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Love Is An Aesthetic, Studded With Fairy Tales

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2 months ago; March 13, 2019; 1:24 p.m.


“Excuse me?” The young man asked, as he approached the desk.

“Yes? Do you need help, Sir?” The desk lady asked nicely.

“I believe I do. I have an appointment with Mr. Choi Minho at 1:30 p.m.,” the young man said.

“Name please,” she asked.

“Jeon Jeongguk,” he responded.

“Ah, an interview. Top floor, room 20. Good luck,” she said, pushing the button to open the double doors for Jeongguk.

“Thank you. Have a nice day,” Jeongguk said, as he walked through the doors.


Now, if you had asked anyone who had ever had the fortune, or unfortune as some would say, to meet Jeon Jeongguk, they would say that he is always composed. Without a doubt. Never cracking or showing emotion that he didn’t want to. Always sharp and focused. Not ever letting anything get to him. Living in the moment, but also ahead of everyone. Always two steps ahead. Never one. Never behind. And that’s how he was at the moment. Composed and ready to start his first day of work. Technically.


Today was actually his interview for this job. But Jeongguk knew things that others didn’t. He knew that this company needed someone with his skill. And he knew that they would hire him on the spot, and he would start his new job today.


Jeongguk was excited. But of course, he didn’t show it. Because that was not professional for his line of work and Jeongguk was always professional. Regardless, he was excited. Excited to have a job where he did what he loved. Killing and hacking. It was his life and he was excited.


Composed. That’s what Jeongguk was when he walked into Choi Minho’s office. Composed  is what Jeongguk was when he was given the job. Composed is what he was when he finished his first day of work and left the building at 9:37 that night. Composed is not what Jeongguk was when his apartment door closed, and he let out a cheer. But that didn’t matter, because he was alone, and no one needed to know what he did when he was alone.


Alone is what Jeongguk lived with for the past 8 years. He liked alone. He preferred alone. Maybe it’s because it’s all he’s ever really known. When Jeongguk looked at it, he thought that he deserved to be alone. So alone is what Jeongguk has. He likes it. It’s nice. It’s his life.






Present Day; May 16, 2019


Thursdays sucked. They sucked because they were computer workdays. Which meant Jeongguk was holed up in his small office, skimming profiles and scoping out targets.


Now, don’t get him wrong. He didn’t mind searching for targets or people who weren’t innocent, but he preferred being out on missions and maybe, hopefully, killing people.


But for some reason, on this particular Thursday, something caught his eye. Something that didn’t belong in the classified files. Which he didn’t have jurisdiction for, but it didn’t really matter at this point.


SM should have known that they hired one of the best hackers in South Korea (maybe even the world, but Jeongguk didn’t have that big of an ego).


Jeongguk found files of secret drug trades with huge gangs and companies that weren’t on other files. Sex cartels. People being sold and bought for huge amounts of money. Government weapons and nukes. Trades and sales labeled DNOC files (Do Not Open – Classified). Files that only the CEO (Choi Minho) and a few other higher ups had access to.


And as Jeongguk realized what these files held, he tried to stay composed. Breathe in for 3. Hold for 7. Breathe out for 8. Repeat. Breathe in for 3. Hold for 7. Breathe out for 8. The only thing he remembers from his childhood therapist. Something that got him through life.


And yes, Jeongguk job was to kill people and to hack into criminal databases. But their company worked for the government. It was (technically) legal.


And looking through these files, there was nothing legal in them.


So after composing himself for about 10 minutes, he did the only rational thing to do. He copied everything from the files and left work early. It was only 1:23, which meant that when he got home, he would have approximately 19 hours until he had to leave for work the next day. And if he gets his normal 4 to 5 hours of sleep, he should have about 14 hours to do what he wants to do with what’s on his flash drive.


And as Jeongguk leaves the building at 1:36, he realizes that he has one hell of a night ahead of him.