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Taehyung would be lying if he said he didn’t love America.


It’s not that he likes the politics or the capitalism or the racism or anything. It’s mainly that Americans know how to let loose. And Taehyung needs to let loose.


He’s come to America once before, back in the 1930’s. It was a much different place back then. Now, it’s all about loud music, overly styled hair, and fun, vibrant clothes. Taehyung can get behind all three of those things enthusiastically.


He finds himself in Los Angeles, in Koreatown. It’s ridiculous, but he’s been traveling around the globe for over a year now, and it feels like a little piece of home. Of course, it isn’t. It’s nothing like home. But there’s a few places for traditional food and little storefronts run by grumpy ahjummas in aprons and it’s nice.


And there’s something about Korean blood that just tastes better to him. Maybe it’s the spices. Maybe it’s the lineage. He has no idea.


But the club scene overseas is still way better.


Gay bars are a novel concept. There’s a handful in Seoul, of course, if you know how to keep a secret and know where to look, but it’s just better here. Sexier. Looser . He likes to be looked at. He likes to have casual sex. He’s glad he got to live to see a world where it’s possible and more accepted.


The year is 1984.


He finds himself out prowling one night. The air is warm and humid and he knows it gives his skin a beautiful glow that causes both men and women to almost stop in their tracks when they pass him.


He’s wearing a purple aviator jumpsuit which cuts down his chiseled chest and shows off his narrow waist, paired with a brown leather bomber jacket and white high tops. With his hair styled back off his forehead and just a little colorful eyeshadow, he knows he looks like a knock-out.


And people do look. They look, but they don’t know what they’re looking at, and that’s thrilling to Taehyung as well.


He’s fresh out of the salon, his hair now a vibrant, eye-catching blue that’s flamboyant and stylish enough to easily make him the most attractive thing in the club.


He sees a flash of orange hair underneath the bright neon lights, his eyes taking in the sight of a gorgeous man dancing in the center of the floor, moving sinfully to the sound of Prince’s When Doves Cry.


Taehyung smirks to himself; maybe he isn’t the prettiest person here after all.


He doesn’t hesitate to move closer, winding his way through the mass of bodies getting down on the dance floor.


He catches the boy’s eye, the dancer’s full lips spreading into a smile. Taehyung can tell by his features that he’s Korean, and in a foreign place that does bring him a sense of comfort.


The boy’s wearing a peach colored leisure suit, the flashy pink v-neck underneath cutting dangerously low on his chest. He looks expensive and alluring, holding Taehyung’s eyes as he moves to the beat.


Later, Taehyung will blame his inability to clock the boy as a vampire on the loud noise and distractions inside the packed club. But it isn’t until he’s standing right in front of him does he see a flash of a fang, biting into the boy’s thick bottom lip.


Taehyung chuckles to himself; of course he attracts the attention of the only other vampire in the club, and a Korean one at that.


He lifts a challenging eyebrow, but the boy doesn’t back away. He’s run into plenty of his kind throughout the course of his travels, but Yoongi had advised him to keep his distance while he was traveling on his own. But for some reason he doesn’t want to move on; in fact, he decides to come even closer.


“What’s your name?” He asks in his native tongue.


The boy laughs; he’s shorter than Taehyung and he winds his arms around his neck teasingly. “Isn’t it rude to ask my name without offering yours first, handsome?”


“Isn’t it rude to flash a fang in public with all these humans around?” The music is loud around them, but they talk in whispers, their enhanced hearing picking up on the words easily. Taehyung lifts a strong brow and smirks. “My name’s Kim Taehyung.”


“Kim. Tae. Hyung.” The vampire drags out each syllable, pulling his body closer as he continues to dance, slower now that a softer, sexier tune has come on. Here Comes the Rain Again by Eurythmics. “Did you have plans tonight, darling?” His fingers twist around the tips of Taehyung’s blue hair. “Or do you want to come home with me?”


Taehyung moves his body in tandem with the vampire, easily matching his rhythm as the bass pumps around them, the two of them dancing underneath the neon lights like there’s no one else in the room. “I’ll come with you if you tell me your name.”


The orange haired boy licks his lips. “Park Jimin.”


Taehyung lifts up his hands, cupping the back of Jimin’s head to pull him into a kiss. He keeps it gentle, teasing.


A hint of what’s to come.


His voice is barely above a whisper, the implication behind his words unmistakable. “Let’s have a little fun together, Park Jimin.”


“Follow me, blue.” Jimin grabs his hand, leading him out of the club and into the alley.


If his sire were here, he’d probably be screaming at Taehyung not to act like a complete idiot just because a pretty vampire had taken an interest in him. But every time a little warning bell goes off in his head, Jimin silences it with something as simple as a smile.


He follows the smaller boy blindly into a taxi, letting him lead him to what appears to be a little hotel in the arts district.


“Come inside, stranger.” He looks over his shoulder as he unlocks the front door with the room key, tugging him inside.

“We’re not strangers if we’ve exchanged names.”


“You’re right.” Jimin concedes, grabbing Taehyung by the front of his jumpsuit and pushing him to the couch, climbing on top of his lap without hesitation. “Strangers don’t do this.”


He leans down, connecting their lips in their first real kiss.


Taehyung’s slept with many vampires, and he’s slept with many humans too. He knows the differences, the subtle ways they seek pleasure differently. He can tell right off the bat that Jimin hasn’t been with too many vampires.


Taehyung also senses that he’s a relatively new vampire by his scent. It’s intoxicating and he already feels his boxer briefs getting tight.


Jimin makes out with him enthusiastically and he tastes divine but it isn’t long before Taehyung wants more .


He grabs Jimin’s shoulders and pushes him back a bit. Jimin opens his mouth to protest, but his eyes lock onto where Taehyung flashes his fangs, keeping eyes locked onto the pretty blonde as he bites down on his own lip, drawing blood. He smirks as the boy’s eyes go dark and his nostrils flare. He slides his tongue slowly against his bloodied lip, looking up at Jimin invitingly.


Jimin’s pupils dilate, his eyes zeroed in on Taehyung’s lips. “I didn’t realize there would be party favors.” One of his small fingers slides up to Taehyung’s lips, pressing against the red liquid before he brings it to his own mouth, sucking off the drop.


Taehyung grins devilishly. “I like to feed and I like to fuck. I see no reason for you to abstain from either tonight.” He looks at Jimin honestly, his lips blood red. “You are gorgeous, Jimin… the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in decades.”


Jimin doesn’t seem to need any further convincing after that, leaning in to eagerly connect their lips.


Taehyung can smell the increase in Jimin’s arousal the moment he tastes his blood, the younger vampire’s hands clutching on his shoulders as he grinds down on top of him with new fervor.

He decides to let the orange haired boy take control, delighting in how eager Jimin seems as his hands trace across Taehyung’s skin. He tilts his head back, allowing the other vampire to kiss down his neck, right up to his vulnerable pulse point.


