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Winner Takes All

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Izuku and Katsuki were very competitive people. Shouto came to this realization long before they got together in their odd little triad but had noticed it more and more each day. Because of their strong viewpoints and personalities, it was the perfect gateway for some…'friendly' competition.

Whether it’s taking down villains or doing chores around the house, anything that could be made into a competition, was one between those two. Shouto didn’t really seem to mind it though, finding it amusing and sometimes using it to his advantage.

Especially since the prize for their little competitions was almost always the same thing.

Just before Shouto got home, his two competitive lovers decided to have a no-quirk sparring match. When Shouto arrived home, making his way to their makeshift sparring grounds, Izuku had gotten distracted by his sudden presence. In an instant, it was over, Katsuki pinning Izuku down by his wrists.

"Can't believe you let Icyhot distract you enough to lose." Katsuki had chuckled darkly, leaning down to speak into Izuku's ear.

"Perhaps your punishment will help you learn to always keep your eyes on me, Izuku ."

And Katsuki kept to his word, using quirk surpressing cuffs to restrain Izuku to their headboard, stripping him down to only his underwear, and forcing him to watch and squirm as Shouto rode Katsuki slowly right next to him.

This was Izuku’s punishment for losing their spar, but it’s one that Izuku couldn't say he disliked. Not at all.

Shouto whimpered, looking down at Katsuki with pleading heterochromatic eyes, hoping for him to get the message and fuck him hard. Unfortunately for him, Katsuki was in the mood to tease. He slowly pushed into Shouto, balls slapping against Shouto's ass and lightly grazing his sweet spot before pulling out.

The noises Shouto made were driving Izuku crazy and he couldn't do a damn thing about it. He moaned in frustration, tugging in vain at his restraints.

"Enjoying the show, 'zuku?" Katsuki chuckled, gripping Shouto's hips to still him as he tried to speed them up. He smirked at the frustrated groans and whimpers that escaped from his lovers.

Deciding that he's teased him enough, Katsuki angled his next thrust to hit Shouto's prostate. A delighted mewl escaped Shouto as he clamped down hard around him.

"Mn, please, Katsuki!” Shouto begged, body flushed and trembling. “F-fuck yes, r-right there, don't stop! Harder, faster, just fuck me!"

And who was Katsuki to deny him?

Katsuki spared another glance at their captive audience out the corner of his eye. Izuku looked wrecked, eyes hazy and unfocused. He was panting and flushed, his lips swollen and bleeding from biting them.

"Kacchan,” Izuku whined, squirming as he tried to get some friction on his cock. He could feel his cock throbbing in-time with each steady spurt of precum in his underwear. “C'mon, you've had your fun! Let me go!” He shivered as Shouto moaned. “Please!”

Katsuki made to look as if he was contemplating Izuku’s request. "I don’t know, ‘zuku,” Katsuki murmured, continuing his steady pace. “What does Shou think?”

Shouto whimpered, tossing his head back. “Katsuki…”

Izuku bit his lip again as arousal coursed through him. “Please, I can’t take this anymore! I-I feel like I’m going to explode here!”

Katsuki chuckled. Call him sadistic, but a part of him loved seeing Mr. New Symbol of Peace reduced to a horny, begging mess. He slowed down his movements, Shouto letting out a desperate whimper for him to continue.

“Shh, Shou.” Katsuki cooed, rubbing at his lover’s sides. “Just a minor change of plans.”

With a firm grip on Shouto’s waist, Katsuki maneuvered him to all fours, Shouto's face inches away from Izuku's crotch. The sudden change in position caused Shouto to squeal, which melted into a moan once he settled. Katsuki reached out a hand to grope at Izuku’s cock, causing him to groan lowly.

“So,” Katsuki drawled, smirk widening once he removed Izuku’s underwear, releasing his throbbing erection. “Who’s up for a little spit roasting, to see our precious Shouto stuffed full on both ends?” His hungry gaze caught Izuku’s. “And I bet if you ask really nice, he’ll let you cum in his mouth.”

Izuku’s throaty moan drowned out Shouto’s breathless whimper, both blushing redder at the lewd image their minds conjured.

Tentatively, Shouto rested his hands on Izuku’s thighs, as if asking for consent. “Please, Shou.” Izuku moaned, too far gone to care. “Just fuck me with your mouth. Please, I need it.”

Swallowing thickly, Shouto slowly took the tip of Izuku’s cock into his mouth. “Nn, fuck yes.” Izuku moaned, happy to finally get some relief.

Encouraged, Shouto continued to take Izuku down to the root, tongue swirling around the prominent veins along the base. Katsuki smirked at the little show.

“You’re doing so well, Shou.” Katsuki praised. “So fucking well.” He gripped Shouto’s hips, pulling out until just the tip was in. “You guys ready?" he asked.

Izuku nodded eagerly, moaning as Shouto hummed in answer around his cock. With a shaky breath, Katsuki got a good hold on Shouto’s hips. That was all the warning Katsuki gave them before he slammed in. Hard.

Naturally, Shouto would be begging for Katsuki to go faster, harder, to not fucking stop. He would be clinging to him and screaming so loud his voice would go out. But the cock in his mouth was a rather effective gag and being on his elbows and knees limited his mobility.

This, of course, only added to Shouto's arousal, muffled keens and pleasured sobs slipping past his stretched lips.

Izuku was babbling praises above, meanwhile Katsuki was relatively quiet, grunts and groans escaping him. Shouto yelped when one of Katsuki’s hands went to his shoulder gripping tightly but not enough to hurt. He could feel Katsuki’s warm breath on his ears and neck.

