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Hermione's Summer of Conquest

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STORY TITLE: Hermione's Summer of Conquest
PART: 01 of ??
AUTHOR: Red Jacobson (
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DISCLAIMER: None of the Characters You Recognize belong to me, they all belong to JK Rowling and her publishers.
SUMMARY: After her ordeal at the hands of Bellatrix, Hermione is done submitting to the Pureblood Witches, Now they Submit to Her!
FEEDBACK: Of course! It Makes Me Write Faster
WORD COUNT: <5,042>
SPOILERS: None, if you don't know how the Harry Potter story goes by now, why are you reading this story?
WARNINGS: If You've ever read any of my stories, you know what to expect, Femme-slash, dom/sub, multiple partners, and Femme-cest.
AUTHORS NOTES: A Different POV character and Harry isn't a major character in the story, so it's very different from my usual stuff. Hope you enjoy

Tower of London
The Tower Green
Monday, May 25th, 1998
11:30 pm

Hermione stood, her face impassive as she watched the executions. The Carrows' were dragged, crying and pleading for mercy before they were forced to kneel at the block. The ax took first Amycus, and then his sister, who had fainted at seeing her brother/lover executed. Hermione felt no pity for the woman, the torture of the students under her and her brother's so-called care merited nothing less than death.

There had been an uproar in the Wizengamot at the method of execution, but Harry had spoken forcefully, his anger barely restrained of the danger the Death Eaters has presented to the entire Wizarding World. The fact that all of them were attempting to take over the non-magical world meant that they were guilty of treason in both worlds. And the punishment for treason had been set for centuries as execution by beheading.

His power was actually radiating from his body, and none of the complainers dared to press him on the issue. Besides, they weren't the ones being executed. Hermione wasn't surprised, she had absolutely no respect for the sheep who had been willing to follow the person who shouted the loudest.

What the loudmouths didn't realize, although she and Harry were both darkly amused about, was that Her Majesty had been willing to allow the condemned to be passed through the Veil of Death, but was convinced to permit the beheading. Not just because of the brutal nature of the crimes committed, but because dying to such a quintessentially 'muggle' method was a dire insult to their Wizarding superiority! Her Majesty had actually permitted herself a smile of bitter amusement when they explained that to her, and the executions were scheduled.

After the Carrows' were beheaded, and their heads were held to the crowd, the bodies and heads were thrown into a vat of acid, destroying the bodies completely. There would be no burial in the family crypts for any of the condemned, their names were stricken from the lists of the Families.

She continued to watch as first Lucius Malfoy and then the Lestrange brothers met their ends, although she did feel a bit of respect for Lucius in walking up calmly and placing his head on the block without showing any emotion at all.

Unlike Umbridge, who was struggling and cursing, saying they had no right to do this until one of the guards used his cudgel to knock the woman senseless until she was kneeling at the block. A bucket of water was thrown in her face, forcing her alert, and she was still sputtering when the ax came down.

On and on it went, Crabbe, Goyle, Avery, Rookwood, every single marked adult death eater ended up at the block, not only for their crimes in the current war but for what they did and were not punished for during the first rise of Voldemort. It was only those who were marked after Voldemort's return that was given the chance to be sent to Azkaban if found guilty. Draco Malfoy was one of them, thanks in part to the testimony she and Harry gave at his trial. He had been acting out of sheer terror for his family, not out of a drive to conquer and murder like the adults. Granted, life in Azkaban without a chance of parole was not a light sentence, but he was still alive. Hermione wondered if he might not envy his father?

At last, the one person she had been waiting to see was pulled to the block. Bellatrix Lestrange, the Mad Witch, the killer of Sirius Black and Molly Weasley, and most important from Hermione's point of view, the witch who had tortured and degraded her, making her beg to pleasure the witch just to make the pain stop! Hermione would never forgive the woman for that, for coming close to breaking her during the time at Malfoy Manor. She may be able to escape into death, but there were other witches she could break.

