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Let Me See You

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Soulmates aren’t formed from fate predestined maybe a little bit of that but scientists have found that it when you first met a person or get close to them physically your body makes a connection with said person, personalities, physical appearances, Quirk, and hormones all play apart of making a soulmate. One of the major factors is the Quirk, for some reason more and more soulmates Quirks are becoming the complete opposite. It's not unlikely that if you have an extremely powerful Quirk you will be bonded with someone whos Quirk are not as powerful. Now no matter who you are bounded with you can not lie to them of course it is possible but it will hurt the lier depending on the lie the pain could be huge or small. Every bond is different in what the pair gains some have the power to heal each other slightly, Quirks might becomes stronger as they are around each other, the pair might gain extra Quirk powers around each other or maybe it's being around will calm each others presence. This come along with whatever one person does to their body, tattoos, cuts, doodles or notes will appear in the same place as it is on the bonded. This is the only thing that is a constant when you are bonded to a person if you have a terrible relationship with your bonded you will get negative consequences. Now the most serious crime is if people reject their soulmate a sorta packed is form inside the heart neither person is able to hurt each other unless the both agree but everything will hurt more every cut every harsh word one person says. Many villains how been created because of their bondmate rejecting them because many people can’t handle not being around their bound mate even as a friend.


Izuku heels were crossed her left heel failed wildly as she bites on the tip of her eraser hunched over very slightly over a book her hand dancing over the newest entry to her ever expanding collections of heros. Mt. Lady has been her new infatuation today over by the train station when Izuku heard the newest hero she opened her eyes immediately and tried to take everything in during the fight. Her brains started working a million miles and hour as details of the women's fighting style, strengths, weakness, and Quirk came together deconstructing it faster than she could write. She was muttering to herself while waiting for her teacher to come back and start class after lunch. The green spent a entire portion of her lunch not eating and writing or drawing which now her eyes were burning. The notebook all be small held the world to the blind girl who filled every line with little hole.

Kids were chatting around her there words were nothing in Izuku ear she learned to stop listening a long time ago she was Quirkless the lowest in society they were to privileged to care about someone like her. It didn’t help that the accident made it harder to see for longer time forced to keep her eye closed and be blind to the world around her by some stupid villain. She couldn’t wait to show them that she could do it they allowed the Quirkless in the Hero track after all! She felt a pair of eye burning into her she closed her eyes tightly trying to ignore it, sigh she looked up opening her eyes slightly to see red eyes glaring at her. Closing them quickly she rubbed her eyes trying to produce any moisture to them. Quickly forgetting about the notebook she tried to think to anything she could have done to result in his anger.
Kacchan was chuckling as he watched Izuku squirm beneath his gaze, he loved tormenting shy girl he grew up with. His so called friends gathered around him but it only caused him to growl as they made their half-ass jokes and clams about one of the girls in the classroom, the ass-blond rolled his eyes reminding himself that it was only temporary and then he would be rid of cannonfolds. Onces more he glared at his old friend and she open her bright green eyes that were red on the outside he made a sound of annoying as the girl cause herself pain from over exertion. “Hello class!” the teacher called and both set of green and blond hair shift to the teacher who wore a lazy smile as he hit papers on the table, “It comes that time of year for all third year must take.” The smile fades away and the entire room tenses, “The test to see what jobs you will be best suited for,” his lazy smiles returns as he throws the papers up, “but you all are going to be hero so it doesn’t matter!”

The classes burst into cheers as Quirks exploded around the classroom only two people didn’t moved with the class anger seething under the surfaces of the two students for entirely different reasons as they both lean father back into the chair or into themselves. Tapping her pencil Izuku rolled her eyes at her classmates hucking her shoulders covering her ears to stop the popping sound ringing in her ears and to calm the headache forming. She hated her teacher truly no respect for rules to keep people safe just doing whatever the hell he wanted letting kids roams frees with there Quirks. It left a pit in her stomach a knot that grew whenever this happened. “You cannonfold would be luck to even be a fuckin sidekick. I’m the only one in this shithold of school strong enough to be a pro!” He shouted kicking his feet up on the table an angry growl escaping his throat as the class sat down all eyes on the top boy.

