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The New Normal

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A/N: hi everyone so I kinda lost inspiration mildly on my other story so here I am hoping to get out of my writing funk by writing some doccubus. Obviously I do not own lost girl or any of the characters blah blah blah , please feel free to review favorite or anything else



   It was a Friday night and the entire gang was going to attend Vex’s new club opening. After all the shit they had gone through these past few months, everything had been hectic for all of them. But luckily they all had survived and now it was time to celebrate. This would be the first time in months that they all were going to be out together without some sort of impending doom looming over their heads.

   Bo stood in her mirror looking over her body with a very satisfied smirk on her face. She had her hair out , letting it cascade over her shoulders and back, A dark purple too tight tank top that clung to her in all the right places to make her cleavage even more visible and her signature tight leather pants with her boots. She was completely ready for a deserved and long overdue night out with all her friends filled with drinking and dancing. And at the end of the night she planned to take home and have her way with some lucky person from the club.

    Finally satisfies with her looks Bo headed downstairs to check if Kenzi was ready. She entered the kitchen just as Kenzi was exiting her bedroom. They both looked over eachothers outfits, giving each other the “best friend outfit approval” before going to take a shot before leaving. Both women downed their shots effortlessly

“BO ,are you ready for the most faetastic night of your life” Kenzi said enthusiastically while shaking Bo’s shoulders

“Hells yeah” Bo replies instantly hyped

“Then lets go succuslut “ Kenzi adds with a playful slap to Bo”s ass as they headed out the door


It was about 9 when they finally arrived at the club. By that time the line to get in was all the way down the sidewalk, lucky for them they were on Vex’s VIP list so they simply flashed their ID’S and walked in while receiving a wristband for free drinks

 Yeah tonight was going to be epic . As they entered the club it was already in full swing, colorful lights strobed in and out while an out while an unknown upbeat song wafted through the club. The dance floor was populated by humans and fae alike dancing on one another. Not to mention the sexual energy in the club was off the charts. Bo felt her eyes electrify as she unconsciously licked her lips at the sight. She hadn’t noticed she had stopped walking completely until she felt Kenzi grab her arm basically dragging her over to the bar.

As they approached the bar they were greeted by Vex who pointed them to the booth where all their other friends were sitting. At the table sat Dyson, Hale and Tamsin . Kenzi all but ran over to the table peppering kisses on Hale’s face. After they all sat down a woman brought over a tray full of shots for them. Everyone at the table clinked their glasses together and downed their shots quickly. Bo was just about to drink another when she noticed a jacket that didn’t belong to anyone sitting at the table, but it just looked too familiar to her

. “Hey guys, who’s jacket is that over there” Bo spoke while pointing across the table and putting the shot to her mouthTamsin was the only one who heard her.

“It’s Laurens” The blonde answered quickly

Hearing Lauren’s name made Bo almost choke on her drink. Coughing uncontrollably , she attracted the attention of kenzi next to her who had started patting the brunette on the back to help her stop her coughing fit.

“Bobo what the hell is wrong with you” Kenzi asked

Tamsin answered for her “ I don’t know, she just started choking after I told her that lauren was here”

“OH” Kenzi replied instantly remembering that she was entrusted with the task of telling Bo that Lauren would be attending tonight. As Bo got her coughing under control she could see the change in Kenzi’s face go from concerned friend to guilty bitch

“You knew that Lauren was going to be here and you didn’t tell me” Bo said angrily

By now the entire table had tuned into the conversation and hale chimed in “We know things with you and the doc have been weird lately but we didn’t think it would be a big deal” Bo let out a frustrated breath.

Weird was a complete understatement to describe her current situation with Lauren. The blonde doctor had been there for her a lot these past few months and they had shared a couple intimate moments including the kiss they had shared before she had to go save everyone. It was clear their feelings for each other were not fully diminished. But Bo did fuck up royally during those months with choosing Reiner over her. And now even though the original complications that caused their “break” were no longer issues they now had a completely new set of problems. Bo knew she wanted Lauren more than anything else.

But did Lauren want her the same way?

And could the doctor open her heart completely to Bo again after all the things they’ve been through?

The table had gone back to its original vibe from before Bo’s freak out over Lauren. Kenzi sat next to her on Hale’s lap laughing and drinking, Dyson sat next to Tamsin speaking enthusiastically with a lot of hand movements and Bo sat pondering about Lauren. They all sat like this for a while till hale and kenzi went to dance, leaving her there with Tamsin and Dyson who were paying her no attention Bo sat there for about 5 more minutes before finally deciding she couldn’t take it anymore, she excused herself to the bar.

Sitting at the bar Bo signaled the bartender for another drink while turning to look out over the dance floor. Her eyes instantly sought out Lauren in the large crowd. The blonde looked completely ravishing tonight with her red blouse and what had to be the tightest jeans Bo had ever seen the woman wear. Bo could feel her eyes turn electrified again and the made brief eye contact. She contemplated going over there but quickly diminished the idea. What if Lauren wasn’t happy to see her, Bo couldn’t just go over there, risking Laurens seemingly good night.

