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The Wrong Side of Reality

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The jarring noise of his alarm clock stirred the young boy from his slumber, flashing five-fifty-five in fluorescent red repetitively, as his fist rained down trying to find it's shut up button.

After missing a few times, he was forced to push his face up from the safety of his pillow, red and white tones mixed at the parting, sticking to his forehead as he glared daggers at the device before silencing it for the next twenty-four hours.

As the early morning groginess subsided he noted his uncharacteristic tiredness for the morning. Normally, he was able to spring out of his bed and get on with the day, with little to no desire to remain huddled within the comfort of the sheets of his bed, but now he wanted to cling to it and bury himself.

Regretfully, he had to tear himself away from his sheets as the thought of his Father dragging him back from his dorm life for not remaining on his training schedule and becoming a lazy slob pierced through any of his current ideals. He forced himself to sit up, satisfied with the clicking of his joints as everything popped into place, rolling out of bed and onto the floor.

He only had to keep up his image in public. He was in his room and from what he knew, and hoped, alone, so he was perfectly warranted to crawl to the wardrobe and only reaching up to the ankle of his running leggings as he pulled them down off the coat hanger. After he had shimmied into them he donned his favourite running top, and trainers and made himself appear just acceptable enough to leave his room, and left for the dorm kitchen.

In his gentle stroll, he felt a low pain in his abdomen, sharply inhaling aswell as hovering a hand over it, he froze. Eyes scrunched shut, waiting for it to subside, before continuing slowly down the hall. As he ate breakfast he became aware of how different he was feeling. Everything just felt tighter or foreign, almost uncomfortable. He choked down the rest of his breakfast before deciding if he was going to run this morning he would have to run now, if he wanted to get back in time to get ready for class.

He was almost out the door when he heard a high pitched call,

"Todoroki-kun!" It yelled, as the footsteps became louder and quicker as the other sprinted to catch up, "are you going on a run too?"

Even though Todoroki felt the answer was obvious with his attire, he humoured the other with an answer, "yes, Midoriya," he nodded in the others greeting, pretending the alpha's scent wasn't burning his nose. Most days he found his friends scent relaxing and calming but today he found it almost toxic, he passed it off as it was because the other was newly presented himself and struggled to control his scent. It was like that with everyone in their class, as it was coming to the middle of their first year at UA, meaning many were presenting with their secondary genders, infact everyone had. Well, everyone except for Todoroki himself. Luckily for everyone so far no one had presented omega - to which everyone was secretly grateful as it ment The Grape's advances were limited greatly aswell as easier to hold off. The unfortunate part for Todoroki with everyone presenting before him meant everyone - particularly the alpha's had all got some height or drew with him. Except for The Grape, Todoroki was almost the shortest in the class, which was something he didn't take too kindly to.

"Can I join you?"

No! I think my nose might fall off, "yeah, sure," and then they took off, going at a light pace around the block.

"Are you okay todoroki-kun?" Midoriya questioned, looking at his far too sweaty for a half the block jog friend, doubling over panting.

"Fine," he wheezed, although he did feel bad for the blunt response he gave his friend, he was just really struggling with the day. He had to hold his breath whenever he passes an alpha, because they reeked at the moment, all smelling so potent he felt his lungs catch aflame. He was tireder,  he wasn't strong enough to catch up to his usual pace - even with the speed withdrawal he was on the brink of collapsing. He would have been embarrassed had it not been the swirling pain in his stomach again. Stilling, he winced.

"I'm really sorry, Midoriya, but I think I'm going to have to head back," just as he stood up ready to leave he saw Midoriya change direction to go with him, he turned to stop the other stating, "I'm fine, carry on without me and I'll see you in class - it's a fairly minimal effort day - I'll be fine,". He knew his friend would try to protest, the way his face kept morphing into a more and more concerned frown displaying if he let him get a word in, he would get an earful on not looking after himself. He knew he was alright, not the best; but not bad enough to call in sick as he would probably get to deal with the brunt of Aizawa's wrath, and that was the last thing he needed to hear again. So he stooped of back to the dorms ignoring the worried calls of his friend.

Soon he arrived at the dorms, which he was more then glad to see again, this time though, riddled with his classmates. Although no one noticed him immediately, as he carved his way through the crowd he was followed by silence and raised eyebrows. He really must look a state. He wobbled up the stairs to his room where he haphazardly dressed himself for school. Today was going to be a bad day, he could feel it.

Of course. Of course, they would be getting a surprise sparring session. Of course the teacher wasn't present, so that ment Mr. Aizawa was dragged from his break, and intended to kill. Todoroki had been feeling himself get progressively worse through out the day, he still had two periods to go. He didn't think he'd make it. The pain in his gut was now at a constant bordering agonising. It was no longer fading away. He felt himself losing his breath, as a wave of heat and sweat creeped over him. Truth be told, he was not in the mood for a sparring session.

He felt a mild churning of nausea as he was partnered up with Bakugou, the thick scent of cinnamon and spice gagging him as he tried to remain upright. He felt the concerned gazes of his classmates bore into the back of his head. He felt exhausted.

They each took their positions on the edge of the mat. Despite the fact that everyone was supposed to be doing partner work. He could tell no one was doing the task and just staring at him and Bakugou, wanting to see a fight between the two strongest of the class. He could already tell he wasn't going to last. Even the blonde alpha was shooting him a glance of concern before his face hardened, and a confident grin leaked onto his face. Eyes taking on a sadistic glint as they glowed crimson in fury.

Todoroki could tell this was going to hurt.

He was correct.

A bloodthirsty growl clawed it's way out of the alpha's throat as be stared at the smaller as if he were prey. Though he stopped when he heard a whimper ,although barely audible, drop from the boys lips. He jumped to the back of the younger, in his blind spot from where he had subconsciously drawn in on himself, almost hiding from Bakugou, who was seething. He better not wimp out of this fight. Soon majority of the class caught wind of the idea this was going to be a fairly dull fight as both were just sort of dancing around each other , they began to look away.

It was only when Todoroki no longer felt the stares on him to he fully unfold himself from his protective bubble. Automatically regretting it however when he felt Bakugou kick him up the back of the head sending him to the floor. As his face collided with the mat he felt dizziness try to flood his brain while he tried stand up on shaking legs. His vision wasn't clearing at all. He couldn't make out the questions, the concerned gazes, he was in a cocoon of his own world. He sloppily tried to swing a fist in Bakugous direction the other simply dodging, grabbing his wrist and flipping him over. The wind rushed out of him as he was slammed into the floor, a strangled gasp squeaking from him as he forced his way to his feet. He tripped over his feet as he stumbled to where Bakugou was standing, gripping his shoulders for balance before everything just caved in.

He let go and slipped to the floor, an agonized whine resonating through the gym. He clutched his abdomen as he buried his face into the mat. The smell of presentation thick in the air.


