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The Wrong Side of Reality

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The jarring noise of his alarm clock stirred the young boy from his slumber, flashing five-fifty-five in fluorescent red repetitively, as his fist rained down trying to find it's shut up button.

After missing a few times, he was forced to push his face up from the safety of his pillow, red and white tones mixed at the parting, sticking to his forehead as he glared daggers at the device before silencing it for the next twenty-four hours.

As the early morning groginess subsided he noted his uncharacteristic tiredness for the morning. Normally, he was able to spring out of his bed and get on with the day, with little to no desire to remain huddled within the comfort of the sheets of his bed, but now he wanted to cling to it and bury himself.

Regretfully, he had to tear himself away from his sheets as the thought of his Father dragging him back from his dorm life for not remaining on his training schedule and becoming a lazy slob pierced through any of his current ideals. He forced himself to sit up, satisfied with the clicking of his joints as everything popped into place, rolling out of bed and onto the floor.

He only had to keep up his image in public. He was in his room and from what he knew, and hoped, alone, so he was perfectly warranted to crawl to the wardrobe and only reaching up to the ankle of his running leggings as he pulled them down off the coat hanger. After he had shimmied into them he donned his favourite running top, and trainers and made himself appear just acceptable enough to leave his room, and left for the dorm kitchen.

In his gentle stroll, he felt a low pain in his abdomen, sharply inhaling aswell as hovering a hand over it, he froze. Eyes scrunched shut, waiting for it to subside, before continuing slowly down the hall. As he ate breakfast he became aware of how different he was feeling. Everything just felt tighter or foreign, almost uncomfortable. He choked down the rest of his breakfast before deciding if he was going to run this morning he would have to run now, if he wanted to get back in time to get ready for class.

He was almost out the door when he heard a high pitched call,

"Todoroki-kun!" It yelled, as the footsteps became louder and quicker as the other sprinted to catch up, "are you going on a run too?"

Even though Todoroki felt the answer was obvious with his attire, he humoured the other with an answer, "yes, Midoriya," he nodded in the others greeting, pretending the alpha's scent wasn't burning his nose. Most days he found his friends scent relaxing and calming but today he found it almost toxic, he passed it off as it was because the other was newly presented himself and struggled to control his scent. It was like that with everyone in their class, as it was coming to the middle of their first year at UA, meaning many were presenting with their secondary genders, infact everyone had. Well, everyone except for Todoroki himself. Luckily for everyone so far no one had presented omega - to which everyone was secretly grateful as it ment The Grape's advances were limited greatly aswell as easier to hold off. The unfortunate part for Todoroki with everyone presenting before him meant everyone - particularly the alpha's had all got some height or drew with him. Except for The Grape, Todoroki was almost the shortest in the class, which was something he didn't take too kindly to.

"Can I join you?"

No! I think my nose might fall off, "yeah, sure," and then they took off, going at a light pace around the block.

"Are you okay todoroki-kun?" Midoriya questioned, looking at his far too sweaty for a half the block jog friend, doubling over panting.

"Fine," he wheezed, although he did feel bad for the blunt response he gave his friend, he was just really struggling with the day. He had to hold his breath whenever he passes an alpha, because they reeked at the moment, all smelling so potent he felt his lungs catch aflame. He was tireder,  he wasn't strong enough to catch up to his usual pace - even with the speed withdrawal he was on the brink of collapsing. He would have been embarrassed had it not been the swirling pain in his stomach again. Stilling, he winced.

"I'm really sorry, Midoriya, but I think I'm going to have to head back," just as he stood up ready to leave he saw Midoriya change direction to go with him, he turned to stop the other stating, "I'm fine, carry on without me and I'll see you in class - it's a fairly minimal effort day - I'll be fine,". He knew his friend would try to protest, the way his face kept morphing into a more and more concerned frown displaying if he let him get a word in, he would get an earful on not looking after himself. He knew he was alright, not the best; but not bad enough to call in sick as he would probably get to deal with the brunt of Aizawa's wrath, and that was the last thing he needed to hear again. So he stooped of back to the dorms ignoring the worried calls of his friend.

