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scared but soft

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Fire raged around him as building crumbled to the ground, dust and smoke filled the night air making it hard to breath as screams of pain and fear echoed in his ears, in front of him a building explodes into debris hitting the people in front of him in there rush to get away.

Skidding to a stop on the cracked road he looks around the dust and rubble trying to find a way around, the ground shook and rumbled beneath his feet, as shrieks from the beast and groans from the buildings around him flood his mind.

Turning around his breath hitches as he watches the large dark green dragon’s teeth dig into the black one with red highlights neck, dark red spills from between its teeth as the black one snaps its jaws and claws dig into its shoulders.

Within seconds the green one is being thrown off of the black one, smashing into a apartment building dust erupts blocking his sight of the dragon, looking back the black ones got its wings stretched out letting him see the large black scald skin fade to red filled of rips and holes.

Its orange eyes were illuminated by the fire the spilled-out form between its pearl white teeth stained with blood opening its mouth wide dark red flames burst forth heading towards him, in a panic he fell back and lifted his arms in front of his face as he closed his eyes waiting for the pain to hit.

Opening his eyes, instead of fire he was surrounded by dust and rubble as the green dragon stood above him blocking the flames, he stared in awe as it brought it’s head down to look him in his oxen eyes with its own scared but soft green eye’s.

That was when Shouta Aizawa realised that this was no monster, it was not evil, it was his hero, for no monster would have eyes like that, so full of fear and worry, tears grow in the large green eyes and he blinks.

And then it was running at the black one launching itself into the air its wings helping it as it dived at the black one swiping its arm down across the black ones face, in a booming roar of pain the black one thrashed its head around as blood dripped down its muzzle and its once orange eye turned white in front of him, as the green one disappeared in the dust and smoke.

Not long after the hero’s finally found and evacuated anyone left as others worked on restraining the black dragon, on his way out he found a single pure green scale and hid it in his pocket running his fingers over the smooth surface, that night over 472 people died 13 of them were pro hero’s, 143 people were hospitalised and the green dragon was never found, that was the first time he ever seen a monster and was the only time a dragon was seen.

After test after test on one of the scales left behind it was announced that it was no quirk but an actual dragon.

3 months later July 15th a green haired lady gives birth to a little boy, and monsters all around the world cheer, as the humans set up a new course in U.A., the hunters course.


“Izuku, hurry up your going to be late to school!” Inko yelled out to her son smiling at the sound of him rushing around his room before bursting out of his room and ran over to her grabbing his lunch putting it into his bag “thanks, mum love you.” He rushed out so fast she almost couldn’t understand him as he ran over to put his red shoes on.

“love you to Izuku.” She said as she walked over with his keys, with a smile he grabbed the keys out of her hand as he looked at the sprinkle of red burns that cover the right side of her face like freckles, before he engulfed her in a hug and rushed out the house and to school only stopping to watch a hero and villain fight on his way.

Getting to class only minutes before the bell, sitting down in the back of class he got his books and pen out ready as he scrolled the internet about latest hero and hunter fights, when he smelt the sweet smell of burning caramel enter the school grounds.


His smile flickers for a second but no one notices, he waits in his seat tracking kacchan by his scent and all the noise he’s making as he stomps towards the classroom, looking away from the door and to the window next to him he listens to how kacchan slams the door open.

Every step he took sounded loud compared to the rest of the class, keeping his eyes towards the window he watches as the birds chirp as they fly in the pure blue sky not having to worry about anything, they just fly free in the air singing songs of joy as the teacher walks in with a stack of notes.

“as you all know your all 3rd years now its time to start thinking of the future, now I would hand out these sheets, but we all know you want to go into the hero course.” The teacher yells as everyone starts to use their quirks.

Midoriya isn’t like the birds, free to fly and feel joy, no he is trapped in a cage, “settle down no quirk usage in class.” With his wings clipped by society “as if I had anything like their crappy quirks, im going to be the best hero, I’m going to be the first one to kill a dragon and become the number one hunter.” Shoved down by their ideals “ah, Bakugo you must be aiming for U.A. high school.” The world is not kind “I’ll even surpass All Might and become the best hero out there.” The world is not even “you’re also going for U.A. aren’t you Midoriya?” especially not to him.

He gets launched across the room thanks to his table exploding, “come on Deku, forget their crappy quirks, yours is totally useless, and you think you can rub shoulders with me!” the red eyed blond yells.

The room starts to heat up but not from the explosions in Bakugo's hands, to bright emerald eyes stare holes into the floor as the others in the classroom start to fidget from the burning heat that makes then sweat as their bones feel ice in their skin with electricity dancing in their ears.

The pressure in the room drags Bakugo to his knees as the students struggle to sit up in their seats or meet the floor as well, No Midoriya isn’t like a bird, free to fly but at the cost of hollow bones, he stand up from the floor as Bakugo falls down more as the pressure increases.

But he was never a bird, steep after step echoes in the silent room as he walks over to his desk, not covered in feathers but in scales and leather hidden in a human controlled prison, sitting down in his seat the air lightens and gasps from the students trying to fill their lungs with air fill the room.

Bakugo slowly gets up staring blankly at the floor hands shaking not even sparking as he walks over to his desk, silent, that’s how he would explain the next couple of minutes of class as they got over the blood curdling feeling the young green hair boy just gave them.

Bakugo leaves him alone for the rest of the day avoiding him at all cost, its always like this even thou he’s never laid a hand on him Bakugo will always feel fear in the back of his mind when he looks at him, it’s easy to ignore but its there and it’s not just him.


That afternoon Izuku leaves the school grounds with a burnt a wet notebook, take a swan dive and hope for a better quirk in you next life freak, “he will never learn, what would he do if I actually jumped.” Sighing he walks under the tunnel on his way home in hopes to get home as soon as possible so he can just lay I bed and hopefully get some more z’s.

The man made of sludge seems to have other ideas, jumping to the side he lands on his hands and feet back arched as he bares his sharp teeth at the sludge “aww let me guess cat quirk? This will be to easy.” It laughs before like a flood the sludge rushes forward, leaping to the side his nails grow into claws that dig into the floor to help him get his grip so he can backflip over the sludge landing a few meters away from the villain.

A gurgling grow comes from the sludge as its eyes lock onto him, Izuku growls back at the villain eyes glaring into the sludges getting it to flinch back, taking his chance he runs leaping onto the wall and bouncing over the villain only for it to reach up grabbing his ankle as he is just about to clear the jump to the side, his claws dig into the ground trying to get away as the sludge slowly starts to cover him.

