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100 Writing Prompt Challenge

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Sam smirked as he watched you dance by yourself to music in your room, the bunker was usually quiet. But your music was radiating through the house, you thought the boys had gone out to eat and show Jack some of the local hot spots. However they had gotten back faster.

Dean slowly made his way towards Sam, he held his finger up pointing towards you. Dean chuckled. "Go dance with her, I know you want to. You have been so silent about your feelings but you should go and talk to her."

"I do really love her, ever since we saved her during that hunt." He was blushing, looking towards her. His eyes soft, and his smile wide.

"Then go and talk to her Sammy." Dean replied with a chuckle as he watched as his younger brother walked into your room. You were still dancing, your back turned from the door.

"Girls just want to have fun!" You sang into the fake microphone. Suddenly a hand was on your shoulder. you let out a scream instantly punching the man who had touched you.

"Ow what the-" Sam groaned as you sat back.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry Sam. I didn't realize you were here. Wait how much did you see?"

He only laughed. "Girls just want to have fun." He said licking his lips as he took your hand in his and began to dance with you. You chuckled and the two of you began to dance happily, smiling wide. "You are mine. Please."

"I like that... you and me, together. Sam Winchester. We can have fun together."

"Yes, yes we can."

You looked towards the write to see Jack and Dean watching you with a smile on their faces. "Why don't the two of you get in here too?" You asked as you waved your hands to get them to come in. "Come on."

"You want us to join you?" Dean asked.

"We are a family aren't we." They grinned and the four of you started to dance. The two of you weren't going to give this up. You loved him, and he loved you.

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Gabe wasn't often around, he enjoyed popping in and out of your life. You had been hunting with the Winchesters for almost three years now. However Gabe had taken a special interest in you. You were sleeping when you heard the sound of feathers and candy wrappers. You slowly turned over to see the angel sitting beside you, the bed slumping.

"Morning." Gabe said, you looking towards your alarm clock.

"Its three in the morning." You muttered.

He chuckled. "Still morning isn't it (n/n)." He asked cocking his head as he looked you over.

"I suppose." You yawned. "Let me sleep will you, the hunt kicked my ass yesterday." Gabe nodded and left you to sleep, after a few more hours you woke to a mouthwatering smell.

You made your way down to the kitchen, Dean, Daryl, Sam, Carl, Maggie, Rick and Jack were sitting around the table. "There you are. why did you make this all for us?" They asked confused.

"I didn't, I thought one of you guys did." You replied. "So you guys di..didn't make this for us?" You asked slightly concerned.

"No, we didn't" Daryl shrugged as he reached for the bacon. You shrugged and sat down. Dean was piling his plate so you figured it would be okay. Suddenly Gabriel appeared behind you.

"This was for (y/n)." Gabe said with a grin on his face. "But i suppose you guys enjoy it too."

"You just made it for (y/n) all of this for them?"

"Yes, all of this."

"But why?"

"I don't know, I figured you would be okay with a free meal cooked up by everyones favorite angel." Gabe said, Daryl cocked his head. Favorite angel was an overshoot in his head, he didn't think anyone liked angels accept maybe Castiel who was currently out doing something.

"You look disappointed." Gabe said looking to Daryl.

"Not disappointed, just surprised you would uh never mind." The man said frowning. He kept eating. You chuckled at how flustered the hunter had gotten. Gabe suddenly leaned down and kissed you, and with a surprise you let out a shout.

"What..what was that for?"

"Got to give a kiss to my favorite human." And with that comment he was gone.

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It had been a long time since all of you had gone on a vacation, all you wanted was to lay in the sand, or swim. You were sitting beside Peter while Tony drove. Pepper held his free hand as he drove, Thor and Loki were supposed to meet you four at the local beach.

As the four of you pulled up you noticed Loki laying in the sand, his chest bare, his long black hair pulled up, and he wore sun glasses over his eyes. You blushed seeing him, Peter punched your arm softly with a wink. You tried to brush him off. Thor was already in the water, not waiting for anyone to show up. Tony shook his head and Pepper only laughed. Peter smirked, the two of you were so ready for a beach day. You both raced towards the water, Loki sat up as he watched you.