Bakugou was snapped out of his trance. He stared at the floor, the cowering lump in front of him, instinctually ducking down to pat the others back as he shook. However as soon as he got to the youngers level, he was hit with the scent of omega pouring out the young boy. As soon as he smelt it he embraced the younger, gently cooing to calm him down as he hid him from the rest of the class. But he couldn't stop the scent.

"No, way,"

"He isn't it he?!"

"Todoroki is an omega!?"

Midoriya who had been walking towards the pair when he saw his friend collapse instantly stopped.


He instantly picked up the pace. He ran to Bakugou's and Todoroki's mat, abandoning Kirishima, as he tried to get a look at the newly presented omega. The pheromones getting thicker, the sweet scent filling the air as it became a suffocating heaven to all those in the room.

Bakugou was shielding Todoroki from Deku, which the younger was forever thankful for, no one had to see him as a whimpering, whining mess. A warning sneer leaked from Bakugou whenever Midoriya took a step to close, leaving the green haired alpha unable to get to the omega.

"Everybody back off!" Came a loud shout from their teacher, as he stormed over to where a distressed scent was beginning to surface. Bakugou snarled at the teacher only to receive a clip upside the head as Todoroki was hauled from his grasp.

"Don't you dare follow us, continue as normal, stay in the gym,"

As Aizawa dragged the poor kid to medical he couldn't help but think,
"I don't get paid enough for this crap."

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After being sentenced to the emergency heat room ( a potting shed) for a week to ride out his heat, he found himself never wanting to leave the cramped thing. Not for comfort, however, the safety, hidden from society. He can't believe that happened. He refuses to believe that happened. In front of everybody. His friends! It wouldn't have been as bad, if he was an alpha, as he might have still be abled to have clung to the fraying string of respect that was dangled in front of him, he would have looked powerful - he would still be powerful. He would have defended himself, people would have got a teacher, they would be too scared to go near him. They wouldn't have had to have defended him. Bakugou wouldn't have felt the need to protect him. But there was one person that must never know aslong as he is alive. Only then would his life be truly over. Though he didn't need to be protected. He was Todoroki Shoto. He was the Todoroki shoto. He was still the embodiment of power, wasn't he? Although looking at his reflection in the window, he could already see the basic changes. His eyes were larger, more doll like, his cheeks were filling out, giving him a baby-faced innocent look. He hated it. He struggled pulling his trousers on over his slightly larger hips, forced to wiggle into them as they tightly squeezed around his legs.

In short, he would not be bending over to pick anything up today. No.

Sitting in the corner of the room, he hid from recovery girl, who was supposed to being coming in like she had done every day so far (always catching him at his worst moment), this time to give him the all clear to go back to class. He didn't want to go, to face reality. He heard the damn door creak open, closing with a soft squeak of wood. Folding in on himself further, as he heard the soft shuffle of the woman's feet as she approached.

"Hello dearie, it's time for you to go now. I apologise about the roughness of the emergency heat room, it's just been a while since we've had an omega here a UA. Otherwise, you can probably guess, it would be a bit more comfortable,"  her gaze softened as it laid upon the huddled up figure.

"C'mon darling,  I know you're scared but being an omega isn't that bad! And you never know, you might be the first successful omega hero! Think of all the dreams you'll open up for youngsters!" Placeing a gentle hand on his back and rubbing gently, she barely heard the quiet,

"Please don't tell my father," she looked down on him surprised by his request, especially with it being the first thing he's said to her all week. She was about to object, about to state that it was highly illegal to keep crucial information from the legal guardian or carer, when she saw him shaking. The boy who is by far the strongest in his class, shaking, turning him around she saw his eyes sparkling in tears, his cheeks shining.

"Please," he murmered, "please, I still want to be a hero, don't take that away from me, by telling him," 

That was when he made eye contact, it was only then that she could see the fear and horror haunting his bi coloured orbs, crystal droplets reflecting agonising moments, that have never seen light, that never should. That never will again.

She felt her heart drop at the sight. For the first time in a while, she truly felt petrified by a students behaviour. She had felt concerned with many difficult patients. She had witnessed the rise and fall of the greatest. Those were all things that made her gut twist in awful ways, but seeing someone, who she believed was invincible, at least mentally, reduced to a whimpering mess was truly horrifying.

"Alright," she felt bad, she knew she was playing with fire. But she couldn't leave Todoroki, not when he is at his most vulnerable. He's been through too much. She wouldn't want to risk an drop ontop of that. No sooner had the words left her lips, had the young boy dragged his sleeve across his face, the rough material leaving red irritated skin from where he viciously scraped the droplets from his face.

By the time he was done, he had a tight grip back on his emotions, having buried them with the sharp shovel of control. Face stoic, he looked at her nodding his thanks. The reigns held tight, he wasn't able to fully express his gratitude, but from the gentle smile he received in return, he could tell the point made it across.

"We best get you off to class,"

Oh. He forgot about that. Feeling his anxiety kick start, he was about to ask for a sick note, but it was obvious there was only so far he could push the boundaries. Bum it all.

He prolonged his walk of shame down the corridor, finding the longest route possible, shuffling his way through, trying to avoid his destination. He felt his breathing get shallower, as the dreaded door of damnation came into view. He stared at it up ahead, the window of the door facing directly down the hall, if he could turn back now, then maybe he wouldn't have to face them, non of them had seen him yet. Just as he was about to turn on his heels and belt it back down to the office, he felt the heavy weight of a stare on him. Eyes darting up to find the owner, he was met with the excited and hopeful forest green gaze. He felt himself flush in embarrassment and mild annoyance at being foiled in his last ditch attempt of escape. Because now there was no turning back. A hesitant smile graced his lips as he saw his friends beam. He couldm't run away.

His hand steadily reached for the handle, and once it made contact, he threw the door open, ducking his head as he jogged to the back of the classroom, sitting down keeping his face hidden from curious glances.

Although Aizawa didn't look too impressed at his interruption, he ignored it, sympathetic to the young omega as he watched the other fidget. He could tell the younger was not enjoying the attention and called for it to be at the front of the class, continuing his lecture.

Though most could follow this, there were two sets of eyes that remained defiant to his request.

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He simply just sat there, gaze settling on his desk, never lifting his eyes. Those unwavering stares making him curl in on himself even further, occasionally making him shiver whenever he felt them intensify. He gulped. The lesson went by slowly, he didn't mind that though, it gave him time to plan his attack, or rather plan his extensive route of avoidance. So when the lecture finally drew to a close, and the bell blared through the halls, he was up and out the classroom before anyone could even unzip their bags. He ignored the calls, and continued his high pace power walk, ( he didn't want to get caught running, he'd already had to deal with the consequences from Aizawa. It was not good.). Taking sharp turns down the corridors, never looking up, he darted around and up the stairs. He was almost at his destination.

The place in mind was of an area he used to hang about before he told Midoriya everything. It was a small closed off room, no larger then a janitor's closet. He had found it by accident when trying to get to the roof. He had tripped on his way up and when he expected to be met with wall, he went straight through the supposed wall and continued to fall, until he found the floor of an undiscovered world. Throughout his time at UA he had sorted through the stuff in it; what was worth keeping, what he could move. With everything covered in a thick layer of dust, he had made cleaning at the top of his list. Within a month he had renovated it into a small, cozy apartment. Well, a small, cozy apartment that left alot to be desired, but it did it's job. At least he did better on his dorm room.