Hermione stared at Bellatrix, and the witch must have felt the eyes on her, because she looked up, and Hermione caught her eyes. The insane witch actually flinched at the icy hatred in Hermione's eyes, because she looked away, and actually hurried toward the block!

And then, it was done! The headsman picked up Lestrange's head and showed it her own body, before throwing it into the acid. Hermione wistfully imagined she could still hear the woman's screams as her body was eaten away. Unfortunately, that was only a dream. Although Harry did still have the stone, it might be entertaining to force the witch to appear from the afterlife.

Turning to Harry, who had been standing beside her the whole time, she let him put his arm around her as they walked out of the Tower. They were quiet until they got into the car that would take them back to Grimmauld Place, when, after putting up the privacy charm, Harry said, “Okay, Ron and the others can rest easy now, but we've still got a lot of work ahead of us. Are you still comfortable with taking the lead tomorrow?”

Hermione snorted, “Against Narcissa? Did you see her at Draco's trial? She's broken! She doted on the little shite, and knowing that he's going to die in prison, even with our public pleas for clemency will make her putty in my hands.”

She smiled, “I appreciate your concern though, Harry. It means more than you can imagine that you are standing beside me. Especially after I turned you down during the camping trip.”

He chuckled, “So we both like women, that's not a reason to break up a friendship, although if I'd known during the Tri-Wizard, you and I could have taken the twins.”

She laughed, “And both of them would have been leaving their knickers behind! But, once I have them properly trained, who's to say one or both of them might not find themselves in your bed. Especially if I find Fleur waiting in mine.”

He grinned, “That is a lovely thought, and I've already got Fleur thinking about how pleasuring somebody else at my direction would be demonstrating her devotion. It helps that she was already a natural submissive, and the life debt from the Tournament just reinforced those traits.”

Hermione smirked, "Well, after all the crap that life and Dumbledore dumped on you, it's about time that something good happened. Just because that something good is a submissive bisexual Veela who enjoys being buggered doesn't make it any less true!"

The two of them were still laughing when they arrived at the house they were sharing. Getting out of the car, Harry dropped the muffling charm and paid the driver. Hermione was waiting at the front door for him.

Opening the door, Hermione grinned slightly at the sight of Fleur kneeling, naked and shaved, her legs spread and her arms behind her back. Harry stepped through the door behind her, and Fleur raised her head to look at them, showing the silk choker with the Potter crest around her throat.

“Welcome home, Master. I've prepared your bath for you if you wish me to wash you.”

Harry shot Hermione a look, and she grinned, shaking her head as she headed up to her bedroom. She wasn't jealous of her best friend having such a gorgeous slave, but she was really looking forward to being able to have Padma and Parvati in her bed. It was going to be interesting training the two of them because neither had shown any signs of being interested in having sex with other girls. But they would learn, she would make sure of that!

Malfoy Manor
Tuesday, May 26th, 1998
11:00 am

Narcissa sat, staring at the empty fireplace, the tumbler of whiskey in her hand, remembering the look of horror on Draco's face when he was sentenced to Azkaban. It might have almost been a mercy for him to have followed Lucius to the block, at least then it would have been over, and she could properly mourn. As it was, she was notified at Dawn that Lucius had been executed the night before, and she had been at least halfway drunk ever since.

As it was, it took the elf several attempts to get her attention, and, when she finally realized what it was saying, Lord Black and his 'friend' were already standing in the entrance to the room. Forcing herself to her feet, only to wrap the light robe around her body. The way that both of her visitor's eyes had locked on her form reminded her that she was nude under the robe. She hadn't bothered to dress, not having been expecting anyone.

Standing as steadily as possible, she said, “Lord Black, Miss Granger, to what do I owe the honor (and she only sneered the word slightly) of your visit?”

Lord Black just looked at her impassively, while Granger shook her head, an expression of disgust on her face. "Pathetic, simply pathetic Narcissa!" she sneered, as her wand came up, and before Narcissa could react she was hit by a light yellow beam of light. Feeling the effects of the whiskey fading away, she stood up straighter and said, "I repeat, so what do I owe the honor of this visit? As I'm sure you are aware, I am in mourning, and would prefer not to be disturbed."