“nice try kitty.” it gurgles as the sludge crawls up his legs covering his stomach and then his chest, he closes his mouth taking a deep breath just as it reaches his moth, his green eyes glow as a ring of orange circles the green and the tunnel heats up sucking the moisture from the sludge as bits start to freeze as it is pushed down his body and onto the floor from the pressure in the air as the sewer lid fly’s with a crash.

All might jump’s out knees shaky at the pressure before it lifts, “Never fear for I am- Oh my what happened here.” He asks as he looks at the sight of a boy standing back to him hand over his mouth as the sludge was melted but frozen to the ground.

Turning around and bowing down in a perfect 90 degree angle the boy apologised “I’m sorry, but to be fair all might sir it was self defence he attacked me firsts.” The boy states as he stands up strait “no need to worry young uh- “Midoriya, sir” young Midoriya you have no need to worry, were you hurt?” he asked as he walked over to him in the sludge to look him over.

“no, I’m fine sir but you should catch the villain before he gets up.” He then walks out of the sludge to go pick up a notebook as he grabs some bottles from his bag and tosses one to the boy have a drink, you must be thirsty after that and we can use the bottles to contain the villain after.” he smiles.

Walking out of the sludge he starts to chug his bottle, turning around to a quarter of the boys bottle being full of sludge “how did you- “I was thirsty.” Staring at the boy he sigh’s and finishes his bottle and starts to scoop the sludge in.

He looks up when a book is placed in front of him “could you sign this please.” The boy asks a bright smile on his face, the first emotion he has seen the boy have and it looks much better than the stoic look he had before “why of course young Midoriya.” He screws the lid on the bottle then grabs the book flipping through till he gets to double blank pages and pulls out a marker to sign it for the boy.

Handing the book back the boy brings it to his chest and bows again before Toshinori places the bottles in his pockets and leaves thanking the boy as Midoriya opens his book “mums going to flip when she hears about this.”

And she did after she made hem have a shower to get the sludge and sewer smell off him and way too many hugs to be normal, “Izuku Midoriya!” the scolding begins.

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It had been 2 months after his scolding for braking not one but two of the most important rules his mother had drilled into his head from birth, "Izuku Midoriya! What are the three main rules I set." She had growled out staring him down.
"never reveal what I am to anyone, he started as his shame slowly grew never use powers that have not been registered and never let my guard down for at any point and time a monster or hunter could sneak up on me." Looking down him mother placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Izuku I'm not mad, I'm just worried, you broke two of those rules and in front of all might, what would you have done if someone else found you." Looking up he could feel the tears cloud his vision as he stared into his mothers own green eyes.

"I-I don't know what I would have done, I wasn't thinking straight! I'm so sorry." He cried hugging his mother again, and now hear he stood in the middle of the local forest by the park where he usually walked on the weekend.

But unlike usual there was a sweet smell in the air, blinking a smile grew on his face, "so he's back." He chirped before using his monster strength to jump into a tree and start heading towards the cave on the mountain nearby.

Jumping tree to tree silently not even disturbing a single leaf he found himself in a tree near the entrance in no time, the smell of blood was drifting out of the cave, jumping down from the tree he walks up to the cave stopping five meters away.

"welcome back Hitoshi!" he called out listening as it echoed back to him, "do you have to be so loud." A tired voice groaned back as the sound of feet on the cave floor grew closer, "its been a full year since you were here, Im allowed to be loud."

"well I say be quiet." The voice now clearer as a purple haired boy walks out of the cave, "what are you doing back in town and why haven't you come to see me yet." The green haired boy complained as he walked over to the taller purple boy.

"I only got here last night, and I was too busy killing the chimera that was following my scent here not even an hour ago." The purple boy groaned rubbing between his eyes, makes sense that you stayed here when you had a chimera following you, but still that's an hour you could have come and seen me.

"besides do you really think I would waste my time tracking you down when you could be anywhere?"


Groaning again the purple haired boy turns and walks back into the cave only to return with a large bag a couple of minutes later, "my smell should have died down by now so I should be able to move back into the apartment." He said as he walked past Midoriya.

"yep! The sweet smell of yours is weak now, so nothing should be following us." He beamed as Hitoshi slowed down so he could catch up, "good."

"its so weird that because you are an insomniac and don't get the three days of sleep that a panther usually needs to emit the sweet smell that once a month you give of a smell that draws in cat monsters or just every day cats on a normal day instead of drawing in every monster but dragons.

"ok first up, I much prefer cat monsters once a month over every monster every three days, and I like having cats come up to me randomly on the street so don't judge me."

"I'm not judging, it's just weard, I'm just glad your back."

Stepping onto the street and out of the forest the boys start to make their way to the apartment complex just one block away from the forest and 4 from Midoriya's place, "so how long are you staying?" the shorter of the two asked.

"I'm planning to go to high school over here so three or so years, might even stay down this way after." Rubbing the back of his neck he turns a bit to watch the smaller thinking, not if we get to the rip first. Green eyes locked with purple, "you can feel it to, cant you? The rip is getting stronger."

"but he has as well." Hitoshi lowers his hand to shove it in his jacket pocket, "it won't be long, one more big burst of power like five years ago and then the prophecy will be proven." Reaching the apartment, the boys walk up to the second story entering Hitoshis apartment.

Dust filled the air easily seen from the sunlight coming through the half-opened curtain, sighing the boys take their shoes off at the door before walking further into the apartment, "one-year sure dose fly fast." The elder mumbled as he ran his finger along the kitchen counter.

"well you've got three more to spend here now."

"yeah." Smiling softly the taller of the two starts to organise the place as the smaller started to clean the kitchen, placing his phone down on the counter Izuku turns on some music as he dusts off the cupboards.

"nightcore really Izuku?" Hitoshi yells out from down the hall most likely cleaning his room. "don't lie I know you love it!" he yells as he turns up the volume, sighing Hitoshi starts to put sheets on his freshly dusted bed.

He only got to make his bed and dust of his desk and nightstand before he could hear Izuku most likely coughing up his lungs, "I'm fine!" he yelled out after a while "the dust decided to attack me when I opened up the cupboard." Looking away from the door he starts to dust the closet and put some of the clothes he brought with him away.

It was just turning dark by the time the house was clean and set up all Hitoshi had to do was buy some food and clothes then he would be all set, "so, want to go shopping now or do you want to go over to my place for dinner."

"lets just get the shopping over with so I don't have to go out for a while." Smiling Izuku jumped off the couch and ran to the door to put his shoes on "how the hell do you have so much energy?"

"because Im not an insomniac cat." Grumbling under his breath that he's not a cat he grabs his phone, wallet and keys he was barely able to lock the door with his feet just in his shoes before he's being dragged away.

