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Shouto had never planned any of this. In hindsight, the whole situation was rather embarrassing. A burst of petulant teenage folly and, admittedly, a healthy dose of angst. Or an unhealthy dose, as it were.

Truly, it had been miraculously foolish.

Shouto had snapped a secret picture of his father sipping his morning coffee, and he'd maybe only had half the usual flames licking about his face and had looked very ridiculous. Without a second thought, Shouto had slammed together a Twitter account, and tweeted the picture with the caption, 'he woke up like this.'

It was, in his opinion, the epitome of scathing. Todoroki Enji would never let anyone see him like this, drinking coffee, reading the news in a faded old t-shirt with half his face uncovered. He'd be furious if he saw that picture.

And for a while, that was all it had been. Shouto didn't really know how Twitter worked. As far as he was concerned, he was just throwing some of his pent up frustrations at home out into the void of the internet, where no one knew who he was, or cared. He tweeted unflattering pictures. He shared short, biting observations about his father's image, about the facade he had constructed for himself.

When moving about his day to day life, Shouto hadn't thought much of it. The Twitter account only popped into his head when he was bored, or particularly frustrated.

He usually only opened the app long enough to make one post, and then closed it again.

It was months before he noticed the bell symbol with the increasing number hovering over it, and longer than that before he realized he'd somehow set the app to silent, so his phone never alerted him to the app's notifications.

By the time he started fiddling with all the settings, the damage was already done. It seemed like everything he’d ever posted had been retweeted. Every snarky observation, every unflattering picture, every glimpse into the man Endeavor was behind his quirk generated mask.

The problem was, most of Shouto’s followers (he had followers) seemed to think the whole thing was rather tongue-in-cheek, that the pictures were endearing somehow, and Shouto’s snark was more amused than furious.

Shouto probably should have just shut the whole thing down then and there, but somehow-- and he wasn’t sure how since he was generally very terrible at social media and things like appearing to have a personality-- he was apparently quite good at the Twitter.

He didn’t tell anyone for years and somehow, none of his classmates found out. He truly had no idea how he managed to go unnoticed that long, considering how popular some of his tweets were. Once or twice Midoriya actually sent him a screen grab of a tweet with some snarky comment about his father without realizing Shouto was the one who had tweeted it. Shouto suspected most people who came across his account and figured out who he was-- or who they thought he was pretending to be-- thought it was a parody account.

It reached a point where Shouto was just tweeting to see what he could get away with-- pictures of his classmates at parties, short videos of Bakugou screaming again, one liners about the fake emergencies he got dragged through for hero training.

Shouto expected Midoriya to figure it out first. He was among the smartest people Shouto knew, Shouto’s closest friend, and very hip to the whole… internet… situation.

Which is why Shouto was completely stunned when Kaminari Denki sidled up to Shouto at some hazy get together Ashido was throwing, and held out his phone with Shouto’s Twitter feed pulled up.

Shouto felt all the color drain out of his face because he had literally just tweeted a picture-- Kaminari had taken his shirt off, and he was just wearing that ridiculous choker and his hair was falling in his eyes and Shouto wasn’t even sure why he was shirtless, he wasn’t anymore, but all in all it had been just a touch… distracting. So Shouto had snapped a picture and tweeted it out with the words ‘Is this what thirst feels like.’

He hadn’t meant anything by it. Hell, not a day ago, he’d tweeted a snap of Ashido weightlifting with the text ‘Hide your wives.’ It was funny. He was funny.

Kaminari was chewing gum because of course he was, and he had one finger absently threaded through his choker when he just said, “Dude.”

Shouto tried to see if he’d seen Shouto’s latest tweet, casually flicking his eyes to Kaminari’s phone to see what part of the feed it was trained on.


“You have more followers than me.”

Shouto stared without saying anything, and Kaminari smiled in that way he had-- sunny and flirtatious at once-- and looked down at his phone. He did something and then grinned at Shouto before wordlessly turning and walking away.

Shouto’s phone vibrated in his hand and when he looked down, he found someone had retweeted his picture of Denki with a comment-- a single red lipped emoji.

So Shouto did another very stupid thing. He liked the retweet.

He didn’t talk to Kaminari again for the rest of the night, but about an hour later, when he looked down at his phone so he could pretend he wasn’t watching Midoriya hit on Kirishima yet again, he found he’d been tagged in a post-- a picture of himself looking very bored with an overfull glass of pink wine (because Ashido had insisted on mixing the incredibly expensive red Yaoyorozu had brought with the cheap white dessert wine Ashido had gotten on sale at the supermarket) in one hand and an unlit cigarette that he’d been holding because Sero wanted him to light it in the other.

The accompanying text was just a series of water splash emojis, which Shouto had gathered meant something illicit, and a blue face with a ghost coming out of its mouth.

Shouto looked around, but didn’t see Kaminari anywhere, and before he could locate him, Midoriya was at his side with a very blushy Kirishima. Midoriya was, predictably, ready to go home, and as Shouto only made it to most of these get togethers to begin with thanks to him, Shouto wasn’t really keen on staying once Midoriya had gone.