After he had spewed his secrets to Midoriya, he began to hang out with the small alpha, developing, what he wouldn't be surprised to call, his first friendship, which then expanded to the others friends aswell, so he hadn't seen his hack job of a supply closet in a while. At least he didn't tell the alpha of that, otherwise he would truly have nowhere to go. Keeping his head down he continued, nearing a light jog as he got closer, ready thinking of how he was going to tackle the most likley mess that awaited him.

It was insight! Recognising stains on the wall he lifted his head and ran for the small haven, a tiny smile gracing his lips as excitment coursed through him. Just as he was thinking about how much he has missed the place, he felt a pair of strong hands place themselves on his newly accentuated waist, which made him jump, still sensitive to touch. He turned round only to feel himself get pushed into a wall.

"You must be the omega?" Pierceing blue eyes danced over his figure, taking a deep breath of his scent, before smirking, "wow, didn't think you'd be brave enough to show yourself after what happened," the alpha smirked.

"Excuse me, but what do you mean 'after what happened'?" Todoroki questioned, hoping what he was thinking wasn't true, but remained careful to keep his voice monotone. He watched as a grin stretched across his face,

"You know what I mean," the taller began closing in on his space, "who'd have thought that the most promising hero of the entire school would be an omega?"

Todoroki gulped, uncomfortable with the proximity of the broader male, as well as the fact it was real, the information had already got to outside sources. But it was only one guy, right? Hopefully that was the case. Feeling flame of adrenaline catch alight, fearing the worst just in case, he prepared himself to punch the other, fists clenched and ready. Gaze hardening, he was already pulling his hand back and ready to follow through. Just as he was about to land the blow, he paused, a sudden thought crossing his mind,

"how did you know? I didn't think anyone but my class knew," he glared at the blonde, almost snarling as he spoke. maybe he could scare the other into keeping silent. he may be an omega now, but  he was almost curtain his glare could still cripple confidence.

"news travels quickly around this school, especially when it regards class 1- A and their pretty boy," the other sneered, "with any luck you might be moved to class 1-B, I'm sure it would be too damning on UA's reputation to have an omega as their top hero," growling the other pushed Todoroki back into the locker, sizing himself up as he looked down upon the smaller, who already looked considerably weaker from the muscle loss over the week. He wasn't expecting the younger to just look down at the floor, he wasn't even defending himself.


"shut up Monoma," he calmly spoke, lifting a watery face to stare at the other, soon it was replaced with a wonky grin, filled with doubt and insecurities, "you're just struggling to cope with the idea that an omega is better than you," he laughed as he placed a fierce grip on the  older's wrist from where it trapped him to the wall, dragging it down before pushing it away, moving back down the corridor away from the evil alpha, away from his safe haven.

 When he knew he was safely away from the stupid man, and away from the rush of break-time and the excited chatter, did he let himself crack, he let his shoulders shake as he crouched down in a corner, fiercely scratching the tears off his face. stupid hormones letting him break down like that, infront of the worst alpha in this school. Well worst aside from Mineta. He really needed to grab ahold of himself again. Just because he was an omega, doesn't mean he's weak, he can still be strong; just because he's an omega doesn't mean his life is over, he can still be a hero - right? even though he can't name any, doesn't ,mean there aren't any? Feeling a small amount of confidence drip back into his system, he stood back up.

Already halfway back to class when heard the bell go, he held his head high as he walked through, the significantly more crowded halls, he ignored the whispers, the snide comments and leers from surrounding students, keeping an even pace.


When he saw the door, he strode in with the same air of silent confidence he had before his presentation. Waltzing to the back of the class he sat down in his chair, as if he hadn't just broken down jus moments ago. This time he stared down the class making eye contact with each and everyone of them, who stared at him in amazement. Although he'd like to believe it was because he managed to make it to class a millisecond before the bell went without receiving a single threat of expulsion from their from teacher, he knew it was because he looked more happy and content with himself since the morning an that he had done a complete turn around in his confidence.

It was quite definitely not because of his bright red , almost painful looking, sunken eyes. Or his wobbly smile. But they didn't tell him of that, just simply smiled back.

"Right then class, it's sparring time,"

He felt his heart drop.

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He gulped.

What was he supposed to do? He felt the atmosphere get heavy, as some look on him in pity, while others crack him a smile.

He should have asked for that note.

He felt his mouth dry as Aizawa sent the girls to their changing rooms and the boys to their own.

As the room cleared, Todoroki tried to approach the teacher, to ask if he could sit this one out, but before he could even open his mouth to ask, he felt a gentle hand place itself on his shoulder.

"Are you coming Todoroki-kun?" His friend gave him a bright smile, that filled his heart with comfort and confidence, making him feel like everything will be alright, filled with kindness and hope, that distracted him long enough to miss the teacher.

Face twisting into a grimace as he watched the retreating back of Aizawa, he was unable to process the, most likley, comforting speech Midoriya was trying to feed to him. He was snapped out of his despairing gaze when Midoriya took his hand and began dragging him to the boys' changing room. Although he did try to pull back, he found it futile, as the other simply just gave his hand a gentle tug to pull him over his feet to make him continue walking. It was after his fifth attempt at digging his feet into the ground, that he was about to try and find an excuse of leave, when he noticed, his entire hand was engulfed by the alpha's fist.

Oh hell no. He was the hand crusher. He will always be the hand crusher. They can take his dignity, his respect, his confidence. But they will never take his title that inflicts fear on all. He began trying to pry out of Midoriya's grip only for him to let go at the changing rooms.

Stiffness settling into his bones as Midoriya creaked the door open. Everybody already appeared to be dressed sitting and waiting, ignoring Iida's request to leave.

"Sorry we're late!" Midoriya chuckled, staring at Bakugou as he again took Todoroki's hand leading him through to his locker. He couldn't help the flush sitting high on his cheeks as he felt eyes on him. He didn't like this.

Todoroki stood by his locker uncomfortably, he could hear the others talking amongst themselves, they weren't paying attention to him, so why did he feel so self conscious? He didn't feel like he could change without losing confidence and jumping back into his uniform. Glancing around he saw a sign. A shower sign! Yes! He could get changed in there! Quickly grabbing his stuff he loitered over to the showers. He was able to get his shirt on no problem. His trousers, yet again served as another problem. Wiggling into them, just managing to pull them over his waist. Then the belt. You would have thought that he would have asked for it to be adjustable. It just refused to go around. After a few colourful words, he suited it by pulling it up over his hips- thanking the stretchy material of his trousers for being stretchy- and placing it in the middle of his waist. He didn't have time to check himself in the reflection of the tiles, so he darted out running around only to see the changing rooms completely empty.

He was going to be late.

