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[Podfic of] Children's Card Games

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Length: 20:46


Download: here

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Recorded at Europodfriends 2018 and starring:

the24thkey as the narrator

Jenepod as Yuuri

sylvaine as Victor

fishpatrol as Phichit

idella as Celestino

Vaysh as Yuuri's mother

tinypinkmouse as Yakov

and Podfic-Chicklet (Yvi_sama) as Yuri


Editor's note (the24thkey): This fic hits my and sylvaine's highly specific intersection of interests so perfectly that I'm still amazed it exists. Thanks to everyone at europod who agreed to record it with us! Additional thanks to KDHeart for recording support and, of course, to the author!

The cover was made with the help of a Yu-Gi-Oh card generator. Bless the internet.

I had no choice but to rerecord a couple of lines because of noise distortion, and replicating the conditions of the original recording wasn't possible, so it's unfortunately pretty noticeable. Still, I really hope you enjoy this performance. We had a blast recording it. <3