Plus, if Shouto was any judge, Bakugou had no idea what was going on, and Shouto didn’t want to be the one to tell him Kirishima had left with Midoriya when Bakugou actually noticed Kirishima was missing. Shouto wasn’t sure why nobody seemed to notice just how often Midoriya left with one of their classmates, but it had gone on for so long at this point, that Shouto was more content to observe then to actually let anyone else in on the fact that just about the whole class (or at least the parts of it that slept with men) had been taken back to Midoriya’s room at least once since they graduated high school, and most more than that.

Shouto left with Midoriya and Kirishima and he assumed that would be that. Kaminari would probably laugh at the whole thing in the morning. He’d probably show Ashido and then everyone would know about the Twitter account and Shouto would either delete it out of abject shame or… maybe pretend he had no idea what they were all talking about.

Shouto instead woke up the next morning (when Midoriya burst into his room to ask if he wanted anything from the coffee shop) to find he had a text from Kaminari. This was notable because Shouto wasn’t sure he had ever had a text from Kaminari that wasn’t in a group chain, and it was also notable because it was sent a four AM. It was a picture of a poster from a movie Shouto had been meaning to see, with a time and an address.

Shouto appreciated brevity and directness in texts-- he was glad his friends had started figuring that out.

He sent back a thumbs up emoji and went back to sleep until Midoriya came back with breakfast. Shouto emerged from his room and found Kirishima looking bleary eyed and rather adorable in one of Midoriya’s old All Might shirts sitting at the kitchen table while Midoriya laid out food for him. Kirishima blushed a little guiltily when Shouto walked in, but Shouto was used to entertaining Midoriya’s slew of evening guests at this point. They’d lived together since they graduated and Shouto had been privy to many breakfasts in that time.

When Shouto sat down, they were both making plans to meet up with Bakugou later, and since Shouto had missed the first part of the conversation, he took a sip of his coffee, and asked, “For the movie?”

Midoriya furrowed his brow. “What movie?”

“The movie,” Shouto said. “Kaminari texted me about it this morning.”

Kirishima said, “Kaminari did?”


They both looked at each other and pulled out their phones while Shouto reached for his bowl of rice and egg. A beat passed, and Shouto looked up just in time to see Midoriya and Kirishima look at each other. Midoriya shrugged very subtly and then said brightly, “We can’t make it.”

Kirishima added, “Already made plans.”

Shouto stared at them because they were being strange. It wasn’t uncommon for Midoriya to have plans on a Saturday afternoon. Usually Shouto knew about them; usually he was invited. When neither of them elaborated on what their plans were, Shouto took his bowl and retreated to his bedroom, unable to resist giving them a rather suspicious look on his way out.

They probably just wanted to fuck again.

When Shouto arrived at the theater, Kaminari was already there. He saw Shouto coming and grinned and held up two tickets, which Shouto thought was rather nice of him.

“Hi, Todoroki-kun!”

“Who else is here?” Shouto asked, by way of greeting, peering around to see if Ashido and Sero or maybe Ururaka were around somewhere playing an arcade game.

Kaminari shrugged. “Just us!”

Shouto bought the popcorn and drinks to pay Kaminari back for the ticket.

He was surprised to find that being alone with Kaminari wasn’t the slightest bit intimidating. Shouto prefered small groups to one on one interaction. Traditionally, Midoriya was the only person Shouto hung out with alone on any kind of regular basis. But Kaminari didn’t seem to mind carrying the conversation. In fact, Shouto didn’t have to say much of anything for the first fifteen minutes they were together.

Then Kaminari said casually, “So what’s with the secret Twitter account? Have you been tweeting about all of us behind our backs?”

He was smiling, so Shouto didn’t think he was angry at least.

“I started it years ago,” Shouto admitted. “It’s very stupid.”

“I think it’s cool.”


“Well, yeah. You’re funny. I didn’t really know you were funny.” A silent beat passed, and Kaminari looked Shouto in the eye and added, “You know, like, consistently.”

Shouto ate some popcorn.

Kaminari grinned and looked down at his phone. “I’ve had these screenshots saved for forever,” he said brightly. He showed Shouto two saved tweets-- both from Shouto’s account, both about Bakugou, both rather acerbic. “You’re like a meme, dude.”

Shouto sipped his soda.

“I figured it was like a fan account, you know? Like how many Twitter accounts have All Might’s face on ‘em? Like, you know how it’s about a billion times funnier that it looks like Endeavor’s son posted this picture than some rando?”

“Most people think that,” Shouto agreed. “That’s… probably why no one’s figured out it’s actually me.”

Kaminari laughed, eyes and nose crinkling, and Shouto felt his heart do a very strange little twist in his chest.

Shouto enjoyed the movie. Kaminari came back to the apartment after and spent about three hours talking about his own various social media platforms and follower counts and Shouto felt like he should have been bored, but he wasn’t.

