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“What’s Halloween?”


Elizabeth was sitting on her older sisters bed as she watched her Margaret pull on her silver glove.


“A holiday where you get to dress up as whatever you want.” Margaret answered. “I’m dressing as a Holy Knight.”


Elizabeth kicked her legs back and forth as she hugged her teddy bear close to her chest. “Shouldn’t Ver be dressed as a Holy Knight? I thought you’d be a queen or somethin’.” Margaret smiled as she finished up her costume armor. “Yeah, but that’s what we did last year. This year, Gil and i are doing it together. He’s going as a prince, and i’m going as a Holy Knight.”


“Really?” Before her sister could reply, a knock sounded at the door. Elizabeth jumped off and ran to answer. “I’ll get it! Hi there Gil!” Gilthunder smiled gently to Elizabeth, dressed with a crown and cape, over royal looking clothes. “Good evening, Elizabeth. Why aren’t you dressed yet?”


She walked past him, “I don’t understand Halloween. I think i’ll just go play with meli instead.” Gil noodded, “I think he’s finished for the day, so he’s probably in his room.” “Thank you!”


Elizabeth skipped down the halls as she hummed a small tune. She didn’t understand halloween all that well, so maybe Meliodas could explain it to her? She just hoped he wasn’t busy with anything else at the moment.


As she neared his room, she ran nearly ran into King and Diane. King was shrunken to his natural kid like figure, but looked… different?


He had faux dog ears on, as well as a color with a cut leash. He wore furry paws on his hands and wore a plaid shirt over a black tank top. Diane looked different to, as she wore a large purple pointy hat with an orange dress and purple cape. In her hand, Gideons hammer end was covered over by rows of long straw.


The giantess smiled cheerfully to Elizabeth. “Hey there, lil’ Ellie! Happy halloween!” Elizabeth pouted lightly. “Oh, that’s why you both look different… So even other races do Halloween? What’s the point?” They looked surprised and King floated down.


“Could it be… that you don’t like the holiday? It’s not all that bad. It’s actually fun when you get used to it.” he blushed up to Diane. “Admittedly, we’ve never done it before coming to liones, but we actually like it a lot.” Diane nodded happily.


Elizabeth shrugged, “I just don’t get it is all. You can dress up whenever, right?” Diane nodded excitedly, “But on Halloween, you get an excuse to go party with your friends, stay up late, and have lots and lots of fun. Plus, they say that spirits come out on halloween to help make things more exciting!”


Elizabeth head fell to the side in confusion, “Spirits?” King gave a deadpanned smile, “That’s not actually why they come out, but sure…”


The small princess shrugged, “I’m just gonna go play with meli for now. Maybe he’ll dress up with me, and we can all play later. Bye!” Elizabeth continued on until she reached meliodas’ room.


She gave the door a faint knock. “Meli? Can I come in? It’s Ellie.”


There was a short silence before his voice came through. “Come on in!” She smiled cheerfully and opened the door. She walked in and looked around excitedly. “Meli! Where are you?”


“Over here…”


The door closed behind her, and when she turned around at his voice, her eyes widened in horror.


Meliodas held up his hands in a spooking manner, smiling teasingly to the young princess. He wore plain black jeans, but his entire upper body, arms, neck, and head included, were covered in bandages. Only parts of his face revealed, hiding one eye as it showed the other. “Trick or Treat!”


There was a prolonged silence before tears started to appear in Elizabeth's eyes. Meliodas stiffened as he feared that maybe it was too much. He didn’t think it would be though, what with it being halloween and all that.


Elizabeth pointed to him in sadness, “You’re hurt! Why aren’t you sleeping! Bad meli!”




Meliodas smiled nervously as Elizabeth grabbed his hand and pointed to his bed. “Lay down! Lay down right this moment! Your sick and you need to let your body heal!” he chuckled as he bent down to hug her crying form.


“Ellie, i’m not injured. I’m dressed up as a mummy, see?” he removed the bandages on his left arm and showed them to her. She sniffled and nodded as her finger traced his sin mark. “Okay…”


He picked her up and walked over to sit on the bed. “So what’s up, not dressing for the holiday?”


She shook her head, “I don’t see the point… Why is everyone dressed up for it?”


He smiled, “Well, it’s fun! Instead of your normal dressup, you can dress as whatever you want, and no one gives you grief over it. Like if you dressed up as a monster any other day, your mom would be upset. But if you did for today, it would be fine.”


She hummed at this. Meliodas held up a finger as he looked down to her, “That, and if you have a good costume, you get to go to peoples houses, and they give you candy. It’s-” Elizabeth's head whipped around to look at him in excitement. “CANDY?!”