"what's got you in a rush? I know for a fact that Inko doesn't care what time you get home as long as you text her." Izuku turns to face him with a mini sun of a smile made of sharp teeth before turning back to the path ahead.

"its just been a while since we got to hangout, besides doesn't this remind you of the day we meet." He slows down dropping Hitoshis hand so he's walking next to him "you mean the day my life when to hell?"


"its true."

"no, its not."

"yes, it is."

"no, its true, I was shopping with my mum and then out of no where you come running around the corner screaming to run, no explanation."

"I was saving yous."

"you led a wyvern stargate towards us, grabbed my hand and continued to run."

"I had to get you away from it somehow."

"your just lucky mum was able to kill it as we hid."

"I knew she could win."

"you didn't even know we were monsters till mum transformed and leaped at the wyvern."

Izuku walks a little faster, his cheeks turning red "I have no idea what you mean, I knew that yous where monsters -oh look were here lets go get you some grocery's." huffing he watches the embarrassed green bean grabbed a trolley, "sure."

"ok now what first? milk, bread, eggs, toothpaste, snacks, 5 min meals since your lazy."

"lets just get whatever we need from the first isle and make our way across."


It was dark outside when they finished getting the grocery's, arms full of bags and hungry they decided to get something on there way back, "there's a café/restaurant just down the road that opened just after you left." Midoriya suggested.

"you been there before?"

"I study there sometimes; there hot chocolate is really good."

"well then lead the way."

And that is how he found himself sitting in the corner of a café waiting for Izuku to get the food, he watched the man in all black and weird scarf that sat at the table in the opposite corner to him drinking from the smell of it a mix of coffee/5-hour energy drink and vodka.

'oh my god, and I thought Izuku had bad taste in clothing' "isn't it getting a little late to be outside alone?" 'is he talking to me? Why, what do I say, why am I so bad with human interaction.'

"don't worry sir, were heading back now, lets go Hitoshi." And there he was, Izuku in all his green glory with a bunch of shopping bags to the rescue 'If I didnt know what you are I could of called you an angel.'
 As he walked out the door, he heard the man say one last thing "stay safe most monsters and villains work at night." now that isn't ominous at all.

"well then, lets get back to your place before a monster actually does attack."

"right, the faster we get there the sooner I get to meet my bed."

"and the sooner we get food in our bellies."

"the sooner I get rid of you."


"yup, some nice a quiet I cant wait.

"is our friendship worth nothing to you."

"what friendship."

Cue dramatic gasp "how could you say that; we've been friends since we were 8."

"8-year-old me must have been crazy to willingly become your friend."

"my heart, it hurts."



Hitoshi Shinso

monster: panther

A Panther is a creature in ancient legend that resembles a big cat with a multicoloured hide.

after feasting, the panther will sleep in a cave for a total of three days. After this period ends, the panther roars, in the process emitting a sweet smelling odor. This odor draws in any creatures who smell it (the dragon being the only creature immune), they are eaten by the panther, and the cycle begins again.

because he is an insomniac, instead of sleeping for 3 day and then releasing his scent, he continues to release a sweet smell that draws in cats and cat monsters.


monster: wyvern 

A Wyvern is a type of winged reptilian beast similar to a dragon in appearance, though it only has two legs whereas dragons have four. Wyverns are not magically inclined the way dragons are, nor are they sentient. they are, however, highly ferocious, strong and exceptional hunters. while some sources state wyverns to be able to breath fire, this is not necessarily the case. however, wyverns are highly venomous and can deliver a deadly poison via their fangs or the barbs on the ends of their tails.




Chapter Text

Aizawa Shota never really wanted to be a hero let alone a hunter but he also didn’t like having to depend on someone else to come save him, like when the dragons fought, so when he won the U.A. sports festival he joined class 1-A were he met an loud blond who forced his way into his life along side a dark blue haired girl who somehow started the day with a shirt but by the end of the day only had a sports bra on, he was seriously regretting winning.

Then after he got his provisional hero licence in his second year a U.A. he was selected to join special hunting classes alongside Ketsubutsu Academy High school student, Fukukado Emi or as she called herself Miss joke.

From that day on Fukukado and himself had worked under pro hunter, Backtrack, his quirk pulled him backwards when used so he could dodge attacks, so for the rest of his time at U.A. plus 3 and a half years after he trained to be a pro hunter.

For six years he worked as the pro hero/hunter eraser head in peace but then his peace was destroyed by none other then his old friend kayama other wise known as pro hero midnight or the girl who ended up with no shirt at the end of the day.

For some reason just because her and Yamada Hizashi aka present Mic or the loud blond were becoming teachers at U.A. he apparently had to join them so that’s how he ended up having to get a teacher license and becoming class-A home room teacher at age 26.

Yet no mater how much his life has changed or how much he complained it seemed like this was always going to happen, he was destined to be a pro hero/hunter, but then again if that dragon all those years ago didn’t save him he would never have his annoying friends, his very, very small class or his job’s.

Would that dragon of saved him if it knew he would become a pro hunter? Probably not, but there was something different about the green dragon and the black one, sighing he crawled out of his bright yellow sleeping bag Hizashi got him.

As he walked out of U.A. he reached down and felt the bracelet on his left wrist it was a silver chain which held the dark green scale he found that day, the black dragon was captured the same night half blind with deep claw marks and it’s neck had chunks ripped out the green dragon was never found.

After that monsters started to pop up all around the world and a new job started monster hunting, all monsters were given ranks that shows how difficult it is to subdue and how dangerous they are, dragon are number one on the list.

Yet no one has seen a dragon since that day, lower ranked and monsters deemed safe were given the ability to live a normal life like a human but are discriminated, just thinking about how the would has changed from before the attack when he was 13 and now that he’s 30 makes him tired.

So he decided to get himself a “coffee” before he started his patrol, it was dark outside as he sat with his warm drink when a couple of boys walked in which would be normal if it was still light out but he guessed they were just being rebel’s like most teens.

So, he decided to give them a warning but when he looked into the purple eyes of one of the boys he could swear it glowed gold sending chills down his spine, the green haired one turned up not long after with their food and they promptly left.

It was a quiet night that afternoon not a monster in sight, there was signs that monsters where once in the alleys yet had left in a rush, ‘like they were all hiding from something’, he only had to deal with a couple of thugs that night ‘it’s fine the monsters will be back.’

A week later and he sees the boys again on one of his patrols, he thinks nothing of it the monsters are still missing so they should be fine, so he leaves them alone and continues his patrol like normal.


Its been a week since Hitoshi moved back into the neighbourhood and he had just finished having dinner with the Midoriya’s, and Izuku had just went to get a jacket from his room when Inko turned to him.