It took about a month for Shouto to figure out what was actually going on.

In that time, he saw Kaminari nearly everyday. When they were with friends, Kaminari sat next to Shouto and bumped his shoulder when someone said something funny. When they were alone, Kaminari played a number of movies that he was always surprised to find Shouto hadn’t seen yet, and tweeted inscrutable strings of text from Shouto’s account. They even ended up on a few jobs together-- it was bound to happen when there was a general call for help and Shouto and Kaminari just so happened to be nearby and with each other.

They worked well together. Once they wound up at the top of all the Twitter feeds when Shouto used a rapidly erected corridor of ice to direct Kaminari’s electricity directly to the proper spot to short circuit some sort of electromagnetic bomb that was sucking the power from four city blocks, including a local hospital. They went back to Shouto’s apartment after that, to eat take-out food and watch news coverage because Kaminari loved to see news reports about himself and everyone he knew. Midoriya came home and saw them in the living room, asked them about the job. He moved around them for a while, and in and out of his own room, laughing when Kaminari said something charming, looking at Shouto when he thought Shouto didn’t notice.

They went to Shouto’s room when the news reports were over-- Kaminari said he liked it in there, thought it was cozy. Shouto gave Kaminari his computer and watched him clicking around for a few minutes, flung across Shouto’s bed like it belonged to him, before he excused himself to use the bathroom.

Midoriya cornered him after he was done.

He clearly had something he wanted to say, as he was waiting for Shouto when Shouto opened the door, and he had a fierce determined look on his face. The moment Shouto tried to step over the threshold, Midoriya put his hand on Shouto’s chest and pushed him back into the bathroom.

“What are you--”

“What are you doing?” he asked in exasperation and amusement and confusion.

Shouto looked from one side and then to the other. “Using the toilet.”

No, I mean with Kaminari!”

“Kami-- what about him? He’s watching YouTube videos of Ashido body slamming some perv on the train.”

“Exactly,” Midoriya said sharply. “You’ve gotta get in there, Shouto!”

“Get-- what are you talking about?”

“I live with you. Plus Kaminari tells Kirishima everything. So I know you haven’t done it yet. What are you waiting for?”

Shouto blinked at Midoriya very stupidly. Whatever conversation Midoriya was attempting to have, it seemed like Shouto was missing a very important half of it. “Done it.”

“Yes! What are you waiting for? Kaminari thinks your shy. I know you’re not shy.”


“Well, yeah. You’ve been dating a month and you haven’t made a move, who wouldn’t think you’re shy--”


“Just make a move, Shouto,” Midoriya groaned. “Kaminari’s cool, it’ll be fine. He thinks you’re like, totally sexy.”

“Dating,” Shouto said again.

“I’m going to be in my room,” Midoriya said very seriously. “With headphones. And loud, loud music.”

He raised his brows, patted Shouto once on the shoulder, and turned to go.

Shouto said, “Dating?”

Midoriya ignored him, and Shouto wandered back to his own bedroom feeling very confused.

He shut the door behind him and hovered for a moment, replaying the conversation he and Midoriya had just had, and also thinking of the movie he’d seen with Kaminari-- with just Kaminari-- yesterday, and how it was the fourth weekend in a row they ended up alone at the movies together, and it had been Shouto’s turn to buy the tickets, and Kaminari had gotten the candy and--

“Hey, you okay?” Kaminari asked, breaking in to Shouto’s thoughts. “You look all… wobbly, stare-y and shit.”

“Kaminari,” Shouto said, still too off balance to even look at him. He was staring into space, brows furrowed trying to remember-- “Are we dating?”

A small movement made Shouto finally look down at his futon. Kaminari sat up, and very calmly set Shouto’s laptop on the bed beside him.

“We’re hanging out.”

“Don’t do that, I hate that.”

“Hate what?”

“Words that don’t mean what they mean. Like ‘talking’ and ‘chilling’ and-- are we dating?”

“Do you want to be dating?”

“Because we don’t do the things people who are dating do.”

“We’re together a lot.”

“Yes, but we’re not--” Shouto trailed off a little helplessly.

Kaminari gave Shouto a very pointedly casual look and said, “Do you wanna be doing the things dating people do?” Shouto stared at him and he added, in case it wasn’t clear, “With me?”

Shouto blinked at him and decided this wasn’t how people did things. Was it? Kaminari had just decided they were friends and Shouto hadn’t minded, exactly, because Kaminari smelled nice and when he found something particularly funny one little spark always jumped off the tip of his nose, and he had a very nice laugh and--

“If we’re dating you should have told me,” he said, perhaps a little coldly.

Kaminari shrugged, and said, “I just figured you were shy. I mean, it’s not like I wasn’t, like, super obvious.”

“Denki,” Shouto said slowly. Kaminari’s lips twitched a little and his eyes crinkled up. “You should just assume that I haven’t assumed anything.” Kaminari furrowed his brows. “Or. That--I take things very literally and you should not play games--”

Kaminari frowned and protested, “I wasn’t--”

“Or assume that I have assumed anything you haven’t explicitly said.”

