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First Loves and Family Secrets

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Disclaimer- I do not own, nor ever plan on trying to own, The Twilight Saga. I also do not own The Chronicles of Narnia.

Chapter 1- Prologue

Finchley, England

The gray, hazy clouds blocked the sunlight out as the residents of Finchley went about their lives after the horrific train accident that still loomed over many minds. A young woman with chocolate curls that fell down her back walked calmly through the ancient cemetery in the loneliest part of town, her dark clothing made her pale skin seem even more so with the lack of sunlight. Her clear blue eyes looked lifeless as she made her way to several newly dug graves. Her precious family had forgotten about her and perished on that dreadful train. The tombstones were freshly laid and she could see each of her siblings name inscribed elegantly along with their birth and death dates. Each of the second dates read the same thing, that fateful day when Susan Pevensie had blatantly ignored the ramblings of her siblings as they went on about 'saving Narnia' as if they could save some magical land they had made up when they were children. Even as she thought this an overwhelming grief draped over her soul, there was no possible way she could deny Narnia when so many of her good memories with her dear siblings took place, but there was another she could not bear to think of, the reason she had pushed her family away in the first place. Clear, salty tears slid down her cheeks as Susan's body was over taken by a violent shuddering that accompanied her cascading tears. The pain at having to leave the place she called home had broken her heart, so had leaving behind the most wonderful man she had ever met. As Susan tried to recollect her emotions, she failed to notice the handsome blond man that approached her slowly from behind. His warm amber eyes were filled with concern as he came upon the grieving young woman in the empty cemetery and his eyes slid over to the group that awaited his return over by wrought iron gates that usually barred unwanted visitors from entering. He held up a pale white hand to them as if signaling them to stay where they were. One of the women in the group separated herself from a young man with bronze colored hair to approach the blond. Her soft curls shone in the nonexistent sun and bounced lightly as she approached the blond man, an off white dress clung to her curves as it came down to just a little below her knees and she seemed to almost float in her small heels. Susan was oblivious to them all as she dried her tears with a linen handkerchief.

"Carlisle?" The woman inquired quietly and the blond man wrapped an arm around her petite waist once she was by his side. "We need to leave." She said softly as not to disturb the young woman a few feet away from them; it seemed her sobs were finally calming down.

"Of course," Carlisle said as he tore his amber liquid eyes away from Susan, who had knelt to the ground in front of one grave. He could see the name etched into the stone said 'Lucy Pevensie' and vaguely remembered seeing the last name in the paper about a week ago. "Let us join the others then Esme." The couple moved towards the wrought iron gates as Susan finally looked up to see them leaving. Her clear blue eyes focused onto the only man in the group without a woman by his side. His bronze hair stuck up in several places and reminded her of Edmund's unruly hair that had always refused to be tamed. A shiver ran down her spine as the young man's amber eyes seemed to scan her very soul, but Susan was not one to be stared at. She rose from her knees and straightened her posture. Her eyes reflected much of the power that she once held as a Queen of Narnia. The young man instantly pulled his eyes from her form and a quizzical expression was replaced by the look of such determination that had once been there. Susan followed the group with her eyes as they left before breathing out a sigh of relief.

"Oh, how I wish you were still all here…" said Susan, her voice slightly hoarse from days of no use. Her black sweater clung to her frame and her smooth skirt fell to just below her knees in a curtain of black. "This will probably be the last time I can come see you all…I'm leaving for America tomorrow." Susan said quietly wishing she could hear the protests of her siblings in the wind. "I know you would wish that I do not leave England, but I need to get away from this place." Susan's voice faded off as silent tears began to make their way down her pale cheeks. Hurriedly, she wiped them away before smiling sadly down at her family's graves. "Good bye," Susan placed the pure white lily's she had brought with her on Lucy's grave before turning her back and leaving the quiet plot of land. A warm breeze passed over her as the wind kicked up and blew leaves up into the air.


Two years later…

The hustle and bustle of New York caused an outlandish din to rise up from every corner of the great American city. Many people passed by each other as they went about their business, but few ever spoke to one another as they paid little attention to lives that were not their own. This is where Susan Pevensie had spent the last two years in an impersonal city. Working in a small book store had helped her to meet many people and eventually save up enough money to leave New York. Several of her friends were moving out to the West Coast, mainly California, but Susan was heading for Washington. The state of Washington has a climate similar to England so it would be like home, but home had died two years ago with the passing of her family. Though she treated everyone kindly, Susan did not allow anyone close to her heart. The loss of her beloved family had drained all life from her eyes, but somehow she kept going, though she was most likely on auto pilot. Susan boarded the coal train alone and sought out her friends in the 8th car. They had all decided to travel together so that no one would try and take advantage of them. A few of the women had their boyfriends with them and this was the one thing that made Susan uncomfortable. Her heart was still in pieces and there was no one there to put it back together. Sadie Hill, the woman whom Susan had been living with for the past two years, sensed her friend's plight and paid most of her attention towards her good friend hoping it would help the shy, beautiful woman. Many men had paid many a compliment to the young 22 year old, but she brushed them all off towards her female friends. Sadie's fiancé had once gone after Susan, but the woman had brilliantly directed his attention to the woman who actually wanted it.

"Where in Washington are you going Susan?" inquired Sadie after a lull in the conversation had lasted longer than she would have liked.

"Forks," Susan said quietly looking up from the book she had taken from her bag a few minutes ago.