“now that Izuku isn’t here let’s talk.” She had started as she folded her hands on the table “as you know your family has acted as guards for ours for thousands of years and with Izuku trying for U.A. your uncle can’t follow him onto the school grounds thanks to their security

“So, I want to ask you to guard him, I know it’s a lot to ask but you’re the only one who can follow him and guide him along his path so please watch him where I can’t.” she places her forehead on her hands in a bow.

“Inko, don’t bow, a royal should not bow to me, if anything I should be to thank you for giving me this opportunity and trusting me with looking after your son.”

“nonsense.” Inko sits up so she can look him in the eye, “I hardly count as royal anymore, I haven’t acted as queen for years now, you on the other hand have looked after Izuku ever since you’s met I didn’t even ask you to so I want to make you an official guard, so will you protect him for me.”

Taking in a deep breath then slowly exhaling he nods “yeah, sure I can do that.”

Inko nods with a smile and gets up and walks in front of Hitoshi grabbing both of his hands, and then  a red string grows from his wrist and wraps his hands “with this string I will tie your loyalty and strength and bring about a new power to protect and save those you deem worthy.” The string grows tighter and tighter until it cuts into his skin

He hisses at the pain but Inko continues “you will bleed and feel pain, but you are a guard, and you have the power to protect from such pain.” The string snaps and moves under his skin around his wrist and then up his right arm stopping on the bicep forming a black circle with a paw print in the middle.

“protect him.” Inko smiles and takes her hands off his and heading to the sink grabbing a cloth to wipe up the blood “its done? I’m a guard now?” he askes as he watches his hands heal from were the string cut him.

“yep you are a guard now, the mark on you arm proves it.” Hitoshi smiles as he runs his fingers along the mark “hurry Izuku can only trip over his on feet for so long, go get your jacket before he comes out.” Inko ushers him to the door.

It wasn’t long before Izuku came out with a bright red, blue and yellow all might jacket “sorry I took so long I had trouble finding my jacket.” He smiled “its fine, let’s go.” Hitoshi shrugs and opens the door Izuku scrambling after him shoes half on.

“Toshi, wait I’m not as fast as you.” He calls as he jogs to catch up “not my fault your short.”

“hay! I’m not that short.”

“yes, yes you are shorty.”


Chapter Text

Its been two months since he had dinner with the Midoriya’s and was made an official guard, the black symbol on his arm proof of that, and with it brought him a new ability, brain washing, the ability to take control of someone if they reply to him.

His uncle when he became a guard gained the power to hypnotise people that look into his eyes, his mother could control the body of anyone she touched and his father gained the ability to paralyse anyone he cut so it was no surprise when he got brainwashing.

It didn’t take long for Izuku to find out, really, he shouldn’t have expected otherwise so for the last Two months the two had been working to get his new “quirk” under control, “how many people do you think you can brainwash?”

“I’m not- “

“do you think you can brainwash someone if they use body language?”

“I don’t think- “

“could you brainwash animals and monsters?”

“Izuku- “

“oh, do you thin- “

“IZUKU!!” he cringed when he heard the younger boys teeth click together “calm down, why are you asking me about brainwashing when you most likely know more about it then me at this point, also its kind of creepy if you don’t stop to breath.”

Izuku’s eyes widen and he nods taking a breath “ok then, do you want to try out something with your quirk.” He asks as they walk down the street, “na, we’ve been working on it for a while now but that’s not going to get us into U.A.”

It was at this point in time that Hitoshi stopped walking and pointed off to the side “so we have to train our body’s as well to get in, so I thought why not help the community while were at it.” He grinned lazily as he watched his friend look at the trash covered beach then at him putting what he was saying together and his face pail.

“. . . no.”


“there’s no way, I know we are stronger, faster and have better stamina then humans but there is no way we can clean all of this.”

“you don’t know till you try.” He grinned as he walked down the steps to the beach of junk “Hitoshi you can’t even see the sand!” he yelled as he followed him down “then start cleaning.” Was the only warning he got before a pair of gloves hit him in the face.

“where did you even get these?”

“from the shops”

“that not what I mean, we came here with nothing and now- where did the mask and scarf come from?” he asked looking at the pail green scarf he held as he put on the dark purple mask with a glitchy question mark on it.

“the bag.”

“what bag!?”

“that one.” He said pointing to the dark grey bag next the stairs as he handed the scarf to me.

“you can just take that! What if someone still wants it or what if they have some sort of disease!?”

“there fine I brought them here yesterday when I was making sure this is what we were going to do to train.” He said picking a microwave which's door had fallen of from a pile of them and carrying it up the stars to a truck in the car park that I didn’t even notice till now.

“ok but why did you give me a scarf?”

“to block out the scent of the trash.” Izuku followed him as he walked up and down the stairs brining microwave after microwave from the pile.

“ok but why a scarf?”

“you look better in a scarf then a mask.” He said picking another microwave and carrying it up the stars to the truck.

“I didn’t agree to this.”

“then why did you put the gloves and scarf on?”

“I-.. ah  . . you’re a butt.”

“no, I’m a panther.”

“did you say cat.” He said putting the scarf on to hide his grin.

“don’t you dare, I’m a panther not a cat.”

“and a panther is just a big cat.”

Both boys continued to bicker as they cleaned the beach never noticing the blond skeleton of a man stopping to watch them, his soft smile never leaving as he thought to himself “maybe the next generation have more hope then I thought.” With that the blond left.


It took another 2 months before you could see a good amount of difference on the beach, you could see about a quarter of the beaches sand and others had started to notice and buy the boys drinks or bring them something to eat telling them to keep up the hard work.

Both boys were happy with how much they had done in the small two hours they would come down to clean every day, at this rate they would have the place clean a little bit before the exams.

“wow, you’ve done so much boy’s” the booming voice rang from the top of the stares, both boys turned to see a skinny blond man, “Yagi-san how are you today?” Izuku asked as he and Hitoshi walked up to the man.

The way they met him was quiet worrying, like how is coughing up your lungs- uh lung while introducing yourself normal? Well its past now and he dose make the best sandwich’s.

“I’m doing great thank you young Midoriya, how are you two?”

“as you can see, I’m doing great, but Hitoshi is- “

“insomnia sucks”

“as tired as ever.” That gained a chuckle from the blond and a groan from the tired teen, “I got you some flavoured waters this time and some chicken sandwiches.” Yagi offered as he opened the bag, he had brought with him handing the boys the food and drink.

Hitoshi grunted his approval as he sat on the steps to eat “thanks for the food Yagi-san.” Izuku cheered as he joined Hitoshi on the steps followed not long after by Yagi, they sat there in a peaceful silence as the looked out at the beach.