“Just how generous are you, Kim Taehyung?” He says it almost jokingly, his tongue licking across Taehyung’s skin, the thrum of his blood almost hypnotic when he’s this close to the vein.


Taehyung knows what his sire would want; Yoongi warned him to be weary of vampires who tried to feed of off him while he was away. Blood loss made anyone vulnerable, and if he were to come across a vampire who had impure intentions, he could end up getting hurt.


But he knows that Jimin is young, fresh. Even if he did suddenly try to turn the tables on him or attempt to hurt him, Taehyung was confident that he would be able to defend himself.


And for some inexplicable reason, he trusts Jimin. There is a kindness in his eyes… underneath the party boy exterior and seductive looks, there was still a big heart within him, even if it didn’t beat the way it technically was supposed to.


“Not yet.” He pulls at Jimin’s orange hair to tilt his head back, connecting their lips in a kiss. “Let me get inside of you first… fuck you the way you’ve been craving.”


Jimin grins, fangs flashing dangerously, and it only makes Taehyung hotter for the smaller boy.


They both make quick work of shedding themselves of their clothes. Taehyung tosses his expensive jumpsuit aside like it cost nothing and refocuses on the beautiful boy above him, cupping his face and kissing him deeply. Jimin tastes so sweet, but there’s also a hint of his blood behind it, and it drives Taehyung wild.


Eventually Jimin crawls off of Taehyung, smirking. Taehyung reaches for him again, not wanting to put any distance between them, but the orange-haired boy simply winks and crawls to the other side of the couch, wiggling his naked ass at the taller boy.


“Are you gonna just sit there and look, blue? Or are you gonna get me ready for your cock?”


Taehyung crawls after him, situating Jimin over the arm of the couch, his ass high in the air. He rubs his hands over it, enjoying the way it makes the smaller boy shiver. His body is out of this world; long, shapely legs for days and an ass that doesn’t quit. He looks almost unbearingly sexy, perched up on his elbows as he leans over the end of the couch, his pretty face looking at Taehyung with obvious longing.


“You’re beautiful.”


Jimin laughs, shifting his hips from side to side, knowing Taehyung’s eyes are following the movement. “You don’t have to sweet talk me, handsome. I’ve already invited you in…”


“I know.” Taehyung bends down, pressing a gentle kiss to the base of Jimin’s spine. “But it’s true, so I have to say it.”


Something enters Jimin’s eyes; something raw and almost human. He looks away, biting his lip. “Come on. I want to feel you.”


Taehyung nods, leaning back to grab both of his cheeks with his hands, spreading Jimin’s ass apart. His thumbs dip towards the center, and he lets out a little gasp of surprise when he brushes against Jimin’s wet hole.


The younger vampire winks at him. “I might have… warmed myself up before the main event.”


“Someone knew he was gonna get fucked tonight,” Taehyung muses, rubbing his thumb in slow circles around Jimin’s rim, drawing a low moan out of the boy. “But you didn’t know you were gonna get fucked by me .”


He leans down and drags his fangs across the meat of Jimin’s ass before situating himself properly so he can use his mouth on him. The lube Jimin used to fuck himself earlier tastes like strawberries, and Taehyung closes his eyes and flicks his tongue against the puckered muscle before delving in fully, knowing very well how talented he is at this.


Jimin lets out a strangled noise, his back arching. “Holy fuck .”


Taehyung just goes deeper, sliding his tongue into the boy and moving it in slow circles, driving him wild. He’s already pretty loose, but he’ll have to be a little bit more opened up in order to comfortably take him.


Jimin can’t hardly believe how good it feels, to be touched so intimately like this. He hasn’t been chaste in the slightest, but he’s used to quick hookups and flings, not drawn out sessions with what he is sure to be a very talented lover.


Taehyung’s fingers enter the equation, and Jimin sees stars.


He brings his hand to his mouth, biting down on his palm to try to quiet his moans. It’s embarrassing, to be taken apart by the other man’s tongue so easily. He’s so caught up in his pleasure that he doesn’t realize he bites too hard until the blood starts to seep into his mouth.


Taehyung smells it, pulling his fingers free and flipping Jimin over to his back. The perfectly styled orange hair is now a mess, and his eyes are lit up with pleasure.


He leans down, kissing Jimin’s lips before he brings the small hand up to his mouth, slowly licking away the blood while his other hand finds its way back towards Jimin’s center, gently stretching him open.


“You taste so sweet.” Taehyung’s big eyes stare down at Jimin. “But there’s no need for that; I wanna hear you, beautiful. I wanna see how loud I can make you scream.”


Jimin pants and then throws back his head, wailing as Taehyung curls his fingers and finds his prostate. Taehyung smirks, licking up a droplet of blood that had slid down Jimin’s wrist.


“That’s it. You make the prettiest noises.”


He continues fucking Jimin with his fingers until the boy is nice and stretched for him. Then he pulls his fingers free and grips Jimin’s thighs, spreading him apart.


“You ready for me, baby?” He grabs his cock and brushes the blunt head of it against Jimin’s hole. He’s about to push in when Jimin’s small arms find his shoulders and push him back, making Taehyung fall onto his back on the couch, bouncing against the springs from the force of it.


“Are you ?” Jimin asks, crawling on top of Taehyung and straddling his thighs. He reaches down and grips the taller boy’s cock, squeezing it and giving it a good few strokes.


“You’re no joke, are you, blue? Look at this thing.” He hums appreciatively before he reaches down to grab a small bottle of lube from his discarded pants. “You’re gonna split me open so nice with this cock…” He pours the lube into his hand and continues stroking him, getting him nice and slick.


Taehyung smirks and reaches up, pinching at Jimin’s pretty little pink nipples. “You’re damn right I am.”


“Yeah,” Jimin laughs before scooting up, holding Taehyung at attention as he positions himself over him. Slowly, he starts to sink down, and lets out the prettiest sigh as he does so. “ Oh . Mm. Yes .” He bites his lip, throwing his head back.


Taehyung moves his hands to Jimin’s waist, helping him start up a rhythm, his eyelids fluttering in pleasure at how tight and wet his body feels. The sweet taste of Jimin’s blood still lingers on his lips, and as he watches the other boy move on top of him, he feels nothing short of entranced.


He relaxes into it, allowing Jimin to use his cock for his pleasure, staring at him with lustful eyes as the other vampire rides his cock with expert precision, rolling his hips almost agonizingly slow.


Taehyung realizes that Jimin is teasing him, the wicked little smile on the boy’s face easy to read, but he finds that he doesn’t care. He’d let Jimin ride his cock for as long as he wanted, and he’d never complain.


“How’s it feel, blue? You happy you left with me?”


God .” Taehyung watches him with dark eyes, his whole body feeling like it’s on fire. “You feel fucking incredible .” He grazes his fingers down the center of Jimin’s torso, over his abdomen. “Why don’t I make it better for you?” He asks, tilting his head back to reveal the long line of his neck.


“You’re sure? This is… fuck, this is more than enough.” Jimin hasn’t stopped moving his hips, but the words don’t sound so convincingly when his gaze is narrowed in on Taehyung’s neck, his eyes so clearly longing for a more intense coupling.


