-six and she was only twenty-four. She was the first woman to compete with him in chess. With her it was fun to ride like children for hours through the woods and across the meadows. That's why he did not want any wannabe lord snatching her away. Perhaps King Albert Holmes only gave his blessing to the wedding because he was glad that finally a female being was not averse to him. It was the same for him anyway.

"Yes, he was very strict but also a kind-hearted father. But we should start with the food first. I do not want yours and the cook's trouble for nothing." Mycroft nodded in agreement and reached for his fork.

"I promise you that I can keep myself on the horse until the summer. So we can ride out together." He shared with him, before he began to cut his meat on his plate.

"That's a word." He patted his son on the shoulder.

"I just hope that you do not get as many hooves on the back as your old man." William said even before he devoted himself to his meal. Father and son enjoyed the meal a while in peace. At least until they suddenly heard hasty footsteps approaching the hall.

"My king your consort awaits you!" One of the midwives announced joyfully. The ruler quickly got up to inquire about the state of affairs. In the first moment a stone dropped from his heart. Than the cheerful face of the older woman could only mean that the mother and child were well on their way. Nevertheless, he walked quickly to his wife's rooms. A doctor with a sweaty face was just leaving. This one did not seem to be as happy as those like the older lady before.

"How is the situation? Clarify me about good and bad details!"

"My King." The man in front of him began slowly explain.

"The good is both are well now." William knew it. He just had it in his mind. His wife was a fighter, he always knew. But every medal also had a second side.

"And what is the bad news? Now please do not strain me on the torture." The truth should be clearly put on the table so he knew what he had to live in the future.

"The queen is very weak. She will probably not be able to look after the child herself in the next few days. I continue to prescribe strict bed rest."

"What about my child? Now, please I do not want to beg for every word." His patience is stretched to the point of tearing.

"It's a boy." The ruler was about to lose his temper. He was aware that the man in front of him had hard hours behind him to do the best for his wife and second son. That did not change the fact that the breaks between the Doctor's sentences seemed like an eternity to him.

"But unfortunately we do not know if he can hold out." When he saw the king's gaze, he took a quick breath again before continuing to speak.

"The child did not scream right away. Should it last the next few days and take breast milk, then I see hope." Then the doctor looked apologetically to the ground.

"I understand. You have done your best and for that I thank you. Can I see her now?" The older man showed a faint smile.

"Of course. The queen even ordered it expressly." With that, the old man stepped aside to clear the way for his master. First William wanted to enter the room immediately, but he turned back to his firstborn. Than he had of course followed him when he left the room. But it was better if he went in alone first. Even though Mycroft looked very grown-up, he ended up being a six-year-old boy. He just did not want to overdo it for his son.

"Mycroft, please wait here!" He ordered almost and this took a little distance. Maybe because he had not expected it or wanted to speak again. The king wasted no time but finally entered the room in which he was already expected.

A few women blocked his view of his wife. They were still busy with everything clean and tidy to restore. His heart throbbed with excitement as he approached the big bed where his black-haired beauty lay. In his opinion, the physician had grossly exaggerated at the door. Violett did not look like dying in his eyes. Fatigue was everything he could tell from her. Or could the appearance deceive?

For such gloomy thoughts was neither time nor the right place, he thought to himself as he stared blankly at the bundle that had his queen in his arms. She wrestled with a tired but satisfied smile as she tried to give him the baby. A little awkwardly he reached for the little something. As with Mycroft's birth, he was terrified that he could hurt the child with his hands. But all the worries were almost blown away as he had the little one right in his arms. For now William could see the face of his son. Two sea-blue eyes fixed him cheerfully.

"He has your eyes." Violett whispered weakly.

"But your nose." He replied pleased. Then he also realized that her child already had very dark hair on the head. Maybe his son also inherited his wife's dark hair. For a moment he thought again of the words of the doctor. The ruler did not want that little thing to die before he even saw the world.

"Sherlock." He said out of the air to the little one.

"Hm, a nice name." Meant the child's mother and leaned back a little to make herself comfortable in bed.

"That's how it should be. From now on you will be listening to the name Sherlock William Scott." The man then explained a little more clearly and the little boy unexpectedly began to squeal happily. At least, William hoped it was. He rarely spoke to newborns.