He crept down the hallways until he made it to the gym, slipping in and joining the class. Praying no one noticed his abscence. He stood there with the bulk of the class, no one reacted to his appearance, so he guessed he got away with it.

"Hey, Todoroki!" The small creature drooled, "we're partners in spaaring!" Approaching him with little grabby hands The Grape moved foward. Todoroki moved backwards looking for anyone who would meet his eyes. Needless to say he could now see everyone actively avoiding it. He turned to Aizawa to see him looking the least bit remorseful and even had a low smirk on his face as he mouthed the word 'Late' before curling up into his sleeping bag.

Oh. He was caught. He felt a mild brew of panic swirl in his stomach as he looked at the evil classmate. Glancing around again he could see that Bakugou and Midoriya were partners aswell. He guessed his teacher was having a bad day today. Those two were already growling at the back of their throats, threatening each other. While he sat there staring at the two bickering alpha's, he didn't notice Mineta's advances until it was too late. He felt a pinch on his waist making him jump.

"Woah, I like what you did with your outfit! It really highlights your curves, you should keep it!" He let out a small yelp as he darted away from the unwelcomed touch, rubbing at his sides, glaring at his small opponent. Judging from the disgusted looks from his classmates who witnessed the scene, he might get some help to keep The Grape at bay. Though, it didn't make the fact he was going to have too close range right him. He did  have his friends, but alas he was not that close to them  so it was unlikely that they would step in and trade places with him. He does sometimes wish he was more social.


He felt a grimace place itself on his face, as he stepped further away him.

"T-thanks I guess..." he quietly stated. He didn't like this. Soon the teacher demanded they do stretches and warm ups. Watching his partner  started walking back towards him.  He didn't want to end up spending more time with the shorter then he absolutely had to. But he couldn't turn him down, if he did it would go one of two ways: either he doesn't take 'no' for an answer a keeps being persistent  or he will leave him alone and another poor soul would be subjected to his disrespect. Just as he was about to resign himself to his rather disappointing and demeaning fate he felt a small shiver as two large figures blocked out the light.

"Oi! Icy-Hot, you should warm up with us, otherwise it could be a very dismal end," before he could even reply to the alpha, he was pulled away from the frankly vile alpha. He watched mildly pleased as the other's face dropped soon trying to find another partner, all attempts of which were being shot down incredibly quickly.

He let himself be lead by the spikey blonde alpha with Midoriya closely behind. He felt surprisingly comfortable with these two. They pulled him over to a corner at the opposite end of the gym, all holding pleasant conversation as they jogged on the spot and bounced on their spot. After about five minutes of warming up, Todoroki felt a tension rise between the two alphas. The way they shot not very subtle, subtle glares to one another. He could tell they were going to have a violent and bloody battle ahead of them. By following the lead of the rest of the class he began his stretches. He felt various heavy glances, and occasionally caught a few of the alphas openly checking him out, but it was generally blocked by his two friends. Or friend and whatever Bakugou was classed as, but with the recent help with his difficulties he was sure Bakugou was a friend. He hoped so anyway otherwise he isn't quite sure how he would pay him back.

He watched a the other alphas stretched silently chuckling at their rivalry as each tried to push themselves further than the other, it was honestly a miracle neither of them pulled anything. Although Todoroki didn't have to bury the idea of taking care of one of them. No definitely not. But then he wouldn't have to owe them anything. But no, he must not wish harm on someone. Even if it is to pay off any kind of debt they undoubtedly would try to hold over his head.

Soon enough the warm up and stretching was brought to an end by the call to take their places on the mat, followed by the instructions of no quirks and not to kill each other.

he took his place ducking into a fighting stance, glaring at Mineta. Fists pulled up, he waited for the whistle to go. When it did he took Mineta down in under a second, pinning him to the mat and holding him down. He would have been able to keep him their if the alpha hadn't said something so utterly repulsive that he snapped his hands back and wiped them on the floor. He was about to trip the other up when he was about to stand up, only to find himself stuck. They weren't supposed to use those!

That sneaky little sh*t!

he watched as the other came at him, fists aflying  trying to keep some distance between the two. I was only then he noticed the shorter most definitely wasn't staring as his face or his stance. Using his free foot he pulled it up over his head (thanking the fact that his omegan body was surprisingly much more flexible) and slammed it down on the his head forcing the bother off of the mat. Just as he was waiting for the other to come back at him, his nose was filled with the strong scent of extremely angry alphas.

So much for not killing each other.


Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku had started the day with a spring in his step. Today he would finally get to see his friend again! He could feel his nerves buzzing at the thought. He had wanted to talk to the omega about a few things regarding his quirk, to see if anything had changed with his new development.

He had always known there was something off about Todoroki, whether it was the way he always was alot less muscular then your typical every day alpha, who was put through a morbid amount of training of their every waking second. He can't say he was disappointed either. To be honest, he always had a soft spot of the omega, at least after the sports festival, after being told his secrets, he felt almost desperate for the younger's presence. He felt his cheeks tint at the memory. In a way, he was almost glad that Todoroki was an omega. To be honest he found the younger's subtle curves almost sinful in those school trousers. He knew he wasn't the only one either. He wished he was. It would make things easier.

But Midoriya loved a challenge and this time he won't be so quick to admit defeat. He bounced up the corridors to the lift and hummed a tune as he travelled around, floating through his morning routine. Everyone had noticed excessive bubbliness but chose not to mention it as they too felt themselves lighten up when they saw it.

When he had entered the classroom he had naively thought that Todoroki would be here ready, so he could go over and give the other a comforting hug, but alas the young omega was nowhere in sight. 'He probably has a tonne of information to get through,' thinking he sat down, watching as others filed through the door already seating themselves, so they wouldn't have to face Aizawa's wrath before ten in the morning.

Generally everyone was was more cheery today, even the class hot head was failing to conceal the smile that stretched his lips. It was something the Bakusquad had no qualms about teasing him for, although still being suprised at being intact after the goading.

Class 1-A would finally have an omega and a comforter, as well as also having the responsibility to also take care of Todoroki, pay back all he has done for them. Buzzes of excitement flashed through class everytime they heard the door creak. When Aizawa entered the room many still stared at the entrance waiting for a certain red and white haired boy to trail behind, but were disappointed to see nothing.

Aizawa was being driven to the end of teather, with each and every glance towards the door. He was going to crack. Despite knowing everyone was on edge with their classmate, hopefully, returning but even he believed this was a little excessive. He figured they all deserved a little exercise to burn all of that extra energy that they seemed to have to glance st the door. Just as he was about to suggest that, the door burst open, a much thinner and fragile version of Todoroki cowered to the back of the classroom. He was suprised by the amount of muscle his student had lost over the past week almost concerned, he'd have to talk to him about it later to see if they could put together a new plan to help him gain back what he lost probably not to the same extent of what he had, since his omegan body would quite definitley prevent that. With the boy in such an unusual state, he could see the class getting more and more unsettled, many almost fidgeting out of their chairs. He knew he was going to feel bad about this, but he had no choice. Just as he about to voice his plan, the break bell went and Todoroki virtually flew out of the classroom, not even leaving pleasantries or a good day to his friends. Most of the class already looked prepared to organise a man hunt, already splitting into gangs and plotting their search, to the point where Aizawa actually had to stay and monitor their plans to make sure they didn't do anything too abrasive. He was impressed with the intricacy of their planning and how hey all managed to bend together to work as a team. Though they could have been a bit quicker as just as they were about to actually split off, the bell went. It took a couple of minutes but Todoroki came back. Late, the teacher duly noted. He seemed happier, he didn't look it, many could see he was teetering on the verge of loosing it, and many were already itching to get out of their seats to help. So he did what he had to do.