“I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t sure, Jimin.”


“But I could hurt you.” Jimin points out, his hands moving up to rest on Taehyung’s chest. “You’d be vulnerable…”


“I wouldn’t let you hurt me.” Taehyung says confidently. “I can take care of myself. And why would you? When it’s so obvious that it would be so much more satisfying for us to have fun together?”


“Yes.” Jimin nods, his lip curling back to expose his fangs. “There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence, every once in a while.” He bends down completely, their chests pressed together as his lips find Taehyung’s neck. He kisses it once, almost as if it’s an apology, before he sinks his teeth in.


Taehyung’s eyes roll back into his head with pleasure, his vision whiting out. “ Yes ,” he moans, the bite triggering something much more primal inside of him as he reaches down and grips at Jimin’s ass, bringing him down harder onto his cock as Jimin begins to drink from him.


He feels himself leaking inside of the smaller boy, his body reacting to the intimacy of their actions. Jimin makes the prettiest noises as he drinks; long, dizzying gulps.

Taehyung releases his ass in lieu of curling his fingers into Jimin’s hair, their bodies moving together instinctively as the younger vampire feeds.  


It’s quite normal for vampires to feed off of one another during more intimate moments, and Taehyung has indulged in such an act frequently, but there’s something different about this time.


Jimin is greedy — taking in as much as he can in each swallow — but he also isn’t. His hands gently caress Taehyung’s face while he drinks, almost as if he’s trying to soothe him, or distract him from the pain.


Something clicks for Taehyung then.


“Jimin. Jimin.


The other boy pulls back, his puffy lips tinted red, just like his eyes. He slows the movement of his hips down, keeping Taehyung’s cock buried deep within him but wanting to pay attention, sensing the urgency in Taehyung’s voice.


“Did I take too much?” He asks, voice sounds small and worried.  


It’s making Taehyung feel things.


“No, gorgeous.” He finds a smile for him, brushing the hair out of Jimin’s eyes, loving how they shimmer with his bloodlust. “The bite… it doesn’t hurt, baby.”




“The bite. It doesn’t hurt me. It feels good.”


“It feels… it feels good ?” Jimin looks at him, confused. “But that’s… that isn’t right. It always hurts.”


Taehyung blinks. “What kind of idiot vamps have you been fucking? It only hurts if you’re careless.”


Jimin looks so confused, to the point where it’s both pathetic and adorable. Taehyung assumes that maybe the vampires he’s slept with before have been assholes. A lot of vampires like it to hurt. But Taehyung likes it to feel good. And Jimin’s fangs in his neck were pure ecstasy.


“Here.” Taehyung grips Jimin’s hips and flips them over so he’s between the boys legs, his cock still buried deep inside of him. “I don’t have to if you don’t want me to, but… but I can show you…”


Jimin looks up at him, looking fucked out and beautiful, with searching eyes. Taehyung can’t help but lean down and kiss his bloody lips sweetly.


“Promise it won’t hurt?”


Taehyung nods. “Promise. Let me get you going again.” He moves his hips, pulling out of Jimin before pushing back in at a new angle. Jimin moans loudly and tosses his head back.

Taehyung stays low against his body, knowing that the angle stimulates both his prostate and his cock, keeping things nice and slow so Jimin feels everything and is completely in tune with his body.


When Jimin is mindless with pleasure and pulling Taehyung’s face to his neck, the older boy brushes his fangs teasingly against his pulse point.


“I’m thirsty, Jimin,” Taehyung whispers before licking at the patch of skin he so badly wants to bite. “Are you going to let me feed?”


Jimin answers by clenching around his cock, letting out a soft whimper and baring his neck even further.


Taehyung chuckles before he sinks his teeth down into the boy’s pretty flesh, immediately moaning as his mouth is filled with Jimin’s divine tasting blood.


Jimin cries out softly, but it isn’t a cry of pain. Taehyung knows this because the boy pulls his face even closer, encouraging him to drink, while his cock makes a mess of precome between them.


He keeps drinking as he feels himself growing closer to his climax, knowing the other boy is as well from the increase in his moans and the way his hips move up to meet Taehyung’s thrusts. Eventually he retracts his fangs, lavishing his tongue over the two neat little puncture wounds to aid their healing before he finds Jimin’s lips and kisses him deeply. He makes sure to bite his own lip again in the process so the other boy can taste their blood mingled as their coupling intensifies.


Before too long, both boys are screaming and tumbling over the edge, bodies shaking. Jimin is a sight to behold when he comes. He bends and breaks like waves, and Taehyung splays his hands on his torso and takes in everything .


“Are you okay?” Taehyung asks as they come down together, both of them panting heavily. Jimin nuzzles his nose and smiles as a response before motioning down to his come-covered stomach.


“I’d say I’m more than okay, wouldn’t you?”


Taehyung smiles and can’t help but kiss him again. He isn’t done with Jimin quite yet, and he can sense that the other boy isn’t done with him either.


Eventually they find their way to the bed, and it’s many hours before they both fall asleep somewhere around dawn, the curtains drawn tight to block out any traces of the sun. Taehyung sleeps sounder than he ever has in his life, dreaming of the beautiful boy with bright eyes and a wicked smile.


When he wakes, however, he finds the bed next to him empty and the hotel room cleared of all personal belongings. It takes him a couple of minutes to get his bearings, blinking around, looking for the boy he was just inside of a mere few hours ago. But all that remains is a note.


You tasted divine. I’ll never forget you, blue.



Taehyung can’t explain why he feels tears stinging at his eyes and pain building in his chest like thunderclouds as he stares down at the meticulous hangul, but he knows one thing for sure: there’s no way in hell he could ever forget Park Jimin.








“You’re going to be the death of me.”


Taehyung rolls his eyes, his head resting in Yoongi’s lap. “Stop being dramatic hyung; that’s literally impossible. And it’s just a few scratches.”


And a bite.” Yoongi’s voice goes deep and dark. “You know how I worry about you. Would it kill you to listen to me?”


Taehyung sits up. “Hyung, I couldn’t just do nothing. You taught me that the easiest way to protect ourselves and our kind was to keep our secrets close. A vamp feeding off a human in the middle of a park is the opposite of that. I had to intervene.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Well next time, you call me. I don’t like you going on these little crusades on your own.” He pulls Taehyung back down, running his fingers through his freshly dyed caramel brown hair. “You’ll need to feed from me tonight. That vamp was feral.”

“Feral?” Taehyung blinks. “But how do you know? You weren’t even there…”


“I didn’t have to be. A vamp that indiscriminately bites humans and their own kind in the haste to feed is not of their own mind.” Yoongi tsks. “It’s a shame. This is what happens when the council goes soft. Vampires should have fears. They are not all powerful. And they sure as hell shouldn’t be turning humans just for the hell of it, if they’re not going to bother to stick around and teach them how to be a proper vampire.”