"Are you close?” Katsuki murmured. Those three words were said in such a rough lust filled voice, making more heat pool in Shouto’s belly.

Shouto pulled off Izuku to gasp. “Ah, yes! Fuck, yes, I’m so close!”

Katsuki chuckled. “Good.”

Katsuki continued to fuck him, his other hand making its way to wrap tightly around his cock.

Shouto gasped. “K-Katsuki! Wha-?” Shouto turned his head to look at him, his question dying on his lips at the predatory look Katsuki was giving him.

“You’re not gonna cum before Izuku and me, you hear?” Katsuki said lowly. “Take care of us first, and you’ll get your sweet release."

"Damn, Kacchan. First you cuff me to the bed and now you deny Shou an orgasm? You’re just full of surprises.” Izuku laughed, breathless. Shouto was speechless, arousal coursing through him even with the tight grip on his cock.

Katsuki still held his gaze and Shouto shivered. “Think you can handle it?” Katsuki asked. The intensity of his gaze softened a little, as if he didn’t want to push Shouto too far. It was sweet and at the same time sexy.

“Yeah,” Shouto murmurs. “Yeah, I can handle it.” Shouto turned back to Izuku, once again taking him into his mouth.

“Oh, fuck!” Izuku groaned, closing his eyes in ecstasy. Katsuki still had his hand wrapped around Shouto’s cock, and giving it a firm squeeze, he resumed moving.

“C'mon, Shou. Give me more." Izuku purred, his breathing becoming uneven. "I want to cum down your throat so hard you’ll be tasting me for days.”

Shouto took one of his hands to fondle at Izuku’s balls, eliciting a pleased moan from him.

“Yeah, Shou, ngh, take me deep down. T-That’s fucking it. I’m r-right at the edge, baby. Going to swallow it all down for me yeah? I know you are, you’re so good for us. Ah, ‘bout to cum, baby. Swallow it all down for me r-right, f-fucking now!”

With a strained grunt, Izuku came, shoving his cock deep in Shouto’s waiting mouth and thick spurts of cum sliding down his eager throat. Slowly, carefully, Shouto pulled off, licked all the excess off, and with Izuku holding his gaze, swallowed it all down.

"Fucking hell, Shou." Katsuki breathed, enraptured. Without a second thought, Katsuki slammed into Shouto, making him choke on his moan. The hand gripping his cock loosened and began to pump Shouto in time with Katsuki’s thrusts.

“Ngh, ah, f-fuck!” Shouto whimpered. He turned to look back at Katsuki. “Ngh, w-wait. I-I thought you-mn! Wanted m-me to-”

Katsuki cut him off with a groan. “I changed my mind. That was so fucking hot. Ngh, r-right now I’m gonna pound this tight, sweet ass of yours so hard you, ah, won’t be able to walk straight for a week.”

Shouto moaned at that, the pleasure overwhelming his senses. The heat built up in his belly, coiling like a spring until-

“Mn, hngh, f-fuck yes, Katsuki! D-Don’t stop! I’m gonna c-cum! Fuck, c-cumming! Katsuki, I’m cumming!”

With a wail of Katsuki’s name, Shouto came, eyes rolling back and body quivering, thick ropes of cum shooting out of his cock.

“Holy shit! F-fuck, Shouto!” Katsuki followed soon after, burying himself as deep as he could go before spilling, trembling with Shouto’s name bubbling past his lips.

They rode out their orgasms together, senses numb to everything else but each other. “That…was amazing.” Shouto breathed, panting slightly.

“You’re amazing.” Katsuki said, voice hushed. He pressed light kisses to Shouto’s shoulder blades, a content hum escaping Shouto.

Katsuki slowly pulled out, his cum following suit. Shouto carefully shifted his body until he was looking up into Katsuki's eyes. He reached out, cradling his face before kissing him tenderly. They were like that for a few moments, lost in each other, until a voice broke them out of their bubble.

“As great as it is to see you two make out with each other, especially after Shouto has had a mouthful of my cum, my arms are cramping so if you could uncuff me, that’d be great.” Izuku drawled in amusement.

Blushing, Katsuki and Shouto separated. “I got it.” Katsuki grunted, reaching out towards Izuku and uncuffing him. Once he was free, Izuku grabbed Katsuki by the shoulders, pulling him into a deep kiss, which he happily reciprocated, nipping at Izuku’s lip.

Shouto yawned then, the adrenaline from earlier leaving his body. “I could totally go for a nap right now.” He murmured, closing his eyes as he slowly began to drift into sleep.

Izuku hummed his agreement, but Katsuki grimaced as he pulled away. “We need to clean up before we do that. There’s cum all over us. And inside you, in case you forgot.”

Izuku grinned. “And what’s wrong with that?” He pulled the half-asleep Shouto into a kiss as well and was rewarded with Shouto nuzzling into his bare chest. “C'mon Kacchan, that can wait until later.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Seriously, you two. I feel sticky and gross.”

“Well so do I,” Shouto responded, opening one eye. “But I want to take a nap and cuddle with you and ‘zuku here, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

Katsuki sighed, there really was no winning with him. A sleepy Shouto was a pouty Shouto. “Fine, but I don't wanna hear any complaining about it later, you hear me?” He said, pulling up the covers and covering them with it. The three of them then laid together, content with each other’s presence as they settled.

Soon enough, they all were asleep, arms wrapped lovingly around each other.