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Deucalion kidnaps Stiles and takes him to a cabin deep in the woods. Deuc is lonely and wants to make clever Stiles his pack. He lets Stiles walk around freely because Deuc has the car keys and can catch him if he tries to run. Since the nogitsune, Stiles has a necklace and bracelets with magical symbols on them that he never takes off. Deuc thinks Scott's pack doesnt appreciate how valuable an ally Stiles is; ruthless, host to the nogitsune and far more intelligent than they give him credit for. He lets Stiles read his books, the alpha apparently reads alot since regaining his sight. Stiles is distrustful of the alpha who kills whoever he needs to to get what he wants. He tells Deuc that he knew the alpha attacked Derek as a ruse when he really wanted Scott and there must be some hidden motives in his plan for Stiles.

Deuc makes dinner while Stiles showers. When the teen comes out with a towel Deuc is in 'his' room. He says he thinks the teen is lovely and trails the pad of his finger over Stiles' shoulder before leaving the room. They eat and Stiles asks more questions. Later Stiles asks what would happen if a werewolf killed the alpha. Deuc says that his tolerance for power has grown with his status and if another alpha or a beta were to take it from him then they would likely become unquenchably blood thirsty beasts.

Stiles and Deuc are sitting beside each other on the couch. Stiles is still a virgin and no ones ever really wanted him like the alpha does. He'd been prepared for violence from Deuc, even poorly concealed manipulation. But the alpha's been kind, sure its to further his own goals but it doesnt all seem like an act to Stiles. Deuc is wise, eager to talk about his knowledge and a fascinating debater, often losing track of time and talking into the early hours with the teenager. And hes handsome, sure he's older but Stiles has seen the alpha without his shirt in the mornings and his body certainly doesn't disappoint. And there's something about his entire presence that screams 'worth it'. And Stiles is willing to bet that he'd be gentle if the teenager asked him to. If no,t then Stiles will at least have an answer about whether this is a scenario he should escape immediately from or let play out a little further. So when Deucalion is distracted by a point he's trying to make on how life is fluid, Stiles takes a chance and leans in to gently press his lips to the other's.

A week passes since Deucalion kidnapped him and Stiles has read most of the alpha's books and the touches hes been trading with Deucalion have escalated. The alpha offers Stiles the bite and Stiles says he'll think about it.
From the books he's read and his secret weapon Stiles develops a plan. He tells the alpha that Gerard is still alive and that he'll take Deuc there if he promises not to kill the teen's pack. But Deuc's plan is to make Stiles do the killing, supposedly unbenownst to the boy. He lets Deuc into his bed and says yes to the bite.
The next day is spent with Stiles learning how to be a werewolf. Because he's been around for so many wolves being turned Stiles knows what to do in theory and is a fast learner at practice. Stiles' bloodlust peaks at dinner and he provokes Duec into violent but satisfying sex. Stiles scratches deeply at the alpha's back and gets even more aroused by it and is fascinated by his body healing from the no longer gentle touches from the alpha whom he has wrapped around his little finger.

Stiles previously had been keeping tabs on all the pack members's old enemies, including Gerard and Deucalion. They go together to the place Chris Argent hid Gerard. It's a small private nursing home. There's one nurse inside and Deuc tells Stiles to kill her as proof of loyalty. Stiles hesitates but he needs his eyes to be blue anyways before he carries out his plan. They walk in together and Stiles tackles the nurse then straddles her and rips out her throat with his claws. Deucalion is pleased and continues towards the other heartbeat in the building. Stiles pulls a latex glove out of the nurse's pocket and puts it on. "I knew you'd come eventually." Stiles hears Gerard as he prowls into the room behind the alpha and brushes their hands together as he passes him. "Although this is the last person I'd expect to see by your side unless, of course, this has something to do with Scott." Deuc replies, "I have no further use for Scott McCall. Stiles and I have much more in common"