Taehyung frowns. He’s never really thought of it before… how terrifying it would be to transition without anyone there to help you. The bloodlust is something that cannot be ignored, and more than one vampire has wandered into the sun in their search for blood, not knowing they were damning themselves in the process.


He brushes his hand against Yoongi’s leg. “Thank you hyung… for saving me from such a fate.”

“I’ll always save you, Tae.” He switches on the television, turning it to the channel that he knows his dongsaeng likes.


It’s the end of 1993, and a trio of boys on the screen dance in bucket hats and oversized street clothes that are reminiscent of American fashion. Yoongi chuckles to himself, drawing Taehyung’s attention.


“What is it, hyung?”


“Just music.” He watches as the men rap quickly over the beat with a smile. “I love seeing how it changes over the years. It is probably the thing I adore the most about being everlasting.”


“Is hyung giving up his piano? Does this mean I should get you the new Seo Taiji cassette tape for your birthday next year?”


“You can get me whatever you want. But drink a little first.” Yoongi guides his wrist to his mouth, and Taehyung accepts it with little fuss, knowing that his sire’s blood will heal the wounds from the earlier fight with the feral vamp.


They watch the music show together in silence until Yoongi determines Taehyung’s had his fill. The younger vampire’s eyes linger on the screen, fixated on one of the backup dancers in the act, who has vibrantly bright orange hair.


He associates the color with Jimin; he simply can’t help it. Years have passed but he still finds himself thinking of him — that beautiful smile and those innocent eyes — and it makes his heart feel sad.


He wonders if Jimin could have ended up like that vampire in the park; lost and confused, without a proper vampire to guide him.


Taehyung wishes like hell every single day, that Jimin had given him that chance.


Eventually his hyung retires to his bedroom and Taehyung does the same, but rest alludes him.


He tosses and turns for awhile, before giving up and sliding on some clothes, intent on going out to find someone to help pass the time. When his thoughts become a little too loud, and those mischievous eyes that belong to the boy he can’t forget haunt him, a good fuck and some fresh blood always seem to do the trick.


He’s quiet as he sneaks out, knowing his hyung will probably hear him anyway, but mindful not to cause too much of a disruption. He slides into his car and pulls out of the driveway, taking off through the night, the windows rolled down to let the wind whip against his face and tussle his hair.


It’s the end of autumn, but the air is unusually hot and sticky. It reminds him of Los Angeles. It reminds him of Jimin .


Everything reminds him of Jimin.


He drives right into the middle of downtown. Itaewon is full of neon lights and tourists, all of them out and about because of the hot weather. It always makes humans restless.


It takes him a good twenty minutes to find an adequate parking space before he slides out into the night, putting his hands in his jean pockets as he walks down the sidewalk, trying to feel out a place to go. He regrets wearing the leather jacket with how sticky the air feels, but he knows it makes him look good, so he suffers through. He’s waiting with a group of drunk college students to cross an intersection when out of the corner of his eye he spots a flash of pink hair and hears the sound of a very familiar voice.


“Excuse me.” A boy says as he hurries through the crowd, and Taehyung’s head whips around, spotting the silhouette of a body he could never forget.


He instantly changes course, running after the boy to ensure his mind isn’t playing tricks on him. It wouldn’t be the first time it happened; Taehyung getting his hopes up only for the person to turn around and send them plummeting.


The light turns red again and the boy stops, looking over his shoulder and their eyes meet.


It’s him. It’s Jimin.


“Jimin!” Taehyung can’t help himself, he shouts his name as tries to move closer, but the vampire ignores him, ducking his head down, intent on crossing the street. Taehyung can’t let it go that easily, so he catches up, grabbing at Jimin’s wrist to stop him. “Jimin. It’s me; Taehyung.”


“Blue…” Jimin looks at him, eyes wide and frightened. “No… this can’t be happening right now. It can’t. ” The light changes. “Please, I have to go.”


Taehyung furrows his brow, shaking his head. “But… but wait . I… it’s you . I’ve looked for you for ten years .”


Jimin seems to grow more desperate, glancing at the other side of the street. “I’m sorry. I am. But I can’t do this right now.”


“Didn’t you miss me? Didn’t you think about me?”


Fuck… you have no idea. I want to, I just—” He tries to pull away again but Taehyung stands his ground. The walk signal turns off and the cars start moving again, traffic resuming and Jimin curses. “God damn it! Why now? Why did you have to choose this moment?”


Taehyung frowns, his eyes wide and sad and confused . “I didn’t choose anything . All I know is I was thinking about you tonight, and I came out here to distract myself, and… and here you are .”


“Damn you, blue. You’ve ruined everything. ” Jimin starts to tear up, attempting to walk away.


But Taehyung can’t let it be like last time. He can’t let Jimin slip through his fingers again. He can see in Jimin’s eyes that he’s angry, but he knows it isn’t directed at him. He might have only spent one night with the other vampire, but he doesn’t need to know him well to be able to read his body language right now.


Something is wrong .


“Hey.” He gets in Jimin’s path again, hating to be pushy but knowing that this feeling he has isn’t something one-sided. Jimin looks at him with a mixture of longing and guilt, and it’s much heavier than just a one night stand that went awry. This is something more, and they both know it.


“I don’t know what’s going on with you. But I want to help you.”


Jimin laughs. “If you knew what I was planning, you wouldn’t be saying that.”


“Doesn’t matter. I want to help .” Taehyung appeals, not breaking eye contact.


“You really want to know?” Jimin steps closer, his now pink hair blowing in the night breeze, but those eyes just the same as Taehyung remembers.


He nods certainly. “Something’s wrong with you. I can sense that and I want to make it better. Please.”


“I was hunting, Taehyung. I’ve been hunting. For years. Tonight… tonight I was supposed to get my revenge. I was supposed to end my bond, once and for all.” His voice trembles with emotion. “I was finally going to kill my sire, but you showed up and I lost him. The first time I’ve seen him in a decade, and I fucking lost him because of you. So yeah… yeah, I’d say something was wrong with me.”


Taehyung gapes at him; killing one’s sire… it isn’t something talked about, and it definitely isn’t something that should be done. “Jimin…”


“Whatever.” Jimin pulls at his pink hair, his emotions all over the place. “You can report me to the council… I don’t care. I just don’t care anymore. It’s useless. He always fucking wins.”


Taehyung looks around to make sure no one was listening to their little conversation before grabbing Jimin’s hand and pulling him in the opposite direction, back in the direction of his car. He unlocks it and opens the door for Jimin. “Get in.”


“Are you turning me in? Are you going to tell the council what I was planning?”


“No. I want you to tell me why you want to kill your sire, and I don’t want to do it out in the open. Let me take you back to my hyung’s house. You look like you need to feed. It’ll help you get your head on straight.”


Jimin shakes his head stubbornly. “I’m not going to change my mind, Taehyung. I want to kill him. And if I ever get the chance again, nothing is going to stop me. Not even you.”


“I’m not asking to change your mind. All I’m asking for is an explanation.” He crosses his arms tight to his chest. “I meant it when I said I’d help you.”