"Right then class, it's sparring time,"

He felt a twinge of guilt at the complete and utter devastated look on the omega's face, but the class needed it and though Todoroki didn't realise it he probably did too. Though Aizawa knew he shouldn't push the young one too far since he was still fresh out of presentation, the other needed to get his mind off somethings. Todoroki might also need a new uniform, judging by the way he was squirming in his seat Aizawa also guessed.


Aizawa was suprised to say the least when Todoroki managed to take out Mineta, who had quite balantly cheated, and he guessed so did everyone else, with the way they stared in awe at the fight. He was about to congratulate, Todoroki and ask to have a word about the routine they would set up for him when violent pheromones filled his senses.
Growls swamped his hearing as he turned looking at his other top students taking the spaaring to a whole new level.

Bakugou and Midoriya firing off at each other sneering and stomping, appearing more like the beginning of a sumo match, then anything else. They were almost forcing their dominance on one another, which was pretty funny to think about ,considering it was only a spaaring match, but would rarely serve them well in the hero society with far too many ignorant, beef-witted buffoons that quite definitely would love the challenge and would not back down easy. It wasn't long before they were launching off at one another, grabbing hair and rolling around on the floor instead of using the skills he spent hours trying to teach them.

Stupid kids. Just as he was about to yell at them to split it off as he could see sparks of green and yellow, a sweeter scent overrode the violent ones.

He saw Todoroki staring at the two, ready to bring war.

It was safe to say he was regretting letting them spar today.

Chapter Text

Nothing could remain calm for more then a few hours could it? No, no it couldn't. Whether it's just because he was in an extremely angsty mood or just because he was still high on adrenaline from his fight, he was sensitive to the idea that two of his friends were going at each other like animals. Normally he would be able to drop his head and snort at the sight, probably making a slightly controversial joke about alphas in his head, and continue. But now he couldn't. He felt this dire worry and instinctual stress engulfing his being, focused solely on the idea that one of them could end up hurt.

He couldn't fathom either of them be brutally injured, but if things got out of hand, then he would be fearful that that was a reality he would have to face. A fear that became all too real when the first sparks were flying. Why wasn't the teacher doing anything about this? Not even sparing Aizawa a glance as he saw a glowing fist pulled back ready to strike, he felt a burning sensation flutter through his body, his eyes quick to analyse the fasted route. And he flew. Covering the width of the gym in two and a half seconds flat, the squarks of suprise falling on deaf ears as he stampeded past people. Wasting no time barreling the two feral alphas over, he ran blindly on instinct, searching for a weak spot that would have both down in a matter of moments. When he found it, he was already muttering his apologies as he brought a heavy foot down on the slightly stunned alphas, eyes still wild with anger, confusion and a couple of swift kicks to where it hurts later had the two of them kneeling on the floor, all aggravation lost.

Though he did feel a little bad, feeling maybe he did go a bit far, which was only deepened when he raised his eyes to see even Aizawa wincing. Well, he thought as a guilty grin squeezed it's way on to his face, at least no one got hurt. Too badly.

A few eye watering moments later, the two alphas shifted position. Lying on their sides, still folded in half, protecting what was left of their manhood.

Now that the two were separated and much, much less violent, he wasn't quite sure what to do. His eyes danced around his classmates waiting instructions how to go about the situation.

"Uhh, sorry," he mumbled, watching as the two slowly uncurled from the protective cocoon.

"Half n half," Bakugou wheezed, eyes steadily raising to meet the omega's, who was trembling in fear of the next words to fall from the explosive blonde's mouth, "If you're gonna kick there, for God's sake be gentle," he stressed surprisingly calmly, which allowed Todoroki to breathe. Momentarily.

"It's sensitive!" Midoriya squeaked, eyes still squinting as if he could see the light, hands firmly guarding.

"At least you two stopped fighting like a couple of elephant seals," Todoroki couldn't help the retort that slipped passed his lips, almost instantaneously regretting it. His near constant fights with his father led to him having a sharp tongue that couldn't hold it's fire when most needed.

He didn't know if the alpha's had picked up on the tension of the room; if they could sense his anxiety building up or if they were just as loose in the mouth as he was, but Bakugou, not being one to care about what others think of him (at least on the surface) managed to fight the dying pain to yell,

"Well at least we look ten times better then them!"

"I don't know, I think they are winning on the facial,"

And with those eleven little words, a sass off took place in the middle of the gym, with Aizawa pulling of the near impossible combination of relieved and fed up expression on his face. Midoriya knew that look meant that he was going to get a scolding later.

As deep as his analytic skills wanted to go on studying the real life hero infront of him, he couldn't help but feel them be pulled towards the quick-witted omega who was winning (by quite a bit) the verbal battle between him and the alpha. As much as his own alpha was pained to admit, those two had chemistry, conversation was easy between the two and though to an outsider it may seem like it, there was no bite in either of their words. But he couldn't be happy for them. He felt that he should be where Bakugou was right now, being the cause for Todoroki's faint smile that occasionally drifted across his face. He should be the one who should've protected Todoroki when he first collapsed in the gym. He should be the one that Todoroki goes too whenever he has an issue. He should be the one who will always be by the smaller's side. Because, that is where he belongs. He'll let Bakugou have this one, because Todoroki is enjoying it. And also because if he were to charge at the other, he most likely would still be walking a bit to carefully for battle.

He couldn't help the jealousy and envy that roused from the pit of his stomach, bubbling with rage, with each and every exchange between the two. Though, he was sure they were nothing more then friends , his alpha couldn't help but feel threatened by the advances on what was (should be) his. He felt a space that was drifting further between him and his friend. Maybe it was the basic idea from many years of bullying that he feared that his childhood friend always got what he wanted, be through force or persuasion. Maybe he feared the idea that his inferiority to Bakugou would lead to him losing Todoroki. His friend. That was probably the thing that scared him the most. What if he would loose his friend to a demon.

'Well played,' he thought as his mind fell to the depths of a plan.

'You win this one Kacchan,'

Chapter Text

It had been a couple of weeks since the, ahem, incident and Todoroki found that despite it being a painful experience for all those involved, it had actually helped him develop relationships with everyone.

Not being a particularly social bean, he tended to drift towards the outskirts of conversation, naturally introverted from years of isolation from his father. So it took awhile to adjust. Though he didn't miss the way a couple of the alphas jokingly moved their hands to guard their crotch if he ever approached to quickly, but it was a conversation starter.

