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Cinnamon, Dynamite, and a dash of Fuck You!

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It had been a long day for the Yagi family. Yagi Inko was the darling wife of the number one hero, All Might. She disguised herself when she was out as All Might’s wife, so they could keep their family life secret, and that involved their 4-year-old son, Izuku. A natural fan of heroes, cheering them on, making sure his dad was okay when he got in from work and checking over his grandpa, the hero Gran Torino, and his uncle, the pro hero Nighteye. Nighteye and Torino were happy to start teaching Izuku about working in heroics earlier. Of course, Yagi Toshinori, Aka All Might, would allow it, but kept an eye on what they were teaching Izuku, he was just worried about his son. Eventually, the start of his training slow down, even at only 4-years-old, Izuku noticed something was up, but his father, his gramps and his uncle said nothing to up, just told him not to worry. Izuku went and spoke to his mother, Inko kissed his cheeks and smiled.


“It’s okay Sweetie, your father is just worried, he will continue your training once your quirk comes through.” Inko smiled, Izuku watched her walk away. So that was what it was all about? Izuku knew his quirk was a little late, his class wouldn’t shut up about it. Nor would his teacher, he heard her mention to another teacher the potential he didn’t have a quirk what so ever, that he was quirkless. Izuku wasn’t sure why they seemed to act like it was a bad thing. Izuku sat in front of the Tv, as his family sat in the kitchen talking. He watched the cartoons his mother put on, but he couldn’t ignore the fact they were all whispering, a shiver told him they were talking about him. Izuku remained silent, but his heart was sinking.




Izuku was taken to the doctors a few days later, Izuku was silent throughout it all, Inko looked worried.  The doctor knew of Izuku, whilst the media didn’t. All Might kept Izuku’s existence a secret. The doctor looked over the X-rays he had taken of Izuku’s feet.


“I am sorry to inform you that your son is quirkless.” He said, finally, as if he was giving the news that someone had just died. Izuku, still not understanding why being quirkless was such an issue, watched as tears sprung to his mother’s eyes.


“How is that possible?” Inko asked. “His father and I both have quirks.”


“By the age of four, a child should manifest either one of his parents’ quirks or a composite of the two.”


“However, early quirk research discovered one important finding. It has to do with the presence or absence of the extra joint in the pinky toe.” The doctor pointed to Izuku’s x-ray. “Human’s have no need for parts they don’t use, see. And those with out the joint represent the next stage of evolution. Izuku here has two joints. It’s becoming quite rare nowadays, but, he possess no quirk at all.” Izuku looked up at his mother, who was crying as if he had died, he frowned. Was being quirkless bad?




Appreantly to his family yes, Izuku stood outside the living room, listening to his parents, uncle and Gramps talking about him, as if he was asleep. Granted, he should have been.


“So, what do we do?” Gran Torino asked, his voice filled with concern.


“Would you consider him a candidate for One for All?” Nighteye asked, Izuku frowned. One for All? What was that? He wondered.


“No… I… I would rather keep him safe. We’ll, dissuade him on being a hero. I am sure we can do it.” Toshinori said


“He’ll listen, he is a good boy.” Inko nodded.


“I hope so. Without a quirk, being a hero wouldn’t be safe for him.” Torino said. Izuku quickly returned to his room, crying silently into his pillow, in the end, he cried himself to sleep.




Izuku woke up that morning and yawn, he thought back to what his parents and family said. Being Quirkless… meant he couldn’t be a hero. But… why not? He didn’t have a quirk, that just meant he had to work a little harder then everyone else. Izuku nodded to himself, that was what he was going to do. He was going to be a hero, no matter what his family said.


But it seemed his parents were already working on getting him to think against it. Izuku just listened to his parents take, trying to turn him off heroics. Izuku took a bite of his rice before speaking up to them.


“I can still be a hero. I’ll be careful.” Izuku said, his parents looked at him sadly.




Izuku hated this! His class laughed and bullied him, Punching him. Kicking, using their quirks on him. His teacher stood back, watching and laughing, or not paying attention what so ever. Izuku sat under a tree, cowering as two kids stood over him, quirks ready to punish him for dreaming. And that was when his life was changed. The new boy who had just joined their class ran at them, his own quirk active, creating small explosions. He sent the two boys running. Izuku looked up at his hero with wide eyes. His name, Bakugo Katsuki. His soft, but spikey hair a soft blonde, and ruby eyes glaring after the bullies. He then turned and looked at Izuku and held out his hand.


“Are you okay?” He asked.


“Yes, this isn’t new.” Izuku replied, accepting the hand and Bakugo pulled him up.


“You’re Yagi Deku, right?” Bakugo asked, Izuku shook his head.


“Yagi Izuku.” He said


“Oh… I read it wrong…” Katsuki frowned, blushing a little, he shook his head and looked at Izuku with a slightly harder look. “I’ll called you Izu-chan!” He said, Izuku blushed and smiled.


“Can I call you Ka-chan then?” Izuku asked, Katsuki nodded. “And… you don’t mind me being quirkless?” Katsuki looked at him.


“No… should I be?” Katsuki asked


“I don’t know, everyone acts like it’s a bad thing, everyone is mean and my parents say I can’t be a hero without a quirk.” Izuku said


“But… you could you support items.” Katsuki pointed out.


“They don’t get that. They just like to tell me no. I don’t mind being quirkless, everyone has a quirk, so not having on makes me feel special.” Izuku smiled, Katsuki smiled too.


“So, want to be heroes together?” Katsuki asked, Izuku nodded.


“Yep! We can be a team!” Izuku said excitedly, their teacher called them inside, Izuku and Katsuki walked together.


“Great! Oh, do you like pokemon? My Mom got me the new game!” Katsuki said proudly.


“I watch it, I haven’t really played the game before.” Izuku admitted. Katsuki looked at him as if he had just kicked a puppy.


“Come on then! I have to show you!” Katsuki took his hand and pulled him inside. The teacher was surprised at how happy the boys looked together.