"He likes the name too." Means his wife and closed the eyes for a moment because they felt too heavy. So William leaned down so that he did not drop the child and kissed his wife's forehead.

"Rest, my queen. You had a very busy day. I will take care of everything else."

"Thank you, my lord." She whispered before closing her eyes again. Quickly but carefully he strode with the infant to the door where already the maid of the queen looked at him waiting.

"I want to know every hour about the well-being of the Queen. Even if nothing should change then I would like to know that too. Move the child's bed two rooms further and leave the door closed. I do not want my wife to be awakened in the night by crying. She needs a restful sleep."

"Of course." She nodded and apologized with a curtsey to get her work done immediately. The king himself opened the door and left the room again. Mycroft had been waiting for him all the time. But now he looked at him with mixed feelings.

"Is mother alright?" It came a little sheepishly from his older son. William ruffled his hair again, then slowly knelt down to him.

"She's just exhausted that's all. Tomorrow she will feel better." First he answered the question asked. Then he pulled the blanket in which the newborn was wrapped a little to the side so you could see the little one better. His first-born only stared at the child without a word.

"Mycroft, may I introduce your brother Sherlock to you." The little one immediately reached for his brother's hand and squeaked again when he wanted to touch him. First, the elder was startled and pulled his hand away again because he thought he hurt the baby. But as he did so, Sherlock was just as startled and started to cry.

"Did I do something wrong?" Worried, Mycroft looked up at his father as this stood up again.

"Of course not. He will only be hungry." So William brought the baby to the room where the cot should already be and handed it there to one of the nannies.

"So Mycroft, but now we have to plan everything for tomorrow?" He proudly told his first son as he walked down the stairs to the castle kitchen. The little boy followed him curiously.

"What do you want plan father?"

"Of course, a banquet with music and dancing. The birth of your brother is to be celebrated tomorrow. How do you like the idea my son?"

"That's really great." The boy agreed a little halfheartedly. The ruler knew something was wrong.

"Mycroft, you always liked stuff like that. What's going on?" A bit affected, the little one stopped and looked sadly to the ground.

"What if Sherlock does not like me? Or I'm not a good big brother?" Then came the first sigh. Mycroft shrugged and stared down at the ground. Tears formed in the boy's eyes as he thought his brother might hate him. William immediately took the initiative and knelt again to him so that they were on an equal eye level.

"Sherlock just got to know you. He is still a baby and with those you have to be very patient. One day when some time has passed he will realize what he has for a great big brother."

"Really?" Mycroft looked incredulously at his father with slightly reddened eyes.

"I'll give you my word on it." The little boy nodded and wiped his eyes dry.

"So we should go to the chef now. We have to tell him to make our favorite cake. It must not be missing tomorrow, is it?" He returned to a standing position. At this sentence, the little boy beamed properly.

"No way." He agreed, overtaking his father by starting to run. The ruler himself started thinking about Sherlock again. The child did not seem weak to him. Granted he was a little smaller than Mycroft at his birth. In addition, he was very pale for a baby and he allegedly cried too little. It was not important to him. It was often heard that the weak of the past have become the strong warriors today. How much he hoped that this also applied to his son. For safety, he gave him his name and that of his great-grandfather on the way. William's grandfather Lord Scott Hubertus Holmes had been a very good teacher to him. He regretted it a little that the man was long dead so his sons could never meet him. But Scott died honorably defending his kingdom and still had the stories he could pass on to his children. Still, he wished he had paid a little more attention to medicine at a young age. Then maybe you would know what should happen to the baby.

Of course, he was able to hire more doctors and ask questions, but he always liked to know how to do something exactly. Anyway, William would do anything to give Sherlock everything he needed to make it work well. Because he had the little one already at their first eye contact closed in the heart. He was aware that he had a much too soft side for a king but as long as only his queen knew about it no one could harm him.

The ruler's efforts were rewarded. One year later, Sherlock was in no way inferior to other small children. Even as for the hair of the little affected he should get right. For his then sparsely covered head was now all over with black curls. Only when it came to speaking he worried a bit. Although his second-born was a bright child, he enjoyed exploring everything and everyone. Nevertheless, he did not babble or made no sound otherwise.

"Do not worry so much, my king." Wanted his wife to cheer him up while nursing the baby. That was also such a problem with which he was not so easily finished. Because he wanted to find a nanny for his baby that could nourish him because the doctors said that it would be an impertinence for the Queen in her condition. But Violett strongly refused that another woman should take care of her child alone. She agreed that someone would help her but everything else was out of the question for her.