You were wearing your (f/c) bathing suit with stripes of (2nd F/C). You smiled as you jumped in the water, it was cold on your skin and you began to shiver. Peter smirked and splashed you, the two of you continued to have a splash fight. Loki smirked as he watched the two of you. Thor suddenly splashed you both, you sputtered and coughed, suddenly you were under the water.

Loki sat quickly as he jumped to save you. Peter was dragged in my Tony, Pepper watched for you biting her lip. You were like a daughter to her, and she was petrified. Thor was watching terrified, what had he done to the small humans? Loki came out of the water carrying you bridal style. He laid you down in the sand, the warm grains of small rocks were warm. He began to work on getting you to breath, his panicked expression obvious. Thor slowly made his way towards you two.

"I am sorry brother for harming your girl friend." Thor said, his eyes lowering to the ground.

Loki chocked on his own tongue. "She isn't my girlfriend." You suddenly began to cough out water. Loki wrapped his arms around you quickly, holding you tightly towards him. "Oh thank goodness you are okay (y/n)." He said running his hands up and down your back.

"Loki, thank you.." You managed out after a few minutes of coughing and holding onto him. "You saved me."

"I didn't do anything.." He replied.

"Other than jumping in to save her, no you didn't do anything." Peter replied as Tony stood him up.

Loki rolled his eyes. "I think this is what a girlfriend and boyfriend are like." Thor replied.

"Will you shu-" Loki began, he was cut off by your lips pressed against his. "I like you Loki."

"I like you too." He replied. After making sure you and Peter were okay you went back to playing in the water, Loki staying with you nearly the entire time. Peter was busy showing off his sand castle making skills to Tony, while Pepper slept against his chest. Thor was more careful with his splashes, unless it came to Loki.

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"Salt, I am salty." Nico said as he looked at the internet meme.

Will walked past his boyfriend, laughing historically. "Are you alright Nico?"

"Yes of course." Nico said as he flipped Annabeth's computer around. "I am Salty."

"At what exactly." Will asked cocking his head while laughing.


"Oh I love you," Will said. "This is why I said we shouldn't be letting you check out memes."

"I am a salty man Will Solace."

"You are my salty man." Will said kissing him softly.

Percy ran by, thinking it was a perfect time to just yell at them. "Mood!"

Nico broke the kiss. "I know that meme too."

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Charlie was walking down the hall of the bunker, you trailing behind her as usual. With a smile on your face you were carrying the books for the newest hunt. She was like a Disney princess to you, smart, funny, and she enjoyed dressing up. The two of you bonded over LARP. The two of you headed to the nearest Cafe, she ordered a coffee and you got some waffles and an orange juice. It was early and you were in need of something to eat before you went on a hunt.

She smiled, as she began to research. She had a clipboard that had all of the information for the hunt she assumed the two of you would need. You continue to eat for a while until Charlie sat up. "I figured it out."

"What is it?"

"Come on lets get in the car, I will tell you on the way." She said, you drank your orange juice quickly and shoved your face full of waffle and chased after her. As you got in and made sure you had all your books you made sure to seatbelt yourself in.

"What is it?" You asked as you brushed your (h/l) (h/c) hair out of your face.

She smirked, triumphant. "Skinwalker."

Racking your brain you had dealt with them at least twice in the last year. "How did we not know that before?"

"They were trying to pretend to be a ghoul, thats why we thought it was so weird." She said, the two of you pulled up to the place you both thought he was hiding out.You both began to carefully walk, weapons up. She smirked looking back at you, your (e/c) eyes sparkling. "Ready?"

"Ready as I will ever be." You replied. She smiled and the two of you kept going. Soon you were in a heated battle against not one but two skin walkers. You were thrown against the wall of the sewer. Blood dripping around you, Charlie let out a scream.

"(Y/N)!" Soon the walkers were dead and she was racing to get you in the car. She drove like a mad women all the way to the bunker. As quickly as she could she got you in the hospital like wing in the bunker. Sam was quickly helping her.

"Is she okay?" Charlie kept asking. Dean trying to comfort her, Charlie was like a sister to him. You were his actual sister.

"She will be fine soon." Sam replied as he finished playing doctor. "What happened?"

"Skinwalker tossed her against the wall." Charlie sniffled. She buried her face into Deans arm. He held her close.

