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See you on a Dark Night

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Honestly, you found yourself even deeper in delusion than you would have thought. However, you referred to that delusion as love.


You had known Midoriya Izuku ever since you were in middle school. You weren't the type of person to make friends easily, nor to truly consider someone your friend unless they had proved so. Because of this, you weren't that involved in your classmates' affairs. It wasn't like you had a problem with talking to people or getting to know them. In fact, you were a rather radiant person, and you decided to share that brightness with the world by being a hero. It just wasn't on a personal level when you were younger. This caused you to be a bit alienated by your class at times, and it also caused you to butt heads with Bakugo Katsuki, the man who, like you, was striving to become number one. And while you weren't quick to refer to your peers as friends, he was different.


Midoriya was different. He had been so weak and unsuspecting. He wasn't the type to do anything wrong, and he was definitely the sweetest person that anyone would ever meet should they give him the chance to show it. He was also like you in a way. So, when Bakugo had decided to start picking on him, you couldn't help but to let out your rage for it by hitting the explosive boy as many times as you could with your fist.


You never won the battles that you got into with Bakugo. Most of the time, he would just let you go at him with a smug smirk before beating the crap out of you. Midoriya had no idea as to why you kept putting yourself in these situations, and why you would always defend him. 'Because you're my friend!' was your response, 'Also, how can I be a hero if I can't even do this?'


Your response could only cause the green-haired teen to become even more confused. Why did you want to be hero? There was no way that you nor him could become a hero with your current conditions. It wasn't as if quirks just developed overnight? You remembered telling Midoriya one day that you didn't care what others thought of you, and you were going to do what you wanted in spite of everyone else. Those words brought a newfound existence to the freckled boy; however, the meaning of them quickly changed once you did, in fact, develop your quirk overnight. Or at least that was what you told him when you manged to make it into one of the best hero schools in the country: U.A.


You remembered that time in your life. That time where everything was hopeful and beaming. Sadly, while you were attending U.A., you had lost touch with Midoriya for awhile. When he came back into your life, though, he seemed different. Actually, he WAS different. You just chose to not believe it, as you began to feel something for him. You wanted him to remain your sweet Izuku forever, and you were willing to ignore everything that pointed to something otherwise. His eyes were still big and green, his lashes were still full and long, and his hair was still green and curly. He was still your Midoriya, and he would remain that way.


One evening, you went to a party with your lover, which wasn't unusual. He was an entrepreneur and a very successful one at that. You were so proud of your cute little cinnamon roll and his very successful business that he had at such a young age, and he expressed how proud he was of you being in the top ten of Japan's heroes. You felt as if all was right, and walked into the party with your arms wrapped around your one of your lover's arms while dressed to perfection. That day he had surprised you with an all expense paid spa and salon visit as well as buying three different dresses for you to choose from. He loved to spoil you, and you loved to let him do so. You both walked through of the ballroom in the mansion you were currently in, talking to Midoriya's business associates and drinking lovely champagne, and all throughout the night Izuku would whisper sweet things in your ear such as telling you how beautiful you were. You couldn't have wished for a better evening! Everything was right, and you were beyond in love and happy.


As the party came to a close most of the guests began to leave, leaving only those who were apart of the host's inner circle and their dates. Your lover turned to you once the night was truly late, giving you a soft kiss on the lips. "I have some business to take care of," he told you, wrapping his arms around your waist to hold you close, "Why don't you talk with the other women here while I do that?" You pouted a bit, not only from the fact that you would no longer be in your significant other's company, but the fact that you didn't know the people who he was referring to very well nor did you have much in common with them. Also, they looked way too young and made-up to be the wives of Midoriya's business partners, who were much older than him, but you didn't want to judge anyone.


"I think I might explore around a bit...actually, I have a few calls to make since I took off work today," you admitted, "How long are you going to be?"


"I'm not sure," Izuku told you, rubbing his nose against yours affectionately which caused you to let out a sweet giggle, "But, I'll come and find you as soon as we're done." You nodded before giving a little squeak at feeling him pinching your bottom before he let go of you to leave. "I love you, baby~."


"You, too!" you happily called back before starting walk out of the ballroom to look for an empty room to make some calls in. Honestly, this was truly selfish of you given the hour, but you needed to make sure all of your sidekicks turned in their paperwork. You were grateful that they liked you enough to tolerate this, or at least that was what you hoped.


You had manged to evade talking with the other women that were there. While it did take some slipping out of the conversation that they were trying to pull you into while the little group that they had formed began to walk over to you, you were successful. Feeling triumphant from your little victory, you left to continue your search for an empty room so you could start calling your sidekicks. You loved that you were able to live your dream as a hero. You were still fighting for the spot of number one with Bakugo, but for some reason that just added to the thrill of it. You loved saving people and helping them. It was even one of the things that drew you to Midoriya, who you were grateful to run into at a party after all of these years. You hadn't recognized him at first, but when you did all of these emotions and feelings hit you causing you to fall hard into his arms.