"Every child develops differently."

"But what if..." But the woman in the room did not even give him the chance to continue speaking.

"You should not even think about that. Sherlock is healthy and that's all that counts for me." That was the last word spoken for her.

"I implore you to allow me to find a nanny for him. You are only there for him!"

"So you're jealous?" She grinned a bit and turned her head back to him.

"To be honest, yes. How long has it been since we did something together? I know this is the protective instinct of a mother in you who can not take the eyes off the child. But you have to leave the castle again. You have become so pale lately. If you do not want to spend time with me then at least with Mycroft. Although he claims that he is already grown and understands your duties concerning his little brother but still he misses you very much." The queen looked at him now a little dismayed.

"Did I exclude you like that? I mean when I woke up, I took care of Sherlock. When he fell asleep, I ate something or mostly rested myself. I was not aware that time passed so fast. I..." She stopped for a moment and sighed as she went through the last few months in the head again.

"Maybe you are right. It's about time he got a nanny."
So Mrs. Hudson came to the castle. At first it was hard for the queen to lose sight of her second child. But once distracted, it worked wonderfully. Not only was the king a little less worried because his wife finally spent more time with other people and thought more about herself and her health. Mycroft was also glad that he got to see his mother more. Because even though he tried to understand that infants need a lot of attention, he was getting jealous.

"Mother have you seen how good I am already?" Violett saw only now how much she had neglected her first child recently. She and a few other ladies sat in the castle garden and watched the children practice archery.

"You have improved so quickly. Your father will be so proud when he learns about it." The boy walked confidently back to the others with his head held high. As soon as Mycroft turned her back on her, she sighed softly and drank some of her tea.

"Is something wrong, Your Highness?" Inquired one of the ladies sitting next to her.

"All right. It's all alright." She lied with a fake smile and then her gaze wandered back to her son. For nearly a year she had not spoken to him or done anything with him. Still, the boy smiled at her as if nothing had ever happened. Today was the first day since long she was sitting in the fresh air. She had missed that, too. Just like the warm sunshine. Also she decided to look after both children well. She did not want to become like her mother.

After her younger sister was born, she was simply no longer interested in her. Now, the story almost repeated itself with her son. She makes a decision. She would put herself and her youngest to the test by traveling to her sister for a few days. Mycroft would come with her, of course. Her sister Duchess Kamille was very spoiled and guarded by her parents.

Nevertheless, they could not prevent that she met a man early and then married him. She only hoped that her husband consented. Even though he was not able to leave the castle as a king because he still had duties to do.

William did not really like the idea but he agreed anyway. Now he sat here two days later with his youngest in the throne room and bored to death. If he had known that he did not even need a full day's work to keep him occupied, he would have asked his wife to wait another day to travel.

"Oh Sherlock. Your dad is a fool. I wish we had at least other children your age in the castle. So you do not have to be bored with your old man." The child just looks at him silently.

"My lord, you are not to blame if everyone else decides not to have children anymore. Thereby almost all the ladies are married here in the castle and younger than me." The nanny reproached when she collected the toys of the little one from the carpet.

"Mrs. Hudson if you have children should probably be considered. If you could determine in advance what kind of gender the child should have then the decision would be easier. Everyone could wish for what he needed right now. A son who helps out in the field or a daughter who helps the mother in the household. But unfortunately that does not work so easy. That's why I find it very clever of people if they have decided not to have children."

"But do you not want your son to meet someone from around here?" Inquired the elderly lady a little curiously.

"Mrs. Hudson, you think so far. But you are right. You can not start planning soon enough." He grabbed his son and held him a little above him. That made the baby laugh.

"Everything you touch will succeed and everyone will love you."

"My lord, please do not shake him like that! It has not been so long since he was fed." No sooner had the woman said that, something really came out of Sherlock mouth. By his luck, it was just hot air and a little spit. He put the kid safely on his lap again and wiped his mouth with a cloth he got from the nanny. The child yawned and leaned a little against his father.

"I hope he will not be like me." Then the ruler stroked the curls out of the boy's face.

"My lord, you are not that bad." William knew that the woman just wanted to cheer him up. Because she could not know how nasty he was sometimes in his youth.