She looked so happy, dancing, eyes closed, completely free of everything. As Bo continued to sip her drink while watching Lauren from across the room, she felt her hunger increase with every second. So much so she didn’t notice Tamsin come and occupy the seat next to her until she did a rather loud snap in Bo’s face, breaking her trance.

“Hey, What the hell tamsi-“

Tamsin cut her off “Come on succubus this is just pathetic…even for you”

“Look Tamsin , I can’t just go over there, look at her” Bo said while motioning over to Lauren.

This time Tamsin punched her arm “OW” Bo said while clutching her arm in pain

“Trust me, Lauren would not mind you going over there”

“And how would you know that” Bo questioned

“Because she’s been acting all weird and shit this week, you’re like all shes been talking about lately”

“Since when did you and lauren become such great friends”

Bo said skeptically while taking another sip of her drink, Seeming defeated. Tamsin slammed her had on the table, trying to get bo out of this stupid slump she was in

. “Since you’ve had your head up your ass these past couple of months” she paused for a second letting her anger of how stupid Bo was being dissolve slightly before continuing

“I’m just saying that if you want the doc back you should go over there and quick before she goes home with someone else” Tamsin then motioned over to Lauren who was now grinding her hips on some redhead

. Bo felt the jealousy in her surge and her eyes turn blue for a completely different reason now. This was all the inspiration he needed. Bo shot back her drink quickly as she headed towards the dance floor, determination in her electrified orbs.


Lauren had been dancing and drinking for the majority of the night, only leaving the dance floor to get drinks and to briefly peak with friends. It was a great night for her, no worries, no Fae drama. She rarely got to let loose and actually enjoy herself but right now marked a change for her. She deserved to feel nice and free ever so often, and she was determined to do just that. No more putting others before herself and no more door mat Lauren who was there for everyone but ignored what she needed.

No more.

So she danced, and it felt so great. It had now been around 30 minutes since she had a drink and Lauren thought it was time for a break and a glass of water to ensure she stayed hydrated so there would be a lessened chance of her waking up with a terrible hangover the next morning. Lauren chuckled at the thought, she guessed the doctor in her never really turned off.

Still dancing she glanced over at the bar before going over. At the bar sat a very predatory looking Bo who just happened to be staring daggers at Lauren. God now Lauren really couldn’t go to the bar. Things had been completely weird now that everything was back to normal, no impending doom forcing them to be near each other. They hadn’t seen each other since that night Bo had saved everyone. Lauren definitely wasn’t going to be the first one to spark conversation or go running back to the brunette after everything. She knew she wasn’t over Bo, not even close but she also knew she wasn’t going to make it easy for her either.

If Bo wanted to talk or anything else she knew where to find Lauren. She made brief eye contact with Bo for a few seconds then focused her attention back on the dance floor. Continuing to dance Lauren felt someone behind her put their hands firmly on her waist. Lauren thought it was some random guy trying to grind up on her to which she was about to put a stop too immediately.

As she turned around she wasn’t met with some drunk male , but with a very attractive redhead who gave Lauren a wry smile when she turned around. Lauren glanced back at Bo who was now engaged in a conversation with tamsin, so she just continued to grind her hips into the redhead. It was obvious that Bo wasn’t going to come over to her tonight. Typical, she glanced back at the bar again and no longer saw Bo’s electrified eyes on her nor was she even at the bar anymore. Maybe she had finally gone back to the table or something and Lauren could finally get off the dance floor. All of these thoughts were valid until she heard that familiar voice behind her

“Do you mind if I cut in?” Bo spoke and oozed confidence along with her bright blue eyes. The redhead had no choice but to duck away respectively. No one ever wanted to get in the way of a succubus when she had her eyes on someone, especially this succubus.

The music changed again, the song was still upbeat but somehow even more intense. Or maybe it was just because Bo was so close to her right now. It felt like everything was slowing and Lauren could feel exactly where Bo’s body was In contact with hers. Bo was behind her, running her hands up and down her body while blowing hot breaths on Laurens ears and neck. That’s when Lauren knew things had shifted completely, what they were doing was no longer by anyone’s definition dancing. This was foreplay and it made Lauren grow hotter and hotter every second she let it go on.

This wasn’t a good idea, Lauren knew by her letting this happen was giving Bo the wrong idea. She didn’t even know what she wanted with Bo…well other than to rip her clothes off, but other than that Lauren had no clue. To make it worse, Laurens thoughts stopped immediately as Bo ran her tongue from the base of Laurens neck to her earlobe where she gently bit down.

Lauren froze, her body completely shut down for a few seconds. She needed to get out of here, preferably with Bo, but she couldn’t just ask Bo to come back with her, well she could but that would mean that Bo got her without even putting in an effort, again. And besides if Bo followed her then she would know where the brunette was with this whole situation. So she did what she had to do.

Lauren turned to face Bo, looking her deep in the eyes, arousal and confliction evident in Laurens face. She gave bo a look that she hoped would say “ I dare you to follow me”. With that Lauren turned and walked away, disappearing in the midst of the crowd. Leaving Bo standing there not knowing what the hell just happened.