Kaminari chewed on his lips. He looked crestfallen, and his cheeks were a little pink, and his shoulders had fallen just a bit.

Shouto added, “And I am not shy.”

“You’re not?”


“Maybe not shy,” Kaminari relented, voice wavering a little, somewhere between apologetic and hopeful. “But. Sort of. A gentlemen, or something? Because, I don’t, some guys are like that, and normally I’d just, you know, make the first move, or whatever, but like, you kinda seem like the type who doesn’t like to be rushed, and I just thought--”

Shouto kissed him.

He did it rather impulsively, which felt very good since he didn’t do many things impulsively, as a general rule, and then it felt even better because Kaminari made a shocked, high pitched sound and put his hands in Shouto’s hair and Shouto had always very much liked it when other people touched his hair.

Shouto wasn’t shy. He maybe hadn’t kissed or slept with many people, but he also had never really had trouble enjoying himself like that-- or making sure his partners were enjoying themselves. He just… did what felt good.

Now, he put his hand on Kaminari’s chin, and pulled him a little bit closer, tilted his head back for a better angle, and heard another shocked, half choked off moan. Shouto opened his eyes and found Kaminari staring back at him, eyes very wide.

Shouto pulled away. Midoriya had told him once that it was creepy to keep your eyes open during kisses and when Shouto did it, it made him feel like he was doing something wrong so if Kaminari was--

Kaminari said breathlessly, “Why’d you stop?”

“You looked… unnerved.”

Kaminari shook his head. “Nope, not, not-- just-- surprised.”


Kaminari wet his lips and nodded and said, “You’re. Sorta pushy, actually?”

Shouto drew his brows together. He could try not to be, but he’d never much prefered playing follow-the-leader unless the leader was Midoriya and Shouto was following him to social events.

“I really like that,” Kaminari said, nodding his head and breathing out hard when he spoke.

Oh. Well, good.

Shouto went back to kissing him and Kaminari just relaxed into him and Shouto-- maybe got a bit… carried away.

It just felt-- so good. There was a strange sort of surprise underscoring the whole thing because he truly hadn’t known-- Kaminari had just been so friendly. Usually when people wanted to get into Shouto’s pants, they-- well frequently they just told Midoriya and then Midoriya told Shouto and Shouto just had to pretend not to be strange long enough to wind up alone with someone. And then they’d fuck, which Shouto was good at, and usually he didn’t have to talk much so he didn’t have the chance to make anyone feel awkward or--

“Denki,” Shouto said sharply, pulling back a little. Kaminari trailed after him, looking flushed and a little dazed, and Shouto said, “Most of the time when people want to sleep with me they don’t invite me to movies first.”

Kaminari blinked and looked like he was clearing his head. “I like hanging out with you. You’re funny and smart but you don’t make me feel stupid.”

And it felt very strange, but Shouto found his heart doing an odd little clenching stutter in his chest. “So we are… dating.”

“I mean, yeah,” Kaminari said brightly, nodding. “I mean, I thought we were, but I guess if you didn’t-- do you want to?”

Shouto did. Shouto did very much.

He kissed Kaminari again and pushed him back onto the futon when he did it, whole body stretched over top of himi. Kaminari made a long, high sound, and spread his legs and bent his knees so Shouto was wedged between them.

Shouto was used to just doing what felt good in bed. He wasn’t used to having his partner go so quiet and breathless. Kaminari buried his hands in Shouto’s hair and turned his head so Shouto could kiss his neck and his voice came out low and shivery when he said, “Oh-- fuck--”

It was just… different. Shouto could feel it already and but he couldn’t quite name it. Kaminari was into him; Shouto could tell that much, but he wasn’t-- making a big show of it like people usually did. He was breathing hard and making soft, quiet sounds, and squeezing Shouto’s sides with his knees and what was even stranger was how-- fuck-- how hot that was. Shouto knew Kaminari was unfairly sexy but he hadn’t thought it would… effect him like this.

Shouto moved his hands down of Kaminari’s sides, pulling at his shirt, and confusing the fabric with Shouto’s blankets and he stuttered out a little roughly, “Take-- take this off.”

Kaminari pushed him back hard and said, “No, you,” and started pulling his own shirt off and trying to yank at Shouto’s at the same time.

Shouto sat back, pulled his shirt off over his head, and found Kaminari watching him with one arm still stuck in his shirt when Shouto looked back down.


“You’re just like… really hot.”

Shouto never knew how to respond to that. Denying it felt disingenuous and saying thank you felt sort of smug, and-- Shouto just looked down at Kaminari’s chest and spread the fingers of his left hand over Kaminari’s right pectoral. He was so… compact. Sort of like a dancer. Painfully fit but still so slight.

Kaminari shivered when Shouto touched him and looked down at Shouto’s fingers. “H-hey-- can you…”

Shouto made his hand a little hotter. Kaminari thumped back against the futon and arched his back.