“Answer me one thing. Then I’ll consider coming with you.”


“Ask me anything.”


“That night in LA… you could tell I was new, couldn’t you?”


Taehyung looks into Jimin’s eyes with nothing but honesty and nods. “Yes.”


Jimin’s eyes are teary, his pink hair reflecting in an almost dazzling way in the moonlight. He stares up into Taehyung’s eyes, unflinchingly. “You were nice to me… was it pity? Was it because you could tell I didn’t know what I was doing? Is that why you didn’t make it hurt?”


Taehyung frowns. “I was nice to you… because you drew me in like no one ever has before in my two hundred years on this fucking planet. And I didn’t make it hurt because… it shouldn’t hurt. It should never hurt with a lover.”


Jimin reaches out, his small hands landing on Taehyung’s neck. “I think about you all the time, blue.” He looks at Taehyung’s hair with a soft smile. “Or not so blue.” He glances down at the ground. “I’m sorry I ran away that night. You just… you made me feel so many things and I was barely in control—”


“You don’t have to apologize. Just come with me. Please, come with me.”


Jimin hesitates, but inevitably gets in. “Okay.”


They climb into Taehyung’s car, and he immediately pulls out into traffic, driving a little fast and loose so he can get back to the estate as soon as possible. Jimin’s silent in the car, as if the weight of the world is pressing down on his shoulders, and it makes Taehyung’s heart ache.


Upon arriving home the first thing he does is get some blood warmed up for Jimin, and then he safely deposits him in his room before running off to give his hyung a quick heads up. Yoongi usually doesn’t like — or more accurately, never allows — him to bring random vampires into their home, but it seems his hyung senses the tension in his body and decides to let it go this time.


Taehyung lets out the breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding when he returns to his bedroom and finds Jimin situated in the middle of his bed, his light denim jeans ripped at the knees and his legs tucked up under himself as he waits.


“You’re still here.” Taehyung smiles, closing the door behind himself with a sigh of relief. “You didn’t leave.”


“No… not this time. At least not without an explanation.”


The taller boy walks over and crawls onto the bed, encouraging Jimin to drink a little bit more. Once he’s satisfied with the color returning to Jimin’s cheeks, he takes the glass from him and sets it on the bedside table.


“Okay. Now I need you to start at the beginning. Why do you want to kill your sire?”

He reaches out and tenderly cups Jimin’s face. “I’m not going to report you, or judge you, or anything. I just want to understand.”


“Because he’s a piece of shit.” Jimin says, his lips curling up in disgust. “His name is Nam Beomsoo. He… he took advantage of me. He kept me on tap.”


“Oh, Jimin.” Taehyung’s entire expression falls. “I’m sorry.”


Some vampires preferred to only feed on one human over time, whenever the mood struck them. Some humans participate willingly, but others… others had to be compelled. To keep a human on tap essentially meant a vampire owned not just their blood, but their mind.


Compulsion wasn’t meant to work over long periods of time, especially on the same person. Yoongi had taught him that; he was meant to feed from different humans, to decrease the risk of being discovered.


But to continuously feed on one human would mean a vampire would have to routinely compel them, which the council considered to be unnecessary when the population was so vast.


“I guess I should consider myself lucky… he got a little too excited one night and he took too much. That’s the only reason why he turned me.”


“And after?” Taehyung asks, even though he already knows what Jimin is going to say.


“He abandoned me. Apparently I didn’t taste as good as a vamp.”


Taehyung feels his fists clench against his knees. He knows there are vampires so cruel and reckless out there, but for one of them to have done such a horrible thing to Jimin … it’s unacceptable. It’s disgusting .


“And the worst part,” Jimin says, voice wavering with emotion as he wipes away bitter tears. “Is that I know he’s out there doing it again and again to other innocent victims… only now that he knows that we don’t taste good after we’ve been turned, who knows how many humans he’s left to die. Or how many vamps he’s abandoned to go feral. I don’t even know how I got lucky enough to survive. It was weeks before I met another one of our kind. And then… and then there was you.”


“That’s why you want him dead,” Taehyung says softly, but he shakes his head. “Why didn’t you go to the council?”


“I didn’t even know what the council was for years ,” Jimin laughs darkly. “I didn’t know fucking anything about this whole world. I had to learn it all myself. I had no one to teach me. I was alone .”


That breaks Taehyung’s heart; because he would have taught him, he would have taken Jimin under his wing and kept him safe. But there’s no use in saying so now; he can’t go back in time to erase the pain and suffering Jimin’s had to deal with.


“I’m sorry, Jimin. I know words are just words but… I mean it. I hate that you had to go through that.”


“It’s in the past. Obviously I survived.” Jimin shrugs. “I’ve never stayed in one place too long… it was easier to float around the world, never make any real attachments. It was hard to figure out which vampires I could trust. Even looking back on it now, I must have been crazy to invite you into my hotel room and let you feed off me.” Jimin smiles bitterly. “But for some reason… I trusted you. And I wanted you. I knew it was reckless and stupid but for one night… for one night I just wanted to have fun and feel good. And these days, it feels like that’s so difficult to do.”


Taehyung nods, letting his hand fall to Jimin’s shoulder, squeezing it comfortingly. He sighs. “Do you even know how to kill a vampire, Jimin?”


He pulls his messenger bag over his head, opening it up and pulling out a stake. “This was all I had. I know he’s older… probably much stronger than me. That’s why I was following him… I was going to try to catch him by surprise.” He looks away. “It was probably a stupid plan, huh? I was mad at you for interrupting me earlier, but you probably saved my life…”


He takes the stake from Jimin and turns it over in his hands, smiling a bit. “Very old fashioned,” He chuckles. “But it would have worked just fine if you’d have caught him off-guard. But you’re right… older vampires are stronger. And an asshole like that is probably used to people trying to stick him with one of these.”


“Maybe I should have gone to the council. Maybe it makes me cruel and wicked but… I don’t want him to have the chance to talk his way out of punishment. He doesn’t deserve any mercy. I want to cause him pain, I want him to hurt, just as badly as he hurt me. I need that. I need the satisfaction of being the one to steal his life away this time, and I know what that says about me… I know it means I’m motivated by revenge but I don’t care. I don’t. I want to kill him, and I want him to know it was me. Because if I don’t… if I don’t, I’m afraid I’ll never know peace.”


Taehyung looks into his eyes, nodding and listening intently. He sits back and considers him carefully.


“I… I have a sire, too. He’s nothing like your sire. He’s… amazing. He’s my best friend and my guardian and… he saved me. It’s how he turned me. And this is his house.” He motions around him. “He’s the oldest vampire I’ve ever even heard of, and he has connections everywhere . He comes from a time when there was no council.”


“Do you think he would help me?” Jimin dares to hope, his eyes fixed on Taehyung. “Actually… nevermind. This was a mistake.” He straightens up, intent on getting out of bed to leave.