“Oh Bakugou didn’t sign up for U.A ?” The teacher glared slightly at the disrespectful teen but let it go knowing that even the scariest teacher in the school could stop the boy from cursing up a storm

“Hell Fuckin ya I did and I’m going to be the only person in this entire school to ever go to-”
“Midoriya didn’t you also sign up for U.A” The teacher words stop Kacchan words mid sentence as Izuku felt as if she could no longer breath as all eyes turned on her.

Bile started to rise to her throat as she sunk deeper into her neck she could feel Kacchan deathly gaze on her. Laughs started to break out an the entire class was hurling insults at her tears form taking deep breaths she wished for them to disappear as heavy footsteps stomped towards her. She knew those footstep like her own mothers. Kacchan he couldn’t hurt her she knew that but her heart started to pound as he moved in on her. The laughing and comments didn’t stop anger rose as she shakely rose from her seat staring at the ground shaking uncontrollably, slamming her hands on the desk. “U.A lets in the Quirkless now so its possible I will be the first Quirkless Hero!” everything went silent as she screamed a roughly grabbed her throwing her against the wall she heard the hiss that escaped Kacchan.

The said boy leaned down in front of Izuku placing a hand against the wall,”Did you forget that your blind Deku? You can’t see for shit you really think even if you had a Quirk that they let a blind person like you in?” A harsh throaty laugh escaped the boy it brushed against Izuku face a shiver being sent her spine, “You get yourself fuckin kill!” The green hair teen tried to use her voice to defend herself but as she opened her mouth an explosion escaped Kacchan hand to keep her quite as she flinched away from the heat. “And let's say you weren’t blind and Quirks didn’t matter do you think a useless bitch like you could beat me?” Biting his lip her blinked away the pain it his leg.

The tiny girl held up her hands laughing softly like this was some sort of inside joke riling up Kacchan more as she opened her eye whispering she says, “You can’t hurt me Kacchan,” her voice rose as she stood pushing Kacchan slight to get him away from her closing her eyes ounces more, “So yes I do! Yes I think I could be a better hero than you.” the last words came out in a hiss as pain explode in her right arm as she starts holding it close. Red eyes glance down at her arm smirking as tiny explosion forced its way out from his hands uncontrollably.

“I’m beating that you’ll die in the entrances exam a girl your size and with your sight couldn’t even run away even is she wanted to,” the class was engulfed in laughed as Izuku started crying hugging her body tightly as the need to vomit starts to grow again, “I really hope you do die during the exams because that mean that I’ll never had to see your ugly, weak ass again Deku.”

“Fuck you Katsuki really go fuck yourself why can’t you even let a girl have dream without being an ass go straight to hell Katsuki,” she yells through her sobs as she she reached around her desk grabbing her cane before running out of the classroom all the laughter ended as Kacchan stood frozen in place pain engulfing his body that he could almost pass out, he wanted to run after her but he couldn’t make a move towards the girl he just hurt. His soul felt as if he was being thrown around the moment he heard her call his real name the name she wasn’t even allowed to call him. Angry glares stood him down as she found the will to move back to seat numb to everything going on around. He rubbed his hands against his pants to stop the sweat growing so his Quirk didn’t go haywire.

Damn it why did he have to go on about her weight his mom told him in the past that Deku was sensitive about that shit. Kacchan ran a hand through his hair he really fucked up he knew it but it was better to push her away he couldn’t have a Quirkless, blind nobody around him even if that nobody was his soulmate. Kacchan pulled up his sleeves just to make sure the idiot wasn’t going to do anything stupid while alone.



I dragged my feet as I entered the classroom almost an hour after classes let out to retrieve my stuff, “Final fuckinly you come back Jesus did you take a nap or something?”

I jump back at hearing Katsuki voice almost running into the wall behind me as my head shoots up in his direction. I open my eyes slightly to see he was sitting in my desk his feet up on it my bag was closed as he reads my book filled with note. Freezing I didn’t know what to do as my breath kept on speeding up as I looked at him longer and longer but my fingertips burned my knuckles move to make a fist but I just grab the hem of my skirt. “Katsuki will you...I wanna go home stuff...please..also stop reading my,” sigh giving up leaning against the wall taking deep breaths to slow my rapid breaths.