Soon he arrived at the dorms, which he was more then glad to see again, this time though, riddled with his classmates. Although no one noticed him immediately, as he carved his way through the crowd he was followed by silence and raised eyebrows. He really must look a state. He wobbled up the stairs to his room where he haphazardly dressed himself for school. Today was going to be a bad day, he could feel it.

Of course. Of course, they would be getting a surprise sparring session. Of course the teacher wasn't present, so that ment Mr. Aizawa was dragged from his break, and intended to kill. Todoroki had been feeling himself get progressively worse through out the day, he still had two periods to go. He didn't think he'd make it. The pain in his gut was now at a constant bordering agonising. It was no longer fading away. He felt himself losing his breath, as a wave of heat and sweat creeped over him. Truth be told, he was not in the mood for a sparring session.

He felt a mild churning of nausea as he was partnered up with Bakugou, the thick scent of cinnamon and spice gagging him as he tried to remain upright. He felt the concerned gazes of his classmates bore into the back of his head. He felt exhausted.

They each took their positions on the edge of the mat. Despite the fact that everyone was supposed to be doing partner work. He could tell no one was doing the task and just staring at him and Bakugou, wanting to see a fight between the two strongest of the class. He could already tell he wasn't going to last. Even the blonde alpha was shooting him a glance of concern before his face hardened, and a confident grin leaked onto his face. Eyes taking on a sadistic glint as they glowed crimson in fury.

Todoroki could tell this was going to hurt.

He was correct.

A bloodthirsty growl clawed it's way out of the alpha's throat as be stared at the smaller as if he were prey. Though he stopped when he heard a whimper ,although barely audible, drop from the boys lips. He jumped to the back of the younger, in his blind spot from where he had subconsciously drawn in on himself, almost hiding from Bakugou, who was seething. He better not wimp out of this fight. Soon majority of the class caught wind of the idea this was going to be a fairly dull fight as both were just sort of dancing around each other , they began to look away.

It was only when Todoroki no longer felt the stares on him to he fully unfold himself from his protective bubble. Automatically regretting it however when he felt Bakugou kick him up the back of the head sending him to the floor. As his face collided with the mat he felt dizziness try to flood his brain while he tried stand up on shaking legs. His vision wasn't clearing at all. He couldn't make out the questions, the concerned gazes, he was in a cocoon of his own world. He sloppily tried to swing a fist in Bakugous direction the other simply dodging, grabbing his wrist and flipping him over. The wind rushed out of him as he was slammed into the floor, a strangled gasp squeaking from him as he forced his way to his feet. He tripped over his feet as he stumbled to where Bakugou was standing, gripping his shoulders for balance before everything just caved in.

He let go and slipped to the floor, an agonized whine resonating through the gym. He clutched his abdomen as he buried his face into the mat. The smell of presentation thick in the air.


Bakugou was snapped out of his trance. He stared at the floor, the cowering lump in front of him, instinctually ducking down to pat the others back as he shook. However as soon as he got to the youngers level, he was hit with the scent of omega pouring out the young boy. As soon as he smelt it he embraced the younger, gently cooing to calm him down as he hid him from the rest of the class. But he couldn't stop the scent.

"No, way,"

"He isn't it he?!"

"Todoroki is an omega!?"

Midoriya who had been walking towards the pair when he saw his friend collapse instantly stopped.


He instantly picked up the pace. He ran to Bakugou's and Todoroki's mat, abandoning Kirishima, as he tried to get a look at the newly presented omega. The pheromones getting thicker, the sweet scent filling the air as it became a suffocating heaven to all those in the room.

Bakugou was shielding Todoroki from Deku, which the younger was forever thankful for, no one had to see him as a whimpering, whining mess. A warning sneer leaked from Bakugou whenever Midoriya took a step to close, leaving the green haired alpha unable to get to the omega.

"Everybody back off!" Came a loud shout from their teacher, as he stormed over to where a distressed scent was beginning to surface. Bakugou snarled at the teacher only to receive a clip upside the head as Todoroki was hauled from his grasp.

"Don't you dare follow us, continue as normal, stay in the gym,"

As Aizawa dragged the poor kid to medical he couldn't help but think,
"I don't get paid enough for this crap."