“Jimin, wait—”


“I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t even be involving you. I like you. You’ve been kind to me. And I shouldn’t be selfish enough to use your kindness for my own gain. I won’t use someone… I won’t be like him.” He grabs Taehyung’s face, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead. “Goodbye, blue. It was a blessing… being able to see you again. I’m sorry it was on such bad terms.”


“No. No .” Taehyung launches himself off of the bed and grabs Jimin by the shoulders. “I can’t lose you again. Can’t you see? Don’t you understand?” He leans down so he’s eye level with the smaller vampire. “I lost you once. I can’t let you walk out of my life again. Tonight… you were the only thing on my mind, and then I find you on a random intersection in Itaewon? How is that even possible ?”


Jimin shakes his head. “I know we barely know each other but… the thought of you out there, safe… it was comforting to me. I needed that. I won’t drag you into this mess, I couldn’t stand it if you got hurt, Taehyung…”


“I won’t get hurt.” He brushes Jimin’s hair off his forehead before leaning in to place a soft kiss there. “And for the record, my hyung will help you. Because he loves me, and I… I care about you. Deeply . And I don’t ever want to be apart from you again. And maybe that makes me crazy… but I don’t care. I don’t care , because for the last decade, all I could think about was finding you again. And now that I have, I’m not gonna let you go. So I’m in this with you. We’re going to do this together .”


Jimin looks at Taehyung, eyes surprisingly vulnerable. “Why do you like me? Is it… is it because you saw me as pure? Back then? Because Taehyung…” He frowns. “Once I do this, there will be blood on my hands. I’ll never be pure again…”


“I don’t give a fuck about pure. Who among us is pure? We drink blood.” Taehyung shakes his head. “No… I like you because you are you . Because I feel a pull from the very essence of my being that is drawing me to you. It was there from the first moment I laid eyes on you, dancing to Prince all those years ago, and it still exists now . And I’ve loved before. I’ve even fallen in love before. But this is different .”


“I fear you, Taehyung.” Jimin confesses. “I fear the way you make me feel. I told myself I’d never let a vampire get close to me again. I told myself I’d never allow myself to be vulnerable again. But then you look at me and it all just goes away.” Jimin tightens his hands in Taehyung’s shirt. “What are you going to do to me, Kim Taehyung?”


“Love you,” Taehyung says earnestly, his eyes never wavering. “That’s all I want to do, Park Jimin. Love you.”


Jimin feels almost hypnotized, leaning heavily on the taller boy, Taehyung having to use his strength to keep him upright. “I’m afraid… I’m afraid of how much I want you, even after all this time...”


“Time is relative,” Taehyung whispers. “Some decades have gone by in the blink of an eye. But the last ten years have been the longest I’ve ever experienced, because I gave a part of myself to you that night and you’ve had it ever since. But I don’t want it back. You’ll have it forever. I know this more than I’ve ever been sure of anything.” He cups Jimin’s face, leaning in to press the ghost of a kiss against his lips. “I can’t explain it rationally. I don’t know how. All I know is that you make me feel like my heart is beating for the first time in almost two centuries. And I can’t ignore that. I’m powerless to.”


“I left you the note because I selfishly didn’t want you to forget me. Because I knew… deep down I knew I would never forget you.” Jimin leans in, their foreheads touching. “And if you kiss me… if you kiss me I will be powerless to resist you, ever again.”


“Say I can,” Taehyung whispers desperately, eyes welling with tears. “You have to say you want me to. Say you want me . And I’ll be yours forever. I’ll never leave your side. Please, Jimin , please …”


Jimin shivers, the heaviness of the moment unmistakable. He knows himself, and he knows that once he chooses this path there will be no going back. He ran away ten years ago because the thought of giving his heart, his soul to another vampire was too frightening to consider.


But Taehyung has been nothing but gentle with him, and he can feel that this is right; that they are meant to be. They drank from one another, all those years ago, and Jimin has never tasted anyone so sweet.


It seems pointless to run away from his fate, and every single fiber of his being tells him that Taehyung is meant to be his forever.


“Kiss me, Kim Taehyung.” He runs his fingers through Taehyung’s grown out, shaggy brown hair. “Bite me and make me yours.”


Taehyung doesn’t hesitate. He sweeps Jimin into his strong arms and kisses him absolutely silly, carrying his full weight as he stumbles back toward the bed.


It’s similar to their first night together; the passion was unmistakable between them, even during their initial meeting.


But it’s also different, slower, the both of them wearing their hearts on their sleeve now that they know that they are allowed to long for each other like this.


It’s many hours later when they untangle themselves from each other, both of them absolutely littered with bite marks and love bruises. Taehyung has hardly stopped crying he’s so happy. So desperately happy. He looks into Jimin’s eyes, gently running the tip of his finger over the healing puncture wounds across Jimin’s shoulder and neck.


“You’re tired.” Jimin observes, curled into Taehyung’s side, his pink hair falling into his eyes. “Get some sleep, blue.”


“Don’t want to.” Taehyung says stubbornly, thumbs caressing Jimin’s full cheeks. “Just want to look at you.”


“You have an endless amount of days to do so.” Jimin chuckles, bending down to peck his lips. “Rest.”


“Will you be here when I wake?” Taehyung asks vulnerably. “I don’t wish to see you only in my dreams.”


Jimin’s heart clenches in his chest. He never wants to hurt Taehyung, he never wants to leave him, ever again. “I’ll be here. I promise.


A promise is just a word, but for some reason Taehyung takes it to heart. He trusts Jimin now, and he won’t be letting him go; for anything or anyone.








“You have lost all of your senses.”




“Do you honestly, honestly think for even one second that I am allowing you to go hunt this man down?” His fingers effortlessly move over the piano keys, the sweet tune never stopping, as if the topic isn’t up for discussion. “You are not putting yourself in danger.”


Taehyung sighs heavily, standing up from the table and pacing. “I know you’re my hyung. I know I owe you a great debt. But Jimin is right.  This fucker cannot be allowed to prey on innocents anymore, and the council will do nothing about it! So either you help me or… or…” He crosses his arms. “Or I do it alone.”


Yoongi looks at him incredulously, his fingers stopping mid key before he lets out a heavy sigh. “Come here, Tae.”


Taehyung hesitates, but eventually gives in, crossing the room and sliding onto the piano bench next to Yoongi.


“You are not listening to me, Taehyung-ah.” Yoongi’s fingers start to move again, playing a slower ballad this time. “I said you are not chasing after this man. That is not up for debate.”


Taehyung blinks up at Yoongi. “What do you mean? I refuse to let Jimin go alone. He’s only ten years turned! There’s no way in hell he’s powerful enough to take him out on his own… He’ll get himself killed… hyung, I love him…” His tone gets more frantic as he rambles.


Yoongi stops again, trying to find his patience. He adores his dongsaeng’s big heart, really he does, but sometimes he gets overly emotional and he does not listen.


“Hyung will take care of it.”


Taehyung’s eyes widen. “No… hyung, I can’t ask that of you. This isn’t your burden…”


“Do you love him? Really, honestly, truly love him?”