Initially, he was worried he had stained the precious friendship he had acquired with Midoriya, however, it seemed that was not the case. Infact the other appeared more ready to talk to him, almost always by his side, when he could. It was kind of nice, having someone who was always willing to talk to you, it helped build confidence. He didn't hang out as much with him at lunch or break anymore, they were still close.

What he quite definitely wasn't expecting, however, was the fierce (mainly one sided) rivalry of one Bakugou Katski to become a budding friendship, that seemed to deepen every day with every conversation always became somewhat meaningful, but never a pushy, personal one. It was quite pleasant, which then resulted in him being, more often then not, invited to eat with the Bakusquad at lunch, so much so, that it was almost a permanent event. He had his own seat and everything. Though, when this arrangement did take place, he always felt like someone was staring at him, watching him from the far end of the cafeteria. Despite it bothering him slightly, he tended to let it slip in favour of discussing battle techniques with the tempered blonde and let the conversation flow.

He did enjoy getting slightly spoiled by the rest of the class because he was an omega, however he occasionally did need to remind a few obnoxious alphas that he was still a strong and powerful individual and didn't need them dialling down their force, with a rather quick fire/ice put down.

Another change was that many seemed to come to him for comfort, but everyone rarely came into contact with him when two certain alphas where by his side. So that meant that he was rarely alone. Which was pleasant, sometimes annoying, but generally nice.

Another thing that caught his attention, was that Midoriya stopped cowering away from Bakugou and had began trying to pull off the near impossible combination of both trying to get along with Bakugou, whilst also now going out of his way to tick the other off anyway he could. It was mesmerising.

Todoroki was happily strolling down the hallway, enjoying the slight relief of the alone time. It was quite a rarity now.

He did feel bad at the sigh he let out when he smelled a certain green haired alpha up the hallway, barely batting an eyelid as  Midoriya nonchalantly bumped into him, burying his nose in a broad valley in the expanse of muscle momentarily before sending him barreling
backwards onto the floor.

"Hey there, Todoroki," he began offering large, scarred hand, which completely engulfed Todoroki's much smaller and Daintier one, "sorry about that, I didn't see you there,"

Todoroki rolled his eyes, knowing full well that the other knew where he was. But he chose to brush it over in favor of chatting with the now, exceedingly, annoyingly tall alpha. It was a brief conversation, made almost awkward buy the way Midoriya kept stuttering and blushing in every sentence.

"Is something wrong Midoriya?" He asked raising his hand to try and place it on the alpha's forehead, forcing himself on tip-toes, when said alpha started trying to back his head away, ducking from Todoroki's reach, frustrating the omega when he couldn't catch him. It only made him more determined to discover the issue that was bothering his more distanced friend.

"Keep still Midoryia!" He spoke sternly, when he missed the forth time, leaning so far fowards, gravity wanted to push him. And it did. Into Midoriya, who was already displaying incredible flexibility and balance in the back. It forced them down to the ground, Midoriya's head bouncing onto the floor making him groan in pain, the omega's head, resting on his chest. Both laid there a moment, brains refusing to notice the compromising position they then found themselves in the middle of the hallway. Couple of wolf whistles later and each such a vibrant shade of red, that almost appeared unhealthy, they peeled themselves apart from each other, both hating on the clique.

"I-I'm sorry Midoriya," he began, but the alpha held his hand.

"It's fine, Todoroki, I'm fine," he began, looking away, eyes fluttering around the halls, "I need to tell you something,"

"No you don't, Deku," a fierce growl, making the two, jump further apart.

"Yes, I do, Kacchan," the slightly smaller alpha spoke curtly, feigning confidence as violent pheromones began to dart through the air, "it's something important,"

Todoroki began to panic, sensing danger, as his oxygen was replaced the overpowering smell.

"I'm sure it can wait, Midoriya," he wheezed, tapping the other's back to get his attention.

"But what if it can't?" the green haired alpha asked, suddenly ignoring Bakugou, blanking the other's presence, completley aware of how he was getting under his skin.

He took a step forward to Todoroki, puffing himself out, to make himself look even bigger and stronger.

"What if it has to?" Todoroki tried, feeling his anxiety flare at being trapped with two very sensitive alpha's. He let himself take one more large step back, stressed more when he felt the cold metal of the lockers press against his back. He heard two rumbling growls, and the large stomp of footsteps, begin to close himself into the lockers further. He felt his breath begin to quicken, edging on to a panic attack as his chest restricted tighter, eyes closing as his surroundings became unrecognisable.
He tried to scrape his self control into remember the techniques he was told to cope with stress. But he could only smell. The gut curdling stench of rage and threat. His breaths became jittery. Just when he was about to let the first tear fall, the bell rang.

With the excuse hot on his tounge, he broke free, the two of them appearing so much more calmer and almost regretful. As he sprinted through, the corridors, he let exhaustion regulate his breathing.

He was lucky and arrived in the classroom, before anyone else, allowing him to collapse in his seat, rest his head on the table, and try to relax himself. Be barley noticed his shaking.

Though as soon as he heard the door slide open, he allowed himself to return to a calm exterior.

He hoped they'd forget.

Surprisingly it was Aizawa in, who gave a mildly confused look at Todoroki, before taking his seat.

He turned on his laptop, only to sigh as he read an email from Mic. Or as saved on his phone:

'Stupid loudass,'

His eyes darted up to the young omega.

"Guess we're going on a trip,"

No sooner had he said that, the rest of the class began to filter through the doors, including two very high strung alpha's, who kept glancing at Todoroki.

"Class One A, prepare yourself for another training camp, let's hope this goes smoother then the last."

They all knew it wouldn't.

Chapter Text

Soon after they were dismissed to get packing, Shoto making sure to walk a bit quicker to get out of the classroom and to his dorm to avoid the two certain alphas.

Though, he does feel ever so slightly like he's being a bit dramatic and oh so acutely aware that people are noticing that he is a bit tenser then usual, he feels the need for space.

When he got to his room a shut the door gently behind him, before pressing his back to it and sinking to the floor, clutching his head and let out an aggravated scream.  Why could things never run smoothly? Why did he let instincts take over him? Why did he run away? They where his friends for God's sake. But he felt so cornered, so trapped.

And the smell, so sour it felt like chlorine in his sinuses. He just panicked. Nothing serious, he knows, but enough to tip him over the edge.

But the worst part: their faces of sympathy. Though he saw but a glimpse of them, it just made the situation so much worse. Made it appear that he couldn't handle a bit of rough-housing, which he was more than well acquainted with. It made him appear weak. Weak in the way that had been beaten out of him through out his childhood.

Soon frustrated tears forced their way  down his cheek, making it so much more painful to accept. Letting himself bare the guilt of crying and letting his emotions, getting used to the tears once more, before grabbing the sleeve of his blazer and roughly rubbing at his cheeks, the coarse material of the outer part of the jacket, rough and irritaing his skin as it clawed the droplets from his face, strong red strokes prominent against his pale complexion.