He chuckled. Of course she’d like that part. “Yep. If they like how your costume looks, they give you candy for it. You have to say ‘Trick or Treat’, and they give you a treat. Though Ban might just give tricks for the heck of it.”


Elizabeth jumped down and hopped in place as she spun with her teddy bear in hand. “Candy! Candy! I wanna get a super duper cool costume then!” Meliodas smiled and came to a stand. “Sure thing. Lets go check with Ver then, huh! She might have something your size.”





Elizabeth had just walked out of the closet beside Veronica. She frowned to meliodas, who stood there, seeming to almost glare at her outfit. “What do you mean, ‘no’?”


He shook his head. “I mean ‘NO’. I forbid you to go out like that.”


Veronica put her hands to her hips as she pouted. “Why not?! She looks great, and it’s my costume, so i say she can!” veronica was currently dressed in a ripped dress with fake blood. Skin painted a light green hue with fake stitching. Elizabeth had screamed and hid behind Meliodas upon first seeing her.


Meliodas shook his head. “Well I’m older than both of you, so I have a higher say. And I say; no.”


Elizabeth looked to the mirror close by as the two argued over her. What was so wrong about her outfit anyways?


It was a black dress with a poofed princess skirt that went to the ground, and held tightly to her upper body and arms. Veronica had painted black markings onto her exposes neck and hands, with weird swirls and patterns. On her left cheek, black ink swirled over it and ran over her eye to make a strange symbol on her forehead. She believed she had seen the same symbol on meliodas before, when he had rescued her from some kidnappers.


Meliodas growled as he frowned to her outfit. “I refuse for her to be dressed as a demon! She’s too pure and innocent for that.”


Elizabeth stiffened and turned to puff her cheeks at this. “I am not!” She was tired of people calling her that! She wasn’t that pure, was she?! “And I want to wear this! It looks really cool, and I need a super duper cool outfit to get candy, remember?”


Meliodas silently cursed under his breath as Veronica nodded pridefully. “Good choice~”


Elizabeth pointed up to Meliodas cheerfully, “Now go change! We need to match.” He frowned, “What?”


She nodded to Veronica, “Just like mar and Gil! He’s a prince, and she’s a Holy knight! Ver, what’s the opposite of a demon?”


Veronica’s smile widened and meliodas paled quickly. Oh shit.




Merlin was sure that she was seeing things. I mean- there was no way this could be real, right?!


The seven deadly sins were just walking down the filled and lit up streets of Liones, all in costume for Halloween.


Diane was a witch, and King was her pet werewolf. Gowther had on strange frilly clothes and paint lines to make him look like a porcelain doll(the irony). Ban went as a vampire, making it work well with his eyes and pointed teeth. Escanor was painted pale white as well as his hair black, with ghoulish clothes to be a ghost, and Merlin herself was dressed as somewhat of a sluttish pirate.


The six had been walking along as they had fun, when they finally met up with the captain and Elizabeth. Yeah… this is what froze Merlin.


It was way too much of a switch for her to see them like this. Elizabeth looked almost like a demon princess with black eye contacts on, though she seemed all smiles with no hatred or bloodlust. Meliodas beside her however, wore a look that was a mix of both annoyance and exhaustion of his situation. He wore a white uniform with gold linings attached. He also had on faux goddess wings on his back, and gold goddess eye contacts on. Merlin wondered where on earth they found them.


Elizabeth waved happily to them. “Hi hi! Looky at us, we’re a pair! I’m a demon, and Meli is a goddess! Cool, huh?!”


The sins looked to Meliodas and chuckled nervously at his look. He silently looked to them with plea, as his face read the single word, ‘HELP’. Merlin nodded, “Yes, though I must say that you’re choice is interesting. Are both kinds not extreme enemies?”


Elizabeth hugged herself to Meliodas’ leg, “No! I refuse to change my mind. Besides, Romeo and Juliet were supposed to be enemies, and they became friends, right?” The sins all deadpanned at this, “Yeah, sure. Friends…” King shook his head lightly, “Even still, they died in the end…”


Elizabeth rushed to Diane and held up her small pumpkin pail in glee, “And lookie at all the candy I got! People like our costumes a lot, cause they’re super duper cool!” While Diane all but gushed over the princess, Merlin walked over to Meliodas and chuckled dryly, “Well this is a switch.”


He deflated entirely, “While I love her a lot, this is pushing me to my limits. If my father were to see me like this, he may just end up breaking the curse to kill me himself.” Merlin snickered, “No, it would be the Supreme Deity. She would be too offended at the idea.


What they didn’t know, was that the 2 in question were looking down in both horror and absolute anger. The Supreme Deity had to keep herself from going down to kill him that instant.