Taehyung tears up. “I do. I do . I know he is meant to be with me forever.”


“Now that you’ve found him again, will you ever be happy without him?”


The younger boy shakes his head adamantly. “ No . I can never be without him again. If I have to be without him… I’ll… I’ll find a way to end my existence.” The look on Taehyung’s face betrays just how much he means it. He cannot go on without Jimin.


Yoongi grabs his collar, nearly shaking him. “Do not say such things. Not ever. ” He tries to steady his breathing. “Your life is precious to me, Taehyung-ah. Never speak of it so frivolously.”


Taehyung shakes his head. “I’m not speaking frivolously. I am serious, hyung. I know you love me, and I love you just as deeply. But Jimin… he’s… he’s…” He looks down, at a loss for words.


“I can’t describe it. I know you have not found someone in your lifetime that has had this effect on you, and for that I am sorry. But he is the end of me, hyung. There is no me without him. Not anymore.”


Yoongi laughs a bit bitterly. “You know not what you speak of, Taehyung-ah. We may have spent a few centuries together, but I had a life before you were in it. I was human once too.” He stands, his mouth pressed into a firm line.


“Give me the name, and I will find him. And I will bring him here, so you may have your justice. And once it’s done, I will dispose of him. Because I have done nothing, nothing but take care of you since the day I turned you. It would do you well to not forget that fact.”


Taehyung tears up. “Hyung… please don’t think I am ungrateful. Or that I would so easily throw the life that you gave me away. Don’t be angry with me.” He looks down, tears rolling down his cheeks. “Perhaps I’m a fool… but I just feel so desperate for him.”


“There is nothing wrong with loving, Taehyung-ah. If this is the one who your heart has chosen, I will support you. But do not speak to me so carelessly. Not many things in this world can hurt me, but you can.”


Taehyung can’t bear to look at Yoongi, so he just bows his head low, respectfully, his shoulders shaking. “I am sorry…”


Yoongi can’t stand to see Taehyung in pain, even if he was the one that inadvertently caused it. He comes back to the piano bench, sweeping Taehyung up in his arms.


“I vowed to protect you, all those years ago. You asked me to keep you safe and I promised I would. Do not cry; I will help you, and your lover. You’re right; it is a big favor to ask. Getting your revenge will come at the cost of disobeying the council, but they will never find out what we have done. You have nothing to fear.”


Taehyung clings to Yoongi and sobs, all of the emotion from the last day finally making its way out of him. The relief of finding Jimin again, and all the fear of what they have to do. “I love you. Please… please never question that. I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have spoken to you so carelessly… I do not wish to die. I do not wish to leave you. I’m sorry .”


Yoongi wipes his tears away. “We have an eternity to make it so. Where is your boy?”


“Downstairs. He loves to read. When he saw your library…” Taehyung laughs softly. “I did not think it was possible for him to become even more beautiful, but his smile .” Taehyung looks at his hyung shyly. “I am truly a fool for him. A fool in love.”


“You are no fool, Kim Taehyung. And he will be endlessly lucky to have you. Now come.” Yoongi guides Taehyung out of the room, an arm around Taehyung’s shoulder, even though he is the shorter one. “It’s time to introduce me to this Park Jimin.”








Taehyung’s home that he shares with his sire — which is also his now, which is boggling for Jimin to think about — is more of a estate than a house. With multiple floors and grand rooms, it feels like something straight out of the gothic novels he loves to read about.


But there’s also an entire sublevel, an extravagant basement that might have served as a jail of sorts, in the early days of its conception.


Jimin knows this, because Nam Beomsoo is currently chained up inside of it.


He still can’t quite believe it; it had taken him years to track down Beomsoo’s trail, the man traveling around the globe, taking humans and turning them into his personal blood banks wherever he saw fit.


But Yoongi finds him — and drags him back to the estate — in a few short days.


The older vampire is definitely mysterious; much quieter and a bit more solemn than Taehyung. But it is obvious how Yoongi loves Taehyung, how he protects him. That makes Jimin appreciate him, and he’s thankful that Yoongi was even willing to help.


But he wasn’t expecting the older vampire to be so efficient.


“Are you having second thoughts?” Taehyung asks him, coming up behind Jimin to wrap an arm around his waist.


Beomsoo is chained to the wall with his arms outstretched over his head, as well as at his ankles. He’s unconscious at the moment, but Yoongi had placed a sort of muzzle over his mouth, to prevent him from biting.


Jimin takes a deep breath, placing his hands over Taehyung’s and shaking his head. “No. I’m not. I guess… I just never thought I’d actually be here. That I’d actually have power over him like this.”


“Do you need me to finish him for you?” Yoongi’s deep voice interrupts his thoughts. “Taehyung is not an option.”


His dongsaeng opens his mouth to protest that, but a sharp look from his sire makes his protests die on his tongue. Truthfully Taehyung isn’t eager to take a life; he never has before, and he doesn’t necessarily want to start now. But for Jimin he would.


Jimin looks over at Yoongi and shakes his head. “No. It has to be me.” He turns in Taehyung’s arms, cupping the taller boy’s face and looking into his big, beautiful eyes. “It’s okay, Taehyung-ah. I’m okay. I can do this. I need to do this.”


He turns back around, staring at the miserable heap of the man that had been his monster for so many years. His eyes cut over to Yoongi. “Wake him up.”


The older vampire nods, stepping closer to Beomsoo. Jimin’s expecting him to pull out a weapon, but instead Yoongi uses his hands, which Jimin very quickly understands are weapons in themselves.


He removes the muzzle, tossing it to the side before he brings his fingers up to Beomsoo’s mouth. He grabs onto his fangs and then he pulls , yanking them clean out of his mouth. Beomsoo comes to with a pitiful scream, blood gushing from the wounds as Yoongi easily steps out of the way. He walks over to Jimin then, offering him the fangs.


The teeth look almost garish in Jimin’s small hand. It’s crazy, how two simple things had stolen his humanity away. He clenches his fist, before pocketing them away.


“What— who are—” Beomsoo tries to talk, but Yoongi appears at the man’s side in a mere second, grabbing at his arm and pulling down, the horrible crack audible even across the room.


“For every word you speak, a bone will break.” Yoongi isn’t fazed by the man’s pain; he’s seen much more horrific things in his lifetime. He looks back over to Jimin. “He will be quiet now. He doesn’t want to test my patience.”


Jimin squeezes Taehyung’s hand before letting it go, taking a step forward, his eyes locked onto the man who’d been the sole villain in all of his nightmares for so many years. “Remember me?” he asks almost sweetly, tilting his head. Jimin laughs bitterly. “Of course you do. How could you forget your first real creation?”


Beomsoo’s eyes dart back over to Yoongi, and he wisely stays silent.


“I hate you. I want you to know that. I hate you for what you did to me, and there is nothing, nothing you could ever say to make me forgive you for what you’ve done.”


