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Food Soul Biography: Sapin Sapin

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“M-Miss, you cannot just waltz over-”

“I can perform the waltz, just need a partner.”

“This is not a joke! Only people with written permission from Pudding-”

“Stand aside.” Oh, there’s that bespectacled blonde manager. Pudding puts in so much effort for little Jello, stern as always. “She’s a VIP, special friend.”

“I-is she?”

“She said she can waltz, and that’s not all she can do. Several times, she even choreographed Jello’s shows.”

“W-Wait a moment! This woman is…?! The 'Dancing Rainbow' Sapiña?!”

The guard immediately steps aside, all flustered in a way that makes his appearance cute. He eventually leaves altogether.

“Sorry for the hassle, Miss Sapin.”

“It’s no trouble at all, Pudding. I am just proud of how little Jello has grown in her popularity.”

Pudding is for the most not a fitting name for someone so rock solid in expressions, but I can always manage to get a crack of a smile on that face of his like right now. It does take some work, and even my favorite little idol can’t do that.

“Whoa, aren’t you Sapiña? The 'Dancing Rainbow'? You’re a fan of Jello’s?!”

Pudding’s mood instantly sours. The voice is from a cheerful young man with glasses as well, and he is decked head to toe in many of Jello’s merchandise complete with a headband and glow sticks. Very much a large fan of hers.

“The greatest dancer of all time is here for the greatest idol of all time?! Please tell me, how do you know Jello? How close are you to her? Is she one of your fans too? Have you ever worked on stage together?!”

“Leave Miss Sapin be,” Pudding interrupts, glaring at the equally devoted blonde. The other’s eyes narrow in disgust at noticing the manager. “She has a special seat that she must get to.”

“Pudding, may I make a selfish request and ask this man to join me?” The man’s eyes light up, paralleling the wince from Pudding.

“Miss Sapin, I highly advise against the idea of this fool in the front seats, which is only reserved for you, I might add.”

“Oh, enough of that. He won’t cause any trouble, he’s only a devoted fan. Unless you want me to just give up my seat and let him hog the whole front.”

“No, that won’t be necessary.” That quick response goes to show that he has found himself pushed into a corner. It’s boring sitting in the front with no one to talk to about Jello’s shows. I usually have to fight him with words just to push in a guest. He may dislike this fan, but he’s not putting up much of a fight. Ha, I win.

Pudding shuffles to the side while grumbling under his breath, and I allow myself through with a grin to the fan. He is glowing in pure joy as he follows on the tails of my dress.

“Thank you so much for this opportunity, Sapiña! You don’t know how much this means to me! That cold manager of Jello’s would never let me come in the front row, but he quickly gave in to you! You must be close to Jello for him to step down!”

“You can just call me Sapin, you’re using my main stage name.” One of his glow sticks catches my eye again. “And you can say that I am a fan of hers, even helped in her dance lessons when she started out.”


“Indeed. May I ask to use one of your glow sticks, Mr…”

“Omurice, Club President of the Love Jello Fan Club! And of course you can!” Omurice excitedly hands me one of the glowing rods, and I can’t help but chuckle at his enthusiasm. “Any fan of the cutest idol ever is a friend to me! Would you want to join our fan club, Sapin?”

“I may stop by and see for myself. I don’t want little Jello attracting the wrong crowd after all.”

We find the best seats in the front and settle down. Omurice continues to go on and on about sweet Jello’s successes and his opinions of her top songs. Suddenly, I feel very detached from my kind friend. I know that she has been doing very well, becoming more popular, but I can’t help but think, by listening to this man, that I am not as attentive to her performances as I was in the past.

“Sapin, it’s starting!” It takes me a moment to realize that the lights have dimmed down to the stage. The stage lights kick in and there is Jello. She still has that bright smile and total glow of positive energy as the last time I saw her concerts. Omurice is instantly standing up, cheering whooping for the idol on stage, same as the crowd behind us.

Just as the music starts up, Jello looks in my direction. Her glow only intensifies before she raises her microphone up.

“Everyone, for our first song of the night, I dedicate its lyrics and feelings to the best dance teacher I have ever known! My dear friend and beloved dancer of the public, whose beauty is only rivaled by her performances! I devote this song to you, Sapiña!” 

The crowd becomes even more wild and I only find myself starting to tear up as she begins to sing the most heartfelt words I have ever heard. She has come so far, and she has put so much time into this song. Just for me.

I am definitely giving her a big hug by the end of tonight. And snatch her away from Pudding for a few days just to reconnect and have fun like old times.