Granger scowled, “Well, I'd prefer not to discuss business with a self-pitying drunk, but life is full of disappointment to both of us. Now, if you'd like to discuss what you are going to do next, I'd appreciate a cup of tea, as would Lord Black.”

Narcissa blinked at the effrontery of the girl, daring to give her an order in own home, but she found herself telling an elf to prepare tea for the three of them. Sitting down at the table across from them, she noticed that both of them were eyeing her breasts, and deliberately let her robe fall open, hoping to distract them enough to let her think. The amused glance the two shared let her know that it wasn't going to work, so she sighed, “Very well, what do you think I'm going to be doing next, and why should I do anything to help you?”

Granger leaned forward, a smirk on her face, while Lord Black sat, impassive. "It's quite simple, Narcissa, you are going to help me because you owe us! I never said anything about your participation in the various depravities Bellatrix enjoyed, or about the killing of the young girl I witnessed. I could have spoken up, and if you were lucky, you would have been at the block beside Lucius, or, considering your status, you would likely have been sold to a brothel to pay off the fines that would empty your vaults! But you are far too useful to allow that to happen, so Harry and I kept quiet."

Narcissa felt the blood drain from her face, she had no idea that anybody had seen the killing. It was a mercy, putting the girl out of her misery after she had been savaged by Greyback. But nobody would believe it, with the atrocities that Lucius had confessed to, and Draco's attempt at killing Dumbledore. She shuddered at the thought of being sold to a brothel, to be forced to open her legs for anyone who had the coin. She'd kill herself first!

Taking a deep breath, she wiped away the tears that had started to form and looked at them as calmly as possible. "Very well, I acknowledge the debt. What do you wish from me?"

The Granger girl gave her a predatory smile, and Narcissa knew that she wasn't going to enjoy what was next. Surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as she expected. "You are going to be brought back into the Black Family, with Lucius' death and Draco's imprisonment, the Malfoy Family is, for all intents and purposes, dead. As a member of the Black Family, you will serve as Lord Black's aide, sitting as his proxy on the Wizengamot and attending the necessary social functions. You will be gathering information for us on families that we have an interest in. I will arrange to meet with you in Hogsmeade once a week for the next year until I graduate, and then your duties will likely increase."

Narcissa nodded, and then said, “Considering that both of you have demonstrated an interest in my body, shall I assume that I will also be providing 'personal' services to the two of you as well?” Her voice was impassive, although she was actually resigned to the two of them demanding sexual services from her. She'd been on her knees before a woman before, so she knew what to do, but wasn't particularly looking forward to it.

She was stunned when Lord Black shook his head emphatically, “I prefer my pets submissive, not broken. The only reason I would bed you would be to torment Draco, but the Dementors are doing that quite well. I already have a Veela warming my bed, why would I want you?”

She jerked back, offended at the man's tone, but before she could say anything, Granger said, “And while I'm tempted, I'd prefer that you not be distracted from your primary duties. After all, it would be easy for you to find yourself obsessed with getting your tongue into my mudblood pussy!”

Stung by their rejection, she really didn't want to have sex with either of them, but did consider herself a desirable woman, she sulkily asked, “Then who do you want me to gather information on?”

Granger laughed, a mocking tone in her voice, and she said, "If you really want me to whore you out as part of your duties, we can discuss that later. But, for now, I want you to provide any information you have, any scrap of gossip, anything that might interest me, on the following families. Greengrass, Parkinson, Zabini, Corner, Patil, Edgecombe, Chang, Rookwood, and Brockhurst. I'll be back in seven days, and will expect you to have the information prepared for me. And for Merlin's sake woman, make sure you are sober and dressed next time, I don't want to see your wrinkled tits staring at me when we talk!"

