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city of lights, city of heroes

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Rena Rouge, offscreen:

—has a submission form with an anon option, you know that, right? And I know you know she's gonna flip over this scoop—oh, hey, I'm already filming, good to know. Aaaand action!


City of Paris, today was Hawkmoth's biggest attack to date—

Carapace, offscreen:

Uh, remember the time he drowned the city?


—that was a one-akuma problem, Carapace, shush. Anyway, the City of Lights does not drown, that's blasphemy.

Paris, we did not know he could send out more than one akuma at once. Today we faced dozens. And you, Paris—you rose to the challenge. You kept each other calm so he could not use you. You stayed focused so he could not outfight you. You acted together so he could not overwhelm us or you. And you defended each other so he could not defeat you.

Today, Paris, you are our heroes.

We fought Hawkmoth face to face on the Eiffel Tower. Me, and Rena Rouge, and Carapace, and Queen Bee...and Chat Noir. Chat is going to tell you what happened.

Adrien Agreste:

You probably recognize me just as fast without my mask as with it. I am Chat Noir. I answer to Adrien Agreste. I'm telling you this now, when we have been so careful for so long not to let anyone know who any of us are, because today Hawkmoth took my Miraculous. He knows who I am, so there is nothing more to gain from keeping my identity a secret from you—and as every single person in my homeroom class knows from personal experience, there could be a lot to lose.

But you know, we took something from Hawkmoth today, too. We know who he is.

I do not know how I could begin to prove this to anyone's satisfaction but my own. But on the tower, it was him and Ladybug and me, and he had us down. He grabbed me by the neck, and he's taller than me with a longer reach and he wasn't exhausting himself chasing akumas all afternoon, or at four this morning after not sleeping since the Sandboy attack—

He grabbed my neck. I think he was trying to kill me by strangulation, and I think he would have killed me...except when he got my ring off, he saw my face. And then he dropped me, and he said if I had any loyalty to my mother I would be on his side, and he told me something else, something specific that no one but my father could possibly know.

Ladybug, offscreen, fake coughing:

Cheese bill!

Adrien Agreste:

—you hush, Bug, you're no better. Anyway.

Hawkmoth's name—Hawkmoth's name is Gabriel Agreste. My father.

Paris, Ladybug needs your help. Now you know the name and face of the man who has been terrorizing our city for the past two years. I don't know what to do with that. But I know you do.

And you know what he wants. He demands the same thing every akuma—he wants Ladybug's Miraculous and mine.

—Well. Just hers, now.

I do not want to know what he plans to do when he has both of them, though given what he said about my late mother, I think I can guess. But considering his methods, I cannot believe what he wants could be anything good, and I do not want to find out what price our city would pay. And there is only so much I can do to help my partner without my claws.

You will be seeing a lot more of Rena Rouge, Carapace, and Queen Bee backing Ladybug up from here on out. But if you see someone wielding the Black Cat Miraculous, and the Ladyblog hasn't confirmed it's me, then contact the Ladyblog and run. Mlle. Césaire and her fellow admins will be keeping track of all submissions—or else she'll edit this out before posting; sorry to voluntell you, Alya—and Ladybug's team will be paying close attention to the Ladyblog.

If you see Ladybug out and about, Paris? If she needs any help at all? Especially if it looks like someone's about to steal her Miraculous from her? Help her.

I won't tell you who she is under the mask, because that means she could be anyone. She could be the girl working the convenience store register, or the boy bussing your table at the restaurant. The nurse with too many patients, or the busker with an empty hat, or the little sister you torment, or the woman whose grandchildren don't come visit her anymore.

So, Paris, if you see someone who looks like they could use a helping hand, or a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on, help them. If you feel the impulse to hurt someone else, or to hurt yourself, smile at them instead. And if you find you have hurt someone, make it right with them—or leave them in peace, as they prefer. You might be keeping that person safe from ugly purple butterflies, and sparing Ladybug and our friends an exhausting battle. And you might just be helping Ladybug personally—you never know.

Stay calm, Paris. Stay focused. Work together. Defend each other. Keep each other afloat. And stay courageous.

Paris is our city. Your city. The City of Lights is the City of Heroes. And every day is Heroes' Day.