“you’ve cleaned up quiet a bit of this beach, boy’s, it’s quite impressive.”

“yeah but we still have so much to clean.” Izuku pointed out.

“can I give up?” Hitoshi asked only to get a light punch to the side from Izuku.

“no. you. Can. Not. You’re the one who started this and your going to end it.” Izuku huffed as he turned back to the sandwich in his hand.

“what was younger me thinking.” He complained.

“its only been two months Hitoshi you still have six more so suck it up you lazy cat.”


“keep telling yourself that, he’s a cat isn’t he Yagi-san?” Yagi’s eyes widened before he chuckled at being dragged into the argument “well I have to say young Shinso, you do act like a cat most of the time.”

“NOT YOU TOO! Why does everyone that?”

“because you’re a cat.”


Chapter Text

The sun was just starting to set casting golden rays down on three figures, the wind was gentle blowing the fresh smell of sea salt that was once covered up by mountains of trash.

“my boy’s this is amazing.” Yagi boomed as he stood on the pure white sand of the beach he had once seen covered in trash, “to think not even 8 months ago you weren’t able to see the sand.” Yagi grinned and turned to the boys Izuku was screaming in victory as Hitoshi had some sort of “I will end your blood line” smile.

“you know  how you said you were cleaning this beach so you could get into U.A. to become a hero,” Izuku stopped screaming and turned to him to listen “well I think by doing this by choice you already are heroes.” And there are the water works.

It took a while, but he managed to get young Midoriya to calm down and young Shinsou to stop planning to kill young Midoriya for making him continue to clean but the three had sat down on the steps yet again admiring the view together but for the first time you could see the full beach.

They sat in a comfortable silence for a while before toshinori grabbed the bag he had brought with him and grabbed out two drinks and handed them to the boys earning a thank you and a grunt of a thanks.

“my boys may I ask, in all the time we have known each other I’ve known that you strive to be heroes, but may I ask what your quirks are? I don’t believe you have told me.” It was odd that he did not know with how much time he spent with the boys, and even still most kids never stop talking about them.

Both boys stared at him and blinked before young Midoriya burst out laughing “o-oh my g-od we-we-we never t-old you!” he continued as young Shinsou dragged his hands down his face groaning yet again.

“Hi-Hitoshi do you hear this!”

“yeah, I do.” Why does this reaction kind of scare me

“we never told him our Qui-” young Midoriya’s eyes when blank as he stopped laughing “calm down, breath.” Young Shinsou commanded and young Midoriya did just as he said.

“how? What? Is he ok?!” he asked as Shinsou crossed his arms “he is fine, you wanted to know what out quirks were, well here’s mine, brain washing.” He said as Midoriya seemed to snap out of his trance.

“that can be quite helpful in the line of heroics, you could stop a fight before anyone got hurt or end a hostage situation in a blink of an eye.” He grinned the turned to young Midoriya.

“I know right, I’ve been telling him that for months now.” Young Midoriya beamed before jumping up and walking down the beach “but now it’s my turn.” Young Midoriya slammed a foot down and a cold gust of wind blew the sand up so he couldn’t see the boy.

As the sand settled and he could see again he was amazed at the ice that covered the beach like grass in a field “ice control.” He gasped but young Shinsou laughed “not even close.” He pointed to young Midoriya who was grinning back.

A sudden hot blast of air pushed his hair back “Izuku can manipulate the temperature,” he watched as the boy made fire, ice and steam practically dance around him before he heard it a crackle.

“and by manipulating the temperature he can make water, ice, steam, fire, air and lightning.” Young Shinsou finished as green lightning crackled around young Midoriya, “but how, most of those make sense but how lightning?”

“just like how he manipulates the vapor in the air to freeze and heat up to make water, fire, ice and steam he found out that if he does this fast enough it makes static and with enough it turns to lightning.”

He looked out at the boy who was standing among more elements then he fought was possible to wield smiling back looking like what he was doing was nothing, and he knew he met two people who would achieve greatness.

“stop using your quirk already Izuku before someone sees you.” Young Shinsou yelled out and they watched as he stopped everything before jogging up to them “so what did you think?” he asked as he bounced on the balls of his feet.

“that was incredible, I have no doubt you two can and will become great heroes.” He smiles, “so what’s your quirk old man?” young Shinsou asks as he sits up leaning on his elbows, ah, now that’s a question he wasn’t prepared for, but he should have expected it.

Taking his silence as him being unconfutable with the question young Izuku speaks up “you don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to, it’s alright.” Now that just makes him feel bad “it’s fine my boy, I was just taken aback by the question, I actually have a strength quirk.”

“well you definitely don’t look like someone with a strength quirk, but what ever you say quirks can be weird like that.” young Shinsou muttered “that’s a great quirk Yagi-san!” young Midoriya cheered.

And then a flash of purple crossed his vision, snapping his head in the direction he found young Shinsou sitting on young Midoriya one hand on the youngers mouth and other grabbing the wrist that now holds a notebook.

“no, I am not letting you interview him as well, heroes are enough no civilians.”

“but his quirk is so cool!” young Midoriya wined as he tried to get out of the older boys grip, “nope, no more strength quirks you already have about 7 heroes with strength quirks in your books no more.”



The boys glared at each other before young Midoriya let out a breath and gave in looking to the side, “fine but I want an ice cream and you’re paying.” Young Shinsou got of the boy but still stared at him with a deadpan face “you’re just going to put the weight you lost back on.”

“so, I want cookie and cream ice cream.”

“of course you do, Yagi-san would you like to join us?” young Shinsou asked as young Midoriya stood up with puppy dog eyes, “I’m sorry young Midoriya, Shinsou but I have to decline but it was nice to talk to you’s good luck on the U.A. test I probably wont see you for a while.”

“that’s fine, thanks Yagi-san have a nice day.” Young Shinsou says before heading up the stairs “thank you Yagi-san, maybe next time you can join us, bye.” Young Midoriya yells as he waves back to him as he chases young Shinsou down the road.

“I can’t wait to see you’s become great heroes one day boy’s, you’s have the power, skills and the right mind set for it so hopefully you have the heart, maybe then one of you could be my successor.”

Chapter Text

When he got up that day, he was excited like how many times do you get to walk through the U.A. gates! ‘hopefully he will be walking through them for the next 3 years.’ He got up had breakfast when for a jog to join Hitoshi on his way to U.A.

What he wasn’t expecting was to trip over his own feet the second he stepped inside, but he did meet a girl with a brown bob cut with round rosy cheeks and bright brown eyes, she saved him from eating dirt as Hitoshi stood back and watched.

