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Sero didn't think much of it when Kaminari didnt imimmediately show up for class. He had been up late, and probably just didnt get up in time because of it. He'd get there soon.

Sero began to worry when he still hadn't shown up halfway through class. He knew the others didn't think much of it. They figured Kami would skip someday. But Sero knew better, he knew Kaminari would never. He tried so much harder then they gave him credit for.

His leg bounced nervously, sending his boyfriend a quick text, asking him where he was. He really hoped he was okay.  

Kaminari opened glassy eyes, whining. His head throbbed horribly, and he could taste blood on his tongue. He desperately tried to spit it out. It lingered. He squeezed his eyes shut, not that it mattered much in the dark room.

Holding back tears, he tugged harshly at the cuffs around his hand, biting down on his tongue to muffle his yelp. His wrists already hurt. Eventually, he fell back into unconsciousness.  

A choked cry escaped his throat as a hand nestled itself in his blonde hair and pulled harshly, eyes shooting open. He was met with a young man, somewhere in his twenties, he was guessing. He was scruffy, and dirty. Just gross overall.

He shuddered, looking into dark brown eyes, the man smiled. "Morning, sunshine." He purred, voice gravely, giving Kaminari's hair another yank, he bit back his cry this time. The man's other hand traveled down to his chin, gripping it and tilting his head up.

"So pretty." He rumbled, scratching his scalp. Kami began to shake his head, trying to shake off the man's harsh grip. "Get o-off me!.." he croaked, scooting back. "Stop-"

The man snarled, fingers curling in his hair once again, and pulling him back forward, grabbing his cheeks with one hand. "Stop moving, or there will be consequences." Kami whined. "What's you're name, dear?" He asked, running a finger over the teens lip. He opened his mouth and bit the man's finger, hard.

The man yelped, shooting his hand back, blood dripping from his thumb. "You bitch!" The man stood up, standing over Kami, and delivering a harsh kick to the electric teens stomach, he cried out, doubling over. More kicks rained down on him, unable to stop them, as his hands were tied behind his back. 

His vision began to blur, blood spilling from his nose, a croaking cry escaping him. "Stop- stop please, I'm sorry- I'msorry!-" He distantly felt the tears beginning to fall from his eyes.

He blacked out. 


Sero fidgeted, sitting with the squad at lunch. The squad minus Denki. It wasn't like him to just skip an entire day, maybe just the one class, but not an entire half of it.

Kirishima reached across the table, placing his hand on Sero's own. "You okay, dude?" He asked, flashing a smile full of shark-like teeth. "You seem upset." 

Sero shrugged lightly, ignoring the slight glare Bakugo sent his way. "Just worried about Kami." He confessed as Kiri began to lightly pat his hand. "I'm sure his fine!" The red head chirped, showing off teeth. "Probably still sleeping!" 

Sero sighed heavily, putting on a weak, slightly forced smile. "I hope so."