Seeing Katsuki visabally flinch at me calling him by his real name almost made me want to smile but guilt crawled up my spine of course I’ve upset him. “I’m gonna carry your shit nerd,”shoving the notebook in a bag I squeak.

“Car-car-ful with that notebook please!” I beg as he gives me a strange look his brows forming together as he takes a step towards me instinctively I take one back.

He snorts at my little action,” You say you can stand up to me in front of our classmate but when it's just us you act like a scared little kitten,” his footsteps start towards me and I start to shuffle until he stops moving, “Lets go I’m being forced to walk you home today.”

I stand still, “No I’m perfectly fine going home by myself I’ve done it long enough as it is.” Katsuki foot taps loudly against the floor his breath was deep as if he was forcing himself to calm down, “Who told you to take me home anyway?”

“Sensei did stupid worm now let's go!” Katsuki growled his clothes ruffling loudly.

Grabbing my arm tightly I pull my sleeves down hoping that my fear would go away, “Please Katsuki it’s better if I’m alone I’m a Quirkless nobody so it should matter if I walk home or not because why would anyone want anything to do with me,” I held look in his direction pretending I was staring into those bloodthirsty eyes , those words I spoke burn leaving tears wanting to escape as a memory of to long ago flashes in my mind.

“I’m Quirkless Kacchan! Don’t you understand we are on two different leves you are better than me in every aspect. No one cares about people like me I can never be strong like you so just leave me alone!”

“No! Izuku We promised we would always be friend despite your results we’re soulmates after all nothing can change that!”

“I don’t want us to be soulmates any longer you got me! I hate you I HATE you I HATE you I HATE YOU! Leave me ALONE Kacchan! I don’t want you as my soulmate so leave me alone. I reject the bond! I reject it!”


“The school might know we are soulmate but don’t forget we both rejected you owe me nothing...Now give me a bag and leave me alone.”

My bag thumped heavily on the floor as he moves a couple of steps,”Izuku you are right,” my head shot up at hearing my real name surprised that he actually knew it after all this time, “you are just a stupid blind fucking Quirkless loser, and ever if we both rejected the bond I’m still resposible for your weak fuckin ass because society says so. You are right that I don’t care for you piece of shit only a mother could love a Quirkless. I hate you your annoying, and a straight pain in my fuckin ass but I have duties I must fulfill as Sensei orders and you soulmate now lets fuckin go already Deku.” I tap around feeling for my bag grunting when it was nowhere in my reach. “To your left dipshit,” he mutters and I listen moving left a little taping it after only a few step slipping it on.

I narrow my eyes at his muscular figure with a sigh, “Fine for society.” I didn’t say anything about his limp as he walk or his hiss of pains as he walked as he could away from me I didn’t care either I was to busy dealing with my own pain in heart and in my arms.


I could no longer hear Katsuki footstep to far ahead then he would probably wnat I bite my cheek mentally preparing for the verbal beating he was going to give me.. I huff as my heart rate started to rise racking my memories of All Might to give me the courage to maybe stand up to myself. As i stand up a little straighter some slimy started to tickle my arm I jump away from it but it was on the other side of me as well , “Oh such a pretty little thing he will never expect me in such a girly body,” A laugh tickled my ear as a thick cold smile covered my mouth to stop my screaming as I was being pulled into the monsters freezing slime. I kicked and tried clawing as air was being shoved out of me, “Stop fighting damn it it's only going to be more painful on you this will only take a second.” It sounded so nice to let go and fall into the pull of sleep but I couldn’t a Hero would never give up so even as my lungs burned I kept fight even as everything as all the noise was starting to drown out.

“Don’t worry little girl,” A loud bass voice calls out the bite of an accent shiny out from the ringing. The voice sounded so familiar and who was that I must know that brave voice, “For I am here!” He yelled before everything went silent.