Before Narcissa could even form a retort, the two of them stood and walked out, leaving her sitting there stunned.

Malfoy Manor
Tuesday, June 2nd, 1998
11:00 am

Narcissa was completely sober and dressed as a lady of a Pureblood house when the elf announced Granger, and she stood up from the table, waiting for her guest. Granger walked into the room, alone this time, and gave her an appraising glance. Seeming to be satisfied, she nodded briskly and took the offered seat.

“Very well, Narcissa, what do you have for me?”

Narcissa pulled the paper toward her, "Starting with the Greengrass family. Cyrus has reiterated her neutral stance at the most recent meeting of the Wizengamot, but other than that did not introduce any business. However, there are whispers that he is having difficulty with the goblins over a couple of investments that went bad. I haven't been able to get close enough to find out any details, but hope to find out more over the next few weeks."

Granger listened impassively as she went over each of the families, occasionally making a note in the ledger she was carrying, but mostly just listening. She did seem interested in moves by Alonzo Parkinson to assure his businesses had a monopoly on certain plant items and directed Narcissa to find out more about what those items could be used for. She also seemed amused at a few of the peccadilloes of Ayaan Patil, and the financial arrangements he was scrambling to put into place because of them.

At the end of the meeting, Granger nodded, “Not a bad job for the first attempt Narcissa. As you integrate yourself more into the Wizengamot, I expect that the quality of the information will improve as well. I'll see you next week at the same time.”

As before, the woman just turned and walked out, although this time, Narcissa breathed a slight sigh of relief that the information she was able to find was interesting enough.

12 Grimmauld Place
Tuesday, June 2nd, 1998
2:45 pm

Hermione was smiling as she walked through the door, removing her outer robe and kicking off her shoes. Hearing Harry's voice murmuring from the living room, she stuck her head through the door to let him know she was back. Harry looked up from the couch, where Fleur was kneeling in front of him, as naked as always, her head bobbing in his lap. “Hey Hermione, how did it go?”

She laughed, “Well, Cyrus Greengrass is in trouble with the Goblins, so that would give me leverage when the time comes, and Alonzo Parkinson is trying something shady but Narcissa doesn't have all the details yet. But the most interesting is Ayaan Patil has apparently been stealing from some of his customers and they are starting to get suspicious. It's only a matter of a few thousand galleons, but it means that I have him by the balls! The twins are going to be in for quite a surprise very soon.”

Harry grinned, “It sounds like it! But, on a different subject, I got a message from Eloise that she's just hired a new girl, extremely submissive, but eager. If you want her, just let Eloise know and she'll wait to put the girl to work for a day or so.”

Hermione paused, “And why would you think I was interested? Believe it or not, Harry, I can go more than 12 hours without getting laid!”

Harry smirked, “I'm sure you can, but the reason I thought you would be interested, the girl is Agatha Rookwood, a Slytherin who graduated three years ago, and as Pureblood as they come.”

Her smirk matched Harry's, “Well, that does make a difference, doesn't it. Let me take a bath and scrub Malfoy Manor off my body and I'll give Eloise a call!”

After she was clean again, Hermione used her private floo to contact the Madame of the Brothel that Harry had discovered, to his surprise, that he owned a couple of years ago. She still had a hard time believing that the Potter family was in the sex trade, and had been for generations! But Eloise assured her that Agatha would be at her front door in exactly an hour, giving her just enough time to write a letter to Ayaan Patil.

Sitting down at her desk, she started writing, wanting to make sure she got the tone exactly right. It was polite enough but very clear that she was interested in purchasing a contract for both sisters. If the amount she mentioned was exactly the amount he needed to pay back his customers, and she happened to mention, casually, of course, the name of one of those customers, Hermione was sure the man was astute enough to get the message. Sealing the letter, she set it aside, her playmate should be arriving shortly.

Getting up, she dressed quickly, a severe skirt and blouse combination, nothing that would excite comment if worn in public, but enough to provide a message to the girl when she arrived. Her school mates would be shocked to discover it, but Hermione had a great deal of experience training girls to submit. She had several girls back in Crawley that would still come crawling if she gave the word, even though she ended the relationships when she had to return to school.

