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First of all, it's technically not Yoongi's fault, okay? It's not like he can completely control his instincts. He'd been trying his whole life to tone them down but sometimes it just doesn't seem to work. It's one thing when he was living alone.

But now that he and Hoseok share an apartment, it's a different story.


They'd barely been living officially together for a day before pesky instincts started showing themselves and Yoongi buries his face in his hands in embarrassment, broken mug pieces scattered around him accusingly.


"I'm sorry," Yoongi groans. "I didn't mean to push it off the table."


"It's fine, hyung, we can just buy plastic mugs instead." Hoseok reassures him with a chuckle and a hand on Yoongi's lower back before crouching to carefully pick up broken ceramic pieces.


Yoongi huffs, ears drooping and tail swinging in annoyance as he crouches down to help.




See, hybrids are pretty common around the world. A perfectly non-dystopian world where they're not treated as slaves or lesser beings. Hybrids are free and active members of society who contribute quite a lot to the evolution of world with their advanced reflexes, strength, intellect and instincts.


Hybrid/human relationships (though perfectly fine and very romanticized by the media and the hybrid/human porn industry is booming) are not as common as one might think, mainly because hybrids, by instinct, tend to stick to those of the same species and can only reproduce with them.




Yoongi is a somewhat famous cat hybrid. Yoongi has a YouTube channel, with over seven million subscribers, where he mixes songs, reviews and critiques music, does the occasional instrumental piano covers, rap covers and posts his own original rap music.


Hoseok is an up and coming new YouTuber who does dance covers, choreographes his own dances to music he likes, does simple dance tutorials and the occasional collabs where he teaches other guest YouTubers how to dance.


One day, Hoseok posted a video to a dance he did for one of Yoongi's original raps, a day later Yoongi tweeted the video and praised Hoseok's dancing skills and Hoseok tweeted back with an array of heart emojis and praised Yoongi's rapping skills. They became Twitter friends after that.


They officially met face to face a few months after that at Hoseok's first VidCon appearance. Jimin, Yoongi's cat hybrid friend who had previously done a collab with Hoseok, had dragged the older dancer over to officially meet Yoongi.


Despite their different personalities, the two had hit it off and got on like a house on fire. A month after their meeting, their first collab video went up, a video of Hoseok trying to teach Yoongi how to dance was posted on Hoseok's channel.  Fans ate it up and a new ship was born.


A year and a few more collabs later, much to the delight of the fandom, the two confirmed their relationship, twitter lost it's collective shit and #SopelsReal trended worldwide.




Yoongi doesn't know how the internet thinks their relationship works as a hybrid/human couple, and if the fan arts and fan fics Hoseok is so fond of are any indication, he really doesn't want to know.


Hoseok, on the other hand, finds great amusement in the internet's obsession with their relationship and fans proclivity to show said obsession through racy fan fics and arts and edits.


"'Yoongi blushed deeply as Hoseok slowly peeled off his shirt.'" Yoongi reads over Hoseok's shoulder off the younger's phone. "I still don't understand why they like to write this stuff. Or why you read it." He says as he rounds the couch to sit on one end, setting his laptop on his lap to edit his upcoming video and throwing his feet over Hoseok's legs.


Hoseok uses a free hand to rub at Yoongi's calf. "It's really cute and creative, hyung, you should read some." He replies without taking his eyes off his phone, disturbingly unbothered for someone reading porn about himself.




Their relationship is mostly normal. Like any other couple who love, trust, respect each other and know how to be best friends when needed and communicate properly. They balance one another out.



The thing is, relationships with hybrids are definitely different. Because they come with the fun quirks of having to adjust to their animal instincts.


Yoongi sometimes pushes cups off the table (they've upgraded to plastic and metal so nothing's broke for a while now), plops himself on the floor where a warm patch of sun will be found, eats fish almost daily. You know, the regular cat things.




Among other, more prominent, cat things.




Yoongi bites. In that asshole cat way where one minute he's all soft and gentle and cuddled to the younger's side and the next where Hoseok gasps an "Ow!" out of no where and Yoongi realizes what he'd done when he sees the teeth marks on the other's shoulder.

"Sorry, didn't realize l–Ah!"


Granted, on most occasions this ends with Yoongi in various compromising positions on the nearest flat surface, so he's at least constantly reassured that Hoseok doesn't mind the biting.




Yoongi also has cat mood swings, where he's hissing at Hoseok and refusing to let him close (Hoseok raises his hands in surrender and backs off with a smile twitching on his lips) only to stomp over to him half an hour later, drape himself over the dancer's lap and demand back rubs and head scratches.


Hoseok obliges and slips his fingers into Yoongi's hair and scratches behind his ears. "Do I tell you often enough how unfairly cute you are?"