I groan as rough and definitely unfamiliar hand lightly tap my face their brass voice swirled in my head as light hit my eyes but it was shadowed by electric blue eyes that were dull around the edges but held so much life a joy and blond hair that only could belong to one man in the whole world. I jumped out of him grip my eyes widen as I stood up quickly, “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” I started muttering before I squealed, “All Might! I need you Autograph I grab a random notebook on the floor opening it to see that the first two pages were cover in his signature. “Oh my god,” I bow so low that my head could almost hit the floor, “Thank you so much sir! I will make this a family heirloom!’ I stumble back holding my head as every became blurry again quickly I shut my eyes tightly to wash away the pain, All Might hand grabbed my elbow holding me up right.

“Young girl are you quite alright you look very pale and your eye rims are so red have you been crying?,” he asked and my faced heated up I pushed from his grasp shaking my hands around.

“Oh yes All Might sir! I got into an accident a couple of years back I can only have my eyes open and see things for a short period of time but the more I see the dyer my eyes become and them more pain I am. That's why they are red!” I smile bright at All Might the lie slipped to easily out of my mouth.

My cane was being shoved into my hand, “Open your arms Young lady I’ll help you with your bag!” the hero laughed as I squeaked bouncing on my toes as I swing them open.

Ask Him a little voice nudged in my head as my smile disappeared and I cast my head down as weight was being add to my bag tentatively like he would hurt me, “All Might even though I’m mostly blind, and Quirkless I can still be a hero right.”

He didn’t speak his footsteps became shuffles as he moved in front of me, I lift my head and saw that All Mights bright smile was gone as he rubs his neck, “No...I am truly sorry… but even if you had a Quirk it would be to dangerous with your blindness but not you cannot become a hero. You would only be a burden because a hero must always be willing to risk their life to save others and you can’t do that .”

Tears started to fall as my mouth hung open for a second before closing the world around me as my jaw went into a straight line as my hand clamped around my stupid cane. Why did it hurt so much everyone told me that i couldn’t be a hero since I was four by why when he say it does it hurt so much. “I must leave I need to put this villian away but just because you can’t become a hero doesn't mean you can’t do other work to help the world. I saw some of your hero notebook you could be a support hero and analize what gadgets would be needed to best help hero. Some of the greatest heros don’t stop the villains because we couldn’t do it on our own.”

“Sure…” I breathlessly let out as the earth shakes around me and the sound of All Mights breath disappears. My hand start to shake as I take my cane a throw it on the ground screaming in anger. It clattered loudly and I sigh still needing the stupid thing to get around the warm rough ground starts to scratch my knees as I search around for it. When my hand wrap around the cold metal I sigh sitting there for a moment before standing. Ice cream was in order right now before I cried in my room for hours I started to nagatigate to the best of my ability to the ice cream polar more downtown.




Katsuki stopped hearing her heavy footsteps and the tapping of her cane for to long he groans why of all people did he have to get bonded with that stupid loser, “God damn it how fuckin far behind is that piece of shit,” shoving his hands in his pockets. He start to panic only slightly when she didn’t show up five minutes later he start to sweat and his heart started to pick up as he turned around, “Deku! What have I told you about being slow you fatass! I’m going to fuckin blow your ass up!” he yells starting backward why could he just go home and be a normal kid. He itched slight to blow up the closet pole but taking a deep breath he started walking to go find the quirkless piece of shit.

He walked down the street his shoulders leaning back father acting calm and someone came running behind him. “Bakugou there you are let's go to the arcade!” It was them he groaned as he spinned on his heel. Black hair and long blond hair had cigarettes in their mouths each a hand in their pocket
“I will,” an explosion escapes Katsuki hand, “if you stop fuckin smoke that shit will go on my records you dimwits!”

Their faces paled as they nodded spitting out the stick of death on the ground, they both look sick as Katsuki brushed pass them bumping into their shoulders, “Lets go I want to ditch Deku before she has a chance to catch up,” the boy growls his stomach swimming with anxiety but he pushes it down only frowning deep as he started towards the arcade the two useless boys following behind his.

“Bakugou isn’t Deku your soulmate shouldn’t you be kind to her I mean isn’t it bad for the both of you guys if you don’t get along?” the black hair kid asked his voice changing not quite fitting his age his speech was slow and dull as he dragged along.