Stiles circles around the sick man in a wheelchair and flashes his blue eyes, when he comes back around he grabs Gerard's forearm. Gerard snarls and digs the nails of his other hand into the teenager's wrist only to have Stiles smack a gloved hand on top of that wrist. Gerard gives it a confused look before raising bewildered eyes to the young werewolf. Stiles is smirking at him and pulls out of the grip and takes a few steps back. "Stiles?" Deucalion is staring widely at his own hands then at the teenager before slowly falling to his knees. Gerard looks between Stiles removing the glove, and the weakened alpha, he figures it out then and shouts "No!" while wheeling himself towards the door. Stiles kicks the wheelchair on its side and topples the sick man out of it next to the fully collapsed alpha. Stiles turns Duecalion over and shifts him so he's laying parallel to the slowly squirming invalid. "Why are you doing this Stiles? I havent done anything to hurt you?" The alphas eyes are wide with fear and fury but his voice is calm. Stiles moves to kick Gerard in the side before he pulls his necklace out of his pocket and shows them the broken pendant on it before throwing it away into the corner while he says, "Kanima venom. If its one thing the nogitsune taught me Deuc, its how to win the game by using your opponent's moves against them. And to always have an ace up your sleeve." Kneeling between them and linking the prone body's hands causing Gerard's pain to be drawn into the alpha. "Dont worry, alpha, I'm only healing him enough so that he can fully experience the pain that's about to be inflicted on him. By you, of course, I wouldn't take revenge away from a person who deserves it so much." He leans over the alpha's face "Its also to remove some of your power. About a third should do it, I think, just enough so that it doesn't drive me insane."

Deuc's red eyes flare and he growls loudly. Stiles continues, "Its nothing personal, you've treated me very well, better than I ever thought you were capable of." Checking on the progress of the pain drain he shrugs his shoulders "But. You did kidnap me and eventually you WERE going to kill me when it suited you best." Deuc can't shake his head so he says no. "Even if you weren't, you were still going to make me just like you. Have me kill my pack so I could be worthy of standing by your side, right?" Stiles trails off as they glare at each other before Stiles looks away and pulls the two's hands apart. Gerard gasps loudly and breathes healthy dry breaths and the alpha sighs heavily and closes his eyes against the dizziness. "Ah ah Deuc! Keep your eyes open. You're not going to want to miss this next part." Stiles gently turns the alpha's head towards Gerard. Picking up the alpha's limp hand Stiles angles it above Argent's body then swiftly drags the claws across his stomach. Argent shouts but bites his lips to keep the noise in, stubborn hunter pride.

Stiles silently shreds Gerard's middle while the alpha watches. "Anything besides the one thing you really want to do to him?" Stiles asks the alpha, surprising him. Deuc regards them both before whispering "his hands" Stiles picks up Gerard's hand and guides the claws into slicing his fingers down the middle all the way to the bone. Gerard screams this time before he starts swearing and cursing at Stiles, saying that Scott will never take him back after this. Stiles claps a hand hard over his mouth and leans down staring intensely into the old man's eyes "Scott won't have to" he whispers. Gerards sneers defiantly. "Is that why you brought me here? Were you honest about any of it?" Deuc asks him, surprisingly solemn. Stiles looks guilty despite everything. "I had considered just leaving you at the cabin and driving away. Maybe you'd let me go, maybe not. Either way, I'd be making a very personal enemy of the biggest baddest werewolf around. Besides..." he turns back to Gerard, "Scott's the one who lets the bad guys go free. It's why hes always losing."

Stiles stands, goes into the bathroom and turns the water on in the tub before coming back. He turns Duecalion on his side facing Argent. "I wouldn't want you to miss this" the teen picks the alpha's hand up again and positions the claws over the old man's eyes. Gerard stares up at them then looks at Stiles. "You're no better than we are, boy" Stiles looks at him, eerily calm "Not anymore I'm not." Stiles blinds Gerard then drops the alpha's hand and drags the screaming human into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Stiles drags him up and props him on the rim of the now full tub, turning the water off. His screaming stops when Argent's lowered into the water to his waist, he tenses and makes small desperate but futile movements. Stiles says, "Do you remember Matt Daehler? He drowned when he was a child, did you know that? He was dying right in front of those people and they just stood around laughing, like it didn't matter. When I learned how you killed him, it..." Stiles sighs shaking his head, he lowers the blind man down till his chin is at the water. "I couldn't stop thinking about how he must have felt, the fear and helplessness when you were holding under. It went beyond cruelty. Just like when I set Peter on fire before Derek killed him." He stops and looks at the man whose panting and shaking but remains stubbornly silent. Stiles continues, "I expect my own death to be the same. Its why I'm not afraid anymore." Stiles lets go and Gerard sinks under, almost immediately swallowing water and convulsing. Stiles leaves the room before the hunter's heart stops.