“Are you okay?” Shouto asked, voice coming out a little too dry considering he was actually a bit disconcerted. Kaminari didn’t seem to be faking it but he was also reacting much more strongly to everything Shouto did than anyone Shouto had been with before.

“Uh huh,” Kaminari breathed, dropping his eyes to Shouto’s. “You’re just-- and I haven’t-- I mean, not since we started, like, not dating, and I guess maybe a month isn’t that long for some people, but I kinda don’t normally go that long, you know, so I’m just a little bit--”


“Holy fuck, Todoroki-kun, you just--”



“I’m gonna put my fingers inside you. Use my name.”

Kaminari’s eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned. Yeah, fuck-- do that--”

Shouto kissed Kaminari’s chest instead, and rolled his tongue over Kaminari’s left nipple, and bit his collar bone because-- well, this was fun. Kaminari was so… responsive. And not in a deliberate, staged sort of way. Shouto could tell he was working Kaminari into hysterics and it was fun. He was barely touching him. Just kissing him all over, and maybe biting if Shouto’s… aggression carried him away a little. About the fifth time Shouto dipped down and licked the little dip in Kaminari’s skin next to his hip bone, Kaminari’s fists got very tight in Shouto’s hair.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my--”

“Still okay?” And maybe Shouto was teasing this time. It was just-- how could he resist?

“Fuck me-- you gotta, you gotta fuck me, okay, you gotta, I need it.”

Shouto sat up and ran his thumbs over Kaminari’s hip bones. He paused when he saw the very edge of a yellow-brown bruise disappearing into Kaminari’s pants. They’d both taken a few hits tonight. Anyone who hit Kaminari usually fell down right away, since it was hard to stand with that much electricity coursing through your body, but. Shouto still hadn’t liked seeing it. He’d maybe gotten a little too angry. The villain who had left this bruise was being treated for some very nasty burns across his back and hands last Shouto heard.

“You were amazing tonight.”

Kaminari made a confused, wordless little sound and finally looked at Shouto again.

“If I’d known you’d wanted this, I’d have--”

“What? You what?” Kaminari said when Shouto didn’t go on, voice low and insistent and breathless. “Tell me, you’d what?”

Shouto shook his head to clear it, and pulled Kaminari’s pants off, sharp and sudden, and without fully planning it.

And then he was naked and even though Shouto had been kissing and touching him for a long time by now, it still felt sudden. Kaminari got very quiet while Shouto looked at him and it took Shouto a few beats to notice. He was just-- very distracted. Kaminari was-- Shouto had been attracted to him for years now, ever since they’d gotten drunk and Kaminari had given Midoriya a lap dance on a dare, but Shouto still hadn’t known what seeing him like this would do.

He was scarred. They all were. Old bruises across the tops of his thighs, scrapes and slashes down his legs. Kaminari had less then some, maybe, since he didn’t generally let people get close to him, but some things couldn’t be avoided.

He also had a very beautiful cock and when Shouto’s eyes settled on it, he couldn’t really tear them away. It was… maybe smaller than average, but well shaped and flushed pink and, Shouto was honestly a little shocked to see, completely hairless. In fact, Kaminari’s chest and face and under his arms were all smooth too and Shouto found that terribly endearing for some reason.

Kaminari cleared his throat and when Shouto looked up at him, his cheeks were pink and there was an unreadable expression on his face.

“Denki, don’t take this the wrong way but has anyone ever told you you’ve got the most adorable cock?”

Kaminari sat up on his elbows and said, “Really?”

Shouto looked at his face, and then dropped his eyes back to Kaminari’s dick and-- “Yeah.” Kaminari looked a little too pleased at that and Shouto added, “I want to put it in my mouth.”

Kaminari groaned and sunk back and said, “Fuck, please, yeah, god, Shouto--”

It sent an illicit shiver down Shouto’s back and he stood up to finish undressing and retrieve lubricant. Kaminari watched him rifling around in his desk drawer for longer than Shouto intended to, and when he came back he said a little begrudgingly, “Uh. I don’t. Have any condoms.”

Kaminari looked at him and shrugged.

Shouto stared at him for another beat, and decided he didn’t really care either. Midoriya would be furious with him if he found out. But Shouto couldn’t convince himself that it really mattered in the moment. It had maybe been a while for him too, all things considered.

Shouto went back to Kaminari and let himself get carried away again. They felt good pressed together. Kaminari moaned a lot, except he sounded like he couldn’t help it, and Shouto found himself shivering with a very sudden and consuming desire to touch Kaminari everywhere. He bit his neck, and Kaminari breathed, “Harder.” Shouto drew his hand down Kaminari’s chest, felt every scar and muscle and traced his fingers over Kaminari’s belly. “Fuck, fuck me, Shouto, come on, please don’t tease, I’m so--”

“So what?”

“Want you so bad.”

That did something very unexpected to Shouto. No one had ever said that to him before, but it was really the way Kaminari said it. The way he’d said you. Like it was Shouto and not just a nice body and an intriguing quirk he was after.