Katsuki growled he clenched and unclenched his fist, where they hell did they hear this shit. They never told anyone their age about them being bonded they were to young to understand it and to young when she rejected it for anyone to remember. Unless his eyes shift back he got it from a teacher, a small spark almost ignited, “Where the fuck did you come up with that stupid idiot it fuckin retard!” Laughing dark his head shot up in the sky, “being bonded to that useless bitch I would rather kill myself then have any bond with her.”

The blond boy laugh but glanced knowingly at his friend, “Oh really so you wouldn’t mind if we took her and have a little fun with her?” a dark smile creeps on his face as he licked his lips.

His eye twitched slightly only praying that they weren’t talking about what he thought they were talking about. Moving into an ally way he walked slower this wasn’t a conversation for the public to hear, “I mean maybe it would make her think twice about going to U.A to show how helpless she is to attacks.” The other boy joined in it was clear by their smirks to each other that this was planned either to gain their leaders praise or to get dirt on him.

Katsuki turned, “Are you two both fuckin crazy?!” he stood up straighter his red eye narrowed at his two friends his jaw locked as he cracked his finger with his thumb, there was a pulse in his head and bones to punch these fuckers. “Are you both planning to go to jail what you two want to do it rape her thats fuckin illegal! I might hate her dumbass but I would never fuck do something so inhuman to her Jesus Christ!”

Fear swept across their face as they pointed, “H-h-ey!!!” they yell out.

“Such a strong body and good quirk this will be fun,” Slime enters into Katsuki mouth and his so called friends start to run away crying for help. The body starts to fire off his quirk as his body is swallowed hole only his head to the top of his spiky hair showed this fighting screaming everything in his power to get away. Fire sprung up next to him as people start to gather around the attack. The teenager couldn’t hear any words they were saying as pro heros started to attack the slug villains but doing nothing. His vision was starting to swarm but he kept fighting anger at the pros not doing anything his Quirk exploded everywhere allowing him moment to catch a small breath but nothing that could stop the burning in his lung that kept growing and growing.

Izuku heard the explosion a little ways off breaking her from her mind she started to hurry her pace until the explotuiton became loud enough and the flood of people words filled her head. Just walk away it's not like it matters you will never be a hero All Might said so himself her legs kept moving until she touching someone fott muttering an apology. Another explosion and the word, “The pros they can’t do anything the villain has a middle schoolboy.”
Her eyes snap open at hearing that the villain has taken a middler scholar hostisage and those explosion it couldn’t be he was so far ahead of her how could he be here. Her eyes found blond air fight against the slug that found her not an hour earlier. She gasped holding her hand over her mouth, “No,” she sob tears helping the burning in her eyes that was so intense, “No no no no!” she shouted as her body pushed passed the waves of adults without thinking going under the hero's arms.

“Kid get back here!” one of the hero's yelled but I couldn’t stop my my eyes were only focused on her bonded, “Someone stop her!”

The villain turned toward Izuku and Katsuki eyes widen as she hurtled her cane at the villain and then her bag. Katsuki pushed his head up taking a giant breath, “Deku the fuck you doing here!” he yelled as she begins clawing at the slug villain.

Blood start dripping out of her left eye, “Kacchan I’m sorry but my legs moved on their own,’ she sobbed out sniffling, “I couldn’t just stand there are watch you die without..” the moment Izuku grabbed Katsuki hand All Might appeared throwing her back.

“I should really practice what preach kid,” All Might threw his arm back blood spilling from his mouth, “A pro should always be willing to risk their lives!” A wave of power blasted through the air as both teen were swung back, “DETROIT SMASH!” the air pressure change as the slug villain spread across the burnt alleyway rain start coming down softly as the Number One Hero stood with his fist in the air smiling as the two teens laid down behind him barely touching.