Deucalion is sluggishly sliding his hands back and forth across the carpet, trying to regain mobility. Stiles goes to the dresser in the corner and digs through it, then picks up a dagger with the smell of wolfsbane on it. The teen rolls the alpha onto his back and sits on his hips with the dagger's point against Deucalion's chest and says "I really did plan to just leave you behind. You were kind to me, and so very gentle." Stiles gently strokes the alphas hair back before a fanatical gleam enters his amber eyes and he goes on in a hushed tone, "But I discovered something while I was reading your books. Something that will change everything. Requirements for a ritual that describe me to a tee. Turns out male foxes might not leave anything behind after possession but nogitsune do" He pauses and looks away "It made me painfully aware of just what I really am..." he looks back, "And what I'm not." Deuc's clawed fingers brush Stiles' knees, it catches the teenager's attention and he sits up straighter. "That's why I let you bite me." He strokes a hand over the alpha's chest and leans down close to his face to whisper "But that's not why I let you have me." Stiles runs his nose along the man's jaw. "That was just for me." Stiles places light, open mouthed kisses over the alpha's lips and cheek. Deucalion's voice rumbles near his ear, "Then why do you want to kill me?"

Stiles sits up and positions the blade over the alpha's heart, his other hand stroking the side of the man's face. "Because you're the strongest alpha there is. And you're going to make me unstoppable." Stiles places the end of the blade handle against his sternum, his eyes losing their manic gleam as he looks seriously at the man, already pulling at the man's pain. "I am sorry about this, so I'm going to make sure it doesn't hurt. I enjoyed our time together, Deuc, you really do have so much vision." Deucalion's claws dig into Stiles' thighs at the same time Stiles drops his weight, the blade piercing through the alpha's chest, bringing them face to face. Stiles shouts as the pain he's draining pulses through him and the alpha gasps wetly. Stiles shakily meets the alpha's eyes as the red drains from them and the man's pain stops.

The power that floods into Stiles is overwhelming, the teenager staggers up and against the wall. Its like an earthquake plus a flood in the mind and Stiles screams/roars as he falls down next to Deuc's body. The power keeps getting stronger with each of his heartbeats and it burns under his skin. He claws and kicks as the adrenaline causes him to attack without a target. His movements quickening rapidly as popping and ripping noises mix with his pained shouts and growls. Stiles' limbs flail and distort as his skin pushes out fur all over his body, he twists and quakes as his body changes. His clothes finally tear away as he becomes a grey wolf with a mass much larger than a man's. He clamps his teeth into Deucalions thigh as a howl that shakes the foundation of the building burst from him, muffling it into the flesh. He tears the body apart in a red hazed frenzy. As new alpha consumes the gore he calms slightly, then he starts to lick the mess out of his fur.

Stiles wakes nearly an hour later lying on the floor next to what remains of the former Demon wolf, completely naked and feeling like he's thrumming with power. It's a sensation similar to an exploding rage but without the emotion attached to it. He clumsily rolls onto all fours and looks around. Then he crawls his way into a different bedroom and into the shower. He turns the water on cold and desperately tries to focus on his mom for an anchor. When his vision turns red and hes snarling, wanting to tear the building down, the thought of his dad makes him calm down. He eventually stopa shaking and slows his breathing down. He gets out of the water then he flushes the necklace and latex glove down the toilet. He walks naked outside to the car, pulling on the clean clothes that Deuc had brought for them to change into after their hunt.


'"Hello?" "S-scott?" "Stiles!? Where have you been? Are you okay?" "Um. No. Not really." Scott hears a shaky breath through the phone "Can you come get me?" "Yeah! Yeah where are you? Are you hurt?" "*location* I'm not hurt but um. You better bring Chris with you." "Stiles what-" Dial tone.

