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I warned you, Y/N

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Aw sorry to hear you lost your work! Take time with your updates - I look forward to whatever you plan to write though! I love all of your stories on here - you're such a good writer!
As for requests
-Maybe one where the reader is really fussy and throws a fit or something?

“Y/N!” It was the fifteenth time in as many minutes that Jin has had to reprimand the little. For some reason this evening, she did not want to settle down. Jin wasn’t certain if it was due to a change in the normal schedule with Yoongi having left once Jin came home from the hospital. He was going to be in Busan for a day, for some special training he had wanted to take.

Dinner had started fine, Y/N seated in between her Eomma and Mommy, though the spot directly across from hers was empty. Y/N had stared at the seat where she normally would spot her Daddy looking at her with either fond or disapproving eyes, but tonight there was only a wall. Jin had assumed that dinner would be over in the usual pace, that is until Hoseok had attempted to make Y/N eat some of the banchan on the table.

She had refused, pushing his hands away every time he came near her with the chopsticks. Jin refused to let Hoseok give up and reprimanded her in his gentle manner. He thought that she would settle down after she seemed to slump once the threat of naughty chair was issued, only for the next time Hoseok’s chopsticks came near to her face, she grabbed the banchan and threw it at the space occupying Yoongi’s normal spot.

“That is enough!” Jin’s voice raised and he slid his chair back. With determined steps, Jin marched towards the Little whose eyes were wide, feeling remorse for what she had done.

“Hyung,” Jimin tried to calm down the fuming man, but he silenced his dongsaeng with a look.

“I warned you, Y/N,” Jin’s hand wrapped around her delicate forearm with purpose. He pulled her out of the chair and marched her to the naughty chair, where before letting her sit down Jin delivered five spanks to her bottom. “You will sit here until one of us says it’s okay to move.”

Y/N started wailing, at not only the small spanking but the punishment. Jin paid her no mind and left her there. She stood up and started to run back into the dining room. Jimin winced when Jin grabbed her and lifted her back onto the chair.

“Y/N if I have to do that again, you will be one sorry little girl,” Jin warned. “Do not move until one of your caretakers tells you it is okay. Is that understood?”

Y/N whimpered and cried louder. Jin waited for a moment and then left Y/N to her fate to sit in the naughty corner. The men assembled at the dining room table were all sympathetic but knew that it needed to be done. If Y/N wasn’t properly punished for the rules she had broken it would cause her to continue to act out. Test the boundaries.

Since dinner was over, the guys started to clean up the table. Jimin started to clear the plates, while Taehyung gathered the leftover food and began to put them into containers. Hoseok went into the kitchen and began to wash the dishes, while Namjoon wiped the table off.

Y/N kept crying, sniffling in the corner. However, she wasn’t feeling remorse, she was becoming angrier as her caregivers refused to look at her. They just cleared the table and cleaned the dining room as if she wasn’t even there.

“Alright, aegi!” Mommy cheered, coming over to her and smiling. The little didn’t spare her main caregiver a glance and continued to glare at the wall in front of her. Jimin’s smile dimmed a bit, but he reached over and went to pull her up from the chair only to feel pain in his hand.

“OW!” He shouted, pulling his hand back. Her mouth detached from the injured limb as she glared up at him.

“Jiminie?” Jin came into the room and surveyed the situation. He rushed over to his dongsaeng’s side, where he looked over the damaged hand. Their little had managed to break skin in a few spots. “Let me get you cleaned up. Joonie, Kookie come here please!”

The two aforementioned males walked into the area and saw what had happened. They sighed and the understanding flowed through the three gathered. Jin steered Jimin towards the steps, where he went to clean and bandage the wound.

“Y/N, come with us,” Joonie sighed. The little hopped off the chair and marched into the living room ahead of the two caregivers. They sat down her down on the couch and knelt in front of her.

“Do you know what you did wrong tonight?” Jungkook asked, voice soft. This was one of the first major punishment’s Y/N would face.

“Nuffin,” she mumbled, fingers in her mouth.

“Y/N was it alright to bite Mommy?” Joonie tried a different approach. “Do you remember the rules, Y/N?”

“Uh uh,” their little was nothing if she wasn’t stubborn. Joonie and Jungkook had to hide their smiles.

“Number 7 states No throwing, hitting, cursing, or anything naughty,” Jungkook interjected. “Do you think biting Mommy was nice?”

“Y/N, answer us when we ask you a question,” Joonie prompted. The little shook her head after a few moments.

“And do you think that you were being kind to us?” Jungkook questioned. The little shook her head after a few moments.

“Therefore, do you think that you earned a punishment?” Joonie asked the little who half shook half nodded her head.

“You’ve already had a timeout because you wouldn’t listen to what Eomma or Papa wanted you to do, and that resulted in you biting Mommy,” Jungkook sighed. “I don’t think a timeout is what’s needed, love.”

“I think twenty spanks should be fair,” Joonie said, to which their Little shook her head and tried to get off the couch. The two caregivers were quick to keep her right where she was. Joonie pulled her onto his lap where he pulled down the pull-up and the pants off of Y/N.

The spanking was over relatively quickly, with the screaming and pleading dying down early. The Little laid on her Appa’s lap crying and sniffling. Once he was finished, Jungkook swooped in and began to lay kisses all over her face and rub her back. The little sniffled and laid her head on his chest, before beginning to suck on the front of his shirt.

“Poor Y/N,” Jungkook cooed, but complied, allowing the little to nurse from him until she fell asleep. The next day she acted much better, and was so excited when Yoongi arrived home.