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it was like the same day kept repeating again and again. rose woke, she showered at any place with a pool, drove a little in the van she lived in, wondered what she'd eat for any meal ever, and went to sleep empty in both hand and stomach. she had what little she'd been able to scrap up before she'd been kicked out, and that was about it.

she had little to no idea what she was supposed to do. she couldn’t afford college and there was no way she’d be able to get a job with such a low profile appearance. parking her van two blocks down from a drug store, she mentally prepared herself for another petty crime. she didn’t want to be arrested for shoplifting toothpaste of all things and have her van impounded at the same time. she’d didn’t have money for those high end things.

rose entered the drug store with her hands in her baggy jean pockets, trying to look nonchalant. she pretended to browse what the store hand to offer, checking out the corners to get an idea of where the cameras were if there were any. she made sure she looked ‘normal’, her conscious still not used to stealing out of necessity. the toothpaste was right next to the bigger bagged snacks, away from the cash register and closer to the sunglasses. she could make a quick getaway for it if she was silent and sneaky enough. the ringing of the bell above the door sounded muted as rose snatched up some off brand colgate and started to walk towards the door. she hand her hand on the handle and a rush of triumph washed over her as she left, a small smirk on her face. that triumph was easily deflated.

“hey!! where do you think you’re going?!?” rose kept walking, trying her best to not give herself away. but as soon as she heard rapid footsteps coming up behind her, she made a dash for it. she glanced back, seeing the pissed sunburnt face of the preteen kid who’d been running the cash register in the drug store hot on her heels. how was he keeping up with her? he was, what, 14? and she was a fucking 20 years old and former trackstar, getting obliterated by an angry kid. she sped up, passing her van and about to skid to take a sharp turn before smashing face first into the most rock hard set of honkers she’d ever had the fortune of bashing into.

“oh my! you two shouldn’t be playing games on a public sidewalk!” the voice was sweet, reminded rose of a character from those british kids shows with talking animals she used to watch when she was younger and wasn’t such a disappointment. rubbing her nose, it took her a couple seconds to recuperate before she went to make another escape, not caring if she had to gallop on all fours. a tug on the hem of her jeans held her in place.

“this pendeja is a damn thief!! she stole something from my family’s store!” rose deflated letting herself be berated. lifting her wrists limply, she gazed up at the lady with the stony breasts.

“haul me away, copper, i’ll do my time.” the buff lady just snorted and laughed a little, hiding her mouth behind a big hand. rose blushed, an awkward grin blooming on her face as her eyes darted about. girls were a charm. the lady let her eyes soften upon rose, and gee golly what pretty ocean blue eyes she had. with her big warm hands, she hauled rose back onto her feet and looked down at the boy.

“don’t you fret, poco. i’ll pay for whatever she’s stolen.” poco huffed and scrunched up his freckled face, scratching his head.

“fine, whatever jojo, just don’t make bailing out thieves a hobby.” the girl, jojo, still had her arm slung around rose’s waist as she reached into her satchel to pull out 40 bucks and handing it to poco, who actively drooled over the money. he waved to the big woman and started sprinting back to his store, carrying news that jojo had singlehandedly blessed the family again. with that, rose brought a roughened hand to rub the back of her neck, sheepish grin on her face.

“well, it all worked out. thanks for your help ma’am and with that i bid you adi-“ rose’s sarcastic goodbye died in her throat at the stern look the blue eyed woman gave her. rose wondered if flattery would sway her, because damn she looked gorgeous. those blue eyes told otherwise.

“i’d very much like to know why you were stealing.” rose groaned and rummaged in her jean pocket, going through old candy wrappers and receipts from the dino ages to find the lousy toothpaste she’d pilfered. she held up the tube like she was advertising it and grinned.

“may not have money for a dentist, but i know how to avoid cavities, love.” the dark haired woman tried to keep her stern face, but rose could see she was struggling to not laugh. rose shook her head and pocketed the toothpaste again, arms widespread.

“look miss, i’m sure you don’t have time for my sob story so let’s just say that i’m falling and or have fallen on some hardass times and currently have not a single dime to my name. so, jojo, let’s have this incident slide, and go our separate ways.” jojo shook her head, laying a hand on rose’s shoulder again.

“only my friends call me jojo. and, i’m afraid i do have time for your whole life story, so settle down and spill your guts.” rose groaned again and snatched the hand off her shoulder into her own. might as well hang out in the back of her cool van, right?