Love was truly blind, but you couldn't help how you felt.


The hours began to tick away, and one day turned into the next. You had finished all of your calls easily and had spent the time after doing that on your phone reading hero blogs and hero news. The thought of 'what's taking him so long?' flickered through your mind way more than you would have liked. Midoriya had said that he would look for you once he was done with his business meeting, but it was already almost two-thirty in the morning. Were you really that naive to the calling of business or where they seriously taking their time?


You decided that perhaps being cooped up in this room, that you had manged to find all by yourself, was tiring you out way more than the lateness of the night. So, you stood up from the plush chair that you had been sitting in and stretched your arms out, intending to go for a walk. You were no stranger to taking walks at night. After all, you it was good for helping you both fall asleep and stay up when you needed it as such. You put your phone away in a cute designer handbag that Izuku had bought you before leaving the room to walk around the mansion.


It was huge, but Midoriya often took you to parties in such places, and he too lived lavishly so you were kind of used to luxury. He preferred to have a penthouse, though, which he did. As you walked, you admired the grand paintings and portraits that hung on the walls, while taking in the size of the manor that you were in. You had no idea how someone needed that much space, but you supposed that it was mostly just for the sake of image. Personally, you preferred to live life more modestly, but it was nice to admire such a world.


The halls were long with many rooms which sightings grew less and less frequent as you went. The noise from the other guests' dates had been heard before fading away as you walked. They had sounded as if they had so much energy and drive to operate at night, and as a pro-hero with a set bed-time, you would love to know their secret. You hummed softly to yourself as you made your way to the third floor, the thought of 'who needs this much space' resurfacing. As you walked on, however, you began to hear wails of pain.


You grew on high alert, immediately slowing your pace as you listened to find the source of the sound. Had a villain broken into the mansion? Is that why Midoriya and the others were so late? Were they hurt? Naturally as a hero, and one of the top ten at that, you felt the need to save whoever was in danger. You thought on all of your training as you came closer to the sound. Obviously, the villain did not know of your presence yet, so you would use that to your advantage. Noticing a door that was slightly open, you calmed your breath as well as you could.


The sounds were coming from there.


"P-Please...i-it's not my faul-A-Ah!" You could here what sounded like someone being kicked in the chest. You approached the door, peaking through to see a middle-aged man with a very bloody face lying on his side. He was curled into himself, and his hands were tied behind his back also bloody. Perhaps he had tried to break free. You didn't notice him, but with a face that messed up he could have been anyone. You started to power up your quirk, intending to bust in and save him at the right time.


"Shut up! We gave you the drugs, and you were supposed to deliver them!"


"I-I did! I don't know what happen-" He once again cried in pain as you watched a steel-toed boot come in contact with his face. You grimaced a bit at that action, and while all of your hero training told you to move in now, there was something in the back of your mind that made you realize what was truly going on. And that stalled you.


Looking around the room from your current position, you noticed other men that had attended the party. A few of them sitting and some standing while two of them were the ones assaulting the man on the ground. You covered your mouth to stop a gasp that was working its way through your throat.


"Now, now, maybe he's right~," you heard a velvety voice. One that caused your eyes to quickly snap to its source. The eyes that you had known to be full of love and kindness were now showing something sinister and mischievous. It was like you didn't know who you were looking at, or rather you refused to acknowledge who he was. You always refused to acknowledge it, but for some reason whenever you saw him in these situations, you refused to act. Your body did not want to move. You didn't want it to.


He was sitting at the chair right in front of the assaulted man, "I mean, that's just part of the business, after all. You make risky deals and end up on the short end of the stick. I believe that it wasn't your fault~."


"Oh, thank you!" you heard the bloodied middle-aged man say. He looked ready to kiss the boots of the man you were currently denying that you knew. A hand was held up, followed by a mischievous smile.


"However~, I am pretty pissed at what happened," Came the reply, "So, I guess I'll just have that taken out on you." He reached to a small table that was beside him and grabbed a sharp knife that had been residing there, handing it to one of the men who were standing.


"Please! No!"


"Cut him, slow. I want it to really hurt~."


You shakily watched this all happening. Couldn't you step in and stop it? You were a hero after all, and no matter the cost to you, it was your job to act. Before this moral dilemma could tare you a part any longer, green eyes bore into yours.


You had been spotted!


You now stood there, petrified, not knowing what to do. In those eyes, however, you could see an invitation, as if a hand was reaching out from them to welcome you into this dark world with him with a terrifying smirk to follow. You quickly pulled away from the door, wanting to forget everything that you had seen. You closed your eyes tightly, trying to let other thoughts flood your mind before you began to walk away, ignoring the screams of agony with soft humming.


His eyes were still big and green, his lashes were still full and long, and his hair was still green and curly. He was still your Midoriya, and he would remain that way.


And you were just a hero on another walk after dark.