Shouto said, “Which hand should I use?”


Shouto shrugged when Kaminari came up on his elbows.

“The left is always a little warmer and the right’s always cooler, which one do you want me to use?”

“Fuck, shit, yeah-- right, use the right one.”

Shouto responded by pressing his right middle finger between Kaminari’s legs and Kaminari’s breathing got all sharp and high. He put his hands on Shouto’s thighs and dug his nails into Shouto’s skin, which Shouto enjoyed very much. He could feel Kaminari trembling and he’d barely even touched him.

His finger slid inside with very little resistance and he moved it carefully, experimentally, mostly to see what Denkii would do. He sucked in another high, sharp breath and when he exhaled, Shouto felt static pop across about six different places on his body. Where Denki’s hands were digging into his thighs, where Shouto was pressed inside him, where Denki’s knees were shaking around Shouto’s ribs.

Shouto jerked a little in surprise, and Denki said, “F-fuck sorry, so sorry, got-- distracted.”

Shouto's skin tingled like a pleasant shiver. He could taste lightning on the air and it tasted good.

Shouto had never been particularly interested in using quirks for sex. He'd considered his proclivities rather standard, even if he tended to attract people who were very interested in nonstandard applications of his quirk.

Aside from the one time he'd let Midoriya hold him down, Shouto had never really played with quirks for himself before. It felt almost...irresponsible. Or maybe disrespectful.

Denki made him feel like he'd just had a shot of adrenaline injected directly into his heart and he-- he wanted, he wanted it again.

Shouto did three things all at the same time: he made his hand colder, he pulled back just enough to slide a second finger alongside the first, and he kissed Denki very hard.

Denki arched into him, moaning against Shouto's lips, tongue sliding against Shouto's when Shouto deepened the kiss.

Kissing him felt like licking a battery.

Really, Denki was probably much too old to be doing this accidentally, it was actually concerning to think he had that little control over himself, but--

Shouto enjoyed sex, he enjoyed sex very much, but this was something else. He felt like he was clinging to a storm cloud, could feel prickling all over his body and the occasional pinch of something more, of a true static shock and he pressed himself to Denki’s chest, fingers curling in time to the way he was rolling his hips. Denki whined in his ear and the sound of it, the shamelessness, the helplessness, Denki was going to ruin him for casual sex, and he wasn’t sure if he’d ever been this turned on his life.

Denki’s fingernails dragged against Shouto’s skin again and he felt more little pops of static everywhere Denki’s hands touched. He bit his lip around a curse that turned into a sharp, shocked gasp, and then another moan, broken up into a staccato rhythm that sounded like it might be in time to the furiously rapid beating of Shouto’s heart.

“Sho-- Shouto-- please,” he choked, breath hitching through every syllable like he could hardly speak.

It went straight to Shouto’s head. He could feel Denki’s fingers scrambling along his hips and ass and back, and he could feel Denki’s chest heaving and his breath against Shouto’s ear, ruffling his hair. His legs went limp and fell open, knees splaying out to both sides, while the rest of him tensed and arched up under Shouto’s body.

“‘S too--”

Shouto almost urged him on, told him to keep going, keep talking, fucking say it, damn it, whatever it is he was going to say--

“‘S too much.”

Shouto did not expect that and he froze completely, only moving enough to lift his head so he could see Denki’s face.

Denki fell back against the futon in a limp sprawl, sucking in huge, harsh lungfuls of air.

Shouto had been biting his shoulder without quite realizing it, so twisted up in all the sounds Denki had been making, and he’d also been--

Not the tiniest bit gentle with his fingers. The thought of the ruthless pace he’d been keeping, the way he’d been curling and pressing the tips of his fingers against a spot he knew Denki would enjoy, made him flush all over, made his whole body-- his whole body and not just the left side-- feel too hot.

Shouto’s voice came out gruff and apologetic when he said, “Okay?”

Denki’s chin bobbed toward his chest, and then he opened his eyes and stared up at Shouto like Shouto was alone responsible for every star and every flower and every quirk and every beautiful thing that had ever been and all Shouto’s insides seem to flip over at once and get all twisted around each other.

“Don’t wanna come on your fingers,” he whispered.

Shouto’s body throbbed so fiercely it made him dizzy. Usually people didn’t talk to him during. Sometimes they liked it when he talked to them. And apparently sex was the one place where he could say whatever he was thinking in a very blunt and straightforward manner and have people actually like it but--

Shit, they really never talked to him. Maybe something simple. Fuck me. Yes. Like that.

But they didn’t say his name and they didn’t--

“Wanna come on your cock.”

What was Shouto supposed to do then, except everything Denki ever asked him to do ever again?

Shouto jerked his head in a nod, eyes falling to the angry, deep mark he'd left above Denki's collarbone. It was guilt that made him lick over it, sooth his tongue across the rapidly purpling skin.