He went to speak wit her but her scent caught him of guard because yes it was human but there was more something  that normally lives on the outskirts of small towns or villages, and then she left to go get a seat, “did you smell her?” I asked as Hitoshi came closer “yeah a half breed witch, she most likely has no idea, she doesn’t smell like she’s unlocked her power yet.”

“most likely, well we should head in before we run out of time.” I grin as I start to run “race you.”


Now if I thought tripping in front of a small group was bad well, I was wrong I ended up sitting next to Kacchan and I was called out for mumbling by a guy with blue hair and glasses at least 12 rows away how could he hear me? And then I found out Hitoshi and I aren’t even in the same battle zone.

Trying to forget about it as we changed to go out on the field, I put on a black jacket with the inside of the hoddie being acid green on top of a plain whit shirt and black jeans along side the mint green scarf Hitoshi gave me.

I walked out onto the prep area and done some stretches as others continued to flood out of the changing rooms when I smelt it, the half witch, looking up I could see her doing some breathing exercises when I felt someone getting closer and then a hand on my shoulder.

“you shouldn’t be wearing a jacket your going to overheat, did you even bring the right sports wear?” the tall glasses wearing boy who called me out earlier said, “well maybe my quirk effects my body temperature and I need to were it.” I stated getting the boy to step back at how blunt I was.

My quirk doesn’t effect my body temperature after all it not a quirk so it doesn’t have side effects like a quirk would, no it just take quite a bit of mental power to make sure I effect the temperature in the right way to get the effect I want.

The boy went to retort but I was moving before he could, running inside the fake city I hear the pro hero present Mic yell at the other to get going there is no start in a real battle, suckers, finding my first 2 point robot I run past it as it yells die only to have ice stab out of it like a porcupine, reminds me of someone else I know that yells die.


U.A. control room

“look that kid just turned that 2 pointer into an ice cube.” said a lady with raver revealing clothing named midnight.

“look at the purple haired one just using sneak attacks and brute strength to get the buttons or rip the cords.” Said a man with no shirt and machinery on his head and hands aka power loader.

“that blonds just exploding everything before the others can even get close.” Said the cement block cementoss.

“Greeny just iced some more.” midnight

“the iida boys doing good.” The buff form of a man with silver hair and a scar on his face, vlad king commented

“look at the red head.” Present mic aka banana hair.

“what the heck greeny just covered himself in green lightning and it electrocuting the robots I thought his quirk was ice?” midnight.

the teachers committed as they watched the battle fields from the control room “ah, hu.” Principle Nezu who could be a mouse, a bear or a dog but that doesn’t matter because he’s the principle gaining the attention of the teachers.

“it seems the green haired boy is Izuku Midoriya age 14 quirk temperature manipulation, quite the interesting quirk I must say.”

“temperature. . . control?” present mic.

“but, how did he?” midnight.

“it’s simple my dear teachers, by manipulating the air molecules he can freeze the vapor in the air to make the ice and by switching the temperature or making it so hot it turns to plasma he can make lightning, he must be quite smart to work that out.” Nezu clarifies.

“that is quite stro- holly shit water as well!?” power loader.

“why yes he should be able to control water, air, ice, fire and lightning.” Nezu announced like it was nothing.

“there is no way he can’t get in with a quirk like that.” A cowboy themed man called snipe announced.

“purple hair just saved some sort of purple grape rat from a three pointer.” Midnight.

“what purples quirk?” the full-bodied creepy costume of ectoplasm questioned.

“let’s see, Hitoshi Shinsou age 15 quirk brainwashing, his quirks not helpful in this and yet its only been 3 minutes and he already has 17 points, at this point if he continues like this, he will most likely get in.”

“ha! he remines me of you Shota!” Mic yelled as he finger gunned toward a man with long black hair and tired eyes who laid in a bright yellow sleeping bag, “I’ve met them before and I can agree that they have potential, but they are stupid at the same time.” He huffed

“now, now Aizawa I think they are quite smart! Both of them managed to get a perfect score on the entrance test as well as have near perfect record.” Comments as he jumps of Vlad’s shoulder and walks over to the caterpillar.

“but what I want to know is why you think they have potential?” the rat asked, “what did you see in them?”

The tired man sighed “they are both illogical, wandering the streets at night, they go out every single night, yet I’ve only been able to find them a couple of times and even then, I somehow lose track of them, they would make good hunters.”

“but?” the rat asked as he turned away to face the screens.

“there’s something off about them, like there body language screams power but at the same time its hidden like there trying to hide something.”

“well why don’t we see if we can force it out of them?” the rat grinned as he walked up to the front and pressed the big red button earning a protestive grunt from mic how had been eying the button the entire time.

“we still had 4 more minutes till we had to let it loose, and it was my turn this time!!” mic grumbled


Hitoshi’s test ground

He had just finished of another 3 pointer in one of the fake city’s back alleys when he felt it or well heard it, about 2 blocks down something large had turned on if the sound of gears grinding meant anything, and the tiny vibrations that humans wouldn’t be able to feel coming from under the road just added to his thought.

‘well this can’t be good’ he climbed up to the top of one of the buildings that make the alley and watched to see what happened after all he had 38 points and still had another 7 minutes.

He cursed when he saw the road basically explode outwards as a large robot ripped itself from the ground if the scent of fear was strong before well now it was overwhelming but so was the scent of blood.

“his eyes quickly zoned in on a boy with a bird head struggling to keep some sort of large shadow bird under control as he panicked to get out from under some of the rubble that came from the explosion.

Blood dripped down the boy’s right arm clearly dislocated, and jacket ripped from were some of the rubble must have flown by cutting him, sniffing the air the fear had gone down and moved to the outskirts of the town.

Sighing he ran along the rooftops before climbing down the fire escape to the alley closest to the boy who was curling in on himself as the shadow bird grew in size relentlessly wiping around destroying the surrounding road and parts of buildings.

the shadow bird was most likely feeding of the humans feeling so if he wanted to help, he had to calm the boy and then the shadow would calm to a point the boy had control, taking a deep breath he stepped out of the alley.

The bird screeched lunging for him as the boy cred for him to go that he didn’t want to hurt him.

The shadows claws dug into the road cracking it on impact “its fine you just have to calm down.” He yelled as he dodged the shadow leaping from side to side as the shadow continued to attack “please just ru-“

“take deep breaths, your safe, no one is going to get hurt, just calm down.” He commanded as he took control of the boy, yet the shadow continued to attack slowly getting smaller but its screeches continued as it got slower before it stopped all together with one last screech.

The shadow looked around confused before it turned and rushed to the boy “Fumikage!?” it yelled  sounded scratchy and seemed to eco when it got to the boy before screaming again for the boy when he didn’t respond, “don’t worry I’ve got him under my control to make sure he doesn’t panic and have you lose control again.”

