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Fangs Fogarty Imagines

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Fangs couldn’t help but admire you, as he watched you dance around with one of your cousins. It was the night of New Years Eve, and currently he standing next to Y/N’s father, as he explained step by step, how to properly cook the beef the used from killing a goat earlier.

“Fangs, mijo, you getting all this?” Y/F/N asked.

Fangs turned to him and nodded. “Yes.” he told him, smirking.

Before the men can reply, you walked over to your boyfriend. “Fangs, come dance with me.” you pleaded.

Fangs just blushed since he didn’t really know how to dance. “Babe, you know I really don’t know how to dance.”

“Fangs, mijo, the sooner you learn how to dance, the sooner we can invite you more to family gatherings.” your dad teased.

Fangs just blushed and you laughed. “Dad, stop. You’re making him nervous.” you scolded.

Your dad just chuckled and held his hands up in surrender, you just giggled and pulled Fangs towards the dance floor.

“Y/N, babe, I’m make a fool of my self.” Fangs muttered.

You just let out a small laugh, and turned to him. “Fangs, my tios are drunk and making the biggest fool of themselves, trust me, you got nothing to worry about.” you teased.

Fangs looked to where your uncles were at and frowned a bit. “They’re stumbling, but-”

You just leaned up and kissed him, Fangs responded quickly and pulled away, smiling. You just smiled and wrapped an arm around his neck and he wrapped his around your waist and pulled you closer.

“But nothing, besides I’m here, and I’m going to teach you how to dance.” you told him smiling. Fangs just chuckled and he looked down as he follow your steps. “Also move the hips.”

For the next hour or so, you continued showing Fangs how to dance, occasionally stumbling a little when he would trip a little over his feet. Your dad was walking by and handed you and Fangs a shot, and lime.

“I’m letting you both drink this for the night, also we’re bringing out the fireworks, lista para eso, Y/N?” your dad asked. (Ready for that?)

You just nodded. “Si, just call when the the big ones are set.” you replied. Your dad nodded, and left.

“Am I dreaming, or did your dad just gave us, underage teens, a shot of tequila, and why did he give me lime and not you?” Fangs asked.

You just smirked and downed the shot, Fangs just watched amazed and he smiled as he watched you let out a soft giggle. “You’re not dreaming. C'mon down it and put the lime in your mouth, it’s kind of strong. We need to start heading out.”

Fangs just took a deep breath in and quickly downed the shot, let out a small growl, and quickly sucked the lime. “How do you even like this.” he asked.

You just laughed. “Well, maybe it’s because I’m used to it. And it might have to do the fact that Igotnogagreflex.” Fangs looked at you in shock, and you just smiled at him, as you walked away.

“You seriously keep surprising me you know.” Fangs said, as he rushed behind you.

“Let’s just get some lighters, we need to hurry where the kids are at.” You said, giggling. You heard Fangs laugh.

You quickly rushed inside your house, and found the small lighter you had bought, and grabbed the extra one, and threw it to Fangs. He caught it, and he looked at it.

“So, what are we going to do with this?” he asked you.

“We are going go outside where the kids are, pop some fireworks, it what we usually do on the last hour.” You replied. “I’m so glad you are here.”

“You know, your dad earlier was explaining how to cook the beef he has in the hole right now.” You froze and turned to Fangs, and he smiled a bit. “Was that the way to tell me that your dad approves of me?” he asked.

“It means, that you’re going to be invited to all the family parties, or gathering, and that my whole family approves.” You told him, smiling wide.


You sighed. “Let’s go before the kids come and attack us.” you teased.

The both of you went outside, laughing as you both saw kids either running from the fireworks, while the others stood there with their sparkler running around making patterns. Soon you both were running around, laughing and screaming in joy.

“Falta cinco minutos para la cuenta!” you heard your mom yell. (They’re are five minutes for the countdown)

“Come on, there’s five minutes left for the countdown.” you told Fangs excited. He chuckled and almost everyone walked towards where your dad and mom stood.

“So why does everyone gather around here?” Fangs whispered to you.

“We have this tradition, where we all gather around, my mom, and my aunts pass around a glass of wine with 12 grapes in them. On the last twelve seconds, you quickly eat a grape each of them saying a resolution or a wish.” you explained.

Fangs looked amazed. “Never heard of that one.” he mumbled out.

You smiled. “I think Latin America does the same, I don’t fully know but I know we’re not the only ones who do it.” you explained.

Your mom passed by and smiled. “Toma tu copa y la copa de tu novio, mija.” (Take your glass, and your boyfriend’s)

You smiled and took two glass and passed the other to Fangs. “Gracias, Mami,” you thanked. You mom just pecked your cheek and then Fangs. You turned and gave him his glass of grapes and he took them.

“Baby, if we ever break up, I swear to you, I’m convince your mom to disown you and make her adopt me.” Fangs teased. You just slapped his arm playfully and snorted.

“I might have to kill you and hide your body, you know to much.” You teased back.

“Viente segundos!” you heard someone yell.

You turned to him and smiled wide. “Twenty seconds, get ready.” you squealed a bit.

“Doce!” your mom yelled.

“Eat now.”

You and Fangs hurriedly started to eat grapes, as the countdown, your brother had on his music table, began, Just as you both ate the last grape, the fireworks began and Fangs turned to you and smashed his lips onto yours. You just smiled as you kissed him back.

“Happy New Years, babe.” Fangs said, smiling.

“Feliz Año Nuevo, Fangs.” you replied.

Before you can kiss him again, the both of you got separated, by you uncles, to hug you. Fangs just smiled as he walked around to hug all your family, happy that he got to spend it with you.

“Fangs mijo, did you tell your mom or abuela that you’re staying here, you and me are pulling an all nighter to cook this beef.” Y/F/N said.

Fangs just smiled even wider and nodded.