Denki made some soft, utterly depraved sound and a deep shiver rolled from the tip of Shouto’s tongue to the soles of his feet. There was no way Denki hadn’t done that on purpose, hadn’t known exactly what that little moan would do to Shouto, and yet…

Shouto really couldn’t be sure.

Maybe Denki really was that much of an absolute slut.

Denki groaned furiously all of a sudden and Shouto’s eyes, glazed and unfocused, staring at the blanket beside Denki’s head, snapped to his face.

“What are you waiting for?” he pouted. “Are you trying to tease me?”

“N-no, I--” Shouto began, startled and flustered all at once.

“It’s okay if you wanna, just warn me first.”

“It’s-- I was just--” Stalling. Basking. Shouto wasn’t sure which.

“Are you okay? Do you still wanna? Should I turn over? I can turn over--”

“What? No.”

“Oh, good,” Denki said brightly, voice still breathy and only half there. “I wanna see your face.”

“Why would you--”

“I dunno, you’re looking at me weird,” Denki complained. Shouto felt his cheeks get very hot again.

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are, your eyes are all intense and concerned and shit.”

“Well, now you’re talking,” Shouto protested.

“You don’t want me to talk?”

“What? No,” Shouto said again. “You--”

“I like it when you talk.”

“I-- you do?”

“Yeah, you’re so quiet, usually, I like it when you say dirty things.”

Shouto swallowed a little thickly. “Are you going to stay here?”


“When-- we’re done-- are you going to stay here?”

The expression that came over Denki’s face was the closest thing to a scowl Shouto had ever seen him wear. “I guess I don’t have to--”

“No, I want you to.”

“You do?”

“Yes,” Shouto said.

Denki beamed at him, and his cheeks were pink and flushed and he looked so happy and so sexy at the same time and Shouto wondered if he could just explode into a thousand tiny horny pieces and maybe that would be easier to deal with some how.

He kissed him instead, probably too hard, probably too enthusiasticly. Denki didn’t seem to mind, if the way he kissed Shouto back was any indication.

“Come on,” Denki whispered, right into Shouto’s ear. “Don’t make me wait anymore.”

Shouto’s thoughts blurred, hands and hips moving like he wasn’t in control of them anymore, finding the lube again, coating his hand, and his cock and pressing his wet fingers into Denki’s hole again, just once, just so he knew there was enough lube, and Denki just whined at him.

He gripped Denki’s narrow hips in both hands after that, and held Denki in place while he buried his cock as deeply as he could. He sat up while he did it, so he could watch Denki’s face, watch his eyes roll back in his head and his jaw go slack. He wrapped his hands around Shouto’s wrists and Shouto felt static in a steady prickling stream across his skin that only got worse when Shouto moved his hips in a slow, careful roll that was still probably a little too rough, except Shouto really couldn’t help it.

Denki’s voice came out too high and breathy when he hissed, “Fu-- yes, yes, god fucking--”

Shouto didn’t think he really needed to be careful after that. Denki certainly didn’t seem to mind.

“God-- yes, Shouto-- yes, yes--”

The lights were flickering. Shouto only half noticed. He was beyond that, fucking Denki-- fuck, Kaminari Denki-- so hard his lungs and thighs were starting to burn with the effort. Denki had gone totally limp, all his tension written in his face, or squeezed in his hands while the rest of him lolled and shifted with the press of Shouto’s body.

The angle wasn’t quite right though, wasn’t quite perfect, and Shouto paused long enough to pull one of Denki’s legs over his own shoulder, and push the other knee toward Denki’s ear. He could tell by the loud, shocked, rapturous shout Denki made that this angle was better for him too. And if the shout wasn’t enough, the burst of electricity-- not just static, but an actual, honest to fuck jolt of electricity charged through Shouto’s whole body, actually locked his muscles in place for a fraction of a second, and if Shouto hadn’t been trying very hard, he would have come on the spot.

He finally made a sound himself, something deep and wordless and thoroughly embarrassing if he hadn’t been so close to what he was very sure would be one of, if not the, most mind melting orgasms he’d ever had in his entire young life.

His own voice covered up Denki’s for a moment, and Shouto thought he sounded distant and dazed and sex drunk when he said, “Huh?”


“Said-- you said someth-- fuck, holy shit, Denki--”

"Talk--Talk to me," Denki slurred out, “Talk--oh, my god--”

"You feel so good. Love the way your quirk feels. So sexy when you moan. Sounds like you can't help it."

Denki actually laughed for a second Shouto was almost offended. “Can’t-- course I--course I can’t-- you-- fuck--”


“Fuck-- so good--”

Denki had one hand thrown up beside his head now, and the other draped across his own chest. Shouto watched a fat spark crawl over the back of Denki’s hand, curl around the tips of his fingers.

He grabbed that arm by the wrist and sucked Denki’s first two fingers into his mouth just so he could taste it, taste the heat and sting against his tongue.

“You taste good.”