Stiles stands from the bench he was sitting on at the border of town when two cars pull up, one a police cruiser with his dad and Chris inside it and the other with the whole pack. Scott runs towards him and Stiles snarls and backs up, turning his face away. Scott freezes, as does Chris, Lydia and Isaac. Stiles shouts, "Dont! Just stay back!" "Stiles?" The sheriff gets his attention and everybody flinches as the teen suddenly throws himself into hugging his father. "Dad! Im sorry, I'm so sorry" "Its okay, son. You're safe now, everything going to be okay." the sheriff looks at Scott but its Chris who speaks up first, "What happened, Stiles? You asked for me to be here, care to tell us why." Stiles shakes as he leans away from his dad but doesn't let go. He takes a deep breath and says, "Deucalions dead." He meets Chris' eye "So is Gerard." Chris looks surprised and suspicious but not upset "How'd you know where Gerard was?" Stiles looks away "I may have followed you." Scott, "Wait! They're dead? How? By who?" Instead of answering, Stiles looks back at Chris and the hunter says "We should go. I'll lead the way." Stiles pulls away when everyone makes to get in the vehicles. "I can't go back there, guys. I'm sorry, I just cant." They plan for Isaac, Chris and the Sheriff to go ahead to where Gerard was living and the rest will go to Derek's loft with Stiles. Stiles sits in the back of the SUV with Lydia and Derek on either side of him.
Stiles growls if Scott gets near him and continues to shake, he closes his eyes as often as he can. They open the loft door and he stands by the wall away from everyone to calm the instincts pushing at him. Derek tells everyone to sit down and give him space, then Stiles tells them some of the story. About how Deucalion kidnapped him because he wanted a new pack and that the Demon wolf thought Stiles would want to help him finally kill Gerard. But Stiles is gonna wait for the others to get back before telling them any more.
Everyone protests and starts asking questions at once but stop when a deep, loud growl rumbles from Stiles and he huddles closer into himself. Derek asks Stiles how he's feeling. Stiles says it feels like he wants to rip himself and everyone else to shreds. Stiles focuses on his parents and tries to calm down a little. He starts pacing along the wall and the other werewolves stand too because of the threat that Stiles is broadcasting.

Peter has been staring at him from the couch this whole time but starts laughing and clasps his hands together, causing everyone to jump and look at him "This is delightful. Our helpful little human is finally a werewolf too. And quite a powerful one at that" He gets up and strides closer to the silently vibrating teenager, smirking "I have to admit, you're fighting it more than I would've expected" He stops a few feet away as Stiles slowly lifts his gaze, glaring daggers at him. Then he darts out, graps Peter by the collar and slams him back against the wall where he was just standing before the others can react. Peter's eyes flare and he grips the other's wrists but doesn't struggle. Stiles' lips curl and they can hear his fangs clacking against each other due to his shaking. Stiles leans in a little and inhales the other's scent, a deep but nearly inaudible growl vibrating through the floor. Lips twitching he rasps "So thats what that feels like." Peter's smirk turns slightly jovial and Stiles lets Peter shove him away before the older werewolf returns to his place on the couch, Stiles watching his path before looking at the others. Then Stiles says he needs to be alone and goes into the kitchen. The others wait in the main area until Chris, the sheriff, and Isaac get back and tell them what they found. Stiles can hear them and the fear and the mixed emotions in the air from the others make the pressure behind his eyes increase and he slides to the floor trying to get his breath back.
"Wheres Stiles?" Chris asks and the others stand and ask why but Scott blurts that he's in the kitchen. They all turn when the kitchen door opens and a huge grey wolf comes out with burning red eyes. Chris points both of his guns at him and argues with Scott and the sheriff that Stiles would never be able to control that much power and he'll just end up killing people. Peter and Derek are staring hard at the new alpha's form while Isaac and Lydia back away from the scene unfolding in front of them. It was part of Stiles' plan to wait for the sheriff to get back before telling the rest of his story because he didn't want to chance the pack reacting badly to the news and causing Stiles' control to slip, his father would keep him grounded. His attention is on the two Hales though and their confusion changes to curiousity and then the awe pouring off them is intoxicating. Derek has never managed to fully change his form as an alpha, nor has Scott. And Peter's wolf was chaotic so they haven't seen a proper shift since Talia. As the only born werewolves in the room they can recognize the buzzing of their instincts from sensing an alpha's power in the room. Stiles is radiating it in waves.
The wolf pads closer to them and they stay perfectly still, they know only the strongest fighters or a group can win against an alpha in full wolf form. Stiles sits down a couple feet in front of them and stares right back. The others convince Chris to put the guns away and Stiles breaks the stare off and circles around behind Lydia and Isaac, giving Scott on the other side a wide berth, before pushing his nose against his father's hand, licking at it when the older man kneels down to his level and looks at him. Stiles huffs and chases his hand with his head until the sheriff scratches behind his ears. "Stiles?" Stiles ruffs quietly before stalking away to the corner and laying down, eyes watching the room full of people arguing about what to do now. He's stronger than them and they know it. He can relax a little now.