He told the bird as he approached “but we should be quick getting him some help I don’t know how long I can keep him under before the pain from his injury will brake him out,” he said as he picked up the boy placing him on his back making sure to watch the arm.

The bird nodded before disappearing, leaving him alone to carry the boy to the gate.


Izuku’s test ground

He wasn’t surprised when the ground erupted, he had heard it coming watched as people passed as the earth shook seen some of them get hit by the rubble.

What he didn’t expect was for everyone to run even though they could see people trapped and hurt, the kids would be fine the robots won’t hurt them when their down.

A scream rung out across the city, triggered something in him because in one second he was watching down the street assessing the situation and then he was running the air below his feet rapidly cooling then heating boosting him as he ran.

‘the robots work by tracking heat signatures and with the fire and smoke the zero pointer won’t be able to see the kids closest to it’ hi thought as he got closer seeing the girl from earlier trapped and looking sick as she watched the zero pointer get closer.

He might be able to get the girl out and get away but it would be close but then the others would still be in danger, he could try to destroy it but his powers are weaker when he’s in his human form and showing his true form is a big no so what.

The robot grabbed onto part of a building turning what it grabbed to rubble that was falling down in a shower of stone, he placed an arm above his head the air pulsing as it bounced all the rubble that fell towards him away.

He grinned as he finally got to the girl crouching down next to her, he had an idea “it’s going to be ok.” He assured as he braced himself placing his arms out Infront of him, she watched as water seamed to appear out of no were making domes around her and the others scattered around the street.

The wind bellowed outside the domes flinging the rubble around as excess water froze before it slammed like a wave towards the robot, she screamed as the rubble and ice hit the water but never piercing on its way towards the robot.

And then she heard the crack, and then it flashed a large bolt of lightning zoomed past lighting up the smoke revealing the zero-pointer pined by the ice and rubble before the ice exploded and the robot fell backwards with a groan.

The ground shook and the fires went out at the force of the air of the explosion dust coloured the air grey making it hard to see the boy next to her the dust set showing the boy shaking slightly before he stood and turned to her.

“I said you would be ok.”

The water around her and the others parted before turning to ice lifting rubble of examines and covering any not open injury in a fin layer of ice.

The boy offered his hand to help her up “come on let’s get you some help, I’ll help you to the gate your legs broken.” She took his hand and he pulled her up she yelped as he put her in a princess hold “you ok.” He asked as she looked away from him.

“y-yeah, just fine.” he grinned before walking toward the gate.

 “thank you.” She said as she could feel the way his muscles twitched and strained.

“it’s no problem, I did what any hero should do.” He said a little louder so the others at the gate could hear, as he walked past the he said one last thing, “hero’s help people even after the danger has past, so why don’t you act like a hero instead of running like a coward when you can help.” With that he had past the examinees and exited the city just as the alarm for the end of the test went off.

“those are some wise words young, why don’t you place the young lady down here.” A kind old voice chirped, Izuku turned around to see an elderly lady with a needle shaped cane walking towards them, the fan boy in him was screaming to get her signature and ask question but on the out side he tried to stay calm but his smile grew the fold.

“ah- of course recovery girl.” He said carefully placing the girl down, “now you be off the exam is over.”

“ah, but.”

“she will be fine of with you now.”

“my names Izuku Midoriya hopefully I see you at U.A.” he told the girl as he walked away waving.

“my names Ochako Uraraka I hope you get in.” she yelled back


“So how did you do?” Izuku asked as he met up with Hitoshi at the gate, “I got 46 points in the end I losing some time saving a bird headed boy named Tokoyami from his own quirk but it didn’t take too long, so I still had some time, how about you?”

“I got 67 points, but I ended up having to give up the last 7 minutes to save a bunch of the students from the zero pointer.”

“seriously you got 67 points and still gave up 7 of the 15 mins to save some of the contestants, how’d you save them actually, because the worst the robot are able to do is sting you with their lazes.”

“the smoke and fire were covering the students trapped under the rubbles signatures, so I ended up putting shields up around them before exploding the zero pointers legs using some of the rubble to push it over away from the contestants.”

“well that explains why your twitching, you over did it Izu.”

“I know but I had to do something to help no one else was going to they just ran away.” He defends while waving his hands about like crazy.

“ok, ok I get it, let’s just get home I want to take a nap.” He stretched his arms above his head until he heard a pop.

“you’re such a cat.”

“I’m not a cat I’m a panther.”

“keep telling your self that while you have your CAT nap.”

“I said I was taking a nap not a cat nap.”

“oh, and how the one who ran towards a bird.”

“he had a bird HEAD; he wasn’t a bird.”

“what ever you say kitty cat.”


Chapter Text

a week had been since the entrance exam and they were meant to get their result one day soon, but that not even why Izuku was nervous that day, Izuku and Hitoshi had been sent on mission to find one of his mother’s old guards.


Said guard may look young to humans but she is well into her two hundred and was feared by many back in their home world, her control of her natural powers and the special power gained by becoming a guard was phenomenal.


Yet even with all her power she was taken down in minuets when the grate war broke out her and the rest of the queen’s guards were struck down by the kings, they had thought she and the rest had all died but then Izuku found Hitoshi and his mother and now.


Yu Takeyama made her debut as the pro hero Mt Lady almost a year ago, his mother had broken down in tears knowing she was alive and well, so today now that they weren’t busy the boys were out to find her.


“are you sure she’s out here?” Hitoshi asked as he was in his half-changed form with cat ears, tail, sharper teeth, clawed hands, slit eyes and sharper senses and reactions to clime around the top of the trees.


“oh, she out here, she’s got tiny threads all over the place, I wouldn’t drought she already knows we are here.” He said with a smile, as he looked around.


“why would she be out here in the first place?” Hitoshi wines, “doesn’t she have like better things to do then play in dirt, like she has a penthouse why can’t she be there.”


“Hitoshi, most creatures and monsters still come out to the forests, beach or even field so they can connect to the land and what they really are.” He stated before looking at the ground in front of him.

his smile grew as he jumped backwards gripping onto a tree as a loud his could be heard as the ground caved in, a large white leg lifted out of the ground followed by another and another and another all four stabbed into the ground each gust as big as the tallest tree in the forest.


“so, may I ask what you are doing looking for me?” a female’s voice echoed out of the trench as a large white tiger head with mandibles and fangs came out followed by a white and black tiger striped body followed.


“Yu Takeyama, one of queen Inko’s five grate guards also known as Mt Lady the hero.” Izuku spoke as he jumped down from the tree to stand In front of her. “how do you know who I am? Only a monster should know me and yet you don’t smell like one, and I can’t sense any power from you.”