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck--”

Denki came with the filthiest sound Shouto had ever heard in his life, pretty little cock drawing tight and wetting his chest and stomach while he squirmed against Shouto’s hips. He arched his back, belly taut, and Shouto felt another jolt, a prickle against his tongue, and then his cock, and his thighs where they were pressed up against Denki’s and--

Shouto’s whole body locked up and when it stopped, he was coming too, in a strange, foreign wave that felt like it was dragging the orgasm from his body. He couldn’t tell what he was feeling anymore-- if it was Denki squeezing around him, or his quirk making Shouto’s muscles contract everywhere they touched, or sheer pent up sexual energy-- but everything that had come before had left him feeling twitchy and overly sensitive and he felt like every nerve in his body was firing off at once.

Denki’s hand fell from Shouto’s lips and slapped lightly against his own belly. He relaxed into the blankets with a loud, breathless sort of sigh. “Fuck.”

Shouto sat back on his heels, becoming aware incrementally of the ache in his thighs and his burning lungs, and the little spots dancing in front of his eyes. He’d never come that hard in his life.

“You didn’t tell me you’ve got an electricity kink,” Denki said, sounding incredibly amused but also satisfyingly breathless.

“I don’t.”


Shouto finally managed to focus his eyes on Denki’s face, and Denki just stared at him with his brows raised, and Shouto realized he’d licked the sparks from Denki’s hand and had never come harder than the he had the moment he felt an electric tingle shoot across the head of his cock.

“Well, I didn’t know,” he mumbled. When Denki smirked at him, he added, “It’s a good thing since you can’t seem to control yourself.”

He was mostly just teasing. Mostly.

Denki gave him a thoroughly evil look and said, “The first time was an accident. The second was an experiment. The rest was just fun.”

Shouto glared at him and tried to be annoyed, but instead he just collapsed over Denki’s chest and buried his nose under Denki’s ear. His hair smelled good.

“I’m all covered in come,” Denki complained feebly.

“I like you that way.”

Denki shivered and said, “Fuck,” again.


“You’re just-- wow.”


“I didn’t think you’d be like this. I-- well, actually, I figured you were kind of a prude.”

Shouto sat up enough to glare at him.

“But, actually, you’re kind of a perv.”

Shouto glared harder.

“I like it.”

Shouto kissed him.

They lay like that for a very long time, long enough that Shouto thought Denki had fallen asleep, long enough that he might have fallen asleep himself. He was wet and sticky and frankly disgusting and didn’t want to move at all because doing so would just draw attention to the fact.

Shouto must have fallen asleep, or at least dozed, because all at once, he realized someone else was in his room. He lifted his head and watched a broad shouldered shadow tip toe around him. He narrowed his eyes when he said, “What are you doing.”

Midoriya didn’t turn around, but he groaned and stopped trying to tiptoe now that he knew Shouto was awake. “Kaminari blew the power.” Midoriya tugged open the fuse box and started flipping switches. The hallway light came back on, and the hum of the air conditioner started to buzz again. Shouto hadn’t realized just how dark and quiet it was.

“Sorry,” Denki muttered sleepily.

“Thought it was on purpose,” Shouto hissed at him.

“Mostly, but-- you know. Side effects. Sorry, Midoriya-kun.”

Midoriya snickered a little, under his breath, and inched back out again, “Sorry. I was trying not to bother you.”

He shut the door behind him, and Shouto finally, finally rolled off Denki’s chest. He was actually certifiably disgusting. “Do you want to take a shower?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Shouto had never taken a shower with someone before. But it had felt natural to ask. He knew Midoriya did-- often, actually, since he brought people home with him more often then he stayed at their places-- but Shouto’s experiences were usually the other way around. Shouto usually wasn’t home when he fucked so he typically just went home by himself and cleaned up.

He didn’t expect to like it so much. Denki looked so cute with his hair all wet and slicked back and so sexy with streams of water running down his chest and thighs that Shouto found he couldn’t actually tear his eyes from him.

And then he remembered he’d said very enthusiastically and truthfully that he had wanted to put Denki’s cock in his mouth, and then he never had, and this seemed as good a time as any. It seemed Denki hadn’t been lying about using his quirk on purpose-- he didn’t shock Shouto once, and it only occured to Shouto after Denki had come on his tongue and Shouto had stood back up and pushed him into the cold, wet tile when he kissed him that the shower was a very dangerous place to perform this test.

Denki spent the night, just like he said he would, and before Shouto turned the light off so they could go to sleep again, Denki sidled up next to him and snapped a selfie, hair damp, grinning with his whole face, while Shouto stood behind him looking rather confused because he hated when people made him pose for selfies but he didn’t really mind since it was Denki. It took him a moment to realize Denki had taken the picture with Shouto’s phone. He gave it back when they settled into bed together, and Shouto realized then that Denki had posted the picture to Shouto’s Twitter feed with the caption ‘Thirst sated.’

Shouto glared at Denki over the edge of his phone and Denki gave him a smile that was both sheepish and smug at once.

Shouto said, “No, it’s not.”

Denki kissed him this time.