Once he got a reign on himself again, he stood up and packed. Selecting his darker assortment of clothes, with slightly bolder colours, to remind everyone he was still strong and still dangerous. After a bit of digging he found a small make up kit, though mainly filled with skin coloured foundation to hide bruises, but a small subsection of the tiny case held a mixture of blacks, purples, blues and reds - he would occasionally put some on whenever his few friends has a party, but he was banned from going. He would sit in his room and regain the confidence he would often loose under the harsh comments his father threw at him. He would sit in his room and dress, often in completely black, with dark, dramatic eyeshadow and lipstick. It made him feel daring and powerful. Seeing them again, he had a  feeling he would they would come in handy with his failing esteem system. Adding them too the suitcase, he also checked off the provided UA schooltrip list, adding toiletries, PE kit and hero suit, before sitting on the case as he tried to zip it shut.

Despite eventually being successful he could hear the connections of the zipper being strained, so after a little debate he found and old chunky belt, though commonly, many would perceive as an article of clothing, with the faded leather brown material of the suitcase it could actually get away with being a part of the item. Giving it a vintage kind of look.

Feeling slightly more at peace with himself he knew he was more ready to go back to class for third lesson when the bell went, ready to receive the debriefing of what the trip would consist of and schedule of the week they'd be away for.

Just as he thought that he should be getting down to lesson, he felt a mild ache and pain in his hips.

The issue with his presentation was that recently, he had been having what he perceived to be growing pains. The really rather quite sudden occurrence of his presentation meant that everything grew that wasn't their originally at quite an unforgiving pace.  Though the chest pains ceased relatively quickly, but the sudden growth of his hips still left him sore, as long as it didn't flare up and then he wouldn't have to walk with rod sraight legs and waddle down to class. He didn't need anyone to ask questions.

Which reminded him. He needed to bring pain medication on the trip, just incase they do get a bit too painful to handle. After a bit more rummaging, he did eventually find his stack of pain killers. Grabbing a box and jumping back to his suitcase, he took the zippers, separating the two just enough to cram the box in. Satisfied that he could no longer hear any stitches snapping, he left for class.

He kept a quick pased walk through the corridor, just incase he passed anyone he needed some space from.

To his suprise he was one of the last to enter the classroom and Aizawa once again set a glare on him, promting him to move a bit quicker and continue his speedy walk of shame to the back of the room.

Throughout Aizawa's speech of the place where they were going to, Todoroki kept catching the worried glances of Midoriya, and the occasional extended gaze of Bakugou. Though he tried to give the hint of 'just give me some space for a while,' by gently nodding his head to the desk and going out of his way to make a point to be the one to look away first.

Hoping they got the idea the first five times, he turned to focus solely on the presentation. With varying degrees of success.

Aizawa found himself getting increasingly annoyed. Everyone was out of it, barely paying attention, all seeming to find three particular students much more interesting. To be honest Aizawa wasn't too concerned, feeling it was more of a rift in friendship then anything, as it was between three parties. If it was only on one student, he would have been worried, more so if the student was Todoroki, as it might have been deriving from discrimination, which he wouldn't tolerate. But it would appear to be between Todoroki and two of his notably dominant friends.

Since they all appeared to be main figures in the class, it was obvious their disgruntlment was affecting everybody. Which was bad as in order to make sure that everyone has a team or is comfortable in the class and increase communication, every hero school in Japan has tried implementing a pack system. Which is why the school has to go on a special trip, to promote kindness and team work amongst the group and hopefully instigate a pack bond. Though it is successful every year, the program doesn't stay as free if students go out of their way to resist it. Due to previous incidents involving villains, kidnapping and escapees UA doesn't have much of a budget or a positive reputation at the moment, the last thing the school needs is the press blaming the staff and children for a failed pack bond. 

So he coughed loudly, everyone's attention snapping foward and staring directly at him.

"I need everyone to find a partner for the bus ride there, and everyone must be at the front of the school at nine AM sharp, if anyone holds up the bus for more then one second," Aizawa's voice took on a low and threatening tone, forcing everyone to gulp, he continued," we have a new fitness rejeme that we've been debating for a while. And we need someone to try it out on."

A quite "yes sir," resonated throughout the class room.

On that note he dismissed the class, already dreading the conversation he would have to have with Nezu.

This was already going wrong before they even arrived at the destination. Brilliant.

Chapter Text

Todoroki stood outside the bus stop. He'd managed to bagsie Kaminari as a partner on the way down, only just evading an awkward conversation with either of the imposing alphas.

He was lucky enough to find the other alone glaring at the vending machine with as much intensity as he did at  during the sports festival.Well, an intensity that was very quickly lost after his double edged sword of a shock.Turns out it looked like the bag of crisps he has been trying to get had gotten stuck.

And they were smiling at him patronisingly through the glass. Whether it be from the early morning hour allowing the other to leave the risk assessment of shoving ones arm up a vending machine mouth or just a lapse in common sense, which was also just as likely, Todoroki watched in high humour as the other inevitably got trapped within the the confines of the machine.

It was amusing to watch the other triumphantly grab his bag of crisps before steadily coming to realise the predicament that often comes when one decides to pick a fight with a vending machine.

He struggled for a few minutes before resigning to his fate on the faux wooden floor, letting out an exasperated sigh.

Todoroki, felt his heart twinge in sorrow at the sight, though he still waited a couple of minutes before walking over to the other and putting a light pressure on his shoulder allowing to ever so slightly shift in the joint enabling the other to gently slip out of the of the fierce grip of plastic and iron.

Kaminari lay on the floor for a little while hand still fiercely clutching the crisps, before he groaned and rolled over and stared slightly dazed.

Eventually he snapped out of it and thanked Todoroki before offering him a favour in return for his help.

Just as  Todoroki was about to turn down the offer, a familiar puff of green just began to appear around the corner and before he could process the words, he practically shouted:

"Please may you be my bus partner!"

Though this stunned those who were in of earshot and also eyeshot they were quickly distracted by the dark aura emanating strongly off of the blonde in the corner who was doing his best to bite back a growl.

Kaminari flushed, surprised and embarrassed to suddenly be the centre of attention but accepted the offer anyway, being more then a bit chuffed with himself that the top student in their school wanted him to be his bus partner.

And he'd get to annoy Bakugou so that would be another score in the bag.

And that was how they found themselves lind up outside the bus, with Todoroki always staying near him and getting much closer then what he usually did for anyone. It took him a little while to twig but he soon realised Todoroki had practically jumped into his shadow whenever either Bakugou or Midoriya had even tried to get close to him. Which was very uncharacteristic of the usual stoic classmate. To say the least, he was a bit worried - if the great Todoroki Shoto was scared then should he be too?

Nah, should be alright. They managed to make it on the bus with minimum hassle, which was surprising to to the large amount of stress that was being released by the two alphas who has none surprisingly sat at the other end of the bus to one another, clearly blaming the other for the event or scene.