"Shut up and pet me." Yoongi says without heat.

"Yes, your highness."


Hoseok gives amazing head scratches and massages.




Yoongi scents. A lot.

Yoongi has very strong instincts when it comes to scenting. It's the need to mark his territory and lay claim on his mate that prevents him from letting Hoseok leave the house before at least a good half hour session of scenting where Yoongi would go for Hoseok's neck first, dutifully exposed for the purpose, and lick and rub his cheeks and scent glands all over the exposed skin, nuzzling into the younger to leave his scent all over him, making sure the younger smells sufficiently of Yoongi to ward off any unwanted and unwelcomed attention from other hybrids.


"Am I good enough to go?"

"Give me anther five."

"Sure thing, hyung."




Scenting comes in hand with a possessive streak. Said possessive streak means that if Hoseok comes home with even a whiff of another hybrid on him, he's not allowed to touch Yoongi before taking a shower while Yoongi aggressively throws the 'smelly clothes' in the washing machine.


(Jimin, who is now Hoseok's steady dancing buddy, is an asshole and always does it on purpose just to troll Yoongi and laugh at him when the older hisses in response. The brat.)


This is usually followed by a whole new and longer sessions of scenting. Hoseok always takes it all in stride.

Hoseok actually really seems to enjoy  Yoongi's displays of possessiveness. And the other methods of 'reaffirming claims' that usually follow.




Then there's the heats.


Heats are not in any way what they're usually depicted in the fan fics that Hoseok reads so fondly. Yoongi is extremely horny, yes, but he's not an irradiational, desperate mess begging to be fucked or he'll cry and be in pain. That's not how it works. He can go through heats just fine without sex. Yoongi is just really, really, really clingy during heats to the point Hoseok is not even allowed to leave the house for the duration of it unless it's an emergency.

Yoongi's scenting instincts are even more diled up than usual,  and the need to pile their (mostly Hoseok's) clothes on the bed in an attempt at nesting is absolutely irresistible despite the fact that after Yoongi's heat passes they'll have so much laundry at hand to do.


"You could've stayed in bed for the minute it would take me to bring water and snacks you know." Hoseok comments offhandly as he closes the fridge and waddles back to the bedroom with Yoongi attached to his back like a koala.


"Why let you go for a minute when I can just come along and keep hugging you." Yoongi argues back.

"If you get any cuter I'll actually have a heart attack."


Yoongi waits until Hoseok puts the water bottle and snacks on the bedside table before he shoves the younger back on the mattress, causing him to let out a squeaky noise of surprise, and crawls over him like the predator Yoongi is.

"We can keep chatting," Yoongi nips at Hoseok's earlop. "Or you can flip me over, hold me down and take me like you mean it."

Yoongi preens happily when he finds himself a second later on his front with Hoseok behind him, leaving bite marks at his neck.

"As you wish, your highness."


Hoseok gives Yoongi exactly what he wished for. Bless him and his dancer hips.




It's a long list of cat things that Hoseok had to adjust to in order for their relationship to work, and Yoongi knows that Hoseok thinks his cat characteristics are cute.

But by far, Hoseok's favorite thing is none of the above (Though all the above is great and he loves it) because his favorite is something else that Yoongi does.


Because Yoongi purrs!


The first time he'd heard Yoongi purr, Hoseok had to grab the nearest object (a couch throw pillow) and shove his face into it and squeal. Hoseok had needed a good few minutes to sit down and calm himself and the smitten smile on his face while Yoongi had sat crossed legged opposite him and made no effort to hide how hard he was judging the younger.


"You are embarrassing." Yoongi had eventually said once the younger regained a somewhat normal breathing pattern.

"And you're so ridiculously cute and it's killing me." Hoseok had replied like the smitten human he was.


Yoongi had flipped him the bird and Hoseok, in retaliation, had launched himself at the hybrid and proceeded to pet him until Yoongi relaxed and started purring again.


Now it's a 'thing' for Hoseok. He would sit and play with Yoongi's hair and rub his cat ears and back and tail until Yoongi starts purring. Hoseok is perfectly willing to sit there for hours just petting Yoongi to make him purr. He is such a cat person.


"You have a kink." Yoongi had pointed out at one point.

"It's not a kink of it's not sexual." Was the weak counter argument.

"It's a kink."

"You're just really cute and sweet when you purr!"

"It's a kink."

"Hyung, come on..."






So yeah, their relationship is mostly normal. They go on dates, they argue over movies, they make YouTube videos for an audience that's ridiculously invested in their relationship, they cuddle and kiss and make their friends gag with how disgustingly cute they can be.


You know, the normal couple stuff.


Plus the few occasional cat stuff.



But who's counting.



(Hoseok is. Because he's a hopeless cat person.)













Amino Post (Includes images of SOPE in this au)