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Gentryshipping Oneshots Compilation

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The twenty-third of April marks the first ever date night for Augustine Fontaine Sycamore and the man had never been this flustered over clothing. Just for this night, he’s gone out and taken home all sorts of gel and men’s fashion so he can groom himself. But in the end, he didn’t need those things as advised by a friend.


“Just be yourself, Augustine. It’s one of the things a woman loves in a man after all.”


Augustine can still hear the sentence ring in his head even when he was already waiting outside his date’s house half an hour past his ‘dressing up’. It was a simple, somewhat sassy sentence. But to hear it come from one of his closest friends outside of his date is music to his ears; The man now chose to just go out in his signature indigo shirt with the dark pants and red socks while his hair retained its signature style - The look of the true, partly goofy self that he is.


And speaking of self, the man finally spotted his date come into view - But she appeared looking very differently. His eyes widened slightly as he gaped.


Diantha Leblanc stepped out of the house while swishing a lock of her hair away from her eyes. The actress still had her hair in the usual star-shaped bun, but she allowed some strands and locks to fall freely and her makeup was less heavy than it usually is while she was on set. Even her outfit matched the level of simplicity and she only came in a pale grey-yellow V neck with a white scarf and dark slacks ending with loose ends covering her sandals.


The young woman blushed slightly in realizing Augustine is staring at her. “I thought I’d come in something simpler. You know? Since it’s our first night out together.” She beamed in adoration studying her other half’s clothes. “I knew you were going to wear that. It really expresses you, I like it.”


Augustine’s cheeks turned pink, the dim lighting from behind him illuminating it. He chuckled while rubbing the back of his head. “Ah Mon Ami, I always wear this and you know it. I’ve been meaning to go out in something else really but” He breathed and smiled softly. “Lyse convinced me to just, come in this. Because he believed that you’ll like me for who I am.”


Diantha melted into a sweet and nuzzled into Augustine until she had his arm around her shoulders. “Well I’m glad you listened to him, because you’re adorable enough already I can’t picture you wearing anything else.” She mused, causing Augustine to blush some more.




The professor smiled planted a small kiss atop his love’s head before speaking. “Now let’s go do what we must, shall we? I’ve already made a reservation just for us at you-know-where.” He winked at Diantha and she gasped. “You didn’t!” She threw her arms around Augustine. “You know I love that place! It brings back so many memories!”


Augustine chuckled, enjoying the woman’s excitement. “I thought so. Plus who wouldn’t love good Siebold’s cooking?” The two smiled at the thought of seeing one of their old friends in person again until Augustine offered his “We’d better get going, fast, before he starts over-preparing things for us like he did with the others.”


With a nod from Diantha, Augustine held out his arm in linking it with the woman’s and they made their way to his parked car; They drove to Siebold’s restaurant that evening with Diantha resting her head upon Augustine’s shoulder. They were happily welcomed by the blonde chef who much to the couple’s surprise, had the restaurant closed ‘a little early’ just so he can host the duo.


Friend from trainer days or not, both Augustine and Diantha were concerned at the idea.


“Oh you did not.. Siebold I know you mean well in wanting to make this the best date night for us but I booked a reservation - You don’t have to close up early just for two people!”


Siebold of course, failed to take Augustine seriously and reacted with glee. “Ah that simply cannot be done, Augustine. Especially when I already know who I am dealing with tonight.” He crooned. “You and Diantha deserve only the best of my restaurant and my beloved customers are so understanding when I told them - They willingly left so the lucky pair can have their date in peace.”


The professor stood in dumbfounded speechlessness that he actually stammered a little. Diantha nudged him along flashing Siebold a smile. “Well this is very nice of you Sebs, Merci.” She bowed her head in thanks and Siebold smiled. “Anything for you and your Monsieur, Diantha. Now come, make yourselves comfortable~!” He escorted the pair to be seated at a table and chairs located in the very center of the place, complete with roses and a lit candelabra.


Siebold got to work right away once his friends have placed their menu and Augustine was gazing after him before looking exasperated. “Mon dieu, what else does that guy have upon his sleeves? It’s crazy.” The professor was blushing still, apparently after Siebold left a rather seductive message of love in Kalossian for him and Diantha before twirling off.


Sitting across him, Diantha was blushing too, holding in a giggle. “I think it’s just him being really sweet. You know Siebold.” Her date smiled amusedly at that and he smirked. “Talk about not growing out of things. I thought he’d already shed out of that by now. It’s been like, I don’t know, years since we’ve all met when we were still trainers?”


“Ah of course. At our old Summer Camp. I remember.” Diantha sighed wistfully, her eyes twinkling with memory. “We were all so young back then. I caught my Ralts and then I met you and the others.” She rested her head on her hands smiling happily at the fond times in the past.


The same feeling synced to Augustine as he too started to remember. “Huh, now how could I possibly forget that, Mon Ami? I remember it all; Siebold being food-driven, Sophie’s words of wisdom… And most importantly, you being the cutest girl in camp.” He moved his eyebrows up and down flirtatiously.


Diantha’s cheeks flushed pink at that sentence and she playfully swatted at Augustine’s direction. “Oh stop that you.” Her hand managed to gently swipe Augustine’s cheek and the man laughed. “What it’s true! You really are the cutest - Every boy, even Siebold and Lysandre, keep looking your way!” The man teased. “Believe it or not, I’m fairly sure that all of the boys at camp were attracted to you then. Come to think of it, who would’ve thought you’d grow up to be a woman many times the amount?”


The actress’ expression softened. “I didn’t know that. Huh and you’re right about the boys thing. Why it still happens even until now. Except..” She cringed. “Oh I can’t explain it. But one thing’s for sure is that I missed it when it was only about fifteen boys instead of hundreds of men who are not my Gus.” At Augustine’s astonished look, she only let out a small laugh, just thinking how cute her sweetheart looked when he’s clueless.


Sometime later, they were finally given their orders - Siebold purposely included an ‘on the house’ pasta to go with the couple’s dinner just so he can see a live re-enactment of that old kissing scene; To his glee, it did happen and it resulted with the two pulling away while blushing. And of course, it finished with Augustine giving Diantha the last meatball and there was a moment of silent bliss between them as their eyes meet.


When dinner is finally over, the couple bade Siebold goodbye and were on their way. They didn’t go home straight away, for the moon is up at a beautiful angle and Diantha wanted to gaze at it as a closing to their date night. It was a minutes drive to the closest park and Augustine was quick to find a nice bench on a hill. Sitting down, he patted the place next to him for Diantha and wrapped his arm around her as they gazed at the lovely white orb in the dark sky.


The woman sighed softly while nuzzling into Augustine’s side, taking in his sweet scent of paper mixed with floral parfum. “I really enjoyed tonight, my Gus. Thank you for the wonderful evening - I can remember this for all time.” She murmured, taking her date’s hand as to keep his arm around her shoulders.


In response, Augustine smiled and rested the side of his face into Diantha’s hair. “No, Diantha. Merci, for letting me make this night possible for the both of us. Sure there have been, ah, slight occurences of Siebold being too supportive” He gushed at Diantha’s laugh. “I must say, I really enjoyed tonight as well. In fact, any night that is spent with you, Ma Chérie, is a marvelous treasure worth keeping in my book of memories.”


With that being said, Augustine pressed his lips against the side of Diantha’s face. “I love you, Dian.” He whispered this through closed eyes as Diantha gazed at him, her heart melting with love and she too murmured a response loud enough for her beloved to hear. “I love you too, Gusgus.” She continued to snuggle in Augustine’s embrace, relishing in the gradually increased love radiating from her man.