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"The Road of Life"

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“It’s so hard to say goodbye...”


After 3000 years it was time for them to finally live the life they always wanted, together.


The bitter part of it? That they won’t be able to do it alongside their friends.


The fact that Meliodas had to leave was already sad enough for the sins. They won’t be able to share their lives and happiness with their trusted captain and friend anymore, only the precious memories of their time together would remain. So when Elizabeth said she would go with him, just like that, without second thoughts, it shocked them and saddened them all the more.


-Ban and Elaine didn’t want to see their friends go, but understood and and respected their friends’ decision.


-King and Diane felt sad and powerless, wished there was another way.


-Gowther just wanted them to be happy, is what they deserved, even if that meant they wouldn’t be able to see them again.


-Merlin felt happy for them, she really did. They were finally free from their curses and would hopefully live the life they always wanted, but it still pained her to see the two most important people in her life go.


-Escanor sadly wondered if he only had been stronger he could’ve, somehow, prevented the situation.


-Meliodas was reluctant at first, when Elizabeth said she wanted to go with him, but she was determined and nothing in the world would be able to change her mind.


-Elizabeth felt bad for having to leave her friends and family behind, but happy ‘cause she’d finally spend the rest of her life with the man she loves.


None of them knew it would end this way, none of them wanted it to end this way, but they knew there’s nothing they could do about it and that’s just how the road of life is, it takes you to unexpected places, whether you want it or not.

So when the time came, with some hope and resign in their hearts, the sins waved them goodbye and though it pained them to see their friends go, they knew it was for the best.


And maybe, one day, they’ll all meet again.