Stiles watches Scott, Derek, Chris and the sheriff murmer in a circle beyond the couches that Stiles notices hes being watched from by a very wary Isaac, a concerned Lydia and Peter who seems laid back but is drilling holes of unsavory glee into Stiles' head. Stiles predicted that Peter would be curious but still have the full intention of stealing Stiles' newfound power from him. Everyone thinks Peter's gotten over being an alpha but Stiles knows better. Stiles remembers what Peter was like when the mask was off, before he was killed. He's still distracted when a pair of pants are thrown at his head by a very pissed off Argent. He shifts back to human form and holds in his growls as he slips the pants up his legs. The man has good reason to be angry with him. "So tell me Stiles." Chris doesn't take his eyes away as Stiles finishes and zips up. "How does a human go into an encounter between Deucalion and Gerard and come out on top?" Stiles was expecting this but Chris' anger and suspicion is starting to make his wolf bristle again when he just got it calmed down. It must be obvious because the sheriff jumps in saying that the important thing is that Stiles survived and the two murderers are the ones that died.

Stiles doesn't look at Scott as he walks through the crowd and goes to stand with his dad behind the couch. He's still shirtless and his skin is still sensitive from being a wolf. He sighs and crosses his arms leaning against his dad's side. "Deucalion wanted me to kill Scott. And probably others that I considered pack." He looks at Lydia then back at Chris, "A beta's hardly good company to the alpha of alphas, after all." Scott cuts in, "but why did he kidnap YOU? I could've told him where Gerard was if thats what he was after." "I guess you weren't his type" Stiles jokes only realizing what hes said after he hears a few hearts stutter, including his dad's. Stiles clears his throat and clenches his fists tighter against the ever constant shakes. "He said he wanted a smarter pack this time around. People who could share his vision and what not." He waves his hand around at the last part. Stiles says "no offense buddy" at Scott's wounded look. Chris asks, "But how could he know you could tell him where to find Gerard?" Stiles looks at the hunter and decides to be blunt. "He didnt."

An uncomfortable silence rings out when the message that Deucalion's reasons for kidnapping Stiles weren't about revenge and had only to do with an 'ex' evil alpha and a teenage boy. Stiles regrets telling that joke a second time. His dad puts his hand around Stiles' shoulder supportively and Stiles feels his claws retract, he hadn't felt them come out. "I told him that to give him something else to focus on so I might have a chance to escape." Chris seems content with this answer but his sharp eyes narrow, "and when did he bite you?" Stiles heart beat speeds up as he remembers the way Deucalion's lips felt right before he killed him. Stiles doesn't realize he's growling until his dad clears his throat. Stiles looks up from the floor to the man whose father Stiles killed earlier that day. "After I earned his trust."

Argent finally leaves when Derek volunteers to let Stiles stay at the loft since he can't go with Scott and it wouldn't be safe for him to go home. Lydia gives him a hug before she leaves, saying she's glad he's safe but Stiles can still smell her fear. He gives her a little smile, he has mixed feelings about her being afraid of him. Scott's awkward and Isaac notices and says he's happy for the both of them that Stiles is back safe. Stiles tells Scott that it's not personal, it must be an alpha thing. Stiles can sense Scott's true alpha power now and Scott is at least smart enough to remember how much blood went into Stiles' own power. A study in opposites that makes their wolves incompatable. Stiles wasn't expecting the opposition to Scott to feel so natural though. But Scott and he haven't had much in common for a while now. Stiles' dad gives him a hug before he leaves and Stiles holds on a little too long. "You're still my son." His dad tells him and Stiles quickly locks away the guilt that comes with that before the sheriff leaves too.