Kaminari just sat next to the red and white haired teenager who despite looking calm was sat bolt up and always on edge.

His first thought is maybe he needs to nest, in which case he was sure the trip could be postponed if Todoroki told Aizawa, but there are some things you just don't ask an omega.

The journey was quite peaceful except for the unfiltered pheromones that were even strong enough for the beta to pick up on which made him feel a bit uneasy. But when he turned and saw Todoroki's wrinkled nose he feels as though he got it lightly.

Todoroki could feel the smells burning his nostrils. He could also strongly feel the anger and impatience pheromones weighing down on him heavily. It was aggravating. Not to mention there were two strongly conflicting scents that were going out of their way to over power the others on the bus, both so potent that it made Todoroki feel a bit iffy. Scratch that, very iffy. He had taken to rubby a tissue over one of his own scent glands and holding it to his nose to save his breakfast.

It just about pulled him through the taxing three hour drive where alon arrival he noticed that they were at a very white tall building that seemed to have an almost laboratory appearance.

It made him feel uneasy.

The bus continued to tootle along into the  carpark where upon a large sign, bright neon lights blared at him:


Now although Todoroki feels that he should be relieved and isn't too proud of himself for sighing "oh, shit,"

Even less proud when he had Aizawa clip him on the head for his language. But something tells him that this was going to make avoiding Bakugou and Midoryia a hell of a lot harder.

They were briskly ushered off the bus, where Aizawa marched them over to the nearest pavement, lining them up and giving them one of his slightly concerning pep talks. Pep talks that more of scared them into doing things right then helping them get things right. So more of order. Yes, Aizawa ordered them to behave, not be difficult or he'll make them pay personally and that he'll check up on them tomorrow. And with that he left a very puzzled group of teenagers loitering outside of a building.

After about half an hour someone came to fetch them. A small woman with pale hair dark skin and pea green eyes in a smoothe white coat strolled up to them.

"You must be class 1-A, UA, Hero Course. I'm Ms. K and I'll be your guide for the following course,"

A scratchy voice informed them, before a grim smile stretched across her face.

"Now if you will all follow me,"

Chapter Text

Class 1A lightly jogged in order to keep up with the fast paced walk of the lady. How could someone walk that fast in heels? It was beyond them.

Todoroki made a note to himself to practice his own technique to be able to walk around that quickly in heels.

Having already planned a practice session for when he got some privacy.

He managed to keep up with the women as she lead them into the building, quickly paving towards the desk and uttering a few words to the receptionist before ordering them to follow her again.

Many by now had broken out in a sweat, all mildly grateful that Aizawa wouldn't have to watch and sorrowfully shake his head at the fact they were sweating at following.

Soon they could hear a low murmur gently weave its way through the walls, and surrounded them, the further they walked, the more they could understand the clatter - it sounded like thousands of people shouting, chatting and screaming over one another. It got so noisy that people could feel the vibrations that were running through them like a pulse.

But nothing could have prepared them for when the nurse lead them to a large door - towering over all of them, seeming to be attempting to act as a barrier to all of the noise. There were no windows, but rambunctious shapes were easily shown tumbling and fighting through the door.

Only Todoroki could hear Bakugou's grunt of approval.

He felt himself tense as the lady placed her hand on the door. Not quite sure what was awaiting them on the other side.

Half expecting to be thrown in to a fight, Todoroki let his quirk run shallowly through him - not enough to detect, but enough for an instant strike if needed. Or if someone or something made him jump.

Hence forth, himself almost freezing the entire vicinity after the doors were pushed open.

Bellowing, hollering and screaming teenagers fighting each other.

Todoroki notices that they were in a large almost stadium type room, and was the first to recognise the international scale of who was there. Well possibly the second by half a second.

Midoriya literally yelled "omigodit'sdíasoleado!" Who was an internationally ranked spanish hero who was what appeared to be screaming at a class of teenagers.

Soon Todoroki found himself only being able to tune in on Midoriya's sudden spew of information. And he found himself intrigued. He slapped himself out of it before he can even consider asking questions about it.

As they filtered in they found that there were limits to how far his class could go as it turned out each class was separated by a low wall.

And as Todoroki saw the eyes of a gentle giant light up when they met, he was very grateful for that wall.

It wasn't that he didn't like Inasa. He often enjoyed the company. But he could just often be a little too foward and noisy for Todoroki's liking. And sometimes a wall would he greatly appreciated.

Though, since the idea of quiet was dispelled before they even got the room, he made his way over to the other.

"Hey Todoroki! How are you?" The other bellowed, surprisingly fairly hard to hear over everything.

Todoroki spoke in his usual manner - soft and as calm as possible.

"I'm fine,"

Clearly it would appear that he was needed to speak louder, from the way the taller yelled"


"Fine, I'm fine," Todoroki yet again repeated, only raising his voice a tad, to tired from the ride to put too much effort in.

"What?!" The other shouted again.

Todoroki repeated the statement one more time before Inasa heard him or gave up trying to hear him. From the way he just nodded his head and scratched the back of it.


Deciding that conversation was far too difficult, the young omega waved a dismissive hand, before running back to find someone he knew (well someone he knew and wanted to see)

Just as he was about to move, there was an ear splitting crackle, followed immediately by a high pitched screech. The horrible combination of noise led to an immediate silence of the teenagers as they gripped there ears. Obviously a few complained.

And very shortly after the ruckus tried to pick back up, a very sleep - hoarsed grumble echoed through the speakers and chilled many to the bone.

"Shut up,"

So that's where Aizawa was. Maybe he can escape.

Class 1-A all flinched having thought that they had escaped the critical gaze of their teacher, but alas found themselves yet again having to work hard, unable to slack in anything they do.

Oh well, they're used to it by now. Hopefully.


"Welcome young heroes from around the world. Surprisingly, and unfortunately, we have been given the responsibility of you."

Definitely Aizawa,

"For those who did not read the letter that was sent out,"

Todoroki could have sworn that was specifically directed at him, as he was not even aware there was a letter detailing the experience of this trip.

"I'm going to inform you now,"

Guess not reading the letter is that bigger problem, though not something he's going to make a habit of. Probably.

"As you blighters, can't be trusted to get along well we have been required to set up a scheme to make you prioritize your team work and not run into every situation naively and alone and to remember that you do have other people that can help."

With that everyone turned to both Bakugou and Todoroki and stared dismissively, before going back.


"But due to difficulties arising the passed few years and previous 'just play nice and do not try and kill each other' methods have not worked, so now we are being forced to try something new,"

Though this excited many, Todoroki felt dread rise up his throat and anxiety layer his stomach and settle tentatively.

"We understand that it is drastic and going to push your cooperative skills."

He felt his head pound and stomach cramp.

"We are going to have to implement a pack system,"


Yet again as the room was filled with excited chatter.

All he felt was blind panic. He felt ill, the burn of bile in his throat, gagging reflex online.

And before he knew it, he had created a nice puddle of breakfast and acid.

And then just collapsed.


Why did nothing ever stay simple?