After a few hours you woke up. Charlie was instantly at your side. "Hey (n/n)." She said smiling.

"Hey Charlie." You smiled softly. She then kissed you, your face was covered in blush. "You. I didn't think you were interested."

She smirked, making a joke. "After I watched you get thrown against a wall you got hot." She smirked and kissed you again. Dean and Sam smiled watching from the door.

"I approve." Dean said with a smile.

"As long as she keeps our little sister safe."

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You were standing beside Daryl, his frown noticeable, with the sounds of groaning coming close, he held you close to him. The walkers growing closer you were petrified that you could be the next to die. Fear was radiating off the two of you, however the smell of the dead was enough to stop you from moving. He held you close, kissing your temple to calm you. The two of you had managed to get into a crawl space that was impossible to get into unless you could unlock the latches.

You held onto him tightly, fear making you shake. The walkers kept going, in their hoard. The two of you were going on a food run. Trying to search for anything, either something you had to hunt and kill or just find. You muttered under your breath, trying not to cry. He kissed you up and down your neck then stopped. Hugging you, he soon opened the latches and went out first.

You slowly followed behind him, biting your lower lip. "(Y/N), its safe now." He coaxed, you followed behind him slowly, and carefully. You held you gun in your hand, and he held his cross bow up, the two of you began to run towards a few gas stations. He went in first, weapon up, you watched for anything to come around you. "You can come in, its empty." He said.

The two of you went in, he smiled as you began to pack food and other supplies into your bag, checking the dates to ensure you could actually eat the food. With a grin on your face you packed in as much as you could get. You remembered that you were asked to find some stuff to help Carol make some bread. You found as much as you could that was still safe for consumption. The two of you made your way back out towards the motorcycle. As the two of you got to the bike you noticed a few walkers.

"Daryl, Daryl we need to go." You muttered pushing on his side.

He looked back towards where you were looking and nodded. "Lets go."

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Annabeth watched Percy from the dock, he was trying to see how long he really could stay under the water. His smile was wide as he swam around the lake. His green eyes finally trained themselves towards Annabeth. "Hey!" He called. "You want to come in? The water is perfect!"

"You always think the water is perfect." She said laughing. "Is it really?"

"This time it is." He said laughing as he swam towards her, she smile as she slowly got her tank top off and adjusted her swimsuit. He smirked and waited as she wiggled herself out of the shorts and stuck her toes in the water. She smiled, it was actually a good temperature.

"Ah come on wise girl, get in. Why don't you get in?" He asked smirking.

"Oh shush seaweed brain." She said smirking as he splashed her. She let out a squeal as he got closer, he splashed her again. "I am going to get you!" She shouted.

"Come and get me than!" He shouted back as he splashed her again and disappeared into the water. She crossed her arms, than began to back up to get a head start into the water. She ran and dove, she smiled feeling the rush of water come over her, however she knew Percy had the advantage, she couldn't technically see in the water, and opening her eyes wouldn't make it much easier for her. She began to swim around grabbing for anything that could come towards her. She swam towards the surface to get a breath to find Percy across from her.

He smirked and kissed her. "You enjoying the water so far?" He asked smirking as she got closer to him, wading in the water.

"Yes, actually." She replied, he smirked, splashed her again and dove under.

"PERCY!" She shouted diving after him. She grabbed for what she thought was his foot, and pulled up. "I got y-" She looked to her hand and saw she was holding a fish. She let out a shout and tossed the fish back in. She let out a scream as something or someone grabbed her waist. Percy giggled and kissed her neck and cheek.

"You caught a fish."

"You are a fish." Annabeth replied with a giggle. He smirked and created a bubble for the two of them to relax in, she smiled as she watched the aquatic creatures swim around them.

"This is nice."

"Yes it is."

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You finally felt safe, after everything you and your group had gone through you were ready to finally have some peace. Daryl had opened up to you more throughout the year you had been with him and the group he was a part of.

"You want to play a game sunshine?" He asked laughing as he looked towards you. He smiled, you looked back at him a little questionably. What was he planning?"

"Yeah alright. Why not. Whats the game?"

"I am going to race you from wall to wall. If I win I get a special prize of my choosing, if you win you get to pick your prize."