Stiles turns back around to the two Hales and says, "So what now? Are we going to have a slumber party? Peter can pick a movie and I'll braid Derek's hair." Derek tries to hide his smile, he was worried Stiles wouldn't be the same after absorbing so much alpha power within days of having gotten the bite. But he knows, and he thinks some of the others suspect too, that Stiles is hiding something from them. "How about we work out just how the change is affecting you. Being an alpha is different for everybody." Derek convinces Stiles to spar against him and Peter. Stiles might be smaller than Deucalion but he hits just as hard. The goal is to keep his claws in and just work on speed. What starts out as an even fight turns one sided pretty fast. Stiles has less experience but he's smaller and, once he focuses, hes also faster. And the strength of his hits aren't diminished much when the strikes land wrong from inexperience. When Stiles has been pinned down by both of them oonly to throw his opponents across the room they finally take a break. Stiles watches from where he's sitting covered in sweat as Derek climbs to his feet and helps Peter up from where he's laying. Peter of course takes the first shower, claiming the most abuse, and Derek and Stiles stand and drink cups of water from the sink.

"I can hear you thinking over there, Derek. Come on, I know you have questions." Stiles says good heartedly, werewolf sparring wasn't something Stiles really appreciated the need for until now. Derek doesn't know why he's surprised the teenage alpha noticed how troubled he is by what's happened to the ex-human. Stiles was always the one who noticed things others didn't. "Its just, I dont get it. Taking the bite, serving Gerard up on a silver platter." Derek waves his hand vaguely and Stiles raises an eyebrow in a classic 'right, go on' gesture. "Why was it so important to get Deucalion to trust you that you'd trade it at such a high cost?" Stiles looks displeased as he stares at the counter and Derek starts to think he's not going to get an answer. Then Stiles speaks softly but its still clear, "He wasn't as bad as I thought he'd be. I was expecting torture but instead got dinner and civilized conversation." Stiles laughs a little before growing serious again, "I knew what he was capable of before and still was but..." Stiles trails off and turns away from the counter and crosses his arms, giving Derek a skeptical look like he's trying to decide something. Blowing out a long breath, Stiles continues, "He could've been a great alpha." Waving his hands abruptly ,"just like before he went to the dark side because of Gerard blinding him and everything. I just-" Stiles stops but holds preterenaturally still like someone about to admit something terrible. "I wanted the bite, Derek." Derek's bushy eyebrows furrow as he steps away from the counter and turns towards the shrinking teenager, "I didn't want it from Scott though, he's my best friend but he doesn't feel like the alpha to me. And Peter was insane at the time so I couldn't very well say yes to him and you-"
Stiles sighs "You didn't want me in your pack." Before Derek can say anything Stiles straightens and continues, "So I said yes to Deucalion. I took a chance hoping he'd really turned over a new leaf and I was wrong, okay? I was wrong and I didn't know for sure until it was too late." The kitchen is silent afterwards and when Derek doesn't say anything Stiles leaves the room, brushing past Peter on the way out. The older werewolf just raises his eyebrows at Derek and exhales loudly, "Blew it there, didnt you?" Derek scowls at his uncle who starts making tea as they hear the shower turn on upstairs, "You heard all that?" Derek asks. Peter leans back against the counter and grins at the other "Of course. Although, I rather think I got more out of it than you did." Derek glares suspiciously at the werewolf he has to keep convincing himself is useful, then asks in a resigned way, "Why do you say that?" Peter hums as he examines his nails, "You really didn't notice?" Derek growls and grinds his teeth. Patience. That's the key to getting anything out of Peter, "Notice what?" Peter rolls his eyes and stands straight then widens his eyes at the other dramatically. "He lied, Derek. His heart skipped when he admitted to being wrong about Duecalion." Giving his nephew the depreciating look that Derek hates, he continues, "Really nephew, when has a bad guy ever been able to fool Stiles, much less earn his trust?" Peter finishes making tea and leaves Derek to think about that.
While Derek showers Stiles sits acrossed from Peter on the couches. Stiles gives him a look mixed between suspicious and incredulous as Peter smiles serenely and drinks his tea, completely ignoring the teenager. When he switches the tea for a book Stiles loses his patience. Yes, Peter was expecting Stiles to give up first but the sudden lapful of powered up teenager is a surprise. After meeting Stiles' red gaze Peter sighs while dropping the book beside him. "I see becoming an alpha hasn't fixed your impulse control." Stiles grins a little and slides closer "And yet it seems to have worked wonders for yours all of a sudden." Peter rubs the pads of his fingers over the middle of the teen's thighs but doesn't make eye contact "And what makes you say that?" Stiles waits until Peter looks at him before leaning in close and whispering against his ear, the older werewolf's fingers pausing due to the proximity "It must be driving you crazy, Peter. Yet again its someone else's turn to be alpha when you've put in so much effort." Peter's eyes narrow as Stiles continues, mouth watering with the excitement of provoking the older man. "How badly do you want to rip me apart right now? To feel all that power in you again." Peter slaps two clawed hands around Stiles' neck and pulls him in close till the alpha can feel his breath on his mouth. "You think I wont?" Peter whispers. Stiles licks his lips and smiles cockily. "Oh, I know you would Peter. You could do it right now." His lips quirk like he knows something Peter doesn't, "It'd be a shame though. Fate's quiet little disappointment." Peter squints at him in confusion but backs away a little. "What do you mean?" Stiles' lips curl into an obscene cheshire grin and he presses forward against the other's grip to say quietly agains't his cheek. "You know better than anyone that good things come to those who wait." Peter turns and looks at Stiles, suspicious but intrigued, "and how do I know it'll be worth my time?" "You know me Peter. Can I make it worth your time?" Stiles shrugs out of his hold and stands from Peter's lap, going to sit down across from him again as the shower turns off upstairs. Chris's question to Stiles earlier whispers in the back of Peter's head 'How does a human go into an encounter between Deucalion and Gerard and come out on top?'