Jimin can’t help it; it feels himself start to get emotional. “It wasn’t enough for you to keep me on tap. To kidnap me and hold me against my will like a blood slave . That wasn’t vile enough for you. You turned me and then you left. You practically killed me twice. ”  


His chest heaves. “I survived. Do you want to know why?” Jimin’s eyes harden. “Because I was determined to live, so I could have this moment. So I could have the pleasure of killing you this time around.”


He looks to Yoongi. “I want him to suffer. I want him to suffer.


“Please—” Beomsoo’s plea is interrupted by the sound of his shoulder being ripped out of the socket, his scream of agony like music to Jimin’s ears.


“Do not make me repeat myself.” Yoongi drawls to Beomsoo, before walking to Jimin’s side. “I know you are angry; I know you want revenge. But do not get your hands dirty over filth like this.”


“He has to die. He has to.


“Yes. And he will.” Yoongi agrees. “But there are many ways to accomplish that. Ways in which you will not have to compromise yourself.”


“I don’t… I don’t know how long he kept me captive. I was human and he compelled me. He— he—"


“I know.” Yoongi says soothingly. “But he can never hurt you again.”


“You’re safe, Jimin.” Taehyung places a comforting hand on Jimin’s back. “You’re not alone.”


“I want to know… I want to know how long he had me. I want the truth.


Yoongi looks back at the other vampire and sighs before gripping his other arm. “Tell him.”


Beomsoo sputters. “I don’t know, please —”


Yoongi twists his arm and he screams.


“Three months!” Beomsoo cries out. “It was barely anything! Human timelines… they’re useless. Their lives are so short … it felt like nothing…”


“Yoongi hyung.” Jimin calls out to him, and the older vampire turns around to regard him.


“What happens… what happens if a vampire goes without blood?” He looks Beomsoo in the eyes. “What would happen if I starved him for three months?”


“He would not die,” Yoongi says simply. “But he would go mad. He would experience all the symptoms humans have when they starve, but there would be no end.”


“But he will wish he was dead? It would be painful?”


Yoongi nods. “Yes. Excruciatingly painful. The bloodlust will be so strong, that he will not even have the relief of sleep.”


Beomsoo cries behind them, but Jimin’s heart does not sway. “I want him to feel that pain. A day of starvation, for every single day he used me, for every day of my humanity that he stole away. I want him to spend every minute wishing he had never laid eyes on me. And then, only then, will I put the stake through his heart.”


Yoongi looks at Jimin carefully, but he nods. “I will see it done.” He takes the muzzle and ignores Beomsoo’s pleas and begging as he straps it back onto the man’s face. Even though he doesn’t need it anymore with no fangs, it will prevent him from making too much noise.


“Yoongi hyung.” Taehyung speaks up once more. “Make it so he will never be able to look at my Jimin again.”


Jimin doesn’t look away as Yoongi nods and turns back, gripping Beomsoo’s neck as leverage as he carefully gouges each of his eyes. Beomsoo screams and screams and Jimin doesn’t even flinch. He steps back and doesn’t even realize how much it took out of him until he’s collapsing, Taehyung having to hurry to catch him.


Taehyung thanks his hyung and quickly carries Jimin back upstairs, eager to get him out of that evil man’s vicinity. He brings Jimin to his bedroom, holding him tight in his arms, letting him cry hysterically, knowing it will take time for Jimin to come to terms with what just happened, even if it was what he wanted.


He has no idea how long passes, but eventually Jimin’s breathing returns back to normal, his eyes red from the tears. He reaches into his pocket, pulling out the fangs.


“Do you want me to throw them away?”


Jimin shakes his head. “No. They are a reminder of what I lived through. I will never, ever allow myself to be powerless again. Or anyone that I love for that matter.” He grips them in his hand, holding them to his chest. “And I love you, Kim Taehyung.”


He feels the useless fangs in his hand, from his sire that he will never forgive. “I am no longer human; that I cannot change. But I can make the choice to embrace this life… to be happy. I don’t want to run anymore. I don’t want to be alone. I want to be with you, if you’ll have me.”


“I will have you.” Taehyung kisses him gently. “And I will love you always.”


They hold each other, the both of them too exhausted to do much else. But for now… for now it’s more than enough.








Three months later, Jimin ends Beomsoo’s life.


There’s no big fuss about it; he doesn’t even bother to wake up Taehyung when he realizes the day has come. He takes a lantern down to the basement along with his wooden stake, and he presses it into the heart of his sire, breaking their bond for good.


He returns to Taehyung’s side and doesn’t leave it for another day, wanting to surround himself with the positive energy of the boy he loves, determined to be cleansed of Beomsoo’s effect on him indefinitely.


The next day, Yoongi realizes the moment he sees him that Jimin’s done it, but then again the older vampire has a way of knowing things, even when he doesn’t speak up. Mostly silent but always observant.


But in the time Jimin has lived here with him he’s grown fond of the older vampire, and not just because of Taehyung. Yoongi is thoughtful and kind, but Jimin always sees a deep sorrow in his eyes. Like he’s always carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and he never gets a break.


He doesn’t know for sure how old Yoongi is, or the extent of his power, but he’s witnessed enough to see that Yoongi is a force to be reckoned with.


Jimin knows he is lucky, to have someone like Yoongi on his side.


He finds Yoongi in his study, drinking a cup of lemon tea and reading the morning paper, even though it’s well into the afternoon. There’s moments when Yoongi seems to exist from another era entirely, with his fancy button up silk pajamas and comfy slippers, sipping his tea out of priceless china.


Jimin chuckles as he sits down in front of him, pouring himself a cup.


“I admit I wasn’t expecting you to be cheery for a couple of days.” Yoongi says quietly, eyes still fixed on his paper.


“The only thing I feel is relief. I am glad that it is done, and I will never have to experience anything like that again.”


“Good for you.” Yoongi says honestly, although one who doesn’t know him might have mistook his tone for sarcasm. Jimin knows by now that Yoongi’s preference is to be blunt, never dancing around the subject whenever something needs to be said.


“What’s got you distracted, hyung?”


Yoongi’s eyes travel over the page, and from where Jimin’s sitting he can tell it’s the weather section. He’ll never understand why, but Yoongi likes to read the forecast, even though he can’t really go out and enjoy the weather as a human would.


“It’s just interesting.” Yoongi smiles. “It’s cold in Seoul, but down south in Gwangju it was in the mid 30’s today; the hottest temperature in February they’ve recorded in a century. We’ve barely escaped winter but it appears spring wishes to come early this year.” He chuckles. “It’s just amusing, because I was dreaming about the sun last night.”


“Very prophetic.” Jimin grins at him, sipping on his tea. Dreaming about the sun is a common thread amongst all vampires; it’s normal to wish for the things you can no longer have.


“Maybe so.” Yoongi wraps up his newspaper, handing it over to Jimin because he knows he likes to do the crossword puzzles.


“Either way, this day will be remembered; I doubt the sun will play tricks on us like this again. Enjoy the tea; I’ll go wake Taehyung up.”


Jimin nods, grabbing a pen and uncapping it, intent on conquering today’s daily puzzle.


The date reads February 18th, 1994.