It had been a relief that Harry had accepted that part of her, and even more when she discovered the training that Sirius had provided him in the time they had together. As it was, their common interests just made the bond between them deeper. She grinned wryly, in a way, it was good that she wasn't attracted to him, because two dominants would not a happy couple make unless they found a submissive that could handle belonging to both of them. If Fleur weren't so devoted to Harry, she could probably do it, but it's just as well that the situation isn't going to arise.

Hearing the doorbell, Hermione walked to the top of the stairs and waited. She smirked at hearing a woman's voice gasping in surprise and guessed that Fleur had answered the door, and the beauty's nudity had shocked her visitor. Walking calmly down the stairs, she paused at the landing and looked down on the girl in the doorway. Hermione liked what she was seeing, the girl was 20 or 21, but because of how she was dressed and the light amount of makeup she was wearing, she appeared to be no more than 16 or 17.

The girl looked up, and Hermione nodded, the girl's body language was perfect, showing a hint of backbone, but ready to submit to a stronger personality. Putting a friendly smile on her face, Hermione said, “Ah, there you are, Agatha, I've been waiting for you!” The girl flushed slightly in embarrassment, even though she was slightly early, and Hermione hid her grin. This was going to be fun! Turning, she walked back up the stairs, not saying anything more, but expecting the girl to follow. She did.

Walking into her room, Hermione turned to face the door, and Agatha stepped through a few measured steps behind her. Gesturing (her wand was concealed in her sleeve, her finger lightly touching it) the door closed behind Agatha, and Hermione could see the awe in the girl's eyes at the apparent wandless magic.

Agatha stood still in the middle of the room, her dark curly hair brushed back over her shoulders, her hands clasped softly behind her back, making her breasts press against the schoolgirl blouse. She was wearing dark black flat shoes, her stocking covered legs nicely shaped as they disappeared under the mid-thigh length black skirt.

Hermione stepped forward, stopping just a few inches from the girl, pleased she didn't flinch. In a soft voice, Hermione purred, "Well Eloise did tell me you were a beauty, but she seems to have undersold you, my dear, you are absolutely delightful! Now, did Eloise tell you what I expect, pretty girl?"

She nodded, and in a soft voice, she said, “Yes Mistress, you desired a girl who would take pleasure in serving you however you desired, with a tolerance for intense sensation.”

“Well, I don't know about intense, but I do enjoy watching a pretty girl's bum turning nicely red under my attention. But we can think about that later. Remove your clothing, I'm interested in seeing if your body lives up to the packaging.”

Calmly, the girl reached up and started unbuttoning her blouse, the pale skin appearing as she pulled it open. Hermione nodded approvingly at the attractive green bra that she was wearing, displaying a nice amount of cleavage.

Agatha tugged the tails of the blouse from her skirt and Hermione gestured to the clothes rack at the side of the room. Hanging the blouse on the hanger, she unbuttoned her skirt and moved her hips, letting the skirt slide to the floor. Bending at the waist, she picked up the skirt and hung it on the appropriate hanger before turning and standing, wearing just her stockings and garter, with her silver knickers, and bra.

Hermione stood back to take a good look at her body and was moderately impressed that the girl was already wet, the knickers were practically molded to her, and there was a suspiciously dark stain on the crotch.

At Hermione's nod, Agatha reached up and unhooked the front of the bra, displaying her firm breasts, just slightly larger than Hermione's own, her large areola showing gooseflesh, her nipples already tightening up nicely. Shrugging her shoulders, the bra slipped down, and she put it on the hanger with her blouse. Reaching down, she tugged the ribbons holding her knickers in place apart and pulled them away from her swollen lips.

When Agatha had the knickers hanging from her hand, she turned to put it with her other clothing, but Hermione cleared her throat. "I'll take those pretty girl. I'll include extra in the tip so you can buy more because I can already see that I'll want to have you visiting fairly often."