Stiles sleeps in Isaac's room but sometime during the night he switches to his wolf form and goes wandering. Derek knows this because he wakes up to a very big fucking wolf asleep across his legs in the morning! He remembers not to tense up just in time. You don't give a sleeping wolf cause for alarm. He lays there staring wide eyed and notices the wolf's stronger than normal warmth and hearbeat. Its... soothing... Right. Enough of that. He quietly calls Peter's name and waits. He has to do it several times before the other werewolf drags his grumbling ass out of bed and comes shuffling down the hallway, half-asleep. Derek hears an "oh'"and can practically see that annoying smug look on the older wolf's face. Peter stands in the doorway for a moment then turns and walks away, saying "I'll make coffee." Derek grumbles something about undead cowards only to hear Peter chuckle. Rotten bastard. Of course Peter's not concerned by any of this but why would he be? Stiles likes Peter in his own 'keep your enemies closer than your friends' way. And he's pretty sure Stiles thinks Peter's funny, he tends to laugh at and joke with his uncle more often than anyone else. But Derek's also pretty sure that Stiles has every reason not to like HIM. After all, he was actively trying to scare Stiles away for a long time after they met. Four terribly uncomfortable minutes later the Stiles wolf lifts its head and blinks at Derek. He's pretty sure he stopped breathing because by the time that it gets up and trots out of the room Derek is seeing spots. He breathes in slowly, he has some dignity still, after all, Stiles having the power of five alphas isn't terrifying at all. By the time Derek's finished getting dressed and scowling at the animal hairs on his black blanket, thank you very much Stiles, he can smell the beginnings of breakfast downstairs.