"You'll visit me right?" Sadie asked hoping she wouldn't lose the friendship of such a gentle person. Gentle was a fitting word to describe the quiet girl, but sometimes her ferocity at certain people surprised them all. Susan smiled her clear blue eyes sparkling with kindness.

"Of course, I shall write you as well." Susan said as she returned her attention to the book she was reading. It was a fantasy she had gotten from the book store before leaving, it reminded her slightly of the stories she and her siblings had imagined on rainy days. No, that's not true… This quiet, yet, strong thought crossed her mind before she could stop it and a flash of pain pierced her heart causing her to flinch slightly. Sadie noticed this and thought back to the many times that Susan would wake her up in the middle of the night screaming in terror. The English girl would always apologize profusely, but Sadie always waved her apologizes away and calmed her down each time. Scooting closer to her friend, Sadie placed a hand over Susan's and squeezed lightly. It relived her to feel Susan squeeze her hand back and they all jumped as the train stopped.

"Sadie?" A young man with dirty blond hair stood before them and held out a hand to Sadie.

"Hello Charles," Sadie smiled radiantly at the man and took his hand. "Oh Susan, this is our stop!" Sadie exclaimed and Susan placed her book back in her bag and stood to say good bye to her friend.

"It shall not be the last time we see each other Sadie, California is not so far away from Washington." Susan said hugging her friend tightly. Sadie has treated her well and helped her to overcome her nightmares every time they plagued her dreams. Tears rolled down Sadie's flushed cheeks as Charles gathered their bags and she hugged Susan once more before leaving the compartment. Susan sat back down on the cloth covered bench and thought back to the train ride out to Professor Kirke's house when their mother had sent them after the bombing on London. A small smile spread on her full lips as she smoothed her yellow dress down. Sadie had given her the dress a few months ago for her birthday. The dress came down past her knees and showed off her womanly shape. She had been happy to see the look on Sadie's face when she saw her in the dress. It had been hanging in her closet since she had received it, but had not found the chance to wear it. Susan had donned a white wool sweater in anticipation for the gloomy, dreary weather that awaited her in Forks. The long train ride to the West Coast of America was terribly long compared to the ride to the countryside of England. How time had passed by so quickly then, but now it always seemed to flow by her not even bothering to stop for her to pick up the pieces of heart. Men came up to her and tried to win her affection, much like the suitors that Peter had practically chased out in Narnia. The magical world was so far away now that Susan found it easy to imagine it was all a game that she had once played with her brothers and sister. However, somewhere in her heart, she knew it was never a game.


Forks, Washington

In some ways, Forks was very similar to London, minus the fact that green foliage decorated the landscape and you could not escape it. The quaint town of Forks was resident to many different kinds of people, many of them had moved to Forks so they could get out of the city. It was like England, but more colorful. Susan arrived just after two in the afternoon and settled into her new home quickly. The little house she had rented was far away from the town and it rested right on the border with La Push, a Quileute Indian reservation. Some of the Quileute's had already come to offer their greetings as well as their protection since she lived so far out from the town. Susan had smiled at them, but kindly refused since she was highly capable of protecting herself, but that did not stop them from giving her a means to protect herself. One of the older women had just left after dropping off a polished wood long bow; much like the one Father Christmas had given her, and a set of arrows. Apparently the local wild life was more of a danger than the people. Wandering around her new home, Susan found a master bedroom with a bathroom attached, a guest room, a half bath on the first floor, a full bathroom on the second, and the other rooms that a house needs. The back yard was her favorite part though; it wouldn't take too long to get a good garden going.

Susan settled into her new job nicely, a bookstore on the reservation was in need of some help and they were able to pay her well, as well as get the house she lived in for her. A few months passed before a man by the name of William Swan took notice of the quiet beauty that Susan possessed. She resisted talking to him at first, but he eventually became a good friend of hers. The mangled mess of her heart finally started to heal because of that wonderful young and vibrant William. It took several months for William to pluck up the courage to tell Susan of his romantic feelings towards her and surprisingly, she agreed to be with him. Though Susan seemingly 'moved on', her heart was still in Caspian's hands, but she wished to be happy and William made her happy.

Months passed and Susan eventually told William stories of Narnia, he didn't quite believe that it was real; however, it made Susan come to life when spoke of it so he did not discourage her. The stories lead to drawings, which lead to paintings that adorned the walls of her home. After a year and a half of knowing each other, William proposed to Susan, she gladly accepted him. Two years into their marriage, Susan gifted them both with a healthy baby boy whom they named Charlie. They made a happy and loving family with each other, Susan loved William, but not in the same way she had loved the true owner of her heart. She passed her stories of Narnia onto Charlie, but he was as realistic as she had once been and once he passed out of childhood, the stories quickly faded from his memories.

Charlie eventually married, but the marriage to Renée did not last long. Their young daughter, Isabella, lived with her mother, but the young girl would come to Forks in the summer. She reminded Susan of herself at a younger age, always mature, but the young girl took to the stories of Narnia like water to the sea. She adored hearing her 'grams', as she affectionately called Susan, talk of the magical land. William passed a few summers after Bella stopped visiting leaving another hole in Susan's heart, but the hole mended itself with the help of her son and support from her granddaughter through letters.

Excitement came to the small town of Forks with the addition of Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his family. They looked vaguely familiar to Susan, but they never ventured near her home. The entire family was friendly, but they avoided many of the town's occupants. All thoughts of the Cullen family went out the window though when Susan learned of Bella's impending arrival to Forks. The young 17 year old had not been back to Forks in some time, but she was now going to live there with her father. The news brought joy to the elderly Susan's heart, her beloved granddaughter would be coming back.