The girl nodded, a shy smile on her face as she handed Hermione the garment. Hermione folded them and placed them in the pocket of her skirt before stepping close to the girl, pressing her clothed chest against the topless girl. Her hands dropped to grip Agatha's arse, and her leg slipped between her thighs. Pulling the girl tight against her, she lifted her leg and pressed her skirt covered thigh against the girls' mound, rocking slightly and making her gasp in pleased surprise.

While Agatha's mouth was open, Hermione tilted her head down and captured her lips, her tongue easily sliding into the girl's mouth, claiming her. She kept moving her thigh against the girl and was rewarded by the girl starting to move against her, as her lips closed around Hermione's tongue and started sucking submissively.

Hermione was impressed almost despite herself, either the girl was a better actress than some she'd seen in the cinema, she was really enjoying what Hermione was doing to her. What was a girl like this doing working for Eloise? That was a question for later, she wanted to see what the girl had to offer.

Keeping up the pressure on Agatha's quim, Hermione's hands started squeezing her bum cheeks, and she moaned into Hermione's mouth, changing to a gasp when she moved a hand and delivered a smack to her left cheek!

The girl actually pushed her arse back against Hermione's hand, practically begging for more, and Hermione wasn't going to turn her down. Soon both hands were landing sharply on the girl's flesh, and the moans were growing louder, and her breathing was speeding up. It was clear that the girl was very close and, not expecting it to work yet, Hermione broke the kiss and breathed in the girl's ear, “You can cum my pretty girl!”

Hermione was shocked when the girl's hands came up to rest on her shoulders as she cried out joyfully, collapsing in Hermione's arms, as she was overwhelmed with pleasure. Hermione held the girl, whispering words of praise in her ear as she recovered from the climax. As she was stroking the girl, Hermione's mind was racing, why was this girl working at Eloise's? Getting hired just in time for Eloise to mention her to Harry because Eloise had no idea that she was interested in Pureblood witches. The girls she had enjoyed over the last few months had all had a variety of blood statuses so Eloise couldn't determine any pattern.

Was it a coincidence? The girl did share a name with one of the executed Death Eaters, but Hermione didn't remember her ever spouting off blood purity nonsense in school. She kept thinking, even as Agatha's eyes cleared and she looked up at Hermione with near worship in her eyes.

Hermione kept a smile on her face as she stepped back, “Well, pretty girl, you've enjoyed yourself, and now I think you need to thank your Mistress, don't you?”

“Oh yes, Mistress! Thank you so much, may I serve you now?” If the girl's eyes weren't as clear and sharp as any she'd seen before, Hermione would suspect the Imperious, the depth of devotion in Agatha's eyes wasn't natural!

Hiding her thoughts, she blessed the training in Occlumency that she and Harry had done when they finally found a teacher, she started removing her blouse, displaying the stark black bra that she had chosen earlier. Removing her ruined skirt, she tossed it and the blouse in the laundry hamper before moving to the bed and sitting down, her legs spread wide.

Without a word, Agatha lowered herself to her hands and knees and crawled over, stopping when she was between Hermione's legs. Sitting up, the girl nuzzled her knickers before placing a kiss right on the cloth covering her. Looking up, she said, “May I reveal you, Mistress?”

At Hermione's nod, the girl reached up and slipped her fingers into the waistband of the knickers, lifting them away from the crotch and then tugging them down and over her hips. Hermione lifted her legs slightly to make it easier, and soon her knickers joined the rest of her outfit in the hamper.

Hermione was observing carefully, watching for anything that didn't seem right, but when the girl's extremely talented tongue reached out and licked her from the bottom of her lips to the top, before sucking lightly on the swollen flesh, sending bolts of pleasure through her body.

She was still thinking as the girl started to work in earnest, and Hermione discovered that even her vaunted powers of concentration couldn't stand against the massive amount of orgasms the girl provided!

End Chapter One