Stiles' wolf is in the kitchen with them for a little bit before wandering off and coming back human. The Hales sit on the couch to eat but it irritates Stiles and he squeezes in between them until they're all pressed up against each other. After eating they watch tv and Stiles puts his arms around the other two's shoulders then falls asleep. Stiles nuzzles cozily at their shoulders and gives the tiniest kitten lick to Peter's neck. A content rumbling like a purr comes from the alpha soothing the others. "Huh" "mm?" Derek replies, "Stiles sees the BOTH of us as pack." Peter seems less surprised than Derek thinks he should be but his trademark smirk is missing. "Who else do you think he considers pack, Derek?" "His dad of course, Lydia maybe..." Peters smirk finally makes an appearance when Derek pauses so he says out loud what Derek was thinking "Isaac and Kira are loyal to Scott. Now, the real question you should be asking yourself, nephew, is why doesn't Stiles see Scott as pack like he used to?" "Maybe it will pass, its common for two alphas to put each other on edge." "Yes, but Stiles and Scott aren't like other alphas, remember?"

They look at the teenager with his face pressed against Peters shoulder, purring/rumbling and throwing off enough heat to make the others sleepy. Derek grudgingly asks his uncle "How do you think it will affect him?" Peter lays his head back and closes his eyes, "Stiles was already unpredictable, ruthlessly loyal, and clever before he took Deucalion's power. Might be time for all of you to stop underestimating him." Derek scowls at the comment but notices that Peters left himself out. "Mind telling me why you didn't include yourself in that little observation?" Peter's eyes don't open but his grin is all teeth. "I've known better than to underestimate Stiles since the night I met him. After all, it wasn't a human teenager I had expected to figure it all out first, Derek." Theres a gleam in Peter's eye as he peaks at his nephew that reminds Derek the ex-alpha had everyone fooled for weeks even though it was pretty obvious in the end who was killing people. And that Stiles has saved all of their lives at least once and is usually the one to come up with information or a plan that they wouldn't have succeeded without.

Actually, in hindsight, if Stiles was never there things would be very different now. Derek would've been drowned by the kanima and the darach would've succeeded at Motel Hell in killing all the teenage werewolves. And he was the one to throw a molotov cocktail at Peter, things that Derek never acknowledged before. He looks at the teenager between them, someone who managed to keep up with a pack of werewolves, plus their enemies, all while weaker and usually without anyone helping him. And without a definite pack of his own since he never seemed to let packlines stop him and even Derek can admit he's left people to die for no other reason than that. It's with a different weight that Derek considers what Stiles being an alpha will mean for Beacon Hills. And maybe Chris has a point too, Deucalion and Gerard are dead, and Derek never thought that'd be possible without taking serious losses but Stiles seems fine, struggling with the new power but thats to be expected.

Stiles said he got Deucalion to trust him and used it against the Demon wolf but that doesn't seem like the whole story. Deucalion was many things but gullible wasn't one of them. Derek looks up when Peter chuckles at him, "Took you long enough. Do try to keep up, dear nephew." Derek glares but it falls flat after a moment, he's distracted by his own thoughts and how much he seems to have missed about the teenager who he's all too aware is the strongest wolf in town now. Maybe even the state. That leads him down another train of thought, what if Stiles and Scott were to become enemies? If Stiles took down Deucalion AND Gerard then would Scott even stand a chance?

His thoughts are growing more and more upsetting and the alpha on his mind must sense his upset because he's brought out of his thoughts suddenly when Stiles shifts and nuzzles his face into Dereks shoulder, chest rumbling as he scents Derek. Comforting him, Derek realizes. Derek turns to look and catches the tail end of a look on Peter's face before the other turns away, seeming not to want to break the silence either. Derek knows that look though, neither of them are used to physical affection or comfort in their current lives. Before the fire their family would touch and cuddle each other all the time, Talia insisted on it and everyone was happier and stronger because of it. Wolves are tactile creatures, after all. But now, well, Derek's all too aware that they have yet to come even close to that. Scott, Kira and Isaac smile at and touch each other plenty but never with the two Hales, not that he blames them. Derek did push Scott and eventually Isaac away. Scott has been kinder to Derek lately but that still leaves Peter on the outskirts and even Derek sometimes sits with him to avoid the teenagers. And Stiles is usually the one provoking the older wolves into the conversation. He also sits with them the most. Okay, the only one to sit with them, even though sometimes Stiles lures Lydia over by asking about something he's read lately. Derek looks back at the sleeping alpha and thinks that maybe that's why Stiles is treating them more like pack than Scott and his two little followers.