 And then she looked to Hitoshi “and you’re a panther, a powerful one at that, you must be a Shinsou.” She stated before looking between them “who are yous and why are you looking for me?” she asks stomping one of her feet cracking the ground.”


“you know miss Takeyama you were right when you said I was a Shinsou, my name is Hitoshi Shinsou-“ he moved his sleeve to show of the guard mark “and I’m a guard gust like you.” He said looking her in the eyes.


Izuku stepped forward “you may not sense it since because I have to keep my full power hidden till the time arises, but my name is Izuku Midoriya Prince of our world.” he said watching as her eyes grew watery.


“She’s safe.” her voice cracks her form shrinking rapidly as her shape changed into her blond with rose eyed form shaking from emotion wearing black tights and a light purple t-shirt under a darker purple jacket.


She took a step forward then another and before long she had rushed up and scooped him in a hug “you know, Inko always said when you were born, she was going to call you Izuku if you were a boy.” She laughed squishing him into her chest.


She then looked at Hitoshi Izuku still squished into her form, “wait if you’re here that means you mum must have made it, what about the others? Did they make it?”


“all of the Shinsou family made it but we don’t know much about the rest of the great five, we have so far found you and we know Danjuro Tobita and Hokusu of the five are alive we don’t know about the other two sadly.” Hitoshi announced as Takeyama let Izuku go


“yeah, I know I’ve seen the videos, Danjuro is alive but it’s hard to find him with him always running around making videos calling himself the gentle criminal, honestly he is always such a troublemaker.” She huffed


“well he is the Azeban.” Izuku chirped


“yeah, it’s to be expected, really how many gods decide to take the form of a raccoon just to play tricks on people to get some laughs and then end up bowing down and becoming a royal guard.” Takeyama laughed.


“and who knew Sora the most carefree of us would some how become the number three hero, he even used the nickname we gave him, good old hawks.” She smiled


“you know, yous can call me Yu if you want.” She says as she wipes her eye.


“sure Yu, you can call us Hitoshi and Izuku as well.” Izuku grins


“so why were you looking for me?”


“you can feel it, too right? Any creature that can use magic should be able to feel it, at lest they should be it’s gotten stronger.” Izuku asks, “yeah I can feel it, the rip it’ll open one way or another, lets just hope it opens on our terms.” Yu states.


“mum wants to gather the great five as soon as possible, well at least any that are still alive.”


“so, you want my help to get the other two and hopefully we can find the others?” she asked.


“in a sense yes, but we also wanter to invite you over it would make Inko so happy to see you again.” Hitoshi answers.


“sure, why not, we sure do have a lot to talk about.” She nods failing to keep the excitement out of her voice.



“we’re back mum!” Izuku yelled as he held the door for Hitoshi and Yu, “I brought someone to see you.”


“who is it Izuk- Yu?” she stopped in the kitchen doorway staring at the blond tears in her eyes, “hi Inko.” She waved before opening her arms and the shorter lady ran into her embracing her in a hug, “Yu, I missed you! Don’t scare me like that again” she cried gripping the back of Yu’s jacket.


“I promise I won’t, everything is going to be ok.” Yu mumbles as she brushes her hands through Inko hair, “its all going to be ok.” Izuku smiled as he watched the two old friends catch up again, “oh right.” Inko said as she pulled away from her friend.


“look what came in the mail for you’s.” she presented two notes both closed with the red U.A. symbol “why is mine here? It’s supposed to be dropped off back at my place.” Hitoshi asked as they grabbed their letters.


“don’t question it, now Yu why don’t we talk as they open their letters.” Inko smiled as she dragged Yu to the lounge room “I don’t know if I should be scared of confused.”


“let’s just do as she says and not question it, now who’s opening theirs first.” Izuku said as he dragged Hitoshi to his room, ‘what is it with midoriya’s and dragging people around.’ He thought


“I don’t care who opens theirs first we already know we’re bound to get into U.A. with the written test its just up to the practical to see if were in the hero or the gen ed class.”


“well if you don’t care I’m going first you lazy cat.”




“a panther is just a large cat.”


“Panthers and cats are different; one will kill you if you touch it the other will purr and cuddle up to you.”


“you purr as well.”


“we don’t talk about that; now open you’re note.”


“fine, but you’re still a cat.” He mumbled, ripping the letter open before the taller could complain, they watched as a grey disk fell out clattering on the wood floor, “what the hel-AAAHHH.” “I AM HERE! IN A PROJECTION!”


“why is All Might yelling at us!”


“I don’t know, why are you yelling at me!”



“why are yous yelling.” Inko yelled as she slammed into the room closely followed by Yu, “is that All Might.” Yu asked pointing at the still talking projection, “oh right the projection.” Izuku rushes to turn and listen to the projection.


“even with your perfect score on the written test the practical will determine if you get in and with a grand score of 67 villain points but that’s not all we also had a hidden point’s called rescue points, after your big save with the zero pointer some contestants came and asked if they could give you some of their points.”


On the screen he could see the half witch, a blond smooth haired boy with grey eyes and another blond but with black eyes and a tail talking to Present Mic.


“Izuku Midoriya for your brave act you have been given 83 rescue points giving you a grand total of 150 points placing you in first! Welcome to your hero academia.” And then a board showing everyone who got into the two hero classes popped up.


“oh, Izuku I’m so proud!” Inko cried pulling him into a hug. “well looks like were in different classes.” Hitoshi sighed, “what!” Izuku yelled jumping out of his mums arms “I got eighth, I’m in 1-B your in 1-A.” he pointed to the names of the class next to their names.


“don’t worry I’ve got a plan your going to be I with me.” Izuku said grin growing and shadows covering his eyes “just you wait.”


“I don’t know if I should be scared or happy.”


“why not do both.” Yu answered, “makes sense I’ll do that.”


“we’re going to be in the same class and its going to be the best year ever.” Izuku said as he grabbed him by the shoulders “. . . right.”


Hitoshi had no idea why but for some reason he couldn’t believe that the year was going to be fun.





Yu Takeama


Tsuchigumo (土蜘蛛), translated "dirt/earth spider"


huge wandering spiders, its body is a cross of a spider and a tiger, however, does imply that the description was influenced to some degree by the chines bird spider, which is commonly referred to as the "earth tiger" in its native habitat for its furry, prominently striped body and aggressive disposition.



Danjuro Tobita


Azeban, trickster god


Azeban is a deity who took the form of a raccoon and is among the most popular mythical tricksters. He was not a particularly cruel god and went about tricking people for laughs rather than to harm.