"Whats the prize you are going to get?"

"You will see when I win." He said.

"Oh, you think you are going to win?" You asked eyeing him with a growl. He nodded, a smile on his face.

"Of course I will." He replied back. "Why wouldn't I?"

You grinned. "Alright lets go then." You said, not entertaining the idea of him winning. You were going to win. The two of you laughed and joked walking to the edge of the high walls that protected you from the outside world. You were safe here, and with him. Alexandria was your home now, and you prayed it would always be your home. He laughed and tapped your shoulder.

"Ready, set," he paused as you got ready. "Go!" He yelled as the two of you began to run. He was laughing at you as you tripped slightly, you caught yourself, and began to go quicker. You finally made it to the wall, but Daryl had made it two steps before you. He smiled.

"Alright, what is your prize?" You asked.

He grinned, placing his hands on either side of your face. "This." He replied kissing your face, you blushed, he kissed you again, than once again. "I really wanted to get a kiss from you." You were surprised, realizing that this man actually liked the way you did.

"Daryl...what..why...why would you do this? You actually like me?"

"More than like you, sunshine, I love you."

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Prompt: Poor 9/100
Dean x Castiel


Dean was pacing, Sam was in a hospital bed and all he could do was wait. He wanted to make sure his brother was okay, he needed to know he would survive. He kept walking, his eyes lowered to the floor, they wouldn't let him in not while they were checking over his wounds. Suddenly he stopped pacing, as he had a hand on his shoulder, the outline Castiel's hand throbbed slightly, the red handprint reminded him there was always someone there for him. "I gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition." Echoed in his head, he raised his eyes slightly to meet the ice blue orbs of Castiel. "Hey..hey Cas." He said letting out a slight sigh, he couldn't say anything else. Worry was eating at him.

"Are you hungry?" Castiel asked knowing Dean hadn't eaten anything since they arrived at the hospital.

"No. I can't focus on eating knowing my brother is dying."

"The two of you die a lot." Cas commented. Dean's eyes grew wide, Cas realized his mistake. "He is not dying do not fret."

Deans shoulders sagged, realizing he needed at least a water. "I should probably get something, but I can't leave." He said softly, terrified that if he left Sam would be gone, the lights around them flickered and Dean stiffened. He was praying that it wasn't a reaper. If it was he was going to plead, beg for the saftey of his brother.

"Its an actual light problem, not a spirit." Castiel soothed rubbing his hand up and down his muscled arm. Dean bit his lip, trying not to show Cas his true emotion. All he could do was ball up his fists. "Lets go and get you a burger or something." Cas said as they disappeared and reappeared in front of a diner. The light to the N and R in diner May's Diner flickering. He couldn't help but look to Cas for reassurance. "Come on lets go."

They slowly entered the diner, and Castiel ordered for Dean while he sat contemplating what he was going to do if he lost Sammy again. The waitress returned with a on the house shake. "We didn't order this."

She smiled. "Its alright, on the house." She said with a giggle, she turned on her heal her skirt flipping up. Dean looked to Cas and smiled. He grabbed the two straws and pushed it towards the angel. He cocked his head.

"I don't eat and drink you know that."

"Just try it please." Dean said. Cas nodded and leaned forward his lips on the straw. He started to suck when Dean leaned in and drank from the other straw. Castiel almost leaned back but realized Dean did it on purpose. He smirked and got more comfortable with it. "Hows the shake?"

"Tastes like nothing." He said with a slight frown.

"Oh well that would be expected I suppose." Dean said softly. Soon the food arrived and he stuffed his face. "This burger is so good." He said. Cas smiled at him.

"We probably need to get back don't we?" Castiel said.

"Yeah." Dean replied. They started to head out after paying and Cas grabbed his hand. "What.."

"I like you too." Castiel said grinning and kept walking.

"Cas you don't want me, I have nothing."

"I could care less what you own, what you have is a good heart and you are someone I want to be with Dean." Cas replied. Dean blushed. "Now lets go back to your brother."

They appeared at the hospital and as they entered the doctor met with him. "He will be fine, the injuries were not as bad as we first thought."

"Oh thank god." Dean said. No matter what he had he had Cas, and he had Sam.