As the people cheered his name he looked to his left only slightly looking at the young blind quirkless girl see the hero that no one else saw deep inside he saw himself before he was granted One for All. The others pros rushed over to the teens as camras got into his face he smiled and continue his work because they need at least one interview before they would let him leave. Izuku sat against the wall her eyes closed blood coming from them bowing her head in shame as she mutters apologies as they yell at her for her reckless behavior and downright suicidal actions. All the while Katsuki got the praise for the brave fight he put up and who he should be a pro his eyes stayed on Izuku head forward but eye looking at the scared girl who was holding her cane and bag closer to her than life herself wanting to puch the idiot for over doing it with her sight.

The two teens finally were able to start home they walk together Katsuki slower than before blaming it on the villain as they walked an uncomfortable silences took over the two as they stood as far away from each other without it look awkward. Izuku stopped when it came to the point where they split off, “Deku never try to save me again I don’t need a nobodys likes you help got it!” he yelled as he stomped to the right of the intersection.

Running a hand threw her short green hair she adjusted her bag and continue for a little before being stopped by a hand on her shoulder she jumped away breath catching. How did she not hear their footstep what if it some trying to hurt her. Panicking she starts to hyperventilate moving away from the hand that tried to grab her her eyes unable to up without pain, “Young Lady you have nothing to fear it is I All Might!” his voice sounded different much dark and rough not as clear with his accent but it still hung around.

“Y-y-y-you don’t sound l-l-l-ike him! Who are you!” she panicky stutters outs as All Might slaps his hand on his head muttering out curses.

Sighing All Might slowly but surely moves his hand up as if not to freak her but the sudden touch, “I’ll explain it all I told you today that you can’t become a hero but you can I’ll explain but you have to breath.” Cold hand touch Izuku hand, All Might started letting out big breaths in and out muttering words of comfort to the panic girl.

When the girl had calm down the two sat on the side of the road All Might explained about his quirk, All for One and how he must pass it down, how he can only do hero work for three hours, everything that he though the young girl was ready to hear. He could see her mumbling sometime hear the words she was saying he wish he could see those giant green eyes of a hero when he saw them as she was run towards her friend he saw the hero in her that he didn’t quite catch when he saw her the first time. She accepted immediately his power saying she would be the happiest person alive if she could have it. She told him everything she wanted from being a hero to be just like him and go to U.A she told him that she will do anything to get there. Smiling softly he pat the young girls head, “What is your name kid?”

“Midoriya Izuku!” she stated proudly giving him the sweetest smile he has seen like one from a baby that need protecting but he couldn’t just back down now he had to keep his promise he will make her the next symbol of peace to defeat All for One.

Standing the girl next to him looked up her nose scrunching opening her mouth to speak All Might stopped her, “I know you can’t see me today but I want to say this one this Young Midoriya. Izuku you can become a hero!” Tears start rolling down her face, “Young Midoriya what have I told you about crying?”

“I’m sorry All Might!” she sob flaring her arms as her cheeks become rosy, “I’m just so happy!”

The older man laughed rubbing her hair, “It’s okay. Kid met me at Tokba Municipal Beach Park tomorrow at 6 to start your training we need to get started we have much to work on before your U.A exams!”

Izuku's face froze from tear before she rubbed her wrist bowing her head, “Uhh All Might...your gonna have to ask my mom. She’s well,” looking back up at him she gives a nervous smile, “very protective of me expeccially because of the accident she might let me go if she doesn’t met you.”

Picking up Izuku and putting her on his shoulders just because he was in his smaller form doesn’t mean he didn’t have the same muscles! “Then let's go Young Midoriya! Point me in the direction and we will get home in no time!”

“Wait Wait Wait!” her heartbeat start to rise and that similar panic came over, “My mom will freak if you teach me as All Might!”

Holding her legs with one hand and with the other grabbing her hand he smiled and placed her hand on his head, “Have no fear for I will stay in this form and introduce myself as Yagi Toshinori! You will call me Mr. Yagi!”

The girl was not smiling but her heart rate was calming down and All Might calmly gave an explanation. “Yes All- Mr. Yagi!” she quickly fixed blushing as All might laugh.

She soon start All Might direction to her house play with his his thick soft hair sometimes flinging it over his face or trying to do random thing to it where he would then brush it away laughing as he jabbed her in the stomach to make her giggle. And for the first time in years Izuku felt hope for a brighter day, and this was for the first time since his in a long time that the world could be a better place.